GTA Listings April 30th 2019

Beautiful GTA Homes - All Of Them Right Here - April 30th 2019

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A compiled list of all of the beautiful homes for sale across the entire GTA. You'll find a great deal here in the neighbourhood you want to live in. This list has been updated as of April 30th 2019.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
32 North Woodrow Blvd, TorontoE443015532 North Woodrow Blvd, Toronto
10061 The Gore Rd, BramptonW443149410061 The Gore Rd, Brampton
1155 Cayente Pl, MississaugaW44298991155 Cayente Pl, Mississauga
19 Misty Well Dr, Richmond HillN443084119 Misty Well Dr, Richmond Hill
575 Village Pkwy, MarkhamN4429934575 Village Pkwy, Markham
38 Harrison Ave, MississaugaW442949238 Harrison Ave, Mississauga
1222 Old Carriage Way, OakvilleW44294541222 Old Carriage Way, Oakville
198 South Kingsway, TorontoW4430762198 South Kingsway, Toronto
123 Everden Rd, TorontoC4430508123 Everden Rd, Toronto
78 Riverside Blvd, VaughanN443016778 Riverside Blvd, Vaughan
103 Amelia St, TorontoC4431805103 Amelia St, Toronto
19 Big Rock Dr, VaughanN443014019 Big Rock Dr, Vaughan
1017 Nellie Little Cres, NewmarketN44300141017 Nellie Little Cres, Newmarket
2070 Grand Ravine Dr, OakvilleW44289822070 Grand Ravine Dr, Oakville
2476 Parkglen Ave, OakvilleW44299422476 Parkglen Ave, Oakville
1 Muirdale Ave, TorontoW44290181 Muirdale Ave, Toronto
2 Sisina Ave, MarkhamN44236372 Sisina Ave, Markham
103 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC4431845103 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
127 Appian Way, VaughanN4429834127 Appian Way, Vaughan
1124 Bridge Rd, OakvilleW44312261124 Bridge Rd, Oakville
6844 Johnson Wagon Cres, MississaugaW44310666844 Johnson Wagon Cres, Mississauga
23 Lena Dr, Richmond HillN443002423 Lena Dr, Richmond Hill
162 Brahms Ave, TorontoC4431856162 Brahms Ave, Toronto
1 Comeau St, MarkhamN44302981 Comeau St, Markham
66 Craig Cres, Halton HillsW442971366 Craig Cres, Halton Hills
55 Red Cardinal Tr, Richmond HillN442897755 Red Cardinal Tr, Richmond Hill
20 Cobblestone Dr, TorontoC442877120 Cobblestone Dr, Toronto
34 Via Lombardi Rd, VaughanN443084934 Via Lombardi Rd, Vaughan
81 First Ave, TorontoE443101581 First Ave, Toronto
108 Alpine Cres, Richmond HillN4431816108 Alpine Cres, Richmond Hill
210 Milkweed Way, OakvilleW4429790210 Milkweed Way, Oakville
23 Paynter Dr, TorontoC443170523 Paynter Dr, Toronto
220 Burndale Ave, TorontoC4429598220 Burndale Ave, Toronto
29 Regency Crt, OakvilleW443006929 Regency Crt, Oakville
3099 Daniel Way, OakvilleW44289963099 Daniel Way, Oakville
45 Colonel Wayling Blvd, East GwillimburyN442961745 Colonel Wayling Blvd, East Gwillimbury
271 Greer Rd, TorontoC4428630271 Greer Rd, Toronto
3339 Crompton Cres, MississaugaW44291543339 Crompton Cres, Mississauga
3136 Watercliffe Crt, OakvilleW44286943136 Watercliffe Crt, Oakville
182 Wigwoss Dr, VaughanN4429300182 Wigwoss Dr, Vaughan
1489 Abbeywood Dr, OakvilleW44310101489 Abbeywood Dr, Oakville
142 Humbercrest Blvd, TorontoW4430453142 Humbercrest Blvd, Toronto
26 Haywood Dr, BramptonW442909926 Haywood Dr, Brampton
4184 Faulkner Ave, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44287534184 Faulkner Ave, Whitchurch Stouffville
41 Thorny Brae Dr, MarkhamN442900141 Thorny Brae Dr, Markham
47 Joseph St, MarkhamN443117747 Joseph St, Markham
33 Minto St, TorontoE442883833 Minto St, Toronto
74 Twelfth St, TorontoW442874274 Twelfth St, Toronto
1398 Bancroft Dr, MississaugaW44301831398 Bancroft Dr, Mississauga
363 Summeridge Dr, VaughanN4431412363 Summeridge Dr, Vaughan
176 Dale Cres Bradford, West GwillimburyN4429938176 Dale Cres Bradford, West Gwillimbury
3221 Liptay Ave, OakvilleW44290143221 Liptay Ave, Oakville
221 Virginia Ave, TorontoE4430529221 Virginia Ave, Toronto
229 Tweedsdale Cres, OakvilleW4429036229 Tweedsdale Cres, Oakville
1421 Bridgestone Lane, MississaugaW44308971421 Bridgestone Lane, Mississauga
5428 Bestview Way, MississaugaW44293115428 Bestview Way, Mississauga
445 Ballinafad Rd, CaledonW4429153445 Ballinafad Rd, Caledon
16205 Mount Pleasant Rd, CaledonW442949916205 Mount Pleasant Rd, Caledon
77 Briarwood Rd, MarkhamN443177177 Briarwood Rd, Markham
55 Blyth St, Richmond HillN443068955 Blyth St, Richmond Hill
38 Verdi Rd, Richmond HillN443040338 Verdi Rd, Richmond Hill
8733 Heritage Rd, BramptonW44302348733 Heritage Rd, Brampton
72 Earl Grey Rd, TorontoE443106372 Earl Grey Rd, Toronto
59 Chant Cres, MarkhamN443030659 Chant Cres, Markham
122 Homewood Ave, TorontoC4429275122 Homewood Ave, Toronto
46 Otonabee Ave, TorontoC442925346 Otonabee Ave, Toronto
54 Highgrove Cres, Richmond HillN443077754 Highgrove Cres, Richmond Hill
18 Pine Hills Crt, East GwillimburyN443117818 Pine Hills Crt, East Gwillimbury
48 Coronation St, VaughanN443142448 Coronation St, Vaughan
2062 Grand Ravine Dr, OakvilleW44290292062 Grand Ravine Dr, Oakville
13619 Centreville Creek Rd, CaledonW442890213619 Centreville Creek Rd, Caledon
433 N Westmoreland Ave, TorontoW4430846433 N Westmoreland Ave, Toronto
11334 Guelph Line, MiltonW443152011334 Guelph Line, Milton
2 Brownlee Dr Bradford, West GwillimburyN44297322 Brownlee Dr Bradford, West Gwillimbury
117A Pape Ave, TorontoE4430583117A Pape Ave, Toronto
28 Via Avellino Rd, VaughanN443095228 Via Avellino Rd, Vaughan
28 Matthew Crt, TorontoW442939328 Matthew Crt, Toronto
33 Wyvern Rd, TorontoC442897933 Wyvern Rd, Toronto
36 Mersey St, VaughanN442956936 Mersey St, Vaughan
2160 Cartier Cres, BurlingtonW44290092160 Cartier Cres, Burlington
402 Elson St, MarkhamN4430249402 Elson St, Markham
3672 Ketchum Crt, MississaugaW44315493672 Ketchum Crt, Mississauga
42 Riverglen St, BramptonW442910542 Riverglen St, Brampton
1160 Queens Ave, OakvilleW44309811160 Queens Ave, Oakville
166 Sussex Ave, Richmond HillN4428995166 Sussex Ave, Richmond Hill
113 Hatherley Rd, TorontoW4429739113 Hatherley Rd, Toronto
18 River Forest St, MarkhamN442968618 River Forest St, Markham
38 Galbraith Ave, TorontoE443184838 Galbraith Ave, Toronto
124 East St, OakvilleW4431565124 East St, Oakville
21 Monabelle Cres, BramptonW443032721 Monabelle Cres, Brampton
88 Ambleside Dr, ScugogE443062088 Ambleside Dr, Scugog
2342 Calloway Dr, OakvilleW44293672342 Calloway Dr, Oakville
7 Headwind Blvd, VaughanN44298137 Headwind Blvd, Vaughan
5661 Sparkwell Dr, MississaugaW44292715661 Sparkwell Dr, Mississauga
54 Larwood Blvd, TorontoE442967054 Larwood Blvd, Toronto
170 Moore Ave, TorontoC4430742170 Moore Ave, Toronto
1221 Grandview Dr, OakvilleW44313341221 Grandview Dr, Oakville
29 Carlton Rd, MarkhamN443093529 Carlton Rd, Markham
30 Edward Horton Cres, TorontoW443151030 Edward Horton Cres, Toronto
2986 Kingsway Dr, OakvilleW44287002986 Kingsway Dr, Oakville
117 Raglan St, WhitbyE4429239117 Raglan St, Whitby
61 White Lodge Cres, Richmond HillN442925161 White Lodge Cres, Richmond Hill
1941 Four Seasons Dr, BurlingtonW44312561941 Four Seasons Dr, Burlington
10 Burnie Rd, GeorginaN443116610 Burnie Rd, Georgina
312 Fritillary St, OakvilleW4430919312 Fritillary St, Oakville
1035 Alexandra Ave, MississaugaW44302471035 Alexandra Ave, Mississauga
450 Bedford Rd, OakvilleW4430231450 Bedford Rd, Oakville
51 Kiwi Cres, Richmond HillN443100451 Kiwi Cres, Richmond Hill
79 Hunt Ave, Richmond HillN443022279 Hunt Ave, Richmond Hill
10 Eiffel Blvd, BramptonW443137110 Eiffel Blvd, Brampton
1514 Adamson St, MississaugaW44304341514 Adamson St, Mississauga
16 Chalmers Crt, BramptonW443071416 Chalmers Crt, Brampton
2424 Westoak Trails Blvd, OakvilleW44303082424 Westoak Trails Blvd, Oakville
212 Lexington Rd, OakvilleW4429601212 Lexington Rd, Oakville
15 E Hawthorne Rd, TorontoW443009015 E Hawthorne Rd, Toronto
5179 Springbok Cres, MississaugaW44288915179 Springbok Cres, Mississauga
65 Ohara Ave, TorontoW443120365 Ohara Ave, Toronto
73 Reginald Lamb Cres, MarkhamN442875673 Reginald Lamb Cres, Markham
203 Windy Oaks, MississaugaW4429733203 Windy Oaks, Mississauga
370 Hinton Terr, MiltonW4430236370 Hinton Terr, Milton
146 Forbes Terr, MiltonW4430996146 Forbes Terr, Milton
23 Brookeview Dr, AuroraN442879723 Brookeview Dr, Aurora
226 Niagara Tr, Halton HillsW4431760226 Niagara Tr, Halton Hills
16612 York Durham Line, Whitchurch StouffvilleN443018016612 York Durham Line, Whitchurch Stouffville
89 Martin Byrne Dr, BramptonW443009489 Martin Byrne Dr, Brampton
6 Caribou Pl, MississaugaW44317756 Caribou Pl, Mississauga
3166 Southwind Rd, MississaugaW44296453166 Southwind Rd, Mississauga
11 Astral St, TorontoW443100511 Astral St, Toronto
5919 Turney Dr, MississaugaW44299835919 Turney Dr, Mississauga
35 Woodhaven Cres, WhitbyE443110235 Woodhaven Cres, Whitby
247 Bilbrough St, AuroraN4430058247 Bilbrough St, Aurora
150 Western Ave, KingN4431590150 Western Ave, King
2642 W Lake Shore Blvd, TorontoW44310792642 W Lake Shore Blvd, Toronto
1496 Concession 7 Rd, ClaringtonE44308781496 Concession 7 Rd, Clarington
142 Ranee Ave, TorontoC4430624142 Ranee Ave, Toronto
202 Divadale Dr, TorontoC4431034202 Divadale Dr, Toronto
3543 Garrard Rd, WhitbyE44298023543 Garrard Rd, Whitby
80 Trayborn Dr, Richmond HillN440563280 Trayborn Dr, Richmond Hill
21 Granville Gate, MarkhamN442889921 Granville Gate, Markham
88 Lawrence Ave, Richmond HillN443003488 Lawrence Ave, Richmond Hill
20 Muirside Rd, VaughanN442880220 Muirside Rd, Vaughan
43 Algoma Dr, VaughanN442989343 Algoma Dr, Vaughan
897 Oberland Dr, OshawaE4429294897 Oberland Dr, Oshawa
40 Westridge Dr, HamiltonX442954740 Westridge Dr, Hamilton
8 Clockwork Dr, BramptonW44293948 Clockwork Dr, Brampton
89 Mercury Rd, TorontoW442907789 Mercury Rd, Toronto
5093 Heritage Hills Blvd, MississaugaW44288405093 Heritage Hills Blvd, Mississauga
1222 Christie Circ, MiltonW44315461222 Christie Circ, Milton
22 Adeline Crt, BramptonW442998822 Adeline Crt, Brampton
250 Niagara Tr, Halton HillsW4430493250 Niagara Tr, Halton Hills
7 Tarlton Crt, VaughanN44318717 Tarlton Crt, Vaughan
180 Goulding Ave, TorontoC4431315180 Goulding Ave, Toronto
26 Lloyd Manor Rd, TorontoW443179526 Lloyd Manor Rd, Toronto
35 Settlers Ridge St, MarkhamN442977535 Settlers Ridge St, Markham
1229 Falgarwood Dr, OakvilleW44302351229 Falgarwood Dr, Oakville
91 David Willson Tr, East GwillimburyN443095891 David Willson Tr, East Gwillimbury
142 Inverness Way Bradford, West GwillimburyN4428718142 Inverness Way Bradford, West Gwillimbury
290 Sixteen Mile Dr, OakvilleW4430056290 Sixteen Mile Dr, Oakville
79 W High St, MississaugaW442912179 W High St, Mississauga
2389 Gladstone Ave, OakvilleW44298712389 Gladstone Ave, Oakville
4 Golfdale Pl, HamiltonX44306594 Golfdale Pl, Hamilton
2 Tremblant Cres, VaughanN44294512 Tremblant Cres, Vaughan
100 Gray Park Dr, CaledonW4428821100 Gray Park Dr, Caledon
190 Don Minaker Dr, BramptonW4431837190 Don Minaker Dr, Brampton
43 S Hewlett Cres, MarkhamN443006843 S Hewlett Cres, Markham
252 Niagara Tr, Halton HillsW4430269252 Niagara Tr, Halton Hills
94 Southlake Blvd, BramptonW442931594 Southlake Blvd, Brampton
477 Underwood Cres, OakvilleW4428646477 Underwood Cres, Oakville
652 Four Winds Way, MississaugaW4429031652 Four Winds Way, Mississauga
738 Parker Cres, BurlingtonW4431413738 Parker Cres, Burlington
21 Burning Springs Pl, WhitbyE442863921 Burning Springs Pl, Whitby
187 Monte Carlo Dr, VaughanN4429174187 Monte Carlo Dr, Vaughan
10 Tremblant Cres, VaughanN442899410 Tremblant Cres, Vaughan
117 Bellefair Ave, TorontoE4431213117 Bellefair Ave, Toronto
98 Dewpoint Rd, VaughanN443148898 Dewpoint Rd, Vaughan
87 Wycombe St, WhitbyE442862287 Wycombe St, Whitby
71 Canoe Crt, Richmond HillN443056671 Canoe Crt, Richmond Hill
19 Jevins Clse, BramptonW443063719 Jevins Clse, Brampton
454 Canterbury Cres, OakvilleW4431284454 Canterbury Cres, Oakville
239 Queen St, MiltonW4429250239 Queen St, Milton
56 Briarfield Ave, East GwillimburyN443179356 Briarfield Ave, East Gwillimbury
119 Lindsey Ave, TorontoC4428932119 Lindsey Ave, Toronto
49 Thornbank Rd, VaughanN442871149 Thornbank Rd, Vaughan
25 Edgehill Rd, TorontoW443014425 Edgehill Rd, Toronto
65 Offord Cres, AuroraN442987365 Offord Cres, Aurora
34 Owen Blvd, TorontoC443063934 Owen Blvd, Toronto
25 Douglas Cres, TorontoC443109125 Douglas Cres, Toronto
18 Udine Crt, Richmond HillN442929018 Udine Crt, Richmond Hill
10 Brucedale Cres, TorontoC443036310 Brucedale Cres, Toronto
111 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN4431484111 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
19 Reiner Rd, TorontoC442873319 Reiner Rd, Toronto
70 Maplewood Rd, MississaugaW442865070 Maplewood Rd, Mississauga
129 Cumberland Dr, MississaugaW4429671129 Cumberland Dr, Mississauga
3702 Mississauga Rd, MississaugaW44309153702 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga
57 Addison Cres, TorontoC439262857 Addison Cres, Toronto
61 Bowan Crt, TorontoC438442861 Bowan Crt, Toronto
138 Church St, MarkhamN4431262138 Church St, Markham
1251 E Lakeshore Rd, OakvilleW44309221251 E Lakeshore Rd, Oakville
17 Pearson Ave, Richmond HillN443061217 Pearson Ave, Richmond Hill
227 Boake Tr, Richmond HillN4431219227 Boake Tr, Richmond Hill
51 Alexandra Wood, TorontoC443110851 Alexandra Wood, Toronto
2 Blencathra Hill, MarkhamN44302062 Blencathra Hill, Markham
28 Glenrose Ave, TorontoC443134628 Glenrose Ave, Toronto
210 Balmoral Ave, TorontoC4430715210 Balmoral Ave, Toronto
135 Fitzgerald Ave, MarkhamN4429906135 Fitzgerald Ave, Markham
54 Bevdale Rd, TorontoC442919154 Bevdale Rd, Toronto
5 Ormsby Crt, Richmond HillN44305185 Ormsby Crt, Richmond Hill
4 King Maple Pl, TorontoC44305204 King Maple Pl, Toronto
421 Randall St, OakvilleW4431259421 Randall St, Oakville
21 Maple Ave, TorontoC443129221 Maple Ave, Toronto
Lot 78 Woodgate Pines Dr, VaughanN4431158Lot 78 Woodgate Pines Dr, Vaughan
154 S Hamilton St, TorontoE4430021154 S Hamilton St, Toronto
87 Hudson Dr, TorontoC442976287 Hudson Dr, Toronto
28 Tranby Ave, TorontoC443122928 Tranby Ave, Toronto
15 Delevan Crt, Richmond HillN443010215 Delevan Crt, Richmond Hill
5 Harrison Rd, TorontoC44315745 Harrison Rd, Toronto
51 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond HillN443143851 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond Hill
223 Burndale Ave, TorontoC4430012223 Burndale Ave, Toronto
38 Brule Tr, KingN442952638 Brule Tr, King
153 Falkirk St, TorontoC4430699153 Falkirk St, Toronto
424 Lytton Blvd, TorontoC4431555424 Lytton Blvd, Toronto
399 Progreston Rd, HamiltonX4429067399 Progreston Rd, Hamilton
250 Parkview Ave, TorontoC4430319250 Parkview Ave, Toronto
376 Niar Ave, MississaugaW4429750376 Niar Ave, Mississauga
67 Long Hill Dr, Richmond HillN442895767 Long Hill Dr, Richmond Hill
1376 Willowdown Rd, OakvilleW44314641376 Willowdown Rd, Oakville
478 Winston Rd, OakvilleW4431382478 Winston Rd, Oakville
293 Lytton Blvd, TorontoC4431095293 Lytton Blvd, Toronto
43 Rodeo Dr, VaughanN443067043 Rodeo Dr, Vaughan
30 Alexandra Wood, Richmond HillN443039230 Alexandra Wood, Richmond Hill
73 Springbrook Dr, Richmond HillN442907473 Springbrook Dr, Richmond Hill
50 Strathearn Ave, Richmond HillN443126850 Strathearn Ave, Richmond Hill
168 Lady Valentina Ave, VaughanN4430080168 Lady Valentina Ave, Vaughan
3027 Princess Blvd, BurlingtonW44287073027 Princess Blvd, Burlington
7 Maple View Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44299237 Maple View Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
35 E Fairwood Pl, BurlingtonW443136935 E Fairwood Pl, Burlington
80 Sarah Ashbridge Ave, TorontoE443155480 Sarah Ashbridge Ave, Toronto
83 Hunterwood Chse, VaughanN443097883 Hunterwood Chse, Vaughan
376A Drewry Ave, TorontoC4430969376A Drewry Ave, Toronto
731 Old Bathurst St, NewmarketN4428695731 Old Bathurst St, Newmarket
6885 Early Settler Row, MississaugaW44286586885 Early Settler Row, Mississauga
115 Anndale Dr, TorontoC4428764115 Anndale Dr, Toronto
13 Victoria Park Ave, TorontoE443078613 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
16 Cedar Dr, CaledonW443070416 Cedar Dr, Caledon
96 Yorkview Dr, TorontoW443076896 Yorkview Dr, Toronto
116 Laurentide Dr, TorontoC4428803116 Laurentide Dr, Toronto
1396 Clearwater Cres, OakvilleW44301061396 Clearwater Cres, Oakville
473 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4431214473 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
37 Sawmill Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN443171237 Sawmill Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
1131 Riverbank Way, OakvilleW44310691131 Riverbank Way, Oakville
19 Strathgowan Cres, TorontoC443064819 Strathgowan Cres, Toronto
72 Grandvista Crt, VaughanN443071872 Grandvista Crt, Vaughan
1105 Cedar Grove Blvd, OakvilleW44296021105 Cedar Grove Blvd, Oakville
27 Cameron Ave, TorontoC443001927 Cameron Ave, Toronto
29 Waltham Cres, Richmond HillN442902229 Waltham Cres, Richmond Hill
2 Vesta Dr, Richmond HillN44318622 Vesta Dr, Richmond Hill
2 Northglen Ave, TorontoW44317732 Northglen Ave, Toronto
2738 South Service Rd, ClaringtonE44292362738 South Service Rd, Clarington
197 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN4430533197 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
79 Hurst Ave, VaughanN442912979 Hurst Ave, Vaughan
263 Oak Park Ave, TorontoE4429863263 Oak Park Ave, Toronto
765 W Glengrove Ave, TorontoW4431767765 W Glengrove Ave, Toronto
216 Strathearn Ave, Richmond HillN4431431216 Strathearn Ave, Richmond Hill
542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4431787542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
233 Park Lawn Rd, TorontoW4431730233 Park Lawn Rd, Toronto
23 Tannery Crt, Richmond HillN443101423 Tannery Crt, Richmond Hill
253 S Church St, Richmond HillN4430348253 S Church St, Richmond Hill
6443 King Rd, KingN44291106443 King Rd, King
7 Vomano St, Richmond HillN44305967 Vomano St, Richmond Hill
10 Lorne Ave, TorontoW443041010 Lorne Ave, Toronto
219 Delhi Ave, TorontoC4431722219 Delhi Ave, Toronto
1153 Druery Crt, NewmarketN43732151153 Druery Crt, Newmarket
81 Torgan Tr, VaughanN442979381 Torgan Tr, Vaughan
5344 Forest Ridge Dr, MississaugaW44297515344 Forest Ridge Dr, Mississauga
58 Metcalfe St, TorontoC442907258 Metcalfe St, Toronto
115 Sorauren Ave, TorontoW4431867115 Sorauren Ave, Toronto
58 Stuart Cres, TorontoC443060858 Stuart Cres, Toronto
2487 Highmount Cres, OakvilleW44304812487 Highmount Cres, Oakville
20 Ria Crt, KingN442919820 Ria Crt, King
430 Warren Rd, KingN4429320430 Warren Rd, King
64 Laurel Ave, TorontoW443138364 Laurel Ave, Toronto
48 Trench St, Richmond HillN443057448 Trench St, Richmond Hill
2 Tidnish Crt, KingN44295702 Tidnish Crt, King
17 Sir Modesto Crt, VaughanN442940017 Sir Modesto Crt, Vaughan
85 Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN442969085 Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
20 Ronan Ave, TorontoC443120220 Ronan Ave, Toronto
50 Annina Cres, MarkhamN442893650 Annina Cres, Markham
10 Lloyd St, WhitbyE443104010 Lloyd St, Whitby
262 Dunn Ave, TorontoW4431509262 Dunn Ave, Toronto
31 Airdrie Rd, TorontoC443070231 Airdrie Rd, Toronto
20 River View Dr, BramptonW442872320 River View Dr, Brampton
5302 Walkers Line, BurlingtonW44316165302 Walkers Line, Burlington
2418 Taylorwood Dr, OakvilleW44286442418 Taylorwood Dr, Oakville
22 Revcoe Dr, TorontoC442916922 Revcoe Dr, Toronto
2 Mildred Temple Way, MarkhamN44315612 Mildred Temple Way, Markham
5 Alpaca Dr, Richmond HillN44315035 Alpaca Dr, Richmond Hill
6 Olean Crt, TorontoC44299756 Olean Crt, Toronto
24 Clareville Cres, TorontoC442999324 Clareville Cres, Toronto
15 Forestgreen Dr, UxbridgeN443098515 Forestgreen Dr, Uxbridge
18 Trinity Cres, Richmond HillN442960418 Trinity Cres, Richmond Hill
16 Tristan Crt, BramptonW443180816 Tristan Crt, Brampton
151 Nottingham Forest Rd Bradford, West GwillimburyN4429736151 Nottingham Forest Rd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
145 Sylvan Ave, TorontoE4431011145 Sylvan Ave, Toronto
2140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44305572140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
5 Links Lane, BramptonW44300915 Links Lane, Brampton
2286 Sovereign St, OakvilleW44316012286 Sovereign St, Oakville
23 Valley Vista Dr, VaughanN443096623 Valley Vista Dr, Vaughan
117 Main St, MarkhamN4429774117 Main St, Markham
906 Riordan Crt, NewmarketN4429392906 Riordan Crt, Newmarket
8 Bathurst Glen Dr, VaughanN44317708 Bathurst Glen Dr, Vaughan
112 Berwick Cres, Richmond HillN4428669112 Berwick Cres, Richmond Hill
2071 Blacksmith Lane, OakvilleW44318352071 Blacksmith Lane, Oakville
101 Old Orchard Grve, TorontoC4431685101 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto
589 Balliol St, TorontoC4430547589 Balliol St, Toronto
35 Lynvalley Cres, TorontoE443091035 Lynvalley Cres, Toronto
127 Bannockburn Ave, TorontoC4430793127 Bannockburn Ave, Toronto
223225 Indian Grve, TorontoW4430422223225 Indian Grve, Toronto
61 The Fairways Frwy, MarkhamN442954161 The Fairways Frwy, Markham
20 Basswood Rd, TorontoC442957420 Basswood Rd, Toronto
1394 Bayshire Dr, OakvilleW44289671394 Bayshire Dr, Oakville
30 Smith Cres, TorontoW443136730 Smith Cres, Toronto
220 Thomson Creek Blvd, VaughanN4428895220 Thomson Creek Blvd, Vaughan
17 Robson Pl, TorontoC442941017 Robson Pl, Toronto
63 Courtfield Cres, MarkhamN443127263 Courtfield Cres, Markham
685 Kingsmere Ave, NewmarketN4431717685 Kingsmere Ave, Newmarket
6289 Black River Rd, GeorginaN44302076289 Black River Rd, Georgina
10 First St, TorontoW443103810 First St, Toronto
174 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN4431307174 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan
15374 Airport Rd, CaledonW443102515374 Airport Rd, Caledon
32 Almond Ave, MarkhamN443064032 Almond Ave, Markham
414 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4431236414 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
49 Banner Lane, KingN442966549 Banner Lane, King
40 Morse St, TorontoE442933840 Morse St, Toronto
11667 The Gore Rd, BramptonW442913311667 The Gore Rd, Brampton
31 Edinburgh Dr, Richmond HillN442952731 Edinburgh Dr, Richmond Hill
470 Barclay Cres, OakvilleW4428666470 Barclay Cres, Oakville
80 Harewood Ave, TorontoE443063080 Harewood Ave, Toronto

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