Listings for June 22 2018

Listings in the GTA for June 22 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
481 Winston RoadW4170292481 Winston Road
41 Yates AvenueN417029341 Yates Avenue
90 Hillcrest AvenueC417026890 Hillcrest Avenue
195 Humbervale BoulevardW4170102195 Humbervale Boulevard
14407 Kennedy RoadW417017114407 Kennedy Road
1419 Bayshire DriveW41701991419 Bayshire Drive
452 S Paliser CrescentN4170122452 S Paliser Crescent
17520 Keele StreetN417020517520 Keele Street
72 Fred Varley DriveN417022172 Fred Varley Drive
16 Headford AvenueN417012116 Headford Avenue
89 Bobmar RoadE417015189 Bobmar Road
12 Broadleaf RoadC417009912 Broadleaf Road
158 Westside DriveW4170009158 Westside Drive
903 Canyon StreetW4170001903 Canyon Street
6868 Campbell Settler CourtW41698356868 Campbell Settler Court
3341 Liptay AvenueW41698693341 Liptay Avenue
1820 Chesbro CourtW41699301820 Chesbro Court
2543 Argyle RoadW41697482543 Argyle Road
3177 Gladish GroveW41697363177 Gladish Grove
459 Candler RoadW4169725459 Candler Road
17 Marjorie DriveN417001117 Marjorie Drive
7 Canyon Hill AvenueN41700237 Canyon Hill Avenue
34 Lavender Valley RoadN416979034 Lavender Valley Road
69 Emmeloord CrescentN416978669 Emmeloord Crescent
103 Streetemmle DriveN4169715103 Streetemmle Drive
21 Wilfred AvenueC416979921 Wilfred Avenue
24 Donna CourtC416976424 Donna Court
49 Yonge BoulevardC416994849 Yonge Boulevard
205 Wedgewood DriveC4169686205 Wedgewood Drive
17 Four Oaks GateE416945017 Four Oaks Gate
2122 Law Hill GateW41693412122 Law Hill Gate
1 Colwood RoadW41694261 Colwood Road
89 Brule GardensW416911489 Brule Gardens
91 Bideford AvenueC416935991 Bideford Avenue
26 Royal Birkdale LaneN416936826 Royal Birkdale Lane
Lot 16 Limerick Streetreet StreetN4169344Lot 16 Limerick Streetreet Street
472 Copeland CourtW4169076472 Copeland Court
25 Whitewood RoadC416919525 Whitewood Road
184 Gamble AvenueE4169187184 Gamble Avenue
41 Terraceainor CourtN416955941 Terraceainor Court
82 Gordon Randle DriveW416939682 Gordon Randle Drive
84 Chudleigh AvenueC416959884 Chudleigh Avenue
285 Street Clements AvenueC4169385285 Street Clements Avenue
15 Lund StreetN416933515 Lund Street
136 Ellis AvenueN4169129136 Ellis Avenue
127 Ward AvenueN4169283127 Ward Avenue
10 Hearthstone CrescentN416918110 Hearthstone Crescent
277 Selwyn RoadN4169518277 Selwyn Road
1530 Pinetree CrescentW41692361530 Pinetree Crescent
229 Empress AvenueC4169549229 Empress Avenue
139 Dunington DriveE4169288139 Dunington Drive
5 Poco StreetW41690775 Poco Street
175 W Heath StreetC4169152175 W Heath Street
121 Paliser CourtW4169209121 Paliser Court
350 The KingswayW4169160350 The Kingsway
22 Foot Hills RoadN416921322 Foot Hills Road
34 Highview CrescentC416920434 Highview Crescent
49 Green Ash CrescentN416928549 Green Ash Crescent
52 Loring CrescentN416940652 Loring Crescent
35 Helena GardensN416939135 Helena Gardens
169 Belsize DriveC4169068169 Belsize Drive
1670 Carolyn RoadW41690091670 Carolyn Road
525 Hancock WayW4169017525 Hancock Way
521 Browns LineW4168966521 Browns Line
53 Yorkdale CrescentW416895753 Yorkdale Crescent
2181 Heathcliff CourtW41688892181 Heathcliff Court
88 Hubner AvenueN416902988 Hubner Avenue
20 Chaiwood CourtN416903020 Chaiwood Court
10 Grants PlaceN416887510 Grants Place
33 Capner CourtN415418133 Capner Court
34 Glencairn AvenueC416897734 Glencairn Avenue
40 Tobruk CrescentC416904340 Tobruk Crescent
25 Birkbank DriveW416882825 Birkbank Drive
101 Munro BoulevardC4168830101 Munro Boulevard
34 Barbara PlaceW416883534 Barbara Place
47 Berkeley CourtN416883147 Berkeley Court
98 White Lotus CircleN416881698 White Lotus Circle
275 Wales CrescentW4168778275 Wales Crescent
23 Abbs StreetW416872623 Abbs Street
16 Berkshire CrescentN416876916 Berkshire Crescent
19 Farnham DriveN416876719 Farnham Drive
15 Brushwood CourtC416876615 Brushwood Court
24 Macpherson AvenueC416875524 Macpherson Avenue
6 Burkston PlaceW41686276 Burkston Place
56 Mississaga StreetW416862056 Mississaga Street
22 Torrey Pines RoadN416862522 Torrey Pines Road
169 Wallenberg DriveN4168647169 Wallenberg Drive
17 Clarendon DriveN416867117 Clarendon Drive
87 Garnier CourtC416871187 Garnier Court
1746 The LoftW41683131746 The Loft
1321 South Aldo DriveW41683371321 South Aldo Drive
3347 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41682023347 Meadow Marsh Crescent
2 Turnberry CrescentN41684672 Turnberry Crescent
233 Timber Creek BoulevardN4168304233 Timber Creek Boulevard
122 Degraaf CrescentN4168208122 Degraaf Crescent
11 Eaton AvenueE416849211 Eaton Avenue
253 Beech AvenueE4168534253 Beech Avenue
13 W Roxborough StreetC416842713 W Roxborough Street
18 Cuthbert CrescentC416842618 Cuthbert Crescent
84 Citation DriveC416844984 Citation Drive
233 Inglewood DriveC4168526233 Inglewood Drive
51 Shallmar BoulevardC416840251 Shallmar Boulevard
464 E King StreetC4168359464 E King Street
150 Albertus AvenueC4168267150 Albertus Avenue
386 Ellerslie AvenueC4168259386 Ellerslie Avenue
1520 Edencrest DriveW41681461520 Edencrest Drive
43 Elbern Markell DriveW416801043 Elbern Markell Drive
15139 Rockside RoadW416777515139 Rockside Road
4045 Old School RoadW41677574045 Old School Road
458 Coventry Hill TerraceN4168134458 Coventry Hill Terrace
21 Zeng Cheng DriveN416773621 Zeng Cheng Drive
250 Warren RoadN4168004250 Warren Road
27 Lunau LaneN416784927 Lunau Lane
36 Ferrier AvenueE416773036 Ferrier Avenue
103 Kildonan DriveE4167740103 Kildonan Drive
301 Dudley AvenueC4168060301 Dudley Avenue
496 Fairlawn AvenueC4167779496 Fairlawn Avenue
52 Tottenham RoadC416802852 Tottenham Road
29 Acton AvenueC416773829 Acton Avenue
15 Gregory AvenueC416783615 Gregory Avenue
111 Hazelton AvenueC4167657111 Hazelton Avenue
104 Wells StreetC4167690104 Wells Street
196 Poyntz AvenueC4167701196 Poyntz Avenue
179 Maxome AvenueC4167785179 Maxome Avenue
23 Mcglashan CourtC416791423 Mcglashan Court
52 Fairchild AvenueC416783552 Fairchild Avenue
11 Wiarton CourtN416750011 Wiarton Court
596 Grand Terraceunk AvenueN4167557596 Grand Terraceunk Avenue
119 Streetafford RoadC4167648119 Streetafford Road
395 Elm RoadC4167514395 Elm Road
228 Niagara StreetC4167444228 Niagara Street
28 Broadleaf RoadC416742728 Broadleaf Road
474 Millen RoadX4167376474 Millen Road
1392 Larchview TerraceW41673861392 Larchview Terrace
Lot 38 Snively StreetN4167422Lot 38 Snively Street
88 Brule TerraceN416734688 Brule Terrace
10 Doverwood CourtC416734510 Doverwood Court
100 Garden AvenueW4167239100 Garden Avenue
136 Indian Valley TerraceW4167309136 Indian Valley Terrace
287 Hidden TerraceC4167276287 Hidden Terrace
15 Vanderhoof AvenueC416723015 Vanderhoof Avenue
27 Shouldice CourtC416716227 Shouldice Court
36 Wendover RoadW416669936 Wendover Road
804 Indian RoadW4166691804 Indian Road
1 Lincoln Woods CourtW41663161 Lincoln Woods Court
146 Ridley BoulevardC4166405146 Ridley Boulevard
31 Cheritan AvenueC416626031 Cheritan Avenue
1356 Woodeden DriveW41663141356 Woodeden Drive
242 Armour BoulevardC4166905242 Armour Boulevard
411 Woburn AvenueC4166539411 Woburn Avenue
111 Street Leonards AvenueC4166201111 Street Leonards Avenue
64 Olsen DriveC416697064 Olsen Drive
19 East DriveN416615119 East Drive
1721 Blythe RoadW41663781721 Blythe Road
2B Pearson AvenueN41671672B Pearson Avenue
93 Beaconsfield AvenueC416714093 Beaconsfield Avenue
13207 Centreville Creek DriveW416717813207 Centreville Creek Drive
11 Garnet AvenueC416617211 Garnet Avenue
276 Dovercourt RoadC4166706276 Dovercourt Road
39 Sunnywood CrescentN416642439 Sunnywood Crescent
188 Parkview AvenueC4166532188 Parkview Avenue
26 Sir Henry CourtN416705926 Sir Henry Court
18 River Forest StreetN416716418 River Forest Street
19 Ottawa StreetC416635219 Ottawa Street
281 Dunforest AvenueC4166713281 Dunforest Avenue
15 Darlingbrook CrescentW416627615 Darlingbrook Crescent
223 Arichat RoadW4166791223 Arichat Road
64 Overton CrescentC416644664 Overton Crescent
221 Clendenan AvenueW4167009221 Clendenan Avenue
37 Havelock StreetC416678637 Havelock Street
134 Spalding RoadW4166501134 Spalding Road
209 Clinton StreetC4166406209 Clinton Street
304 Sutherland DriveC4166836304 Sutherland Drive
53 Aegis DriveN416657653 Aegis Drive
292 W Elgin Mills RoadN4166708292 W Elgin Mills Road
94 Street Germain AvenueC416617794 Street Germain Avenue
53 Larabee CrescentC416639453 Larabee Crescent
2392 Hertfordshire WayW41671852392 Hertfordshire Way
2 Hughson DriveN41667702 Hughson Drive
129 Meadowbank RoadW4166133129 Meadowbank Road
224 Woodmount AvenueE4166321224 Woodmount Avenue
253 Patricia AvenueC4166381253 Patricia Avenue
8 Heather RoadC41668028 Heather Road
32 Country Club DriveN416662832 Country Club Drive
15 Street Margarets DriveC416638615 Street Margarets Drive
183 Melrose AvenueC4166641183 Melrose Avenue
25 Wilfred AvenueC416616325 Wilfred Avenue
109 Braemar AvenueC4166977109 Braemar Avenue
24 Lakeshore DriveX416701824 Lakeshore Drive
38 Streetewart StreetW416681738 Streetewart Street
84 Peter StreetN416704484 Peter Street
2249 Pineneedle RowW41663992249 Pineneedle Row
102 Goulding AvenueC4166731102 Goulding Avenue
164 Glencairn AvenueC4166783164 Glencairn Avenue
15415 Clayhill RoadW416648715415 Clayhill Road
3538 Line 8 BradfordN41668043538 Line 8 Bradford
3352 Mistwell CrescentW41669453352 Mistwell Crescent
1402 Acton CrescentW41662941402 Acton Crescent
16 Page StreetC416669716 Page Street
339 Tower Hill RoadN4166229339 Tower Hill Road
31 Eyer DriveN416713531 Eyer Drive
31 Sagewood DriveC416626231 Sagewood Drive
138 Bay Thorn DriveN4166978138 Bay Thorn Drive
47 Edenbridge DriveN416651447 Edenbridge Drive
5 Richview CourtN41670205 Richview Court
43 Mason BoulevardC416707043 Mason Boulevard
6635 Carriage TerraceW41661606635 Carriage Terrace
19 Seabreeze AvenueN416652819 Seabreeze Avenue
289 Laurentian AvenueW4170316289 Laurentian Avenue
12 Mistysugar TerraceN417028212 Mistysugar Terrace
9 Bliss CourtN41702919 Bliss Court
2055 Pen StreetW41702862055 Pen Street
625 North Lake RoadN4170300625 North Lake Road
70 Wycombe StreetE417023170 Wycombe Street
74 Alpine CrescentN417029074 Alpine Crescent
1 London Placeane DriveN41702271 London Placeane Drive
89 Greylawn CrescentE417009889 Greylawn Crescent
274 Queensdale AvenueE4170201274 Queensdale Avenue
218 E Hillsdale AvenueC4170185218 E Hillsdale Avenue
1579 Woodeden DriveW41699231579 Woodeden Drive
7 Sapphire CrescentW41699247 Sapphire Crescent
2132 Grand Ravine DriveW41698672132 Grand Ravine Drive
5300 Cedar Springs RoadW41696455300 Cedar Springs Road
2 Links LaneW41696902 Links Lane
1624 Moongate CrescentW41697441624 Moongate Crescent
8025 First LineW41697938025 First Line
1428 Brentano BoulevardW41697651428 Brentano Boulevard
42 Bridewell CrescentN416990242 Bridewell Crescent
140 Willis DriveN4169963140 Willis Drive
28 Salt Creek AvenueN416986528 Salt Creek Avenue
49 Streetrawbridge Farm DriveN416995249 Streetrawbridge Farm Drive
65 Timber Valley AvenueN416999465 Timber Valley Avenue
15 Fleance DriveN416985215 Fleance Drive
80 Cheltenham AvenueN416982480 Cheltenham Avenue
20 Estrella CrescentN416971420 Estrella Crescent
338 Baker Hill BoulevardN4169785338 Baker Hill Boulevard
43 Birdsilver GardensE416982043 Birdsilver Gardens
31 Renwick RoadE417000331 Renwick Road
11995 Lakeridge Road RoadE416964411995 Lakeridge Road Road
61 Roe AvenueC416996761 Roe Avenue
26 Prunella CrescentN416917726 Prunella Crescent
568 Rebecca StreetW4169245568 Rebecca Street
17 Ovida AvenueW416926017 Ovida Avenue
45 Valleybrook CrescentW416940745 Valleybrook Crescent
6 Wingate PlaceC41694706 Wingate Place
586 Amherst CourtW4169418586 Amherst Court
18 Sinton CourtW416922318 Sinton Court
11 Bartley DriveW416911911 Bartley Drive
41 Maryport AvenueW416959241 Maryport Avenue
2 Dalmatian CrescentE41694622 Dalmatian Crescent
148 Bob Yuill DriveW4169405148 Bob Yuill Drive
13 Richmead RoadW416958513 Richmead Road
434 Westmount AvenueC4169190434 Westmount Avenue
57 Seiffer CrescentN416955057 Seiffer Crescent
3 Copperstone CrescentN41692483 Copperstone Crescent
507 Spring Gate BoulevardN4169234507 Spring Gate Boulevard
425 Gilpin DriveN4169536425 Gilpin Drive
32 Seabreeze AvenueN416905832 Seabreeze Avenue
266 Chouinard WayN4169467266 Chouinard Way
106 Neilson DriveW4169296106 Neilson Drive
28 Baldwin StreetE416957228 Baldwin Street
253 Glancaster RoadX4169386253 Glancaster Road
318 Buick BoulevardW4169214318 Buick Boulevard
566 North Park BoulevardW4169427566 North Park Boulevard
230 Rupert AvenueN4169276230 Rupert Avenue
479 Cummer AvenueC4169140479 Cummer Avenue
4651 Old Simcoe StreetE41690934651 Old Simcoe Street
7 Wellspring AvenueN41690997 Wellspring Avenue
46 Morra AvenueW416960446 Morra Avenue
1250 Heathfield CrescentW41693531250 Heathfield Crescent
10 Allister AvenueE416937210 Allister Avenue
15288 Chinguacousy RoadW416929315288 Chinguacousy Road
15 Old Cleeve CrescentW416898515 Old Cleeve Crescent
2116 Lumberman LaneW41689702116 Lumberman Lane
2221 Falling Green DriveW41689502221 Falling Green Drive
4 Goodsway TerraceW41689944 Goodsway Terrace
1127 Mayfair RoadW41689181127 Mayfair Road
34 Ford StreetW416890734 Ford Street
28 Danby StreetN416902428 Danby Street
60 Shadow Falls DriveN416904860 Shadow Falls Drive
10 Victoria Park AvenueE416897510 Victoria Park Avenue
17 Whitmore CourtE416889317 Whitmore Court
4 Timberlane CourtE41688794 Timberlane Court
27 Harrowsmith PlaceN416877527 Harrowsmith Place
77 Binscarth CrescentN416874777 Binscarth Crescent
9 Mugford CrescentW41687619 Mugford Crescent
390 Hartwell WayN4168768390 Hartwell Way
24 Ashgrove PlaceC416873224 Ashgrove Place
40 Frizzell AvenueE416881140 Frizzell Avenue
118 Martindale AvenueW4168679118 Martindale Avenue
426 Baggetta CrescentW4168605426 Baggetta Crescent
26 Cattrick StreetW416862326 Cattrick Street
431 Breckonwood RoadW4168653431 Breckonwood Road
2071 Granby DriveW41686442071 Granby Drive
1030 Kent AvenueW41686321030 Kent Avenue
85 Mcmichael AvenueN416869385 Mcmichael Avenue
193 Wigwoss DriveN4168673193 Wigwoss Drive
37 Routliffe LaneC416866937 Routliffe Lane
66 S Wellington StreetX416846466 S Wellington Street
49 Vaudeville DriveW416841249 Vaudeville Drive
43 Elysian Fields CircleW416825743 Elysian Fields Circle
196 Ellis AvenueW4168471196 Ellis Avenue
1071 Haig BoulevardW41683761071 Haig Boulevard
3942 Thomas Alton BoulevardW41682333942 Thomas Alton Boulevard
49 Wildwood RoadW416820349 Wildwood Road
118 Barletta DriveN4168564118 Barletta Drive
825 Poplar AvenueN4168505825 Poplar Avenue
769 College Manor DriveN4168459769 College Manor Drive
6 Horsedreamer LaneN41684906 Horsedreamer Lane
2101 Highway 7 RoadN41682602101 Highway 7 Road
30 Henry Bauer AvenueN416849630 Henry Bauer Avenue
81 Toynbee TerraceE416847581 Toynbee Terrace
243 Wolverleigh BoulevardE4168276243 Wolverleigh Boulevard
19 Lancefield AvenueE416827519 Lancefield Avenue
230 Donlea DriveC4168465230 Donlea Drive
566 Sherbourne StreetC4168223566 Sherbourne Street
11 Murphy CourtX416774511 Murphy Court
3550 Sanderling CrescentW41681473550 Sanderling Crescent
Lot 11 Avatar CrescentW4168176Lot 11 Avatar Crescent
3559 King StreetW41680863559 King Street
12 Mohan CourtW416797012 Mohan Court
53 Cornelius ParkwayW416797953 Cornelius Parkway
6867 Barrisdale DriveW41679616867 Barrisdale Drive
2948 Kingsway DriveW41677662948 Kingsway Drive
3 Cosway CourtW41679513 Cosway Court
25 Glenbrook AvenueW416769725 Glenbrook Avenue
504 Napa Valley AvenueN4168073504 Napa Valley Avenue
60 Wilson Drive BradfordN416812260 Wilson Drive Bradford
491 Mantle AvenueN4168152491 Mantle Avenue
106 Golden TerraceN4168180106 Golden Terrace
27 Elmsley DriveN416775527 Elmsley Drive
381 Feasby RoadN4167927381 Feasby Road
68 Soho CrescentN416779468 Soho Crescent
17 Smith DriveN416771617 Smith Drive
83 Dorman DriveN416770983 Dorman Drive
54 W Elgin Mills RoadN416795054 W Elgin Mills Road
235 Highglen AvenueN4167884235 Highglen Avenue
135 Oconnor CrescentN4138136135 Oconnor Crescent
33 Alvin Curling CrescentE416815633 Alvin Curling Crescent
25 Delbeatrice CrescentE416813525 Delbeatrice Crescent
117 Dunington DriveE4168003117 Dunington Drive
180 Broadview AvenueE4168115180 Broadview Avenue
7 S Brimley RoadE41679627 S Brimley Road
23 Boston AvenueE416776523 Boston Avenue
86 Coady AvenueE416766386 Coady Avenue
255 Grace StreetC4168120255 Grace Street
35 Mcnicoll AvenueC416783735 Mcnicoll Avenue
230 Balliol StreetC4167952230 Balliol Street
4790 Crystal Rose DriveW41676364790 Crystal Rose Drive
4084 Lorraine CrescentW41675234084 Lorraine Crescent
484 Terraceaviss DriveN4167442484 Terraceaviss Drive
14 Devonsleigh BoulevardN416755914 Devonsleigh Boulevard
28 Shalom Aleichem CourtN416755028 Shalom Aleichem Court
50 Street Joan Of Arc AvenueN416744950 Street Joan Of Arc Avenue
27 Oriah CourtN416750427 Oriah Court
22 Amroth AvenueE416753122 Amroth Avenue
601 Jane StreetW4167389601 Jane Street
63 Kentland CrescentC416737563 Kentland Crescent
2 Northbrook RoadE41543112 Northbrook Road
25 Abilene CourtN416723725 Abilene Court
3 Streetonebridge DriveN41673083 Streetonebridge Drive
505 Clifford Perry PlaceN4167307505 Clifford Perry Place
326 Soudan AvenueC4167310326 Soudan Avenue
405 Lauder AvenueC4167287405 Lauder Avenue
13868 Heart Lake RoadW416664313868 Heart Lake Road
7 Westbank CrescentW41661837 Westbank Crescent
1724 Medallion CourtW41661431724 Medallion Court
34 Ockwell Manor DriveE416633134 Ockwell Manor Drive
30 Relroy CourtE416702930 Relroy Court
1068B Shaw DriveW41668891068B Shaw Drive
45 Denvale RoadE416628345 Denvale Road
60 Thornbrook CourtN416631260 Thornbrook Court
19 Springwood CrescentN416645819 Springwood Crescent
4942 Aurora RoadN41668414942 Aurora Road
12 Blue Silo WayW416694112 Blue Silo Way
33 Greentree RoadN416695433 Greentree Road
863 Bethany CrescentW4166174863 Bethany Crescent
145 Shadow Falls DriveN4167194145 Shadow Falls Drive
1253 North Service RoadW41667921253 North Service Road
6 Prairie Creek CrescentW41671906 Prairie Creek Crescent
5530 Fleur De Lis CourtW41663875530 Fleur De Lis Court
3401 Driveummond RoadW41665193401 Driveummond Road
1573 Dufferin StreetW41663201573 Dufferin Street
22 Frater AvenueE416657322 Frater Avenue
37 Tierra AvenueN416623837 Tierra Avenue
3 Wood Thrush AvenueN41661933 Wood Thrush Avenue
23 Streeteppingstone TerraceE416612723 Streeteppingstone Terrace
25 First Nations TerraceN416670725 First Nations Terrace
69 Vine Cliff BoulevardN416722669 Vine Cliff Boulevard
53 Mynden WayN416708953 Mynden Way
95 Bonny Meadows DriveN416625195 Bonny Meadows Drive
75 Zippora DriveN416630975 Zippora Drive
20 Edmonton RoadC416644920 Edmonton Road
3569 10th Sideroad BradfordN41670613569 10th Sideroad Bradford
59 Southvale DriveN416650759 Southvale Drive
71 Forbes CrescentN416694671 Forbes Crescent
49 Wildwood RoadW416616549 Wildwood Road
118 Barnwood DriveN4167057118 Barnwood Drive
7 Ashland CrescentN41661057 Ashland Crescent
9 Arctic Grail RoadN41669979 Arctic Grail Road
36 Haverstock CrescentW416658436 Haverstock Crescent
60 Devonsleigh BoulevardN416668160 Devonsleigh Boulevard
6923 Gracefield DriveW41663266923 Gracefield Drive
5500 Coronation RoadE41669325500 Coronation Road
77 Mill StreetN416649477 Mill Street
3 Porter Creek HllwW41666133 Porter Creek Hllw
88 Woodbine AvenueE416654588 Woodbine Avenue
213 Queen Filomena AvenueN4166784213 Queen Filomena Avenue
174 W Langstaff RoadN4166134174 W Langstaff Road
3448 Marmac CrescentW41665953448 Marmac Crescent
179 Gilbert AvenueW4166354179 Gilbert Avenue
4821 Auckland AvenueW41668074821 Auckland Avenue
205 Ridgewood RoadE4166084205 Ridgewood Road
55 Winding LaneN416690155 Winding Lane
79 Apple Valley WayW416633079 Apple Valley Way
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