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We're bringing finding a realtor into the 21st century...

Just like how finding a flight has never been easier with online services that compare hundreds of flights, we look at hundreds of Realtors, specific to your area or needs - and pair you up with only the best.

The Old Way

Asking for friends or family for recommendations. They recommend dozens of people - and some of them may not have ever even completed a deal.

Old way confusing realtors

The New Way

With the click of a button, based on what you're looking for, you are paired up with a top performing Realtor who can save you thousands. Just like that.

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About GTA Real Estate Pros

Our Mission Statement

We are a team of licensed Realtors - from across several brokerages - who were sick and tired about hearing the same negative perceptions of Realtors.

If you ask people what they think about Real Estate Agents, the same phrases come up: unprofessional, untrustworthy, lazy and even over-paid.

The Thing Is:
There are really good Realtors out there!

Yes, there are bad Realtors out there. But the same holds true of any profession: mechanics, accountants, plumbers, lawyers and even doctors.

The problem is that it is very hard to find a good Realtor. By the time you find out if they are good or bad, it is already too late - they already could have cost you thousands of dollars on one of the biggest financial transactions of your life...

That's Where We Come In...

We created this site as an easy way to connect you with an amazing local Realtor. Right across the GTA and surrounding areas, we have interviewed, vetted and rated all the Realtors we work with.

This means that you can buy or sell your home, with piece of mind that you are being serviced by someone who is a top performer in their industry.

Our Service Is Quick, Easy And Free

We wanted to make the process to get matched to the right Realtor quick, easy and free. So we designed our own '40 second online application' which allows us to get the basic information we need form you to match you to an amazing Realtor.

If you want someone who is the best in the business and could potentially put tens of thousands of dollars more in your pocket, then take our 40 second Realtor match today.

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We serve all the GTA and beyond

We offer service in multiple languages

We are proud to say that we have Realtors who can cover your language needs. We have Realtors who speak: