GTA Listings 10 July 2018

Listings for the GTA as of July 10 2018

Below are all of the listings for throughout the GTA as July 10 2018 - don't miss out on these!
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
43 Carrying Place TerraceN418554743 Carrying Place Terrace
3211 William Rose WayW41853423211 William Rose Way
299 Second StreetN4185393299 Second Street
154 Fisherville RoadC4185514154 Fisherville Road
281 Hidden TerraceC4184825281 Hidden Terrace
17142 Humber Streetation RoadW418443717142 Humber Streetation Road
606B Durie StreetW4185113606B Durie Street
34 Wayside AvenueN418601534 Wayside Avenue
87 Grandview AvenueN418603787 Grandview Avenue
444 Streetratford RoadW4183170444 Streetratford Road
8 Miles Hill CrescentN41832608 Miles Hill Crescent
41 Dorengate DriveN418430541 Dorengate Drive
235 Harold AvenueN4185233235 Harold Avenue
15 Cape George TerraceN418573915 Cape George Terrace
1303 Saginaw CrescentW41847391303 Saginaw Crescent
180 Kenollie AvenueW4183905180 Kenollie Avenue
241 Westlake AvenueE4185751241 Westlake Avenue
51 Concorde DriveW418521751 Concorde Drive
1404 Streetanbury RoadW41843211404 Streetanbury Road
62 Westchester CrescentN418547462 Westchester Crescent
523 Durie StreetW4184544523 Durie Street
117 Morgan AvenueN4186069117 Morgan Avenue
118 Manorheights StreetN4183294118 Manorheights Street
1464 Petrie WayW41862121464 Petrie Way
3085 William Rose WayW41846543085 William Rose Way
9286 Old Church RoadW41860119286 Old Church Road
30 Lugano CrescentN418626330 Lugano Crescent
186 Simpson AvenueW4183861186 Simpson Avenue
6 Grayson RoadE41832586 Grayson Road
332 Manning AvenueC4182999332 Manning Avenue
52 Timber Valley AvenueN418469852 Timber Valley Avenue
82 Faye DriveC418564782 Faye Drive
21 Burncrest DriveC418306521 Burncrest Drive
4500 N Simcoe StreetE41845714500 N Simcoe Street
14706 Innis Lake RoadW418461914706 Innis Lake Road
551 Dufferin StreetC4183559551 Dufferin Street
38 Frassino DriveN418470238 Frassino Drive
4 James StreetW41834394 James Street
3050 25 Side RoadW41832443050 25 Side Road
331 Turning Leaf RoadW4183664331 Turning Leaf Road
84 Eagle Peak DriveN418473784 Eagle Peak Drive
5 El Dorado StreetN41832075 El Dorado Street
86 Jimston DriveN418392486 Jimston Drive
394 Melrose StreetW4183546394 Melrose Street
30 Farningham CrescentW418472130 Farningham Crescent
110 E Hamilton DriveN4184209110 E Hamilton Drive
20 Carey RoadC418625520 Carey Road
2 Meadowgrass CrescentN41840402 Meadowgrass Crescent
148 Bentoak CrescentN4184455148 Bentoak Crescent
244 Sabel StreetW4185993244 Sabel Street
506 Anthony DriveW4183520506 Anthony Drive
240 Dufferin Hill DriveN4186257240 Dufferin Hill Drive
2018 Deer Park RoadW41836542018 Deer Park Road
22651 Mccowan RoadN418560422651 Mccowan Road
262 Degraaf CrescentN4184360262 Degraaf Crescent
1426 Falconridge CourtW41842781426 Falconridge Court
3205 Preserve DriveW41830613205 Preserve Drive
1739 Danthorpe DriveW41847171739 Danthorpe Drive
57 Myrtle AvenueE418626457 Myrtle Avenue
7331 Saint Barbara BoulevardW41840877331 Saint Barbara Boulevard
10 Axsmith CrescentC418415910 Axsmith Crescent
358 Downy Emerald Drive BradfordN4183143358 Downy Emerald Drive Bradford
23 Lillibet RoadW418531423 Lillibet Road
170 Culp TerraceW4184149170 Culp Terrace
51 Ellenville Crescent GuelphX418352551 Ellenville Crescent Guelph
6 Teal Crescentt CircleW41833446 Teal Crescentt Circle
Lot 211 Oconnor CrescentW4183754Lot 211 Oconnor Crescent
2 Yardmaster DriveW41843512 Yardmaster Drive
320 Skopit RoadN4184107320 Skopit Road
4470 Heathgate CrescentW41834874470 Heathgate Crescent
488 Woodbridge AvenueN4183593488 Woodbridge Avenue
21 Dunnet StreetN418463121 Dunnet Street
3412 Skipton LaneW41840793412 Skipton Lane
299 Street Clements AvenueC4185578299 Street Clements Avenue
4107 Mcintosh PlaceW41862714107 Mcintosh Place
212 Silver Maple RoadN4184252212 Silver Maple Road
56 Pinecrest StreetN418588656 Pinecrest Street
214 Norfolk AvenueN4185070214 Norfolk Avenue
2504 Paula CourtW41834922504 Paula Court
286 Willa RoadW4185726286 Willa Road
201 Allegro DriveW4185999201 Allegro Drive
93 Vantage LoopN418378793 Vantage Loop
28 Kew GardensN418398728 Kew Gardens
76 Tilden CrescentW418610276 Tilden Crescent
2 Purebrook CrescentW41844122 Purebrook Crescent
241 Burnhamthorpe RoadW4183493241 Burnhamthorpe Road
S13955 Lakeridge RoadN4185586S13955 Lakeridge Road
30 Norwood RoadE418535230 Norwood Road
927 Memorial CircleN4183526927 Memorial Circle
407 Annette StreetW4185192407 Annette Street
414 North Shore BoulevardW4183263414 North Shore Boulevard
1320 Broadmoor AvenueW41851061320 Broadmoor Avenue
37 Marco CrescentN418625637 Marco Crescent
1291 Springwood CrescentW41833711291 Springwood Crescent
90 Golden TerraceN418546690 Golden Terrace
481 Tipperton CrescentW4184997481 Tipperton Crescent
226 Joseph Aaron BoulevardN4184699226 Joseph Aaron Boulevard
1930 Ainsley RoadX41855911930 Ainsley Road
9 Beaver Valley RoadC41834779 Beaver Valley Road
2 Boticelli WayN41830872 Boticelli Way
11 Glenlaura CrescentE418501811 Glenlaura Crescent
527 Brookstone PlaceN4186202527 Brookstone Place
21 Norlong BoulevardE418398821 Norlong Boulevard
6 Iroquois AvenueW41846286 Iroquois Avenue
290 Greenock DriveN4183310290 Greenock Drive
214 Richmond StreetN4183038214 Richmond Street
1331 Pepperbush PlaceW41837521331 Pepperbush Place
53 Lorne AvenueN418379553 Lorne Avenue
58 Foundry CrescentN418403858 Foundry Crescent
57 Harold Lawrie LaneN418371657 Harold Lawrie Lane
94 Joanna CrescentN418566894 Joanna Crescent
360 John Street 39N4186248360 John Street 39
58 Cronin DriveW418585558 Cronin Drive
1470 Aldergrove DriveE41838211470 Aldergrove Drive
5829 Greensboro DriveW41860985829 Greensboro Drive
212 Winona DriveC4183325212 Winona Drive
31 Commons DriveE418557631 Commons Drive
263 Port Royal TerraceE4183984263 Port Royal Terrace
8225 The Dell RoadE41837888225 The Dell Road
2 Lower Thames DriveW41843482 Lower Thames Drive
97 E Briarfield AvenueN418466197 E Briarfield Avenue
4648 Ashlar CrescentW41832094648 Ashlar Crescent
22 Kayak CrescentE418442222 Kayak Crescent
91 Gordon RoadC418303491 Gordon Road
155 Sandringham DriveC4185451155 Sandringham Drive
157 Lytton BoulevardC4185291157 Lytton Boulevard
121 Angus Glen BoulevardN4185574121 Angus Glen Boulevard
11 Royal Terraceoon CrescentN418534011 Royal Terraceoon Crescent
1173 Mississauga RoadW41862271173 Mississauga Road
1 Sandfield RoadC41831461 Sandfield Road
16 Claridge DriveN418417916 Claridge Drive
1525 Warren DriveW41849621525 Warren Drive
202 Vesta DriveC4185092202 Vesta Drive
85 Mcgillivray AvenueC418302785 Mcgillivray Avenue
27 Country Heights DriveN418565427 Country Heights Drive
138 Alfred AvenueC4185609138 Alfred Avenue
277 Dalewood DriveW4185456277 Dalewood Drive
128 Florence AvenueC4186284128 Florence Avenue
121 Citation DriveC4183923121 Citation Drive
14 Princess Margaret BoulevardW418478314 Princess Margaret Boulevard
47 Beechwood AvenueC418566747 Beechwood Avenue
109 Parkwood CourtW4185389109 Parkwood Court
51 Viamede CrescentC418424351 Viamede Crescent
38 Uplands AvenueN418430938 Uplands Avenue
223 Burndale AvenueC4185187223 Burndale Avenue
30 Proctor AvenueN418451030 Proctor Avenue
7621 N Cochrane StreetE41849747621 N Cochrane Street
246 Main StreetN4186006246 Main Street
62 Abitibi AvenueC418331762 Abitibi Avenue
66 Britnell CourtN418503666 Britnell Court
20 Walker RoadC418522820 Walker Road
181 Parkview AvenueC4184868181 Parkview Avenue
499 Palmerston BoulevardC4185822499 Palmerston Boulevard
16672 Centreville Creek RoadW418612316672 Centreville Creek Road
259 Upper Post RoadN4184903259 Upper Post Road
112 Beechwood AvenueC4183134112 Beechwood Avenue
210 Oaklands Park CourtW4184297210 Oaklands Park Court
15 Fawn GroveN418597515 Fawn Grove
23 Richard Serra CourtN418327523 Richard Serra Court
92 Glendora AvenueC418570592 Glendora Avenue
108 Grand Vellore CrescentN4183978108 Grand Vellore Crescent
11 Green Ash CrescentN418530811 Green Ash Crescent
1 Evita CourtN41857241 Evita Court
37 Don Valley DriveE418407537 Don Valley Drive
30 Kenbridge WayN418570430 Kenbridge Way
Lot 34 Ria CourtN4183389Lot 34 Ria Court
38 King High DriveN418344138 King High Drive
148 King High DriveN4185928148 King High Drive
21 Doctor Reynar RoadW418503721 Doctor Reynar Road
335 Connaught AvenueC4183017335 Connaught Avenue
109 Kingsdale AvenueC4183932109 Kingsdale Avenue
176 Princess AvenueC4184949176 Princess Avenue
442 Withnell CourtW4185133442 Withnell Court
4 Glenroy AvenueW41850024 Glenroy Avenue
2975 Speedsville RoadX41860032975 Speedsville Road
37 Denver CrescentC418547937 Denver Crescent
71 Brentcliffe RoadC418501571 Brentcliffe Road
5 Glenayr RoadN41860765 Glenayr Road
969 Johnathan DriveW4185629969 Johnathan Drive
27 Parkcrest DriveE418348027 Parkcrest Drive
30 W Bellini AvenueW418477030 W Bellini Avenue
27 Astor AvenueC418469127 Astor Avenue
3368 Cider Mill PlaceW41846013368 Cider Mill Place
39 Bobmar RoadE418345139 Bobmar Road
37 Bobmar RoadE418422737 Bobmar Road
142 Fifth AvenueN4183429142 Fifth Avenue
485 Streetephanie BoulevardN4184363485 Streetephanie Boulevard
28 Abitibi AvenueC418441628 Abitibi Avenue
30 Farningham CrescentW418472630 Farningham Crescent
7423 Baker School RoadE41851947423 Baker School Road
17 Sir Modesto CourtN418301317 Sir Modesto Court
450 Pumphouse RoadN4185738450 Pumphouse Road
294 Linsmore CrescentE4185402294 Linsmore Crescent
29 Jeremy DriveN418596929 Jeremy Drive
190 Berry RoadW4183460190 Berry Road
93 Placeeasant View DriveC418558793 Placeeasant View Drive
37 Havelock StreetC418552637 Havelock Street
94 Hubner AvenueN418441594 Hubner Avenue
54 Cork AvenueW418307754 Cork Avenue
22 Lockheed BoulevardW418589922 Lockheed Boulevard
3771 Old School RoadW41836693771 Old School Road
20 Lockheed BoulevardW418589420 Lockheed Boulevard
68 Forthbridge CrescentW418413068 Forthbridge Crescent
14421 Bathurst StreetN418496114421 Bathurst Street
24 Georgia CourtN418456724 Georgia Court
15010 Mccowan RoadN418368715010 Mccowan Road
113 Dell Park AvenueC4185273113 Dell Park Avenue
10 Yeomans RoadC418530510 Yeomans Road
14 Davies CrescentE418502514 Davies Crescent
2350 Salcome DriveW41842462350 Salcome Drive
2073 Kawartha CrescentW41841422073 Kawartha Crescent
114 Cassandra BoulevardC4186018114 Cassandra Boulevard
111 Calgary GardensN4184784111 Calgary Gardens
1534 Oakhill DriveW41856411534 Oakhill Drive
74 Kootenay RoadgeN418579874 Kootenay Roadge
68 Chesney CrescentN418383168 Chesney Crescent
40 Settlement CrescentN418505940 Settlement Crescent
1458 Queensbury CrescentW41833971458 Queensbury Crescent
271 Brighton AvenueC4183485271 Brighton Avenue
1 Southwell DriveC41846171 Southwell Drive
35 Cooks Mill CrescentN418623035 Cooks Mill Crescent
8 Carousel CourtW41832898 Carousel Court
4 Marquis AvenueW41851494 Marquis Avenue
203 Churchill AvenueC4183216203 Churchill Avenue
255 Parkview AvenueC4185093255 Parkview Avenue
8 Petch CrescentN41861318 Petch Crescent
283 Jedburgh RoadC4185355283 Jedburgh Road
264 Robinson StreetW4183673264 Robinson Street
18 Vitlor DriveN418507318 Vitlor Drive
511 Coleen DriveW4183243511 Coleen Drive
157 Krieghoff AvenueN4185519157 Krieghoff Avenue
2275 Hampstead RoadW41839442275 Hampstead Road
68 Hazelbury DriveN418573268 Hazelbury Drive
19 Prince Edward BoulevardN418494519 Prince Edward Boulevard
36 Larkin AvenueN418309536 Larkin Avenue
103 Lake AvenueN4184633103 Lake Avenue
1165 Alexandra AvenueW41844071165 Alexandra Avenue
56 Redstone RoadN418491956 Redstone Road
182 Bourbon StreetN4184366182 Bourbon Street
53 Aegis DriveN418538353 Aegis Drive
3584 Streeteeple Chase CrescentW41843403584 Streeteeple Chase Crescent
37 Jolana CourtN418179537 Jolana Court
117 Spring Azure CrescentW4185660117 Spring Azure Crescent
485 Glencairn AvenueC4185985485 Glencairn Avenue
61 Moonstone PlaceN418560061 Moonstone Place
79 Hoey CrescentW418462579 Hoey Crescent
3366 Credit Heights DriveW41853383366 Credit Heights Drive
42 Hayfield CrescentN418467742 Hayfield Crescent
61 Routledge DriveN418479661 Routledge Drive
9 Craiglee CourtN41857729 Craiglee Court
3 Evergreen CrescentN41848093 Evergreen Crescent
4 Woodhaven HeightsW41850654 Woodhaven Heights
8 Greyfriars AvenueN41844038 Greyfriars Avenue
180 Southview DriveN4183306180 Southview Drive
111 Ranee AvenueC4186064111 Ranee Avenue
1365 Birchcliff DriveW41837781365 Birchcliff Drive
1449 Terraceuscott DriveW41841461449 Terraceuscott Drive

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