Listings for May 4th 2018

Only the best listings around the GTA as of May 4th 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
8 Lamont AvenueE41169888 Lamont Avenue
4316 Elora DriveW41169824316 Elora Drive
33 Lot 33 Crombie StreetE411614933 Lot 33 Crombie Street
19 Mastwood CrescentE411619519 Mastwood Crescent
1019 Ralston CrescentN41166841019 Ralston Crescent
447 Roxton RoadC4115750447 Roxton Road
73 Littleleaf CrescentN411588373 Littleleaf Crescent
5390 Hollypoint AvenueW41159845390 Hollypoint Avenue
30 Harlington RoadC411578430 Harlington Road
157 Krieghoff AvenueN4116706157 Krieghoff Avenue
40 Shining Willow CourtN411694240 Shining Willow Court
35 Streetacey CrescentN411632635 Streetacey Crescent
39 Sharron DriveC411589139 Sharron Drive
26 Chatsworth DriveC411601226 Chatsworth Drive
9 Dustan CrescentE41165269 Dustan Crescent
42 Bellini AvenueW411558742 Bellini Avenue
703 Tuxford DriveW4116507703 Tuxford Drive
35 Cedar Mills CrescentW411611435 Cedar Mills Crescent
150 Gesher CrescentN4116083150 Gesher Crescent
71 Vanderpool CrescentW411607971 Vanderpool Crescent
12 Birdsall CourtW411581012 Birdsall Court
1385 Dixie RoadW41161851385 Dixie Road
3045 Lloydtown Aurora RoadN41156683045 Lloydtown Aurora Road
452 Woburn AvenueC4116417452 Woburn Avenue
325 Castlefield AvenueC4116647325 Castlefield Avenue
17 Clarendon DriveN411683617 Clarendon Drive
135 Princess Anne CrescentW4116386135 Princess Anne Crescent
550 Clifford Perry PlaceN4117012550 Clifford Perry Place
5203 Elmridge DriveW41165655203 Elmridge Drive
130 Fitzmaurice DriveN4116946130 Fitzmaurice Drive
221 Luca AvenueN4116429221 Luca Avenue
9 Rouge River CircleN41169129 Rouge River Circle
1846 Fellen PlaceW41161671846 Fellen Place
123 Bush StreetW4115954123 Bush Street
609 Millwood RoadC4116702609 Millwood Road
297 Joicey BoulevardC4116712297 Joicey Boulevard
186 Mutual StreetC4116557186 Mutual Street
3 Halton CourtN41164793 Halton Court
3137 Spring Creek CrescentW41155953137 Spring Creek Crescent
1117 Lamplight WayW41157031117 Lamplight Way
31 Deerwood CrescentN411649931 Deerwood Crescent
308 Gardenview DriveW4115886308 Gardenview Drive
962 Pine Valley CircleW4116567962 Pine Valley Circle
171 Summeridge DriveN4115925171 Summeridge Drive
1668 Concession Road 9 RoadE41169961668 Concession Road 9 Road
17 Robert Berry CrescentN411650817 Robert Berry Crescent
28 Ironbark CourtN411660828 Ironbark Court
2350 Hancock RoadE41169952350 Hancock Road
335 Brookdale AvenueC4116042335 Brookdale Avenue
95 Foley CrescentN411662395 Foley Crescent
35 Wood Dale RoadN411696135 Wood Dale Road
384 Martha StreetW4115672384 Martha Street
3297 Streetocksbridge AvenueW41166523297 Streetocksbridge Avenue
2335 Ridge LandingW41166752335 Ridge Landing
4557 Inverness BoulevardW41159484557 Inverness Boulevard
22 Sultana AvenueC411628022 Sultana Avenue
3121 Cardross CourtW41168083121 Cardross Court
4687 Old Homestead RoadN41156014687 Old Homestead Road
235 Oakwood CrescentW4115951235 Oakwood Crescent
91 Hallsport CrescentW411623391 Hallsport Crescent
3261 Streetocksbridge AvenueW41165453261 Streetocksbridge Avenue
2017 Seafare DriveW41166542017 Seafare Drive
120 Shaftesbury AvenueC4115605120 Shaftesbury Avenue
6449 Cruz AvenueW41156966449 Cruz Avenue
68 Seabreeze AvenueN411585868 Seabreeze Avenue
215 Grandview AvenueN4115964215 Grandview Avenue
10 Ridgevale DriveC411653810 Ridgevale Drive
17 Ridgevale DriveN411553817 Ridgevale Drive
2 Canning CourtN41159152 Canning Court
3545 Garrard RoadE41155523545 Garrard Road
161 Admiral RoadC4115868161 Admiral Road
279 Hammersly BoulevardN4115604279 Hammersly Boulevard
201 Via Teodoro WayN4116216201 Via Teodoro Way
187 W Finch AvenueC4116299187 W Finch Avenue
142 Bob Yuill DriveW4116468142 Bob Yuill Drive
11 Honey Locust CourtN411661911 Honey Locust Court
12 Barrington CrescentN411585412 Barrington Crescent
431 Cunningham DriveN4116656431 Cunningham Drive
100 Westgate BoulevardC4116342100 Westgate Boulevard
12 Saratoga RoadN411570712 Saratoga Road
8 Rossini DriveN41170048 Rossini Drive
94 Baywood CourtN411614194 Baywood Court
90 Kilkenny Terrace BradfordN411588090 Kilkenny Terrace Bradford
87 Drive George Burrows ParkwayN411694887 Drive George Burrows Parkway
78 E Streeteeles AvenueN411622078 E Streeteeles Avenue
289 Kirby CrescentN4116966289 Kirby Crescent
237 Flamingo RoadN4115932237 Flamingo Road
79 Hoey CrescentW411665379 Hoey Crescent
91 Natal AvenueE411634591 Natal Avenue
34 Perrigo CourtN411570634 Perrigo Court
1324 Hillview CrescentW41160701324 Hillview Crescent
78 Foxwood RoadN411609178 Foxwood Road
24 Foxglove CourtN411699724 Foxglove Court
210 Eastcourt RoadW4116677210 Eastcourt Road
115 Burbank DriveC4115843115 Burbank Drive
5 Prunella CrescentN41165395 Prunella Crescent
62 Rockport CrescentN411553062 Rockport Crescent
41 Cedarhurst DriveN411699941 Cedarhurst Drive
800 Highland Blade RoadN4116014800 Highland Blade Road
137 Peshawar AvenueN4116849137 Peshawar Avenue
218 Boake TerraceN4116876218 Boake Terrace
1499 Glenwatson DriveW41169281499 Glenwatson Drive
1989 Vivian RoadN41161791989 Vivian Road
6928 Historic TerraceW41165536928 Historic Terrace
117 Hove StreetC4115506117 Hove Street
18 Woodlot CourtN411661318 Woodlot Court
33 Phillip AvenueE411693633 Phillip Avenue
146 Cavendish CourtW4116524146 Cavendish Court
355 Veterans DriveW4116058355 Veterans Drive
5737 Lakeshore RoadN41169105737 Lakeshore Road
40 Kenilworth AvenueE411555940 Kenilworth Avenue
16312 Highway 48 RoadN411637516312 Highway 48 Road
22 Hanson CrescentE411685822 Hanson Crescent
712 Santa Maria BoulevardW4116616712 Santa Maria Boulevard
38 Pattemore GateN411625338 Pattemore Gate
278 W Charlton AvenueX4116744278 W Charlton Avenue
10 Worsley CourtN411586110 Worsley Court
Lot 145 Forest Edge CrescentN4116153Lot 145 Forest Edge Crescent
9 Ontario StreetN41155199 Ontario Street
86 Cavalry TerraceN411577186 Cavalry Terrace
465 Apple Blossom DriveN4116784465 Apple Blossom Drive
22 Philips Lake CourtN411552022 Philips Lake Court
10 Dalmeny DriveW411634910 Dalmeny Drive
468 Southland CrescentW4115468468 Southland Crescent
760 Old York RoadW4116668760 Old York Road
4 Boxwood CrescentN41157574 Boxwood Crescent
252 Silver Birch AvenueE4115859252 Silver Birch Avenue
4502 Radisson CrescentW41164534502 Radisson Crescent
14837 Creditview RoadW411605914837 Creditview Road
76 Wrenwood CourtN411554776 Wrenwood Court
416 W Lakeshore RoadW4116620416 W Lakeshore Road
14 Seabrook PlaceW411589714 Seabrook Place
5204 Tiffany CourtW41163585204 Tiffany Court
131 Calvin Chambers RoadN4116060131 Calvin Chambers Road
2258 Gladacres LaneW41169942258 Gladacres Lane
102 Alamosa DriveC4115720102 Alamosa Drive
86 Abitibi AvenueC411663386 Abitibi Avenue
131 Burbank DriveC4115777131 Burbank Drive
4031 Sancrest CourtW41164154031 Sancrest Court
5 Cornerstone RoadN41167175 Cornerstone Road
44 Lady Loretta LaneN411607744 Lady Loretta Lane
15 Jacob Brill CrescentW411597415 Jacob Brill Crescent
82 Living CrescentN411577682 Living Crescent
85 Greylawn CrescentE411698985 Greylawn Crescent
23 E Streeteeles AvenueC411696023 E Streeteeles Avenue
362 Huntsmill BoulevardE4116941362 Huntsmill Boulevard
3 Ellingwood CourtN41155183 Ellingwood Court
9 Middlehead TerraceN41155659 Middlehead Terrace
81 Maverick CrescentN411673181 Maverick Crescent
31 Yarmouth StreetW411676331 Yarmouth Street
251 E Terraceeelawn BoulevardN4117013251 E Terraceeelawn Boulevard
7 Desert Garden DriveW41157117 Desert Garden Drive
84 Hollywood AvenueC411648884 Hollywood Avenue
1384 Hollyrood AvenueW41161711384 Hollyrood Avenue
202 Vesta DriveC4116017202 Vesta Drive
129 Beaconsfield AvenueC4115831129 Beaconsfield Avenue
74 Cedarcrest BoulevardE411690674 Cedarcrest Boulevard
22 Ptarmigan CrescentC411613022 Ptarmigan Crescent
152 Streetrathgowan AvenueC4115584152 Streetrathgowan Avenue
31 Weslock CrescentN411689131 Weslock Crescent
12 Street Johns RoadW411606312 Street Johns Road
116 Lynwood CrescentN4116775116 Lynwood Crescent
1029 Kestell BoulevardW41166571029 Kestell Boulevard
284 Gamma StreetW4115524284 Gamma Street
102 Elderberry TerraceN4116307102 Elderberry Terrace
3206 Flanagan CrescentW41159023206 Flanagan Crescent
57 Parisienne RoadN411650257 Parisienne Road
60 Grouse LaneW411575960 Grouse Lane
28 Lagani AvenueN411561228 Lagani Avenue
7680 Cedarbrook TerraceE41165727680 Cedarbrook Terrace
26 Boxbury RoadW411589426 Boxbury Road
20 Sir Pellias TerraceN411648520 Sir Pellias Terrace
60 Chesney CrescentN411689360 Chesney Crescent
22 Pexton AvenueN411577422 Pexton Avenue
43 Westview CrescentW411546243 Westview Crescent
5431 Quartermain CrescentW41157105431 Quartermain Crescent
Lot 21 Wellman DriveN4117019Lot 21 Wellman Drive
3469 Kelso CrescentW41155693469 Kelso Crescent
17 Spruce StreetC411585717 Spruce Street
68 Haskell CrescentN411616168 Haskell Crescent
529 E Davisville AvenueC4116336529 E Davisville Avenue
5895 Ladyburn CrescentW41168635895 Ladyburn Crescent
57 Purdon DriveC409076157 Purdon Drive
203 Willow Farm LaneN4116404203 Willow Farm Lane
15 Navarre StreetN411697115 Navarre Street
46 Seabreeze CrescentX411488146 Seabreeze Crescent
1143 Kane RoadW41140921143 Kane Road
5214 Creditview RoadW41146985214 Creditview Road
192 Kingston RoadE4113865192 Kingston Road
685 Kingsmere AvenueN4114614685 Kingsmere Avenue
6 Thorncrest RoadW41143196 Thorncrest Road
5184 Brookwood CourtW41143645184 Brookwood Court
314 Laundon TerraceW4113934314 Laundon Terrace
1507 Oxford AvenueW41153011507 Oxford Avenue
3331 Credit Heights DriveW41150373331 Credit Heights Drive
41 Lynwood PlaceX411506241 Lynwood Place
184 Simpson AvenueW4115276184 Simpson Avenue
305 Shaw StreetC4114611305 Shaw Street
46 N Brentwood RoadW411423946 N Brentwood Road
66 Viewmark DriveN411498566 Viewmark Drive
4569 Wainscot DriveW41145024569 Wainscot Drive
16 Addison CrescentC411442616 Addison Crescent
85 Sweeney DriveC411533285 Sweeney Drive
27 Lesgay CrescentC411419627 Lesgay Crescent
50 Ravencliff CrescentE411390450 Ravencliff Crescent
31 Page AvenueC411471031 Page Avenue
24 Bridgeport DriveE411439124 Bridgeport Drive
1 Somerset CrescentN41151411 Somerset Crescent
30 Spencer AvenueW411459930 Spencer Avenue
4 Sunnybrook RoadW41146234 Sunnybrook Road
109 Bainbridge AvenueC4115394109 Bainbridge Avenue
55 Headwind BoulevardN411417355 Headwind Boulevard
159 Langtry PlaceN4115209159 Langtry Place
145 Donhill CrescentN4114004145 Donhill Crescent
635 Christie StreetC4115360635 Christie Street
Lot 37 Beckett AvenueN4114282Lot 37 Beckett Avenue
29 Primont DriveN411512629 Primont Drive
3331 Streetocksbridge AvenueW41153743331 Streetocksbridge Avenue
86 Jimston DriveN411422886 Jimston Drive
42 Madoc PlaceN411469242 Madoc Place
167 Lyndhurst DriveN4114527167 Lyndhurst Drive
1019 Bridge RoadW41148591019 Bridge Road
66 Highgate DriveN411530966 Highgate Drive
2195 Third Side RoadW41149712195 Third Side Road
1 Lawrie RoadN41142481 Lawrie Road
623 Beresford AvenueW4115310623 Beresford Avenue
26 Heriot PlaceN411515826 Heriot Place
185 W River Oaks BoulevardW4115043185 W River Oaks Boulevard
6 Haig CrescentN41145106 Haig Crescent
19 Prince Edward BoulevardN411387019 Prince Edward Boulevard
613 Williamson CourtW4113907613 Williamson Court
44 Elmsthorpe AvenueC411433544 Elmsthorpe Avenue
11 Dorlen AvenueW411422611 Dorlen Avenue
535 Harmony AvenueW4115289535 Harmony Avenue
8 Harlock BoulevardC41151208 Harlock Boulevard
29 Elmsley DriveN411456629 Elmsley Drive
138 Colonel Danforth TerraceE4114108138 Colonel Danforth Terrace
104 Selvapiano CrescentN4115373104 Selvapiano Crescent
21 Libra AvenueN411482921 Libra Avenue
1086 Far North CircleN41147871086 Far North Circle
5180 Spruce AvenueW41147025180 Spruce Avenue
66 Aitken CircleN411446966 Aitken Circle
15 Milne LaneN411436615 Milne Lane
5 Ashmore AvenueW41145005 Ashmore Avenue
95 Genuine LaneN411545595 Genuine Lane
2102 Namron GateW41144592102 Namron Gate
12 Wishing Well CrescentW411410412 Wishing Well Crescent
37 Streetafford RoadC411543537 Streetafford Road
44 Walford RoadW411471744 Walford Road
124 Holmes AvenueC4114062124 Holmes Avenue
94 Latania BoulevardW411498794 Latania Boulevard
12630 Sixth LineW411522112630 Sixth Line
26 Sheepberry TerraceW411540526 Sheepberry Terrace
8916 Chinguacousy RoadW41154008916 Chinguacousy Road
246 Forman AvenueC4114157246 Forman Avenue
37 Aylin CrescentN411448737 Aylin Crescent
2346 Lloydtown Aurora RoadN41144312346 Lloydtown Aurora Road
53 Mitcham DriveW411475853 Mitcham Drive
2 Harold Lawrie LaneN41148172 Harold Lawrie Lane
111 Smithwood DriveW4115012111 Smithwood Drive
197 Cranbrook CrescentN4114372197 Cranbrook Crescent
9 Appleby RoadW41142109 Appleby Road
21 Austin Rumble CourtN411531121 Austin Rumble Court
831 Clemens CrescentW4114781831 Clemens Crescent
31 Armadale AvenueW411391331 Armadale Avenue
440 Glengrove AvenueC4115220440 Glengrove Avenue
3 Sirocco DriveC41152383 Sirocco Drive
22 Castlewood RoadC411466322 Castlewood Road
51 Rockport CrescentN411535651 Rockport Crescent
110 Crescentane StreetN4113967110 Crescentane Street
24 Windridge DriveN411484224 Windridge Drive
157 Valeria BoulevardN4114605157 Valeria Boulevard
209B Glengarry AvenueC4114419209B Glengarry Avenue
5955 Mayfield RoadW41142895955 Mayfield Road
151 Kingslynn DriveN4114103151 Kingslynn Drive
5387 Forest Hill DriveW41144095387 Forest Hill Drive
16 Courcelette RoadE411401716 Courcelette Road
677 Chaleur PlaceN4115155677 Chaleur Place
85 Connaught AvenueN411522885 Connaught Avenue
140 Willis DriveN4114941140 Willis Drive
185 Rumble AvenueN4114393185 Rumble Avenue
458 Patricia AvenueC4114980458 Patricia Avenue
130 Colonel Wayling BoulevardN4114212130 Colonel Wayling Boulevard
136 Milton StreetW4114788136 Milton Street
31 Whalen CourtN411405031 Whalen Court
104 Eaton AvenueE4115173104 Eaton Avenue
45 Marjory AvenueE411521345 Marjory Avenue
89 Placeeasant View DriveC411451389 Placeeasant View Drive
232 Street Clarens AvenueC4113930232 Street Clarens Avenue
7 Mira Vista PlaceN41139717 Mira Vista Place
11 Shilo CourtN411435511 Shilo Court
580 Harmony AvenueW4115101580 Harmony Avenue
24 Littleriver CourtN411500924 Littleriver Court
5 Ellsworth AvenueN41140765 Ellsworth Avenue
45 Forest Park CrescentN411408445 Forest Park Crescent
621 Crawford StreetC4114089621 Crawford Street
248 Terraceacina DriveW4114086248 Terraceacina Drive
33 Chapel StreetW411403833 Chapel Street
34 Interlacken DriveW411430934 Interlacken Drive
61 Gretman CrescentN411412861 Gretman Crescent
176 Upper Canada DriveC4115148176 Upper Canada Drive
2652 Victoria Park AvenueC41152772652 Victoria Park Avenue
7 Rycroft DriveN41152947 Rycroft Drive
72 Millrun CrescentN411409172 Millrun Crescent
4067 Mississauga RoadW41154364067 Mississauga Road
25 Maverick CrescentN411442725 Maverick Crescent
296 Upper Post RoadN4115015296 Upper Post Road
211 Canyon Hill AvenueN4115253211 Canyon Hill Avenue
198 Krieghoff AvenueN4114948198 Krieghoff Avenue
158 Streetrathearn AvenueN4115397158 Streetrathearn Avenue
56 Bellhouse PlaceE411389856 Bellhouse Place
41 Glenburn Forest WayN411419241 Glenburn Forest Way
74 Brian DriveC411447674 Brian Drive
507 Durham Road 8 RoadN4114446507 Durham Road 8 Road
73 Ridgewood DriveN411516173 Ridgewood Drive
96 Chouinard WayN411495096 Chouinard Way
166 Sail CrescentN4114342166 Sail Crescent
379 Madison Avenue Th3C4114111379 Madison Avenue Th3
10694 5th LineW411393610694 5th Line
22 Coakwell DriveN411524522 Coakwell Drive
7 Humber Ridge DriveW41144157 Humber Ridge Drive
241 Poyntz AvenueC4114659241 Poyntz Avenue
127 Streetave CrescentN4114267127 Streetave Crescent
89 E Hidden Terraceail AvenueN411543189 E Hidden Terraceail Avenue
91 Ames CrescentN411418191 Ames Crescent
3 Mackay DriveN41145493 Mackay Drive
24 Bathford CrescentC411474124 Bathford Crescent
59 Snow Ridge CourtE411423859 Snow Ridge Court
14 Babes WayN411458514 Babes Way
3 Clumber RoadW41154253 Clumber Road
144 Wolf Creek CrescentN4114454144 Wolf Creek Crescent
8 Wood Dale RoadN41138638 Wood Dale Road
3068 Grenville RoadW41144913068 Grenville Road
43 Rodeo DriveN411538243 Rodeo Drive
365 Wisteria WayW4115191365 Wisteria Way
153 Major StreetC4114155153 Major Street
42 Read StreetN411433742 Read Street
79 Kings College RoadN411535579 Kings College Road
1 Prince William DriveN41148831 Prince William Drive
87 Zinnia PlaceN411429187 Zinnia Place
1595 Onondaga PlaceW41148011595 Onondaga Place
209 Brock AvenueC4114792209 Brock Avenue
518 Lees LaneW4114153518 Lees Lane
108 Hamster CrescentN4114448108 Hamster Crescent
1037 Meadow LaneN41144921037 Meadow Lane
2 Earswick DriveE41154162 Earswick Drive
100 Judith AvenueN4114538100 Judith Avenue
69 Maple Valley RoadN411431669 Maple Valley Road
1025 N Lake DriveN41139591025 N Lake Drive
466 Rupert AvenueN4114185466 Rupert Avenue
12 Pearl Gate CourtN411534412 Pearl Gate Court
2357 Rideau DriveW41146132357 Rideau Drive
16 Lower Thames DriveW411463716 Lower Thames Drive
28 Rainbow CrescentE411453328 Rainbow Crescent
22545 Mccowan RoadN411396122545 Mccowan Road
3197 Victoria StreetW41146243197 Victoria Street
4282 Vivian RoadN41150994282 Vivian Road
35 Ferrari CourtN411410735 Ferrari Court
4 Paris CourtC41154394 Paris Court
171 Waldoncroft CrescentW4114863171 Waldoncroft Crescent
167 Arlington AvenueC4114175167 Arlington Avenue
26 Wyndance WayN411428126 Wyndance Way
1277 Parkhurst DriveW41141231277 Parkhurst Drive
6 Markhaven RoadN41140186 Markhaven Road
755 Hollander RoadN4114979755 Hollander Road
35 Catano CourtN411468635 Catano Court
147 Via ToscanaN4115315147 Via Toscana
77 Whisper LaneN411498877 Whisper Lane
71 Bellwoods AvenueC411394271 Bellwoods Avenue
531 Russell Hill RoadC4115095531 Russell Hill Road
33 Morgans RoadN411431533 Morgans Road
76 Glengarry AvenueC411425976 Glengarry Avenue
1416 Liveoak DriveW41147381416 Liveoak Drive
196 Ramona BoulevardN4114059196 Ramona Boulevard
215 Mill RoadW4114897215 Mill Road
21 Giardina CrescentN411541921 Giardina Crescent
22 Ferris RoadE411495122 Ferris Road
652 Mcbean AvenueN4115447652 Mcbean Avenue
1653 Wembury RoadW41144791653 Wembury Road
2451 Winlord PlaceE41149692451 Winlord Place
16 Jenny Thompson CourtN411506016 Jenny Thompson Court
16775 Humber Streetation RoadW411513016775 Humber Streetation Road
1530 Tillingham GardensW41142501530 Tillingham Gardens
4645 Cornerstone DriveW41149054645 Cornerstone Drive
6 Midsummer DriveW41143516 Midsummer Drive
274 Gowan AvenueE4114462274 Gowan Avenue
68 S Main StreetW411524768 S Main Street
159 W Lawrence AvenueC4114280159 W Lawrence Avenue
876 Crescentta Rider PlaceN4114645876 Crescentta Rider Place
57 Marbrook StreetN411352457 Marbrook Street
49 Glen CrescentN411236849 Glen Crescent
9 Cicada CourtC41129099 Cicada Court
49 Marc Santi BoulevardN411221049 Marc Santi Boulevard
2484 Avongate DriveW41135362484 Avongate Drive
3 Lissom CrescentC41135343 Lissom Crescent
25 Street Leonards AvenueC411267125 Street Leonards Avenue
520 Durie StreetW4112721520 Durie Street
3 Thorburn AvenueW41137963 Thorburn Avenue
62 Bedford Park AvenueN411382362 Bedford Park Avenue
222 Markham StreetC4112801222 Markham Street
11 Cherrystone DriveC411236611 Cherrystone Drive
151 Nairn AvenueW4112886151 Nairn Avenue
5 Deerwood CrescentN41127955 Deerwood Crescent
5 Rock Elm CourtN41128995 Rock Elm Court
5 Tannery CourtN41134105 Tannery Court
8 Durie StreetW41126918 Durie Street
153 Baber CrescentN4113841153 Baber Crescent
74 Bonham BoulevardW411303474 Bonham Boulevard
360 John StreetN4112541360 John Street
26 Waller AvenueW411321026 Waller Avenue
782 Ossington AvenueW4113015782 Ossington Avenue
13 Archgate LaneW411267813 Archgate Lane
172 Ribston StreetN4112763172 Ribston Street
34 Harvest Moon DriveN411276134 Harvest Moon Drive
272 Cortleigh BoulevardC4112301272 Cortleigh Boulevard
8 Inverary CrescentE41131698 Inverary Crescent
87 Glenview AvenueC411300487 Glenview Avenue
851 W Richmond StreetC4112956851 W Richmond Street
8 Knollview CrescentC41129858 Knollview Crescent
100 Lightcatcher CircleW4113836100 Lightcatcher Circle
134 Walkerville RoadN4112175134 Walkerville Road
1202 Atkins DriveN41121531202 Atkins Drive
37 Caswell DriveC411316437 Caswell Drive
29 Northcott WayN411314029 Northcott Way
24 Terraceuro CircleW411281024 Terraceuro Circle
18 Glenborough Park CrescentC411252018 Glenborough Park Crescent
18 Darren RoadW411243118 Darren Road
45 Miles Hill CrescentN411318745 Miles Hill Crescent
51 Macdonald StreetW411323051 Macdonald Street
1079 Laidlaw DriveW41127941079 Laidlaw Drive
12 Dopp CrescentW411242312 Dopp Crescent
9 Ridgehill DriveW41125899 Ridgehill Drive
396 Ellen Davidson DriveW4112310396 Ellen Davidson Drive
47 E Kirk Bradden RoadW411349447 E Kirk Bradden Road
167B Aldercrest RoadW4112391167B Aldercrest Road
17 Jasmine RoadW411300217 Jasmine Road
364 Margueretta StreetW4113653364 Margueretta Street
2942 Duncairn DriveW41123152942 Duncairn Drive
4116 Fourth LineW41131604116 Fourth Line
743 Sales CourtW4113115743 Sales Court
12 Snowdrop PlaceW411306812 Snowdrop Place
127 Pathlane RoadN4112755127 Pathlane Road
293 Deloraine AvenueC4113288293 Deloraine Avenue
3284 Lonefeather CrescentW41131383284 Lonefeather Crescent
67 Rossini DriveN411253367 Rossini Drive
69 Old Colony RoadC411289069 Old Colony Road
7821 Kennedy RoadN41130887821 Kennedy Road
5920 Hemingway RoadW41122425920 Hemingway Road
17 Barbara CrescentE411263117 Barbara Crescent
179 Creek Path AvenueW4113479179 Creek Path Avenue
240 Ashworth AvenueC4113553240 Ashworth Avenue
208 Cocksfield AvenueC4113349208 Cocksfield Avenue
72 Fieldcroft CourtN411315572 Fieldcroft Court
64 Devonridge CrescentE411319764 Devonridge Crescent
84 Vineyard CourtN411283784 Vineyard Court
3900 Tufgar CrescentW41138123900 Tufgar Crescent
187 Inglewood DriveC4113747187 Inglewood Drive
295 Boisdale AvenueN4112965295 Boisdale Avenue
12 Shasta DriveN411273612 Shasta Drive
117 Birch AvenueN4112584117 Birch Avenue
20 Beath StreetE411210520 Beath Street
24 Bridlewood BoulevardE411371124 Bridlewood Boulevard
26 Montreal StreetW411271526 Montreal Street
24 Country Club DriveN411213724 Country Club Drive
3121 Clipperton DriveW41138263121 Clipperton Drive
7 Blue Spruce LaneN41129217 Blue Spruce Lane
Lt 145 Place 20M1160W4113401Lt 145 Place 20M1160
169 Bilbrough StreetN4112416169 Bilbrough Street
110 Horsham AvenueC4113500110 Horsham Avenue
5 Poco StreetW41131985 Poco Street
7 Motley CourtN41132027 Motley Court
Lot 453 P120M1160W4113418Lot 453 P120M1160
246 W Langstaff RoadN4113746246 W Langstaff Road
285 Winterborne GateW4112602285 Winterborne Gate
22 Hobart DriveC411374122 Hobart Drive
1124 Greenoaks DriveW41133091124 Greenoaks Drive
580 Mactier DriveN4113452580 Mactier Drive
133 Castle CrescentW4113562133 Castle Crescent
46 Elmsthorpe AvenueC411336646 Elmsthorpe Avenue
685 Ossington AvenueC4113628685 Ossington Avenue
4 Birchmount RoadE41123184 Birchmount Road
2 Poulias AvenueN41133542 Poulias Avenue
1153 Runningbrook DriveW41137381153 Runningbrook Drive
27 Agincourt CircleW411364927 Agincourt Circle
11430 Inglis DriveW411263311430 Inglis Drive
503 Brunswick AvenueC4113431503 Brunswick Avenue
54 Bearbury DriveW411220454 Bearbury Drive
2491 Scotch Pine DriveW41129372491 Scotch Pine Drive
18 Carisbrooke CircleN411296318 Carisbrooke Circle
66 Eagle Peak DriveN411367266 Eagle Peak Drive
21 Wales AvenueN411314921 Wales Avenue
116 Cherryhurst RoadW4112591116 Cherryhurst Road
4 Sunrow GateX41123314 Sunrow Gate
490 Anthony DriveW4112760490 Anthony Drive
168 Connaught AvenueC4112727168 Connaught Avenue
19 Rouge River CircleN401591519 Rouge River Circle
7 Lowther AvenueN41169647 Lowther Avenue
6 Lamont AvenueE41169906 Lamont Avenue
910 Francine CrescentW4115737910 Francine Crescent
14 Redhead CrescentE411652814 Redhead Crescent
795 Clements DriveW4115512795 Clements Drive
53 Applefield DriveE411583953 Applefield Drive
41 Rainbow Valley CrescentN411654841 Rainbow Valley Crescent
1956 Donald Cousens ParkwayN41164951956 Donald Cousens Parkway
3284 Pebblewood RoadW41159443284 Pebblewood Road
8 Donaldson DriveW41166458 Donaldson Drive
1 Atkins AvenueC41165681 Atkins Avenue
3206 Bunkerhill PlaceW41163603206 Bunkerhill Place
15 Sandway CrescentN411562115 Sandway Crescent
24 Whitford RoadN411667324 Whitford Road
994 Bloor StreetW4116236994 Bloor Street
189 Northvale RoadN4116970189 Northvale Road
32 Robbie AvenueC411594332 Robbie Avenue
916 Streetonebridge AvenueW4116168916 Streetonebridge Avenue
28 Glen Hill DriveE411602128 Glen Hill Drive
97 Harvest Hills BoulevardN411630197 Harvest Hills Boulevard
1311 Davenport RoadW41160511311 Davenport Road
51 Mount Placeeasant AvenueE411553151 Mount Placeeasant Avenue
23 Streetratton CrescentE411555423 Streetratton Crescent
34 Cobbler StreetW411694534 Cobbler Street
311 Malboeuf CourtW4115629311 Malboeuf Court
63 Lola CrescentW411627663 Lola Crescent
5458 Sheldon Park DriveW41163055458 Sheldon Park Drive
7 Twisted Oak StreetW41155977 Twisted Oak Street
424 Pettit TerraceW4116076424 Pettit Terrace
5488 W Tenth LineW41168145488 W Tenth Line
20 Denali CrescentW411697620 Denali Crescent
297 Carla CourtW4116864297 Carla Court
78 Orsett StreetW411670778 Orsett Street
12 Lombardy CrescentW411569412 Lombardy Crescent
18 Wonder WayW411553718 Wonder Way
41 Four Seasons CrescentN411583741 Four Seasons Crescent
53 Hiberton CrescentW411585053 Hiberton Crescent
87 Pearl Lake RoadN411691387 Pearl Lake Road
354 Emmett LandingW4116666354 Emmett Landing
106 Royal Chapin CrescentN4116081106 Royal Chapin Crescent
1127 Beechnut RoadW41156261127 Beechnut Road
142 Ellendale DriveE4116521142 Ellendale Drive
12 Mapleton Mills DriveN411647012 Mapleton Mills Drive
20 Schurman StreetN411677220 Schurman Street
38 Sleepy Hollow PlaceE411584738 Sleepy Hollow Place
1436 Coldstream DriveE41155071436 Coldstream Drive
1167 Agram DriveW41168781167 Agram Drive
145 Bothwell CrescentN4116031145 Bothwell Crescent
62 Campbell AvenueN411678562 Campbell Avenue
66 Kiteley CrescentN411599766 Kiteley Crescent
800 Brand RoadN4116431800 Brand Road
42 Guthrie AvenueW411667842 Guthrie Avenue
180 Varcoe RoadE4115726180 Varcoe Road
8 Honey DriveE41155618 Honey Drive
93 Creighton AvenueX411596893 Creighton Avenue
308 Bartley Bull ParkwayW4116726308 Bartley Bull Parkway
35 Edgehill AvenueN411626635 Edgehill Avenue
29 Beech AvenueE411560329 Beech Avenue
36 Willick PlaceW411609636 Willick Place
Lot 118 Morrison DriveX4117014Lot 118 Morrison Drive
20 Argelia CrescentW411602020 Argelia Crescent
148 George Robinson DriveW4116033148 George Robinson Drive
90 Vaughan StreetX411615890 Vaughan Street
17 Welland RoadN411593717 Welland Road
56 Weston CrescentE411678756 Weston Crescent
63 Goldhawk TerraceE411679063 Goldhawk Terrace
16 Snowy Wood DriveW411551116 Snowy Wood Drive
56 Cassila WayN411680556 Cassila Way
46 Benjamin Hood CrescentN411688646 Benjamin Hood Crescent
14 Preston DriveW411589514 Preston Drive
159 Inverness Way BradfordN4116860159 Inverness Way Bradford
2441 Baintree CrescentW41157192441 Baintree Crescent
161 Hendrie AvenueW4115656161 Hendrie Avenue
124 Gilbert AvenueW4117009124 Gilbert Avenue
6296 Glen Meadows RoadW41159966296 Glen Meadows Road
101 Boticelli WayN4115875101 Boticelli Way
68 Lealinds RoadN411565268 Lealinds Road
51 Tideswell BoulevardE411608451 Tideswell Boulevard
15 Burwell CrescentN411594515 Burwell Crescent
29 Patrick DriveN411558829 Patrick Drive
18175 Street Andrews RoadW411549518175 Street Andrews Road
439 Bluesky CrescentW4115600439 Bluesky Crescent
16 Penhurst CourtN411566416 Penhurst Court
255 Murray StreetW4115961255 Murray Street
46 Delfire StreetN411646346 Delfire Street
Th5 Silver Maple RoadW4115852Th5 Silver Maple Road
88 Underwood DriveE411548288 Underwood Drive
31 Flora DriveE411665531 Flora Drive
96 Charleswood DriveC411664996 Charleswood Drive
14 Roy Nichols DriveE411631014 Roy Nichols Drive
6 Roy Nichols DriveE41163546 Roy Nichols Drive
32 Fieldview CrescentE411600832 Fieldview Crescent
26 Kidd Street BradfordN411590926 Kidd Street Bradford
2 Roy Nichols DriveE41162492 Roy Nichols Drive
97 Fawnridge RoadW411695397 Fawnridge Road
23 Streetrandmore CircleE411670023 Streetrandmore Circle
913 Sundance CircleE4116169913 Sundance Circle
75 Terraceuro CrescentE411701875 Terraceuro Crescent
169 Aishford Road BradfordN4116873169 Aishford Road Bradford
147 Mccann Crescent BradfordN4116761147 Mccann Crescent Bradford
4969 Old Homestead RoadN41158534969 Old Homestead Road
198 Mammoth Hall TerraceE4116348198 Mammoth Hall Terrace
70 Beswick DriveN411593870 Beswick Drive
392 Royal West DriveW4116800392 Royal West Drive
15 Purdy PlaceE411547715 Purdy Place
24 Cayton Crescent BradfordN411564224 Cayton Crescent Bradford
491 Pearl StreetW4108803491 Pearl Street
30 Fancamp DriveN411569530 Fancamp Drive
9 Rustwood RoadN41158169 Rustwood Road
85 Applewood CrescentE410702685 Applewood Crescent
93 Revelstoke CrescentN411688193 Revelstoke Crescent
1032 Blain StreetW41158771032 Blain Street
5427 Murray CrescentW41168855427 Murray Crescent
284 Montgomery AvenueE4116000284 Montgomery Avenue
43 W Carnwith DriveE411619643 W Carnwith Drive
14 Claridge CrescentE411669414 Claridge Crescent
443 William Dunn CrescentN4115618443 William Dunn Crescent
97 Pindar CrescentC411556697 Pindar Crescent
761 Silcote RoadW4115702761 Silcote Road
1073 Deacon DriveW41165091073 Deacon Drive
16 Hedgerow AvenueW411640516 Hedgerow Avenue
3 Vanderbrink DriveW41161243 Vanderbrink Drive
208 Hawthorn AvenueN4117005208 Hawthorn Avenue
2549 Snow Knight DriveE41163022549 Snow Knight Drive
1 Donaldson DriveW41157001 Donaldson Drive
316 Hoover Park DriveN4116532316 Hoover Park Drive
14 Lloyd CrescentW411701614 Lloyd Crescent
4420 Longmoor DriveW41156714420 Longmoor Drive
1511 Kenilworth CrescentW41160011511 Kenilworth Crescent
249 Kent CrescentW4116443249 Kent Crescent
4505 Gladebrook CrescentW41167574505 Gladebrook Crescent
3033 Hibiscus GardensW41164573033 Hibiscus Gardens
1944 Bur Oak AvenueN41163721944 Bur Oak Avenue
236 Ellen Davidson DriveW4115593236 Ellen Davidson Drive
128 Selkirk DriveN4115912128 Selkirk Drive
23 Hillpath CrescentW411638823 Hillpath Crescent
53 Darren RoadW411633053 Darren Road
950 Bennett BoulevardW4116002950 Bennett Boulevard
10 Scarlett DriveW411639210 Scarlett Drive
29 Everingham CircleW411672829 Everingham Circle
7331 Golden Meadow CourtW41156307331 Golden Meadow Court
165 Preston Meadow AvenueW4116522165 Preston Meadow Avenue
3562 Aquinas AvenueW41167043562 Aquinas Avenue
1545 Carr Landing CrescentW41154731545 Carr Landing Crescent
166 Newton StreetN4116871166 Newton Street
188 Grant Blight CrescentN4115691188 Grant Blight Crescent
34 Satok TerraceE411584834 Satok Terrace
83 Oldfield CrescentN411671883 Oldfield Crescent
54 Benroyal CrescentE411546554 Benroyal Crescent
3003 Sandlewood CourtW41169153003 Sandlewood Court
3 Emmett CircleW41170153 Emmett Circle
26 Begonia CrescentW411549826 Begonia Crescent
3436 Nadine CrescentW41157613436 Nadine Crescent
74 Davis CrescentW411636174 Davis Crescent
27 Oakhaven RoadW411677427 Oakhaven Road
31 Bonsai LaneW411573831 Bonsai Lane
12 Henderson StreetW411589912 Henderson Street
27 E Billings StreetE411685527 E Billings Street
2430 Musket CourtW41155452430 Musket Court
6 Hollywood Hill CircleN41163536 Hollywood Hill Circle
6920 Amour TerraceW41166286920 Amour Terrace
46 Golfview AvenueE411690146 Golfview Avenue
65 Becca Hall TerraceE411622865 Becca Hall Terrace
32 Bent Terraceee CourtW411608932 Bent Terraceee Court
43 Robertson Davies DriveW411664243 Robertson Davies Drive
12 Gatesgill CrescentW411630012 Gatesgill Crescent
2005 Erika CourtW41166022005 Erika Court
1694 E Dundas StreetE41154901694 E Dundas Street
55 Harewood AvenueE411620655 Harewood Avenue
89 Samuel Lount RoadN411555189 Samuel Lount Road
22 Eastern Skies WayN411563222 Eastern Skies Way
25 Talisman CrescentN411554625 Talisman Crescent
151 Orchard Heights BoulevardN4115930151 Orchard Heights Boulevard
87 William Berczy BoulevardN411696387 William Berczy Boulevard
464 Hewitt CircleN4116894464 Hewitt Circle
51 Oxenden CrescentW411611951 Oxenden Crescent
102 Coburg CrescentN4115480102 Coburg Crescent
6 Worthview CourtW41167276 Worthview Court
43 Aberfeldy CrescentN411573043 Aberfeldy Crescent
42 Illingworth LaneE411651442 Illingworth Lane
157 Longford Boulevard BradfordN4115661157 Longford Boulevard Bradford
107 Crown Victoria DriveW4116262107 Crown Victoria Drive
10 Asterfield DriveE411621910 Asterfield Drive
1187 Agram DriveW41167791187 Agram Drive
298 Placeymouth TerraceN4116618298 Placeymouth Terrace
520 Eastern AvenueE4116833520 Eastern Avenue
5545 Bollington DriveW41154505545 Bollington Drive
57 Yorkview DriveW411455457 Yorkview Drive
68 Golfview AvenueE411406368 Golfview Avenue
68 Northern Dancer DriveE411545368 Northern Dancer Drive
8 Sir Brandiles PlaceN41142298 Sir Brandiles Place
2 Everett CrescentE41149312 Everett Crescent
80 Orchard Park BoulevardE411500780 Orchard Park Boulevard
5365 W Tenth LineW41143925365 W Tenth Line
1 Oakvale AvenueE41138511 Oakvale Avenue
8 Bracebridge AvenueE41143238 Bracebridge Avenue
2499 Paula CourtW41141332499 Paula Court
28 Sandy Haven DriveE411431728 Sandy Haven Drive
Potl134 Unnamed StreetN4114284Potl134 Unnamed Street
2 Mann StreetE41142022 Mann Street
2613 Kingsberry CrescentW41146382613 Kingsberry Crescent
31 Abdus Salam StreetN411522731 Abdus Salam Street
812 Challinor TerraceW4115459812 Challinor Terrace
1079 Biason CircleW41148001079 Biason Circle
548 W Foxcroft BoulevardN4113893548 W Foxcroft Boulevard
5091 Meadowhill RoadW41139385091 Meadowhill Road
2040 Deer Run AvenueW41151712040 Deer Run Avenue
214 Dawlish AvenueN4115035214 Dawlish Avenue
82 Barrow Avenue BradfordN411457682 Barrow Avenue Bradford
69 Eastern Skies WayN411452269 Eastern Skies Way
17 Langford Boulevard BradfordN411416017 Langford Boulevard Bradford
22 Twelfth StreetW411437722 Twelfth Street
46 Boxhill RoadN411417646 Boxhill Road
2161 Saintfield RoadE41145702161 Saintfield Road
39 Lesmar DriveW411398139 Lesmar Drive
92 Glenngarry CrescentN411459892 Glenngarry Crescent
12 George Bogg RoadN411107012 George Bogg Road
6182 W Tenth LineW41146566182 W Tenth Line
89 Emery Hill BoulevardN411464289 Emery Hill Boulevard
31 Gregson StreetE411437831 Gregson Street
24 Flavian CrescentC411455024 Flavian Crescent
8928 Chinguacousy RoadW41153968928 Chinguacousy Road
28 Wardencourt DriveE411484628 Wardencourt Drive
3264 Sunlight StreetW41139973264 Sunlight Street
21 Frey CrescentE411505121 Frey Crescent
29 Ranchero DriveW411520829 Ranchero Drive
20 Whites Hill AvenueN411463920 Whites Hill Avenue
148 John Matthew CrescentE4113873148 John Matthew Crescent
36 Bainhart CrescentE411444936 Bainhart Crescent
76 Highhill DriveE411482776 Highhill Drive
24 Roundstone DriveW411436024 Roundstone Drive
48 Lincoln Green DriveN411475248 Lincoln Green Drive
485 Sandmere PlaceW4114292485 Sandmere Place
263 Oakwood AvenueC4114641263 Oakwood Avenue
71 Maughan CrescentE411416171 Maughan Crescent
1797 Pickmere CourtW41139511797 Pickmere Court
45 Chalkfarm CrescentW411483345 Chalkfarm Crescent
66 Executive CourtW411400166 Executive Court
83 Boon AvenueW411417483 Boon Avenue
46 Borden StreetC411475646 Borden Street
34 Oxenden CrescentW411515034 Oxenden Crescent
19 Archimedes CourtE411510919 Archimedes Court
42 Timberland DriveN411482442 Timberland Drive
56 Erinlea CrescentE411407456 Erinlea Crescent
10 Barksdale AvenueC411497610 Barksdale Avenue
58 Mill River DriveN411539558 Mill River Drive
115 Bellman AvenueW4115335115 Bellman Avenue
73 Orchardcroft RoadW411529373 Orchardcroft Road
20 Folliot StreetN411538120 Folliot Street
493 Kwapis BoulevardN4114958493 Kwapis Boulevard
124 Mccauley CourtN4114662124 Mccauley Court
4784 Owl CircleW41148734784 Owl Circle
28 Coranto WayN411458128 Coranto Way
11 Alsop AvenueN411511511 Alsop Avenue
3083 Ferguson DriveW41147593083 Ferguson Drive
118 Eastville AvenueE4114993118 Eastville Avenue
24 Haverstock CrescentW411522924 Haverstock Crescent
33 Edith StreetW411468033 Edith Street
3180 Constitution BoulevardW41149163180 Constitution Boulevard
85 Cedarcrest CrescentN411426685 Cedarcrest Crescent
2046 Wellington AvenueW41153122046 Wellington Avenue
1778 N Grandview StreetE41142511778 N Grandview Street
514 Fothergill BoulevardW4114056514 Fothergill Boulevard
32 Dwellers RoadW411386232 Dwellers Road
31 Redcastle StreetW411389131 Redcastle Street
1683 Forks Of The Credit RoadW41140111683 Forks Of The Credit Road
33 Polstar RoadW411457333 Polstar Road
171 Cabernet RoadN4115401171 Cabernet Road
29 Normandy BoulevardE411460029 Normandy Boulevard
31 Roy Rainey AvenueN411545131 Roy Rainey Avenue
629 Burning Bush RoadX4114853629 Burning Bush Road
328 Bur Oak AvenueN4113993328 Bur Oak Avenue
18 Brunet DriveN411284218 Brunet Drive
35 Mac Frost WayE411420035 Mac Frost Way
235 Murray Ross ParkwayW4114402235 Murray Ross Parkway
177 Barber DriveW4114237177 Barber Drive
21 Atkinson AvenueE411385421 Atkinson Avenue
5849 Evenstarr CourtW41148105849 Evenstarr Court
456 Glover LaneN4114640456 Glover Lane
99 Wroxeter AvenueE411453599 Wroxeter Avenue
70 Cherrywood AvenueC411387670 Cherrywood Avenue
48 Blandford StreetC411534848 Blandford Street
295 Royalton Common 57W4114423295 Royalton Common 57
1487 Kirkrow CrescentW41140661487 Kirkrow Crescent
246 Yorkshire DriveN4113850246 Yorkshire Drive
1213 Biason CircleW41153871213 Biason Circle
23 Cleethorpes BoulevardE411540323 Cleethorpes Boulevard
3356 Ivernia RoadW41138973356 Ivernia Road
32 Joycelyn CrescentW411450532 Joycelyn Crescent
182 Princess Anne DriveW4114072182 Princess Anne Drive
124 Black Maple CrescentN4113861124 Black Maple Crescent
10 Noble StreetW411459610 Noble Street
24 Brider CrescentE411472024 Brider Crescent
3 Northgate DriveW41154083 Northgate Drive
63 Amsterdam CrescentX411442563 Amsterdam Crescent
16 Henderson AvenueC411536716 Henderson Avenue
136 Royal Appian CrescentN4115112136 Royal Appian Crescent
6 Greenhouse LaneN41145906 Greenhouse Lane
2292 Woking CrescentW41141012292 Woking Crescent
8 Hortons FirstN41143438 Hortons First
140 Osborne CrescentW4115023140 Osborne Crescent
11 Newport StreetW411536811 Newport Street
139 Placeayfair TerraceW4114380139 Placeayfair Terrace
35 Chadwick DriveE411408835 Chadwick Drive
78 Scarborough RoadE411531678 Scarborough Road
23 De Jong DriveW411515123 De Jong Drive
47 Moberly AvenueE411384947 Moberly Avenue
4 Little Angel RoadN41144904 Little Angel Road
33 Kimborough HllwW411466833 Kimborough Hllw
2040 Wakely StreetW41139142040 Wakely Street
4824 Rosebush RoadW41147804824 Rosebush Road
98 Scott Street NorthX411511998 Scott Street North
72 Olive StreetN411407072 Olive Street
54 Ted Miller CrescentE411441054 Ted Miller Crescent
16 Lealinds RoadN411487916 Lealinds Road
202 Murray DriveN4114952202 Murray Drive
140 York Street GuelphX4114304140 York Street Guelph
29 Forsyth CrescentW411428329 Forsyth Crescent
27 Civic Square GateN411415127 Civic Square Gate
22 Beethoven CourtW411430022 Beethoven Court
102 Ridge Gate CrescentN4115192102 Ridge Gate Crescent
5 Paper Mills CrescentN41154465 Paper Mills Crescent
35 Pringdale Gardens CircleE411409535 Pringdale Gardens Circle
3219 Cabano CrescentW41142613219 Cabano Crescent
53 S Riverside DriveE411440353 S Riverside Drive
2079 Waycross CrescentW41144412079 Waycross Crescent
23 Sisson LaneE411479023 Sisson Lane
248 Georgian DriveW4114880248 Georgian Drive
10559 Bayview AvenueN411544210559 Bayview Avenue
9503 Kennedy RoadN41141679503 Kennedy Road
1311 W Hart CrescentW41154101311 W Hart Crescent
695 Powell CourtW4115288695 Powell Court
1126 Galesway BoulevardW41152951126 Galesway Boulevard
23 Hagley RoadE411455923 Hagley Road
29 Gates AvenueE411389029 Gates Avenue
50 Elmeade LaneN411384650 Elmeade Lane
19324 Highway 48N411468519324 Highway 48
19 Bulmer CrescentN411485519 Bulmer Crescent
19 Humbershed CrescentW411543419 Humbershed Crescent
1 Vantagebrook CourtW41140691 Vantagebrook Court
20 Valley Mills RoadN411458820 Valley Mills Road
5419 Longford DriveW41145365419 Longford Drive
49 W Kidd Street BradfordN411535249 W Kidd Street Bradford
67 1 2 Arlington AvenueC411532467 1 2 Arlington Avenue
133 Robin CourtN4115118133 Robin Court
1 Woodhaven CrescentN41151901 Woodhaven Crescent
6 Batavia AvenueW41123846 Batavia Avenue
345 Kingsbridge Garden CircleW4112103345 Kingsbridge Garden Circle
86 Cavell AvenueW411209986 Cavell Avenue
4658 Moccasin TerraceW41133414658 Moccasin Terrace
57 Tideswell BoulevardE411379957 Tideswell Boulevard
18 Cougar CourtN411209618 Cougar Court
23 Moccasin TerraceC411270923 Moccasin Terrace
302 Squareuire CrescentW4112829302 Squareuire Crescent
1052 Glengrove AvenueW41134071052 Glengrove Avenue
2139 Minsky PlaceE41123582139 Minsky Place
3 Twenty Sixth StreetW41127883 Twenty Sixth Street
1611 Liveoak DriveW41123411611 Liveoak Drive
3665 The Credit WoodlandsW41125483665 The Credit Woodlands
2144 Galena CrescentW41123492144 Galena Crescent
7295 Black Walnut TerraceW41134387295 Black Walnut Terrace
95 Erickson DriveE411209795 Erickson Drive
17 Ashbury AvenueC411227517 Ashbury Avenue
1307 Aldsworth CrescentE41123111307 Aldsworth Crescent
39 Carmel CrescentW411222539 Carmel Crescent
110 Holladay DriveN4113079110 Holladay Drive
6 Minos CrescentE41126906 Minos Crescent
12655 Weston RoadN411288812655 Weston Road
125 Park Place DriveN4112733125 Park Place Drive
25 Temple AvenueN411370425 Temple Avenue
84 Peninsula CrescentN411269684 Peninsula Crescent
26 Couples GalleryN411282326 Couples Gallery
192 Penny LaneX4112477192 Penny Lane
37 Chevrolet DriveW411343637 Chevrolet Drive
222 Rutherford RoadW4113566222 Rutherford Road
6208 Prairie CircleW41129776208 Prairie Circle
244 Brisdale DriveW4112988244 Brisdale Drive
857 Dovercourt RoadW4112194857 Dovercourt Road
39 Retreat BoulevardN411301839 Retreat Boulevard
39 Lormel GateW411236039 Lormel Gate
49 Earlscourt AvenueW411230449 Earlscourt Avenue
2315 Pyramid CrescentW41122662315 Pyramid Crescent
71 Streetillwater CrescentC411216471 Streetillwater Crescent
8 Arch RoadW41124098 Arch Road
311 Street Johns RoadW4112954311 Street Johns Road
6049 Osprey BoulevardW41135286049 Osprey Boulevard
14 Matane CourtW411348914 Matane Court
90 Taylorwood AvenueW411369790 Taylorwood Avenue
10 Charlemagne DriveC411214710 Charlemagne Drive
7086 Terraceagar BoulevardW41132087086 Terraceagar Boulevard
73 Denarius CrescentN411255073 Denarius Crescent
135 Orleans DriveE4113571135 Orleans Drive
4224 W Bloor StreetW41133294224 W Bloor Street
25 Turtlecreek BoulevardW411290225 Turtlecreek Boulevard
13 Bushfield CrescentW411315913 Bushfield Crescent
19 Tampa TerraceW411248819 Tampa Terrace
5365 Hollypoint AvenueW41130175365 Hollypoint Avenue
22 Bent Terraceee CourtW411314122 Bent Terraceee Court
2612 Cavendish DriveW41131502612 Cavendish Drive
50 Gold Hill RoadW411368650 Gold Hill Road
1 Hodge LaneE41121131 Hodge Lane
142 Vera Lynn CrescentN4113590142 Vera Lynn Crescent
520 Main StreetW4113065520 Main Street
26 Streetoney Creek DriveE411250426 Streetoney Creek Drive
3 Weedon CourtN41130143 Weedon Court
2544 Kentucky Derby WayE41123862544 Kentucky Derby Way
122 Northern Dancer DriveE4113663122 Northern Dancer Drive
5628 Brenchley AvenueW41125605628 Brenchley Avenue
96 Alex Campbell CrescentN411233396 Alex Campbell Crescent
Lot 57A Morningside DriveW4112732Lot 57A Morningside Drive
35 Jarrow CrescentE411250935 Jarrow Crescent
33 Hiscock BoulevardE411238533 Hiscock Boulevard
Blk 117 Unit 5P120M 1173W4113509Blk 117 Unit 5P120M 1173
3201 Etude DriveW41125063201 Etude Drive
Blk 503 Place 20M1160W4113409Blk 503 Place 20M1160
2623 Kingsberry CrescentW41128142623 Kingsberry Crescent
20 William Hancox AvenueE411337020 William Hancox Avenue
2500 Bandsman CrescentE41137752500 Bandsman Crescent
30 Sundew LaneN411367830 Sundew Lane
26 Gooderham DriveE411304926 Gooderham Drive
46 Westchester BoulevardW411315246 Westchester Boulevard
44 Cozens DriveN411219844 Cozens Drive
750 Colter StreetN4113240750 Colter Street
2420 Equestrian CrescentE41131262420 Equestrian Crescent
1118 Windbrook GroveW41135751118 Windbrook Grove
1736 Arborwood DriveE41136091736 Arborwood Drive
410 Switchgrass StreetW4112184410 Switchgrass Street
7 London Pride DriveN41126487 London Pride Drive
3408 Forrestdale CircleW41126183408 Forrestdale Circle
41 Rice DriveE411311041 Rice Drive
409 Street Augustine DriveW4113352409 Street Augustine Drive
424 Barber DriveW4112615424 Barber Drive
14829 Centreville Creek RoadW411348314829 Centreville Creek Road
930 Greenwood AvenueE4112191930 Greenwood Avenue
409 Pepper DriveW4113533409 Pepper Drive
121 Wilfred Murison AvenueN4112929121 Wilfred Murison Avenue
22 Forest Valley RoadN411344622 Forest Valley Road
120 Kitchener RoadE4113811120 Kitchener Road
3 Northcliffe StreetW41130703 Northcliffe Street
50 Limeridge StreetN411283950 Limeridge Street
45 Sunway SquareN411383245 Sunway Square
80 Crocus DriveE411310280 Crocus Drive
792 Castlemore AvenueN4113801792 Castlemore Avenue
3445 Garrard RoadE41138433445 Garrard Road
2024 Hunking DriveE41124642024 Hunking Drive
2006 Arborwood DriveE41130512006 Arborwood Drive
7 Mainard CrescentW41122027 Mainard Crescent
965 Coldstream DriveE4112342965 Coldstream Drive
1685 Clearbrook DriveE41123051685 Clearbrook Drive
129 Verobeach BoulevardW4113742129 Verobeach Boulevard
30 Bernadine StreetE411253530 Bernadine Street
59 Cornell Park AvenueN411341759 Cornell Park Avenue
196 Etheridge AvenueW4113512196 Etheridge Avenue
150 Keystar CourtN4112775150 Keystar Court
1257 Terraceedmore DriveW41131211257 Terraceedmore Drive
23 Inchcliffe CrescentW411300723 Inchcliffe Crescent
83 Waterville WayW411266883 Waterville Way
485 Davos RoadN4112860485 Davos Road
3463 Spruce AvenueW41132713463 Spruce Avenue
18 Tottenham CourtN411270218 Tottenham Court
3762 Althorpe CircleW41132193762 Althorpe Circle
2412 Orchard RoadW41128352412 Orchard Road
1092 Bridlewood TerraceW41130001092 Bridlewood Terrace
43 Camino DriveN411362743 Camino Drive
3250 Rhonda Valley ValyW41135163250 Rhonda Valley Valy
22 Larchmount AvenueE411308722 Larchmount Avenue
810 Envoy DriveW4113378810 Envoy Drive
1 Samuel CrescentW41131141 Samuel Crescent
400 Riverstone DriveW4113032400 Riverstone Drive
104 Cleta DriveE4112327104 Cleta Drive
4 Hadden RoadN41122134 Hadden Road
8 Duncan RoadN41133688 Duncan Road
114 Downey DriveE4112529114 Downey Drive
2 Wheelwright CrescentW41127162 Wheelwright Crescent
30 Thistle AvenueN411341430 Thistle Avenue
2002 Vandorf SideroadN41121592002 Vandorf Sideroad
96 Gates AvenueE411262096 Gates Avenue
175 Romain CrescentW4112531175 Romain Crescent
974 Wildwood DriveN4112536974 Wildwood Drive
1288 Forest HillW41128591288 Forest Hill
19 Whitepoppy DriveW411321619 Whitepoppy Drive
85 Marita PlaceN411280385 Marita Place
279 Farley DriveX4113165279 Farley Drive
193 Aberdeen AvenueN4112915193 Aberdeen Avenue
178 Moores Beach RoadN4112398178 Moores Beach Road
34 Blue Anchor TerraceE411279634 Blue Anchor Terrace
204 Monte Carlo DriveN4112663204 Monte Carlo Drive
1040 Ashley PlaceN41136011040 Ashley Place
4436 Concession 7 Line BradfordN41121704436 Concession 7 Line Bradford
43 Joshua BoulevardE411226443 Joshua Boulevard
70 Shendale DriveW411237870 Shendale Drive
59 Terraceailsbrook TerraceN411383059 Terraceailsbrook Terrace
654 E Hillsdale AvenueC4113477654 E Hillsdale Avenue
252 Hoover Park DriveN4113094252 Hoover Park Drive
59 Mckinnon AvenueW411257059 Mckinnon Avenue
2983 Gulfstream WayW41135952983 Gulfstream Way
93 Millard AvenueN411355593 Millard Avenue
100 Mahogany Forest DriveN4113652100 Mahogany Forest Drive
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