GTA Listings Aug 19 2019

GTA Homes For Sale August 16th 2019

All the great homes that are currently for sale, as of August 16th 2019, across the GTA. Beautiful homes in great neighbourhoods. Come take a look today.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
1706 Covington Terr, MississaugaW45478751706 Covington Terr, Mississauga
1 De Vere Gdns, TorontoC45457881 De Vere Gdns, Toronto
717 Palmerston Ave, TorontoC4548164717 Palmerston Ave, Toronto
327 Sumach St, TorontoC4548500327 Sumach St, Toronto
2119 Banbury Cres, OakvilleW45485722119 Banbury Cres, Oakville
2714 Victoria Park Ave, TorontoC45473492714 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
62 Ranee Ave, TorontoC454797862 Ranee Ave, Toronto
12 Thimbleweed Ave, MarkhamN454616712 Thimbleweed Ave, Markham
419 Crawford St, TorontoC4545260419 Crawford St, Toronto
274 Conlins Rd, TorontoE4547804274 Conlins Rd, Toronto
39 Oxford St, Richmond HillN454547039 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
308 Cardinal Ave, BurlingtonW4546729308 Cardinal Ave, Burlington
128 Southbrook Cres, MarkhamN4545590128 Southbrook Cres, Markham
507 Hidden Trail Circ, OakvilleW4545271507 Hidden Trail Circ, Oakville
1472 Bancroft Dr, MississaugaW45460221472 Bancroft Dr, Mississauga
14 Valleycrest Dr, KingN454794914 Valleycrest Dr, King
1390 Hollyrood Ave, MississaugaW45483001390 Hollyrood Ave, Mississauga
77 Serano Cres, Richmond HillN454595377 Serano Cres, Richmond Hill
731 Sir Richards Rd, MississaugaW4548079731 Sir Richards Rd, Mississauga
13 Prince Edward Blvd, BramptonW454727913 Prince Edward Blvd, Brampton
503 Thornhill Woods Dr, VaughanN4548696503 Thornhill Woods Dr, Vaughan
131 Princess Margaret Blvd, TorontoW4545962131 Princess Margaret Blvd, Toronto
9 Mayflower Dr, MarkhamN45486149 Mayflower Dr, Markham
4007 Ellesmere Rd, TorontoE45473334007 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto
112 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, BramptonW4546998112 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, Brampton
71 Premium Way, MississaugaW454672271 Premium Way, Mississauga
112 Colesbrook Rd, Richmond HillN4547023112 Colesbrook Rd, Richmond Hill
168 Strachan Ave, TorontoC4545502168 Strachan Ave, Toronto
56 Tollerton Ave, TorontoC454636456 Tollerton Ave, Toronto
92 Riverhill Dr, VaughanN454777092 Riverhill Dr, Vaughan
58 Tamworth Crt, BramptonW454722258 Tamworth Crt, Brampton
1292 Fairmeadow Tr, OakvilleW45470321292 Fairmeadow Tr, Oakville
1264 Kane Rd, MississaugaW45482401264 Kane Rd, Mississauga
58 Mcadam Ave, TorontoW454699458 Mcadam Ave, Toronto
62 Farmstead Rd, Richmond HillN454608062 Farmstead Rd, Richmond Hill
210 Colborne Ave, Richmond HillN4546093210 Colborne Ave, Richmond Hill
3462 Placid Pl, MississaugaW45470223462 Placid Pl, Mississauga
55 Lyonsview Lane, CaledonW454548955 Lyonsview Lane, Caledon
217 Milkweed Way, OakvilleW4547524217 Milkweed Way, Oakville
32 Green Meadow Cres, Richmond HillN454874332 Green Meadow Cres, Richmond Hill
215 Lennox Ave, Richmond HillN4546369215 Lennox Ave, Richmond Hill
326 Connaught Ave, TorontoC4548744326 Connaught Ave, Toronto
4611 Cornerstone Dr, BurlingtonW45487774611 Cornerstone Dr, Burlington
27 Micklefield Ave, WhitbyE454824227 Micklefield Ave, Whitby
63 Barksdale Ave, TorontoC454536263 Barksdale Ave, Toronto
212 Carrington Dr, Richmond HillN4546144212 Carrington Dr, Richmond Hill
60 Ivy Cres, Whitchurch StouffvilleN454796060 Ivy Cres, Whitchurch Stouffville
43 Scarbell Dr, TorontoE454809143 Scarbell Dr, Toronto
2043 Victoria Ave, BurlingtonW45474092043 Victoria Ave, Burlington
59 Via Borghese St, VaughanN454557259 Via Borghese St, Vaughan
119 Ninth St, TorontoW4545325119 Ninth St, Toronto
1 Baynards Lane, Richmond HillN45453561 Baynards Lane, Richmond Hill
4 Alovera St, BramptonW45483424 Alovera St, Brampton
17 Hoake Rd, MarkhamN454693917 Hoake Rd, Markham
51 Victoriaville Rd, BramptonW454683251 Victoriaville Rd, Brampton
299 Hedge Rd, GeorginaN4547229299 Hedge Rd, Georgina
5 Aldenham Cres, TorontoC45481335 Aldenham Cres, Toronto
22 Rockwood Cres, VaughanN454844222 Rockwood Cres, Vaughan
125 Rose Branch Dr, Richmond HillN4547396125 Rose Branch Dr, Richmond Hill
21 Mcphillips Ave, MarkhamN454751921 Mcphillips Ave, Markham
133 Latania Blvd, BramptonW4545378133 Latania Blvd, Brampton
82 Foresta Dr, VaughanN454760082 Foresta Dr, Vaughan
67 Montgomery Rd, TorontoW454771667 Montgomery Rd, Toronto
40 York View Dr, TorontoW454655340 York View Dr, Toronto
6820 Johnson Wagon Cres, MississaugaW45478576820 Johnson Wagon Cres, Mississauga
2405 West Ham Rd, OakvilleW45472492405 West Ham Rd, Oakville
17 Robins Nest Dr, VaughanN454607417 Robins Nest Dr, Vaughan
196 StJoan Of Arc Ave, VaughanN4548396196 StJoan Of Arc Ave, Vaughan
4 Barlow Rd, MarkhamN45480324 Barlow Rd, Markham
3498 Italia Cres, MississaugaW45456983498 Italia Cres, Mississauga
233 Airdrie Rd, TorontoC4547435233 Airdrie Rd, Toronto
58 Haverstock Cres, BramptonW454744058 Haverstock Cres, Brampton
6724 Snow Goose Lane, MississaugaW45481016724 Snow Goose Lane, Mississauga
22 Birch Ave, CaledonW454750022 Birch Ave, Caledon
97 Riverside Dr, TorontoW454587497 Riverside Dr, Toronto
109 Craven Rd, TorontoE4546533109 Craven Rd, Toronto
1106 Notley Cres, OakvilleW45480371106 Notley Cres, Oakville
894 Hampton Cres, MississaugaW4548470894 Hampton Cres, Mississauga
7673 Old Tremaine Rd, MiltonW45484797673 Old Tremaine Rd, Milton
129 Dariole Dr, Richmond HillN4546088129 Dariole Dr, Richmond Hill
30 W Asterwind Cres, BramptonW454858030 W Asterwind Cres, Brampton
14 Trish Dr, Richmond HillN454752214 Trish Dr, Richmond Hill
81 Saskatoon Dr, TorontoW454854581 Saskatoon Dr, Toronto
1608 Hallstone Rd, BramptonW45471321608 Hallstone Rd, Brampton
98 Gallucci Cres, BramptonW454763698 Gallucci Cres, Brampton
17 Ennis Crt, Richmond HillN454543217 Ennis Crt, Richmond Hill
93 E Morgan Ave, MarkhamN454760593 E Morgan Ave, Markham
138 Twin Hills Cres, VaughanN4548255138 Twin Hills Cres, Vaughan
50 Belvia Dr, VaughanN454641150 Belvia Dr, Vaughan
21 Cottonwood Hollow Crt, AuroraN454816121 Cottonwood Hollow Crt, Aurora
390 Willis Dr, OakvilleW4545604390 Willis Dr, Oakville
16 Arborglen Dr, Halton HillsW454659316 Arborglen Dr, Halton Hills
100 Benadir Ave, CaledonW4546370100 Benadir Ave, Caledon
5 Pennard Crt, TorontoC45455295 Pennard Crt, Toronto
1552 Lewes Way, MississaugaW45452961552 Lewes Way, Mississauga
19 Idaho Rd, BramptonW454637419 Idaho Rd, Brampton
49 Sleepy Meadow Dr, CaledonW454771149 Sleepy Meadow Dr, Caledon
54 Victoriaville Rd, BramptonW454733754 Victoriaville Rd, Brampton
47 Concorde Dr, BramptonW454762547 Concorde Dr, Brampton
927 Ingersoll Crt, MississaugaW4547439927 Ingersoll Crt, Mississauga
34 Eaglesprings Cres, BramptonW454654034 Eaglesprings Cres, Brampton
2148 Avalon Crt, OshawaE45480122148 Avalon Crt, Oshawa
17 Jonquil Cres, MarkhamN454561217 Jonquil Cres, Markham
3550 Boag Rd, East GwillimburyN45454143550 Boag Rd, East Gwillimbury
42 Bramble Cres, Whitchurch StouffvilleN454660042 Bramble Cres, Whitchurch Stouffville
7123 Tottington Dr, MississaugaW45472147123 Tottington Dr, Mississauga
1048 Zimmerman Cres, MiltonW45467181048 Zimmerman Cres, Milton
47 Stanton Ave, VaughanN454660947 Stanton Ave, Vaughan
70 Greenbank Dr, Richmond HillN454640470 Greenbank Dr, Richmond Hill
15 Mckee Crt, AuroraN454529515 Mckee Crt, Aurora
2033 Magee Crt, OshawaE45462582033 Magee Crt, Oshawa
74 Thirty Eighth St, TorontoW454612274 Thirty Eighth St, Toronto
4500 N Simcoe St, OshawaE45481364500 N Simcoe St, Oshawa
253 Glancaster Rd, HamiltonX4547436253 Glancaster Rd, Hamilton
184 Gamma St, TorontoW4548415184 Gamma St, Toronto
5387 Sutter Creek Dr Hamilton, TownshipX45457115387 Sutter Creek Dr Hamilton, Township
46 Grove Park Cres, TorontoC454854446 Grove Park Cres, Toronto
9366 Kennedy Rd, MarkhamN45459019366 Kennedy Rd, Markham
24 Farmington Cres, TorontoE454787224 Farmington Cres, Toronto
122 Learmont Ave, CaledonW4546011122 Learmont Ave, Caledon
108 Alpine Cres, Richmond HillN4545575108 Alpine Cres, Richmond Hill
25 Iguana Tr, BramptonW454571725 Iguana Tr, Brampton
88 Lawrence Ave, Richmond HillN454758188 Lawrence Ave, Richmond Hill
1164 Priory Crt, OakvilleW45473161164 Priory Crt, Oakville
71 Paperbark Ave, VaughanN454669671 Paperbark Ave, Vaughan
41 Sturgess Cres, WhitbyE454658641 Sturgess Cres, Whitby
2 Valleyway Cres, VaughanN45483382 Valleyway Cres, Vaughan
27 Monarch Dr, Halton HillsW454778127 Monarch Dr, Halton Hills
70 Wildflower Lane, Halton HillsW454783970 Wildflower Lane, Halton Hills
129 Braidwood Lake Rd, BramptonW4548127129 Braidwood Lake Rd, Brampton
109 Hastings Ave, TorontoE4546858109 Hastings Ave, Toronto
61 Routliffe Lane, TorontoC454577161 Routliffe Lane, Toronto
1082 Shagbark Cres, MississaugaW45476271082 Shagbark Cres, Mississauga
440 Summeridge Dr, VaughanN4546425440 Summeridge Dr, Vaughan
5918 Bassinger Pl, MississaugaW45461335918 Bassinger Pl, Mississauga
24 Taurasi Crt, MarkhamN454527624 Taurasi Crt, Markham
2419 Willowburne Dr, MississaugaW45463822419 Willowburne Dr, Mississauga
168 Southvale Dr, VaughanN4548440168 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
33 Logwood Dr, VaughanN454591733 Logwood Dr, Vaughan
25 Cyprus Glen, East GwillimburyN454745125 Cyprus Glen, East Gwillimbury
25 N Cyprus Glen, East GwillimburyN454748125 N Cyprus Glen, East Gwillimbury
48 Allison Ann Way, VaughanN454795648 Allison Ann Way, Vaughan
29 Monarch Dr, Halton HillsW454779129 Monarch Dr, Halton Hills
16 Stonehouse Crt, MarkhamN454531916 Stonehouse Crt, Markham
247 Tamarac Tr, AuroraN4545882247 Tamarac Tr, Aurora
7056 Baskerville Run St, MississaugaW45467457056 Baskerville Run St, Mississauga
313 Bronte Rd, OakvilleW4548029313 Bronte Rd, Oakville
33 Thornbank Rd, VaughanN454540033 Thornbank Rd, Vaughan
85 E Highland Rd, HamiltonX454570385 E Highland Rd, Hamilton
1539 Watersedge Rd, MississaugaW45474311539 Watersedge Rd, Mississauga
41 Owen Blvd, TorontoC454693341 Owen Blvd, Toronto
88 Edenbridge Dr, TorontoW454601288 Edenbridge Dr, Toronto
1 Proctor Cres, TorontoC45456391 Proctor Cres, Toronto
31 Quail Run Blvd, VaughanN454798431 Quail Run Blvd, Vaughan
1586 Jalna Ave, MississaugaW45473891586 Jalna Ave, Mississauga
179 Lord Seaton Rd, TorontoC4545425179 Lord Seaton Rd, Toronto
365 Hillcrest Ave, TorontoC4546061365 Hillcrest Ave, Toronto
301 Kingscross Dr, KingN4548601301 Kingscross Dr, King
261 Oakhill Rd, MississaugaW4545975261 Oakhill Rd, Mississauga
141 Gordon Rd, TorontoC4546559141 Gordon Rd, Toronto
100 Sandringham Dr, TorontoC4546117100 Sandringham Dr, Toronto
29 Hopperton Dr, TorontoC454748829 Hopperton Dr, Toronto
16481 Highway 48 Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN454612816481 Highway 48 Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
401 E 7th Conc Rd, HamiltonX4546630401 E 7th Conc Rd, Hamilton
74 Thorncrest Rd, TorontoW454789274 Thorncrest Rd, Toronto
20 Fairfield Dr, KingN454567020 Fairfield Dr, King
1571 Douglas Dr, MississaugaW45453171571 Douglas Dr, Mississauga
508 Morrison Rd, OakvilleW4545286508 Morrison Rd, Oakville
288 Sandwell Dr, OakvilleW4547332288 Sandwell Dr, Oakville
146 Northwood Dr, TorontoC4545811146 Northwood Dr, Toronto
30 Hedgewood Rd, TorontoC454632530 Hedgewood Rd, Toronto
17 Aldershot Cres, TorontoC454770017 Aldershot Cres, Toronto
933 Highway 8, HamiltonX4547878933 Highway 8, Hamilton
56 Noble St, MarkhamN454632056 Noble St, Markham
3 Cowley Ave, TorontoW45462793 Cowley Ave, Toronto
82 Marmion Ave, TorontoC454830282 Marmion Ave, Toronto
140 Citation Dr, TorontoC4546422140 Citation Dr, Toronto
12 Menin Rd, TorontoC454695612 Menin Rd, Toronto
267 Parkview Ave, TorontoC4547863267 Parkview Ave, Toronto
5 Elmsthorpe Ave, TorontoC45463935 Elmsthorpe Ave, Toronto
48 Altamont Rd, TorontoC454706748 Altamont Rd, Toronto
12 Chipstead Rd, TorontoC454539512 Chipstead Rd, Toronto
169 Rushworth Cres, VaughanN4547861169 Rushworth Cres, Vaughan
119 Richmond Rd, OakvilleW4548557119 Richmond Rd, Oakville
5307 Hilton Crt, MississaugaW45484605307 Hilton Crt, Mississauga
61 Princeton Rd, TorontoW454618461 Princeton Rd, Toronto
8 Harlington Rd, TorontoC45463528 Harlington Rd, Toronto
28 Steeplechase Ave, AuroraN454571528 Steeplechase Ave, Aurora
147 Laurentian Blvd, VaughanN4548453147 Laurentian Blvd, Vaughan
91 Empress Ave, TorontoC454758391 Empress Ave, Toronto
4472 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW45466804472 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
318 Maple Grove Ave, MississaugaW4548496318 Maple Grove Ave, Mississauga
1284 Lindburgh Crt, MississaugaW45473231284 Lindburgh Crt, Mississauga
80 Hailsham Crt, VaughanN454762680 Hailsham Crt, Vaughan
48 Rockingham Dr, TorontoW454674848 Rockingham Dr, Toronto
5 Euclid Pl, TorontoC45456975 Euclid Pl, Toronto
16112 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN454722716112 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
32 Highgate Rd, TorontoW454676932 Highgate Rd, Toronto
212 Moore Ave, TorontoC4546035212 Moore Ave, Toronto
19 Ryder Rd, VaughanN454585019 Ryder Rd, Vaughan
1964 Lapad Crt, MississaugaW45482741964 Lapad Crt, Mississauga
23 Hunters Glen Rd, AuroraN454554523 Hunters Glen Rd, Aurora
12 Shasta Dr, VaughanN454708612 Shasta Dr, Vaughan
6055 Coolihans Sdrd, CaledonW45459286055 Coolihans Sdrd, Caledon
15 Rolling Green Crt, VaughanN454866115 Rolling Green Crt, Vaughan
175 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4546874175 Windermere Ave, Toronto
271 Torrey Pines Rd, VaughanN4548577271 Torrey Pines Rd, Vaughan
114 Rodeo Dr, VaughanN4546276114 Rodeo Dr, Vaughan
5420 Kirby Rd, VaughanN45467135420 Kirby Rd, Vaughan
9 Buller Ave, TorontoE45465429 Buller Ave, Toronto
1325 Sheldon Ave, OakvilleW45476341325 Sheldon Ave, Oakville
2541 Kate Common, OakvilleW45483922541 Kate Common, Oakville
52 Montreal St, Whitchurch StouffvilleN454526252 Montreal St, Whitchurch Stouffville
32 Silvergrove Rd, TorontoC454606732 Silvergrove Rd, Toronto
4 Hillholm Blvd, Richmond HillN45460084 Hillholm Blvd, Richmond Hill
75 Sutcliffe Cres, MarkhamN454537075 Sutcliffe Cres, Markham
35 Little Natalie Crt, VaughanN454809735 Little Natalie Crt, Vaughan
29 Ritter Cres, MarkhamN454794129 Ritter Cres, Markham
1195 Milna Dr, OakvilleW45464151195 Milna Dr, Oakville
1277 Contour Dr, MississaugaW45473341277 Contour Dr, Mississauga
80 Woodgreen Dr, VaughanN454805380 Woodgreen Dr, Vaughan
24 Amaranth Crt, Richmond HillN454696924 Amaranth Crt, Richmond Hill
65 Beckenridge Dr, MarkhamN454648565 Beckenridge Dr, Markham
36 Yorkleigh Ave, TorontoW454807436 Yorkleigh Ave, Toronto
31 Clyde Crt, ScugogE454733931 Clyde Crt, Scugog
311 Main St, MarkhamN4545563311 Main St, Markham
45 Gallant Pl, VaughanN454664445 Gallant Pl, Vaughan
251 Treelawn Blvd, VaughanN4547405251 Treelawn Blvd, Vaughan
7 Derwyn Rd, TorontoE45460637 Derwyn Rd, Toronto
2339 Millstone Dr, OakvilleW45461592339 Millstone Dr, Oakville
51 Springbrook Dr, Richmond HillN454565451 Springbrook Dr, Richmond Hill
440 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4545256440 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
1330 Kestell Blvd, OakvilleW45475651330 Kestell Blvd, Oakville
578 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC4546417578 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
28 Aileen Rd, MarkhamN454611928 Aileen Rd, Markham
8 Lois Faye Crt, Richmond HillN45478448 Lois Faye Crt, Richmond Hill
991 Vanier Dr, MississaugaW4548631991 Vanier Dr, Mississauga
101 Heintzman Cres, VaughanN4546013101 Heintzman Cres, Vaughan
177 Boardwalk Dr, TorontoE4548277177 Boardwalk Dr, Toronto
449 Guildwood Pkwy, TorontoE4547403449 Guildwood Pkwy, Toronto
2 Little Hannah Lane, VaughanN45476982 Little Hannah Lane, Vaughan
185 Cottonwood Dr, TorontoC4546808185 Cottonwood Dr, Toronto
76 E Caribou Rd, TorontoC454710176 E Caribou Rd, Toronto
66 Pringle Ave, MarkhamN454831866 Pringle Ave, Markham
47 Burnhamthorpe Park Blvd, TorontoW454709547 Burnhamthorpe Park Blvd, Toronto
2 Walder Ave, TorontoC45482302 Walder Ave, Toronto
10 Macmurchy Ave, KingN454670810 Macmurchy Ave, King
981 Cresthampton Lane, MississaugaW4548547981 Cresthampton Lane, Mississauga
181 Glenview Dr, MississaugaW4546124181 Glenview Dr, Mississauga
19 Mcdairmid Rd, TorontoE454644119 Mcdairmid Rd, Toronto
16 Lucio Ave, MarkhamN454662216 Lucio Ave, Markham
9 Vanvalley Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN45460519 Vanvalley Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
396 Ellen Davidson Dr, OakvilleW4548639396 Ellen Davidson Dr, Oakville
45 Adaskin Ave, VaughanN454689945 Adaskin Ave, Vaughan
55 Ironbark Crt, VaughanN454550055 Ironbark Crt, Vaughan
2 Aitken Circ, MarkhamN45465632 Aitken Circ, Markham
12 Verclaire Gate, MarkhamN454741612 Verclaire Gate, Markham
1059 Dufferin St, TorontoW45471741059 Dufferin St, Toronto
2040 Stonehouse Cres, MississaugaW45485812040 Stonehouse Cres, Mississauga
74 Ravine Edge Dr, Richmond HillN454649974 Ravine Edge Dr, Richmond Hill
34 Princeton Ave, Richmond HillN454616534 Princeton Ave, Richmond Hill
73 Coons Rd, Richmond HillN454667773 Coons Rd, Richmond Hill
12221 Winston Churchill Blvd, CaledonW454689212221 Winston Churchill Blvd, Caledon
942 Stonehaven Ave, NewmarketN4546381942 Stonehaven Ave, Newmarket
16 Edgecombe Crt, MarkhamN454691516 Edgecombe Crt, Markham
2321 Canonridge Circ, OakvilleW45473502321 Canonridge Circ, Oakville
114 Fairholme Ave, TorontoC4545828114 Fairholme Ave, Toronto
49 Brittany Cres, MarkhamN454579749 Brittany Cres, Markham
224 Valleyview Crt, OakvilleW4548456224 Valleyview Crt, Oakville
38 Anndale Dr, TorontoC454755638 Anndale Dr, Toronto
2 Callahan Rd, MarkhamN45474892 Callahan Rd, Markham
4000 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW45477534000 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
129 Franklin Ave, VaughanN4547130129 Franklin Ave, Vaughan
203 Willow Farm Lane, AuroraN4547015203 Willow Farm Lane, Aurora
48 Pheasant Dr, Richmond HillN454529148 Pheasant Dr, Richmond Hill
2353 Tesla Cres, OakvilleW45476992353 Tesla Cres, Oakville
4031 Ellesmere Rd, TorontoE45483914031 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto
22 Ravinder Crt, BramptonW454749222 Ravinder Crt, Brampton
15 Sir Frederick Ban Way, MarkhamN454830415 Sir Frederick Ban Way, Markham
277 Concord Ave, TorontoC4546426277 Concord Ave, Toronto
1220 Bellview St, BurlingtonW45481991220 Bellview St, Burlington
1363 Wendigo Tr, MississaugaW45484631363 Wendigo Tr, Mississauga
88 Puccini Dr, Richmond HillN454779088 Puccini Dr, Richmond Hill
14 Woodheath Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN454696014 Woodheath Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
40 Berkinshaw Cres, TorontoC454777440 Berkinshaw Cres, Toronto
82 Burton Grve, KingN454647582 Burton Grve, King
18557 Woodbine Ave, East GwillimburyN454699918557 Woodbine Ave, East Gwillimbury
58 Viewmount Cres, BramptonW454620958 Viewmount Cres, Brampton
79 Leameadow Rd, VaughanN454668979 Leameadow Rd, Vaughan
41 James Joyce Dr, MarkhamN454777941 James Joyce Dr, Markham
41 Sim Hill Cres, KingN454825941 Sim Hill Cres, King
310 Merton St, TorontoC4547856310 Merton St, Toronto
1294 Woodgrove Pl, OakvilleW45467941294 Woodgrove Pl, Oakville
128 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond HillN4546768128 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond Hill
1405 Lorne Park Rd 110, MississaugaW45469721405 Lorne Park Rd 110, Mississauga

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