5 Cost-Effective Ways to Stage Your Home

Staging Your Home

5 Cost-Effective Ways To Stage Your Home

Staging in general terms means, to put on something for a desired purpose.

However, in this case, what it essentially means is to display your house as such that it convinces future buyers that this is the house for them, as it once was for you.

Home/property staging has taken real estate has taken the industry by storm in the past few years – as people have realized that how amazing a tool it is – to help sell your home for more money.

Firstly, Why Stage Your Home?

Before you start the process, it is essential to ask yourself, is it even worth the effort?

The answer to the question is a big yes.

Why is staging all the rage?

According to many studies, staging can make you more money selling your home – with several studies stating that you can make as much as 6.3% more when done correctly.

At the end of the day, the reason to stage your home is actually pretty simple: it’s all about money and speed to sell.

Moreover, it also impacts the speed at which the home is sold – since statistical data also shows that staged houses on average are sold faster (29 days or less) than the ones, which aren’t.

This is a big plus point since the longer the house remains on the market, the higher the threat to its original value.

How Much Does Staging Cost?

While conventionally, the entire process can be quite daunting: hiring a professional stager, buying furniture and other decorations and the overall renovation of the house.

This can put quite a dent in your wallet.

However, there are some cheaper things you can do.

The old adage applies here: ‘you get what you pay for’. So, if you want to sell your home for the best possible price, a full staging of the home is recommended.

However, there are some things you can do – if you don’t want to splurge.

Low Cost Methods Of Staging

1. Reduce Personal Belongings

You must free your house up of any personal belongings.

This could include the Star Wars poster hanging on your cupboard, or any family pictures comfortably resting in the living room.

This should be done for various reasons. But the main reason is that it allows any prospective buyers to envision themselves living in the house with more ease since there is less memorial baggage lying around.

This does not mean that your memories are any less valid, just that people almost always prefer a fresh start.

And buyers want to picture their things in the home – not see what your things look like.

2. De-Clutter

The overarching strategy for staging a house is always to minimize as much as possible.

Less is more.

What this essentially means is that any clutter should be eliminated. No one wants to live in a messy house, and this precisely what you want to avoid.

An unorganized mess conveys tones of disorder and mania, both of which can be quite repulsive for prospective buyers.

Moreover, by freeing up space, you also open possibilities for the buyers to imagine the many possibilities of what they can do with space.

This is crucial for the staging process.

Cleaning itself is also integral to staging. Little things matter.

Clean out your cupboards, don’t leave your clothes hanging and make sure there is no extra stuff lying around in the bedrooms.

3. Set The Colours and Lighting

The critical task here is to maintain neutrality. Solid colors such as red and blue can be quite intimidating and daunting, so, if necessary, a do-over with neutral paints is a must.

Beige and Tan are some of the best-selling neutral colors, which can amp up your living room.

People might argue if the fresh coat of paint worth it, however, the cost of buying a tin of paint from a local store is nothing compared to the potential benefits this can yield for your future sale.

The neutral palette overall does wonders for the aesthetic appeal of the house.

As for the lighting, it is important that you allow natural lighting in key spots of your home to accentuate the flooring and furniture.

For places where there is no natural lighting, artificial sources such as bulbs and lamps should be used to make sure the site looks well-lit but also not too harsh on the eyes.

4. Work On Your Exteriors

While the interior may be important to the overall appeal of the house, the exterior is just as important if not more.

Nothing says ‘welcome’ more than an inviting curb or a beautiful welcome rug on the doorstep.

Make sure the lawn, if applicable, is well maintained with freshly trimmed grass and properly watered plants.

The counters should not be in any way be unclean or reek of ill-maintenance – if possible, try to decorate them with the welcome ornaments or at the very least keep it as clean as possible, since they are a key part of the first impression of your house.

5. Control The Smell

The nose is said to be the most acute sense of a human being.

Nothing can be more off-putting than a bad smell or nothing more inviting than a warm aromatic one.

This can be achieved through various inexpensive tips.

Baking a fresh batch of cookies before your appointments or open house can do wonders for your house’s appeal.

You can also soak up a cinnamon stick in hot water.

The idea is to fill your home up with warm and inviting scents, which convinces your prospective buyer that not only is this house for them, but it also smells nice.

In Conclusion – Cost Effective Methods Of Staging Your Home

The staging process is one of the most important parts of selling your home for the best price.

In spite of being costly, many smart sellers use home staging due to the impact it can make.

It’s all about return on investment: if you invest $1,000 in staging and that helps sell your home for $10,000 more – that’s a 10:1 or 10,000% return on investment.

However, if you are looking to stage as efficiently as possible – we’ve presented some of the cheaper, easier and most effective ways to stage a home.

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