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Buying or selling a home is one of the largest transactions you'll ever take part in.

That's why using a top Realtor could put thousands of dollars more in your pocket.

Our free service finds a Realtor for you from over 400+ top rated Realtors available. It's completely free and takes just 40 seconds.

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Having A Good Realtor Could Make A Huge Difference

In today’s crazy housing market, having a top Realtor has never been more important - someone who can sell your home for the best price or find you a new one that meets all of your needs (without overpaying).

And they need to do it all within your schedule. That's why having a great Realtor on your team is so important.

Untrustworthy. Shoddy. Lazy. Overpaid. Unprofessional….

These are just some of the words we have seen being used to describe Realtors – there is no doubt that finding a good Realtor is not always easy.

With as many as 50,000 Realtors out there – many own whom do not have a clue what they are doing – it is easy to see why people can have this impression...

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In 40 seconds or less, you'll let us know what you're looking for through our online application. From there, your Realtor will soon be in touch!

All our Realtors are top performers and top rated for their areas. We have done the hard work and research for you, to bring you an amazing Realtor who will change your opinion about Realtors in general.

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The Wright Family

"Thank you for your tireless efforts in selling our home. Your team made the process easy and was always there to answer our questions every step of the way. Our experience has been wonderful."

We Match Your Needs To Our Database of 400+ Realtors

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One of the many benefits of having us find you a realtor is that we search our database of hundreds of realtors to find someone who meets your needs.

"Does this search and matching me with a Realtor cost me a lot?"

Absolutely not.

Our service is completely free. We track down your Realtor in no time - and at no cost - so you can be well on your way to selling your home, or finding your next one.

Find A Top Realtor In Just 40 Seconds

James and Susan

"It was a pleasure to deal with Royal LePage Signature Realty. My wife and I thank you for your patience, persistence and long hours put in on our behalf."

We Have Access To Over 400+ Realtors
- Including Some Of The Very Best Out There

All as part of Royal LePage Signature Realty - one of the largest real estate brokerages in the GTA. We are fully licensed and part of every major real estate network:

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Why Having The Right Realtor Is So Important

If you're not careful, you could end up stuck with a Realtor who either is not experienced enough to meet your needs, or simply isn't interested.

This can potentially end up costing you thousands of dollars if they don't sell your home for the best price, or you can end up with a less than perfect home that wasn't what you were looking for at all.

Fortunately, we are able to not only find you one of the top Realtors in the GTA who have plenty of experience, but we can do so based on what you are looking for to further provide a more specialized service.

Our Realtor Match Service Is Completely Free

Our service is entirely free. We have a continuously updated database of GTA Realtors with Royal LePage Signature Realty who are ready to serve you best.

The question is: Why wouldn't you want to be matched with the right Realtor?

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Our Real Estate Agents are some of the very best in the entire GTA.

With house prices showing no signs of slowing down and the market getting even more competitive, you need expert local help to sell at an amazing price or help you find that bargain dream house you are looking for.

We will match you to a Realtor who will be easily contactable, will have knowledge of the area you are looking to buy or sell in and can come out to where you are in the GTA to serve you as best as possible

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Why I Created This Free Realtor Match Service

Michael Sneddon

By Michael Sneddon - Creator Of This Service

One of the most common questions I get is: Why did I create this service?

The answer is simple: I was in your exact spot, dealing with terrible and untrustworthy Realtors when I was buying my home (both seller and buyer Realtors).

I thought “there have to be good ones out there - they can't all be bad!”

Sadly, to find a good Realtor, your only option is to interview dozens of agents, reading all the Realtor reviews you can find and waste days and hours of your life.

And even this doesn’t work – a Realtor can say whatever they feel like at an interview and then completely fall through when the time comes for them to step up.

So, I teamed up with Royal LePage and created this site to bring you over 400+ of the very best Realtors in the GTA and surrounding areas.

Not just any Realtors. We have personally interviewed and vetted every single Real Estate Agent we work with - to bring you the very best.

Let us do the hard work for you - to save you time and money.

With just a few clicks of a button you will have a top Realtor, individually matched to your needs, calling you to discuss how they can help you buy or sell.

Our service is quick, easy and 100% free.

All our Realtors are top performers and not just a flashy suit or made up promises that they can’t keep.

I made getting a great Realtor as simple as possible – our online Realtor match form only takes 40 seconds.

Click below to get started in the knowledge you’ll be safe from untrustworthy and shoddy Realtors.


-Michael Sneddon

Nothing To Lose. 100% Free. No Obligations.

Get access to a top Realtor in just 40 seconds and save the time, money and hassle of going through a massive financial transaction with a bad Realtor.

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