Best Toronto Bars

Best Bars in Toronto

Bars are a necessity in every city as they provide a secure place where people can have a drink and interact. Toronto has the best bars with enough room for you and your friends or private areas to have a quiet time alone. There are a variety of bars and you will be lost for choice.

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There are rules and regulations to be followed when investing in a bar. As a law-abiding bar patron, you should only go for the bars that are licensed and certified.

Before we start, here is a video to give you an overview of the top 20 bars and clubs:

Toronto Nightlife: TOP 20 Bars & Clubs

To get to the best bars in Toronto, here are some of the qualities you should look for:


Anything that you consume should be served in a clean environment as food poisoning is the last thing you want to deal with. The best bars in Toronto have invested in ensuring a clean environment for the patrons to enjoy.  A bar should be clean from the reception, sitting area, all the way to the lavatory.

The health regulations bodies have arrangements to inspect bars and there is a certificate for those who meet the standards. You will have a good time alone or with friends if you only go for the best bars in the city as there is a high level of cleanliness.

Professional Bartenders

Bar, saloon, club, pub or tavern business is just like any other business that requires an excellent team of service providers. You will tell the best bar by the reception you get from the moment you enter to the time you leave the premises.

The bartenders may not have fancy styles for juggling the bottles and may not have endless jokes but they should be friendly to the patrons. You should be generous to tip a bartender who makes your stay comfortable and memorable.

Community involvement

The best bars in Toronto have a tendency of giving back to society. This is demonstrated by their support and sponsorship of local sports teams in hockey, softball, soccer, and other games. You will fill fulfilled by spending in a bar that supports your team.

Apart from sports sponsorship, the best bars in the city are part of the community work. Toronto is a clean city and a bar that takes part in community developments to make the city better is worth spending time and money in.


Bars are entertainment places that you need to have quality time in. The best bars in the city have invested in making the place elegant to attract and keep clients. You do not want to spend your time in a boring area with nothing to admire. Decors on the walls or corridors will enhance your mood as you can also take a photo.


You will only enjoy a drink if you have enough space for your comfort. A squeezed up bar is grouped as a low-class place that you can barely have a breathing space. The best bars in the city have enough room for their patrons and you can choose to sit on the smoking or non-smoking side.

A spacious bar will also give you enough room to interact with friends or dance to the music being played. You will feel secure when you have space all to yourself.


Toronto is a big city that has many activities going on. Though it’s a tourist attraction town, the best bars have their clients in mind and only charge reasonable fees for the drinks. You will need to shop around to have the best bar that meets your needs and you can comfortably afford your favourite drink. If you’re looking for some other things to do and see in Toronto, come look at our post on the Top Things to Do in Toronto.




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