Disclaimer - Our Realtor Statistics

On this site we advertise that some of our Realtors are in the top 10% in Canada, that they have completed (on average) more than 10 deals and have (an average) of more than 10 years experience.

We would like to explain these terms and how we believe we can justify using them:

An Average Of More Than 10 Transactions

Please note that this is on average. Some of our Agents will have done less than 10, some many more than 10 - however, on average all our Realtors together have done more than 10 deals.

The reason that we use some Agents who have done less than 10 deals is that ignoring them would mean us ignoring some high quality up and coming Real Estate Agents - so we choose to use an average in our advertising instead.

An Average Of More Than 10 Years Experience

Again, please note that we are using an average. Some of our Agents may have 1, 2, 3 or 4 years experience but on average they have more than 10 years.

Once more, this is so we don't have to ignore very strong and hard working Agents just because they don't have the minimum number of years required.

Top 10% In Canada

First of all, we should state that there are no data, statistics, information or external awards/tracking that rank or rate Realtors across the whole of Canada.

So we use this statement on our site based on our own research, using the following sources and criteria to determine what we believe to be the top 10% in Canada:

- They complete more than 13 deals in a year (source: http://www.getwhatyouwant.ca/how-much-does-a-real-estate-agent-make - last checked July 2017)

- In terms of dollar volume, based on the average sales price in Canada of $504k, they complete more than $6.6m in deals (source for average prices - http://www.crea.ca/housing-market-stats/national-average-price-map/ - last checked July 2017)

However, we cannot guarantee that the Realtor you are matched with meets the above criteria. On average, our Realtors meet the above sales numbers, so we can call them in the top 10% based on this.

In addition to this, many of our Agents have received the 'President's Choice Award' from Royal LePage - acknowledging that they are in the top 10% of all Royal LePage Agents.

Other Things To Note

The more unique and obscure a Realtor you request, the less likely we are able to guarantee that they are in the top 10% in Canada (based on the above criteria).

For example, if your request is for a Realtor for Toronto - no conditions - you are very likely to end up with a top 10% Realtor; however, if your request is for a Filipino speaking Realtor who serves in the north end of Hamilton only and specializes in farm houses - then it is much less likely that your Realtor is in the top 10% in Canada.

If you add to your application notes that you would only like to work with a Realtor who is in the top 10%, we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Furthermore, some of the Realtors that are available to you through the GTA Real Estate Pros website are subject to a monthly advertising fee in addition to a portion of their commission they pay upon closing of a real estate transaction.