z. Top Listings from Around the GTA – May 1st 2018

Top Listings from Around the GTA as of May 1st 2018

Here are the top listings for around the GTA as of May 1st 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
27 Oshea CrescentE410910627 Oshea Crescent
119 Belfry Drive BradfordN4110496119 Belfry Drive Bradford
50 Dewlane DriveC411061550 Dewlane Drive
37 Locarno StreetW411033437 Locarno Street
16 Kildrummy GateN411103416 Kildrummy Gate
3822 N Terraceulls RoadE41101973822 N Terraceulls Road
2028 Magee CourtE41109422028 Magee Court
50 Manor Glen CrescentN410930850 Manor Glen Crescent
48 Landfair CrescentE411154948 Landfair Crescent
9 Fernbrook CrescentW41103819 Fernbrook Crescent
76 Combe AvenueC410931976 Combe Avenue
16 August AvenueE411062216 August Avenue
27 Walkview CrescentN411038527 Walkview Crescent
12 Millhouse CourtN411120712 Millhouse Court
61 Powell DriveW411114661 Powell Drive
6216 Camgreen CircleW41090706216 Camgreen Circle
118 Hammerstone CrescentN4111797118 Hammerstone Crescent
380 Sandford RoadN4112051380 Sandford Road
3627 Beechollow CrescentW41093123627 Beechollow Crescent
3 Tambrook DriveE41111863 Tambrook Drive
14 Belgate PlaceW410928714 Belgate Place
307 Boisdale AvenueN4109831307 Boisdale Avenue
62 Maroon DriveN411196962 Maroon Drive
97 Causland LaneN411023797 Causland Lane
153 Collis DriveN4110262153 Collis Drive
31 Selkirk DriveE411195731 Selkirk Drive
343 Burloak DriveW4111134343 Burloak Drive
282 Sloss CourtN4111832282 Sloss Court
521 Warhol WayW4110289521 Warhol Way
22 Kidbrook RoadW411014522 Kidbrook Road
287 Barton AvenueW4111282287 Barton Avenue
14 Benbow RoadW410921814 Benbow Road
4560 Vivian RoadN41109664560 Vivian Road
409 Acumen CourtW4111613409 Acumen Court
86 Ford Wilson BoulevardN411092286 Ford Wilson Boulevard
120 Springhead GardensN4111673120 Springhead Gardens
20 Chelsea Crescent BradfordN410929620 Chelsea Crescent Bradford
13 Parker AvenueN411027513 Parker Avenue
254 Broadview AvenueE4110785254 Broadview Avenue
429 Luzon CrescentW4110674429 Luzon Crescent
3200 Colonial DriveW41096043200 Colonial Drive
30 Manning AvenueC411041630 Manning Avenue
253 Veneto DriveN4110862253 Veneto Drive
63 Grampian AvenueN411084163 Grampian Avenue
1214 Agram DriveW41094421214 Agram Drive
603 Marc Santi BoulevardN4110660603 Marc Santi Boulevard
708 Eversley DriveW4110976708 Eversley Drive
11 Coral Creek CrescentN410918411 Coral Creek Crescent
237 Paradelle DriveN4109131237 Paradelle Drive
2336 W Natasha CircleW41113652336 W Natasha Circle
19 Ranchero DriveW411120119 Ranchero Drive
183 Lori AvenueN4111902183 Lori Avenue
231 Walkers LineW4109135231 Walkers Line
1781 Medallion CourtW41104011781 Medallion Court
94 Roulette CrescentW410906694 Roulette Crescent
53 Fallstar CrescentW411027153 Fallstar Crescent
537A Mcroberts AvenueW4109295537A Mcroberts Avenue
14 Logan CourtW411115714 Logan Court
3050 Max Khan BoulevardW41119883050 Max Khan Boulevard
18 Queensway DriveN410977518 Queensway Drive
15 Gwilliam LaneN411062415 Gwilliam Lane
2144 Bridge RoadW41100222144 Bridge Road
2 Captain Armstrong LaneN41113942 Captain Armstrong Lane
293 Grayling DriveW4111404293 Grayling Drive
20 Halldorson TerraceW411124520 Halldorson Terrace
159 Squareuire CrescentW4111941159 Squareuire Crescent
15 Sir Bedevere PlaceN411087715 Sir Bedevere Place
12 Rustic RoadW411037212 Rustic Road
7 Switchback TerraceW41103357 Switchback Terrace
4 Forsythe DriveN41090864 Forsythe Drive
107 Sled Dog RoadW4110448107 Sled Dog Road
42 Galea DriveE411140942 Galea Drive
4382 Goldenrod CrescentW41109854382 Goldenrod Crescent
1 Valley CrescentN41106181 Valley Crescent
442 Westmoreland AvenueW4111860442 Westmoreland Avenue
66 Lexington RoadW410916266 Lexington Road
48 N Kingsmount Park RoadE411075348 N Kingsmount Park Road
1023 Coldstream DriveE41104381023 Coldstream Drive
9 Feagan DriveE41095079 Feagan Drive
18 Arctic Fox CrescentW410935518 Arctic Fox Crescent
6317 Lisgar DriveW41093606317 Lisgar Drive
24 Dariole DriveN410915724 Dariole Drive
3186 Fieldgate DriveW41102253186 Fieldgate Drive
198 Mactier DriveN4109439198 Mactier Drive
82 Rush RoadN411052382 Rush Road
2009 Kurelo DriveE41100852009 Kurelo Drive
770 Dodsworth CrescentW4110888770 Dodsworth Crescent
22 Wonder WayW410930022 Wonder Way
49 Vanderbrink DriveW410931849 Vanderbrink Drive
31 Haverhill TerraceN411181231 Haverhill Terrace
38 Herefordshire CrescentN410971438 Herefordshire Crescent
23 De Jong DriveW411133023 De Jong Drive
38 Fountainview WayW410937838 Fountainview Way
50 Buttonwood TerraceN410915150 Buttonwood Terrace
499 Kwapis BoulevardN4111053499 Kwapis Boulevard
67 Aikenhead AvenueN410919067 Aikenhead Avenue
14 Ira LaneN411137114 Ira Lane
578 Country Glen RoadN4111443578 Country Glen Road
15 Schaefer PlaceW410997315 Schaefer Place
2426 Cobbinshaw CircleW41092862426 Cobbinshaw Circle
5 Betts RoadE41101445 Betts Road
14 Bicknell AvenueW411206714 Bicknell Avenue
52 Grasslands AvenueN410924252 Grasslands Avenue
23 Sail CrescentN410930123 Sail Crescent
356 Potts TerraceW4111225356 Potts Terrace
57 Muskoka AvenueE411029857 Muskoka Avenue
239 Roadhouse BoulevardN4110355239 Roadhouse Boulevard
42 Flintwood AvenueW410953142 Flintwood Avenue
77 Clarence StreetN411080077 Clarence Street
172 Beaveridge AvenueW4111800172 Beaveridge Avenue
5365 W Tenth LineW41096555365 W Tenth Line
134 Laurier AvenueW4111356134 Laurier Avenue
32 White Birch RoadE411202832 White Birch Road
4778 Bloomburg DriveW41091404778 Bloomburg Drive
25 Settlement Park AvenueN411103625 Settlement Park Avenue
1867 Heather Hills DriveW41116741867 Heather Hills Drive
16 Cottonwood CourtN410910116 Cottonwood Court
372 Britannia AvenueE4109168372 Britannia Avenue
125 Lappin AvenueW4110865125 Lappin Avenue
75 Harry Cook DriveN410977375 Harry Cook Drive
872 Coxwell AvenueE4111366872 Coxwell Avenue
69 Winnifred AvenueE410954369 Winnifred Avenue
19 Wetherby CircleN410962719 Wetherby Circle
27 Torah GateN411136827 Torah Gate
35 Hoover Park DriveN411053535 Hoover Park Drive
2855 Gulfstream WayW41115222855 Gulfstream Way
36 West Wareside RoadW411084236 West Wareside Road
51 Foxberry RoadN410996651 Foxberry Road
12 Sifford CourtW410977812 Sifford Court
785 Sundance CircleE4110004785 Sundance Circle
19 Arnham RoadE410951819 Arnham Road
396 Rathburn RoadW4110855396 Rathburn Road
1034 Laurier AvenueW41095151034 Laurier Avenue
10 Everingham CircleW410991310 Everingham Circle
2228 Melissa CrescentW41118782228 Melissa Crescent
77 Lockwood RoadW411194377 Lockwood Road
90 Glenngarry CrescentN411173590 Glenngarry Crescent
5820 Invergordon LaneW41120305820 Invergordon Lane
68 Vedette WayN411024568 Vedette Way
76 Quietbrook CrescentE411103176 Quietbrook Crescent
5833 Swordsman DriveW41091945833 Swordsman Drive
41 Market Garden MewsW410973641 Market Garden Mews
429 Brisdale DriveW4109732429 Brisdale Drive
63 Mincing TerraceW411005163 Mincing Terrace
1796 Badgley DriveE41108281796 Badgley Drive
33 Brahm CourtN411172933 Brahm Court
177 Martindale AvenueW4110793177 Martindale Avenue
204 Roy Rainey AvenueN4109487204 Roy Rainey Avenue
614 Driveiftcurrent DriveW4110572614 Driveiftcurrent Drive
124 Porchlight RoadW4111295124 Porchlight Road
25 Regan CrescentW410960525 Regan Crescent
1333 Ashwood TerraceW41115461333 Ashwood Terrace
69 Seward CrescentE411082069 Seward Crescent
72 Daniel Reaman CrescentN410956872 Daniel Reaman Crescent
72 Whitney PlaceN411129072 Whitney Place
5 Goswell StreetW41090875 Goswell Street
15 Benadir AvenueW411068215 Benadir Avenue
15 Softneedle AvenueW411079115 Softneedle Avenue
182 Bartsview CircleN4110826182 Bartsview Circle
167 Pinnacle TerraceN4109748167 Pinnacle Terrace
34 Sir Jacobs CrescentW411086134 Sir Jacobs Crescent
393 Wheat Boom DriveW4111250393 Wheat Boom Drive
3 Joy DriveE41101993 Joy Drive
12 Charles StreetE411101512 Charles Street
10 Mullord DriveE411100710 Mullord Drive
11 Kanashiro StreetW410923011 Kanashiro Street
14 Valleyfield RoadN411088714 Valleyfield Road
6 Coles CourtW41094436 Coles Court
714 Terraceudeau DriveW4109200714 Terraceudeau Drive
388 Riverstone DriveW4109332388 Riverstone Drive
4126 Perivale RoadW41109174126 Perivale Road
139 Shady Pine CircleW4111052139 Shady Pine Circle
45 Brimorton DriveE411191145 Brimorton Drive
353 Morningside AvenueE4109912353 Morningside Avenue
231R Tufgar CrescentW4110465231R Tufgar Crescent
356 William Graham DriveN4111286356 William Graham Drive
65 Main StreetN410947165 Main Street
5 Neston AvenueE41105805 Neston Avenue
6 Gable PlaceE41102906 Gable Place
129 Holbrook CourtW4109478129 Holbrook Court
19 Inca RoadC410932619 Inca Road
63 Seward CrescentE411071663 Seward Crescent
54 Maple Ridge CrescentN411163854 Maple Ridge Crescent
111 Farthingale CrescentW4109121111 Farthingale Crescent
4 Revelstoke PlaceW41102644 Revelstoke Place
14 George StreetN411032914 George Street
3 Locomotive CrescentW41092453 Locomotive Crescent
64 Barkwin AvenueW411181564 Barkwin Avenue
438 Rimilton AvenueW4111864438 Rimilton Avenue
1067 Beneford RoadE41119641067 Beneford Road
43 Saffron CrescentW411033243 Saffron Crescent
145 Elizabeth StreetE4109898145 Elizabeth Street
77 Butson CrescentE411012977 Butson Crescent
70 Knighton DriveC411030970 Knighton Drive
362 Elyse CourtN4110406362 Elyse Court
8 Townwood Drive 49N41094198 Townwood Drive 49
208 Featherstone RoadW4110577208 Featherstone Road
15 Deekshill DriveE410911615 Deekshill Drive
13592 Highway 48 RoadN410926813592 Highway 48 Road
83 Shirrick DriveN410998083 Shirrick Drive
1037 Bradley TerraceW41096321037 Bradley Terrace
39 Colony Terraceail BoulevardN411161639 Colony Terraceail Boulevard
171 Cabernet RoadN4109074171 Cabernet Road
730 Savoline BoulevardW4111358730 Savoline Boulevard
800 Roseheath DriveW4110228800 Roseheath Drive
26 Collingwood AvenueW410937526 Collingwood Avenue
5 Woodville AvenueE41107085 Woodville Avenue
42 Schell AvenueW410982142 Schell Avenue
334 Silver CourtW4110029334 Silver Court
71 Rainbow Valley CrescentN411176371 Rainbow Valley Crescent
4 Sedgewick PlaceN41112204 Sedgewick Place
283 Mcbride CrescentN4110870283 Mcbride Crescent
84 Whitney PlaceN411150284 Whitney Place
57 Edinburgh DriveW410959657 Edinburgh Drive
60 Algoma StreetW411064960 Algoma Street
984 Leslie Valley DriveN4109996984 Leslie Valley Drive
189 Palacebeach TerraceX4109132189 Palacebeach Terrace
5496 Bellaggio CrescentW41098465496 Bellaggio Crescent
11 Meadowbank DriveX411135711 Meadowbank Drive
2552 Palisander AvenueW41118392552 Palisander Avenue
131 Springstead AvenueX4110458131 Springstead Avenue
1771 Keele StreetW41103761771 Keele Street
729 Coulson AvenueW4109530729 Coulson Avenue
42 Griffiths DriveE410974042 Griffiths Drive
8777 Dufferin Street 51N41092778777 Dufferin Street 51
85 Albert StreetN411147585 Albert Street
158 Southvale DriveN4109273158 Southvale Drive
282 Gainsborough RoadE4111881282 Gainsborough Road
1646 Concession Road 7 RoadE41106171646 Concession Road 7 Road
573 Kennedy RoadE4111014573 Kennedy Road
95 Alex Campbell CrescentN411134395 Alex Campbell Crescent
72 N Holsted RoadE411201872 N Holsted Road
217 Lawlor AvenueE4110759217 Lawlor Avenue
33 Glennie DriveE411131033 Glennie Drive
36 London RoadN410918236 London Road
187 Parkview RoadN4111894187 Parkview Road
172 Driveinkwater RoadW4110612172 Driveinkwater Road
207 Robert Parkinson DriveW4110148207 Robert Parkinson Drive
150 Sylwood CrescentN4110100150 Sylwood Crescent
45 Harnworth DriveC411151945 Harnworth Drive
390 Marf AvenueW4111086390 Marf Avenue
2600 Streetandardbred DriveE41116112600 Streetandardbred Drive
3223 Neyagawa BoulevardW41096583223 Neyagawa Boulevard
37 Bernice CrescentW411016137 Bernice Crescent
51 Assisi StreetX411188651 Assisi Street
39 Habitant DriveW411070139 Habitant Drive
38 Shendale DriveW411151838 Shendale Drive
145 Laurelhurst CrescentN4111607145 Laurelhurst Crescent
66 Liberty Crescent BradfordN411013266 Liberty Crescent Bradford
11 Berkshire AvenueE411077011 Berkshire Avenue
103 Botavia Downs DriveW4111564103 Botavia Downs Drive
119 Surbray GroveW4109291119 Surbray Grove
1472 Inuit TerraceW41101051472 Inuit Terrace
69 Laing StreetE411055069 Laing Street
35 Dayton AvenueW411110335 Dayton Avenue
8 Child DriveN41092718 Child Drive
672 Rayner CourtW4111686672 Rayner Court
54 Rockstep CourtW411193254 Rockstep Court
40 Christian Reesorpark AvenueN410934040 Christian Reesorpark Avenue
46 Streetrickland DriveE411016746 Streetrickland Drive
2380 Bur Oak AvenueN41090622380 Bur Oak Avenue
152 Mason Avenue BradfordN4110565152 Mason Avenue Bradford
100 Fandango DriveW4111521100 Fandango Drive
20 Scotswood RoadE411182620 Scotswood Road
5 Killaloe CrescentW41092115 Killaloe Crescent
6934 Haines Artist WayW41108826934 Haines Artist Way
6 Peregrine PlaceX41110776 Peregrine Place
71 Mansewood GardensE411017471 Mansewood Gardens
40 Chester StreetW410927840 Chester Street
233 Greenwood AvenueE4111798233 Greenwood Avenue
39 Sandy Beach RoadW410964739 Sandy Beach Road
216 Laurier AvenueW4110746216 Laurier Avenue
216 Whites Hill AvenueN4111131216 Whites Hill Avenue
810 Runnymede RoadW4109129810 Runnymede Road
43 Gower DriveN411201743 Gower Drive
31 Paula CourtW411084831 Paula Court
68 Village Vista WayN411193968 Village Vista Way
37 Campwood CrescentW411033837 Campwood Crescent
3356 Ferris StreetW41092623356 Ferris Street
742 Yarfield CrescentN4109735742 Yarfield Crescent
955 Streetoutt CrescentW4109635955 Streetoutt Crescent
70 Hinchley Wood GroveW411016670 Hinchley Wood Grove
7144 Ridgeland CrescentW41091337144 Ridgeland Crescent
702 S Thompson RoadW4110039702 S Thompson Road
41 Wardlaw AvenueW411196541 Wardlaw Avenue
5639 Retreat StreetW41115785639 Retreat Street
996 Dice WayW4110193996 Dice Way
6 Fife RoadN41105956 Fife Road
12 Ludgate DriveW411032512 Ludgate Drive
29 Blyth Hill RoadC411156029 Blyth Hill Road
145 Connolly StreetW4112013145 Connolly Street
27 Elm Ridge Acres RoadN410968727 Elm Ridge Acres Road
126 Rochester AvenueC4109880126 Rochester Avenue
18696 The Gore RoadW411116118696 The Gore Road
67 Rolling Green CourtN411147467 Rolling Green Court
1517 Duncan RoadW41090791517 Duncan Road
3 Austin CrescentC41120483 Austin Crescent
400 Hollywood AvenueC4110348400 Hollywood Avenue
225 Woodgate Pines DriveN4111495225 Woodgate Pines Drive
1553 Lorne Wood RoadW41118621553 Lorne Wood Road
24 Wedgewood DriveC411194824 Wedgewood Drive
1531 Briarwood CrescentW41104871531 Briarwood Crescent
128 Elmwood AvenueC4110249128 Elmwood Avenue
97 Sheldrake BoulevardC411094397 Sheldrake Boulevard
2310 Mississauga RoadW41102812310 Mississauga Road
15 Dafoe CourtN411092515 Dafoe Court
179 Maxome AvenueC4110928179 Maxome Avenue
114 Highbourne RoadC4111393114 Highbourne Road
5 Lawrie RoadN41105025 Lawrie Road
Lot 4 Polaris WayW4111898Lot 4 Polaris Way
60 Brock AvenueW411097960 Brock Avenue
190 Churchill AvenueN4110978190 Churchill Avenue
16672 Centreville Creek RoadW411068016672 Centreville Creek Road
280 Streetouffville RoadN4112021280 Streetouffville Road
150 Burnet StreetW4110396150 Burnet Street
50 Lake Marie Terraceail CourtN411124150 Lake Marie Terraceail Court
224 Deloraine AvenueC4111117224 Deloraine Avenue
300 Glenayr RoadC4111890300 Glenayr Road
Lot 3 Polaris WayW4111906Lot 3 Polaris Way
116 Alamosa DriveC4110205116 Alamosa Drive
201 Donnelly DriveW4111218201 Donnelly Drive
37 Allview CrescentC411115837 Allview Crescent
Lot 11 Polaris WayW4111909Lot 11 Polaris Way
Lot 2 Polaris WayW4111907Lot 2 Polaris Way
Lot 9 Polaris WayW4111900Lot 9 Polaris Way
1139 Summerlea StreetW41103561139 Summerlea Street
241 Lytton BoulevardC4109848241 Lytton Boulevard
15 Woodside AvenueW411003415 Woodside Avenue
914 Falcon BoulevardW4110892914 Falcon Boulevard
220 Lakeland CrescentN4110516220 Lakeland Crescent
1373 Duncan RoadW41119181373 Duncan Road
133 Yeomans RoadC4109990133 Yeomans Road
10530 Fifth LineW411011710530 Fifth Line
91 Baldry AvenueN411109691 Baldry Avenue
66 Hambly AvenueE411130766 Hambly Avenue
255 Searle AvenueC4111066255 Searle Avenue
8 Canadiana DriveN41111988 Canadiana Drive
201 Burnhamthorpe RoadW4110784201 Burnhamthorpe Road
12 Hodgkinson CrescentN411203412 Hodgkinson Crescent
1109 Shaw StreetW41114141109 Shaw Street
24 Allison CourtW405891524 Allison Court
28 Palomino CrescentC411161428 Palomino Crescent
14 Wyndance WayN411133814 Wyndance Way
20 Lockheed BoulevardW411078320 Lockheed Boulevard
543 Cranbrooke AvenueC4109738543 Cranbrooke Avenue
213 Grenadier RoadW4111805213 Grenadier Road
38 Aegis DriveN411024138 Aegis Drive
2424 Valley Forest WayW41108452424 Valley Forest Way
4663 W Dundas StreetW41116024663 W Dundas Street
10 Terraceemont CrescentC411142210 Terraceemont Crescent
889 Ridge RoadX4109839889 Ridge Road
74 Willcocks StreetC411079674 Willcocks Street
143B Silver Birch AvenueE4110806143B Silver Birch Avenue
148 Church StreetN4109950148 Church Street
23 Henry Corson PlaceN411168123 Henry Corson Place
281 Willow AvenueE4111710281 Willow Avenue
11631 Leslie StreetN411192411631 Leslie Street
00 Nave StreetN411046700 Nave Street
72 Oak AvenueN410968172 Oak Avenue
85 Maple Grove AvenueN410961185 Maple Grove Avenue
26 Apiary GateN411157426 Apiary Gate
60 Settlement CrescentN411063460 Settlement Crescent
155 Gidleigh Park CrescentN4110138155 Gidleigh Park Crescent
50 Birch AvenueN411130250 Birch Avenue
6 White Spruce CrescentN41101016 White Spruce Crescent
10 Cape George TerraceN410935710 Cape George Terrace
1245 W Winchester RoadE41113061245 W Winchester Road
19 Ridgevalley CrescentW411142319 Ridgevalley Crescent
102 Goldenview CourtN4111360102 Goldenview Court
1611 N Rtison RoadE41118911611 N Rtison Road
68 Walmer RoadN410969668 Walmer Road
31 Huntley DriveN411137331 Huntley Drive
1127 W Queen StreetW41116351127 W Queen Street
149 W Finch AvenueC4109597149 W Finch Avenue
11 Burkston PlaceW411098111 Burkston Place
151 Castle CrescentW4111896151 Castle Crescent
1447 Beemer AvenueW41090631447 Beemer Avenue
270 E Hillsdale AvenueC4111658270 E Hillsdale Avenue
1153 Streetavebank RoadW41105881153 Streetavebank Road
450 Briar Hill AvenueC4111463450 Briar Hill Avenue
2257 Canonridge CircleW41113632257 Canonridge Circle
15 Adanac DriveE410980115 Adanac Drive
94 Thompson DriveN410964894 Thompson Drive
66 Canterbury CourtN410927666 Canterbury Court
326 Driveewry AvenueC4111320326 Driveewry Avenue
241 Betty Ann DriveC4110633241 Betty Ann Drive
49 Barraclough BoulevardW411019049 Barraclough Boulevard
16 Beamish CourtW411172616 Beamish Court
49 Barraclough BoulevardW411048849 Barraclough Boulevard
40 Wanless AvenueC411116540 Wanless Avenue
252 Autumn Hill BoulevardN4110818252 Autumn Hill Boulevard
10888 Victoria Square BoulevardN410957110888 Victoria Square Boulevard
62 Oatlands CrescentN411106962 Oatlands Crescent
40 Deforest RoadW410984040 Deforest Road
13 Rosegarden CrescentN410960913 Rosegarden Crescent
187 Innville CrescentW4111104187 Innville Crescent
114 Seabreeze AvenueN4112027114 Seabreeze Avenue
217 Coons RoadN4110507217 Coons Road
232 Conti CrescentN4109622232 Conti Crescent
3 Porter Creek HllwW41112353 Porter Creek Hllw
88 S Mcrae Beach RoadN411102088 S Mcrae Beach Road
2146 Haygate CrescentW41110782146 Haygate Crescent
54 Walnut Grove CrescentN411009654 Walnut Grove Crescent
73 Chagall DriveN411135973 Chagall Drive
66 Kelways CircleW411065266 Kelways Circle
22 Abitibi AvenueC411078022 Abitibi Avenue
210 Westmount BoulevardN4110787210 Westmount Boulevard
231 Shaftsbury AvenueN4111731231 Shaftsbury Avenue
381 Feasby RoadN4109586381 Feasby Road
64 Cooks Bay DriveN411087264 Cooks Bay Drive
4163 Lakeshore RoadW41115254163 Lakeshore Road
1722 Paddock CrescentW41103041722 Paddock Crescent
318 Hounslow AvenueC4111384318 Hounslow Avenue
90 Alpaca DriveN411205290 Alpaca Drive
3824 Holborn RoadN41101773824 Holborn Road
15806 Horseshoe Hill RoadW410972415806 Horseshoe Hill Road
9 Titus StreetN41099589 Titus Street
24 Union StreetN411088524 Union Street
49 Yonge BoulevardC411190449 Yonge Boulevard
8 Forestgreen DriveN41094808 Forestgreen Drive
147 Streeterling StreetX4110244147 Streeterling Street
373 Maplehurst AvenueW4110136373 Maplehurst Avenue
278 Beechgrove DriveE4111151278 Beechgrove Drive
3704 E Street Clair AvenueE41093873704 E Street Clair Avenue
649 Merton StreetC4111803649 Merton Street
67 River Glen BoulevardW410967467 River Glen Boulevard
77 Binscarth CrescentN411074777 Binscarth Crescent
20 Queensborough CourtN411076020 Queensborough Court
300 Streetills LaneW4111380300 Streetills Lane
51 Noblewood DriveN410931151 Noblewood Drive
10 Allister AvenueE411168810 Allister Avenue
91 Gordon Randle DriveW411122691 Gordon Randle Drive
44 Oriah CourtN411177844 Oriah Court
51 Cedar Brae BoulevardE411032251 Cedar Brae Boulevard
4 Mayfield AvenueW41118234 Mayfield Avenue
50 Marbrook StreetN411059350 Marbrook Street
2511 Highmount CrescentW41101922511 Highmount Crescent
98 Willow Heights BoulevardN411201098 Willow Heights Boulevard
4 Crediton CourtW41096504 Crediton Court
63 Bridlewood BoulevardE410919863 Bridlewood Boulevard
3381 Crompton CrescentW41113113381 Crompton Crescent
3995 Promontory DriveW41112463995 Promontory Drive
50 Palomino DriveN410877150 Palomino Drive
39 Mike Boshevski CourtN411148439 Mike Boshevski Court
2008 Grosvenor StreetW41095362008 Grosvenor Street
66 Danby AvenueC410920166 Danby Avenue
44 Skyview CrescentC411057144 Skyview Crescent
91 Burncrest DriveC411119791 Burncrest Drive
33 Hamster CrescentN411137233 Hamster Crescent
505 Clifford Perry PlaceN4110398505 Clifford Perry Place
35 Carolina Rose CrescentN411076235 Carolina Rose Crescent
47 Beacon Hill DriveW410973147 Beacon Hill Drive
31 Sala DriveN410983031 Sala Drive
384 Becker RoadN4110941384 Becker Road
4 Market StreetW41091674 Market Street
531 North Park BoulevardW4111291531 North Park Boulevard
3559 King StreetW41102533559 King Street
23 Carnation AvenueW411085123 Carnation Avenue
1284 Old Bridle PathW41092431284 Old Bridle Path
2257 Carpenters CircleW41098602257 Carpenters Circle
3219 Robert StreetW41023753219 Robert Street
57 Taurus CrescentN410999557 Taurus Crescent
68 Leggett AvenueW411200468 Leggett Avenue
123 Oberfrick AvenueN4111835123 Oberfrick Avenue
298 Pacific AvenueW4111387298 Pacific Avenue
3902 Lodi RoadW41105833902 Lodi Road
60 Chant CrescentN411068360 Chant Crescent
11 Lescon RoadC411044911 Lescon Road
591 Windermere AvenueW4111462591 Windermere Avenue
312 Dixon BoulevardN4110501312 Dixon Boulevard
7 Pine Island WayW41114087 Pine Island Way
11 Rossi DriveN411170811 Rossi Drive
40 Maltby CourtW411139940 Maltby Court
201 William Graham DriveN4110596201 William Graham Drive
12 Love CourtW411119912 Love Court
2909 Termini TerraceW41091852909 Termini Terrace
12 Blue Silo WayW410968012 Blue Silo Way
16 Monaco CrescentN411141716 Monaco Crescent
23 Brookeview DriveN410947423 Brookeview Drive
70 Durango DriveN410925970 Durango Drive
29 Fisher StreetN411065629 Fisher Street
71 Wallington AvenueE411179571 Wallington Avenue
130 Corner Ridge RoadN4111239130 Corner Ridge Road
1263 Roseberry CrescentW41091041263 Roseberry Crescent
86 Briarfield AvenueN411095786 Briarfield Avenue
331 Sunset RoadgeN4109949331 Sunset Roadge
170 Culp TerraceW4110180170 Culp Terrace
166 Rexway DriveW4109084166 Rexway Drive
204 Mcmorran CrescentN4111566204 Mcmorran Crescent
89 Nova Scotia RoadW410950489 Nova Scotia Road
53 Cornelius ParkwayW410943753 Cornelius Parkway
2C Methuen AvenueW41111192C Methuen Avenue
1335 Avenue RoadC41120111335 Avenue Road
527 Glengarry AvenueC4111042527 Glengarry Avenue
170 Yarmouth RoadW4111430170 Yarmouth Road
189 Woburn AvenueC4110812189 Woburn Avenue
7070 Gillespie LaneW41111567070 Gillespie Lane
1660 Woodhenge WayW41107761660 Woodhenge Way
160 Eastbourne AvenueC4109789160 Eastbourne Avenue
83 Fletcher Street BradfordN411007083 Fletcher Street Bradford
611 Waterloo StreetW4110735611 Waterloo Street
14 N Mussle White RoadW411015014 N Mussle White Road
10 Bagshaw CrescentN410957810 Bagshaw Crescent
2315 Adena CourtW41102802315 Adena Court
866 Chambers PlaceW4111926866 Chambers Place
70 Thorny Brae DriveN411096870 Thorny Brae Drive
129 Soudan AvenueC4111866129 Soudan Avenue
31 Oakmoor LaneN410967731 Oakmoor Lane
72 Streetaglin CourtN410948672 Streetaglin Court
97 Maroon DriveN411071897 Maroon Drive
753 White Clover WayW4109348753 White Clover Way
2 Minto StreetE41116462 Minto Street
69 Aristotle DriveN411026669 Aristotle Drive
1176 Willowbrook DriveW41101471176 Willowbrook Drive
137 Ceremonial DriveW4111827137 Ceremonial Drive
12 Dorman DriveN411082312 Dorman Drive
3087 River Rock PtW41119673087 River Rock Pt
5216 Queensville SideroadN41107345216 Queensville Sideroad
1549 Ballantrae DriveW41092411549 Ballantrae Drive
180 Moore Park AvenueC4110714180 Moore Park Avenue
131 Beaconsfield DriveN4111689131 Beaconsfield Drive
31 Silkgrove TerraceN411153831 Silkgrove Terrace
292 Easts Corners BoulevardN4110761292 Easts Corners Boulevard
46 Landsdown CrescentN410947346 Landsdown Crescent
35 Rebecca StreetW411056035 Rebecca Street
28 Edwalter AvenueW410933128 Edwalter Avenue
19 Petermann StreetN411073719 Petermann Street
93 Vantage Loop DriveN411007593 Vantage Loop Drive
435 Murray Ross ParkwayW4109555435 Murray Ross Parkway
Lot 240 Oconner CrescentW4110353Lot 240 Oconner Crescent
580 Fourth LineW4110123580 Fourth Line
241 Burnhamthorpe RoadW4110058241 Burnhamthorpe Road
200 E Williamson DriveE4109405200 E Williamson Drive
19150 Island RoadE411103819150 Island Road
7827 Kipling AvenueN41111667827 Kipling Avenue
693 Tuxford DriveW4111348693 Tuxford Drive
17 Whitebirch LaneN411033317 Whitebirch Lane
28 Sylwood CrescentN411060728 Sylwood Crescent
1A Ardell AvenueE41102361A Ardell Avenue
47 Terraceanswell AvenueC411089547 Terraceanswell Avenue
5B Adair RoadE41091895B Adair Road
98 Portage AvenueW411058798 Portage Avenue
56 Driveum StreetN411010656 Driveum Street
73 Samuel Oster AvenueN410949173 Samuel Oster Avenue
5819 Long Valley RoadW41094985819 Long Valley Road
21 Banks DriveW410999221 Banks Drive
841 Briarwood DriveE4111136841 Briarwood Drive
17 Mccarty CrescentN411169817 Mccarty Crescent
9 Terraceeerun AvenueE41111679 Terraceeerun Avenue
164 Art West AvenueN4111305164 Art West Avenue
2 Kingsmoor GateW41111442 Kingsmoor Gate
230 Queen Mary DriveW4109858230 Queen Mary Drive
266 John StreetW4110455266 John Street
110 Lorraiine DriveC4111029110 Lorraiine Drive
20 Montreal StreetW411180220 Montreal Street
37 Marlott RoadN411114337 Marlott Road
393 Lady Nadia DriveN4109559393 Lady Nadia Drive
478 Foxcroft BoulevardN4111801478 Foxcroft Boulevard
10 Mayapple LaneN410617910 Mayapple Lane
8 Crescenttridge DriveN41104758 Crescenttridge Drive
47 Amy Wood RoadN410994247 Amy Wood Road
165 Geoffrey CrescentN4110383165 Geoffrey Crescent
357 Chouinard WayN4111995357 Chouinard Way
57 Newington CrescentW410921557 Newington Crescent
2537 Waterford StreetW41105532537 Waterford Street
7275 Waldorf WayW41109557275 Waldorf Way
14 Lombardy CrescentW410934114 Lombardy Crescent
47 Forest Ridge AvenueX410972947 Forest Ridge Avenue
1547 Mendelson HeightsW41094691547 Mendelson Heights
3507 Streetedford RoadW41090823507 Streetedford Road
20 Ellen StreetW410974420 Ellen Street
1086 Augustus DriveW41118071086 Augustus Drive
3253 Terraceelawny CircleW41108663253 Terraceelawny Circle
379 Queen StreetE4110725379 Queen Street
62 Gayla StreetN411174762 Gayla Street
295 Mickleburgh DriveN4111630295 Mickleburgh Drive
19 Samuel CrescentW411194019 Samuel Crescent
49 Walkerton DriveN411119649 Walkerton Drive
86 Arisaig DriveN411144786 Arisaig Drive
38 Briarfield AvenueN411177338 Briarfield Avenue
472 Samford PlaceW4111498472 Samford Place
24 Kalmia RoadW411022324 Kalmia Road
278 S Paliser CrescentN4110638278 S Paliser Crescent
1428 Samuelson CircleW41102301428 Samuelson Circle
253 Easts Corners BoulevardN4110285253 Easts Corners Boulevard
3 Everett StreetN41102313 Everett Street
762 Prest WayN4110578762 Prest Way
70 Horsedreamer LaneN410944570 Horsedreamer Lane
176 Brighton AvenueC4110869176 Brighton Avenue
836 Millard StreetN4111055836 Millard Street
49 Centro Park DriveN411001349 Centro Park Drive
7344 Glamorgan WayW41101547344 Glamorgan Way
12 Saunders AvenueW411109812 Saunders Avenue
17 Deer Ridge TerraceW411024617 Deer Ridge Terrace
8 Nova Scotia RoadW41099628 Nova Scotia Road
55 Nottingham DriveN411152855 Nottingham Drive
291 Bell StreetW4109608291 Bell Street
88 Masken CircleW410931088 Masken Circle
5 Werrydale DriveE41109375 Werrydale Drive
12 Streeteeplechase DriveX411128812 Streeteeplechase Drive
110 Majestic DriveN4110505110 Majestic Drive
5 Driveomore CrescentC41112435 Driveomore Crescent
79 Deerwood CrescentN411128779 Deerwood Crescent
32 Summitgreen CrescentW410973432 Summitgreen Crescent
9446 Eighth LineW41115869446 Eighth Line
210 Red Maple RoadN4111459210 Red Maple Road
1005 Hinterland CourtE41095211005 Hinterland Court
29 Fulmer RoadW411080729 Fulmer Road