GTA Listings April 26th 2019

The Most Amazing GTA Homes For Sale - April 26th 2019

We've compiled a list of the most amazing homes for sale right across the GTA - from downtown Toronto, to Oakville, Burlington, Pickering, Vaughan, North York, and more. Don't lose the chance to find a great home in the place you want, all right here for free.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
208 Wellesworth Dr, TorontoW4426842208 Wellesworth Dr, Toronto
77 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond HillN442677977 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond Hill
90 Fred Varley Dr, MarkhamN442685690 Fred Varley Dr, Markham
54 Dunn Dr, Richmond HillN442678654 Dunn Dr, Richmond Hill
6879 Gooderham Estate Blvd, MississaugaW44267246879 Gooderham Estate Blvd, Mississauga
194 Jessie Caverhill Pas, OakvilleW4426732194 Jessie Caverhill Pas, Oakville
2196 Falling Green Dr, OakvilleW44266582196 Falling Green Dr, Oakville
150 Mill St, Richmond HillN4426641150 Mill St, Richmond Hill
574 Arbor Rd, MississaugaW4426594574 Arbor Rd, Mississauga
236 Romfield Circ, MarkhamN4426580236 Romfield Circ, Markham
58 Woodmans Chart, MarkhamN442660558 Woodmans Chart, Markham
78 Western Ave, KingN442675278 Western Ave, King
7 Morgandale Cres, TorontoE44266027 Morgandale Cres, Toronto
4481 Spruce Ave, BurlingtonW44261214481 Spruce Ave, Burlington
81 Luba Ave, Richmond HillN442600281 Luba Ave, Richmond Hill
2479 Hornsgate Dr, MississaugaW44261302479 Hornsgate Dr, Mississauga
336 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, MississaugaW4426255336 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, Mississauga
342 Park Lawn Rd Th5, TorontoW4426251342 Park Lawn Rd Th5, Toronto
199 Lansdowne Ave, TorontoW4426137199 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto
69 Haymarket Rd, TorontoW442612869 Haymarket Rd, Toronto
357 S Queen St, MississaugaW4426213357 S Queen St, Mississauga
54 Stalmaster Rd, MarkhamN442643854 Stalmaster Rd, Markham
8295 Islington Ave 5, VaughanN44264008295 Islington Ave 5, Vaughan
606 Mcgregor Farm Tr, NewmarketN4426389606 Mcgregor Farm Tr, Newmarket
89 Father Ermanno Cres, VaughanN442636389 Father Ermanno Cres, Vaughan
131 Spofford Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4426483131 Spofford Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
51 Victoria St, Whitchurch StouffvilleN442632351 Victoria St, Whitchurch Stouffville
23 Gorman Ave, VaughanN442619123 Gorman Ave, Vaughan
6660 Concession 2 Rd, UxbridgeN44264506660 Concession 2 Rd, Uxbridge
106 Shaftsbury Ave, Richmond HillN4426300106 Shaftsbury Ave, Richmond Hill
16 James Scott Rd, MarkhamN442614916 James Scott Rd, Markham
8295 Islington Ave 6, VaughanN44263958295 Islington Ave 6, Vaughan
194 Coons Rd, Richmond HillN4426259194 Coons Rd, Richmond Hill
200 Crane St, AuroraN4425970200 Crane St, Aurora
8 Sweet Water Cres, Richmond HillN44261458 Sweet Water Cres, Richmond Hill
62 Sabiston Dr, MarkhamN442596362 Sabiston Dr, Markham
32 Windridge Dr, MarkhamN442614732 Windridge Dr, Markham
240 Markham Rd Rd, TorontoE4426225240 Markham Rd Rd, Toronto
8 Carruthers Lane, TorontoE44259778 Carruthers Lane, Toronto
53 Harcourt Ave, TorontoE442633053 Harcourt Ave, Toronto
29 Iangrove Terr, TorontoE442609729 Iangrove Terr, Toronto
12 Leithridge Cres, WhitbyE442627312 Leithridge Cres, Whitby
3 Sean Crt, WhitbyE44262933 Sean Crt, Whitby
238 Kingslake Rd, TorontoC4426123238 Kingslake Rd, Toronto
76 Abitibi Ave, TorontoC442598276 Abitibi Ave, Toronto
22 Malcolm Rd, TorontoC442597422 Malcolm Rd, Toronto
118 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4426056118 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
34 Gatehead Rd, TorontoC442649434 Gatehead Rd, Toronto
24 Brookfield St, TorontoC442613224 Brookfield St, Toronto
1028 Bradbury Chse, MississaugaW44258361028 Bradbury Chse, Mississauga
23 Kennedy St, Halton HillsW442577223 Kennedy St, Halton Hills
354 Wisteria Way, OakvilleW4425761354 Wisteria Way, Oakville
2756 Peacock Dr, MississaugaW44256682756 Peacock Dr, Mississauga
29 Dalmeny Dr, BramptonW442577029 Dalmeny Dr, Brampton
815 Sombrero Way, MississaugaW4425773815 Sombrero Way, Mississauga
273 Dante Crt, VaughanN4425751273 Dante Crt, Vaughan
16 Laurel Ave, TorontoE442567316 Laurel Ave, Toronto
46 Draycott Dr, TorontoC442566546 Draycott Dr, Toronto
32 Rolyat St, TorontoC442567732 Rolyat St, Toronto
38 Snowcrest Ave, TorontoC442573438 Snowcrest Ave, Toronto
352A Lumsden Ave, TorontoE4425584352A Lumsden Ave, Toronto
1022 Blackhall Cres, NewmarketN44255921022 Blackhall Cres, Newmarket
46 Endeavour Crt, WhitbyE442562846 Endeavour Crt, Whitby
11 Henry Wilson Dr, CaledonW442547011 Henry Wilson Dr, Caledon
8450 Creditview Rd, BramptonW44254788450 Creditview Rd, Brampton
2099 Country Club Dr, BurlingtonW44254852099 Country Club Dr, Burlington
2347 Copperwood Dr, OakvilleW44254802347 Copperwood Dr, Oakville
114 Regent St, Richmond HillN4425537114 Regent St, Richmond Hill
50 Laskin Dr, VaughanN442551350 Laskin Dr, Vaughan
57 Stonebridge Blvd, TorontoE442554057 Stonebridge Blvd, Toronto
349 Raymerville Dr, MarkhamN4425545349 Raymerville Dr, Markham
46 Isabella St, MarkhamN442549546 Isabella St, Markham
14835 Jane St, KingN442161814835 Jane St, King
65 Marlee Ave, TorontoC442551665 Marlee Ave, Toronto
103 West Beach Rd, ClaringtonE4422631103 West Beach Rd, Clarington
4 Whitaker Ave, TorontoC44255034 Whitaker Ave, Toronto
49 E Third Rd, HamiltonX442507349 E Third Rd, Hamilton
4430 Spruce Ave, BurlingtonW44251864430 Spruce Ave, Burlington
1037 Royal York Rd, TorontoW44251311037 Royal York Rd, Toronto
2 Redcar Ave 1, TorontoW44251132 Redcar Ave 1, Toronto
15277 Dixie Rd, CaledonW442510115277 Dixie Rd, Caledon
2563 Chisholm Ave, MississaugaW44253062563 Chisholm Ave, Mississauga
11485 First Line, MiltonW442535011485 First Line, Milton
1290 Pepperbush Pl, OakvilleW44252481290 Pepperbush Pl, Oakville
2155 Rosemount Cres, OakvilleW44253182155 Rosemount Cres, Oakville
71 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN442500371 Grandview Ave, Markham
447 Mill St, Richmond HillN4425288447 Mill St, Richmond Hill
9 Lorraine St, Richmond HillN44250349 Lorraine St, Richmond Hill
97 Roseborough Cres, VaughanN442503997 Roseborough Cres, Vaughan
31 Dawnmist Cres, TorontoE442501531 Dawnmist Cres, Toronto
36 Birchmount Rd, TorontoE442539336 Birchmount Rd, Toronto
46 Venton Crt, ClaringtonE442503846 Venton Crt, Clarington
16 Rainsford Rd, TorontoE442513016 Rainsford Rd, Toronto
518 Main St, TorontoE4425245518 Main St, Toronto
205 Strathmore Blvd, TorontoE4425179205 Strathmore Blvd, Toronto
74 Rhodes Ave, TorontoE442520374 Rhodes Ave, Toronto
37 Edith Dr, TorontoC442533137 Edith Dr, Toronto
1085 Southcote Rd, HamiltonX44248421085 Southcote Rd, Hamilton
71 Pathway Dr, BramptonW442482771 Pathway Dr, Brampton
8 Berberis Cres, BramptonW44285888 Berberis Cres, Brampton
99 Ellis Ave, KingN442858499 Ellis Ave, King
102 Worthing Ave, MarkhamN4428611102 Worthing Ave, Markham
125 Hamster Cres, AuroraN4428595125 Hamster Cres, Aurora
6 Vitanna Rd, MarkhamN44285526 Vitanna Rd, Markham
20 Foothills Cres, BramptonW442841720 Foothills Cres, Brampton
20 Pellegrino Rd, BramptonW442847720 Pellegrino Rd, Brampton
50 Ravenscroft Circ, BramptonW442849050 Ravenscroft Circ, Brampton
1047 Greaves Ave, MississaugaW44283831047 Greaves Ave, Mississauga
19 Brawley Ave, TorontoW442840819 Brawley Ave, Toronto
8 Craigvale St, VaughanN44284818 Craigvale St, Vaughan
14510 Jane St, KingN442850214510 Jane St, King
80 Serano Cres, Richmond HillN442846780 Serano Cres, Richmond Hill
202 Fred Mclaren Blvd, MarkhamN4428390202 Fred Mclaren Blvd, Markham
11 Hammond Dr, AuroraN442840511 Hammond Dr, Aurora
41 Holswade Rd, TorontoE442838841 Holswade Rd, Toronto
256 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC4428496256 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
474 Donegal Dr, BurlingtonW4427553474 Donegal Dr, Burlington
616A Caledonia Rd, TorontoW4428209616A Caledonia Rd, Toronto
120 Morden Rd, OakvilleW4428232120 Morden Rd, Oakville
141 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW4428281141 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
1181 Saginaw Cres, MississaugaW44280541181 Saginaw Cres, Mississauga
3206 Sorrento Cres, BurlingtonW44282383206 Sorrento Cres, Burlington
5 Garnet Ave, TorontoW44283065 Garnet Ave, Toronto
6909 Golden Hills Way, MississaugaW44281686909 Golden Hills Way, Mississauga
232 Martindale Ave, OakvilleW4428348232 Martindale Ave, Oakville
1751 Beechknoll Ave, MississaugaW44283191751 Beechknoll Ave, Mississauga
14384 Humber Station Rd, CaledonW442836614384 Humber Station Rd, Caledon
11 Ennerdale Rd, TorontoW442814211 Ennerdale Rd, Toronto
68 Legendary Circ, BramptonW442833968 Legendary Circ, Brampton
2439 Prince Michael Dr, OakvilleW44282772439 Prince Michael Dr, Oakville
46 Couperthwaite Cres, MarkhamN442831546 Couperthwaite Cres, Markham
24 Hawthorne Lane, AuroraN442836024 Hawthorne Lane, Aurora
57 N Gate House Crt, VaughanN442829857 N Gate House Crt, Vaughan
140 Summitcrest Dr, Richmond HillN4428178140 Summitcrest Dr, Richmond Hill
527 Brookstone Pl, NewmarketN4428126527 Brookstone Pl, Newmarket
326 Crosby Ave, Richmond HillN4428038326 Crosby Ave, Richmond Hill
47 Milton Pl, VaughanN442810847 Milton Pl, Vaughan
37 Guildwood Dr, Richmond HillN442820237 Guildwood Dr, Richmond Hill
91 Hackwood Cres, AuroraN442805891 Hackwood Cres, Aurora
39 Lorraine St, Richmond HillN442802439 Lorraine St, Richmond Hill
138 Columbus Rd, OshawaE4428273138 Columbus Rd, Oshawa
53 Havenbrook Blvd, TorontoC442815753 Havenbrook Blvd, Toronto
319 Delaware Ave, BurlingtonW4427925319 Delaware Ave, Burlington
3990 Garnetwood Chse, MississaugaW44276833990 Garnetwood Chse, Mississauga
2384 Foxhole Circ, OakvilleW44278472384 Foxhole Circ, Oakville
39 Gentle Fox Dr, CaledonW442772539 Gentle Fox Dr, Caledon
48 Woodpark Rd, TorontoW442778048 Woodpark Rd, Toronto
20 Cosway Crt, TorontoW442755620 Cosway Crt, Toronto
22 Inglewood Dr, MississaugaW442767722 Inglewood Dr, Mississauga
5876 Summerside Dr, MississaugaW44277565876 Summerside Dr, Mississauga
179 Bellchase Tr, BramptonW4427827179 Bellchase Tr, Brampton
1166 Beechgrove Cres, OakvilleW44275821166 Beechgrove Cres, Oakville
119 Armdale Rd, MississaugaW4427498119 Armdale Rd, Mississauga
1 Clubhouse Crt, CaledonW44274821 Clubhouse Crt, Caledon
291 Gilbert Ave, TorontoW4427496291 Gilbert Ave, Toronto
39 Shell Crt, Richmond HillN442755039 Shell Crt, Richmond Hill
75 Buchanan Dr, MarkhamN442770675 Buchanan Dr, Markham
88 Long Island Cres, MarkhamN442783488 Long Island Cres, Markham
11 Hallam Rd, MarkhamN442762511 Hallam Rd, Markham
24 Apple Grove Crt, VaughanN442782524 Apple Grove Crt, Vaughan
28 Kingsville Lane, Richmond HillN442779328 Kingsville Lane, Richmond Hill
56 Redondo Dr, VaughanN442749556 Redondo Dr, Vaughan
679 Woodbine Ave, TorontoE4427560679 Woodbine Ave, Toronto
21 Pennine Dr, WhitbyE442768821 Pennine Dr, Whitby
99 Whitehorn Cres, TorontoC442769299 Whitehorn Cres, Toronto
32 Kingspoint Circ, HamiltonX442737532 Kingspoint Circ, Hamilton
50 Firwood Cres, TorontoW442729150 Firwood Cres, Toronto
220 Innville Cres, OakvilleW4427283220 Innville Cres, Oakville
8484 Winston Churchill Blvd, Halton HillsW44271548484 Winston Churchill Blvd, Halton Hills
68 Craig Cres, Halton HillsW442729268 Craig Cres, Halton Hills
321 Peregrine Way, MiltonW4427296321 Peregrine Way, Milton
2199 Nightingale Way, OakvilleW44271712199 Nightingale Way, Oakville
30 Richgrove Dr, BramptonW442717730 Richgrove Dr, Brampton
209 Coons Rd, Richmond HillN4427379209 Coons Rd, Richmond Hill
99 Reginald Lamb Cres, MarkhamN442719699 Reginald Lamb Cres, Markham
180 Jack Pine Rd, VaughanN4427369180 Jack Pine Rd, Vaughan
62 Baynards Lane, Richmond HillN442726162 Baynards Lane, Richmond Hill
32 Wild Cherry Lane, MarkhamN442726432 Wild Cherry Lane, Markham
2050 Concession 2 Rd, UxbridgeN44272452050 Concession 2 Rd, Uxbridge
78 Milverton Blvd, TorontoE442716678 Milverton Blvd, Toronto
2060 Pharmacy Ave, TorontoE44272902060 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto
5938 Greensboro Dr, MississaugaW44271015938 Greensboro Dr, Mississauga
44 Colonnade Rd, TorontoC442708444 Colonnade Rd, Toronto
100 Treeview Dr, TorontoW4426967100 Treeview Dr, Toronto
4290 Goldenrod Cres, MississaugaW44269564290 Goldenrod Cres, Mississauga
2169 Hurley Dr, OakvilleW44269342169 Hurley Dr, Oakville
269 Eaton St, Halton HillsW4426908269 Eaton St, Halton Hills
139 Bernard Ave, Richmond HillN4427010139 Bernard Ave, Richmond Hill
83 William Saville St Lot 30, MarkhamN442691083 William Saville St Lot 30, Markham
19 Cranleigh Dr, MarkhamN442694619 Cranleigh Dr, Markham
4A Grayson Rd, AjaxE44269274A Grayson Rd, Ajax
101 Amsterdam Ave, TorontoE4426764101 Amsterdam Ave, Toronto
2530 Robin Dr, MississaugaW44268032530 Robin Dr, Mississauga
47 Humber Tr, TorontoW442661547 Humber Tr, Toronto
4 Heron Tr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44265184 Heron Tr, Whitchurch Stouffville
75 Collinson Blvd, TorontoC442661975 Collinson Blvd, Toronto
28 Marilyn Ave, TorontoE437114028 Marilyn Ave, Toronto
1781 Audubon Blvd, MississaugaW44249491781 Audubon Blvd, Mississauga
795 Indian Rd, TorontoW4424749795 Indian Rd, Toronto
3073 Portree Cres, OakvilleW44247243073 Portree Cres, Oakville
54 La Rose Ave, TorontoW442466354 La Rose Ave, Toronto
252 Lexington Rd, OakvilleW4424698252 Lexington Rd, Oakville
959 Unsworth Ave, BurlingtonW4424367959 Unsworth Ave, Burlington
53 Lightheart Dr, CaledonW442434553 Lightheart Dr, Caledon
1183 Fleet St, MississaugaW44244421183 Fleet St, Mississauga
8 Humber Ridge Dr, TorontoW44244078 Humber Ridge Dr, Toronto
1131 Streambank Dr, MississaugaW44244671131 Streambank Dr, Mississauga
7 Mcnutt St, BramptonW44244667 Mcnutt St, Brampton
8 Victoria Wood Ave, MarkhamN44248628 Victoria Wood Ave, Markham
160 Cambridge Crt, Richmond HillN4424926160 Cambridge Crt, Richmond Hill
10 Hawksbury Rd, MarkhamN442463310 Hawksbury Rd, Markham
122 Roxborough Rd, NewmarketN4424728122 Roxborough Rd, Newmarket
294 Ilan Ramon Blvd, VaughanN4424686294 Ilan Ramon Blvd, Vaughan
10 Overhold Cres, Richmond HillN442481710 Overhold Cres, Richmond Hill
275 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond HillN4424444275 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond Hill
50 Willow Heights Blvd, MarkhamN442436950 Willow Heights Blvd, Markham
50 Israel Zilber Dr, VaughanN442484050 Israel Zilber Dr, Vaughan
96 Fitzmaurice Dr, VaughanN442463296 Fitzmaurice Dr, Vaughan
14 Rexford Dr, MarkhamN442479714 Rexford Dr, Markham
135 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond HillN4424393135 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill
50 Castlehill Rd, VaughanN442453350 Castlehill Rd, Vaughan
130 St Michele Pl, VaughanN4424529130 St Michele Pl, Vaughan
40 N Toulon Cres, VaughanN442467040 N Toulon Cres, Vaughan
533 Brownridge Dr, VaughanN4424736533 Brownridge Dr, Vaughan
18 Cardiff Rd, MarkhamN442454918 Cardiff Rd, Markham
32 Green Meadow Cres, Richmond HillN442436032 Green Meadow Cres, Richmond Hill
67 Futura Ave, Richmond HillN442459467 Futura Ave, Richmond Hill
106 Edgewood Ave, TorontoE4424733106 Edgewood Ave, Toronto
121 Dunington Dr, TorontoE4424732121 Dunington Dr, Toronto
108 Queensdale Ave, TorontoE4424743108 Queensdale Ave, Toronto
251 Sherwood Crt, OshawaE4424571251 Sherwood Crt, Oshawa
230 Bain Ave, TorontoE4424376230 Bain Ave, Toronto
408 Millwood Rd, TorontoC4424332408 Millwood Rd, Toronto
164 Beaconsfield Ave, TorontoC4424669164 Beaconsfield Ave, Toronto
102 Mcallister Rd, TorontoC4424569102 Mcallister Rd, Toronto
2187 Meadowglen Dr, OakvilleW44240432187 Meadowglen Dr, Oakville
90 Laburnham Ave, TorontoW442424490 Laburnham Ave, Toronto
29 Monarch Dr, Halton HillsW442428029 Monarch Dr, Halton Hills
95 Sixteen Mile Dr, OakvilleW442409395 Sixteen Mile Dr, Oakville
156 Alieen St, TorontoW4424265156 Alieen St, Toronto
2091 Summer Heights Tr, OakvilleW44241952091 Summer Heights Tr, Oakville
33 Orchard Dr, OrangevilleW442426733 Orchard Dr, Orangeville
153 Alison Cres, OakvilleW4424294153 Alison Cres, Oakville
147 Elderwood Tr, OakvilleW4424166147 Elderwood Tr, Oakville
9213 Regional 25 Rd, Halton HillsW44240399213 Regional 25 Rd, Halton Hills
4382 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW44240474382 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
74 Grand Oak Dr, Richmond HillN442427874 Grand Oak Dr, Richmond Hill
12 Proud Crt, AuroraN442407312 Proud Crt, Aurora
63 Marcus Cres, MarkhamN442415263 Marcus Cres, Markham
83 Church St, VaughanN442411383 Church St, Vaughan
49 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN442417349 Meadowview Ave, Markham
80 Tribbling Cres, AuroraN442413080 Tribbling Cres, Aurora
84 Cairns Dr, MarkhamN442405184 Cairns Dr, Markham
97 Lamar St, VaughanN442413797 Lamar St, Vaughan
24 Sunnyside Dr, Richmond HillN442414124 Sunnyside Dr, Richmond Hill
12 Sibley Ave, TorontoE442418912 Sibley Ave, Toronto
208 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE4424212208 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
45 Coleridge Ave, TorontoE442410145 Coleridge Ave, Toronto
67 Bellrock Dr, TorontoE442407067 Bellrock Dr, Toronto
1 Nordic Pl, TorontoC44240791 Nordic Pl, Toronto
196 Sutherland Dr, TorontoC4424098196 Sutherland Dr, Toronto
133 Spruce St, TorontoC4424058133 Spruce St, Toronto
18 Deerpath Rd, TorontoC442405618 Deerpath Rd, Toronto
28 Hirondelle Pl, TorontoC442422828 Hirondelle Pl, Toronto
84 Cavehill Cres, TorontoE442330084 Cavehill Cres, Toronto
53 Kings Cross Ave, Richmond HillN442859453 Kings Cross Ave, Richmond Hill
147 Hoey Cres, OakvilleW4428568147 Hoey Cres, Oakville
301 Harris Ave, Richmond HillN4428543301 Harris Ave, Richmond Hill
242 Dunforest Ave, TorontoC4428557242 Dunforest Ave, Toronto
53 Weatherstone Cres, TorontoC442860253 Weatherstone Cres, Toronto
305 E Finch Ave, TorontoC4428589305 E Finch Ave, Toronto
14 Montesano Cres, Richmond HillN442853714 Montesano Cres, Richmond Hill
307 E Finch Ave, TorontoC4428590307 E Finch Ave, Toronto
5234 Reeves Rd, BurlingtonW44284325234 Reeves Rd, Burlington
1227 Queen Victoria Ave, MississaugaW44283821227 Queen Victoria Ave, Mississauga
1945 Mississauga Rd, MississaugaW44285121945 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga
457 Seaton Dr, OakvilleW4428498457 Seaton Dr, Oakville
65 Corby Rd, MarkhamN442844165 Corby Rd, Markham
21 Mingay Ave, MarkhamN442842421 Mingay Ave, Markham
215 Johnston Ave, TorontoC4428458215 Johnston Ave, Toronto
78 Golfdale Rd, TorontoC442839578 Golfdale Rd, Toronto
1 Mayfair Pl, HamiltonX44280141 Mayfair Pl, Hamilton
64 Gort Ave, TorontoW442819864 Gort Ave, Toronto
1183 Tisdale St, OakvilleW44280261183 Tisdale St, Oakville
1436 Trotwood Ave, MississaugaW44283071436 Trotwood Ave, Mississauga
8 Hillavon Dr, TorontoW44280828 Hillavon Dr, Toronto
62 Edenbridge Dr, TorontoW442837262 Edenbridge Dr, Toronto
2121 Blackforest Cres, OakvilleW44279972121 Blackforest Cres, Oakville
38 Cousins Crt Bradford, West GwillimburyN442830538 Cousins Crt Bradford, West Gwillimbury
27 Banquo Rd, MarkhamN442826827 Banquo Rd, Markham
35 Dodie St, AuroraN442837935 Dodie St, Aurora
8 Liebeck Cres, MarkhamN44283378 Liebeck Cres, Markham
16720 Highway 48 Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN442808516720 Highway 48 Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
2089 Brock Rd, UxbridgeN44280122089 Brock Rd, Uxbridge
10 Mill St, VaughanN442809310 Mill St, Vaughan
75 Rachelle Crt, VaughanN442813275 Rachelle Crt, Vaughan
19 Oak Ave, Richmond HillN442815219 Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
24 Hanna Ave, Richmond HillN442808424 Hanna Ave, Richmond Hill
42 Mary Natasha Crt, VaughanN442817542 Mary Natasha Crt, Vaughan
21 Delphinium Ave, Richmond HillN442812021 Delphinium Ave, Richmond Hill
105 Verdi Rd, Richmond HillN4428224105 Verdi Rd, Richmond Hill
1611 Woodbine Heights Blvd, TorontoE44282871611 Woodbine Heights Blvd, Toronto
9 Wilson House Dr, WhitbyE44280059 Wilson House Dr, Whitby
37 Dupont St, TorontoC442821337 Dupont St, Toronto
136 Cassandra Blvd, TorontoC4428170136 Cassandra Blvd, Toronto
12 Nottingham Dr, TorontoW442794812 Nottingham Dr, Toronto
3213 Trailside Dr, OakvilleW44278893213 Trailside Dr, Oakville
5 Ostrander Blvd, BramptonW44279645 Ostrander Blvd, Brampton
1268 Donlea Cres, OakvilleW44277971268 Donlea Cres, Oakville
519 Pineland Ave, OakvilleW4427837519 Pineland Ave, Oakville
850 Danforth Pl, BurlingtonW4427831850 Danforth Pl, Burlington
616 Mississauga Cres, MississaugaW4427764616 Mississauga Cres, Mississauga
2204 Brays Lane, OakvilleW44277492204 Brays Lane, Oakville
2006 Waters Edge Dr, OakvilleW44275982006 Waters Edge Dr, Oakville
9492 Castlederg Sdrd, CaledonW44277619492 Castlederg Sdrd, Caledon
2217 Canonridge Circ, OakvilleW44274522217 Canonridge Circ, Oakville
382 N Lake Dr, GeorginaN4427711382 N Lake Dr, Georgina
28 Normandy Cres, Richmond HillN442763328 Normandy Cres, Richmond Hill
3 Village Squire Lane, MarkhamN44278513 Village Squire Lane, Markham
2 Dafoe Crt, AuroraN44279442 Dafoe Crt, Aurora
118 Woodvalley Cres, VaughanN4427664118 Woodvalley Cres, Vaughan
38 Fern Ave, Richmond HillN442777838 Fern Ave, Richmond Hill
57 Austin Rumble Crt, KingN442770257 Austin Rumble Crt, King
28 Thomson Creek Blvd, VaughanN442783228 Thomson Creek Blvd, Vaughan
10 Skyridge Crt, Whitchurch StouffvilleN442765310 Skyridge Crt, Whitchurch Stouffville
579 Village Pkwy, MarkhamN4427675579 Village Pkwy, Markham
2 Mary Agar Crt, KingN44275052 Mary Agar Crt, King
29 Glenbourne Park Dr, MarkhamN442747129 Glenbourne Park Dr, Markham
52 N Wootten Way, MarkhamN442751452 N Wootten Way, Markham
151 Laverock Ave, Richmond HillN4427536151 Laverock Ave, Richmond Hill
138 Fred Varley Dr, MarkhamN4427521138 Fred Varley Dr, Markham
192 Carmichael Cres, KingN4427466192 Carmichael Cres, King
2366 E Gerrard St, TorontoE44278722366 E Gerrard St, Toronto
101 Snowdon Ave, TorontoC4427819101 Snowdon Ave, Toronto
357 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4427639357 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
241 Lytton Blvd D, TorontoC4427564241 Lytton Blvd D, Toronto
141 Codsell Ave, TorontoC4427928141 Codsell Ave, Toronto
175 W Heath St, TorontoC4427583175 W Heath St, Toronto
47 Durie St, TorontoW442722947 Durie St, Toronto
63 Woodbury Rd, TorontoW442725063 Woodbury Rd, Toronto
11135 Menzies Crt, MiltonW442738611135 Menzies Crt, Milton
1334 Avon Cres, OakvilleW44272261334 Avon Cres, Oakville
1519 Arrowhead Rd, OakvilleW44272711519 Arrowhead Rd, Oakville
30 Normark Dr, MarkhamN442737330 Normark Dr, Markham
88 Abbruzze Crt, VaughanN442718188 Abbruzze Crt, Vaughan
84 Gerden Dr, Richmond HillN442728684 Gerden Dr, Richmond Hill
16 Rossini Dr, Richmond HillN442730116 Rossini Dr, Richmond Hill
128 Mitchell Pl, NewmarketN4427294128 Mitchell Pl, Newmarket
19 Lady Lynn Cres, Richmond HillN442721819 Lady Lynn Cres, Richmond Hill
146 James St, KingN4427216146 James St, King
243 Lytton Blvd B, TorontoC4427360243 Lytton Blvd B, Toronto
61 Prince Charles Dr, TorontoC442738461 Prince Charles Dr, Toronto
325 Belsize Dr, TorontoC4427408325 Belsize Dr, Toronto
2 Kereven St, TorontoC44273192 Kereven St, Toronto
22 S Bridgend Crt, VaughanN442714722 S Bridgend Crt, Vaughan
43 Longevity Rd, BramptonW442710843 Longevity Rd, Brampton
34 Stanley Greene Blvd, TorontoW442703434 Stanley Greene Blvd, Toronto
77 Mohandas Dr, MarkhamN442711977 Mohandas Dr, Markham
322 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond HillN4427099322 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond Hill
78 Hogarth Ave, TorontoE442712978 Hogarth Ave, Toronto
130 Stephensbrook Circ, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4427040130 Stephensbrook Circ, Whitchurch Stouffville
7 Frances Cres, TorontoE44270687 Frances Cres, Toronto
765 Bexhill Rd, MississaugaW4426898765 Bexhill Rd, Mississauga
145 Alpine Cres, Richmond HillN4426958145 Alpine Cres, Richmond Hill
24 Crossley Crt, KingN442696824 Crossley Crt, King
193 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4427013193 Holmes Ave, Toronto
34 Rolph Rd, TorontoC442665534 Rolph Rd, Toronto
145 Massey St, TorontoC4426766145 Massey St, Toronto
6 Honour Oak Cres, BramptonW44266136 Honour Oak Cres, Brampton
1178 Woodeden Dr, MississaugaW44268001178 Woodeden Dr, Mississauga
442 Mill St, Richmond HillN4426737442 Mill St, Richmond Hill
1005 Royal York Rd, TorontoW44265161005 Royal York Rd, Toronto
94 Roxborough Dr, TorontoC442667594 Roxborough Dr, Toronto
41 Pheasant Dr, Richmond HillN442659341 Pheasant Dr, Richmond Hill
69 Mossgrove Tr, TorontoC442685869 Mossgrove Tr, Toronto
250 Floyd Ave, TorontoE4426539250 Floyd Ave, Toronto
25 Wycliffe Cres, TorontoC442664625 Wycliffe Cres, Toronto
4211 Cedar Springs Rd, BurlingtonW44267224211 Cedar Springs Rd, Burlington
3073 St Clair Ave, BurlingtonW44266933073 St Clair Ave, Burlington
51 Madison Ave, TorontoC442664451 Madison Ave, Toronto
16 Cachet Crt, BramptonW442678816 Cachet Crt, Brampton
1317 Ravine Dr, MississaugaW44265331317 Ravine Dr, Mississauga
5210 14 Side Rd, MiltonW44266015210 14 Side Rd, Milton
51 Lavallee Cres, BramptonW442654951 Lavallee Cres, Brampton
146 Upper Post Rd, VaughanN4426720146 Upper Post Rd, Vaughan
47 Laws St, TorontoW442662247 Laws St, Toronto
2 Butterfly Hts, VaughanN44267562 Butterfly Hts, Vaughan
68 Foshan Ave, MarkhamN442600668 Foshan Ave, Markham
2014 Postmaster Dr, OakvilleW44260642014 Postmaster Dr, Oakville
1832 Pine Siskin Crt, MississaugaW44263651832 Pine Siskin Crt, Mississauga
16 Ashwood Cres, TorontoW442608716 Ashwood Cres, Toronto
1733 Chesbro Crt, MississaugaW44263071733 Chesbro Crt, Mississauga
1084B Kipling Ave, TorontoW44260851084B Kipling Ave, Toronto
14 Sparta Rd, TorontoW442613114 Sparta Rd, Toronto
20 Marshall Blvd, TorontoW442626420 Marshall Blvd, Toronto
123 N Shaver Ave, TorontoW4426020123 N Shaver Ave, Toronto
17 Royal West Dr, BramptonW442610217 Royal West Dr, Brampton
45 Endless Circ, VaughanN442636245 Endless Circ, Vaughan
15 Lockhart Lane, KingN442616615 Lockhart Lane, King
158 Church St, MarkhamN4425984158 Church St, Markham
15 Balsamo St, VaughanN442645915 Balsamo St, Vaughan
10 Celeste Dr, VaughanN442613910 Celeste Dr, Vaughan
61 Routledge Dr, Richmond HillN442612061 Routledge Dr, Richmond Hill
32 Little Hannah Lane, VaughanN442605332 Little Hannah Lane, Vaughan
17 Little Hannah Lane, VaughanN442612617 Little Hannah Lane, Vaughan
6 Sherwood Glen, East GwillimburyN44260996 Sherwood Glen, East Gwillimbury
128 Parkview Hill Cres, TorontoE4426466128 Parkview Hill Cres, Toronto
87 Leuty Ave, TorontoE442638587 Leuty Ave, Toronto
35 Fishleigh Dr, TorontoE442615835 Fishleigh Dr, Toronto
26 Danville Dr, TorontoC442626826 Danville Dr, Toronto
481 Merton St, TorontoC4426033481 Merton St, Toronto
35 Blue Ridge Rd, TorontoC442635635 Blue Ridge Rd, Toronto
36 Dawlish Ave, TorontoC442591836 Dawlish Ave, Toronto
147 St Clements Ave, TorontoC4426408147 St Clements Ave, Toronto
22 Centre Ave, TorontoC442642022 Centre Ave, Toronto
358 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC4426302358 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
143 E Heath St, TorontoC4426386143 E Heath St, Toronto
176 Macpherson Ave, TorontoC4426082176 Macpherson Ave, Toronto
5 Fenton Way, BramptonW44259085 Fenton Way, Brampton
4378 Palisades Lane, MississaugaW44258024378 Palisades Lane, Mississauga
90 The Kingsway, TorontoW442584090 The Kingsway, Toronto
89 Constance St, TorontoW442582189 Constance St, Toronto
92 Martin Grove Rd, TorontoW442568292 Martin Grove Rd, Toronto
1653 Chesbro Crt, MississaugaW44257481653 Chesbro Crt, Mississauga
2320 Hertfordshire Way, OakvilleW44256712320 Hertfordshire Way, Oakville
116 Humbercrest Blvd, TorontoW4425707116 Humbercrest Blvd, Toronto
931 Hampton Cres, MississaugaW4425775931 Hampton Cres, Mississauga
121 Laurel Ave, TorontoW4425798121 Laurel Ave, Toronto
46 Child Dr, AuroraN442580346 Child Dr, Aurora
15 Lady Bianca Crt, VaughanN442590015 Lady Bianca Crt, Vaughan
10 Heatherwood Cres, MarkhamN442587310 Heatherwood Cres, Markham
1134 Kingdale Rd, NewmarketN44259041134 Kingdale Rd, Newmarket
20 Cedar Ave, TorontoE442578120 Cedar Ave, Toronto
18 Whitney Ave, TorontoC442585418 Whitney Ave, Toronto
254 Dawlish Ave, TorontoC4425785254 Dawlish Ave, Toronto
21 Heathdale Rd, TorontoC442589921 Heathdale Rd, Toronto
541 Douglas Ave, TorontoC4425909541 Douglas Ave, Toronto
20 Munro Blvd, TorontoC442580020 Munro Blvd, Toronto
98 Highbourne Rd, TorontoC442572498 Highbourne Rd, Toronto
1355 Willowdown Rd, OakvilleW44256501355 Willowdown Rd, Oakville
9 Highland Crt, AuroraN44256449 Highland Crt, Aurora
95 Geoffrey St, TorontoW442556795 Geoffrey St, Toronto
454 Whitmore Ave, TorontoW4425588454 Whitmore Ave, Toronto
41 St Georges Rd, TorontoW442558641 St Georges Rd, Toronto
17 Budgell Terr, TorontoW442559717 Budgell Terr, Toronto
37 Meadowcliffe Dr, TorontoE442560837 Meadowcliffe Dr, Toronto
135 Hillview Rd, AuroraN4425550135 Hillview Rd, Aurora
885 Coxwell Ave, TorontoE4425454885 Coxwell Ave, Toronto
78 John Button Blvd, MarkhamN442555178 John Button Blvd, Markham
109 Dell Park Ave, TorontoC4425418109 Dell Park Ave, Toronto
66 Hilton Ave, TorontoC442551566 Hilton Ave, Toronto
598 Soudan Ave, TorontoC4425449598 Soudan Ave, Toronto
83 Bridlewood Dr, HamiltonX442499783 Bridlewood Dr, Hamilton
2390 Thruxton Dr, OakvilleW44251482390 Thruxton Dr, Oakville
8 Norris Cres, TorontoW44249708 Norris Cres, Toronto
56 Emerald Cres, TorontoW442499456 Emerald Cres, Toronto
22595 Warden Ave, East GwillimburyN442522522595 Warden Ave, East Gwillimbury
44 Chopin Blvd, VaughanN442517644 Chopin Blvd, Vaughan
87 N Strawbridge Farm Dr, AuroraN442541187 N Strawbridge Farm Dr, Aurora
17 Hughson Dr, MarkhamN442537117 Hughson Dr, Markham
7470 Ninth Line, MarkhamN44249827470 Ninth Line, Markham
5 Woodington Crt, WhitbyE44253795 Woodington Crt, Whitby
38 Orphanage Mews, TorontoC442495438 Orphanage Mews, Toronto
31 Chieftain Cres, TorontoC442538431 Chieftain Cres, Toronto
329 A Clinton St, TorontoC4424950329 A Clinton St, Toronto
34 Gordon Rd, TorontoC442503534 Gordon Rd, Toronto
157 Ellerslie Ave, TorontoC4425188157 Ellerslie Ave, Toronto
2316 Devon Rd, OakvilleW44248902316 Devon Rd, Oakville
20315 N Mississauga Rd, CaledonW442493620315 N Mississauga Rd, Caledon
52 Bonnyview Dr, TorontoW442483752 Bonnyview Dr, Toronto
319 Henderson Rd, BurlingtonW4424662319 Henderson Rd, Burlington
4508 Credit Pointe Dr, MississaugaW44249104508 Credit Pointe Dr, Mississauga
62 Black Diamond Cres, BramptonW442460862 Black Diamond Cres, Brampton
23 Sage Ave, TorontoW442459723 Sage Ave, Toronto
428 Sheddon Ave, OakvilleW4424818428 Sheddon Ave, Oakville
1373 Waverly Ave, OakvilleW44244121373 Waverly Ave, Oakville
78 Veronica Dr, MississaugaW442443478 Veronica Dr, Mississauga
118 Ironside Dr, VaughanN4424854118 Ironside Dr, Vaughan
8 Emily Carr St, MarkhamN44244848 Emily Carr St, Markham
26 Sir Henry Crt, KingN442438626 Sir Henry Crt, King
22 Savoy Cres, VaughanN442461022 Savoy Cres, Vaughan
198 Hollingsworth Dr, KingN4424398198 Hollingsworth Dr, King
14 Lugano Cres, MarkhamN442436214 Lugano Cres, Markham
15 Danbury Crt, MarkhamN442462715 Danbury Crt, Markham
92 Langtry Pl, VaughanN442447192 Langtry Pl, Vaughan
92 Beckenridge Dr, MarkhamN442455592 Beckenridge Dr, Markham
42 Retreat Blvd, VaughanN442475542 Retreat Blvd, Vaughan
173 Boardwalk Dr, TorontoE4424766173 Boardwalk Dr, Toronto
19 Wanita Rd, TorontoE442487819 Wanita Rd, Toronto
40 Westlake Cres, TorontoE442484140 Westlake Cres, Toronto
14 Hoy St, ClaringtonE442455414 Hoy St, Clarington
91 Bedford Rd, TorontoC442467291 Bedford Rd, Toronto
82 Beechwood Ave, TorontoC442434382 Beechwood Ave, Toronto
63 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC442440563 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
115 Douglas Dr, TorontoC4424478115 Douglas Dr, Toronto
275 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4424811275 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
26 Wells Hill Ave, TorontoC442438226 Wells Hill Ave, Toronto
401 Belsize Dr, TorontoC4424366401 Belsize Dr, Toronto
135 Montgomery Ave, TorontoC4424646135 Montgomery Ave, Toronto
122 Niagara St, TorontoC4424415122 Niagara St, Toronto
35 Old Colony Rd, TorontoC442457235 Old Colony Rd, Toronto
23 Normandale Cres, TorontoC442459323 Normandale Cres, Toronto
30 Euclid Ave, TorontoC442442030 Euclid Ave, Toronto
128 Marion St, TorontoW4424091128 Marion St, Toronto
99 W Fairview Rd, MississaugaW442431499 W Fairview Rd, Mississauga
5372 Drenkelly Crt, MississaugaW44242595372 Drenkelly Crt, Mississauga
2174 Elmhurst Ave, OakvilleW44240612174 Elmhurst Ave, Oakville
299 Second St, NewmarketN4424305299 Second St, Newmarket
22186 Kennedy Rd, East GwillimburyN442421422186 Kennedy Rd, East Gwillimbury
143 Wells St, AuroraN4424254143 Wells St, Aurora
97 Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN442412897 Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
36 Saulter St, TorontoE442418236 Saulter St, Toronto
202 204 Oconnor Dr, TorontoE4424162202 204 Oconnor Dr, Toronto
9 Beaufort Rd, TorontoE44240949 Beaufort Rd, Toronto
26 Creekside Rd, TorontoC442427226 Creekside Rd, Toronto
79 Margueretta St, TorontoC442417279 Margueretta St, Toronto
21 Blyth Dale Rd, TorontoC442413821 Blyth Dale Rd, Toronto
11 Misty Cres, TorontoC442407711 Misty Cres, Toronto
135 Hove St, TorontoC4424144135 Hove St, Toronto
147A Bedford Park Ave, TorontoC4424082147A Bedford Park Ave, Toronto
379 Sutherland Dr, TorontoC4424104379 Sutherland Dr, Toronto
51 Clareville Cres, TorontoC442431051 Clareville Cres, Toronto
78 Gormley Ave, TorontoC442424178 Gormley Ave, Toronto
88 Duncairn Rd, TorontoC442420788 Duncairn Rd, Toronto
143 Bombay Ave, TorontoC4424270143 Bombay Ave, Toronto
15 Cameron Ave, TorontoC442411215 Cameron Ave, Toronto
351 Inglewood Dr, TorontoC4424262351 Inglewood Dr, Toronto

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