Top MLS Listings For April 13th

Top GTA listings as of the 13th April.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
1262 Mineola GardensW40953461262 Mineola Gardens
176 Donnelly DriveW4095564176 Donnelly Drive
11 Tollbar CourtN409461211 Tollbar Court
330 Woodmount AvenueE4094891330 Woodmount Avenue
38 Onaway RoadW409519938 Onaway Road
247 Dolphin CourtW4095356247 Dolphin Court
290 Fairlawn AvenueC4094527290 Fairlawn Avenue
1334 Avon CrescentW40945051334 Avon Crescent
180 Beatrice StreetC4094457180 Beatrice Street
1 Valencia CourtN40954731 Valencia Court
198 Old Forest Hill RoadC4094629198 Old Forest Hill Road
2393 Chilsworthy AvenueW40948862393 Chilsworthy Avenue
26 Cumberland DriveW409488026 Cumberland Drive
269 Dewhurst BoulevardE4095358269 Dewhurst Boulevard
333 Cleveland StreetC4095256333 Cleveland Street
81 Carnoustie CrescentN409577481 Carnoustie Crescent
2 Alvarado PlaceC40955562 Alvarado Place
4056 Bridlepath TerraceW40951134056 Bridlepath Terrace
2 Le May RoadC40944382 Le May Road
3 Ireland CourtW40945853 Ireland Court
1278 Craigleith RoadW40947611278 Craigleith Road
22 Thornhill AvenueW409497422 Thornhill Avenue
3286 Weatherford RoadW40949613286 Weatherford Road
519 Street Clements AvenueC4094899519 Street Clements Avenue
30 Glenarden CrescentN409502430 Glenarden Crescent
20 Blackbird CrescentN409481720 Blackbird Crescent
64 Streetave CrescentN409568164 Streetave Crescent
13 Buggey LaneE409439813 Buggey Lane
461 Port Royal TerraceE4095246461 Port Royal Terrace
16 Mahogany Forest DriveN409477116 Mahogany Forest Drive
387 Allen CourtN4094663387 Allen Court
67 Windyton AvenueN409495367 Windyton Avenue
12 Barrington CrescentN409511912 Barrington Crescent
92 Timber Valley AvenueN409497292 Timber Valley Avenue
17 Thorncrest DriveN409460517 Thorncrest Drive
105 Kings Summit RoadN4094812105 Kings Summit Road
15 Coral Cove CourtN409532015 Coral Cove Court
12 Birdsall CourtW409522512 Birdsall Court
3 Streetellar AvenueW40945983 Streetellar Avenue
6 Kentbridge WayN40943956 Kentbridge Way
4573 Credit Pointe DriveW40956314573 Credit Pointe Drive
4573 Credit Pointe DriveW40954944573 Credit Pointe Drive
2586 Ambercroft TerraceW40957152586 Ambercroft Terrace
108 Poplar Heights DriveW4095661108 Poplar Heights Drive
134 Ledbury StreetC4094951134 Ledbury Street
2 Lower Thames DriveW40948672 Lower Thames Drive
225 Carmichael AvenueC4094490225 Carmichael Avenue
11 Eltesoro StreetW409480411 Eltesoro Street
3 Thurloe AvenueC40945463 Thurloe Avenue
55 Lonsdale RoadC409472055 Lonsdale Road
6261 Regional Road 57 RoadE40950756261 Regional Road 57 Road
15877 Woodbine AvenueN409526415877 Woodbine Avenue
34 Wayside AvenueN409536734 Wayside Avenue
35 Nipigon AvenueC409552535 Nipigon Avenue
79 Highland Park BoulevardN409556279 Highland Park Boulevard
20 Chant CrescentN409543920 Chant Crescent
71 Croteau CrescentN409545371 Croteau Crescent
198 Brooke AvenueC4095788198 Brooke Avenue
36 Desert View CrescentN409515136 Desert View Crescent
15914 Heart Lake RoadW409441115914 Heart Lake Road
850 Atwater AvenueW4095782850 Atwater Avenue
3541 Streetouffville RoadN40948163541 Streetouffville Road
2481 Terraceevor DriveW40952482481 Terraceevor Drive
4642 Harbottle RoadW40951634642 Harbottle Road
261 Easts Corners BoulevardN4094655261 Easts Corners Boulevard
61 Langdon DriveN409461361 Langdon Drive
3223 Tacc DriveW40946623223 Tacc Drive
57 Astley AvenueC409477357 Astley Avenue
107 Kenilworth AvenueE4095232107 Kenilworth Avenue
2202 Erin Centre BoulevardW40954852202 Erin Centre Boulevard
7 Maurier BoulevardN40955197 Maurier Boulevard
209 Matthew DriveN4095139209 Matthew Drive
104 Wimbleton RoadW4094688104 Wimbleton Road
2829 Cartwright CrescentW40947372829 Cartwright Crescent
357 Sandford RoadN4095406357 Sandford Road
60 Golden Orchard RoadN409581360 Golden Orchard Road
25 Streetock AvenueW409580225 Streetock Avenue
14 Emerald Heights DriveN409547814 Emerald Heights Drive
462 Jeanette DriveW4094675462 Jeanette Drive
141 Cranbrook CrescentN4095767141 Cranbrook Crescent
98 Remington DriveN409564798 Remington Drive
94 Worthing AvenueN409513294 Worthing Avenue
95 E Townline RoadE409546095 E Townline Road
222 Roslin AvenueC4095341222 Roslin Avenue
121 Colonel Wayling BoulevardN4095193121 Colonel Wayling Boulevard
36 Lloyd CrescentW409501936 Lloyd Crescent
2447 Bon Echo DriveW40947322447 Bon Echo Drive
350 Robert Parkinson DriveW4094928350 Robert Parkinson Drive
181 Royal Orchard BoulevardN4094529181 Royal Orchard Boulevard
10 Frobisher StreetN409577810 Frobisher Street
51 Sunnypoint CrescentE409520851 Sunnypoint Crescent
170 N Church StreetN4095566170 N Church Street
9 Golden Orchard RoadN40782559 Golden Orchard Road
3166 Horton WayW40954673166 Horton Way
1291 Jezero CrescentW40945371291 Jezero Crescent
3032 Preserve DriveW40949223032 Preserve Drive
108 Coons RoadN4095428108 Coons Road
99 Parkway AvenueN409579099 Parkway Avenue
90 Upper Rouge TerraceE409508090 Upper Rouge Terrace
28 Main StreetW409524028 Main Street
2 Links LaneW40948712 Links Lane
81 Ballantrae RoadN409497081 Ballantrae Road
2 Lonsdale CourtN40956492 Lonsdale Court
28 Brass DriveN409514728 Brass Drive
36 Finland DriveN409569636 Finland Drive
184 Spadina RoadC4094797184 Spadina Road
2096 Seabrook DriveW40948432096 Seabrook Drive
82 Couples GalleryN409456282 Couples Gallery
54 Mcdermott TerraceN409485654 Mcdermott Terrace
1299 Devon RoadW40957691299 Devon Road
35 Madison AvenueN409575135 Madison Avenue
20 Taro CourtN409535120 Taro Court
2391 Briargrove CircleW40953632391 Briargrove Circle
1400 Greendale TerraceW40951431400 Greendale Terrace
168 Cambridge CourtN4095332168 Cambridge Court
123 Allenvale DriveN4094723123 Allenvale Drive
62 Ardill CrescentN409482462 Ardill Crescent
1105 W Sixth LineW40953451105 W Sixth Line
124 Whittington PlaceW4095561124 Whittington Place
1351 Greeneagle DriveW40945891351 Greeneagle Drive
189 Wychwood AvenueC4094628189 Wychwood Avenue
60 Mill StreetW409500160 Mill Street
704 Santa Maria BoulevardW4095128704 Santa Maria Boulevard
277 Ten Oaks BoulevardN4095209277 Ten Oaks Boulevard
7433 Old Homestead RoadN40944897433 Old Homestead Road
67 Futura AvenueN409493367 Futura Avenue
5431 Quartermain CrescentW40956505431 Quartermain Crescent
62 Leicester RoadN409577162 Leicester Road
5431 Quartermain CrescentW40956395431 Quartermain Crescent
1899 Folkway DriveW40944911899 Folkway Drive
11 Bickerton CrescentC409492411 Bickerton Crescent
19 Elmsley DriveN409482919 Elmsley Drive
180 Blythwood RoadC4094851180 Blythwood Road
104 Glad Park AvenueN4095290104 Glad Park Avenue
2114 Deer Park RoadW40950182114 Deer Park Road
101 Golden AvenueN4095301101 Golden Avenue
246 Mactier DriveN4094793246 Mactier Drive
153 Willowbrook RoadN4094746153 Willowbrook Road
343 Fairway GardensN4094415343 Fairway Gardens
4201 Green RoadE40945084201 Green Road
75 Burgundy TerraceN409518475 Burgundy Terrace
5929 Long Valley RoadW40955265929 Long Valley Road
6 Adelia PlaceN40949056 Adelia Place
389 Tareyton RoadN4094495389 Tareyton Road
357 Waterside CrescentN4094776357 Waterside Crescent
370 Hinton TerraceW4095216370 Hinton Terrace
608 Conacher DriveC4095749608 Conacher Drive
4381 Lakeshore RoadE40944874381 Lakeshore Road
308 Buick BoulevardW4095154308 Buick Boulevard
312 Buick BoulevardW4095146312 Buick Boulevard
310 Buick BoulevardW4095138310 Buick Boulevard
106 Warren RoadC4095282106 Warren Road
24 Kestell LaneC409455924 Kestell Lane
20 Warlock CrescentC409575020 Warlock Crescent
8 Dennis DriveN40955098 Dennis Drive
761 Clarence StreetN4095400761 Clarence Street
42 Acqua DriveN409503142 Acqua Drive
41 Marco Sgotto BoulevardN409525441 Marco Sgotto Boulevard
1 John Carroll DriveW40957231 John Carroll Drive
16 Eastview CrescentC409537516 Eastview Crescent
125 Dunrobin CrescentN4094666125 Dunrobin Crescent
592 Mactier DriveN4095386592 Mactier Drive
129 Sky Harbour DriveW4093926129 Sky Harbour Drive
4619 Cornerstone DriveW40941414619 Cornerstone Drive
298 Mineola RoadW4094075298 Mineola Road
34 Alcina AvenueC409334934 Alcina Avenue
3 Wintam PlaceN40943213 Wintam Place
32A Roosevelt DriveN409361632A Roosevelt Drive
1380 Windrush DriveW40939341380 Windrush Drive
106 Naughton DriveN4093636106 Naughton Drive
55 Mendel CrescentN409296155 Mendel Crescent
347 Cortleigh BoulevardC4093745347 Cortleigh Boulevard
93 Oak AvenueN409306993 Oak Avenue
21351 Mueller LaneE409365921351 Mueller Lane
12032 Tenth LineN409422012032 Tenth Line
153 Streetanley AvenueW4093461153 Streetanley Avenue
196 Glenwood CrescentE4093058196 Glenwood Crescent
2 Courtsfield CrescentW40934762 Courtsfield Crescent
396 Freeman CrescentW4093355396 Freeman Crescent
2120 Laurelwood DriveW40936262120 Laurelwood Drive
411 Ontario StreetC4092950411 Ontario Street
401 W Lakeshore RoadW4094213401 W Lakeshore Road
391 Wenlock AvenueN4093888391 Wenlock Avenue
35 Camlaren CrescentN409301835 Camlaren Crescent
32 Irvine RoadE409435532 Irvine Road
485 Brookdale AvenueC4093916485 Brookdale Avenue
6 S Colton CrescentN40932306 S Colton Crescent
319 Melrose AvenueC4094012319 Melrose Avenue
28 Bayview Park LaneN409431328 Bayview Park Lane
28 Bolsby CourtN409430128 Bolsby Court
168 Melrose AvenueC4092927168 Melrose Avenue
7 Knollview CrescentC40932237 Knollview Crescent
12 Severin StreetW409295712 Severin Street
1901 Deers WoldW40940301901 Deers Wold
15 Manor Forest RoadN409324115 Manor Forest Road
38 Arband AvenueN409323738 Arband Avenue
109 Botfield AvenueW4093023109 Botfield Avenue
23 Maple Forest DriveN409356823 Maple Forest Drive
290 Roncesvalles AvenueW4093555290 Roncesvalles Avenue
56 Yorkleigh AvenueW409339956 Yorkleigh Avenue
201 Grandvista CrescentN4093187201 Grandvista Crescent
707 Windermere AvenueW4093129707 Windermere Avenue
14 Martinview CourtW409295814 Martinview Court
70 Horsedreamer LaneN409383870 Horsedreamer Lane
17 Bansbury CircleW409295317 Bansbury Circle
21 Golfcrest RoadW409317021 Golfcrest Road
490 Anthony DriveW4093078490 Anthony Drive
30 Corwin CrescentC409326630 Corwin Crescent
409 Silverthorne CrescentW4094336409 Silverthorne Crescent
15436 Mount Wolfe RoadW409363215436 Mount Wolfe Road
52 Wentworth AvenueC409298852 Wentworth Avenue
96 West Deane Park DriveW409316796 West Deane Park Drive
1615 Portsmouth PlaceW40935501615 Portsmouth Place
43 Oriole ParkwayC409394143 Oriole Parkway
29 Payson AvenueN409375529 Payson Avenue
135 Luzon AvenueN4093236135 Luzon Avenue
40 Wellesbourne CrescentC409362040 Wellesbourne Crescent
2180 Harcourt CrescentW40940442180 Harcourt Crescent
10 Alcina AvenueC409326010 Alcina Avenue
18 Walmer RoadN409321018 Walmer Road
45 Marjory AvenueE409363845 Marjory Avenue
4650 Highway 7 Avenue 12N40941104650 Highway 7 Avenue 12
28 Rainbow CrescentE409339028 Rainbow Crescent
189 Oakridge DriveE4093013189 Oakridge Drive
189 Roslin AvenueC4094209189 Roslin Avenue
77 Hastings AvenueE409370777 Hastings Avenue
444 Mill StreetN4093529444 Mill Street
5276 Giacco CourtW40935005276 Giacco Court
4138 Ennisclare DriveW40936094138 Ennisclare Drive
14 Buttonfield RoadN409377714 Buttonfield Road
7A Pomander RoadN40930617A Pomander Road
93 Meltwater CrescentW409416393 Meltwater Crescent
33 Valleybrook CrescentW409370133 Valleybrook Crescent
1545 Wateska BoulevardW40939821545 Wateska Boulevard
3457 Regal RoadW40939913457 Regal Road
84 Whistling Hills DriveE409325284 Whistling Hills Drive
48 Smithwood DriveW409394848 Smithwood Drive
69 Phillip AvenueE409334469 Phillip Avenue
2800 S Thickson Road 2E40940872800 S Thickson Road 2
51 Kings College RoadN409366651 Kings College Road
191 Burton GroveN4093436191 Burton Grove
13333 Leslie StreetN409350813333 Leslie Street
41 Sim Hill CrescentN409402841 Sim Hill Crescent
18865 Kennedy RoadN409350318865 Kennedy Road
125 Kirk DriveN4093851125 Kirk Drive
839 Meadow Wood RoadW4094215839 Meadow Wood Road
188 Sawmill Valley DriveN4093816188 Sawmill Valley Drive
52 Cavehill CrescentE409388252 Cavehill Crescent
49 S Yonge BoulevardC409349149 S Yonge Boulevard
116 Willow Farm LaneN4093135116 Willow Farm Lane
27 Dunvegan DriveN409354727 Dunvegan Drive
120 S Marc Santi BoulevardN4093447120 S Marc Santi Boulevard
31 Possession CrescentW409364831 Possession Crescent
702 Glencairn AvenueC4093664702 Glencairn Avenue
2 Samson TerraceN40942962 Samson Terrace
160 Streetave CrescentN4093204160 Streetave Crescent
40 Elmartin DriveE409377840 Elmartin Drive
12 Maisonneuve BoulevardW409376012 Maisonneuve Boulevard
3250 Streetalybridge DriveW40938603250 Streetalybridge Drive
1532 Merrow RoadW40936981532 Merrow Road
15 Bellehaven CrescentE409417715 Bellehaven Crescent
251 Oak Park AvenueE4094188251 Oak Park Avenue
147 Church AvenueC4092913147 Church Avenue
83 Waterville WayW409335083 Waterville Way
1341 Crescenttdale RoadW40935121341 Crescenttdale Road
2652 W Fonthill DriveW40929812652 W Fonthill Drive
8685 Mansewood TerraceW40933578685 Mansewood Terrace
2169 Margot StreetW40937372169 Margot Street
11047 6th LineW409334311047 6th Line
427 Cummer AvenueC4093753427 Cummer Avenue
79 Glen Park AvenueC409357579 Glen Park Avenue
1365 Beauty Bush CourtW40940831365 Beauty Bush Court
131 Holmes AvenueC4093951131 Holmes Avenue
150 Arianna CrescentN4093186150 Arianna Crescent
5971 Greensboro DriveW40940935971 Greensboro Drive
2250 Canonridge CircleW40934962250 Canonridge Circle
1057 Enola AvenueW40930991057 Enola Avenue
122 Selgrove CrescentW4092920122 Selgrove Crescent
50 Hopperton DriveC409303150 Hopperton Drive
275 Country Glen RoadN4093222275 Country Glen Road
42 Brass DriveN409353442 Brass Drive
5571 River Grove AvenueW40943255571 River Grove Avenue
29 Brasswinds CourtN409319929 Brasswinds Court
20 Moonlight PlaceW409383120 Moonlight Place
2 Wainwright AvenueN40935252 Wainwright Avenue
135 Lawford RoadN4094340135 Lawford Road
95 Bonny Meadows DriveN409302795 Bonny Meadows Drive
76 Heintzman CrescentN409332276 Heintzman Crescent
131 Calvin Chambers RoadN4093364131 Calvin Chambers Road
21 Jackson StreetN409327021 Jackson Street
106 Casa Nova DriveN4094011106 Casa Nova Drive
3105 Millicent AvenueW40939493105 Millicent Avenue
21 Arkwright DriveW409306021 Arkwright Drive
54 Wild Cherry LaneN409304654 Wild Cherry Lane
10 Streetephensbrook CircleN409292510 Streetephensbrook Circle
184 Dorval DriveW4093577184 Dorval Drive
3365 Liptay AvenueW40935603365 Liptay Avenue
328 Michelle RowW4094047328 Michelle Row
241 Tweedsdale CrescentW4094342241 Tweedsdale Crescent
8 Geoffrey StreetW40930858 Geoffrey Street
12 Sedan CourtN409336012 Sedan Court
70 Fullerton CrescentN409343170 Fullerton Crescent
7284 Golden Meadow CourtW40937217284 Golden Meadow Court
38 Kane CrescentN409423238 Kane Crescent
5352 Street Johns SideroadN40938965352 Street Johns Sideroad
52 Norton AvenueC409315952 Norton Avenue
56 Norton AvenueC409321756 Norton Avenue
133 Macdonell AvenueW4093397133 Macdonell Avenue
208B Markham StreetC4093623208B Markham Street
2754 Donald Cousens ParkwayN40938242754 Donald Cousens Parkway
151 Boake TerraceN4092915151 Boake Terrace
4084 Spruce AvenueW40940564084 Spruce Avenue
14 Hedge RoadN409342414 Hedge Road
325 Ashbury RoadW4094240325 Ashbury Road
1483 Danforth AvenueE40939011483 Danforth Avenue
59 Elm Grove Avenue 5W409326459 Elm Grove Avenue 5
975 Fredonia DriveW4093848975 Fredonia Drive
1385 Fleetwood RoadW40934561385 Fleetwood Road
720 Aberdeen AvenueN4093019720 Aberdeen Avenue
17 Floresville CourtN409424117 Floresville Court
877 Surin CourtN4093606877 Surin Court
139 Isaiah DriveN4094101139 Isaiah Drive
12 Skelmore CrescentC409428212 Skelmore Crescent
14 Beckenham RoadW409341714 Beckenham Road
100 Wedgewood DriveC4093096100 Wedgewood Drive
130 Monterey RoadN4093551130 Monterey Road
25 Haddon StreetC409338525 Haddon Street
1208 Atkins DriveN40938651208 Atkins Drive
23 East DriveN409335423 East Drive
1 Nettles StreetN40943631 Nettles Street
169 Combe AvenueC4093836169 Combe Avenue
90 Fairfield DriveN409388790 Fairfield Drive
2028 E Dundas StreetE40932122028 E Dundas Street
53 Fallstar CrescentW409363953 Fallstar Crescent
8026 Mayfield RoadW40940988026 Mayfield Road
130 Goulding AvenueC4093690130 Goulding Avenue
554 Carlton RoadN4093713554 Carlton Road
77 Babcombe DriveN409182777 Babcombe Drive
28 Asner AvenueN409224528 Asner Avenue
1644 Glenburnie RoadW40927261644 Glenburnie Road
1805 Medallion CourtW40920981805 Medallion Court
1717 Waterdown RoadW40921741717 Waterdown Road
145 Chelwood DriveN4092111145 Chelwood Drive
207 Franklin AvenueC4091740207 Franklin Avenue
294 Newton DriveC4092859294 Newton Drive
42 Ruby Lang LaneW409269042 Ruby Lang Lane
80 Hatton Garden RoadN409181880 Hatton Garden Road
41 Couperthwaite CrescentN409221241 Couperthwaite Crescent
1839 Fellen PlaceW40923321839 Fellen Place
17 Four Oaks GateE409261217 Four Oaks Gate
525 Chieftan CircleW4092530525 Chieftan Circle
28 Topper CourtN409230428 Topper Court
10 Cedarcrest DriveW409249810 Cedarcrest Drive
1421 Bridgestone LaneW40918411421 Bridgestone Lane
23 Walnut CrescentW409243023 Walnut Crescent
42 Romney RoadC409216542 Romney Road
95 Palmerston AvenueC409170495 Palmerston Avenue
32 Rosedale Heights DriveN409193732 Rosedale Heights Drive
218 Old Forest Hill RoadC4092059218 Old Forest Hill Road
51 Pine Ridge DriveE409165951 Pine Ridge Drive
51 Hall StreetN409244351 Hall Street
57 Charity CrescentN409157257 Charity Crescent
8413 Eighth LineW40918138413 Eighth Line
89 Palmer CircleW409196989 Palmer Circle
24 Snellview BoulevardW409260224 Snellview Boulevard
21 Doctor Reynar RoadW409194321 Doctor Reynar Road
21 Neiltree CourtW409235821 Neiltree Court
59 Thirty First StreetW409260859 Thirty First Street
15 Streetormont TerraceN409283215 Streetormont Terrace
120 Brant StreetW4091861120 Brant Street
95 Twenty Seventh StreetW409226295 Twenty Seventh Street
40 Shetland CrescentN409277640 Shetland Crescent
67 Mavety StreetW409176367 Mavety Street
361 Winnett AvenueC4091757361 Winnett Avenue
333 Belsize DriveC4091878333 Belsize Drive
450 Cranbrooke AvenueC4091997450 Cranbrooke Avenue
4448 Jesse Thomson RoadN40923674448 Jesse Thomson Road
417 Glengarry AvenueC4091819417 Glengarry Avenue
2544 Claymore CrescentW40923202544 Claymore Crescent
15 Lockhart LaneN409241315 Lockhart Lane
310 Woodhaven CourtN4092458310 Woodhaven Court
97 Dagmar AvenueE409284797 Dagmar Avenue
251 Old Orchard GroveC4092136251 Old Orchard Grove
136 Sutherland DriveC4091614136 Sutherland Drive
1105 Saginaw CrescentW40928171105 Saginaw Crescent
18 Wilberton RoadC409266518 Wilberton Road
11 Johnswood CrescentN409195811 Johnswood Crescent
118 Hollywood AvenueC4092381118 Hollywood Avenue
187 Sharon Creek DriveN4092414187 Sharon Creek Drive
1 Hodge LaneE40916101 Hodge Lane
85 Sherwood GlN409175085 Sherwood Gl
133 Alamo Heights DriveN4092887133 Alamo Heights Drive
11 Gatcombe CircleN409264611 Gatcombe Circle
291 Brimson DriveN4092546291 Brimson Drive
27 Mclarty GateN409183527 Mclarty Gate
100 Oak AvenueN4092143100 Oak Avenue
88 Butternut Ridge TerraceN409271688 Butternut Ridge Terrace
246 W Langstaff RoadN4092683246 W Langstaff Road
45 Street Cuthberts RoadC409259745 Street Cuthberts Road
787 Biggar HeightsW4092818787 Biggar Heights
897 Baltimore AvenueW4092070897 Baltimore Avenue
14 Coastal TerraceN409246014 Coastal Terrace
207 Betty Ann DriveC4092524207 Betty Ann Drive
609 Millwood RoadC4091960609 Millwood Road
4236 Kane CrescentW40924764236 Kane Crescent
5235 Giacco CourtW40918105235 Giacco Court
761 Caboto TerraceN4092908761 Caboto Terrace
750 Colter StreetN4092202750 Colter Street
48 Cynthia Jean StreetN409218248 Cynthia Jean Street
31 Oakmoor LaneN409291031 Oakmoor Lane
636 Windermere AvenueW4092848636 Windermere Avenue
97 Spruce AvenueN409162697 Spruce Avenue
170 Golden Orchard RoadN4092912170 Golden Orchard Road
75 Arisaig DriveN409229275 Arisaig Drive
71 Wallington AvenueE409243671 Wallington Avenue
143 Longwater ChseN4092015143 Longwater Chse
66 Pathlane RoadN409192266 Pathlane Road
12 Streeteeplechase DriveX409187012 Streeteeplechase Drive
3 Fallowfield RoadW40919323 Fallowfield Road
497 Soudan AvenueC4092150497 Soudan Avenue
97 Jimston DriveN409201097 Jimston Drive
23 Nutmeg StreetN409194223 Nutmeg Street
25 Briardale PlaceN409180925 Briardale Place
12266 Kennedy RoadW409165212266 Kennedy Road
83 Glenheron CrescentN409269583 Glenheron Crescent
5 Skyline TerraceN40918005 Skyline Terrace
370 Berkeley StreetC4091774370 Berkeley Street
27 Esgore DriveC409193027 Esgore Drive
1312 Heathfield CrescentW40920381312 Heathfield Crescent
43 Sarah Ashbridge AvenueE409160943 Sarah Ashbridge Avenue
13798 Dixie RoadW409158413798 Dixie Road
80 North Ridge CrescentW409172280 North Ridge Crescent
716 W Richmond StreetC4092266716 W Richmond Street
4661 Ray LaneW40916204661 Ray Lane
2040 Wakely StreetW40916662040 Wakely Street
1358 Tansley DriveW40919081358 Tansley Drive
665 Vermouth AvenueW4091768665 Vermouth Avenue
20 Sir Pellias TerraceN409196320 Sir Pellias Terrace
70 Neighbourly LaneN409236570 Neighbourly Lane
30 Garthdale CourtC409257130 Garthdale Court
1357 Sheldon AvenueW40923191357 Sheldon Avenue
33 Muir DriveE409208733 Muir Drive
116 Fitzgerald AvenueN4092522116 Fitzgerald Avenue
948 Srigley StreetN4092352948 Srigley Street
333 Castlehill RoadN4092310333 Castlehill Road
18272 Durham Road 30 RoadN409180818272 Durham Road 30 Road
35 Beasley DriveN409209135 Beasley Drive
37 Ross Vennare CrescentN409285037 Ross Vennare Crescent
90 Pepperberry RoadN409166090 Pepperberry Road
10 Park Lane CircleN409251610 Park Lane Circle
132 Spring Gate BoulevardN4091786132 Spring Gate Boulevard
275 Baker Hill BoulevardN4092297275 Baker Hill Boulevard
208 Somerville PlaceW4091877208 Somerville Place
3316 Erin Centre BoulevardW40923233316 Erin Centre Boulevard
2244 Pine Glen RoadW40922412244 Pine Glen Road
39 Collinson BoulevardC409206639 Collinson Boulevard
161 Pinewood AvenueC4092774161 Pinewood Avenue
25 Ward StreetE409246425 Ward Street
3366 Vandorf SideroadN40917883366 Vandorf Sideroad
17203 Highway 48 RoadN409200617203 Highway 48 Road
13 Pellegrino RoadW409236213 Pellegrino Road
26 Monkman CourtN409289426 Monkman Court
534 Millwood RoadC4091629534 Millwood Road
5301 Hilton CourtW40927905301 Hilton Court
217 Fleming DriveW4092857217 Fleming Drive
39 Siena DriveN409284539 Siena Drive
60 Dale Crescent BradfordN409157460 Dale Crescent Bradford
88 Abbruzze CourtN409164088 Abbruzze Court
104 Southview DriveN4092906104 Southview Drive
451 Becker RoadN4092167451 Becker Road
1395 Tyneburn CrescentW40917001395 Tyneburn Crescent
58 Century Grove BoulevardN409169558 Century Grove Boulevard
39 Carolwood CrescentN409220939 Carolwood Crescent
7 Valley CrescentN40916277 Valley Crescent
21 Eastwood CrescentN409201121 Eastwood Crescent
15 York Ridge RoadC409260315 York Ridge Road
72 Poyntz AvenueC409191072 Poyntz Avenue
4821 Auckland AvenueW40916804821 Auckland Avenue
36 W Glengrove AvenueC409194936 W Glengrove Avenue
53 Bertmount AvenueE409162553 Bertmount Avenue
9 Parkview HeightsE40922069 Parkview Heights
216 W Street Clair AvenueC4091876216 W Street Clair Avenue
271 Grand Terraceunk AvenueN4092190271 Grand Terraceunk Avenue
8310 Islington AvenueN40923728310 Islington Avenue
1 Seabreeze AvenueN40916161 Seabreeze Avenue
29 Pinecrest StreetN409250529 Pinecrest Street
16 Championship Circle PlaceN409242416 Championship Circle Place
294 Soudan AvenueC4092378294 Soudan Avenue
78 Caroline AvenueE409176478 Caroline Avenue
24 Golden Meadow DriveN409285124 Golden Meadow Drive
276 Torrens AvenueE4092215276 Torrens Avenue
27 Alamosa DriveC409203127 Alamosa Drive
3704 E Street Clair AvenueE40919573704 E Street Clair Avenue
208 Indian RoadW4092890208 Indian Road
9 Leach GateN40927979 Leach Gate
5968 Olde Base Line RoadW40920615968 Olde Base Line Road
600 Broadway AvenueC4091970600 Broadway Avenue
5927 Pagosa Crt, MississaugaW40945805927 Pagosa Court
61 Celestine Dr, TorontoW409446661 Celestine Drive
441 Tonelli Lane, MiltonW4095741441 Tonelli Lane
238 Cedar Ave, Richmond HillN4095229238 Cedar Avenue
47 Ravenscliffe Crt, BramptonW409455047 Ravenscliffe Court
3260 Victoria St, OakvilleW40953553260 Victoria Street
2419 Whistling Springs CresW40957072419 Whistling Springs Crescent
11 Coneflower Cres, TorontoC409568411 Coneflower Crescent
65 Main St, MarkhamN409540165 Main Street
332 Dalgleish Gdns, MiltonW4095284332 Dalgleish Gardens
2262 Pindar Cres, OshawaE40945142262 Pindar Crescent
16 Nobert Rd, TorontoE409445116 Nobert Road
6 Mann St, ClaringtonE40947816 Mann Street
95 Erickson Dr, WhitbyE409500695 Erickson Drive
1 Largo Lane, TorontoE40946421 Largo Lane
30 Schurman St, AuroraN409518230 Schurman Street
833 Sparrow Rd, NewmarketN4095458833 Sparrow Road
52 Outer Banks Dr, MarkhamN409518352 Outer Banks Drive
28 Twistleton St, CaledonW409447728 Twistleton Street
22 Breadner Dr, TorontoW409455422 Breadner Drive
37 Chevrolet Dr, BramptonW409457337 Chevrolet Drive
21 Gallview Lane, BramptonW409463121 Gallview Lane
17 Armstrong Cres BradfordN409566217 Armstrong Crescent Bradford
1102 Bur Oak Ave, MarkhamN40956571102 Bur Oak Avenue
83 Schooner Dr, BramptonW409438583 Schooner Drive
11 Rosewood Crt, VaughanN409489611 Rosewood Court
3654 Jorie Cres, MississaugaW40944303654 Jorie Crescent
5522 Bollington DrW40947845522 Bollington Drive
63 Tamarack Dr, MarkhamN409478863 Tamarack Drive
33 Sibella Way, VaughanN409499633 Sibella Way
11 Troyer St, BramptonW409510611 Terraceoyer Street
2422 Cashmere Ave, MississaugaW40944402422 Cashmere Avenue
27 Kettlewell Cres, BramptonW409450427 Kettlewell Crescent
8 Eltham Dr, TorontoW40944888 Eltham Drive
18 Falling Rock Dr, BramptonW409528118 Falling Rock Drive
3360D Mccowan Rd, TorontoE40954463360D Mccowan Road
5 Tyre Ave 11, TorontoW40946715 Tyre Avenue 11
8 Burtonwood Cres, TorontoW40952748 Burtonwood Crescent
76 Guelph St, Halton HillsW409451176 Guelph Street
8 Taurus Rd, BramptonW40950178 Taurus Road
72 Madelaine Ave, TorontoE409446172 Madelaine Avenue
97 Maroon Dr, Richmond HillN409502997 Maroon Drive
6 Wellesley Pl 29, TorontoC40950716 Wellesley Place 29
10 Fiorentina Ave, VaughanN409477810 Fiorentina Avenue
74 N Don Minaker Dr, BramptonW409530374 N Don Minaker Drive
214 Cabin Trail CresN4095100214 Cabin Terraceail Crescent
35 Glen Muir Dr, TorontoE409527235 Glen Muir Drive
57 Duke St, ClaringtonE409526757 Duke Street
28 Heddon Crt, BramptonW409567428 Heddon Court
259 W Queen St, BramptonW4094999259 W Queen Street
44 Croxall Blvd, WhitbyE409502044 Croxall Boulevard
42 Belfountain Dr, WhitbyE409551642 Belfountain Drive
202 Grandravine Dr, TorontoW4095655202 Grandravine Drive
1035 Bob Scott Crt, NewmarketN40952051035 Bob Scott Court
25 Mannel Cres, BramptonW409552925 Mannel Crescent
28 Hollingshead Dr, AuroraN409449428 Hollingshead Drive
108 Ken Laushway AveN4094724108 Ken Laushway Avenue
27 Dopp Cres, WhitbyE409546327 Dopp Crescent
38 Terry Fox St, MarkhamN409462438 Terracey Fox Street
850 Atwater Ave, MississaugaW4095780850 Atwater Avenue
7144 Ridgeland CresW40955897144 Ridgeland Crescent
30 Sparks St, AuroraN409579530 Sparks Street
4784 Owl Circ, MississaugaW40945174784 Owl Circle
10 Caldwell Cres, BramptonW409463010 Caldwell Crescent
12 City Park Circ, VaughanN409563712 City Park Circle
47 Capreol Ave, AuroraN409440747 Capreol Avenue
24 Foxglove Crt, MarkhamN409439424 Foxglove Court
4638 Irena Ave, BurlingtonW40954184638 Irena Avenue
95 Ian Baron Ave, MarkhamN409439995 Ian Baron Avenue
85 Major William Sharpe DrW409549385 Major William Sharpe Drive
24 Ferncroft Pl, BramptonW409544924 Ferncroft Place
2176 Joyce St, BurlingtonW40944982176 Joyce Street
74 Collier Cres, MarkhamN409467874 Collier Crescent
33 Bud Leggett Cres, GeorginaN409578633 Bud Leggett Crescent
7 Cramond Crt, TorontoW40950477 Cramond Court
80 Milby Cres BradfordN409535480 Milby Crescent Bradford
1643 Coldstream Dr, OshawaE40947471643 Coldstream Drive
46 Stainton St, ClaringtonE409483946 Streetainton Street
2 Carl Cres, HamiltonX40946462 Carl Crescent
39 Paper Mills CresN409444939 Paper Mills Crescent
16 Kevinwood Dr, CaledonW409517616 Kevinwood Drive
2444 Capilano Cres, OakvilleW40949662444 Capilano Crescent
20 Decourcy Ireland Circ, AjaxE409530520 Decourcy Ireland Circle
9 Arctic Fox Cres, BramptonW40951149 Arctic Fox Crescent
707 Bradley Dr, WhitbyE4095127707 Bradley Drive
4 Dalecrest Rd, BramptonW40957754 Dalecrest Road
4 Concorde Dr, BramptonW40947034 Concorde Drive
129 Vintage Gate, BramptonW4095276129 Vintage Gate
131 Sundragon Tr BradfordN4095077131 Sundragon Terrace Bradford
16 Impulse Circ, BramptonW409546816 Impulse Circle
344 Shipway Ave, ClaringtonE4095592344 Shipway Avenue
28 Morgandale Rd, BramptonW409437828 Morgandale Road
207 Easts Corners BlvdN4094894207 Easts Corners Boulevard
1928 Keele St, TorontoW40950811928 Keele Street
246 Kensington Pl, OrangevilleW4095061246 Kensington Place
62 Pennington CresW409527862 Pennington Crescent
5 Rice Dr, WhitbyE40954545 Rice Drive
80 Elderbank Crt, BramptonW409465280 Elderbank Court
111 Springhurst Ave, TorontoW4095338111 Springhurst Avenue
5849 Evenstarr CrtW40950785849 Evenstarr Court
1760 Pickmere Crt, MississaugaW40956141760 Pickmere Court
31 Geddes Lane, BramptonW409446431 Geddes Lane
2578 Gill Cres, OakvilleW40954862578 Gill Crescent
365 Harvie Ave, TorontoW4095118365 Harvie Avenue
191 E Millstone Dr, BramptonW4094643191 E Millstone Drive
10 Goldie Ave, BramptonW409526810 Goldie Avenue
29 Mindy Cres, MarkhamN409567329 Mindy Crescent
2112 Clipper Cres, BurlingtonW40947952112 Clipper Crescent
40 Harper Hill Dr, AjaxE409478640 Harper Hill Drive
23 Stonebrook CresW409469623 Streetonebrook Crescent
760 Hepburn Rd, MiltonW4095318760 Hepburn Road
39 Senwood St, BramptonW409557139 Senwood Street
12100 Cartwright East 1 4 LineE409495912100 Cartwright East 1 4 Line
547 Clover Park Cres, MiltonW4094653547 Clover Park Crescent
1502 Banwell Rd, MississaugaW40952151502 Banwell Road
13187 Guelph Line, MiltonW409517313187 Guelph Line
37 Ballyhaise Cres, BramptonW409473537 Ballyhaise Crescent
621 Constellation DrW4095739621 Constellation Drive
150 S Prince Edward DrW4094940150 S Prince Edward Drive
9 Lauraglen Cres, BramptonW40953689 Lauraglen Crescent
2 Madrid St, TorontoE40949642 Madrid Street
3904 Foxwood Ave, MississaugaW40945283904 Foxwood Avenue
38 Serenity Lane, BramptonW409460638 Serenity Lane
656 Snider Terr, MiltonW4095030656 Snider Terrace
60 Daniels Cres, AjaxE409546160 Daniels Crescent
5531 Wilderness TrW40948545531 Wilderness Terrace
229 Village Wood Rd, OakvilleW4095441229 Village Wood Road
12156 Tenth LineN409530612156 Tenth Line
15 Matisse Tr, VaughanN409577215 Matisse Terrace
153 Elmhurst Dr, TorontoW4094875153 Elmhurst Drive
121 Kingsmount Park RdE4095111121 Kingsmount Park Road
98 Elise Terr, TorontoC409566498 Elise Terrace
174 Lauderdale Dr, VaughanN4094811174 Lauderdale Drive
10296 8th Line StW409456010296 8th Line Street
1969 Magee St, OshawaE40951291969 Magee Street
217 Lorne Ave, NewmarketN4094767217 Lorne Avenue
2675 Reid Rd, ClaringtonE40951052675 Reid Road
99 Blaine Crt, VaughanN409443699 Blaine Court
12 Gordon Ave, TorontoE409574412 Gordon Avenue
831A Oxford St, TorontoW4094431831A Oxford Street
4 Pikake Crt, VaughanN40948894 Pikake Court
252 Hoover Park DrN4094596252 Hoover Park Drive
42 Schell Ave, TorontoW409569142 Schell Avenue
6162 W Tenth Line, MississaugaW40957216162 W Tenth Line
825 Barbados St, OshawaE4094742825 Barbados Street
1060 Dream Crest RdW40955941060 Driveeam Crescentt Road
80 Macdonald Ave, TorontoW409496980 Macdonald Avenue
4 Montoya Gate, BramptonW40951624 Montoya Gate
12 W Kennedy St, AuroraN409444212 W Kennedy Street
38 Savarin St, TorontoE409533638 Savarin Street
664 Old Weston Rd, TorontoW4094998664 Old Weston Road
27 Glen Hill Dr, WhitbyE409529227 Glen Hill Drive
14A Hickory St, TorontoC409490414A Hickory Street
11 Brule Lakeway Dr, GeorginaN409529311 Brule Lakeway Drive
116 Ozner Cres, VaughanN4094521116 Ozner Crescent
34 Clearlake Ave, TorontoE409455534 Clearlake Avenue
29 Muir Dr, TorontoE409478329 Muir Drive
7337 Sandhurst Dr, MississaugaW40953337337 Sandhurst Drive
1 Sibella Way, VaughanN40951921 Sibella Way
129 Park Home Ave, TorontoC4095289129 Park Home Avenue
15 Denarius Dr, Richmond HillN409474015 Denarius Drive
171 Fallingbrook Rd, TorontoE4095518171 Fallingbrook Road
20 Premier Pl, BramptonW409521120 Premier Place
11 Platform Cres, BramptonW409453611 Placeatform Crescent
103 Royal Valley Dr, CaledonW4095159103 Royal Valley Drive
200 Olde Bayview AveN4095298200 Olde Bayview Avenue
818 Mcbride Ave, MississaugaW4094007818 Mcbride Avenue
4461 Sawmill Valley DrW40935484461 Sawmill Valley Drive
3124 Lindenlea Dr, MississaugaW40939213124 Lindenlea Drive
1330 Everall Rd, MississaugaW40942931330 Everall Road
3354 Nutcracker DrW40938573354 Nutcracker Drive
956 Bianca Crt, KitchenerX4093767956 Bianca Court
31 Walter Scott Cres, MarkhamN409292131 Walter Scott Crescent
7489 Black Walnut TrW40936777489 Black Walnut Terrace
25 Overhold CresN409418625 Overhold Crescent
11 Maplewood Dr, WhitbyE409293711 Maplewood Drive
51 Ravenscrest Dr, TorontoW409385651 Ravenscrest Drive
3477 Longleaf Crt, MississaugaW40935453477 Longleaf Court
5415 Rochelle Way, MississaugaW40930265415 Rochelle Way
24 Butson Cres, ClaringtonE409377024 Butson Crescent
145 Glenforest Rd, TorontoC4093160145 Glenforest Road
75 Winter Creek Cres, MarkhamN409341575 Winter Creek Crescent
5410 Rose Ridge CresW40935045410 Rose Ridge Crescent
44 Holmbush Cres, TorontoE409358144 Holmbush Crescent
2552 Advent Crt, MississaugaW40934162552 Advent Court
17 Callaghan CresW409311517 Callaghan Crescent
22 Coronation Circ, BramptonW409339522 Coronation Circle
23 De Jong Dr, MississaugaW409329123 De Jong Drive
85 Eastbrook Way, BramptonW409431785 Eastbrook Way
10 Beavervalley Dr, BramptonW409350210 Beavervalley Drive
2527 Renzoni Rd, MississaugaW40935192527 Renzoni Road
2256 Heidi Ave, BurlingtonW40932442256 Heidi Avenue
14930 Hurontario St, CaledonW409328114930 Hurontario Street
16 Claude Ave, TorontoW409355716 Claude Avenue
50 Long Point DrN409295650 Long Point Drive
13 Pineridge Dr, CaledonW409303813 Pineridge Drive
602 Matisse Pl, MississaugaW4094262602 Matisse Place
39 Retreat Blvd, VaughanN409353639 Retreat Boulevard
5 Mangrove Rd, TorontoW40933055 Mangrove Road
35 Fawnridge Rd, CaledonW409367635 Fawnridge Road
57 Wyndcliff Cres, TorontoC409430657 Wyndcliff Crescent
19 Nashland Ave, TorontoW409355919 Nashland Avenue
649 Winterton Way, MississaugaW4093163649 Winterton Way
160 Alfred Smith WayN4094350160 Alfred Smith Way
6120 Wabukayne CrtW40943676120 Wabukayne Court
430 Brimorton Dr, TorontoE4093331430 Brimorton Drive
81 Rosevear Ave, TorontoE409423881 Rosevear Avenue
19 Mikayla Cres, WhitbyE409348619 Mikayla Crescent
136 Vipond Rd, WhitbyE4094124136 Vipond Road
158 Glebeholme Blvd, TorontoE4093318158 Glebeholme Boulevard
80 Botany Hill Rd, TorontoE409294680 Botany Hill Road
122 Lowe Blvd, NewmarketN4093893122 Lowe Boulevard
22 Hobart Dr, TorontoC409294522 Hobart Drive
1033 West Ave, MississaugaW40937361033 West Avenue
26 Kilkarrin Rd, BramptonW409313826 Kilkarrin Road
152 Don Head Village BlvdN4093020152 Don Head Village Boulevard
127 Lacewood Dr, Richmond HillN4093053127 Lacewood Drive
73 Stookes Cres, Richmond HillN403987073 Streetookes Crescent
268 Axminster DrN4094035268 Axminster Drive
263 Almira Ave, MarkhamN4094303263 Almira Avenue
137 Pineway Blvd, TorontoC4094314137 Pineway Boulevard
743 States St, MississaugaW4094195743 Streetates Street
5466 Champlain Tr, MississaugaW40930515466 Champlain Terrace
1325 Woodstream Ave, OshawaE40939431325 Woodstream Avenue
14610 Woodbine AveN409318914610 Woodbine Avenue
386 Dowson Loop, NewmarketN4093034386 Dowson Loop
257 Driftwood Ave, TorontoW4093294257 Driveiftwood Avenue
348 Father Tobin Rd, BramptonW4093100348 Father Tobin Road
1790 Grandview St, OshawaE40941641790 Grandview Street
109 Drenters Crt GuelphX4094158109 Driveenters Court Guelph
115 Windrow St, Richmond HillN4093621115 Windrow Street
16 Mercury Ave, GeorginaN409369716 Mercury Avenue
3441 Park Heights WayW40936993441 Park Heights Way
256 Bur Oak Ave, MarkhamN4094356256 Bur Oak Avenue
24 Haverstock Cres, BramptonW409428624 Haverstock Crescent
1534 Forestdale Crt, OakvilleW40931761534 Forestdale Court
267 Rosedale Dr, VaughanN4093569267 Rosedale Drive
94 Riveredge Dr, GeorginaN409376394 Riveredge Drive
7439 Saint Barbara BlvdW40943277439 Saint Barbara Boulevard
304 Redstone Rd, Richmond HillN4093460304 Redstone Road
688 Woodbine Ave, TorontoE4093334688 Woodbine Avenue
1 Underwood Dr, WhitbyE40931531 Underwood Drive
21 Flora Drive Dr, TorontoE409436821 Flora Drive Drive
50 Mill St, AuroraN409332450 Mill Street
562 Goodyear Cres, NewmarketN4093527562 Goodyear Crescent
127 Crombie St, ClaringtonE4094068127 Crombie Street
21 Joel Ave, GeorginaN409319021 Joel Avenue
65 Gwillimbury Dr BradfordN409300365 Gwillimbury Drive Bradford
463 Terrace Way, OakvilleW4093165463 Terrace Way
72 Argelia Cres, BramptonW409297472 Argelia Crescent
49 Manor Hampton StN409325049 Manor Hampton Street
9703 Eighth Line, Halton HillsW40929489703 Eighth Line
2436 Dress Circle Cres, OshawaE40942892436 Driveess Circle Crescent
785 Sundance Circ, OshawaE4094041785 Sundance Circle
20 Princess St, WhitbyE409292220 Princess Street
71 Jones Ave, ClaringtonE409333571 Jones Avenue
95 Killaloe Cres, Halton HillsW409312295 Killaloe Crescent
3 Ennisclare Pl, WhitbyE40937043 Ennisclare Place
1538 Cuthbert Ave, MississaugaW40910091538 Cuthbert Avenue
224 Portview Rd, ScugogE4094142224 Portview Road
3276 Lady Slipper CrtW40933133276 Lady Slipper Court
307 Alexander Cres, MiltonW4093917307 Alexander Crescent
12411 Eighth LineW409306212411 Eighth Line
10 Alister Dr, BramptonW409417110 Alister Drive
6 Pamgrey Rd, MarkhamN40941806 Pamgrey Road
43 Camino Dr, VaughanN409348043 Camino Drive
71 Cherrytree Dr, BramptonW409317371 Cherrytree Drive
244 Annette St, TorontoW4093008244 Annette Street
158 Don Head Village BlvdN4093358158 Don Head Village Boulevard
143 Walton Dr, AuroraN4094185143 Walton Drive
3293 Wilmar Cres, MississaugaW40938643293 Wilmar Crescent
216 Whites Hill Ave, MarkhamN4093043216 Whites Hill Avenue
41 Bloomington Cres, TorontoW409293141 Bloomington Crescent
30 Thistle Ave, Richmond HillN409360530 Thistle Avenue
48 Holyoake Cres, TorontoW409329848 Holyoake Crescent
14 Ira LaneN409395814 Ira Lane
294 Bristol Rd, NewmarketN4093437294 Bristol Road
89 Samuel Lount RdN409316889 Samuel Lount Road
62 Wicklow Dr, TorontoE409302262 Wicklow Drive
61 Kimberley Ave, TorontoE409434661 Kimberley Avenue
254 Broadview Ave, TorontoE4094256254 Broadview Avenue
491 Sixteen Mile Dr, OakvilleW4093546491 Sixteen Mile Drive
512 Pinegrove Rd, OakvilleW4094300512 Pinegrove Road
304 E King StN4093801304 E King Street
Th1 Block 343 Pratt HtsW4093292Th1 Block 343 Pratt Heights
67 Enford Cres, BramptonW409431167 Enford Crescent
12 Westacott Cres, AjaxE409308712 Westacott Crescent
45 Valley Mills RdN409308245 Valley Mills Road
18 Marilake Dr, TorontoE409331918 Marilake Drive
18 Sugarforest Dr, VaughanN409321418 Sugarforest Drive
227 E Major Mackenzie Dr, 3N4094315227 E Major Mackenzie Drive
738 Shoal Point Rd, AjaxE4094312738 Shoal Point Road
20 Ambercroft Blvd, TorontoE409293920 Ambercroft Boulevard
227 E Major Mackenzie Dr 10N4094320227 E Major Mackenzie Drive 10
3948 Rushton Cres, MississaugaW40930643948 Rushton Crescent
70 Silverdart CresN409373970 Silverdart Crescent
53 Blackberry Valley CresW409328453 Blackberry Valley Crescent
11 Cater Ave, AjaxE409427311 Cater Avenue
33 Dorking Cres, TorontoW409433333 Dorking Crescent
1260 Galesway BlvdW40929661260 Galesway Boulevard
24 Shadyridge Rd, BramptonW409349324 Shadyridge Road
143 Vintage Gate, BramptonW4093592143 Vintage Gate
21 Clyde Rd, BramptonW409322121 Clyde Road
67 Oakmount Cres, VaughanN409376467 Oakmount Crescent
15 Green Hollow Crt, MarkhamN409310515 Green Hollow Court
16 The Wishbone, TorontoW409312716 The Wishbone
41 Donherb Cres, CaledonW409429941 Donherb Crescent
60 English Oak DrN409386260 English Oak Drive
950 Bennett Blvd, MiltonW4093347950 Bennett Boulevard
38 Scarboro Ave, TorontoE409343438 Scarboro Avenue
7 Lynedock Cres, TorontoC40939327 Lynedock Crescent
11 El Camino Way, BramptonW409294011 El Camino Way
3079 Bartholomew CresW40916933079 Bartholomew Crescent
5263 Fairford CresW40917195263 Fairford Crescent
190 Salterton Circ, VaughanN4092903190 Salterton Circle
352 Cheryl Mews BlvdN4092880352 Cheryl Mews Boulevard
8777 Dufferin St 44, VaughanN40916128777 Dufferin Street 44
3672 Galeair Crt, MississaugaW40928853672 Galeair Court
262 Carnegie Beach Rd, ScugogE4092639262 Carnegie Beach Road
6220 Kingston Rd, TorontoE40925386220 Kingston Road
39 Albacore Cres, TorontoE409197739 Albacore Crescent
75 Letchworth Cres, TorontoW409238075 Letchworth Crescent
28 Edinborough Crt, TorontoW409213328 Edinborough Court
1045 Sandcliff Dr, OshawaE40921511045 Sandcliff Drive
71 Glen Agar Dr, TorontoW409206771 Glen Agar Drive
90 Hanson St, TorontoE409169890 Hanson Street
158 Southvale Dr, VaughanN4092882158 Southvale Drive
125 Park Place Dr, MarkhamN4092191125 Park Place Drive
24 Northview Ave, TorontoE409256424 Northview Avenue
9 Conklin Dr, BramptonW40915779 Conklin Drive
1363 Hill St, MiltonW40922571363 Hill Street
3479 W Eglinton AveW40917703479 W Eglinton Avenue
5A Caldwell Cres, BramptonW40916245A Caldwell Crescent
321 Tonelli Lane, MiltonW4092555321 Tonelli Lane
4663 Penhallow Rd, MississaugaW40927424663 Penhallow Road
18 Restever Gate, TorontoW409274518 Restever Gate
104 Baywell Cres, AuroraN4092737104 Baywell Crescent
3 Heathbrook Ave, BramptonW40917763 Heathbrook Avenue
2861 Westbury Crt, MississaugaW40926152861 Westbury Court
17 Byworth Blvd, TorontoW409164217 Byworth Boulevard
15 Powseland Cres, VaughanN409248315 Powseland Crescent
389 Aberdeen Ave, VaughanN4092048389 Aberdeen Avenue
1 Waterbury St, CaledonW40924771 Waterbury Street
4224 W Bloor St, TorontoW40923764224 W Bloor Street
21 Fourteenth St, TorontoW409185721 Fourteenth Street
311 East 12th St, HamiltonX4091648311 East 12th Street
305 Bloomington Rd Lot 4N4092787305 Bloomington Road Lot 4
55 Fitzgibbon Ave, TorontoE409171255 Fitzgibbon Avenue
11 Temple AveN409252011 Temple Avenue
17 Edith Ave, TorontoW409169717 Edith Avenue
15 Vanguard Dr, WhitbyE409250715 Vanguard Drive
195 Phyllis Ave, TorontoE4091644195 Phyllis Avenue
369 Tower Hill RdN4092166369 Tower Hill Road
138 Essex St, TorontoW4091603138 Essex Street
13470 Weston Rd, KingN409208113470 Weston Road
91 Rogers Tr BradfordN409204491 Rogers Terrace Bradford
263 Thistle Down Blvd, TorontoW4091670263 Thistle Down Boulevard
16 Herefordshire CresN409212716 Herefordshire Crescent
56 Staley Terr, TorontoE409158756 Streetaley Terrace
10594 Bathurst St, VaughanN409286710594 Bathurst Street
77 Sequin Dr, Richmond HillN409172077 Sequin Drive
11 Stoots St, MarkhamN409287711 Streetoots Street
12 Saunders Ave, TorontoW409231712 Saunders Avenue
99 Blue Dasher Blvd BradfordN409269199 Blue Dasher Boulevard Bradford
345 George Reynolds DrE4092203345 George Reynolds Drive
1409 Tansley Dr, OakvilleW40927151409 Tansley Drive
41 Dynevor Rd, TorontoW409189641 Dynevor Road
3926 Hazelridge RdW40918063926 Hazelridge Road
594 Maplehill Dr, BurlingtonW4092243594 Maplehill Drive
27A Terry Dr, TorontoW409197627A Terracey Drive
77 Via Toscana Rd, VaughanN409281977 Via Toscana Road
54 Game Creek Cres, BramptonW409212454 Game Creek Crescent
189 Billings Cres, NewmarketN4092826189 Billings Crescent
44 Pentland Rd, HamiltonX409227844 Pentland Road
2848 Tradewind Dr, MississaugaW40923032848 Terraceadewind Drive
209 Audrey Ave, TorontoE4091724209 Audrey Avenue
54 Ridge Rd, TorontoW409212654 Ridge Road
Th 86 2 E Remembrance RdW4092171Th 86 2 E Remembrance Road
126 Crombie St, ClaringtonE4092655126 Crombie Street
391 North StN4092315391 North Street
283 Mcbride Cres, NewmarketN4091657283 Mcbride Crescent
4 Lavery Tr, TorontoE40926594 Lavery Terrace
35 Kilkarrin Rd, BramptonW409270335 Kilkarrin Road
117 Arborglen Dr, Halton HillsW4092199117 Arborglen Drive
17 Degrassi Cove CircW409186317 Degrassi Cove Circle
28 Bambi Tr, CaledonW409281528 Bambi Terrace
72 Haviland Crt, BramptonW409169272 Haviland Court
2341 Pindar Cres, OshawaE40919802341 Pindar Crescent
65 Hawman Ave, KingN409193665 Hawman Avenue
164 Munro St, TorontoE4092812164 Munro Street
55 Rossburn Dr, TorontoW409197455 Rossburn Drive
249 Kent Cres, BurlingtonW4092270249 Kent Crescent
14 Royal Manor CresN409205014 Royal Manor Crescent
3305 Columbine CresW40923123305 Columbine Crescent
42 Hickorybush Ave, BramptonW409277742 Hickorybush Avenue
51 Ridge Gate CresN409270651 Ridge Gate Crescent
22 Muriel Ave, TorontoE409241622 Muriel Avenue
14 Baltic St, Richmond HillN409289214 Baltic Street
4106 Dursley Cres, MississaugaW40927464106 Dursley Crescent
449 N Westmoreland AveW4092645449 N Westmoreland Avenue
92 Invergordon Ave, TorontoE409265792 Invergordon Avenue
78 Chambersburg WayN409194478 Chambersburg Way
114 Downey Dr, WhitbyE4092550114 Downey Drive
49 Mac Frost Way, TorontoE409287249 Mac Frost Way
8 Agar Lane, VaughanN40921218 Agar Lane
35 Luverne Ave, TorontoC409192435 Luverne Avenue
62 Coventry Crt, Richmond HillN409211562 Coventry Court
151 Orchard Heights BlvdN4091650151 Orchard Heights Boulevard
908 Paupst Pl, MiltonW4092282908 Paupst Place
11 Linton Ave, TorontoE409198611 Linton Avenue
7405 Saint Barbara BlvdW40928617405 Saint Barbara Boulevard
4 Spring Arbour Rd, VaughanN40917584 Spring Arbour Road
4519 Kimbermount AveW40927624519 Kimbermount Avenue
115 Phalen Cres, TorontoE4092805115 Phalen Crescent
3127 Neyagawa Blvd, OakvilleW40927653127 Neyagawa Boulevard
3 Old Hickory Crt, CaledonW40918543 Old Hickory Court
145 Austinpaul Dr, NewmarketN4092118145 Austinpaul Drive
20050 N Mccowan RdN409180420050 N Mccowan Road
146 Novan Cres, AuroraN4091987146 Novan Crescent
978 Finley Ave, AjaxE4092860978 Finley Avenue
558 Hood Terr, MiltonW4091575558 Hood Terrace
295 Pringle Ave, MiltonW4091615295 Pringle Avenue
80 Erie St, TorontoW409262080 Erie Street
182 Squire Cres, OakvilleW4092200182 Squareuire Crescent
30 Keeble Cres, AjaxE409228530 Keeble Crescent
620 Asleton Blvd, MiltonW4092901620 Asleton Boulevard
65 Stavely Cres, TorontoW409163665 Streetavely Crescent
3 Valhalla Blvd, TorontoE40927833 Valhalla Boulevard
17 Helsby Cres, TorontoW409285617 Helsby Crescent
21 Conlins Rd, TorontoE409189821 Conlins Road
59 Cavehill Cres, TorontoE409279859 Cavehill Crescent
309 Moody Dr, VaughanN4091853309 Moody Drive
1987 Arborwood Dr, OshawaE40915881987 Arborwood Drive
3 Lyons Crt, Halton HillsW40923923 Lyons Court
28 Presley Ave, TorontoE409249328 Presley Avenue
475 Clinton St, TorontoC4091585475 Clinton Street
11 Acland Cres, TorontoE409264111 Acland Crescent
51 Market Garden Mews, TorontoW409183951 Market Garden Mews
68 Manning Cres, NewmarketN409240168 Manning Crescent
4 Norway Ave, TorontoE40923484 Norway Avenue
200 View North Crt, VaughanN4092509200 View North Court
50 Cassels Ave, TorontoE409203750 Cassels Avenue
45 Purley Cres, TorontoE409173445 Purley Crescent
15 Kay Dr, TorontoW409190215 Kay Drive
229 Browning Ave, TorontoE4091796229 Browning Avenue
1046 Beachcomber RdW40927961046 Beachcomber Road
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