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Brooke Poon
Brooke Poon
08:53 09 Oct 17
I'd like to thank you for their speedy response. We had our home listed with a Realtor whom we were extremely disappointed with. After our listing expired we contacted GTA Real Estate Pros and they put us in touch with a local Realtor who did an amazing job.
Chester Meyer
Chester Meyer
13:33 16 Oct 17
I received a call quickly from my Realtor and was very happy with the service I got. Thanks for all the eBooks, moving info and other help! Have a good day.
Dustin Cochran
Dustin Cochran
16:43 24 Jul 17
I had only heard bad stories about Realtors and sadly, I needed to deal with one because I wanted my own place. The Realtor GTA set me up with was exceptional - knew exactly were I was coming from and, best of all, she knew just what I wanted. Now I have a great two bedroom home and a new friend.
John Creighton
John Creighton
10:37 10 Jul 17
Needed to upgrade from my two-bedroom apartment for a bigger space; a house. Right from step one, when I applied online, they assigned me with the perfect Realtor. Got me a great offer on it and was helping me narrow down new joints out near a fantastic school district.
Tracy Waggoner
Tracy Waggoner
13:16 22 Sep 17
The Realtor we used sold our home for $133,000 more than any home had ever sold on our street. I think that says it all. She staged the home perfectly and ran an immaculate selling process - we could not have been happier with this service.
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