GTA Listings April 16th 2019

GTA Homes For Sale - April 16th 2019

All of the GTA homes for sale are right here in one convenient place for you. Everything across the entire GTA - you can search and find exactly what you're looking for. And if you do, we can help you put in the best application possible.
95 Falstaff Ave, TorontoW441456595 Falstaff Ave, Toronto
88 Hiawatha Rd, TorontoE441332888 Hiawatha Rd, Toronto
30 Knollside Dr, Richmond HillN441549630 Knollside Dr, Richmond Hill
74 Golden Tr, VaughanN441505574 Golden Tr, Vaughan
5858 Churchill Meadows Blvd, MississaugaW44161815858 Churchill Meadows Blvd, Mississauga
1448 Mayors Manr, OakvilleW44145101448 Mayors Manr, Oakville
15 Mary Elizabeth Cres, MarkhamN441350515 Mary Elizabeth Cres, Markham
14 Valleycrest Dr, KingN441341014 Valleycrest Dr, King
207B Manning Ave, TorontoC4415792207B Manning Ave, Toronto
142 English Oak Dr, Richmond HillN4413629142 English Oak Dr, Richmond Hill
26 Ruscica Dr, TorontoC441328126 Ruscica Dr, Toronto
24 Garryoaks Dr, BramptonW441379024 Garryoaks Dr, Brampton
118 Rumsey Rd, VaughanN4413838118 Rumsey Rd, Vaughan
37 Shell Crt, Richmond HillN441447137 Shell Crt, Richmond Hill
42 Hesperus Rd, VaughanN441345442 Hesperus Rd, Vaughan
122 N Park Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4415476122 N Park Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
292 Forest Creek Dr, KitchenerX4415901292 Forest Creek Dr, Kitchener
8518 Heritage Rd, BramptonW44156388518 Heritage Rd, Brampton
4420 Guildwood Way, MississaugaW44134984420 Guildwood Way, Mississauga
376 Cummer Ave, TorontoC4412158376 Cummer Ave, Toronto
3153 Sunflower Dr, OakvilleW44151073153 Sunflower Dr, Oakville
45 Linacre Dr, Richmond HillN441583545 Linacre Dr, Richmond Hill
19 Ducharme Dr, Richmond HillN439455919 Ducharme Dr, Richmond Hill
310 Tower Hill Rd, Richmond HillN4369510310 Tower Hill Rd, Richmond Hill
3346 Ruth Fertel Dr, MississaugaW44143303346 Ruth Fertel Dr, Mississauga
4 Berney Dr, CaledonW44135534 Berney Dr, Caledon
61 Bow River Cres, MississaugaW441350061 Bow River Cres, Mississauga
14 Richard Butler Dr, WhitbyE441325814 Richard Butler Dr, Whitby
151 Birkshire Dr, AuroraN4415100151 Birkshire Dr, Aurora
17 Avion Ave, TorontoE441421317 Avion Ave, Toronto
3363 Regal Rd, BurlingtonW44134923363 Regal Rd, Burlington
24 Drummond Dr, VaughanN441532024 Drummond Dr, Vaughan
37 Monarch Dr, Halton HillsW441417137 Monarch Dr, Halton Hills
106 Longview Cres, VaughanN4414854106 Longview Cres, Vaughan
6 Valley Point Cres, KingN44150776 Valley Point Cres, King
232 Martindale Ave, OakvilleW4413327232 Martindale Ave, Oakville
2270 Gladacres Lane, OakvilleW44133692270 Gladacres Lane, Oakville
42 Farmhouse Cres, Richmond HillN441557742 Farmhouse Cres, Richmond Hill
10 Misty Well Dr, Richmond HillN441407510 Misty Well Dr, Richmond Hill
31 Donalbain Cres, MarkhamN441434431 Donalbain Cres, Markham
28 Sunburst Cres, MarkhamN441620228 Sunburst Cres, Markham
470 Hidden Tr, TorontoC4415123470 Hidden Tr, Toronto
54 Fermanagh Ave, TorontoW441527354 Fermanagh Ave, Toronto
8 Hilts Dr, Richmond HillN44159278 Hilts Dr, Richmond Hill
44 Martin Byrne Dr, BramptonW441356044 Martin Byrne Dr, Brampton
102 Golden Tr, VaughanN4418214102 Golden Tr, Vaughan
414 Highcliffe Dr, VaughanN4415481414 Highcliffe Dr, Vaughan
109 Leameadow Rd, VaughanN4413502109 Leameadow Rd, Vaughan
3187 Thorncrest Dr, MississaugaW44147313187 Thorncrest Dr, Mississauga
48 Breckonwood Cres, MarkhamN441390048 Breckonwood Cres, Markham
2060 Pharmacy Ave, TorontoE44141942060 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto
108 Redstone Rd, Richmond HillN4415593108 Redstone Rd, Richmond Hill
50 Treverton Dr, TorontoE441563650 Treverton Dr, Toronto
3351 Crompton Cres, MississaugaW44145093351 Crompton Cres, Mississauga
1043 Welwyn Dr, MississaugaW44153531043 Welwyn Dr, Mississauga
122 Mount Royal Circ, BramptonW4413962122 Mount Royal Circ, Brampton
171 Solingate Dr, OakvilleW4414245171 Solingate Dr, Oakville
9 Fleetwell Crt, TorontoC44149879 Fleetwell Crt, Toronto
798 N Simcoe St, OshawaE4415647798 N Simcoe St, Oshawa
6 Tower Bridge Cres, MarkhamN44162596 Tower Bridge Cres, Markham
2 Wilson House Dr, WhitbyE44148582 Wilson House Dr, Whitby
19 Stuart Cres, TorontoC441470919 Stuart Cres, Toronto
2 Shire Crt, HamiltonX44153262 Shire Crt, Hamilton
2391 Foxhole Circ, OakvilleW44141592391 Foxhole Circ, Oakville
2641 Burnford Tr, MississaugaW44152272641 Burnford Tr, Mississauga
51 Riveredge Dr, GeorginaN441384151 Riveredge Dr, Georgina
46 Overton Cres, TorontoC441826146 Overton Cres, Toronto
198 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd, CaledonW4414812198 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd, Caledon
121 Cranbrook Cres, VaughanN4414790121 Cranbrook Cres, Vaughan
2347 Copperwood Dr, OakvilleW44140472347 Copperwood Dr, Oakville
82 Pantano Dr, VaughanN441321282 Pantano Dr, Vaughan
33 Lola Rd, TorontoC441565633 Lola Rd, Toronto
370 Via Campanile Rd, VaughanN4414451370 Via Campanile Rd, Vaughan
236 King Edward Ave, TorontoE4413250236 King Edward Ave, Toronto
34 Brownville Ave, TorontoW441604334 Brownville Ave, Toronto
146 Senator Reesors Dr, MarkhamN4413275146 Senator Reesors Dr, Markham
369 Beechgrove Dr, TorontoE4413633369 Beechgrove Dr, Toronto
28B Bexhill Ave, TorontoE441557428B Bexhill Ave, Toronto
273 Bryant Cres, BurlingtonW4413329273 Bryant Cres, Burlington
29 Elford Blvd, TorontoW441458329 Elford Blvd, Toronto
90 Parkheights Tr, KingN441452890 Parkheights Tr, King
56 Meadow Oak Pl, TorontoW441463356 Meadow Oak Pl, Toronto
258 Joseph Schoerg Cres, KitchenerX4416009258 Joseph Schoerg Cres, Kitchener
804 Esprit Cres, MississaugaW4413344804 Esprit Cres, Mississauga
3 Shamrock Ave, TorontoW44157393 Shamrock Ave, Toronto
57 Marsh Rd, TorontoE441537157 Marsh Rd, Toronto
54 Deerbrook Tr, TorontoE441512454 Deerbrook Tr, Toronto
111 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond HillN4416092111 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill
1621 Wembury Rd, MississaugaW44146701621 Wembury Rd, Mississauga
1736 Kingston Rd, TorontoE44159831736 Kingston Rd, Toronto
73 Cresane St, MarkhamN441587173 Cresane St, Markham
20 Ransom St, Halton HillsW441608220 Ransom St, Halton Hills
78 Bristol Rd, NewmarketN441484678 Bristol Rd, Newmarket
39 Crockart Lane, AuroraN441365039 Crockart Lane, Aurora
212 Brookfield Ave, BurlingtonW4413514212 Brookfield Ave, Burlington
3456 Enniskillen Circ, MississaugaW44137203456 Enniskillen Circ, Mississauga
193 Cherryhurst Rd, OakvilleW4414424193 Cherryhurst Rd, Oakville
179 Bellchase Tr, BramptonW4413306179 Bellchase Tr, Brampton
640 Vaughan Mills Rd, VaughanN4414105640 Vaughan Mills Rd, Vaughan
1653 Sir Montys Dr, MississaugaW44135741653 Sir Montys Dr, Mississauga
20 Tidefall Dr, TorontoE441515020 Tidefall Dr, Toronto
10 Grouse Lane, BramptonW441429310 Grouse Lane, Brampton
197 Arianna Cres, VaughanN4414834197 Arianna Cres, Vaughan
2244 Capulet Crt, MississaugaW44161252244 Capulet Crt, Mississauga
500 Raymerville Dr, MarkhamN4416048500 Raymerville Dr, Markham
30 Fernwood Park Ave, TorontoE441449830 Fernwood Park Ave, Toronto
2102 Teeside Crt, MississaugaW44160512102 Teeside Crt, Mississauga
14 Fairbairn Gate, East GwillimburyN441410114 Fairbairn Gate, East Gwillimbury
2683 Hammond Rd, MississaugaW44153042683 Hammond Rd, Mississauga
175 Thomas Phillips Dr, AuroraN4415204175 Thomas Phillips Dr, Aurora
15 Crooked Stick Rd, VaughanN441358715 Crooked Stick Rd, Vaughan
9 Rondeen Rd, VaughanN44158179 Rondeen Rd, Vaughan
43 Longsword Dr, TorontoE441467543 Longsword Dr, Toronto
3328 Minerva Way, BurlingtonW44141263328 Minerva Way, Burlington
98 Oconnor Cres, Richmond HillN441610598 Oconnor Cres, Richmond Hill
63 Point Rouge Tr, TorontoE441334363 Point Rouge Tr, Toronto
737 Oxford St, TorontoW4416099737 Oxford St, Toronto
194 Romfield Crct, MarkhamN4413393194 Romfield Crct, Markham
10 Goodwin Crt, East GwillimburyN441343410 Goodwin Crt, East Gwillimbury
233 Elbern Markell Dr, BramptonW4413590233 Elbern Markell Dr, Brampton
3 Pinehurst Crt, AuroraN44141203 Pinehurst Crt, Aurora
7 Swanage Dr, VaughanN44137107 Swanage Dr, Vaughan
83 Chester Ave, TorontoE441622883 Chester Ave, Toronto
42 Parkway Ave, MarkhamN441449742 Parkway Ave, Markham
1943 Sandown Rd, MississaugaW44148971943 Sandown Rd, Mississauga
11 Delabo Dr, TorontoW441375511 Delabo Dr, Toronto
8 Hyacinth St, MarkhamN44138638 Hyacinth St, Markham
22 Cirrus Cres, CaledonW441619122 Cirrus Cres, Caledon
81 Fairlee Circ, Whitchurch StouffvilleN441535181 Fairlee Circ, Whitchurch Stouffville
234 Annette St, TorontoW4416126234 Annette St, Toronto
19 Mendocino Dr, VaughanN441493819 Mendocino Dr, Vaughan
12 Henrietta St, MarkhamN441353012 Henrietta St, Markham
58 St Clair Gdns, TorontoW441515258 St Clair Gdns, Toronto
8 Duncan Rd, MarkhamN44158968 Duncan Rd, Markham
37 Collie Cres, Whitchurch StouffvilleN441367837 Collie Cres, Whitchurch Stouffville
34 Painted Rock Ave, Richmond HillN441514734 Painted Rock Ave, Richmond Hill
6378 Lisgar Dr, MississaugaW44146386378 Lisgar Dr, Mississauga
2185 Felina Crt, MississaugaW44144902185 Felina Crt, Mississauga
18 Laskin Dr, VaughanN441489518 Laskin Dr, Vaughan
3230 Rymal Rd, MississaugaW44133863230 Rymal Rd, Mississauga
360 E Wellesley St, TorontoC4416133360 E Wellesley St, Toronto
10 Tremblant Cres, VaughanN441335810 Tremblant Cres, Vaughan
159 Driscoll Rd, Richmond HillN4415245159 Driscoll Rd, Richmond Hill
1297 Davenport Rd, TorontoW44142521297 Davenport Rd, Toronto
27 Tilman Circ, MarkhamN441421827 Tilman Circ, Markham
226 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd, CaledonW4414396226 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd, Caledon
50 Bawden Dr, Richmond HillN441402350 Bawden Dr, Richmond Hill
6 Sliprock Cres, BramptonW44154836 Sliprock Cres, Brampton
18A Westmount Park Rd, TorontoW441336218A Westmount Park Rd, Toronto
5400 King Rd, KingN44159565400 King Rd, King
13620 Innis Lake Rd, CaledonW441343313620 Innis Lake Rd, Caledon
17 Chieftain Cres, TorontoC441586817 Chieftain Cres, Toronto
235 Dunvegan Rd, TorontoC4415357235 Dunvegan Rd, Toronto
209 Maplewood Rd, MississaugaW4416107209 Maplewood Rd, Mississauga
44 Mason Blvd, TorontoC441592044 Mason Blvd, Toronto
12 Whitelaw Crt, MarkhamN441549412 Whitelaw Crt, Markham
111 Lake Woods Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4414749111 Lake Woods Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
16 Steeplechase Ave, AuroraN441529116 Steeplechase Ave, Aurora
452 Candler Rd, OakvilleW4413464452 Candler Rd, Oakville
5 Glenelia Ave, TorontoC44134835 Glenelia Ave, Toronto
617 W Eglinton Ave, TorontoC4415513617 W Eglinton Ave, Toronto
615 W Eglinton Ave, TorontoC4415606615 W Eglinton Ave, Toronto
4444 Cedar Springs Rd, BurlingtonW44155394444 Cedar Springs Rd, Burlington
32 Edenbridge Dr, TorontoW441320932 Edenbridge Dr, Toronto
38 Maryvale Cres, Richmond HillN441580138 Maryvale Cres, Richmond Hill
3 Wyegate Crt, TorontoC44158843 Wyegate Crt, Toronto
963 Parkland Ave, MississaugaW4414260963 Parkland Ave, Mississauga
292 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4414884292 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
58 North Dr, TorontoW441359658 North Dr, Toronto
981 983 Broadview Ave, TorontoE4414657981 983 Broadview Ave, Toronto
344 E Steeles Ave, MarkhamN4413317344 E Steeles Ave, Markham
507 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC4415376507 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
23 Cedar Dr, CaledonW441613523 Cedar Dr, Caledon
26 Ryan Cres, MarkhamN441495926 Ryan Cres, Markham
10110 Pineview Tr, MiltonW441526710110 Pineview Tr, Milton
12 Shand Ave, TorontoW441562712 Shand Ave, Toronto
43 Mason Blvd, TorontoC437316143 Mason Blvd, Toronto
122 Hollyrood Heights Dr, MississaugaW4414355122 Hollyrood Heights Dr, Mississauga
99 Fitzgerald Ave, MarkhamN441597699 Fitzgerald Ave, Markham
166 Rosedale Heights Dr, TorontoC4416178166 Rosedale Heights Dr, Toronto
96 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC440711296 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
29 Timberlane Dr, TorontoC441598929 Timberlane Dr, Toronto
318 E Heath St, TorontoC4415260318 E Heath St, Toronto
6 Glenbourne Park Dr, MarkhamN44181736 Glenbourne Park Dr, Markham
208 Bayview Heights Dr, TorontoC4413982208 Bayview Heights Dr, Toronto
77 Charles St, VaughanN441533077 Charles St, Vaughan
7030 19th Sdrd, KingN44158617030 19th Sdrd, King
121 Westwood Lane, Richmond HillN4415860121 Westwood Lane, Richmond Hill
148 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4415403148 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
17480 12th Concession, KingN441364417480 12th Concession, King
475 Ellerslie Ave, TorontoC4415344475 Ellerslie Ave, Toronto
29 S Oakwood Ave, MississaugaW441419729 S Oakwood Ave, Mississauga
23 Aldershot Cres, TorontoC441607023 Aldershot Cres, Toronto
259 Belvenia Rd, BurlingtonW4418216259 Belvenia Rd, Burlington
1360 Wendigo Tr, MississaugaW44136481360 Wendigo Tr, Mississauga
19 Sixteenth Lane, MarkhamN441323919 Sixteenth Lane, Markham
86 Mason Blvd, TorontoC441510686 Mason Blvd, Toronto
369 Lady Valentina Ave, VaughanN4414585369 Lady Valentina Ave, Vaughan
345 Randall St, OakvilleW4414784345 Randall St, Oakville
3843 Oneil Gate, MississaugaW44138983843 Oneil Gate, Mississauga
94 Holmes Ave, TorontoC441626994 Holmes Ave, Toronto
91 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN441519391 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan
19 Farrell Ave, TorontoC441585319 Farrell Ave, Toronto
45 Broadleaf Rd, TorontoC441624445 Broadleaf Rd, Toronto
101 Putting Green Cres, VaughanN4414691101 Putting Green Cres, Vaughan
402 Winston Churchill Blvd, OakvilleW4413934402 Winston Churchill Blvd, Oakville
2207 Nena Cres, OakvilleW44138002207 Nena Cres, Oakville
50 Indian Grve, TorontoW441532250 Indian Grve, Toronto
15 Lund St, Richmond HillN441818315 Lund St, Richmond Hill
2377 Old Carriage Rd, MississaugaW44155052377 Old Carriage Rd, Mississauga
2 William Linton Tr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44136872 William Linton Tr, Whitchurch Stouffville
4541 Beechgrove Sdrd, CaledonW44132034541 Beechgrove Sdrd, Caledon
Lot 8 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4414080Lot 8 Polaris Way, Mississauga
283 Douglas Ave, OakvilleW4413960283 Douglas Ave, Oakville
50 Apiary Gate, VaughanN441538250 Apiary Gate, Vaughan
1 Chaplin Crt, Richmond HillN44139441 Chaplin Crt, Richmond Hill
22 E Glengrove Ave, TorontoC441588322 E Glengrove Ave, Toronto
12 Snowberry Lane, KingN441516812 Snowberry Lane, King
143 Churchill Ave, TorontoC4416278143 Churchill Ave, Toronto
29 Barrydale Cres, TorontoC441533229 Barrydale Cres, Toronto
1785 Covington Terr, MississaugaW44182061785 Covington Terr, Mississauga
168 Nelson St, OakvilleW4413578168 Nelson St, Oakville
15 Woodside Ave, TorontoW441461015 Woodside Ave, Toronto
17 Burlwood Rd, BramptonW441363717 Burlwood Rd, Brampton
14 Balsam Ave, TorontoE441600814 Balsam Ave, Toronto
20 Natural Terr, BramptonW441542820 Natural Terr, Brampton
1384 Sheldon Ave, OakvilleW44152661384 Sheldon Ave, Oakville
63 Beaufort Hills Rd, Richmond HillN441339063 Beaufort Hills Rd, Richmond Hill
119 Haddington Ave, TorontoC4415306119 Haddington Ave, Toronto
41 Selvapiano Cres, VaughanN441555541 Selvapiano Cres, Vaughan
546 Warminster Dr, OakvilleW4414179546 Warminster Dr, Oakville
126 Markwood Lane, VaughanN4415249126 Markwood Lane, Vaughan
30 W Walder Ave, TorontoC441432930 W Walder Ave, Toronto
55 Skyline Tr, KingN441404155 Skyline Tr, King
10 Redkey Dr, MarkhamN441546510 Redkey Dr, Markham
43 Terrace Ave, TorontoC441336743 Terrace Ave, Toronto
33 Heman St, TorontoW441620933 Heman St, Toronto
380 Douglas Ave, TorontoC4415127380 Douglas Ave, Toronto
315 Churchill Ave, KingN4414724315 Churchill Ave, King
96 Gwendolen Cres, TorontoC441614796 Gwendolen Cres, Toronto
82 Aitken Circ, MarkhamN441601582 Aitken Circ, Markham
65 Benlamond Ave, TorontoE441335065 Benlamond Ave, Toronto
123 Wimbleton Rd, TorontoW4413332123 Wimbleton Rd, Toronto
6B Farrell Ave, TorontoC44151176B Farrell Ave, Toronto
5 Glenborough Park Cres, TorontoC44161105 Glenborough Park Cres, Toronto
57 Chantilly Cres, Richmond HillN441356857 Chantilly Cres, Richmond Hill
267 Lakeside Ave, BurlingtonW4415543267 Lakeside Ave, Burlington
225 S Church St, Richmond HillN4415305225 S Church St, Richmond Hill
1 Orlon Cres, Richmond HillN44146231 Orlon Cres, Richmond Hill
168 Beverley Glen Blvd, VaughanN4415089168 Beverley Glen Blvd, Vaughan
74 North Park Blvd, OakvilleW441396974 North Park Blvd, Oakville
11 Garnet Ave, TorontoC441371511 Garnet Ave, Toronto
846 Norsan Crt, NewmarketN4415583846 Norsan Crt, Newmarket
239 Allan St, OakvilleW4415765239 Allan St, Oakville
11 Thunderbird Crt, MarkhamN441506711 Thunderbird Crt, Markham
16 Sachet Dr, Richmond HillN441450716 Sachet Dr, Richmond Hill
247 S Tweedsdale Cres, OakvilleW4414831247 S Tweedsdale Cres, Oakville
296 Cam Fella Blvd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4415043296 Cam Fella Blvd, Whitchurch Stouffville
131 Burton Grove Rd, KingN4416069131 Burton Grove Rd, King
73 North Park Blvd, OakvilleW441394273 North Park Blvd, Oakville
103 York Mills Rd, TorontoC4416193103 York Mills Rd, Toronto
237 Willowdale Ave, TorontoC4414620237 Willowdale Ave, Toronto
87 Eastville Ave, TorontoE441373287 Eastville Ave, Toronto
1095 Royal York Rd, TorontoW44154271095 Royal York Rd, Toronto
735 George St, BurlingtonW4415624735 George St, Burlington
1206 Kings College Dr, OakvilleW44140001206 Kings College Dr, Oakville
145 Woodgate Pines Dr, VaughanN4415590145 Woodgate Pines Dr, Vaughan
38 Colonel Butler Dr, MarkhamN441821938 Colonel Butler Dr, Markham
1476 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW44156631476 Duncan Rd, Oakville
40 Blackforest Dr, Richmond HillN441416440 Blackforest Dr, Richmond Hill
121 Robert Berry Cres, KingN4415128121 Robert Berry Cres, King
57 Senator Reesors Dr, MarkhamN441506657 Senator Reesors Dr, Markham
131 Neville Park Blvd, TorontoE4416072131 Neville Park Blvd, Toronto
253 Mcrae Dr, TorontoC4413567253 Mcrae Dr, Toronto
270 Fletcher Dr, VaughanN4413975270 Fletcher Dr, Vaughan
2567 Carberry Way, OakvilleW44148772567 Carberry Way, Oakville
43 Lady Lynn Cres, Richmond HillN441383643 Lady Lynn Cres, Richmond Hill
116 Hoey Cres, OakvilleW4413972116 Hoey Cres, Oakville
3189 Trailside Dr, OakvilleW44145223189 Trailside Dr, Oakville
86 Riverview Ave, VaughanN441459386 Riverview Ave, Vaughan
12 Darwin Crt, Richmond HillN441814712 Darwin Crt, Richmond Hill
42 Crescentwood Rd, TorontoE441592242 Crescentwood Rd, Toronto
772 Canyon St, MississaugaW4413970772 Canyon St, Mississauga
18 Colwick Dr, TorontoC441819518 Colwick Dr, Toronto
3138 Tacc Dr, MississaugaW44143623138 Tacc Dr, Mississauga
171 Royal Orchard Blvd, MarkhamN4414251171 Royal Orchard Blvd, Markham
1 Avonlea Pl, Richmond HillN44155481 Avonlea Pl, Richmond Hill
50 Dudley Ave, TorontoC441390550 Dudley Ave, Toronto
10 Fielding Crt, AjaxE441556010 Fielding Crt, Ajax
1319 Hazelton Blvd, BurlingtonW44133781319 Hazelton Blvd, Burlington
1277 Avon Cres, OakvilleW44134591277 Avon Cres, Oakville
9 Fennings St, TorontoC44160739 Fennings St, Toronto
138 Valleymede Dr, Richmond HillN4413864138 Valleymede Dr, Richmond Hill
7692 Old Tremaine Rd, MiltonW44150117692 Old Tremaine Rd, Milton
53 Bestview Dr, TorontoC441503853 Bestview Dr, Toronto
341 Elson St, MarkhamN4414412341 Elson St, Markham
2442 Thorn Lodge Dr, MississaugaW44140172442 Thorn Lodge Dr, Mississauga
10 Villa Ada Dr, MarkhamN441345010 Villa Ada Dr, Markham
6244 Bloomington Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44151756244 Bloomington Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
29 Tefley Rd, TorontoC441550329 Tefley Rd, Toronto
674 Carlton Rd, MarkhamN4413322674 Carlton Rd, Markham
56 Taurus Cres, East GwillimburyN441623456 Taurus Cres, East Gwillimbury
1320 Monks Passage, OakvilleW44150861320 Monks Passage, Oakville
697 Indian Rd, TorontoW4415722697 Indian Rd, Toronto
44 Cherry Bush Rd, VaughanN441363244 Cherry Bush Rd, Vaughan
3270 Shelburne Pl, OakvilleW44137343270 Shelburne Pl, Oakville
20855 Shaws Creek Rd, CaledonW441590820855 Shaws Creek Rd, Caledon
31 Possession Cres, BramptonW441550131 Possession Cres, Brampton
38 Scrivener Dr, AuroraN441580838 Scrivener Dr, Aurora
5684 Turney Dr, MississaugaW44135715684 Turney Dr, Mississauga
20 Shadetree Cres, TorontoW441330320 Shadetree Cres, Toronto

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