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Etobicoke is an administrative district and former city that makes up the western part of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Etobicoke was first settled by Europeans in the 1790s; the municipality grew into city status in the 20th century. Several independent villages and towns developed within the area of Etobicoke, only to be absorbed later into Etobicoke during the era of Metro Toronto. Etobicoke was dissolved in 1998, when it was amalgamated with other Metro Toronto municipalities into the City of Toronto.
Different groups of First Nations peoples used the land that is now Etobicoke at different times. As the Algonquins gradually moved west from the Atlantic to Lake Erie, it is almost certain that they would have occupied this land at some point.

By the time they were mostly settled on the shores of Georgian Bay, the Huron-Wendat were the primary residents of the north shore of Lake Ontario. During the 17th century they were pushed out by the powerful Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) confederacy, made up of nations based to the south of the lake.
Etobicoke has the lowest population density of the former cities and boroughs that currently make up the city of Toronto.

This is mainly due to its expanses of industrial lands along the various expressways.

The residential areas consist primarily of single-family dwellings, although several large multi-storey high-rise condominium developments have been built in south Etobicoke near the Humber River over the past few years.

Sources: http://www.torontoneighbourhoods.net/neighbourhoods/etobicoke/alderwood, http://www.etobicokehistorical.com/a-history-of-etobicoke-from-township-to-amalgamation.html