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You want to work with one of the best Chinese speaking Realtors out there. We can bring you one - quickly, easily and for free.

We match you to a top Chinese speaking Real Estate Agent - who not only speaks Chinese but is one of the best Realtors in your area. We have interviewed, rated and vetted all our Realtors - so you get a top Chinese speaking Real Estate Agent for free.

Get A Top Chinese Speaking Realtor For Free

Get Award-Winning Real Estate Help

Our Agents and team have won multiple awards, including the prestigious 2018 President's Gold Award.

Take the guess-work out of finding a great Realtor and get a trusted, proven and award-winning expert to help you buy or sell your next home.

Top 10% In Canada Award
Top Rated Agent Award
President's Gold Award 2018
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Our Service Has Been Featured In:

Business News Network
CBC News
Bloomberg Business
Financial Post
Huffington Post

We've Done The Hard Work For You...

We've interviewed, rated and reviewed hundreds of Realtors

Our "10-10-10" rule - With our Realtors you get:


Experience - our Realtors have an average of 10 years experience.


Expertise - they all have completed more than 10 deals.


Excellence - many are in the top 10% in Canada*.

In addition to this, all of our Realtors are 5-star rated, MLS approved, use the best technology available and meet a high level of service.

You can trust us to get you an amazing Realtor.

"It was a pleasure to deal with you - thanks for this service."

Paige M.

5 / 5

A New And Better Way To Find A Top Realtor

If you've ever booked a flight or hotel online using a comparison service, you know how many choices you're presented with. It's great to be able to find the best fit!

We've taken that to the next level. We look at hundreds of Realtors, specific to your area or needs and pair you up with only the best.

The Old Way

Asking for friends or family for recommendations. You get plenty of suggestions but many of them won't know what they're doing, don't have the experience and might be a terrible fit for you...

Old way

Our New Way

With the click of a button, based on your exact needs and requirements, you are paired up with a top performing Realtor who can save you thousands. Just like that.

New way
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How Does This Work? It Takes Just 3 Steps:

1. Complete Our 40 Second Assessment Form

Provide us with the basic information we need so that we can match you to the best buying specialist Realtor for your particular needs.

2. We Do The Hard Work - For Free!

We have interviewed, vetted and rated dozens of Real Estate Agents - to make sure that we can only bring you the ones who are the very best buying specialists out there.

3. Sit Back And Save Money

Within minutes you'll be talking to your buying specialist - who will explain the exact processes and systems that they will use to help you buy your perfect home at a great price.

"It was a pleasure to deal with Royal LePage Signature Realty. My wife and I thank you for your patience, persistence and long hours put in on our behalf."

James and Susan

5 / 5

Getting A Chinese Speaking Realtor
Doesn't Have To Be Hard

You don't need to spend days or weeks researching who are the top Chinese speaking Real Estate Agents, reading their reviews or interviewing dozens of agents.

With just 40 seconds of your time – to get some basic information – we will match you to a top Chinese speaking Real Estate Agent – completely free.

No Need To Interview Dozens Of Agents -
We Have Done All The Hard Work For You…

We have personally interviewed and vetted all our agents. They are 5 star rated, MLS approved and must all meet a minimum level of service or they are dropped from our list.

So, sit back and relax – let us match you to the right Realtor based upon your needs.

Our service is totally free and takes just 40 seconds.

Get One Of The Best Chinese Speaking Real Estate Agents

Whatever Your Needs - We've Got You Covered

Whether you speak a different language - whether it be Chinese, Portuguese or Russian - we can match you to the right professional.

In addition to this we serve right across the GTA: from Brantford, Hamilton, Mississauga, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Oakville, Guelph and Etobicoke in the west, to Toronto in the centre, Milton, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Forest Hill and Orangeville in the north and the east including Scarborough, Oshawa, Ajax and Whitby


Check out the areas we serve for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Nope. Our service is completely free. However, if you are using one of our team to sell your home, they may charge a commission for this. If you are using someone on our team to buy a home there is no commission charge to you.

But regardless of whether you are buying or selling - our service is completely free.

We are fully licensed real estate professionals ourselves, meaning that we must follow all rules and regulations in place in Ontario. All our Realtors are fully licensed and top professionals.

Our service has great reviews, amazing feedback and we have dozens of happy customers.

In addition to this, there is no obligation - if you don't like the Realtor we send you, we will send you another one - however, this has yet to happen in the years we have been running this service.

Finally, we don't make any money unless you are happy (see the next section).

We charge our Realtors a small fee - but they only pay it if there is a closed deal. So, if we send you a terrible Realtor who is useless and can't buy or sell a property for you, we don't make any money. This is why we only work with the best out there - otherwise we would not make any money ourselves.

It can seem that Real Estate is a profession that is stuck in the past. Whilst that might be true for some Realtors, it is not the case with ours.Our Realtors use technology and tools that 99% of Realtors out there are not using. This is how they became the top Realtors they are - and how they can sell your home for more or know exactly where to look to help you buy your perfect home.

We serve the entire Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and all the surrounding areas as well - from Brantford in the west, through to Cobourg in the east. Including all of Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Guelph, Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Markham, Ajax, Pickering, Whitby, Newmarket - and all the surrounding areas.Unlike other services out there, we only work in the GTA and surrounding areas - we are also based there ourselves.So we are a local, GTA based, Canadian company - this allows us to build strong relationships with the best Chinese speaking Realtors, who also happen to be in the top 10% in the whole of Canada.

Yes, we are fully licensed and regulated ourselves. It is illegal for us to use or share your information for any other purposes.

Sorry, but many marketing companies are targeting our Realtor list so we do not reveal it publicly. Some companies even put through fake applications to try and get them - if you are one such company, sorry, you are wasting your time.It took us a long time to build the relationships and find the best Realtors - hours of interviewing, vetting, rating and other efforts - we have done a lot of hard work so it would not make any sense for us to reveal this publicly.Our Realtor selection process relies heavily on local contacts and local knowledge - this is one of the advantages of us being based in the GTA. We have our own proprietary algorithm on top of this - but you should know that our Realtors have - on average - over 10 years of experience and must have completed at least 10 deals to be accepted.Finally, in addition to all of this, we give preference to working with Realtors who are involved in charity work and giving back to the local community.

Nothing To Lose. 100% Free. No Obligations.

Get access to the top Chinese speaking Realtors in just 40 seconds and get your perfect Chinese Real Estate Agent today.

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