GTA Listings 10th April 2018

Listings Selection For 10th April 2018 - Greater Toronto Area

A selection of some of the top listings from 10th April 2018 - from the Greater Toronto Area - including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton and all the main GTA suburbs.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
2401 Doulton PlaceW40912032401 Doulton Place
25 Barberry PlaceC409013825 Barberry Place
1050 16th SideroadN40904561050 16th Sideroad
5 Dewbourne AvenueC40907445 Dewbourne Avenue
2 Street Ives CrescentC40902882 Street Ives Crescent
125 South DriveC4090533125 South Drive
14 Riverside BoulevardN409116614 Riverside Boulevard
65 Northdale RoadC409122965 Northdale Road
177 Sandringham DriveC4090353177 Sandringham Drive
120 Aintree TerraceW4089607120 Aintree Terrace
56 Barrydale CrescentC409065056 Barrydale Crescent
6 Glen Edyth DriveC40904086 Glen Edyth Drive
95 Risebrough AvenueC409134395 Risebrough Avenue
11 Riverside CrescentW409040411 Riverside Crescent
105 Angus Glen BoulevardN4089777105 Angus Glen Boulevard
5 Orchard StreetN40904365 Orchard Street
427 Horsham AvenueC4091543427 Horsham Avenue
250 Elton Park RoadW4090901250 Elton Park Road
101 Golfdale RoadC4091243101 Golfdale Road
125 Maitland StreetC4090330125 Maitland Street
45 Macpherson AvenueC409020545 Macpherson Avenue
15 Rolling Green CourtN409055215 Rolling Green Court
194 Martin StreetN4091242194 Martin Street
707 Crawford StreetC4090549707 Crawford Street
300 Angus Glen BoulevardN4091459300 Angus Glen Boulevard
175 W Heath StreetC4090212175 W Heath Street
78 Carley RoadN409106078 Carley Road
176 Princess AvenueC4090818176 Princess Avenue
190 Berry RoadW4091350190 Berry Road
63 Ambrose RoadC409040963 Ambrose Road
4580 Hewicks LaneW40897154580 Hewicks Lane
126 Park Home AvenueC4090322126 Park Home Avenue
148 Parkview AvenueC4090225148 Parkview Avenue
24 Flaremore CrescentC409030824 Flaremore Crescent
66 Hambly AvenueE409038066 Hambly Avenue
24 Lavender Valley RoadN409003524 Lavender Valley Road
87 Cottonwood DriveC409053587 Cottonwood Drive
341 Maplehurst AvenueC4089633341 Maplehurst Avenue
54 Old Park RoadC409101954 Old Park Road
157 Valeria BoulevardN4089938157 Valeria Boulevard
623 Glencairn AvenueC4090628623 Glencairn Avenue
21 Reesor PlaceN408991521 Reesor Place
34 N Bridgend CourtN409031834 N Bridgend Court
5657 Lakeshore RoadN40906735657 Lakeshore Road
5 Keatley DriveN40908805 Keatley Drive
28 Spruce AvenueN409015928 Spruce Avenue
21 Florence AvenueC408769221 Florence Avenue
120 W Sheppard AvenueC4090738120 W Sheppard Avenue
8 Greenhill AvenueN40897238 Greenhill Avenue
1 Orlon CrescentN40899531 Orlon Crescent
100 Tatton CourtN4090348100 Tatton Court
44 Glenview AvenueC409136244 Glenview Avenue
10 Orlon CrescentN409018810 Orlon Crescent
57 South Marine DriveE409033457 South Marine Drive
456 W Kingston RoadE4090866456 W Kingston Road
5154 Oakridge TerraceE40859965154 Oakridge Terrace
98 Dorengate DriveN409029998 Dorengate Drive
66 Garland CrescentN409049166 Garland Crescent
19 Gorman AvenueN408997219 Gorman Avenue
36 Radcliffe RoadN409075736 Radcliffe Road
15139 Rockside RoadW408994515139 Rockside Road
324 Carrier CrescentN4090028324 Carrier Crescent
90 Newton DriveC409025290 Newton Drive
147 Chiltern Hill RoadC4090279147 Chiltern Hill Road
83 Willingdon BoulevardW409055083 Willingdon Boulevard
205 Mcwilliams CrescentW4090862205 Mcwilliams Crescent
1598 W Queen StreetW40897831598 W Queen Street
2150 Lillykin StreetW40898032150 Lillykin Street
50 Madoc PlaceN409061050 Madoc Place
252 Fisherville RoadC4090480252 Fisherville Road
18A Sherwood AvenueC408989618A Sherwood Avenue
10851 Jane StreetN409137910851 Jane Street
4 Walnut Grove CrescentN40908884 Walnut Grove Crescent
134 Poplar Heights DriveW4090527134 Poplar Heights Drive
1640 Bathurst StreetC40904461640 Bathurst Street
12 Orchard StreetN409020812 Orchard Street
22 Alhart StreetN409083522 Alhart Street
41 Airdrie RoadC409026541 Airdrie Road
336 Sugar Maple LaneN4091046336 Sugar Maple Lane
689 Via Campanile RoadN4089592689 Via Campanile Road
5 Roderick CourtN40905595 Roderick Court
33 Red Oak DriveN409145733 Red Oak Drive
62 Mosedale CrescentC409004762 Mosedale Crescent
42 Garden AvenueN409019442 Garden Avenue
34 Hill CrescentE409131034 Hill Crescent
14 Dairymaid RoadW408999314 Dairymaid Road
1124 Bridge RoadW40897221124 Bridge Road
3255 Pringle PlaceW40896473255 Pringle Place
21 Morgan AvenueN409048621 Morgan Avenue
170 Burndale AvenueC4090104170 Burndale Avenue
21 Placeantain LaneN409000321 Placeantain Lane
85 King View CrescentN400924585 King View Crescent
304 Merton StreetC4090306304 Merton Street
7 Pavillion StreetN40906707 Pavillion Street
1186 Derrald DriveW40906851186 Derrald Drive
102 Avro RoadN4090341102 Avro Road
8 Via Avenuellino RoadN40901648 Via Avenuellino Road
2250 Canonridge CircleW40915062250 Canonridge Circle
723 Street Clarens AvenueW4090345723 Street Clarens Avenue
11 Ashcreek DriveW409156211 Ashcreek Drive
1527 Garnet AvenueW40902951527 Garnet Avenue
217 S Melrose AvenueC4090459217 S Melrose Avenue
83 Hunt AvenueN409129483 Hunt Avenue
14 Ivy Lea CrescentW409076714 Ivy Lea Crescent
16 Crockart LaneN409065816 Crockart Lane
10 Larry StreetW409152310 Larry Street
36 Old Mill DriveW409018936 Old Mill Drive
12 Thornbay DriveN409118212 Thornbay Drive
811 Cosburn AvenueE4089926811 Cosburn Avenue
12 Bighorn TerraceN409017412 Bighorn Terrace
2 Wimbleton CrescentW40905642 Wimbleton Crescent
37 Summerlea StreetN409080037 Summerlea Street
16 Roseborough CrescentN409100316 Roseborough Crescent
246 Ellerslie AvenueC4090423246 Ellerslie Avenue
23 Roy Harper AvenueN408992923 Roy Harper Avenue
747 Glencairn AvenueC4091062747 Glencairn Avenue
389 Highway 47N4090574389 Highway 47
18 Elderslie CrescentN409153018 Elderslie Crescent
92 Glen Rush BoulevardC409075292 Glen Rush Boulevard
25 Maverick CrescentN409057025 Maverick Crescent
430 Kerrybrook DriveN4089622430 Kerrybrook Drive
139 Elmhurst AvenueC4090632139 Elmhurst Avenue
1303 Crossfield BendW40899781303 Crossfield Bend
47 Streetave CrescentN409032647 Streetave Crescent
3316 Liptay AvenueW40904643316 Liptay Avenue
54 Bellevue AvenueC409041354 Bellevue Avenue
403 Vellore AvenueN4091091403 Vellore Avenue
281 Sixteen Mile DriveW4091251281 Sixteen Mile Drive
92 Neville Park BoulevardE409106692 Neville Park Boulevard
302 Street Clements AvenueC4090932302 Street Clements Avenue
100 Fred Mclaren BoulevardN4090057100 Fred Mclaren Boulevard
18 Carter PlaceN409154518 Carter Place
40 Ward AvenueN408991840 Ward Avenue
22 Hamstead AvenueE409036522 Hamstead Avenue
9 Geddes CourtC40900139 Geddes Court
85 Maple Valley RoadN409047385 Maple Valley Road
12811 Mclaughlin RoadW409019512811 Mclaughlin Road
29 Purdon DriveC409025029 Purdon Drive
88 Haliburton AvenueW409060888 Haliburton Avenue
82 Summerhill GardensC409098782 Summerhill Gardens
5 Apple Orchard PathN40913975 Apple Orchard Path
61 Maroon DriveN408965161 Maroon Drive
3124 Seabright DriveW40901403124 Seabright Drive
98 Streetoyell DriveN409099798 Streetoyell Drive
119 Lebovic Campus DriveN4090807119 Lebovic Campus Drive
390 Kerrybrook DriveN4091020390 Kerrybrook Drive
220 Crystal Beach BoulevardE4090560220 Crystal Beach Boulevard
15 Streetephensons Point RoadE409004815 Streetephensons Point Road
57 Marowyne DriveC409154157 Marowyne Drive
50 Aiden DriveN409128050 Aiden Drive
2109 Wellington AvenueW40897132109 Wellington Avenue
5 Fairfield RoadC40915355 Fairfield Road
170 Connaught AvenueC4090520170 Connaught Avenue
841 Briarwood DriveE4090066841 Briarwood Drive
84 Bestview CrescentN409112784 Bestview Crescent
30 Jennifer CrescentN408979130 Jennifer Crescent
14 Fairview AvenueW409024214 Fairview Avenue
35 Hosta AvenueN409065535 Hosta Avenue
22 Snowy Meadow AvenueN409001722 Snowy Meadow Avenue
1105 Saginaw CrescentW40896861105 Saginaw Crescent
204 Thomas Alton BoulevardW4091567204 Thomas Alton Boulevard
4149 Pascal CourtW40899414149 Pascal Court
102 Glen CrescentN4090587102 Glen Crescent
33 Heslop CourtW409120733 Heslop Court
431 Spring Blossom CrescentW4090198431 Spring Blossom Crescent
76 Fortune CrescentN409059476 Fortune Crescent
16 Cosford StreetN409072016 Cosford Street
52 Sharonview CrescentN408975652 Sharonview Crescent
129 Foch AvenueW4091090129 Foch Avenue
29 Lambeth StreetW408967629 Lambeth Street
526 Pineland AvenueW4090795526 Pineland Avenue
14178 Yonge StreetN409067114178 Yonge Street
340 Fralicks Beach RoadE4091260340 Fralicks Beach Road
140 Hogarth AvenueE4090689140 Hogarth Avenue
24 Twenty Third StreetW409069324 Twenty Third Street
48 Noranda CrescentW409137648 Noranda Crescent
82 Alton AvenueE409085082 Alton Avenue
4 Bakerdale RoadN40909344 Bakerdale Road
11339 Tenth LineW409136311339 Tenth Line
14 Baleberry CrescentN409156914 Baleberry Crescent
4635 Doug Wright DriveW40911294635 Doug Wright Drive
3059 Jenn AvenueW40914903059 Jenn Avenue
573 Soudan AvenueC4091298573 Soudan Avenue
38 Brahms AvenueC409134838 Brahms Avenue
17 Catalpa CrescentN408980817 Catalpa Crescent
28 Fern Valley CrescentN408970628 Fern Valley Crescent
147 Silver Maple RoadN4090937147 Silver Maple Road
7 Bettey RoadW40907247 Bettey Road
6 Crocker DriveW40900626 Crocker Drive
125 Carlyle CrescentN4091303125 Carlyle Crescent
116 Chayna CrescentN4090314116 Chayna Crescent
57 Newington CrescentW408971657 Newington Crescent
1 Benson AvenueW40904181 Benson Avenue
19 Samuel CrescentW409144419 Samuel Crescent
421 Lees LaneW4091064421 Lees Lane
47 Amywood RoadN409044347 Amywood Road
47 Geneva AvenueC409130147 Geneva Avenue
58 Morton AvenueN409071058 Morton Avenue
47 Dina RoadN408966547 Dina Road
14 Cluff CourtE409001614 Cluff Court
1021 Dufferin StreetW40910521021 Dufferin Street
16 Balmoral HeightsN409127616 Balmoral Heights
43 Bellona StreetN409071643 Bellona Street
383 N Fernleigh CircleN4091346383 N Fernleigh Circle
9 Redbud StreetN40899219 Redbud Street
1264 Craigleith RoadW40903811264 Craigleith Road
115 Wilfred Murison AvenueN4089535115 Wilfred Murison Avenue
5390 Hollypoint AvenueW40895335390 Hollypoint Avenue
3627 Beechollow CrescentW40903353627 Beechollow Crescent
741 Grace StreetN4090283741 Grace Street
83 Senator Reesors DriveN409144983 Senator Reesors Drive
201 Torrens AvenueE4089986201 Torrens Avenue
16 Kenewen CourtC409146916 Kenewen Court
8 John Smith StreetN40897278 John Smith Street
84 Via Romano WayW409071184 Via Romano Way
24 Degas DriveN409145324 Degas Drive
569 Willow Wood DriveX4091239569 Willow Wood Drive
43 Larwood BoulevardE409089443 Larwood Boulevard
632 Garden WalkW4091434632 Garden Walk
19 Homeview RoadW409000919 Homeview Road
33 Sir Galahad PlaceN409109233 Sir Galahad Place
135 Christian Ritter DriveN4090750135 Christian Ritter Drive
905 Joe Persechini DriveN4091540905 Joe Persechini Drive
143 Wolseley StreetC4090599143 Wolseley Street
27 Donald Buttress BoulevardN409090027 Donald Buttress Boulevard
62 Cedarholme AvenueW409039062 Cedarholme Avenue
156 Fairview AvenueW4091285156 Fairview Avenue
1 Princess Valley CrescentW40900271 Princess Valley Crescent
1051 West AvenueW40911571051 West Avenue
39 Ballyhaise CrescentW408962639 Ballyhaise Crescent
796 Prest WayN4089569796 Prest Way
33 Slack Street BradfordN409097133 Slack Street Bradford
109 King StreetW4091538109 King Street
119 Jones AvenueE4090204119 Jones Avenue
151A Brandon AvenueW4091555151A Brandon Avenue
128 Bonistel CrescentW4089646128 Bonistel Crescent
7714 Black River RoadN40911037714 Black River Road
212 Silver Maple RoadN4090816212 Silver Maple Road
84 Cabin Terraceail CrescentN408972184 Cabin Terraceail Crescent
26 Gemma CourtN409118126 Gemma Court
24 Talisman CrescentN409034624 Talisman Crescent
7 N Beaverton RoadN40902757 N Beaverton Road
Lt 37B Royal Fern CrescentW4090958Lt 37B Royal Fern Crescent
402 Tennyson DriveW4090116402 Tennyson Drive
54 Toledo RoadW409104154 Toledo Road
1804 Jack Glenn StreetE40900371804 Jack Glenn Street
6 Leyburn AvenueN40906726 Leyburn Avenue
14 Logan CourtW409050614 Logan Court
54 Kempsford CrescentW408994654 Kempsford Crescent
808 Eagle Ridge DriveE4090336808 Eagle Ridge Drive
1023 Coldstream DriveE40912231023 Coldstream Drive
Lot 342 Lanark Street BradfordN4090944Lot 342 Lanark Street Bradford
16 Iverson DriveW409124616 Iverson Drive
23 Oren StreetN409036123 Oren Street
13 Henrietta StreetN408996813 Henrietta Street
100 Forest Edge CrescentN4089656100 Forest Edge Crescent
7223 Windrush CourtW40902467223 Windrush Court
Lot 73 Loomis RoadW4090974Lot 73 Loomis Road
38 Bonavista DriveW408957038 Bonavista Drive
46 Sir Lancelot DriveN409017546 Sir Lancelot Drive
1259 Richards CrescentW40913931259 Richards Crescent
530 Pineland AvenueW4090503530 Pineland Avenue
655 Terraceafford CrescentW4090050655 Terraceafford Crescent
3925 Burdette TerraceW40910513925 Burdette Terrace
27 Romfield DriveW409106127 Romfield Drive
118 Bantry AvenueN4090496118 Bantry Avenue
4578 Concession 4 RoadE40903944578 Concession 4 Road
237 Park AvenueN4090224237 Park Avenue
2407 Overton DriveW40912122407 Overton Drive
2345 Hixon StreetW40903052345 Hixon Street
1331 W Major Mackenzie Drive 123N40910321331 W Major Mackenzie Drive 123
7 Showboat CrescentW40895397 Showboat Crescent
300 Father Tobin RoadW4091371300 Father Tobin Road
51 Creekland AvenueN409084951 Creekland Avenue
1464 Rolph TerraceW40907211464 Rolph Terrace
284 Grand Hill DriveX4091293284 Grand Hill Drive
Lot 23 Yarmouth StreetW4089625Lot 23 Yarmouth Street
34 Sir Jacobs CrescentW409143534 Sir Jacobs Crescent
168 Gilmour AvenueW4091150168 Gilmour Avenue
17 N Gillete WayW409150217 N Gillete Way
108 Bergin RoadN4091026108 Bergin Road
4 Oxendon RoadW40915314 Oxendon Road
220 Calvington DriveW4090432220 Calvington Drive
9 Cannes CircleW40915709 Cannes Circle
1142 Dufferin StreetW40897121142 Dufferin Street
115 Carlson DriveN4089919115 Carlson Drive
100 Tallships DriveE4090643100 Tallships Drive
181 Hertford CrescentN4090264181 Hertford Crescent
2 Kidbrooke CrescentE40914802 Kidbrooke Crescent
126 Carolbreen SquareE4090789126 Carolbreen Square
1607 Woodbine Heights BoulevardE40908691607 Woodbine Heights Boulevard
60 Cumber AvenueE409048960 Cumber Avenue
3349 Spruce AvenueW40914893349 Spruce Avenue
11 Reach StreetN409025911 Reach Street
18 Shipley RoadW409129918 Shipley Road
3328 Sunlight StreetW40914313328 Sunlight Street
36 Collingwood AvenueW408995736 Collingwood Avenue
117 Chessington AvenueN4090717117 Chessington Avenue
16 Vedette WayN409062516 Vedette Way
313 Right Sorensen CourtW4090485313 Right Sorensen Court
353 Terraceeend PlaceW4090300353 Terraceeend Place
229 Hoover Park DriveN4091267229 Hoover Park Drive
16 Hancock StreetN409113416 Hancock Street
43 Church StreetN408980943 Church Street
154 Barrow Avenue BradfordN4091153154 Barrow Avenue Bradford
34 Attridge DriveN408984634 Attridge Drive
91 Manor Forest RoadN409149891 Manor Forest Road
8 Dearham WoodE40905348 Dearham Wood
170 Sawmill Valley DriveN4090512170 Sawmill Valley Drive
59 James StreetW409124959 James Street
99 Apache TerraceC408963099 Apache Terrace
55 Saffron StreetN409155755 Saffron Street
1037 Copperfield DriveE40904691037 Copperfield Drive
19 Whitepoppy DriveW409022919 Whitepoppy Drive
14 Jericho AvenueN409048214 Jericho Avenue
103 Rogers Terrace BradfordN4091029103 Rogers Terrace Bradford
166 Hawker RoadN4089653166 Hawker Road
220 Yorkland StreetN4090273220 Yorkland Street
92 Glenngarry CrescentN409050592 Glenngarry Crescent
40 Miley DriveN409014440 Miley Drive
16 Bradford CourtE409070116 Bradford Court
5 Harkness DriveE40898895 Harkness Drive
113 Walton DriveN4091070113 Walton Drive
2286 Bostock CrescentW40897032286 Bostock Crescent
28 Irving DriveN409035228 Irving Drive
18 Glennie DriveE409078318 Glennie Drive
81 Streetoyell DriveN408957781 Streetoyell Drive
4123 Lastrada HeightsW40914134123 Lastrada Heights
138 Shawnee CircleC4090121138 Shawnee Circle
77 Watsonbrook DriveW408963277 Watsonbrook Drive
157 Inverdon RoadW4090262157 Inverdon Road
206 Crafter CrescentX4090601206 Crafter Crescent
21 Virtue StreetW409063721 Virtue Street
73 Mills Court BradfordN408957573 Mills Court Bradford
11 Mcginty AvenueE409093111 Mcginty Avenue
3309 Columbine CrescentW40908763309 Columbine Crescent
92 Braebrook DriveE409118892 Braebrook Drive
1506 Kenilworth CrescentW40909681506 Kenilworth Crescent
72 Cavell AvenueW409037972 Cavell Avenue
1415 E Upper Sherman AvenueX40908731415 E Upper Sherman Avenue
131 Yale LaneN4090786131 Yale Lane
59 Moorcrest DriveN409137259 Moorcrest Drive
48 Cluett DriveE409063448 Cluett Drive
92 Roxborough RoadN409091692 Roxborough Road
286 Sheridan CourtN4090920286 Sheridan Court
8 Honey DriveE40903428 Honey Drive
151 E Harbourside DriveE4090553151 E Harbourside Drive
865 Columbia CourtN4090364865 Columbia Court
6 Ingham AvenueE40904356 Ingham Avenue
71 Reddenhurst CrescentN409022371 Reddenhurst Crescent
37 Crystal Glen CrescentW409025837 Crystal Glen Crescent
7 Mainard CrescentW40896097 Mainard Crescent
1036 Yates DriveW40912301036 Yates Drive
287 Silver CourtW4090434287 Silver Court
309 Palace StreetE4090580309 Palace Street
84 Peninsula CrescentN409061484 Peninsula Crescent
113 Sellers AvenueW4090373113 Sellers Avenue
973 Wildwood DriveN4090285973 Wildwood Drive
270 Silverstone DriveW4090310270 Silverstone Drive
40 Duffield RoadW408953440 Duffield Road
76 Willamere DriveE409084876 Willamere Drive
4061 Pavillion CourtW40901904061 Pavillion Court
106 Falcon RoadX4089856106 Falcon Road
5477 W Tenth Line AvenueW40897905477 W Tenth Line Avenue
94 Clairton CrescentW409017394 Clairton Crescent
11 Juldan PlaceN409133111 Juldan Place
176 Sydney CircleN4091205176 Sydney Circle
2432 Equestrian CrescentE40896832432 Equestrian Crescent
69 Eastern Skies WayN409087969 Eastern Skies Way
26 Albert StreetW408955026 Albert Street
546 Streetarwood DriveX4090836546 Streetarwood Drive
5 Firbank LaneN40907875 Firbank Lane
127 Laurelhurst CrescentN4091318127 Laurelhurst Crescent
168 Flagstone WayN4089588168 Flagstone Way
105 Heaslip TerraceE4089836105 Heaslip Terrace
60 Alicewood CourtW409138360 Alicewood Court
198 Street Marks RoadW4090227198 Street Marks Road
20 Sahara TerraceW409077720 Sahara Terrace
78 Porterfield RoadW409105478 Porterfield Road
51 Four Seasons CircleW408955851 Four Seasons Circle
23206 Miles RoadN409051523206 Miles Road
1676 Blackbird DriveW40896621676 Blackbird Drive
26 Tina CourtW409062726 Tina Court
6 Baycliffe DriveE40905986 Baycliffe Drive
28 Dolphin Song CrescentW409054028 Dolphin Song Crescent
635 Courtney Valley RoadW4090217635 Courtney Valley Road
75 Baylawn DriveE409150175 Baylawn Drive
15 Kay DriveW409132815 Kay Drive
15 Kay DriveW409132615 Kay Drive
147 Cordgrass CrescentW4089547147 Cordgrass Crescent
4 Autumn Arbour RoadW40895494 Autumn Arbour Road
2439 Musket CourtW40895912439 Musket Court
113 Clonmore DriveE4091187113 Clonmore Drive
206 Farley DriveX4091495206 Farley Drive
11 Sable CrescentE409112511 Sable Crescent
48 Masters Green CrescentW409154248 Masters Green Crescent
62 Bluebell DriveE409136662 Bluebell Drive
55 Pennsylvania AvenueW409078155 Pennsylvania Avenue
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