Best MLS Listings From The GTA – 6th April 2018

Best Listings From The GTA And Surrounding Areas - April 6th 2018

Here is a selection of some of our hand picked best listings from the Greater Toronto Area - as well as some of the surrounding areas - for 6th April 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
2373 Woking Cres, MississaugaW40881202373 Woking Cres, Mississauga
32 Coin St, BramptonW408727432 Coin St, Brampton
3127 South Dr, BurlingtonW40867043127 South Dr, Burlington
2354 Kwinter Rd, OakvilleW40868772354 Kwinter Rd, Oakville
991 Vanier Dr, MississaugaW4087811991 Vanier Dr, Mississauga
36 Orkney Cres, TorontoW408772336 Orkney Cres, Toronto
3875 Swiftdale Dr, MississaugaW40871553875 Swiftdale Dr, Mississauga
1628 Glenburnie RdW40867161628 Glenburnie Rd
4252 Sarazen Dr, BurlingtonW40875414252 Sarazen Dr, Burlington
1070 Royal York Rd, TorontoW40879761070 Royal York Rd, Toronto
5877 Yachtsman Crossing CrtW40872755877 Yachtsman Crossing Crt
24A Montana Ave, TorontoW408761824A Montana Ave, Toronto
7344 Glamorgan WayW40875027344 Glamorgan Way
77 Kingsway Cres, TorontoW408775777 Kingsway Cres, Toronto
14 Ashmount Cres, TorontoW408723914 Ashmount Cres, Toronto
94 Byron St, OakvilleW408673494 Byron St, Oakville
898 Seventh St, MississaugaW4087400898 Seventh St, Mississauga
3391 Buena Vista Crt, OakvilleW40879803391 Buena Vista Crt, Oakville
548 Wolsey Cres, OakvilleW4088024548 Wolsey Cres, Oakville
71 W Vanderpool Cres, BramptonW408716071 W Vanderpool Cres, Brampton
110 Valleycreek Dr, BramptonW4086719110 Valleycreek Dr, Brampton
8 Fairmont Clse, BramptonW40867038 Fairmont Clse, Brampton
25 Gill Cove, CambridgeX408787925 Gill Cove, Cambridge
85 Flamborough Dr, TorontoW406967485 Flamborough Dr, Toronto
1632 Sherwood Forrest CircW40873781632 Sherwood Forrest Circ
59 Downpatrick Cres, TorontoW408670959 Downpatrick Cres, Toronto
94 Birch Hill Lane, OakvilleW408728494 Birch Hill Lane, Oakville
14151 Danby Rd, Halton HillsW408723414151 Danby Rd, Halton Hills
72 Wimbleton Rd, TorontoW408752872 Wimbleton Rd, Toronto
5529 W Steeles Ave, MiltonW40871775529 W Steeles Ave, Milton
3182 Gladish Grve, MississaugaW40873263182 Gladish Grve, Mississauga
2315 Malden Crt, MississaugaW40878572315 Malden Crt, Mississauga
316 Indian Rd, TorontoW4087911316 Indian Rd, Toronto
152 Leadership Dr, BramptonW4088136152 Leadership Dr, Brampton
2472 Pebblestone Crt, OakvilleW40877632472 Pebblestone Crt, Oakville
13 Venue Rd, BramptonW408761313 Venue Rd, Brampton
7 Oakington Pl, MississaugaW40871317 Oakington Pl, Mississauga
531 North Park Blvd, OakvilleW4087235531 North Park Blvd, Oakville
247 John St, TorontoW4087948247 John St, Toronto
2065 Deer Run Ave, BurlingtonW40880652065 Deer Run Ave, Burlington
523 Durie St, TorontoW4087960523 Durie St, Toronto
2031 Proverbs Dr, MississaugaW40880952031 Proverbs Dr, Mississauga
478 Runnymede Rd, TorontoW4086764478 Runnymede Rd, Toronto
32 Bent Tree Crt, BramptonW408792132 Bent Tree Crt, Brampton
12 Jonah Dr, Richmond HillN408815312 Jonah Dr, Richmond Hill
7 Hillsborough CrtN40880897 Hillsborough Crt
82 Roxaline St, TorontoW408777782 Roxaline St, Toronto
347 Tudor Ave, OakvilleW4087440347 Tudor Ave, Oakville
89 Bedford Park AveN408807089 Bedford Park Ave
106 Arianna Cres, VaughanN4087671106 Arianna Cres, Vaughan
81 Kashani Crt, AuroraN408795381 Kashani Crt, Aurora
52 Lexfield Ave, TorontoW408684852 Lexfield Ave, Toronto
54 Bearbury Dr, TorontoW408681354 Bearbury Dr, Toronto
4738 N Cherry StN40878074738 N Cherry St
3314 Mintwood Circ, OakvilleW40870583314 Mintwood Circ, Oakville
3149 Princess Blvd, BurlingtonW40880353149 Princess Blvd, Burlington
191 Dickson Park CresW4087346191 Dickson Park Cres
1 Dunley Cres, BramptonW40870441 Dunley Cres, Brampton
128 Allison Ann Way, VaughanN4088047128 Allison Ann Way, Vaughan
31 Deerwood CresN408805231 Deerwood Cres
1646 Riverbrook CresW40872251646 Riverbrook Cres
4 Crediton Crt, TorontoW40871154 Crediton Crt, Toronto
3505 Pinesmoke CresW40870613505 Pinesmoke Cres
98 W Ennisclare Dr, OakvilleW408717598 W Ennisclare Dr, Oakville
2409 Valley Forest WayW40878242409 Valley Forest Way
3266 Oakglade CresW40879713266 Oakglade Cres
4281 Sarazen Dr, BurlingtonW40877564281 Sarazen Dr, Burlington
1738 Kildare Crt, MississaugaW40872531738 Kildare Crt, Mississauga
2642 Bluffs Way, BurlingtonW40869762642 Bluffs Way, Burlington
4180 Wheelwright CresW40880364180 Wheelwright Cres
77 Cassandra CresN408780377 Cassandra Cres
910 Briar Hill Ave, TorontoW4087762910 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto
118 Forbes Terr, MiltonW4088132118 Forbes Terr, Milton
2006 Waters Edge Dr, OakvilleW40877462006 Waters Edge Dr, Oakville
4702 Doug Wright DrW40874754702 Doug Wright Dr
1468 Woodeden Dr, MississaugaW40869291468 Woodeden Dr, Mississauga
15 Hawkridge Ave, MarkhamN408772215 Hawkridge Ave, Markham
66 Elysian Fields CircW408767866 Elysian Fields Circ
1447 Beemer Ave, MississaugaW40873251447 Beemer Ave, Mississauga
10 Veerland Dr, TorontoW408742110 Veerland Dr, Toronto
22 Harvest Moon Dr, MarkhamN408762922 Harvest Moon Dr, Markham
19 S Woodward Ave, MarkhamN408753219 S Woodward Ave, Markham
208 Cathcart Cres, MiltonW4086961208 Cathcart Cres, Milton
1057 Enola Ave, MississaugaW40868451057 Enola Ave, Mississauga
3981 Mahogany Row, MississaugaW40870023981 Mahogany Row, Mississauga
116 Apple Blossom Dr, VaughanN4087278116 Apple Blossom Dr, Vaughan
33 Belladonna Circ, BramptonW408673833 Belladonna Circ, Brampton
3 Pilgrim Dr, MarkhamN40875773 Pilgrim Dr, Markham
23 Duncairn Dr, TorontoW408673323 Duncairn Dr, Toronto
8 Leo Austin Rd, BramptonW40867778 Leo Austin Rd, Brampton
97 Timna Cres, VaughanN408737697 Timna Cres, Vaughan
264 Primrose Lane, NewmarketN4086933264 Primrose Lane, Newmarket
242 Sonoma Blvd, VaughanN4086904242 Sonoma Blvd, Vaughan
5503 Mount Albert RdN40871415503 Mount Albert Rd
6 William Luck AveN40868396 William Luck Ave
37 Mackenzie Crt, GeorginaN408685537 Mackenzie Crt, Georgina
9 Middlehead Tr, KingN40866959 Middlehead Tr, King
6 Selleck Dr, Richmond HillN40868176 Selleck Dr, Richmond Hill
54 Greenspire Ave, MarkhamN408818754 Greenspire Ave, Markham
16 Bighorn Tr, KingN408756416 Bighorn Tr, King
8388 Islington Ave, VaughanN40882058388 Islington Ave, Vaughan
42 Emery Hill Blvd, MarkhamN408800042 Emery Hill Blvd, Markham
587 N Lake Rd, Richmond HillN4087818587 N Lake Rd, Richmond Hill
16 Overhold CresN408741316 Overhold Cres
246 N Main St, MarkhamN4087704246 N Main St, Markham
87 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN408715487 Grandview Ave, Markham
18 Summerbreeze Crt, VaughanN408815618 Summerbreeze Crt, Vaughan
255 Winding Lane, VaughanN4088084255 Winding Lane, Vaughan
2 Henricks Cres, Richmond HillN40875942 Henricks Cres, Richmond Hill
11 Thomas Bales Dr, MarkhamN408678611 Thomas Bales Dr, Markham
119 Hawman Ave, VaughanN4087785119 Hawman Ave, Vaughan
266 Pleasant Blvd, GeorginaN4087616266 Pleasant Blvd, Georgina
12 Gemma Crt, VaughanN408815512 Gemma Crt, Vaughan
223 Orchard Heights BlvdN4087169223 Orchard Heights Blvd
130 Fitzmaurice Dr, VaughanN4088143130 Fitzmaurice Dr, Vaughan
70 Albright CresN408818070 Albright Cres
133 Church St, MarkhamN4087604133 Church St, Markham
234 Roadhouse Blvd, NewmarketN4087481234 Roadhouse Blvd, Newmarket
140 Sherwood Forest DrN4087555140 Sherwood Forest Dr
111 Hillview Rd, AuroraN4088068111 Hillview Rd, Aurora
32 Rosebury Lane, VaughanN408808632 Rosebury Lane, Vaughan
1 Comeau St, MarkhamN40877351 Comeau St, Markham
31 Marinucci CrtN408687031 Marinucci Crt
927 Leslie Valley DrN4086888927 Leslie Valley Dr
20 Sunbay Crt, Richmond HillN408705020 Sunbay Crt, Richmond Hill
30 Oak Lea Circ, MarkhamN408768830 Oak Lea Circ, Markham
34 Monteith Cres, VaughanN408684634 Monteith Cres, Vaughan
66 Viewmark Dr, Richmond HillN408719566 Viewmark Dr, Richmond Hill
147 Rhodes Circ, NewmarketN4086802147 Rhodes Circ, Newmarket
11 Longhouse St, VaughanN408696511 Longhouse St, Vaughan
214 Russet Way, VaughanN4086916214 Russet Way, Vaughan
56 Braeburn Dr, MarkhamN408717256 Braeburn Dr, Markham
13 Kentland St, MarkhamN408817013 Kentland St, Markham
54 Walnut Grove CresN408811954 Walnut Grove Cres
191 Dew St, KingN4088202191 Dew St, King
75 Brickstone Circ, VaughanN408698975 Brickstone Circ, Vaughan
291 Ilan Ramon Blvd, VaughanN4087533291 Ilan Ramon Blvd, Vaughan
117 Hillview Rd, AuroraN4087623117 Hillview Rd, Aurora
528 Napa Valley Ave, VaughanN4087731528 Napa Valley Ave, Vaughan
51 Glacier Crt, VaughanN408708951 Glacier Crt, Vaughan
210 Gar Lehman AveN4088207210 Gar Lehman Ave
30 Normark Dr, MarkhamN408786830 Normark Dr, Markham
25570 Weirs Sdrd, GeorginaN408790925570 Weirs Sdrd, Georgina
125 N Treegrove Circ, AuroraN4087878125 N Treegrove Circ, Aurora
36 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN408686636 Lavender Valley Rd, King
53 Snowy Meadow AveN408790053 Snowy Meadow Ave
11 Rockley Crt, MarkhamN408746511 Rockley Crt, Markham
78 Chagall Dr, VaughanN408681678 Chagall Dr, Vaughan
5 Headwater CresN40867145 Headwater Cres
11 Mortimer Ave, TorontoE408761211 Mortimer Ave, Toronto
956 Hinterland Crt, OshawaE4087148956 Hinterland Crt, Oshawa
100 Scarborough Rd, TorontoE4087988100 Scarborough Rd, Toronto
85 Stockell Cres, AjaxE408818285 Stockell Cres, Ajax
997 E Dundas St, TorontoE4086963997 E Dundas St, Toronto
71 Brooklawn Ave, TorontoE408739871 Brooklawn Ave, Toronto
21 Finnegan Pl, WhitbyE408802021 Finnegan Pl, Whitby
117 Ferrier Ave, TorontoE4087813117 Ferrier Ave, Toronto
223 Timberbank Blvd, TorontoE4087838223 Timberbank Blvd, Toronto
85 Greylawn Cres, TorontoE408816385 Greylawn Cres, Toronto
44 Kildonan Dr, TorontoE408680544 Kildonan Dr, Toronto
171 Brookside Dr, TorontoE4087329171 Brookside Dr, Toronto
30 Batterswood Dr, TorontoE408752230 Batterswood Dr, Toronto
42 Crescentwood Rd, TorontoE408709342 Crescentwood Rd, Toronto
1 Sisson Lane, ClaringtonE40868471 Sisson Lane, Clarington
55 Fenwood Hts, TorontoE408818555 Fenwood Hts, Toronto
51 Hopperton Dr, TorontoC408765151 Hopperton Dr, Toronto
209A Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4086832209A Glengarry Ave, Toronto
189 Sheridan Ave, TorontoC4087030189 Sheridan Ave, Toronto
357 Douglas Ave, TorontoC4087853357 Douglas Ave, Toronto
78 Glenrose Ave, TorontoC408712378 Glenrose Ave, Toronto
62 Hollywood Ave, TorontoC408701862 Hollywood Ave, Toronto
21B Roycrest Ave, TorontoC408692021B Roycrest Ave, Toronto
1193 E Ossington Ave, TorontoC40867211193 E Ossington Ave, Toronto
401 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4087787401 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
133 George St, TorontoC4088139133 George St, Toronto
287 Churchill Ave, TorontoC4087568287 Churchill Ave, Toronto
277 Sandringham Dr, TorontoC4085460277 Sandringham Dr, Toronto
8391 Sixth Line, Halton HillsW40854888391 Sixth Line, Halton Hills
15 Inverleigh Dr, TorontoW408650215 Inverleigh Dr, Toronto
4064 Loyalist Dr, MississaugaW40855324064 Loyalist Dr, Mississauga
117 Kersey Cres, Richmond HillN4085693117 Kersey Cres, Richmond Hill
211 Carrville RdN4086345211 Carrville Rd
1263 Roseberry Cres, OakvilleW40863891263 Roseberry Cres, Oakville
217 Manning Ave, TorontoC4086372217 Manning Ave, Toronto
37 Canary Cres, TorontoC408638437 Canary Cres, Toronto
27 Rebecca St, OakvilleW408655027 Rebecca St, Oakville
640B Durie St, TorontoW4086529640B Durie St, Toronto
1283 Rolph Terr, MiltonW40858601283 Rolph Terr, Milton
320 Wychwood Ave, TorontoC4085335320 Wychwood Ave, Toronto
191 Burton Grve, KingN4085749191 Burton Grve, King
1489 Royal Oaks RdW40863051489 Royal Oaks Rd
649 Merton St, TorontoC4085201649 Merton St, Toronto
182B Moore Ave, TorontoC4086404182B Moore Ave, Toronto
40 W Glenellen Dr, TorontoW408575940 W Glenellen Dr, Toronto
5741 Glen Erin Dr, MississaugaW40855305741 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga
357 Melrose St, TorontoW4086428357 Melrose St, Toronto
100 Westgate Blvd, TorontoC4085627100 Westgate Blvd, Toronto
571 Stonecliffe Rd, OakvilleW4085838571 Stonecliffe Rd, Oakville
28 Hamlyn Cres, TorontoW408653928 Hamlyn Cres, Toronto
49 Fenton Way, BramptonW408549149 Fenton Way, Brampton
197 Mcwilliams Cres, OakvilleW4086093197 Mcwilliams Cres, Oakville
1 Tranquility Crt, CaledonW40854731 Tranquility Crt, Caledon
183 Princess Anne CresW4086325183 Princess Anne Cres
216 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4085506216 Holmes Ave, Toronto
163 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4085670163 Holmes Ave, Toronto
9 Mervyn Ave, TorontoW40855009 Mervyn Ave, Toronto
160 Pleasant Ridge AveN4085392160 Pleasant Ridge Ave
13 Anjac Cres, MarkhamN408655913 Anjac Cres, Markham
1001 Deer Run Crt, MississaugaW40851821001 Deer Run Crt, Mississauga
16710 Leslie Hill RdW408565016710 Leslie Hill Rd
14 Shadetree Cres, TorontoW408517114 Shadetree Cres, Toronto
5 Shadetree Cres, TorontoW40853125 Shadetree Cres, Toronto
41 Mersey St, VaughanN408668541 Mersey St, Vaughan
134 Krieghoff Ave, MarkhamN4086087134 Krieghoff Ave, Markham
1016 Ernest Cousins CircN40855671016 Ernest Cousins Circ
9 Dopp Cres, BramptonW40853859 Dopp Cres, Brampton
200 Glen Park Ave, TorontoW4085263200 Glen Park Ave, Toronto
249 Dunvegan Rd, TorontoC4086411249 Dunvegan Rd, Toronto
33 Misty Cres, TorontoC408573033 Misty Cres, Toronto
134 Krieghoff Ave, MarkhamN4086131134 Krieghoff Ave, Markham
21 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN408563021 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
529 Lyman Blvd, NewmarketN4085400529 Lyman Blvd, Newmarket
470 Queensville Sideroad RdN4085584470 Queensville Sideroad Rd
10852 Victoria Square BlvdN407640310852 Victoria Square Blvd
3533 Highway 88 BradfordN40854773533 Highway 88 Bradford
52 Harding Blvd, TorontoE408534952 Harding Blvd, Toronto
318 Monarch Park Rd, TorontoE4085165318 Monarch Park Rd, Toronto
56 Waterton Way BradfordN408610856 Waterton Way Bradford
438 Old Colony RdN4085865438 Old Colony Rd
112 Sixteenth St, TorontoW4085718112 Sixteenth St, Toronto
632 Chancellor Dr, VaughanN4085946632 Chancellor Dr, Vaughan
479 Brookside Dr, OakvilleW4086460479 Brookside Dr, Oakville
170 Park Home Ave, TorontoC4085731170 Park Home Ave, Toronto
589 Renshaw Crt, MississaugaW4085950589 Renshaw Crt, Mississauga
77 Pine Crest Rd, TorontoW408616077 Pine Crest Rd, Toronto
35 Lavron Crt, MarkhamN408594135 Lavron Crt, Markham
354 Quebec Ave, TorontoW4085750354 Quebec Ave, Toronto
709 W Queensway WayW4086648709 W Queensway Way
3471 Bridgewood DrW40853193471 Bridgewood Dr
12 Appledale Rd, TorontoW408545512 Appledale Rd, Toronto
238 Dickson Park CresW4086117238 Dickson Park Cres
5656 Brightpool CresW40857895656 Brightpool Cres
39 S Maple Ave, MississaugaW408601739 S Maple Ave, Mississauga
1276 Mississauga RdW40864821276 Mississauga Rd
8413 Creditview Rd, BramptonW40859518413 Creditview Rd, Brampton
220 Langford Blvd BradfordN4085242220 Langford Blvd Bradford
33 Fraserwood Ave, TorontoC408602833 Fraserwood Ave, Toronto
749 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4085621749 Windermere Ave, Toronto
34 Harvest Moon Dr, MarkhamN408618734 Harvest Moon Dr, Markham
20646 Yonge StN408588520646 Yonge St
356 Hemlock DrN4086341356 Hemlock Dr
21 Norcap Ave, TorontoE408660321 Norcap Ave, Toronto
775 Exceller Circ, NewmarketN4085815775 Exceller Circ, Newmarket
104 Grand Trunk Ave, VaughanN4086679104 Grand Trunk Ave, Vaughan
990 Boyer Blvd, MississaugaW4085936990 Boyer Blvd, Mississauga
4 Leacrest Rd, TorontoC40855944 Leacrest Rd, Toronto
3 Squire Ellis Dr, BramptonW40860813 Squire Ellis Dr, Brampton
25 Goldlist Dr, Richmond HillN408543125 Goldlist Dr, Richmond Hill
3 Bermuda Ave, TorontoW40854103 Bermuda Ave, Toronto
14 Valleyridge Cres, BramptonW408526414 Valleyridge Cres, Brampton
2092 Stanfield Rd, MississaugaW40858582092 Stanfield Rd, Mississauga
134 Spalding Rd, TorontoW4085342134 Spalding Rd, Toronto
152 Uxbridge Pickering T RdN4086188152 Uxbridge Pickering T Rd
107 Perry Cres, TorontoW4086015107 Perry Cres, Toronto
67 Foxridge Dr, TorontoE408661167 Foxridge Dr, Toronto
2433 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW40859082433 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
613 Williamson Crt, BurlingtonW4085984613 Williamson Crt, Burlington
152 Bentoak Cres, VaughanN4085180152 Bentoak Cres, Vaughan
309 Lakeview Ave, BurlingtonW4085805309 Lakeview Ave, Burlington
240 W Howden Rd, OshawaE4085365240 W Howden Rd, Oshawa
234 Dew St, KingN4085909234 Dew St, King
485 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4084794485 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
1164 N Islington Ave, TorontoW40855861164 N Islington Ave, Toronto
65 Hemingway Cres, MarkhamN408565865 Hemingway Cres, Markham
685 Montbeck Cres, MississaugaW4085159685 Montbeck Cres, Mississauga
51 Ourland Ave, TorontoW408515251 Ourland Ave, Toronto
378 Amberlee Crt, NewmarketN4086023378 Amberlee Crt, Newmarket
48 Angus Glen Blvd, MarkhamN408539748 Angus Glen Blvd, Markham
2231 Embleton Rd, BramptonW40864672231 Embleton Rd, Brampton
32 Cantex Crt, Richmond HillN408541232 Cantex Crt, Richmond Hill
2179 Greenhurst AveW40854322179 Greenhurst Ave
149 Avondale Ave, TorontoC4085411149 Avondale Ave, Toronto
51 Cameron Cres, TorontoC408599451 Cameron Cres, Toronto
18 Rhydwen Ave, TorontoE408603418 Rhydwen Ave, Toronto
482 Pleasant Ridge AveN4086433482 Pleasant Ridge Ave
235 Caproni Dr, VaughanN4085568235 Caproni Dr, Vaughan
155 Rumsey Rd, TorontoC4085308155 Rumsey Rd, Toronto
1215 Larny Crt, MississaugaW40854431215 Larny Crt, Mississauga
24 Orlon Cres, Richmond HillN408565624 Orlon Cres, Richmond Hill
1470 W Myrtle Rd, WhitbyE40862291470 W Myrtle Rd, Whitby
1428 Brentano BlvdW40855211428 Brentano Blvd
48 Oliver Lane, VaughanN408643548 Oliver Lane, Vaughan
185 Sunset Rdge, VaughanN4086094185 Sunset Rdge, Vaughan
54 Birch Tree Tr, BramptonW408620454 Birch Tree Tr, Brampton
1373 Waverly Ave, OakvilleW40858241373 Waverly Ave, Oakville
4945 S Baldwin St, WhitbyE40853664945 S Baldwin St, Whitby
29 Corvinelli Dr, WhitbyE408541529 Corvinelli Dr, Whitby
1312 Creekside Dr, OakvilleW40862111312 Creekside Dr, Oakville
625 Carrville RdN4086312625 Carrville Rd
16 E Powell Dr, BramptonW408517216 E Powell Dr, Brampton
73 Samuel Oster Ave, VaughanN408577573 Samuel Oster Ave, Vaughan
173 Forestwood StN4085304173 Forestwood St
98 Cynthia Jean St, MarkhamN408660998 Cynthia Jean St, Markham
3865 Brinwood GateW40853213865 Brinwood Gate
3 Stonebridge Blvd, TorontoE40860463 Stonebridge Blvd, Toronto
145 W Fairview Rd, MississaugaW4086567145 W Fairview Rd, Mississauga
46 Weatherstone Cres, TorontoC408523046 Weatherstone Cres, Toronto
136 Spring Garden Ave, TorontoC4086358136 Spring Garden Ave, Toronto
123 Eagle Peak DrN4085418123 Eagle Peak Dr
34 Sweet Water CresN408603234 Sweet Water Cres
61 Conlins Rd, TorontoE408529561 Conlins Rd, Toronto
235 Zokol Dr, AuroraN4085988235 Zokol Dr, Aurora
19980 St Christophers Beac RdE408550719980 St Christophers Beac Rd
91 Gordon Rd, TorontoC408541691 Gordon Rd, Toronto
166 Crescent Rd, TorontoC4085200166 Crescent Rd, Toronto
2412 Woking Cres, MississaugaW40852032412 Woking Cres, Mississauga
22 Birch Ave C, TorontoC408586422 Birch Ave C, Toronto
19 Hill Top TrN408520919 Hill Top Tr
86 Antonini Crt, VaughanN408517886 Antonini Crt, Vaughan
20 Herbert Ave, TorontoE408536720 Herbert Ave, Toronto
1611 N Ritson Rd, OshawaE40864271611 N Ritson Rd, Oshawa
22 Monteith Cres, VaughanN408662222 Monteith Cres, Vaughan
18 Saville Crt, MarkhamN408582018 Saville Crt, Markham
153 Mayla Dr, OakvilleW4085550153 Mayla Dr, Oakville
241 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC4085228241 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
27 Long Valley Rd, AuroraN408663627 Long Valley Rd, Aurora
20 Walker Rd, TorontoC408651520 Walker Rd, Toronto
137 Central Park Dr, MarkhamN4086149137 Central Park Dr, Markham
20 Steeplechase Ave, AuroraN408572220 Steeplechase Ave, Aurora
88 Florence Ave, TorontoC408658188 Florence Ave, Toronto
150 Parkhurst Blvd, TorontoC4085322150 Parkhurst Blvd, Toronto
66 Richmond St, Richmond HillN408586366 Richmond St, Richmond Hill
16 John Rye TrN408586816 John Rye Tr
24 Landview Rd, BramptonW408531124 Landview Rd, Brampton
65 Minnewawa Rd, MississaugaW408614265 Minnewawa Rd, Mississauga
262 Inverness Way BradfordN4086552262 Inverness Way Bradford
5 Adrian Cres, BramptonW40853325 Adrian Cres, Brampton
2617 W Fifth Line, MississaugaW40857452617 W Fifth Line, Mississauga
3354 Whilabout Terr, OakvilleW40852993354 Whilabout Terr, Oakville
1258 Nathaniel CresW40857721258 Nathaniel Cres
35 Eastglen Cres, TorontoW408528735 Eastglen Cres, Toronto
1098 Lambton Dr, OakvilleW40864191098 Lambton Dr, Oakville
12 Henrietta St, MarkhamN408664412 Henrietta St, Markham
20 Beck Dr, MarkhamN408613020 Beck Dr, Markham
19 Granlea Rd, TorontoC408526919 Granlea Rd, Toronto
61 Canyon Hill AveN408644861 Canyon Hill Ave
2291 Kenbarb Rd, MississaugaW40866062291 Kenbarb Rd, Mississauga
369 Willard Ave, TorontoW4085249369 Willard Ave, Toronto
32A Niagara Tr, Halton HillsW408655432A Niagara Tr, Halton Hills
90 Castle Hill Dr, TorontoE408648990 Castle Hill Dr, Toronto
486 Threshing Mill BlvdW4086053486 Threshing Mill Blvd
2164 Windsor Way, MississaugaW40854712164 Windsor Way, Mississauga
45 Barr Cres, BramptonW408617645 Barr Cres, Brampton
86 Park Home Ave, TorontoC408618186 Park Home Ave, Toronto
55 Hillholm BlvdN408642155 Hillholm Blvd
125 Garden Ave, TorontoW4085337125 Garden Ave, Toronto
69 Yorkminster Rd, TorontoC408585569 Yorkminster Rd, Toronto
67 Woodriver Bend, GeorginaN408396367 Woodriver Bend, Georgina
49 Rideau Dr, Richmond HillN408578549 Rideau Dr, Richmond Hill
8 Sunbird Cres, TorontoE40865878 Sunbird Cres, Toronto
212 Broadway Ave, TorontoC4085476212 Broadway Ave, Toronto
14 Albion Hills Dr, CaledonW408537114 Albion Hills Dr, Caledon
102 Hillcrest DrN4086199102 Hillcrest Dr
33 Bartley Dr, CaledonW408636833 Bartley Dr, Caledon
225 231 N Water St, CambridgeX4085629225 231 N Water St, Cambridge
2243 Woodmont Cres, OakvilleW40866432243 Woodmont Cres, Oakville
29 Linstock Dr, BramptonW408640529 Linstock Dr, Brampton
94 Holmcrest Tr, TorontoE408518794 Holmcrest Tr, Toronto
3533 Riverspray CresW40864303533 Riverspray Cres
211 Torresdale Ave, TorontoC4085145211 Torresdale Ave, Toronto
32 Havelock St, TorontoC408659732 Havelock St, Toronto
95 Fog Rd, KingN408544995 Fog Rd, King
19 Sweet Emily Crt, VaughanN408629219 Sweet Emily Crt, Vaughan
129 Glenforest Rd, TorontoC4085481129 Glenforest Rd, Toronto
145 Collier St, TorontoC4085743145 Collier St, Toronto
1347 Monmouth Dr, BurlingtonW40844341347 Monmouth Dr, Burlington
147 Roselawn Ave, TorontoC4083905147 Roselawn Ave, Toronto
14 Clara May AveN408379114 Clara May Ave
7 Vomano St, Richmond HillN40839017 Vomano St, Richmond Hill
134 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE4084152134 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
102 Braeside Rd, TorontoC4084470102 Braeside Rd, Toronto
9 Ralston Ave, TorontoE40846009 Ralston Ave, Toronto
11 Stancroft Dr, Richmond HillN408425911 Stancroft Dr, Richmond Hill
169 W Elgin Mills RdN4083476169 W Elgin Mills Rd
431 Kerrybrook DrN4085099431 Kerrybrook Dr
2164 Oakmead Blvd, OakvilleW40835212164 Oakmead Blvd, Oakville
2223 Fassel Ave, BurlingtonW40843942223 Fassel Ave, Burlington
52 Endless Circ, VaughanN408408952 Endless Circ, Vaughan
1469 N Ballyclare DrW40835041469 N Ballyclare Dr
1242 Heathfield Cres, OakvilleW40835081242 Heathfield Cres, Oakville
40 South Kingslea Dr, TorontoW408500140 South Kingslea Dr, Toronto
1156 Melton Dr, MississaugaW40841781156 Melton Dr, Mississauga
251 Old Orchard Grve, TorontoC4084952251 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto
272 Inverness Way BradfordN4083720272 Inverness Way Bradford
1256 Old Colony Rd, OakvilleW40847711256 Old Colony Rd, Oakville
219 Indian Rd, TorontoW4084515219 Indian Rd, Toronto
29 Northcott Way, KingN408384029 Northcott Way, King
150 Gesher Cres, VaughanN4084894150 Gesher Cres, Vaughan
5 Ashdown Cres, Richmond HillN40839725 Ashdown Cres, Richmond Hill
2091 Constance Dr, OakvilleW40849682091 Constance Dr, Oakville
373 Durie St, TorontoW4084743373 Durie St, Toronto
114 Evans Ave, TorontoW4084690114 Evans Ave, Toronto
67 S Main St, BramptonW408491967 S Main St, Brampton
248 Mclaughlin Ave, MiltonW4083723248 Mclaughlin Ave, Milton
10 Burwood Rd, TorontoW408405510 Burwood Rd, Toronto
25 Tefley Rd, TorontoC408395925 Tefley Rd, Toronto
1258 Old Colony Rd, OakvilleW40834681258 Old Colony Rd, Oakville
2110 Canterbury Dr, BurlingtonW40841742110 Canterbury Dr, Burlington
8 Mead Crt, TorontoC40849468 Mead Crt, Toronto
77 Donwoods Dr, TorontoC408455677 Donwoods Dr, Toronto
425 Goodwood Rd, UxbridgeN4083562425 Goodwood Rd, Uxbridge
125 Bedford Rd, TorontoC4084033125 Bedford Rd, Toronto
11 Sandhill Dr, TorontoW408383011 Sandhill Dr, Toronto
2 Montesano CresN40839662 Montesano Cres
60 Arten Ave, Richmond HillN408402760 Arten Ave, Richmond Hill
75 De Vere Gdns, TorontoC408394675 De Vere Gdns, Toronto
231 Woodspring Ave, NewmarketN4083812231 Woodspring Ave, Newmarket
45 Marjory Ave, TorontoE408500445 Marjory Ave, Toronto
217 Waterside Cres, VaughanN4084126217 Waterside Cres, Vaughan
1217 Shaw St, TorontoC40840751217 Shaw St, Toronto
3424 Hayhurst Cres, OakvilleW40847133424 Hayhurst Cres, Oakville
403 La Rocca Ave, VaughanN4083727403 La Rocca Ave, Vaughan
57 Arbour Dr, MarkhamN408369657 Arbour Dr, Markham
10388 Heritage Rd, BramptonW408451410388 Heritage Rd, Brampton
1 Chaplin Crt, Richmond HillN40850691 Chaplin Crt, Richmond Hill
27 Starhill Cres, MarkhamN408357527 Starhill Cres, Markham
507 Spring Gate Blvd, VaughanN4083644507 Spring Gate Blvd, Vaughan
27 Vanderhoof Ave, TorontoC408352227 Vanderhoof Ave, Toronto
31 Horsley Crt, AuroraN408450031 Horsley Crt, Aurora
150 Battaglini AveN4083703150 Battaglini Ave
124 Brentcliffe Rd, TorontoC4083528124 Brentcliffe Rd, Toronto
2 Thursfield Cres, TorontoC40835192 Thursfield Cres, Toronto
120 Frontenac Ave, TorontoC4084325120 Frontenac Ave, Toronto
22 Locomotive Cres, BramptonW408492422 Locomotive Cres, Brampton
6 Yellowhammer Cres, BramptonW40846916 Yellowhammer Cres, Brampton
34 Macleod St, TorontoW408376834 Macleod St, Toronto
97 Owen Blvd, TorontoC408361497 Owen Blvd, Toronto
50 Cedarland Dr, TorontoW408396850 Cedarland Dr, Toronto
26 Glenwood Ave, TorontoW408388426 Glenwood Ave, Toronto
120 Championship Circle PlN4084319120 Championship Circle Pl
172 Coastline Dr, BramptonW4068963172 Coastline Dr, Brampton
31 Bywood Dr, TorontoW408496131 Bywood Dr, Toronto
425 Warren Rd, KingN4084768425 Warren Rd, King
3896 Koenig Rd, BurlingtonW40842973896 Koenig Rd, Burlington
74 Elysian Fields CircW406660074 Elysian Fields Circ
27 Agincourt Circ, BramptonW408407127 Agincourt Circ, Brampton
1 Christina Cres, TorontoE40850511 Christina Cres, Toronto
351 Hillcrest Ave, TorontoC4083875351 Hillcrest Ave, Toronto
26 Wood Rim Dr, Richmond HillN408348526 Wood Rim Dr, Richmond Hill
7 Heathmont Crt, Richmond HillN40837457 Heathmont Crt, Richmond Hill
3352 Destination DrW40844393352 Destination Dr
171 Ward Ave, East GwillimburyN4084341171 Ward Ave, East Gwillimbury
181 Rivermill Cres, VaughanN4085092181 Rivermill Cres, Vaughan
223 Glendonwynne Rd, TorontoW4083852223 Glendonwynne Rd, Toronto
99 Winston Castle Dr, MarkhamN408371699 Winston Castle Dr, Markham
1276 N Clarkson RdW40846931276 N Clarkson Rd
147 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4084160147 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
150 Abbeywood Tr, TorontoC4084330150 Abbeywood Tr, Toronto
12 Shetland St, TorontoC408408312 Shetland St, Toronto
2486 Taylorwood Dr, OakvilleW40837562486 Taylorwood Dr, Oakville
46 Blantyre Ave, TorontoE408364346 Blantyre Ave, Toronto
218 Old Huron Rd, KitchenerX4084229218 Old Huron Rd, Kitchener
55 Nottingham DrN408392955 Nottingham Dr
6036 King Rd, KingN40839916036 King Rd, King
Lot 22 Bathurst Glen DrN4084739Lot 22 Bathurst Glen Dr
782 Miltonbrook Cres, MiltonW4085131782 Miltonbrook Cres, Milton
11 Silver Oaks Blvd, VaughanN408406911 Silver Oaks Blvd, Vaughan
3 Violet Ave, TorontoE40838243 Violet Ave, Toronto
97 Dagmar Ave, TorontoE408435597 Dagmar Ave, Toronto
63 Nature Way CresN408453863 Nature Way Cres
25 Wilfred Ave, TorontoC408357625 Wilfred Ave, Toronto
4769 Allegheny Rd, MississaugaW40850034769 Allegheny Rd, Mississauga
15 Sandway Cres, VaughanN408459315 Sandway Cres, Vaughan
129 Shadow Falls DrN4085110129 Shadow Falls Dr
51 Garnish Green, MarkhamN408345751 Garnish Green, Markham
2437 Hilda Dr, OakvilleW40836852437 Hilda Dr, Oakville
668 Elm RdN4083506668 Elm Rd
166 N Park DrN4084742166 N Park Dr
34 Bluffwood Cres, BramptonW408512034 Bluffwood Cres, Brampton
58 Winnifred Ave, TorontoE408362258 Winnifred Ave, Toronto
138 Hastings Ave, TorontoE4084221138 Hastings Ave, Toronto
171 Waldoncroft CresW4083948171 Waldoncroft Cres
65 Canoe Crt, Richmond HillN408383165 Canoe Crt, Richmond Hill
9 Wild Cherry Lane, MarkhamN40838539 Wild Cherry Lane, Markham
659 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW4084125659 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
300 Glenayr Rd, TorontoC4083610300 Glenayr Rd, Toronto
38 Brackin Rd, MarkhamN408403438 Brackin Rd, Markham
30 Harwood Rd, TorontoC408362930 Harwood Rd, Toronto
20 Warvet Cres, TorontoE408464820 Warvet Cres, Toronto
141 W River Oaks BlvdW4083680141 W River Oaks Blvd
12555 Winston Churchill BlvdW408397512555 Winston Churchill Blvd
11 Brookbank Crt, MarkhamN408405811 Brookbank Crt, Markham
39 St Magnus Dr, TorontoE408424539 St Magnus Dr, Toronto
17 Mccarty Cres, MarkhamN408464217 Mccarty Cres, Markham
105 Gamble Lane GuelphX4086803105 Gamble Lane Guelph
128 Freure Dr, CambridgeX4086898128 Freure Dr, Cambridge
147 Gregorio Ave, HamiltonX4088043147 Gregorio Ave, Hamilton
2234 Casselman Crt, BurlingtonW40873172234 Casselman Crt, Burlington
2063 Springdale Rd, OakvilleW40874372063 Springdale Rd, Oakville
1230 Old Oak Dr, OakvilleW40871061230 Old Oak Dr, Oakville
78 Australia Dr, BramptonW408693678 Australia Dr, Brampton
91 Twenty Sixth St, TorontoW408717491 Twenty Sixth St, Toronto
3894 Koenig Rd, BurlingtonW40880013894 Koenig Rd, Burlington
47 Forestgrove Circ, BramptonW408703147 Forestgrove Circ, Brampton
2644 Lundene Rd, MississaugaW40878052644 Lundene Rd, Mississauga
16 Shining Willow CresW408718716 Shining Willow Cres
62 Shiff Cres, BramptonW408749862 Shiff Cres, Brampton
763 Elsley Crt, MiltonW4087460763 Elsley Crt, Milton
14 Sunnyvale Gate, BramptonW408728814 Sunnyvale Gate, Brampton
67 Ravenswood Dr, BramptonW408780467 Ravenswood Dr, Brampton
200 Laurier Ave, MiltonW4086907200 Laurier Ave, Milton
2523 Thorn Lodge DrW40869692523 Thorn Lodge Dr
1141 Foxglove Pl, MississaugaW40869341141 Foxglove Pl, Mississauga
123 Riley St, HamiltonX4088189123 Riley St, Hamilton
24 Weir Dr, GuelphX408782224 Weir Dr, Guelph
217 Gatestone Dr, HamiltonX4087582217 Gatestone Dr, Hamilton
219 Van Kirk Dr, BramptonW4087371219 Van Kirk Dr, Brampton
881 Minchin Way, MiltonW4087433881 Minchin Way, Milton
416 Lolita Gdns, MississaugaW4086840416 Lolita Gdns, Mississauga
599 W Nairn Circ, MiltonW4087220599 W Nairn Circ, Milton
153 Millstone Dr, BramptonW4088151153 Millstone Dr, Brampton
13186 Airport Rd, CaledonW408699313186 Airport Rd, Caledon
7 Solidarity Crt, BramptonW40876247 Solidarity Crt, Brampton
182 Weybourne Rd, OakvilleW4087074182 Weybourne Rd, Oakville
87 Truro Circ, BramptonW408752387 Truro Circ, Brampton
1302 Orr Terr, MiltonW40867431302 Orr Terr, Milton
2083 Shady Glen Rd, OakvilleW40874122083 Shady Glen Rd, Oakville
32 Burnt Elm Dr, BramptonW408698832 Burnt Elm Dr, Brampton
37 Florida Cres, TorontoW408799337 Florida Cres, Toronto
3022 Briarwood CresW40876663022 Briarwood Cres
22 Raccoon St, BramptonW408781022 Raccoon St, Brampton
56 Brock Ave, TorontoW408758756 Brock Ave, Toronto
4222 Saunders Cres, BurlingtonW40877804222 Saunders Cres, Burlington
3002 Preserve Dr 42, OakvilleW40878693002 Preserve Dr 42, Oakville
14 Chapman Rd, OrangevilleW408698014 Chapman Rd, Orangeville
Lot 24 Bonnieglen Farm BlvdW4087080Lot 24 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd
40 Cox Cres, BramptonW408810540 Cox Cres, Brampton
6617 Eastridge Rd, MississaugaW40881496617 Eastridge Rd, Mississauga
1277 Canford Cres, MississaugaW40874281277 Canford Cres, Mississauga
1072 Shaw St, TorontoW40873451072 Shaw St, Toronto
61 Seaton Dr, AuroraN408810061 Seaton Dr, Aurora
3110 Eclipse Ave, MississaugaW40863993110 Eclipse Ave, Mississauga
15 Pitkin Crt, TorontoW408683015 Pitkin Crt, Toronto
87 National Cres, BramptonW408689787 National Cres, Brampton
72 Holmesdale Rd, TorontoW408742472 Holmesdale Rd, Toronto
104 Naperton Dr, BramptonW4086787104 Naperton Dr, Brampton
2384 Proudfoot Tr, OakvilleW40870062384 Proudfoot Tr, Oakville
32 Apple Blossom CresW408756232 Apple Blossom Cres
85 Forsyth Cres, Halton HillsW408746885 Forsyth Cres, Halton Hills
920 Clark Blvd, MiltonW4087964920 Clark Blvd, Milton
46 Summer Mist Crt, BramptonW408692346 Summer Mist Crt, Brampton
30 Peppertree Cres, BramptonW408719930 Peppertree Cres, Brampton
7 Joywill Crt, BramptonW40870047 Joywill Crt, Brampton
21 Perdita Rd, BramptonW408765921 Perdita Rd, Brampton
33 Colleyville St, BramptonW408809033 Colleyville St, Brampton
81 October Lane, AuroraN408751081 October Lane, Aurora
41 Lesmar Dr, TorontoW408776741 Lesmar Dr, Toronto
129 Verobeach Blvd, TorontoW4087301129 Verobeach Blvd, Toronto
3273 Dragon Dr, MississaugaW40868893273 Dragon Dr, Mississauga
9 Lisson Cres, BramptonW40873089 Lisson Cres, Brampton
13 Borneo Cres, BramptonW408738213 Borneo Cres, Brampton
2449 Lazio Lane, OakvilleW40870982449 Lazio Lane, Oakville
2222 Malden Crt, MississaugaW40868332222 Malden Crt, Mississauga
45 Mulock Ave, TorontoW408685145 Mulock Ave, Toronto
814 Yates Dr, MiltonW4087261814 Yates Dr, Milton
208 Hopkins Cres BradfordN4087529208 Hopkins Cres Bradford
276 Stewart St, NewmarketN4087262276 Stewart St, Newmarket
52 Beresford Ave, TorontoW408669752 Beresford Ave, Toronto
2253 Pathfinder Dr, BurlingtonW40867512253 Pathfinder Dr, Burlington
11 Booth St BradfordN408729911 Booth St Bradford
96 Bramsey St, GeorginaN408709696 Bramsey St, Georgina
97 Widdifield Ave, NewmarketN408688397 Widdifield Ave, Newmarket
72 Paper Mills CresN408700972 Paper Mills Cres
19 William Stark RdN408694819 William Stark Rd
57 Oak Ave, East GwillimburyN408679257 Oak Ave, East Gwillimbury
16 Lealinds Rd, VaughanN408792816 Lealinds Rd, Vaughan
137 Bestview Cres, VaughanN4088174137 Bestview Cres, Vaughan
2724 Vivian Rd, NewmarketN40874042724 Vivian Rd, Newmarket
233 Elmwood Ave, Richmond HillN4086941233 Elmwood Ave, Richmond Hill
59 Dovetail Dr, Richmond HillN408742259 Dovetail Dr, Richmond Hill
845 Best Circ, NewmarketN4086757845 Best Circ, Newmarket
327 N Main St, MarkhamN4087656327 N Main St, Markham
117 Milby Cres BradfordN4087457117 Milby Cres Bradford
11 Beaverbrook Cres, VaughanN408671011 Beaverbrook Cres, Vaughan
16 Lampkin St, GeorginaN408676816 Lampkin St, Georgina
92 Queens Lane, NewmarketN408669892 Queens Lane, Newmarket
27 Torah Gate, VaughanN408700527 Torah Gate, Vaughan
60 Canyon Gate Cres, VaughanN408729660 Canyon Gate Cres, Vaughan
100 Mahogany Forest DrN4087897100 Mahogany Forest Dr
35 Thicketwood BlvdN408739235 Thicketwood Blvd
399 London Rd, NewmarketN4087254399 London Rd, Newmarket
818 Sparrow Rd, NewmarketN4087085818 Sparrow Rd, Newmarket
9300 Concession 2 Rd, UxbridgeN40871099300 Concession 2 Rd, Uxbridge
26 Merdock CrtN408246126 Merdock Crt
199 District Ave, VaughanN4083510199 District Ave, Vaughan
12 Miramar Dr, MarkhamN408816512 Miramar Dr, Markham
66 Goyo Gate, VaughanN408690166 Goyo Gate, Vaughan
38 Black Maple Cres, VaughanN408727938 Black Maple Cres, Vaughan
25 Killington Ave, VaughanN408817725 Killington Ave, Vaughan
26 Wedgewood Pl, VaughanN408697026 Wedgewood Pl, Vaughan
198 Cottonwood Crt, MarkhamN4087270198 Cottonwood Crt, Markham
115 Windrow St, Richmond HillN4088209115 Windrow St, Richmond Hill
493 Kwapis Blvd, NewmarketN4087230493 Kwapis Blvd, Newmarket
10 Cabot Crt, AuroraN408721410 Cabot Crt, Aurora
26 Tilbury Gate, MarkhamN408724326 Tilbury Gate, Markham
64 Walford Rd, MarkhamN408778164 Walford Rd, Markham
178 Olive St, East GwillimburyN4087792178 Olive St, East Gwillimbury
10596 Bathurst St, VaughanN408819510596 Bathurst St, Vaughan
98 Walter English DrN404147398 Walter English Dr
25 Grapevine Circ, TorontoE408752525 Grapevine Circ, Toronto
2268 Brimley Rd, TorontoE40873642268 Brimley Rd, Toronto
17 Firebrace Rd, TorontoE408778217 Firebrace Rd, Toronto
1793 Quail Run Dr, OshawaE40880281793 Quail Run Dr, Oshawa
2944 Seabreeze Rd, AjaxE40876222944 Seabreeze Rd, Ajax
2006 Cocklin Cres, OshawaE40871212006 Cocklin Cres, Oshawa
2262 Pindar Cres, OshawaE40872592262 Pindar Cres, Oshawa
78 Madelaine Ave, TorontoE408675678 Madelaine Ave, Toronto
90 Hibbard Dr, AjaxE408713590 Hibbard Dr, Ajax
20 Langevin Cres, TorontoE408678020 Langevin Cres, Toronto
1681 N Grandview St, OshawaE40867151681 N Grandview St, Oshawa
16 Reese Ave, AjaxE408752016 Reese Ave, Ajax
35 Blackfriar Ave, WhitbyE408747335 Blackfriar Ave, Whitby
94 Darius Harns Dr, WhitbyE408686894 Darius Harns Dr, Whitby
4 Parkland Rd, TorontoE40874074 Parkland Rd, Toronto
67 Booker Dr, AjaxE408721967 Booker Dr, Ajax
17 Hollydene Rd, TorontoE408743917 Hollydene Rd, Toronto
68 Lamb Ave, TorontoE408675468 Lamb Ave, Toronto
14 Tweed Cres, TorontoE408669014 Tweed Cres, Toronto
15 Frost Dr, WhitbyE408750815 Frost Dr, Whitby
9 Sunbird Cres, TorontoE40875699 Sunbird Cres, Toronto
74 Frank Rivers Dr, TorontoE408751874 Frank Rivers Dr, Toronto
57 Gimblett St, ClaringtonE408685657 Gimblett St, Clarington
166 Monarch Park Ave, TorontoE4087246166 Monarch Park Ave, Toronto
848 William Lee Ave, OshawaE4087194848 William Lee Ave, Oshawa
27 Mcculley St, TorontoE408710827 Mcculley St, Toronto
1501 Taunton Rd, ClaringtonE40874411501 Taunton Rd, Clarington
6 Tavistock Ave, WhitbyE40867366 Tavistock Ave, Whitby
11 Ashland Ave, TorontoE408684111 Ashland Ave, Toronto
56 Willesden Rd, TorontoC408669956 Willesden Rd, Toronto
1573 Dewberry CresW40856711573 Dewberry Cres
266 Barber Dr, Halton HillsW4085452266 Barber Dr, Halton Hills
619 Bennett Blvd, MiltonW4085827619 Bennett Blvd, Milton
2315 Pyramid Cres, MississaugaW40855962315 Pyramid Cres, Mississauga
168 Andona Cres, TorontoE4085503168 Andona Cres, Toronto
44 Woodgarden Cres, TorontoE408538944 Woodgarden Cres, Toronto
46 Meadow Bush Crt, BramptonW408592146 Meadow Bush Crt, Brampton
3482 Hideaway Pl, MississaugaW40856783482 Hideaway Pl, Mississauga
1146 Haig Blvd, MississaugaW40853631146 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
1061 Deacon Dr, MiltonW40864931061 Deacon Dr, Milton
1393 Olga Dr, BurlingtonW40856331393 Olga Dr, Burlington
11 Zimmer St, BramptonW408535611 Zimmer St, Brampton
13 W Concession St, ClaringtonE408602913 W Concession St, Clarington
20A Northview Ave, TorontoE408595720A Northview Ave, Toronto
6197 Kisby Dr, MississaugaW40863306197 Kisby Dr, Mississauga
2 Goyo Gate, VaughanN40852262 Goyo Gate, Vaughan
621 Young Ave, BurlingtonW4085623621 Young Ave, Burlington
3234 Palmer Dr, BurlingtonW40862593234 Palmer Dr, Burlington
12 Sequin Dr, Richmond HillN408542612 Sequin Dr, Richmond Hill
12 George Bogg Rd, VaughanN408551112 George Bogg Rd, Vaughan
3091 Ballydown CresW40861133091 Ballydown Cres
5992 Manzanillo CresW40855585992 Manzanillo Cres
272 Country Glen Rd, MarkhamN4085387272 Country Glen Rd, Markham
49 Wheatfield Rd, TorontoW408517049 Wheatfield Rd, Toronto
126 Twenty Second St, TorontoW4085339126 Twenty Second St, Toronto
8 Thames Ave, TorontoW40860998 Thames Ave, Toronto
5190 Tamarac Dr, BurlingtonW40851645190 Tamarac Dr, Burlington
52 Lawnmere Cres, TorontoE408558552 Lawnmere Cres, Toronto
5 Tyre Ave Th8, TorontoW40855665 Tyre Ave Th8, Toronto
167 Pinnacle Tr, AuroraN4085721167 Pinnacle Tr, Aurora
53 Stratton Cres, WhitbyE408583753 Stratton Cres, Whitby
13129 Fallbrook TrW408552313129 Fallbrook Tr
424 Barber Dr, Halton HillsW4085401424 Barber Dr, Halton Hills
33 Wilfred Murison AveN408630333 Wilfred Murison Ave
2100 Stornoway St, OshawaE40853602100 Stornoway St, Oshawa
16 Dancers Dr, MarkhamN408612216 Dancers Dr, Markham
6907 Buttle Station PlW40861526907 Buttle Station Pl
34 Oblate Cres, BramptonW408642634 Oblate Cres, Brampton
9 Sandcliff Rd, TorontoW40864989 Sandcliff Rd, Toronto
130 Mccann Cres BradfordN4085943130 Mccann Cres Bradford
104 Alameda Ave, TorontoC4085823104 Alameda Ave, Toronto
422 Sixteen Mile Dr, OakvilleW4086247422 Sixteen Mile Dr, Oakville
Lot 14 Rice Lake Scenic DrX4085480Lot 14 Rice Lake Scenic Dr
32 Knowles Cres, AuroraN408575732 Knowles Cres, Aurora
59 Angier Cres, AjaxE408661259 Angier Cres, Ajax
1972 Dufferin St, TorontoW40863131972 Dufferin St, Toronto
175 Riveredge Dr, GeorginaN4085457175 Riveredge Dr, Georgina
2 Murdock Ave, AuroraN40861612 Murdock Ave, Aurora
196 Westlake Ave, TorontoE4086616196 Westlake Ave, Toronto
883 Cosburn Ave, TorontoE4085608883 Cosburn Ave, Toronto
278 Miller Park Ave BradfordN4086675278 Miller Park Ave Bradford
19 Nashland Ave, TorontoW408540819 Nashland Ave, Toronto
68 Uno Dr, TorontoW408635468 Uno Dr, Toronto
107 John St, TorontoW4085613107 John St, Toronto
40 Page Cres, MarkhamN408641040 Page Cres, Markham
31 Troyer St, BramptonW408668031 Troyer St, Brampton
8 Sultana Ave, TorontoC40861168 Sultana Ave, Toronto
105 Art West Ave, NewmarketN4086353105 Art West Ave, Newmarket
109 King St, East GwillimburyN4085437109 King St, East Gwillimbury
323 Nunn Crt, MiltonW4085241323 Nunn Crt, Milton
41 Parkes Dr, AjaxE408555541 Parkes Dr, Ajax
92 Peterborough Ave, TorontoW408590092 Peterborough Ave, Toronto
1239 Oakhill Dr, OshawaE40852461239 Oakhill Dr, Oshawa
2855 Gulfstream WayW40863942855 Gulfstream Way
52 Meadow Bush Crt, BramptonW408643652 Meadow Bush Crt, Brampton
47 Humberstone Cres, BramptonW408551647 Humberstone Cres, Brampton
83 Boon Ave, TorontoW408641283 Boon Ave, Toronto
26 Flute StN408610326 Flute St
20 Darlington Dr, TorontoW408519620 Darlington Dr, Toronto
37 Cranwood Circ, BramptonW408598637 Cranwood Circ, Brampton
8 Bonacres Ave, TorontoE40854828 Bonacres Ave, Toronto
1 Mansion St, BramptonW40866591 Mansion St, Brampton
Lot 63 Loomis Rd, BramptonW4086107Lot 63 Loomis Rd, Brampton
33 Pickard Lane, BramptonW408660433 Pickard Lane, Brampton
1047 King Rd, BurlingtonW40857381047 King Rd, Burlington
179 Alfred Paterson DrN4085362179 Alfred Paterson Dr
20 Decourcy Ireland Circ, AjaxE408528420 Decourcy Ireland Circ, Ajax
512 Martin Grove Rd, TorontoW4085150512 Martin Grove Rd, Toronto
268 Medina Dr, GeorginaN4086005268 Medina Dr, Georgina
398 Sunny Meadow BlvdW4085215398 Sunny Meadow Blvd
15 Ling St, AjaxE408648015 Ling St, Ajax
181 Robert Parkinson DrW4085893181 Robert Parkinson Dr
126 Milverton Blvd, TorontoE4086576126 Milverton Blvd, Toronto
10 Mildenhall Pl, WhitbyE408539310 Mildenhall Pl, Whitby
81 De Quincy Blvd, TorontoC408564481 De Quincy Blvd, Toronto
411 Daralea Hts, MississaugaW4085427411 Daralea Hts, Mississauga
4 George Gray Dr, BramptonW40864864 George Gray Dr, Brampton
53 Lynvalley Cres, TorontoE408530753 Lynvalley Cres, Toronto
27 Danesbury Ave, TorontoW408642227 Danesbury Ave, Toronto
761 Clements Dr, MiltonW4085786761 Clements Dr, Milton
35 Kirkhaven Way, BramptonW408607635 Kirkhaven Way, Brampton
750 Ashworth Rd, UxbridgeN4086485750 Ashworth Rd, Uxbridge
2 Benlight Cres, TorontoE40865732 Benlight Cres, Toronto
2474 Ninth Line BradfordN40865932474 Ninth Line Bradford
366 Travail Ave, OshawaE4085980366 Travail Ave, Oshawa
26 Hillpath Cres, BramptonW408569926 Hillpath Cres, Brampton
284 Axminster DrN4085870284 Axminster Dr
387 Weddel Crt, NewmarketN4085289387 Weddel Crt, Newmarket
10 Valleyfield RdN408647010 Valleyfield Rd
2616 Cushing Rd, MississaugaW40862612616 Cushing Rd, Mississauga
678 Martin Grove Rd, TorontoW4086617678 Martin Grove Rd, Toronto
476 Doyle Crt, NewmarketN4086026476 Doyle Crt, Newmarket
1242 Pharmacy Ave, TorontoE40859451242 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto
60 City Park Circ, VaughanN408626760 City Park Circ, Vaughan
54 Milne LaneN408570254 Milne Lane
52 John Link Ave, GeorginaN408556052 John Link Ave, Georgina
659 Cherrywood Dr, BurlingtonW4086487659 Cherrywood Dr, Burlington
24 Shanty St, VaughanN408597824 Shanty St, Vaughan
44 Andrew Ave, TorontoE408602744 Andrew Ave, Toronto
26 Thirtieth St, TorontoW408642326 Thirtieth St, Toronto
71 Montrose Ave, TorontoC408622771 Montrose Ave, Toronto
5741 Keldrew Ave, MississaugaW40854745741 Keldrew Ave, Mississauga
246 Yorkshire Dr, NewmarketN4086634246 Yorkshire Dr, Newmarket
742 Yarfield Cres, NewmarketN4085683742 Yarfield Cres, Newmarket
44 Royal Springs CresW408576344 Royal Springs Cres
88 Princess StN408663188 Princess St
2987 Gulfstream WayW40854992987 Gulfstream Way
160 Monarch Park Ave, TorontoE4086065160 Monarch Park Ave, Toronto
8777 Dufferin St 51, VaughanN40853518777 Dufferin St 51, Vaughan
36 Anola Pl, TorontoE408607336 Anola Pl, Toronto
5249 Bromley Rd, BurlingtonW40854365249 Bromley Rd, Burlington
1639 Shale Oak MewsW40853061639 Shale Oak Mews
82 Belmont Blvd, Halton HillsW408590682 Belmont Blvd, Halton Hills
339 Tennyson Dr, OakvilleW4085540339 Tennyson Dr, Oakville
60 Daniels Cres, AjaxE408638060 Daniels Cres, Ajax
3 Kenninghall BlvdW40852943 Kenninghall Blvd
49 Suburban Dr, MississaugaW408566249 Suburban Dr, Mississauga
9 Jolana Cres, Halton HillsW40853949 Jolana Cres, Halton Hills
728 Reece Crt, MiltonW4085204728 Reece Crt, Milton
123 Ferrier Ave, TorontoE4086207123 Ferrier Ave, Toronto
1282 Midgreen LaneW40861901282 Midgreen Lane
302 Delta St, TorontoW4086254302 Delta St, Toronto
285 Glenwood Cres, CaledonW4086035285 Glenwood Cres, Caledon
3050 W Max Khan Blvd, OakvilleW40862183050 W Max Khan Blvd, Oakville
3 Applefield Dr, TorontoE40855493 Applefield Dr, Toronto
30 Lormel Gate, BramptonW408557430 Lormel Gate, Brampton
99 Bell Dr, WhitbyE408644399 Bell Dr, Whitby
156 Prairie Rose CircW4086373156 Prairie Rose Circ
18 Whiteoak Crt, MarkhamN408555318 Whiteoak Crt, Markham
200 Lyle Landing, MiltonW4085372200 Lyle Landing, Milton
34 Torrance Rd, TorontoE408641534 Torrance Rd, Toronto
202 Bur Oak Ave, MarkhamN4086589202 Bur Oak Ave, Markham
43 Lyons Lane, GeorginaN408529043 Lyons Lane, Georgina
34 Blaine Crt, VaughanN408541434 Blaine Crt, Vaughan
91 Sweetriver Blvd, VaughanN408592491 Sweetriver Blvd, Vaughan
105 John St, TorontoW4085300105 John St, Toronto
2758 Donald Cousens PkwyN40866722758 Donald Cousens Pkwy
76 Haverhill Terr, AuroraN408531776 Haverhill Terr, Aurora
77 Ashbury Blvd, AjaxE408630677 Ashbury Blvd, Ajax
11 Skelmore Cres, TorontoC408650811 Skelmore Cres, Toronto
33 Morland Rd, TorontoW408665233 Morland Rd, Toronto
275 Lappin Ave, TorontoW4085797275 Lappin Ave, Toronto
50 Crestridge Dr, CaledonW408560150 Crestridge Dr, Caledon
48 Revelstoke CresN408665048 Revelstoke Cres
24 Elise Terr, TorontoC408589824 Elise Terr, Toronto
27 Odin Cres, AuroraN408524527 Odin Cres, Aurora
14 Freedom Oaks Tr, BramptonW408585214 Freedom Oaks Tr, Brampton
8 Castlemore Dr, BramptonW40856608 Castlemore Dr, Brampton
54 Maughan Cres, TorontoE408519754 Maughan Cres, Toronto
77 David Dunlap Circ, TorontoC408524377 David Dunlap Circ, Toronto
940 Riverbank Dr, CambridgeX4085867940 Riverbank Dr, Cambridge
5932 Churchill Meadows BlvdW40858475932 Churchill Meadows Blvd
1 Mendys Forest, AuroraN40852051 Mendys Forest, Aurora
112 Woodfield Rd, TorontoE4085543112 Woodfield Rd, Toronto
169 August Ave, TorontoE4084837169 August Ave, Toronto
136 Cedric Ave, TorontoC4084499136 Cedric Ave, Toronto
46 Oxfordshire St, MarkhamN408450646 Oxfordshire St, Markham
3339 Ferris St, BurlingtonW40838053339 Ferris St, Burlington
12 Severin St, BramptonW408347512 Severin St, Brampton
701 Brimorton Dr, TorontoE4083715701 Brimorton Dr, Toronto
20 Knighton Dr, TorontoC408501420 Knighton Dr, Toronto
11 Coneflower Cres, TorontoC408407211 Coneflower Cres, Toronto
93 Newbury Cres, BramptonW408412293 Newbury Cres, Brampton
729 Palmerston Ave, TorontoC4084145729 Palmerston Ave, Toronto
228 Bantry Ave, Richmond HillN4084097228 Bantry Ave, Richmond Hill
17 Redwillow Dr, TorontoC408354117 Redwillow Dr, Toronto
5 Oakdene St, BramptonW40837985 Oakdene St, Brampton
94 Harmony Rd, VaughanN408479294 Harmony Rd, Vaughan
1162 Kipling Ave, TorontoW40850651162 Kipling Ave, Toronto
513 Victoria Park Ave, TorontoE4083838513 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
31 Benjamin Boake Tr, TorontoW408444031 Benjamin Boake Tr, Toronto
47 Angelica Ave, Richmond HillN408419047 Angelica Ave, Richmond Hill
1035 Bob Scott Crt, NewmarketN40843081035 Bob Scott Crt, Newmarket
45 Thorncrest Dr, VaughanN408394745 Thorncrest Dr, Vaughan
8 Townwood Dr 49N40840098 Townwood Dr 49
3224 Carding Mill Tr, OakvilleW40844083224 Carding Mill Tr, Oakville
91 White Tail Cres, BramptonW408416791 White Tail Cres, Brampton
180 Waterbury St, CaledonW4085105180 Waterbury St, Caledon
3177 The Credit WoodlandsW40841073177 The Credit Woodlands
47 Troutbeck Cres, BramptonW408488747 Troutbeck Cres, Brampton
329 Ritas Ave, NewmarketN4083781329 Ritas Ave, Newmarket
72 Beaverbrook Cres, VaughanN408358872 Beaverbrook Cres, Vaughan
18 Peregrine Grve, BramptonW408432718 Peregrine Grve, Brampton
20 Gartshore Dr, WhitbyE408361320 Gartshore Dr, Whitby
65 Journal Ave, VaughanN408374765 Journal Ave, Vaughan
3150 Blackfriar Common St 186W40836753150 Blackfriar Common St 186
8 Trentonian St, BramptonW40841478 Trentonian St, Brampton
54 East Dr, TorontoW408395054 East Dr, Toronto
143 N Elizabeth Cres, WhitbyE4084346143 N Elizabeth Cres, Whitby
19 Gentian Dr, TorontoW408390319 Gentian Dr, Toronto
15 Greystone Crt, TorontoW408466015 Greystone Crt, Toronto
485 Lauder Ave, TorontoC4084005485 Lauder Ave, Toronto
103 Priscilla Ave, TorontoW4083607103 Priscilla Ave, Toronto
4330 Waterford CresW40847654330 Waterford Cres
397 Coachwhip Tr, NewmarketN4083480397 Coachwhip Tr, Newmarket
2 Kerwood Pl, BramptonW40839982 Kerwood Pl, Brampton
35 Jarrow Cres, WhitbyE408447435 Jarrow Cres, Whitby
15 Sylla Ave, TorontoE408378315 Sylla Ave, Toronto
34 Cumber Ave, TorontoE408397434 Cumber Ave, Toronto
120 Kingston Rd, TorontoE4084261120 Kingston Rd, Toronto
77 Sunridge St, Richmond HillN408408177 Sunridge St, Richmond Hill
42 Parkes Dr, AjaxE408354942 Parkes Dr, Ajax
54 Brinloor Blvd, TorontoE408388754 Brinloor Blvd, Toronto
130 Harding Blvd, TorontoE4083546130 Harding Blvd, Toronto
85 Grand Oak Dr, Richmond HillN408478585 Grand Oak Dr, Richmond Hill
105 Mahogany Forest DrN4083647105 Mahogany Forest Dr
581 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4083641581 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
85 Painswick Cres, TorontoC408348985 Painswick Cres, Toronto
152 Lisa Cres, VaughanN4084070152 Lisa Cres, Vaughan
2 Webster Dr, AuroraN40845922 Webster Dr, Aurora
16 Eastgrove SqN408388116 Eastgrove Sq
75 Douglas Ave, TorontoC408467575 Douglas Ave, Toronto
72 Stephenson CresN408374272 Stephenson Cres
14 Megan Ave, TorontoE408370214 Megan Ave, Toronto
811 Othello Crt, MississaugaW4084146811 Othello Crt, Mississauga
4 Sage Brush St, MarkhamN40839584 Sage Brush St, Markham
502 Glebeholme Blvd, TorontoE4084237502 Glebeholme Blvd, Toronto
30 West Lynn Ave, TorontoE408455230 West Lynn Ave, Toronto
901 Daryl Dr, BurlingtonW4084844901 Daryl Dr, Burlington
804 Caboto Tr, MarkhamN4085073804 Caboto Tr, Markham
478 Kwapis Blvd, NewmarketN4085059478 Kwapis Blvd, Newmarket
877 Fable Cres, MississaugaW4084510877 Fable Cres, Mississauga
103 Kent Rd, TorontoE4084536103 Kent Rd, Toronto
261 Van Kirk Dr, BramptonW4084304261 Van Kirk Dr, Brampton
15 Groveland Cres, BramptonW408430515 Groveland Cres, Brampton
2 Coco Ave, Richmond HillN40839392 Coco Ave, Richmond Hill
353 Treend Pl, MiltonW4083583353 Treend Pl, Milton
19 Orley Ave, TorontoE408368619 Orley Ave, Toronto
15 Grey Oak Dr, GuelphX408390615 Grey Oak Dr, Guelph
52 Huntsmill Blvd, TorontoE408384852 Huntsmill Blvd, Toronto
17 Yorkview Dr, TorontoW408486217 Yorkview Dr, Toronto
4798 Auckland Ave, MississaugaW40835484798 Auckland Ave, Mississauga
15 Six Nations Ave, TorontoE408423815 Six Nations Ave, Toronto
13 Michael Dr, Richmond HillN408457313 Michael Dr, Richmond Hill
992 Pelham Ave, MississaugaW4084951992 Pelham Ave, Mississauga
1619 Chippendale RdW40845181619 Chippendale Rd
201 Hollywood Hill CircN4084353201 Hollywood Hill Circ
1121 Greenhill Ave, OshawaE40850211121 Greenhill Ave, Oshawa
300 Downy Emerald Dr BradfordN4083683300 Downy Emerald Dr Bradford
612 Coxwell Ave, TorontoE4083737612 Coxwell Ave, Toronto
10 Trewartha Cres, BramptonW408439010 Trewartha Cres, Brampton
344 Aylesworth Ave, TorontoE4084977344 Aylesworth Ave, Toronto
36 Newhouse Blvd, CaledonW408419236 Newhouse Blvd, Caledon
231 Hammersly Blvd, MarkhamN4084164231 Hammersly Blvd, Markham
2300 Bur Oak Ave, MarkhamN40839842300 Bur Oak Ave, Markham
3259 Anderson CresW40842113259 Anderson Cres
26 Wallaby Way, BramptonW408394326 Wallaby Way, Brampton
93 Aventura Cres, VaughanN408503393 Aventura Cres, Vaughan
2376 Secreto Dr, OshawaE40835732376 Secreto Dr, Oshawa
214 N Flagstone Way, NewmarketN4083671214 N Flagstone Way, Newmarket
131 Cabin Trail CresN4084786131 Cabin Trail Cres
229 Britannia Ave, OshawaE4084704229 Britannia Ave, Oshawa
3521 Burningelm CresW40844633521 Burningelm Cres
39 Lormel Gate, BramptonW408451739 Lormel Gate, Brampton
365 Harvie Ave, TorontoW4083924365 Harvie Ave, Toronto
23 Delmonico Rd, BramptonW408365223 Delmonico Rd, Brampton
15 Golf View Dr, BramptonW408351415 Golf View Dr, Brampton
870 Isaac Phillips WayN4085034870 Isaac Phillips Way
89 Hollywood Cres, TorontoE408453189 Hollywood Cres, Toronto
220 Clonmore Dr, TorontoE4083565220 Clonmore Dr, Toronto
174 Blackwell Cres, OshawaE4084807174 Blackwell Cres, Oshawa
76 Marieta St, VaughanN408388576 Marieta St, Vaughan
88 Picola Crt, TorontoC408373488 Picola Crt, Toronto
6 Four Seasons CresN40840066 Four Seasons Cres
38 Glen Dhu Dr, WhitbyE408490738 Glen Dhu Dr, Whitby
124 Legnano Cres, VaughanN4083860124 Legnano Cres, Vaughan
13 Kruger Rd, MarkhamN408412913 Kruger Rd, Markham
126 Canada Goose BlvdW4084443126 Canada Goose Blvd
33 North St, WhitbyE408510633 North St, Whitby
1174 Carol St, BurlingtonW40848321174 Carol St, Burlington
2770 Westbury Crt, MississaugaW40843242770 Westbury Crt, Mississauga
36 Wolfrey Ave, TorontoE408489836 Wolfrey Ave, Toronto
78 Moody Dr, VaughanN408348878 Moody Dr, Vaughan
139 Gilmour Ave, TorontoW4084171139 Gilmour Ave, Toronto
8672 Financial Dr, BramptonW40847778672 Financial Dr, Brampton
101 S Elizabeth Cres, WhitbyE4083524101 S Elizabeth Cres, Whitby
700 Summeridge Dr 14, VaughanN4083479700 Summeridge Dr 14, Vaughan
110 Elena Cres, VaughanN4083619110 Elena Cres, Vaughan
892 Leslie Valley DrN4083911892 Leslie Valley Dr
2925 West Oak Trails BlvdW40837382925 West Oak Trails Blvd
6 Chipwood Cres, TorontoC40837066 Chipwood Cres, Toronto
Lot87 2 Remembrance RdW4084432Lot87 2 Remembrance Rd
33 Jemima Dr, BramptonW408463033 Jemima Dr, Brampton
36 Ravenview Dr, WhitbyE408497636 Ravenview Dr, Whitby
3200 Nixon Gate, BurlingtonW40840223200 Nixon Gate, Burlington
153 Whitlock Ave, MiltonW4084997153 Whitlock Ave, Milton
1424 Thornton Rd, BurlingtonW40836231424 Thornton Rd, Burlington
394 Caledonia Rd, TorontoW4084537394 Caledonia Rd, Toronto
20 Joseph St, MississaugaW408368920 Joseph St, Mississauga
4650 Highway 7 Ave 26, VaughanN40848544650 Highway 7 Ave 26, Vaughan
57 Sonmore Dr, TorontoE408473657 Sonmore Dr, Toronto
921 Islington Ave, TorontoW4084321921 Islington Ave, Toronto
522 Edenbrook Hill DrW4084312522 Edenbrook Hill Dr
1034 Laurier Ave, MiltonW40844561034 Laurier Ave, Milton
16 Facet St, BramptonW408419616 Facet St, Brampton
30 Tilbury Gate, MarkhamN408458230 Tilbury Gate, Markham
4780 W Eglinton Ave 66W40849804780 W Eglinton Ave 66
148A Robbinstone Dr, TorontoE4085017148A Robbinstone Dr, Toronto
31 Silverado Tr, VaughanN408375431 Silverado Tr, Vaughan
45 Spring Hill Dr, KingN408397345 Spring Hill Dr, King
297 Gowan Ave, TorontoE4083857297 Gowan Ave, Toronto
98 Scott St North, DumfriesX408371898 Scott St North, Dumfries
17 Allonsius Dr, TorontoW408365417 Allonsius Dr, Toronto
33 Western Ave, KingN408369733 Western Ave, King
10 Littleriver Crt, VaughanN408415110 Littleriver Crt, Vaughan
8 Kalahari Rd, BramptonW40847618 Kalahari Rd, Brampton
21463 Kennedy RdN408465821463 Kennedy Rd
100 Taylorwood Ave, CaledonW4083956100 Taylorwood Ave, Caledon
37 Alden Sq, AjaxE408457637 Alden Sq, Ajax
3370 Martins Pine CresW40840913370 Martins Pine Cres
29 Torah Gate, VaughanN408377729 Torah Gate, Vaughan
39 Dr Jones Dr, KingN408371439 Dr Jones Dr, King
6 Solidarity Crt, BramptonW40846416 Solidarity Crt, Brampton
9 Westbrook Ave, TorontoE40843079 Westbrook Ave, Toronto
44 Fireside Dr, BramptonW408508444 Fireside Dr, Brampton
194 Worthview Dr, VaughanN4084497194 Worthview Dr, Vaughan
46 Dominy Dr, AjaxE408370146 Dominy Dr, Ajax
3 Crewe Ave, TorontoE40850543 Crewe Ave, Toronto
58 Golfview Cres, GeorginaN408439558 Golfview Cres, Georgina
36 Ivygreen Rd, GeorginaN408460536 Ivygreen Rd, Georgina
42 Wilson Dr BradfordN408513642 Wilson Dr Bradford
146 Six Point Rd, TorontoW4084290146 Six Point Rd, Toronto
87 S Elizabeth St, BramptonW408358287 S Elizabeth St, Brampton
55 Howlett Ave, NewmarketN408426655 Howlett Ave, Newmarket
11 Mahogany Crt, AuroraN408348111 Mahogany Crt, Aurora
8301 Kipling Ave, VaughanN40842068301 Kipling Ave, Vaughan
1 Lynn St BradfordN40836601 Lynn St Bradford
76 Kennett Dr, WhitbyE408463676 Kennett Dr, Whitby
76 Hollywood Hill CircN408423676 Hollywood Hill Circ
88 Cousins Dr, AuroraN408355588 Cousins Dr, Aurora
3163 Steppingstone CrtW40843683163 Steppingstone Crt
7 Harry Blaylock Dr, MarkhamN40839697 Harry Blaylock Dr, Markham
28 Carnforth Dr, BramptonW408371128 Carnforth Dr, Brampton
40 Bartley Dr, TorontoC408403240 Bartley Dr, Toronto
7 Parkins Dr, AjaxE40838517 Parkins Dr, Ajax

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