GTA Listings 6 July 2018

Listings for the GTA as of July 6 2018

Here are the ultimate listings for across the GTA as of July 6 2018. Check these out while they're still available.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
235 Devonsleigh BoulevardN4182907235 Devonsleigh Boulevard
63 Lauderhill RoadW418288063 Lauderhill Road
56 Royal Links CircleW418285756 Royal Links Circle
60 Lampton CrescentN418288160 Lampton Crescent
79 Marlee AvenueC418275179 Marlee Avenue
20 Garnet StreetN418247020 Garnet Street
904 Somerville TerraceW4182657904 Somerville Terrace
19 Kirkland CourtN418257119 Kirkland Court
4835 Cherry StreetN41826554835 Cherry Street
32 Everett StreetN418263032 Everett Street
7802 Yonge StreetN41824457802 Yonge Street
24 Cobblestone DriveN418251524 Cobblestone Drive
40 Valleyridge CrescentW418258040 Valleyridge Crescent
77 Sunset Beach RoadN418259477 Sunset Beach Road
63 Lauderhill RoadW418264363 Lauderhill Road
63 Lauderhill RoadW418264463 Lauderhill Road
8 Dairymaid RoadW41822978 Dairymaid Road
2615 Ambercroft TerraceW41823652615 Ambercroft Terrace
2394 Arbordale DriveW41823392394 Arbordale Drive
1700 Lincolnshire BoulevardW41821031700 Lincolnshire Boulevard
2291 Kenbarb RoadW41822022291 Kenbarb Road
2267 Courrier LaneW41821592267 Courrier Lane
65 Fortieth StreetW418178065 Fortieth Street
2176 Wedgewood RoadW41818722176 Wedgewood Road
82 Methuen AvenueW418186982 Methuen Avenue
4 George Mckenzie CourtW41818404 George Mckenzie Court
3 Prince StreetW41817733 Prince Street
329 Nairn AvenueW4181824329 Nairn Avenue
6928 Historic TerraceW41817466928 Historic Terrace
38 Bedouin CrescentW418148538 Bedouin Crescent
1 Nettles StreetN41822121 Nettles Street
31 Township AvenueN418229031 Township Avenue
829 Elvidge TerraceN4182190829 Elvidge Terrace
86 Cavalry TerraceN418226986 Cavalry Terrace
27 Streetonehedge HllwN418191227 Streetonehedge Hllw
24 Sanderling DriveN418204424 Sanderling Drive
23 David Willson TerraceN418179923 David Willson Terrace
2 Lancashire RoadN41820492 Lancashire Road
3166 Cole RoadN41821213166 Cole Road
2 Alma CourtN41820602 Alma Court
222 Kemano RoadN4181862222 Kemano Road
82 Via TeodoroN418195582 Via Teodoro
123 Gailcrest CircleN4181935123 Gailcrest Circle
30 San Marko PlaceN418178730 San Marko Place
151 Kingslynn DriveN4181829151 Kingslynn Drive
75 Zippora DriveN418183975 Zippora Drive
25 Bluff TerraceN418177425 Bluff Terrace
105 Lady Karen CrescentN4181526105 Lady Karen Crescent
11 Wolford CourtN418152511 Wolford Court
31 Mountbatten RoadN418178531 Mountbatten Road
46 Crimson Forest DriveN418155346 Crimson Forest Drive
15 Mapes AvenueN418155015 Mapes Avenue
160 Tower Hill RoadN4181425160 Tower Hill Road
11 Pickett CrescentN418146211 Pickett Crescent
36 Beulah DriveN418144236 Beulah Drive
69 Homestead RoadE418239569 Homestead Road
32 Tom Wells CrescentE418203232 Tom Wells Crescent
121 Taylorwood CourtE4182101121 Taylorwood Court
90 Bonnydon CrescentE418173290 Bonnydon Crescent
6211 Solina RoadE41817016211 Solina Road
533 Kingston RoadE4181497533 Kingston Road
436 Driveewry AvenueC4181500436 Driveewry Avenue
132 Sweeney DriveC4181460132 Sweeney Drive
685 Ossington AvenueC4181722685 Ossington Avenue
3991 Dufferin StreetC41738223991 Dufferin Street
2210 Castlefield CrescentW41813742210 Castlefield Crescent
646 Vellore Park AvenueN4181407646 Vellore Park Avenue
50 Braeburn DriveN418138550 Braeburn Drive
97 Red Cardinal TerraceN418133897 Red Cardinal Terrace
65 Wallingford RoadC418138065 Wallingford Road
1615 Ifield RoadW41813021615 Ifield Road
74 Lyle Way Lot 76W418124674 Lyle Way Lot 76
Lot 238 Oconnor CrescentW4181183Lot 238 Oconnor Crescent
102 Gray Park DriveW4181139102 Gray Park Drive
8 Forest Edge CrescentN41811538 Forest Edge Crescent
40 Leitch AvenueW418100940 Leitch Avenue
468 Ramonet DriveW4180913468 Ramonet Drive
21 Leadership DriveW418074921 Leadership Drive
601 Jane StreetW4180977601 Jane Street
509 Golden Oak DriveW4180947509 Golden Oak Drive
223 Beta StreetW4180893223 Beta Street
4295 Belfast AvenueW41808294295 Belfast Avenue
11339 Tenth LineW418092811339 Tenth Line
1457 Larchview TerraceW41807441457 Larchview Terrace
56 Braeburn DriveN418099856 Braeburn Drive
29 Thomas Henry RoadN418110329 Thomas Henry Road
39 Placeowman LaneN418106339 Placeowman Lane
18 John Smith StreetN418107918 John Smith Street
106 Maverick CrescentN4180912106 Maverick Crescent
110 Martini DriveN4180990110 Martini Drive
2 Walter Tunny CrescentN41810412 Walter Tunny Crescent
36 Livingstone RoadN418069636 Livingstone Road
39 Heathcliffe DriveN418073939 Heathcliffe Drive
6 Holly DriveN41806496 Holly Drive
137 Henderson AvenueN4180637137 Henderson Avenue
76 Woodville DriveN418082376 Woodville Drive
183 W Lawrence AvenueC4181047183 W Lawrence Avenue
225 Montrose AvenueC4180872225 Montrose Avenue
145 Shaftesbury StreetC4180878145 Shaftesbury Street
322 Dudley AvenueC4181067322 Dudley Avenue
61 Havelock StreetC418073261 Havelock Street
7 Tefley RoadC41808257 Tefley Road
48 Pennsylvania CrescentX418051548 Pennsylvania Crescent
55 E Glenellen DriveW418053955 E Glenellen Drive
5192 Hunter DriveW41803655192 Hunter Drive
182 Cherryhurst RoadW4180171182 Cherryhurst Road
1428 Brentano BoulevardW41801141428 Brentano Boulevard
12 Herman AvenueW418008112 Herman Avenue
173 Delta StreetW4179957173 Delta Street
3210 Sawmill StreetW41798863210 Sawmill Street
665 Clifford Perry PlaceN4180426665 Clifford Perry Place
179 Clark AvenueN4180439179 Clark Avenue
18538 Highway 48N418052718538 Highway 48
22 Grant CourtN418024622 Grant Court
619 Queen StreetN4180039619 Queen Street
3 John Weddell AvenueN41802043 John Weddell Avenue
3 Mansard DriveN41800923 Mansard Drive
58 Pickett CrescentN418032758 Pickett Crescent
47 Eton StreetN418034847 Eton Street
48 Obrien AvenueN418034548 Obrien Avenue
331 Sunset RoadgeN4180211331 Sunset Roadge
57 Mcmullen DriveN418027857 Mcmullen Drive
296 Essex AvenueN4180232296 Essex Avenue
38 Crimson Forest DriveN418037338 Crimson Forest Drive
2 Warren Mcbride CrescentN41802532 Warren Mcbride Crescent
9 Middleton CourtN41800329 Middleton Court
84 S Beaverton RoadN417999184 S Beaverton Road
8 Brookgreene CrescentN41798728 Brookgreene Crescent
181 Scarboro CrescentE4180374181 Scarboro Crescent
3020 Cochrane StreetE41804203020 Cochrane Street
64 Adair RoadE417997264 Adair Road
113 Woodycrest AvenueE4180075113 Woodycrest Avenue
44 Queensbury AvenueE418030244 Queensbury Avenue
4308 Old Scugog RoadE41799064308 Old Scugog Road
3 Nelson StreetE41799183 Nelson Street
83 Streetarspray BoulevardE417989783 Streetarspray Boulevard
9 Duplex CrescentC41803559 Duplex Crescent
405 Lauder AvenueC4180148405 Lauder Avenue
330 Woodmount AvenueE4179823330 Woodmount Avenue
20 Chaiwood CourtN417977720 Chaiwood Court
89 Wardlaw PlaceN417979189 Wardlaw Place
57 Pathway DriveW417984757 Pathway Drive
7590 Old Terraceemaine RoadW41795557590 Old Terraceemaine Road
19 Talgarth RoadW417963919 Talgarth Road
242 Edenbridge DriveW4179550242 Edenbridge Drive
1214 Valleybrook DriveW41796211214 Valleybrook Drive
86 N Yardley CrescentW417948586 N Yardley Crescent
409 Ambleside DriveW4179308409 Ambleside Drive
88 Matson DriveW413714888 Matson Drive
54 Quantum StreetN417960654 Quantum Street
24 Old Field CrescentN417958024 Old Field Crescent
90 Landsdown CrescentN417934090 Landsdown Crescent
118 Barnwood DriveN4179329118 Barnwood Drive
85 Bond CrescentN417970085 Bond Crescent
4 Crowling CourtN41796384 Crowling Court
48 Streetrauss RoadN417950648 Streetrauss Road
138 Toporowski AvenueN4179659138 Toporowski Avenue
20 Gracefield CourtN417936220 Gracefield Court
87 River StreetE417946887 River Street
187 W Carnwith DriveE4179361187 W Carnwith Drive
35 Lehar CrescentC417966735 Lehar Crescent
372 George StreetC4179676372 George Street
2298 Hackett PlaceE41793092298 Hackett Place
317 Potts TerraceW4179197317 Potts Terrace
223 Beta StreetW4178897223 Beta Street
17715 The Gore RoadW417887417715 The Gore Road
6 Kingscross SquareW41789756 Kingscross Square
228 Angelene StreetW4178834228 Angelene Street
8 Suburban DriveW41788778 Suburban Drive
24 Country Club DriveN417927824 Country Club Drive
180 Queen Filomena AvenueN4179267180 Queen Filomena Avenue
66 Highgate DriveN417923066 Highgate Drive
10 Rogers RoadN417920910 Rogers Road
768 Highland Blade RoadN4179154768 Highland Blade Road
69 Mcintyre CourtN417922969 Mcintyre Court
221 Autumn Hill BoulevardN4179138221 Autumn Hill Boulevard
17 Buckhorn AvenueN417893917 Buckhorn Avenue
43 Ellsworth AvenueN417892043 Ellsworth Avenue
360 John Street Th 95N4178969360 John Street Th 95
16 Nantucket DriveN417877616 Nantucket Drive
12 Browning AvenueE417892312 Browning Avenue
121 Southvale DriveC4178947121 Southvale Drive
567 Delaware AvenueC4179020567 Delaware Avenue
56 Nymark AvenueC417904856 Nymark Avenue
5 Lescon RoadC41787895 Lescon Road
33 Godliman RoadW417858433 Godliman Road
76 Toledo RoadW417853976 Toledo Road
616A Caledonia RoadW4178711616A Caledonia Road
29 Castlegate BoulevardW417861329 Castlegate Boulevard
35 Gollop CrescentW417851435 Gollop Crescent
61 Vine AvenueW417846461 Vine Avenue
3342 Hedley RoadW41784853342 Hedley Road
92 Twenty Second StreetW417845692 Twenty Second Street
11 Yemina GateN417871611 Yemina Gate
14 Colonel Wayling BoulevardN417859814 Colonel Wayling Boulevard
106 Sandwood DriveN4178588106 Sandwood Drive
58 Serano CrescentN417868658 Serano Crescent
53A Bond CrescentN417864453A Bond Crescent
82 Brookeview DriveN417848782 Brookeview Drive
3 Pingel RoadN41784673 Pingel Road
397 Highcliffe DriveN4178548397 Highcliffe Drive
37 Romfield CircleN417857037 Romfield Circle
11 Hunwicks CrescentE417852611 Hunwicks Crescent
44 Sydel CourtE417869044 Sydel Court
27 Edgewood AvenueE417847027 Edgewood Avenue
188 Terraceeegrove CircleN4180354188 Terraceeegrove Circle
19715 Bathurst StreetN418026919715 Bathurst Street
38 Hollingham RoadN417998738 Hollingham Road
301 Harris AvenueN4179938301 Harris Avenue
20 Boyle DriveN417994320 Boyle Drive
6 Barbara CrescentE41805606 Barbara Crescent
6119 Gilmore RoadE41802476119 Gilmore Road
358 Fairlawn AvenueC4180495358 Fairlawn Avenue
122 Byng AvenueC4180219122 Byng Avenue
36 Anndale DriveC418025736 Anndale Drive
62 Wimpole DriveC418009162 Wimpole Drive
140 Wanless AvenueC4180457140 Wanless Avenue
85 Driveewry AvenueC418013385 Driveewry Avenue
106 Shaftesbury AvenueC4180193106 Shaftesbury Avenue
145 Marlborough PlaceC4180312145 Marlborough Place
37 Gatehead RoadC418016137 Gatehead Road
280 Poyntz AvenueC4180324280 Poyntz Avenue
642 W Wellington StreetC4180401642 W Wellington Street
68 Lyndhurst AvenueC418015668 Lyndhurst Avenue
12 Maureen DriveC418043512 Maureen Drive
58 Nipigon AvenueC417991258 Nipigon Avenue
8 De Savery CrescentC41800628 De Savery Crescent
107 Sylvan AvenueE4179734107 Sylvan Avenue
86 Northdale RoadC417977886 Northdale Road
9 Mcnutt StreetW41797839 Mcnutt Street
1185 Linbrook RoadW41793961185 Linbrook Road
503 N Windermere AvenueW4179383503 N Windermere Avenue
947 The Greenway CircleW4179632947 The Greenway Circle
1373 Waverly AvenueW41796131373 Waverly Avenue
23 Walnut CrescentW417957923 Walnut Crescent
20 Albright AvenueW417959520 Albright Avenue
4 Grimsby CourtW41794014 Grimsby Court
154 Eaglewood BoulevardW4179569154 Eaglewood Boulevard
155 Royalavon CrescentW4179540155 Royalavon Crescent
14762 Woodbine AvenueN417958214762 Woodbine Avenue
28 Topper CourtN417939728 Topper Court
100 Fred Mclaren BoulevardN4179583100 Fred Mclaren Boulevard
106 Thomas Cook AvenueN4179404106 Thomas Cook Avenue
Lot 23 Wellman DriveN4179369Lot 23 Wellman Drive
53 Viewmount AvenueC417948153 Viewmount Avenue
55 Jocelyn CrescentC417944255 Jocelyn Crescent
150 Elmhurst AvenueC4179371150 Elmhurst Avenue
3623A King RoadW41791563623A King Road
1437 Duncan RoadW41791331437 Duncan Road
929 Red Pine CrescentW4178831929 Red Pine Crescent
14180 Heritage RoadW417883514180 Heritage Road
168 Nelson StreetW4178807168 Nelson Street
454 Valley DriveW4178743454 Valley Drive
1069 Rebecca StreetW41788991069 Rebecca Street
3316 Erin Centre BoulevardW41788273316 Erin Centre Boulevard
16625 Leslie StreetN417914916625 Leslie Street
232 Conti CrescentN4179145232 Conti Crescent
236 Vanda DriveN4178830236 Vanda Drive
26 Lavender Valley RoadN417903526 Lavender Valley Road
235 Park AvenueN4179008235 Park Avenue
31 Aspen Leaf CourtN417905531 Aspen Leaf Court
129 Port Royal AvenueN4178751129 Port Royal Avenue
23 Forest Lane DriveN417875723 Forest Lane Drive
15 Hambly AvenueE417900115 Hambly Avenue
108 Glen RoadC4179271108 Glen Road
286 Betty Ann DriveC4178856286 Betty Ann Drive
376 Driveewry AvenueC4178766376 Driveewry Avenue
152 Yonge BoulevardC4179178152 Yonge Boulevard
402 Dovercourt RoadC4178993402 Dovercourt Road
160 Borden StreetC4179113160 Borden Street
6 Follis AvenueC41790106 Follis Avenue
331 Joicey BoulevardC4178934331 Joicey Boulevard
59 Oriole GardensC417905459 Oriole Gardens
194 Coldstream AvenueC4178753194 Coldstream Avenue
32 Love CourtW417853832 Love Court
13265 Fallbrook Terraceail TerraceW417866613265 Fallbrook Terraceail Terrace
866 Shaw StreetW4178460866 Shaw Street
54 Goldpark CourtN417871054 Goldpark Court
7 Vomano StreetN41785947 Vomano Street
44 Sprucewood DriveN417861044 Sprucewood Drive
33 Lund StreetN417863533 Lund Street
38 Kimbergate WayN417870838 Kimbergate Way
539 Velmar DriveN4178618539 Velmar Drive
69 Baldwin RoadN417872269 Baldwin Road
52 Nevada CrescentN417850952 Nevada Crescent
2259 Terraceulls RoadE41787182259 Terraceulls Road
7 Eden Park RoadE41785017 Eden Park Road
243 Golfdale RoadC4178670243 Golfdale Road
160 Parkview AvenueC4178673160 Parkview Avenue
748 Woburn AvenueC4178529748 Woburn Avenue
368 E Manor RoadC4178496368 E Manor Road
285 Street Clements AvenueC4182919285 Street Clements Avenue
8033 Sideroad 10 Road GuelphX41827828033 Sideroad 10 Road Guelph
198 Terraceelawn AvenueW4182841198 Terraceelawn Avenue
5090 Warrendale GateW41824465090 Warrendale Gate
71 Oxford StreetN418277871 Oxford Street
964 Castlefield AvenueW4182625964 Castlefield Avenue
16 Cachet CourtW418276016 Cachet Court
56 Carlyle CrescentN418255456 Carlyle Crescent
729 W QueenswayW4182642729 W Queensway
171 Hill Farm RoadN4182557171 Hill Farm Road
5301 Hilton CourtW41825035301 Hilton Court
76 Fifeshire RoadC418263576 Fifeshire Road
561 Glengrove AvenueC4182611561 Glengrove Avenue
473 Guildwood ParkwayE4182634473 Guildwood Parkway
84 Campbellville RoadX418148284 Campbellville Road
29 Regency CourtW418240529 Regency Court
607 Cochise CrescentW4182307607 Cochise Crescent
175 Beechtree CrescentW4182303175 Beechtree Crescent
1640 Tipperary CourtW41818741640 Tipperary Court
3024 Princess BoulevardW41818383024 Princess Boulevard
70 Chestnut Hills ParkwayW418163670 Chestnut Hills Parkway
460 Rimilton AvenueW4181457460 Rimilton Avenue
8 Heintzman CrescentN41823988 Heintzman Crescent
138 Church StreetN4182261138 Church Street
86 Chayna CrescentN418223786 Chayna Crescent
162 Curtis CrescentN4182152162 Curtis Crescent
40 Archerhill CourtN418209040 Archerhill Court
21 Sachet DriveN418192221 Sachet Drive
102 Wilfred Murison AvenueN4181499102 Wilfred Murison Avenue
226 Rothbury RoadN4181814226 Rothbury Road
30 Cherry Blossom LaneN418155130 Cherry Blossom Lane
102 Allison Ann WayN4181518102 Allison Ann Way
103 Marc Santi BoulevardN4181665103 Marc Santi Boulevard
8 Aspen King CourtN41816118 Aspen King Court
306 Farrell RoadN4181520306 Farrell Road
91 Baldry AvenueN418179491 Baldry Avenue
71 Grenadier CrescentN418161671 Grenadier Crescent
11 Cranberry LaneN418142411 Cranberry Lane
48 Leafield DriveE418193448 Leafield Drive
5385 N Thickson RoadE41815155385 N Thickson Road
616 Dovercourt RoadC4182145616 Dovercourt Road
150 E Manor RoadC4182254150 E Manor Road
3 Community CircleC41820253 Community Circle
288 Old Orchard GroveC4181688288 Old Orchard Grove
325 Douglas AvenueC4182112325 Douglas Avenue
60 Larabee CrescentC418205160 Larabee Crescent
31 E Woodlawn AvenueC418211131 E Woodlawn Avenue
7 Cassidy PlaceC41819857 Cassidy Place
200 E Manor RoadC4181821200 E Manor Road
209 Raglan AvenueC4181589209 Raglan Avenue
38 Anndale DriveC418181538 Anndale Drive
38 Chiswell CrescentC418176438 Chiswell Crescent
6 Rachael StreetC41819006 Rachael Street
914 Falcon BoulevardW4181309914 Falcon Boulevard
14 Aukland LaneN418132014 Aukland Lane
31 Huntley DriveN418133131 Huntley Drive
2 Appelbe CourtW41812382 Appelbe Court
2017 Seafare DriveW41812752017 Seafare Drive
10 Longevity RoadW418114610 Longevity Road
14068 Duffys LaneW418115714068 Duffys Lane
12 Montano CourtN418123012 Montano Court
24 Lavender Valley RoadN418128924 Lavender Valley Road
93 Brooklawn AvenueE418114993 Brooklawn Avenue
15 Dexshire DriveE418124515 Dexshire Drive
900 Calder RoadW4181015900 Calder Road
3406 Buena Vista CourtW41810523406 Buena Vista Court
3189 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41807343189 Meadow Marsh Crescent
155 Chartwell RoadW4180983155 Chartwell Road
10414 Chinguacousy RoadW418090110414 Chinguacousy Road
6505 Appleby LineW41809796505 Appleby Line
9075 Eighth LineW41806799075 Eighth Line
6573 Patterson SideroadW41809576573 Patterson Sideroad
69 Fairmont Ridge TerraceN418095469 Fairmont Ridge Terrace
37 Edgewood CrescentN418102337 Edgewood Crescent
30 Gellatly CourtN418086930 Gellatly Court
10 Spruceview PlaceN418108410 Spruceview Place
11 Uplands AvenueN418095511 Uplands Avenue
1 Ritter CrescentN41807431 Ritter Crescent
49 Garden AvenueN418083249 Garden Avenue
144 Wolf Creek CrescentN4180863144 Wolf Creek Crescent
91 Brooklawn AvenueE418110791 Brooklawn Avenue
26 Hamstead AvenueE418086726 Hamstead Avenue
3 Frizzell AvenueE41806503 Frizzell Avenue
87 Cottonwood DriveC418102187 Cottonwood Drive
25 Harnish CrescentC418098925 Harnish Crescent
15 Artisan PlaceC418066315 Artisan Place
3 Marathon CrescentC41808283 Marathon Crescent
187 Innville CrescentW4180502187 Innville Crescent
1204 Cynthia LaneW41801961204 Cynthia Lane
6915 Rayah CourtW41801366915 Rayah Court
17 Streetrath Humber CourtW418014617 Streetrath Humber Court
955 Syndenham LaneW4179885955 Syndenham Lane
393 Parkside DriveW4179861393 Parkside Drive
15 Sweet Emily CourtN418047415 Sweet Emily Court
49 Timna CrescentN418054249 Timna Crescent
101 Naughton DriveN4180080101 Naughton Drive
5 Earl Grey CourtN41802455 Earl Grey Court
180 N Main StreetN4180189180 N Main Street
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