6 Tips For Increasing Your Home Sales Price

The ultimate goal of any home seller is to sell the house for the most money. Simple as that.

But what is not simple is how to do that. I’m sure that you’ve wondered what can make a house sell for more than its value and how you can maximize your profit. Well, keep reading to find out about our top 5 recommendations to give your home an immediate facelift and help you get more for your property. These tips are an inexpensive way to help you bring big returns when the FOR SALE sign goes up on the lawn.

1. Tidy it up!

Cleaning bathroom

Cleaning up your house from all those things you have no use of can do wonders in both the look and the price.

Have a garage sale to dispose of unwanted and unused furniture and appliances, odds and ends you’ve been saving for a rainy day, and generally anything you haven’t used in the last five years. Those things that will be left in the end and you can’t sell or find a purpose for, donate them to your local charity, hospital or school. They may have some use of it.

Clear out every closet mercilessly so you can free up space in them and make them look bigger. And don’t forget the garage. Throw away every tool and machine that’s outdated or unfunctional and keep only the things you use regularly.

In the end, your home will look more spacious, more organized and more inviting which will ultimately result in a higher selling price

2. Fix it up!

Fixing doorway
Austell, Georgia, November 2, 2009: A contractor making repairs to a home flooded during the severe storms and flooding in September 2009. David Fine/FEMA

Maintenance is sometimes a drag, we all know it. But when it comes to selling a home, it’s worth to get your hands dirty.

Take care of all the little maintenance tasks you never seemed to have time for previously. Go through the house, room by room, and make a list. Open every door and window to make sure they open and close smoothly without making any noise, turn on every faucet to check if they work properly and check every lamp to see if it’s working.

If something is damaged, broken or not working, then repair it, replace it or fix it. Most of the maintenance chores in the house are low-cost but can completely break a deal. It’s not worth risking to lose a deal because of some minor issues that take a bit of effort to repair.

And it’s not only the outside maintenance though. What matters is what is inside the walls, so don’t forget to take a look behind them as well if you can. Although you may have not noticed some minor damage, buyers will.

3. Spruce it up!


It’s amazing how much better your home can look with a fresh coat of paint and how much value it can add, for a minimal cost.

You don’t have to repaint everything, but do consider freshening up the rooms that need it most.

Grab your painting brushes and a bucket of paint from the local store and start working on the walls inside and outside of your house. When it comes to the inside of your house, most interior designers and Realtors will recommend using neutral colors for the inside. It’s most appealing for buyers as they can easily work around those colors.

Outside, a gallon of paint on exterior trim, wooden stairs and banisters can also do wonders for your home’s appearance. You can label any leftover paint cans for the new owners as a bonus.

4. Pretty it up!

Curb Appeal

Curbside appeal is a big drawing card for home buyers, as we discuss it in our article about Curb Appeal. Not only is it the first thing they notice when they arrive, but it’s also the face they’ll present to the world if they buy, so it’s only logical that they would want it to look spectacular.

Curb appeal is one of the most cost-efficient things you can do to your house. It requires little to no investment but has the potential to add a lot of value to a house.

So make the most of this opportunity and spend a Saturday tending to your lawn and garden. Plant a few flowers here and there, rake the autumn leaves and sweep the pathway. Your prospects will immediately be impressed when they open the gate.

If you have a backyard, even better. You can mow the grass, trim the hedges, plant some flowers and weed the garden. Make sure the driveway and walkways are clear and obstacle-free. Trust me, your efforts won’t go unnoticed and it will show in the final price.

5. Clean it up!

Clean Baseboards

Now that you’ve been through cupboards and removed all the needless clutter, get everyone in the family involved and clean the house from top to bottom.

Make sure everything sparkles and – here’s the hard part – vow to keep it that way! Make sure beds are made and dishes are done before you leave the house in the morning. Interested buyers might stop by on short notice so it will be a bit uncomfortable welcoming them with a mess.

6. Make it Smart!

Smart Home

With all the technological upgrades today, it’s easy (and affordable in most cases) to make your home a smart one. Install a few smart features here and there if you don’t have them installed already. An air conditioner that can be accessed through Wi-Fi is something you probably have in your house but never used it before. You can show this to your prospects to impress them along with a smart light system, or light sensors.

Who knows, this may be your potential buyers’ thing and what will make them choose your house in the end.

Once you’ve finished with all the final preparations, it’s time to take a step back and look at the results. Does the house look ready for sale? Is it welcoming? What are some impressions you get when looking at it?

If you are too biased when it comes to your house, you can always ask a neighbour or a friend for their opinion. The best option is having a Realtor that will provide guidance from start to finish. They can give you some valuable advice about where you can focus your attention to extract the maximum value of every part in your house.

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