GTA Listings April 5th 2019

The Top Homes For Sale in the GTA - April 5th 2019

All of the homes for sale in the GTA are right here, all in one easy, convenient place for you to search through. Find what you're looking for, all right here. Search based on city/town and you'll find something that fits your home features and price. Then contact us to learn how we can help you get the home you've been waiting for.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
37 Vermont Ave, TorontoC440131337 Vermont Ave, Toronto
9 Brookbank Crt, BramptonW44011099 Brookbank Crt, Brampton
4036 Walnut Grove Rd, MississaugaW44012054036 Walnut Grove Rd, Mississauga
17 Keily Cres, CaledonW440116117 Keily Cres, Caledon
5358 Flatford Rd, MississaugaW44010525358 Flatford Rd, Mississauga
219 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, MississaugaW4400726219 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, Mississauga
2105 Caroline St, BurlingtonW44012442105 Caroline St, Burlington
74 Twelfth St, TorontoW440111374 Twelfth St, Toronto
5385 Easton Rd, BurlingtonW44011815385 Easton Rd, Burlington
440 Quebec Ave, TorontoW4400737440 Quebec Ave, Toronto
33 Inglewood Ave, VaughanN440101933 Inglewood Ave, Vaughan
13305 Concession 10 Rd, KingN440116313305 Concession 10 Rd, King
9 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN44011289 Wolford Crt, Georgina
8 Sweet Water Cres, Richmond HillN44010698 Sweet Water Cres, Richmond Hill
16 Berkeley Crt, MarkhamN440121316 Berkeley Crt, Markham
66 Via Teodoro Way, VaughanN440116266 Via Teodoro Way, Vaughan
1800 Lakeridge Rd, UxbridgeN44010601800 Lakeridge Rd, Uxbridge
1 Baynards Lane, Richmond HillN44008931 Baynards Lane, Richmond Hill
3 Deer Pass Rd, East GwillimburyN44008303 Deer Pass Rd, East Gwillimbury
5 Willowgate Dr, MarkhamN44007755 Willowgate Dr, Markham
1 Ashford Crt, AuroraN44007401 Ashford Crt, Aurora
15 Klamath Crt, VaughanN440074615 Klamath Crt, Vaughan
35 Four Oaks Gate, TorontoE440097335 Four Oaks Gate, Toronto
489 Huntingwood Dr, TorontoE4400870489 Huntingwood Dr, Toronto
107 Patterson Ave, TorontoE4401053107 Patterson Ave, Toronto
17 Morden Cres, AjaxE440107917 Morden Cres, Ajax
75 Thursfield Cres, TorontoC440118675 Thursfield Cres, Toronto
10 Churchill Ave, TorontoC440076810 Churchill Ave, Toronto
64 Prince Charles Dr, TorontoC440082164 Prince Charles Dr, Toronto
240 Bogert Ave, TorontoC4401070240 Bogert Ave, Toronto
1247 Waubanoka Way, OakvilleW44027761247 Waubanoka Way, Oakville
12286 The Gore Rd, CaledonW438841212286 The Gore Rd, Caledon
8 Macdonald Crt, Richmond HillN44027608 Macdonald Crt, Richmond Hill
254 Bucanan Dr Lot 61, MarkhamN4402757254 Bucanan Dr Lot 61, Markham
91 Lees Gallery, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440305091 Lees Gallery, Whitchurch Stouffville
168 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond HillN4402808168 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill
8 Poplar Dr, Richmond HillN44031628 Poplar Dr, Richmond Hill
12 Winterberry Dr, MarkhamN440298512 Winterberry Dr, Markham
1030 Nellie Little Cres, NewmarketN44029241030 Nellie Little Cres, Newmarket
37 Meadowgrass Cres, MarkhamN440318437 Meadowgrass Cres, Markham
390 Roy Harper Ave, AuroraN4403161390 Roy Harper Ave, Aurora
22 Patriot Crt, MarkhamN440287922 Patriot Crt, Markham
400 Highglen Ave, MarkhamN4403160400 Highglen Ave, Markham
6 Cedar Ave, TorontoE44031596 Cedar Ave, Toronto
41 Acqua Dr, VaughanN437564741 Acqua Dr, Vaughan
268 Torresdale Ave, TorontoC4403070268 Torresdale Ave, Toronto
528 Crawford St, TorontoC4402940528 Crawford St, Toronto
4587 Sandford Farm Dr, MississaugaW44024924587 Sandford Farm Dr, Mississauga
2303 Stratus Dr, OakvilleW44027532303 Stratus Dr, Oakville
5376 Champlain Tr, MississaugaW44023865376 Champlain Tr, Mississauga
34 Edgemore Dr, TorontoW440265534 Edgemore Dr, Toronto
231 Polly Dr, OakvilleW4402478231 Polly Dr, Oakville
108 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, MississaugaW4402417108 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, Mississauga
2422 Kwinter Rd, OakvilleW44027482422 Kwinter Rd, Oakville
17 Kenridge Ave, TorontoW440263917 Kenridge Ave, Toronto
1413 Holly Crt, OakvilleW44024601413 Holly Crt, Oakville
33 Gwynne Ave, TorontoW440224033 Gwynne Ave, Toronto
3703 Beechollow Cres, MississaugaW44022953703 Beechollow Cres, Mississauga
3086 Streamwood Passage, OakvilleW44022883086 Streamwood Passage, Oakville
1043 Alexandra Ave, MississaugaW44023701043 Alexandra Ave, Mississauga
10 Glenoaks Crt, VaughanN440267810 Glenoaks Crt, Vaughan
22 Longwater Chase, MarkhamN440265722 Longwater Chase, Markham
229 Colborne Ave, Richmond HillN4402638229 Colborne Ave, Richmond Hill
40 Ardwell Cres, VaughanN440257940 Ardwell Cres, Vaughan
8 Vitanna Rd, MarkhamN44022658 Vitanna Rd, Markham
16 Rossini Dr, Richmond HillN440230016 Rossini Dr, Richmond Hill
943 Memorial Circ, NewmarketN4402198943 Memorial Circ, Newmarket
103 Manley Ave, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4402312103 Manley Ave, Whitchurch Stouffville
84 Village Pkwy Lot 16, MarkhamN440264884 Village Pkwy Lot 16, Markham
262 Inverness Way Bradford, West GwillimburyN4402306262 Inverness Way Bradford, West Gwillimbury
45 Shadow Falls Dr, Richmond HillN440239345 Shadow Falls Dr, Richmond Hill
170 Laurelhurst Cres, VaughanN4402571170 Laurelhurst Cres, Vaughan
275 Twin Hills Cres, VaughanN4402455275 Twin Hills Cres, Vaughan
41 Card Lumber Cres, VaughanN440221741 Card Lumber Cres, Vaughan
60 Dale Cres Bradford, West GwillimburyN436675660 Dale Cres Bradford, West Gwillimbury
122 Elizabeth St, AjaxE4402544122 Elizabeth St, Ajax
72 Prust Ave, TorontoE440232672 Prust Ave, Toronto
3 Trenton Ave, TorontoE44024143 Trenton Ave, Toronto
42 Marchmount Rd, TorontoC440268542 Marchmount Rd, Toronto
98 Reiner Rd, TorontoC440226798 Reiner Rd, Toronto
37 Dallas Rd, TorontoC440250137 Dallas Rd, Toronto
1171 Davenport Rd, TorontoC44027061171 Davenport Rd, Toronto
49 Royal Orchard Blvd, MarkhamN440214149 Royal Orchard Blvd, Markham
70 Haverstock Cres, BramptonW440216170 Haverstock Cres, Brampton
24 Sandbourne Cres, TorontoC440212824 Sandbourne Cres, Toronto
50 Lakeside Ave, TorontoE440215450 Lakeside Ave, Toronto
30 John Stiver Cres, MarkhamN440207630 John Stiver Cres, Markham
160 Via Toscana, VaughanN4402030160 Via Toscana, Vaughan
424 Austen Crt, OshawaE4402040424 Austen Crt, Oshawa
50 Forest Ave, HamiltonX440179150 Forest Ave, Hamilton
1266 Vesta Dr, MississaugaW44018001266 Vesta Dr, Mississauga
717 Damien Way, MississaugaW4401865717 Damien Way, Mississauga
29 Ladbrook Cres, BramptonW440191829 Ladbrook Cres, Brampton
7 James Connoly Way Lot 57, MarkhamN44017977 James Connoly Way Lot 57, Markham
518 Main St, TorontoE4401951518 Main St, Toronto
281 Laird Dr, TorontoC4401830281 Laird Dr, Toronto
96 E Steeles Ave, MarkhamC440191296 E Steeles Ave, Markham
1095 W Dundas St, TorontoC44016181095 W Dundas St, Toronto
194 Solingate Dr, OakvilleW4401601194 Solingate Dr, Oakville
11 Plowman Lane, Richmond HillN439443811 Plowman Lane, Richmond Hill
43 Greengrove Cres, TorontoC440151443 Greengrove Cres, Toronto
4 Quaker Ridge Rd, VaughanN44015454 Quaker Ridge Rd, Vaughan
272 Armadale Ave, TorontoW4401668272 Armadale Ave, Toronto
26 Hammersmith Lane Lot 137, MarkhamN440159726 Hammersmith Lane Lot 137, Markham
136 Palm Dr, TorontoC4401477136 Palm Dr, Toronto
5 Ardtrea Ave, TorontoC44017125 Ardtrea Ave, Toronto
198 Goulding Ave, TorontoC4401478198 Goulding Ave, Toronto
121 Silver Maple Rd, Richmond HillN4401457121 Silver Maple Rd, Richmond Hill
67 Hay Ave, TorontoW440172367 Hay Ave, Toronto
11 Donnybrook Lane, TorontoW440136711 Donnybrook Lane, Toronto
8 Slipneedle St, BramptonW44014198 Slipneedle St, Brampton
3 Cassels Ave, TorontoE44017483 Cassels Ave, Toronto
3141 Vanderbilt Rd, MississaugaW44017013141 Vanderbilt Rd, Mississauga
166 White Pines Dr, BurlingtonW4401587166 White Pines Dr, Burlington
2111 Willhaven Tr, OakvilleW44014152111 Willhaven Tr, Oakville
26 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN440130426 Wolford Crt, Georgina
12775 Heritage Rd, CaledonW440151212775 Heritage Rd, Caledon
15234 Danby Rd, Halton HillsW440146915234 Danby Rd, Halton Hills
5510 Quartermain Cres, MississaugaW44013475510 Quartermain Cres, Mississauga
142 Spring Blvd, ScugogE4401456142 Spring Blvd, Scugog
441 Ginger Gate, OakvilleW4401544441 Ginger Gate, Oakville
19 Wildrose Cres, MarkhamN440159819 Wildrose Cres, Markham
1500 Trotwood Ave, MississaugaW44013621500 Trotwood Ave, Mississauga
11 Greenan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440150811 Greenan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
7 Barletta Dr, VaughanN44014457 Barletta Dr, Vaughan
35 Sunnyside Dr, Richmond HillN440129835 Sunnyside Dr, Richmond Hill
11 Antorisa Ave, VaughanN440135911 Antorisa Ave, Vaughan
60 Alex Black St, VaughanN440133760 Alex Black St, Vaughan
73 Coral Acres Dr, VaughanN440140873 Coral Acres Dr, Vaughan
4151 Prince George Ave, MississaugaW44051314151 Prince George Ave, Mississauga
243 Torresdale Ave, TorontoC4405125243 Torresdale Ave, Toronto
105 Richler Ave, VaughanN4405045105 Richler Ave, Vaughan
40 Durango Dr, Richmond HillN440510640 Durango Dr, Richmond Hill
556 Woodview Rd, BurlingtonW4404947556 Woodview Rd, Burlington
20 Bailey Pl, BramptonW440492420 Bailey Pl, Brampton
1458 Kalligan Crt, MississaugaW44048181458 Kalligan Crt, Mississauga
102 Heartview Rd, BramptonW4404953102 Heartview Rd, Brampton
2344 Kenbarb Rd, MississaugaW44049992344 Kenbarb Rd, Mississauga
647 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4404888647 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
52 Addison St, Richmond HillN440482952 Addison St, Richmond Hill
16 Sandham Cres, MarkhamN440495916 Sandham Cres, Markham
63 Clansman Blvd, TorontoC440476763 Clansman Blvd, Toronto
136 Boultbee Ave, TorontoE4404779136 Boultbee Ave, Toronto
59 Ranee Ave, TorontoC440478359 Ranee Ave, Toronto
2174 Kingsridge Dr, OakvilleW44043852174 Kingsridge Dr, Oakville
130 Lake Promenade, TorontoW4404569130 Lake Promenade, Toronto
6 Prince Michael Crt, CaledonW44044906 Prince Michael Crt, Caledon
1229 Falgarwood Dr, OakvilleW44045521229 Falgarwood Dr, Oakville
98 Lloyd Manor Rd, TorontoW440474098 Lloyd Manor Rd, Toronto
253 Lexington Rd, OakvilleW4404713253 Lexington Rd, Oakville
17 Garden Ave, TorontoW440430017 Garden Ave, Toronto
48 West Branch Dr, Halton HillsW440466548 West Branch Dr, Halton Hills
32 Kalmia Rd, BramptonW440470532 Kalmia Rd, Brampton
6645 W Tenth Line, MississaugaW44043756645 W Tenth Line, Mississauga
1 Baby Point Rd, TorontoW44045751 Baby Point Rd, Toronto
2529 North Ridge Tr, OakvilleW44043982529 North Ridge Tr, Oakville
2331 Adena Crt, MississaugaW44044002331 Adena Crt, Mississauga
2064 Obeck Cres, MississaugaW44044742064 Obeck Cres, Mississauga
75 Buchanan Dr, MarkhamN440448675 Buchanan Dr, Markham
22 Rockwood Cres, VaughanN440468722 Rockwood Cres, Vaughan
81 Castlemore Ave, MarkhamN440454381 Castlemore Ave, Markham
8 Harlequin Crt, Richmond HillN44045178 Harlequin Crt, Richmond Hill
36 Meadowsweet Lane, Richmond HillN440436936 Meadowsweet Lane, Richmond Hill
49 Long Island Cres, MarkhamN440430249 Long Island Cres, Markham
83 Starspray Blvd, TorontoE440447283 Starspray Blvd, Toronto
81 First Ave, TorontoE440447081 First Ave, Toronto
96 Curzon St, TorontoE440464296 Curzon St, Toronto
50 Doris Dr, TorontoE440429350 Doris Dr, Toronto
8 Beech Ave, ClaringtonE43921318 Beech Ave, Clarington
2171 Alderbrook Dr, OakvilleW44041052171 Alderbrook Dr, Oakville
3052 Preserve Dr, OakvilleW44038963052 Preserve Dr, Oakville
2232 Medhat Dr, MississaugaW44042292232 Medhat Dr, Mississauga
2 Leo Austin Rd, BramptonW44039302 Leo Austin Rd, Brampton
8 Bowness Crt, TorontoW44042768 Bowness Crt, Toronto
1322 Roseberry Cres, OakvilleW44041091322 Roseberry Cres, Oakville
133 Wheat Boom Dr, OakvilleW4404014133 Wheat Boom Dr, Oakville
2965 Pettigrew Cres, MississaugaW44038942965 Pettigrew Cres, Mississauga
2 Stone St, Halton HillsW44038812 Stone St, Halton Hills
2546 Robinson St, MississaugaW44037852546 Robinson St, Mississauga
4111 Claypine Rise, MississaugaW44036844111 Claypine Rise, Mississauga
159 Morningside Dr, Halton HillsW4403764159 Morningside Dr, Halton Hills
53 Lightheart Dr, CaledonW440385753 Lightheart Dr, Caledon
1105 Diamond Crt, MississaugaW44037361105 Diamond Crt, Mississauga
66 Highgate Dr, MarkhamN440399466 Highgate Dr, Markham
57 North Meadow Cres, VaughanN440392457 North Meadow Cres, Vaughan
53 Hawstone Dr, VaughanN440427053 Hawstone Dr, Vaughan
25 Township Ave, Richmond HillN440425425 Township Ave, Richmond Hill
162 Ribston St, MarkhamN4404223162 Ribston St, Markham
23 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN440416123 Wolford Crt, Georgina
42 Farmhouse Cres, Richmond HillN440407842 Farmhouse Cres, Richmond Hill
286 Bucanan Dr Lot 5, MarkhamN4404269286 Bucanan Dr Lot 5, Markham
34 Breckonwood Cres, MarkhamN440378634 Breckonwood Cres, Markham
473 Kleinburg Summit Way Tr, VaughanN4403802473 Kleinburg Summit Way Tr, Vaughan
68 Albright Cres, Richmond HillN440367368 Albright Cres, Richmond Hill
81 Chumleigh Cres, MarkhamN440387081 Chumleigh Cres, Markham
953 Wyldewood Dr, OshawaE4403844953 Wyldewood Dr, Oshawa
69 Westacott Cres, AjaxE440377169 Westacott Cres, Ajax
4465 N Grandview St, OshawaE44038424465 N Grandview St, Oshawa
30 Parkview Hill Cres, TorontoE440371530 Parkview Hill Cres, Toronto
272 Scarboro Cres, TorontoE4404136272 Scarboro Cres, Toronto
127 Northcliffe Blvd, TorontoC4403740127 Northcliffe Blvd, Toronto
80 Latania Blvd, BramptonW440361380 Latania Blvd, Brampton
30 Snellview Blvd, CaledonW440362230 Snellview Blvd, Caledon
48 Silverview Dr, TorontoC440360448 Silverview Dr, Toronto
51 Summerhill Gdns, TorontoC440361851 Summerhill Gdns, Toronto
22 Cherna Ave, MarkhamN440357622 Cherna Ave, Markham
85 Bilbermar Dr, Richmond HillN440359385 Bilbermar Dr, Richmond Hill
295 Zokol Dr, AuroraN4403524295 Zokol Dr, Aurora
31 Everingham Crt, TorontoC440351731 Everingham Crt, Toronto
129 Valleycreek Dr, BramptonW4403476129 Valleycreek Dr, Brampton
1105 Saginaw Cres, MississaugaW44033591105 Saginaw Cres, Mississauga
1483 Ravensmoor Cres, MississaugaW44033551483 Ravensmoor Cres, Mississauga
58 Annette St, TorontoW440340558 Annette St, Toronto
8 Craigvale St, VaughanN44034708 Craigvale St, Vaughan
502 Grovehill Rd, OakvilleW4403262502 Grovehill Rd, Oakville
26 Hawkridge Ave, MarkhamN440325026 Hawkridge Ave, Markham
55 Via Cristina Way, VaughanN440341155 Via Cristina Way, Vaughan
35 Maraca Dr, Richmond HillN439631635 Maraca Dr, Richmond Hill
15 Stonebridge Dr, MarkhamN437763815 Stonebridge Dr, Markham
30 William St, East GwillimburyN440336430 William St, East Gwillimbury
97 Blantyre Ave, TorontoE440323797 Blantyre Ave, Toronto
15 E Hawthorne Rd, TorontoW440318915 E Hawthorne Rd, Toronto
37 Perdita Rd, BramptonW440303037 Perdita Rd, Brampton
8875 Fifth Line, Halton HillsW44029778875 Fifth Line, Halton Hills
35 Brixham Terr, TorontoW440319835 Brixham Terr, Toronto
45 Culnan Ave, TorontoW440304645 Culnan Ave, Toronto
93 Tremaine Rd, MiltonW440313493 Tremaine Rd, Milton
391 Glenlake Ave, TorontoW4397034391 Glenlake Ave, Toronto
Lot 3 Tower Crt, Richmond HillN4180281Lot 3 Tower Crt, Richmond Hill
54 Risdon Crt, TorontoW440516754 Risdon Crt, Toronto
33 Wilderness Tr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440514833 Wilderness Tr, Whitchurch Stouffville
31 Saul Crt, VaughanN440513331 Saul Crt, Vaughan
185B Horsham Ave, TorontoC4405137185B Horsham Ave, Toronto
31 Saul Crt, VaughanN440341731 Saul Crt, Vaughan
21 Houseman Cres, Richmond HillN440511221 Houseman Cres, Richmond Hill
231 Pine Hill Rd Bradford, West GwillimburyN4405065231 Pine Hill Rd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
2554 Stillmeadow Rd, MississaugaW44050292554 Stillmeadow Rd, Mississauga
73 Forest Grove Crt, AuroraN440511173 Forest Grove Crt, Aurora
177 Kenilworth Ave, TorontoE4405078177 Kenilworth Ave, Toronto
93 Bogert Ave, TorontoC440510293 Bogert Ave, Toronto
2081 Fowler Crt, MississaugaW44048152081 Fowler Crt, Mississauga
57 Adamsville Rd, BramptonW440477857 Adamsville Rd, Brampton
1067 Rockcliffe Crt, OakvilleW44048441067 Rockcliffe Crt, Oakville
2477 Robin Dr, MississaugaW44048562477 Robin Dr, Mississauga
3035 Weston Rd, TorontoW44049623035 Weston Rd, Toronto
15 Molise Crt, Richmond HillN440480515 Molise Crt, Richmond Hill
8 Gallant Pl, VaughanN44049808 Gallant Pl, Vaughan
52 Loring Cres, MarkhamN440482752 Loring Cres, Markham
53 Ridgepoint Rd, VaughanN440486953 Ridgepoint Rd, Vaughan
19 Bayhampton Crt, TorontoC440478119 Bayhampton Crt, Toronto
14 Donwoods Dr, TorontoC440479514 Donwoods Dr, Toronto
21 Nevada Ave, TorontoC440478421 Nevada Ave, Toronto
691 Merlot Crt, MississaugaW4404509691 Merlot Crt, Mississauga
327 Johnston Dr, BurlingtonW4404402327 Johnston Dr, Burlington
1333 Queen Victoria Ave, MississaugaW44046801333 Queen Victoria Ave, Mississauga
2240 Carpenters Circ, OakvilleW44045502240 Carpenters Circ, Oakville
10680 Islington Ave, VaughanN440448710680 Islington Ave, Vaughan
105 Robert Berry Cres, KingN4404546105 Robert Berry Cres, King
5 Ria Crt, KingN44046005 Ria Crt, King
55 Archerhill Crt, AuroraN440448955 Archerhill Crt, Aurora
69 Weslock Cres, AuroraN440471669 Weslock Cres, Aurora
118 Rumsey Rd, VaughanN4404357118 Rumsey Rd, Vaughan
58 Moraine Hill Dr, VaughanN440437358 Moraine Hill Dr, Vaughan
89 Eastville Ave, TorontoE440463389 Eastville Ave, Toronto
9 Benlamond Ave, TorontoE44045479 Benlamond Ave, Toronto
46A Beechwood Ave, TorontoC440474546A Beechwood Ave, Toronto
93 Pleasant View Dr, TorontoC440430593 Pleasant View Dr, Toronto
193 Lord Seaton Rd, TorontoC4404394193 Lord Seaton Rd, Toronto
61 Riderwood Dr, TorontoC440461861 Riderwood Dr, Toronto
107 Elmhurst Ave, TorontoC4404328107 Elmhurst Ave, Toronto
31 Rykert Cres, TorontoC440444231 Rykert Cres, Toronto
53 Viewmount Ave, TorontoC440471753 Viewmount Ave, Toronto
125 Garfield Ave, TorontoC4404332125 Garfield Ave, Toronto
28 Burlington Cres, TorontoC440443128 Burlington Cres, Toronto
108 Goulding Ave, TorontoC4404462108 Goulding Ave, Toronto
123 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4404407123 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
1174 Sarta Rd, OakvilleW44041831174 Sarta Rd, Oakville
2454 Bluestream Dr, OakvilleW44038652454 Bluestream Dr, Oakville
2390 Cliff Rd, MississaugaW44040002390 Cliff Rd, Mississauga
4461 Tremineer Ave, BurlingtonW44042584461 Tremineer Ave, Burlington
1111 Britannia Rd, BurlingtonW44042201111 Britannia Rd, Burlington
1345 Strathy Ave, MississaugaW44039321345 Strathy Ave, Mississauga
6 Colwyn Rd, TorontoW44038266 Colwyn Rd, Toronto
647 Cedar Ave, BurlingtonW4403907647 Cedar Ave, Burlington
2062 Beaverbrook Way, MississaugaW44037492062 Beaverbrook Way, Mississauga
6 Northumberland Terr, MarkhamN44042086 Northumberland Terr, Markham
7 Ridgestone Dr, Richmond HillN44039667 Ridgestone Dr, Richmond Hill
3526 Pollock Rd, GeorginaN44041153526 Pollock Rd, Georgina
64A Walmer Rd, Richmond HillN440403564A Walmer Rd, Richmond Hill
708 Hans Pfaff Crt, NewmarketN4404056708 Hans Pfaff Crt, Newmarket
31 Thornhill Ravines Cres, VaughanN440420731 Thornhill Ravines Cres, Vaughan
48 Fonthill Blvd, MarkhamN440413748 Fonthill Blvd, Markham
173 Langtry Pl, VaughanN4404069173 Langtry Pl, Vaughan
20 Greenhill Ave, Richmond HillN440421620 Greenhill Ave, Richmond Hill
9 Ria Crt, KingN44040829 Ria Crt, King
104 Shaftsbury Ave, Richmond HillN4404233104 Shaftsbury Ave, Richmond Hill
2 Peter Glass Rd, KingN44038752 Peter Glass Rd, King
206 Patricia Dr, KingN4403708206 Patricia Dr, King
305 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond HillN4403738305 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond Hill
104 Golden Forest Rd, VaughanN4403885104 Golden Forest Rd, Vaughan
537 Broadview Ave, TorontoE4404225537 Broadview Ave, Toronto
39 Stafford Rd, TorontoC440407539 Stafford Rd, Toronto
252 Brooke Ave, TorontoC4403941252 Brooke Ave, Toronto
3 Wyegate Crt, TorontoC44040793 Wyegate Crt, Toronto
198 Strathallan Blvd, TorontoC4403957198 Strathallan Blvd, Toronto
21 Didrickson Dr, TorontoC440417421 Didrickson Dr, Toronto
82 Glengowan Rd, TorontoC440382182 Glengowan Rd, Toronto
156 Golfdale Rd, TorontoC4404071156 Golfdale Rd, Toronto
186 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4403782186 Holmes Ave, Toronto
114 Haddington Ave, TorontoC4403791114 Haddington Ave, Toronto
9 Blue Ridge Rd, TorontoC44039999 Blue Ridge Rd, Toronto
125 Brighton Ave, TorontoC4403951125 Brighton Ave, Toronto
119 Upper Canada Dr, TorontoC4404247119 Upper Canada Dr, Toronto
275 Wales Cres, OakvilleW4403617275 Wales Cres, Oakville
55 De Vere Gdns, TorontoC440359755 De Vere Gdns, Toronto
26 Aldenham Cres, TorontoC440362526 Aldenham Cres, Toronto
3 Tetbury Cres, TorontoC44036143 Tetbury Cres, Toronto
107 Roslin Ave, TorontoC4403623107 Roslin Ave, Toronto
38 Fern Ave, Richmond HillN440358838 Fern Ave, Richmond Hill
18 Lady Valentina Ave, VaughanN440358918 Lady Valentina Ave, Vaughan
3254 Kingsholm Dr, OakvilleW44035953254 Kingsholm Dr, Oakville
12 Westgate Blvd, KingN440357312 Westgate Blvd, King
333 Burton Rd, OakvilleW4403511333 Burton Rd, Oakville
4 Chaplin Crt, Richmond HillN44035134 Chaplin Crt, Richmond Hill
35 Heathdale Rd, TorontoC440349535 Heathdale Rd, Toronto
528 Jones Rd, HamiltonX4403263528 Jones Rd, Hamilton
2108 Bingley Cres, OakvilleW44034502108 Bingley Cres, Oakville
435 The Thicket, MississaugaW4403403435 The Thicket, Mississauga
2350 Doulton Dr, MississaugaW44033232350 Doulton Dr, Mississauga
1017 Melvin Ave, OakvilleW44032551017 Melvin Ave, Oakville
475 Patricia Dr, OakvilleW4403278475 Patricia Dr, Oakville
130 Village Gate Dr, MarkhamN4403295130 Village Gate Dr, Markham
53 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN440336553 Meadowview Ave, Markham
8 Vasselle Cres, MarkhamN43839968 Vasselle Cres, Markham
86 Peter St, MarkhamN440338286 Peter St, Markham
107 William Bowes Blvd, VaughanN4369423107 William Bowes Blvd, Vaughan
20 Dungannon Dr, MarkhamN440337620 Dungannon Dr, Markham
42 Mary Natasha Crt, VaughanN440326642 Mary Natasha Crt, Vaughan
52 Copperstone Cres, Richmond HillN438975452 Copperstone Cres, Richmond Hill
330 Pleasant Ave, TorontoC4403407330 Pleasant Ave, Toronto
10 Brucedale Cres, TorontoC440330910 Brucedale Cres, Toronto
81 Mervyn Ave, TorontoW440320781 Mervyn Ave, Toronto
1511 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW44028211511 Duncan Rd, Oakville
1329 Sheldon Ave, OakvilleW44027961329 Sheldon Ave, Oakville
1356 Woodeden Dr, MississaugaW44029181356 Woodeden Dr, Mississauga
37 Armadale Ave, TorontoW440314937 Armadale Ave, Toronto
77 Black Walnut Cres, Richmond HillN440281277 Black Walnut Cres, Richmond Hill
23 Larcastle Ave, MarkhamN440317623 Larcastle Ave, Markham
86 Braith Cres, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440301986 Braith Cres, Whitchurch Stouffville
15 Eureka St, MarkhamN440278215 Eureka St, Markham
56 Carlyle Cres, AuroraN440308956 Carlyle Cres, Aurora
16113 Highway 48, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440298016113 Highway 48, Whitchurch Stouffville
118 Dunrobin Cres, VaughanN4402810118 Dunrobin Cres, Vaughan
47 Nave St, VaughanN440150047 Nave St, Vaughan
175 Old Surrey Lane, Richmond HillN4402973175 Old Surrey Lane, Richmond Hill
43 Woodland Trail Crt, VaughanN440297943 Woodland Trail Crt, Vaughan
34 Summerfeldt Cres, MarkhamN440290234 Summerfeldt Cres, Markham
182 Bourbon St, VaughanN4399932182 Bourbon St, Vaughan
174 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN4386721174 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan
6 Houdini Way, AuroraN43906456 Houdini Way, Aurora
10 Polo Cres, VaughanN438831210 Polo Cres, Vaughan
10 Harcourt Ave, TorontoE440292110 Harcourt Ave, Toronto
149 Bedford Park Ave, TorontoC4402794149 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto
438B Woburn Ave, TorontoC4402911438B Woburn Ave, Toronto
93 Southvale Dr, TorontoC440323393 Southvale Dr, Toronto
371 Broadway Ave, TorontoC4402928371 Broadway Ave, Toronto
207 Bayview Heights Dr, TorontoC4403186207 Bayview Heights Dr, Toronto
31 Timberlane Dr, TorontoC440277231 Timberlane Dr, Toronto
401 E 7th Conc Rd, HamiltonX4402599401 E 7th Conc Rd, Hamilton
104 Calvington Dr, TorontoW4402522104 Calvington Dr, Toronto
2205 Deyncourt Dr, BurlingtonW44024982205 Deyncourt Dr, Burlington
79 Pearson Ave, TorontoW440239279 Pearson Ave, Toronto
17 Golfcrest Rd, TorontoW440249117 Golfcrest Rd, Toronto
327 Johnston Dr, BurlingtonW4402387327 Johnston Dr, Burlington
1580 Crestview Ave, MississaugaW44025831580 Crestview Ave, Mississauga
12560 The Gore Rd, CaledonW440244812560 The Gore Rd, Caledon
1155 Cayente Pl, MississaugaW44027141155 Cayente Pl, Mississauga
574 Wellington Cres, OakvilleW4402567574 Wellington Cres, Oakville
312 Treelawn Blvd, VaughanN4402735312 Treelawn Blvd, Vaughan
50 Green Valley Crt, VaughanN440222850 Green Valley Crt, Vaughan
134 Bridgepointe Crt, AuroraN4402643134 Bridgepointe Crt, Aurora
250 W Weldrick Rd, Richmond HillN4402435250 W Weldrick Rd, Richmond Hill
73 Hemingway Cres, MarkhamN440226873 Hemingway Cres, Markham
24 Hawthorne Lane, AuroraN440264224 Hawthorne Lane, Aurora
49 Thornbank Rd, VaughanN440230749 Thornbank Rd, Vaughan
4273 Lakeshore Rd, ClaringtonE44025054273 Lakeshore Rd, Clarington
91 Ridley Blvd, TorontoC440228591 Ridley Blvd, Toronto
13 New St, TorontoC440223413 New St, Toronto
27 Oriole Rd, TorontoC440235427 Oriole Rd, Toronto
58 Mason Blvd, TorontoC440233258 Mason Blvd, Toronto
98 Citation Dr, TorontoC440258098 Citation Dr, Toronto
434 Lytton Blvd, TorontoC4402482434 Lytton Blvd, Toronto
16 Dalton Rd, TorontoC440261316 Dalton Rd, Toronto
543 Duplex Ave, TorontoC4402701543 Duplex Ave, Toronto
345 Westridge Dr, VaughanN4377563345 Westridge Dr, Vaughan
66 Heatherwood Cres, MarkhamN440214966 Heatherwood Cres, Markham
26 Eden Vale Dr, KingN440217326 Eden Vale Dr, King
33 Leary Cres, Richmond HillN440217933 Leary Cres, Richmond Hill
297 Laird Dr, TorontoC4402127297 Laird Dr, Toronto
776 Dufferin St, TorontoC4402156776 Dufferin St, Toronto
30 Cherry Blossom Lane, MarkhamN440210130 Cherry Blossom Lane, Markham
30 Brewsland Cres, MarkhamN440211530 Brewsland Cres, Markham
74 Citation Dr, TorontoC440210374 Citation Dr, Toronto
2 Appelbe Crt, Halton HillsW44020102 Appelbe Crt, Halton Hills
10 Cheshire Pl, Richmond HillN440208510 Cheshire Pl, Richmond Hill
68 Wendover Rd, TorontoW440205768 Wendover Rd, Toronto
243 Airdrie Rd, TorontoC4402084243 Airdrie Rd, Toronto
8 George Henry Blvd, TorontoC44020368 George Henry Blvd, Toronto
16 Erintown Cres, BramptonW440182316 Erintown Cres, Brampton
2353 Delnice Dr, OakvilleW44018282353 Delnice Dr, Oakville
153 Highland Park Blvd, MarkhamN4401960153 Highland Park Blvd, Markham
9 Brownlee Dr Bradford, West GwillimburyN44019429 Brownlee Dr Bradford, West Gwillimbury
18 Munro Park Ave, TorontoE440184018 Munro Park Ave, Toronto
207 Old Yonge St, TorontoC4401420207 Old Yonge St, Toronto
8 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC44017008 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
32 Truman Rd, TorontoC440165332 Truman Rd, Toronto
82 Carmichael Ave, TorontoC440167482 Carmichael Ave, Toronto
48 Forest Grove Dr, TorontoC440156848 Forest Grove Dr, Toronto
232 Maxwell St, TorontoC4401577232 Maxwell St, Toronto
15961 The Gore Rd, CaledonW440150715961 The Gore Rd, Caledon
28 Belcourt Rd, TorontoC440137428 Belcourt Rd, Toronto
9 Fallingbrook Woods, TorontoE44014529 Fallingbrook Woods, Toronto
148 Airdrie Rd, TorontoC4401401148 Airdrie Rd, Toronto
495 Avonwood Dr, MississaugaW4401322495 Avonwood Dr, Mississauga
50 Ria Crt, KingN440131650 Ria Crt, King
55 Lakeview Dr, HamiltonX440131255 Lakeview Dr, Hamilton
27 Elm Ridge Acres Rd, MarkhamN440154127 Elm Ridge Acres Rd, Markham
465 Maple Ave, OakvilleW4401518465 Maple Ave, Oakville
2 Ladyslipper Crt, MarkhamN44016762 Ladyslipper Crt, Markham
52 Nevada Cres, VaughanN440133652 Nevada Cres, Vaughan
8 Horizon Crt, Richmond HillN44016388 Horizon Crt, Richmond Hill
346 Farrell Rd, VaughanN4401449346 Farrell Rd, Vaughan
36 Stonegate St, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440175136 Stonegate St, Whitchurch Stouffville
5186 Durie Rd, MississaugaW44016735186 Durie Rd, Mississauga
2072 N Thornton Rd, OshawaE44016722072 N Thornton Rd, Oshawa
43 Kersey Cres, Richmond HillN440148043 Kersey Cres, Richmond Hill
2 Dunbar Rd, TorontoC44013192 Dunbar Rd, Toronto
128 Wimbleton Rd, TorontoW4401381128 Wimbleton Rd, Toronto
38 Hunt Club Dr, TorontoE440132438 Hunt Club Dr, Toronto
254 S Main St, Halton HillsW4401188254 S Main St, Halton Hills
73 Thorncrest Rd, TorontoW440086573 Thorncrest Rd, Toronto
21 Courtsfield Cres, TorontoW440121221 Courtsfield Cres, Toronto
638 Sir Richards Rd, MississaugaW4400906638 Sir Richards Rd, Mississauga
58 Knightshade Dr, VaughanN440110158 Knightshade Dr, Vaughan
8 Fitzmaurice Dr, VaughanN44010318 Fitzmaurice Dr, Vaughan
27 Harding Blvd, Richmond HillN440120227 Harding Blvd, Richmond Hill
10 Wigwoss Dr, VaughanN440109610 Wigwoss Dr, Vaughan
16 James Morning Crt, KingN440109916 James Morning Crt, King
138 Bay Thorn Dr, MarkhamN4401139138 Bay Thorn Dr, Markham
25 Castleglen Blvd, MarkhamN440104625 Castleglen Blvd, Markham
23 Sir Francesco St, VaughanN440103523 Sir Francesco St, Vaughan
41 First Nations Tr, VaughanN440076441 First Nations Tr, Vaughan
61 Algonquin Forest Dr, East GwillimburyN440081061 Algonquin Forest Dr, East Gwillimbury
14 N Marilyn Ave, Whitchurch StouffvilleN440085314 N Marilyn Ave, Whitchurch Stouffville
681 Village Pkwy, MarkhamN4400840681 Village Pkwy, Markham
122 Burns Blvd, KingN4400761122 Burns Blvd, King
63 Fishleigh Dr, TorontoE440119363 Fishleigh Dr, Toronto
570 Brookdale Ave, TorontoC4400958570 Brookdale Ave, Toronto
78 Brookview Dr, TorontoC440104778 Brookview Dr, Toronto
167 Coldstream Ave, TorontoC4400794167 Coldstream Ave, Toronto
50 Wimpole Dr, TorontoC440090050 Wimpole Dr, Toronto
36 Austin Terr, TorontoC440114036 Austin Terr, Toronto
241 Dawlish Ave, TorontoC4401016241 Dawlish Ave, Toronto
117 Highland Cres, TorontoC4400975117 Highland Cres, Toronto
2 Bluejay Pl, TorontoC44011382 Bluejay Pl, Toronto
195 Cameron Ave, TorontoC4400812195 Cameron Ave, Toronto
777 Cummer Ave, TorontoC4401227777 Cummer Ave, Toronto
9 Fennings St, TorontoC44010109 Fennings St, Toronto
18 Donwoods Dr, TorontoC440120418 Donwoods Dr, Toronto
32 Kelway Blvd, TorontoC440120832 Kelway Blvd, Toronto
761 Briar Hill Ave, TorontoC4400766761 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto
188 Park Home Ave, TorontoC4400874188 Park Home Ave, Toronto
87 Hudson Dr, TorontoC440014687 Hudson Dr, Toronto
143 Burbank Dr, TorontoC4401153143 Burbank Dr, Toronto
140 Bannatyne Dr, TorontoC4401104140 Bannatyne Dr, Toronto
56 Barrydale Cres, TorontoC440112956 Barrydale Cres, Toronto

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