GTA Listings Aug 6 2019

GTA Homes For Sale - Aug. 6th 2019

Great homes for sale throughout the GTA that you're not going to want to miss out on. If you're in the hunt for a new home, this is the place to look. We've compiled all of the top homes for sale right here.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
52 Fairway Heights Dr, MarkhamN453731652 Fairway Heights Dr, Markham
108 Bayview Ridge Rdge, TorontoC4537670108 Bayview Ridge Rdge, Toronto
29 31 Jeremy Dr, MarkhamN453668729 31 Jeremy Dr, Markham
10 Doncrest Dr, MarkhamN453723510 Doncrest Dr, Markham
15 Eureka St, MarkhamN453726615 Eureka St, Markham
12 Eckardt Ave, MarkhamN453617912 Eckardt Ave, Markham
29 Blencathra Hill, MarkhamN453620629 Blencathra Hill, Markham
5010 14th Ave, MarkhamN45374795010 14th Ave, Markham
50 Elmers Lane, KingN453634950 Elmers Lane, King
16 James Morning Crt, KingN453622916 James Morning Crt, King
276 Dovercourt Rd, TorontoC4537385276 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
35 Thirty Eighth St, TorontoW453721735 Thirty Eighth St, Toronto
355 Woodland Acres Cres, VaughanN4537659355 Woodland Acres Cres, Vaughan
100 Stokes Tr, MiltonW4536386100 Stokes Tr, Milton
71 Baldry Ave, VaughanN453631971 Baldry Ave, Vaughan
288 Empress Ave, TorontoC4536466288 Empress Ave, Toronto
55 Welland Ave, TorontoC453775255 Welland Ave, Toronto
33 Horizon Crt, Richmond HillN453771533 Horizon Crt, Richmond Hill
8660 Concession 4 Rd, UxbridgeN45369788660 Concession 4 Rd, Uxbridge
30 Park Lane, ClaringtonE453777530 Park Lane, Clarington
9 Ria Crt, KingN45364349 Ria Crt, King
245 Sylvadene Pkwy, VaughanN4537578245 Sylvadene Pkwy, Vaughan
1 Diana Dr, KingN45362071 Diana Dr, King
35 Yeomans Rd, TorontoC453619035 Yeomans Rd, Toronto
269 Lee Ave, TorontoE4537702269 Lee Ave, Toronto
29 Thirty Eighth St, TorontoW453768129 Thirty Eighth St, Toronto
466 Maple Grove Dr, OakvilleW4537282466 Maple Grove Dr, Oakville
10 Malone Rd, GeorginaN453635610 Malone Rd, Georgina
35 Kingswood Rd, OakvilleW453639035 Kingswood Rd, Oakville
14420 32 Side Rd, Halton HillsW453698414420 32 Side Rd, Halton Hills
26 Ingleview Dr, CaledonW453631826 Ingleview Dr, Caledon
380 Ashbury Rd, OakvilleW4537253380 Ashbury Rd, Oakville
829 S Clarkson Rd, MississaugaW4536579829 S Clarkson Rd, Mississauga
236 Delta St, TorontoW4537688236 Delta St, Toronto
82 Royal Palm Dr, VaughanN453630882 Royal Palm Dr, Vaughan
1869 Boston Mills Rd, CaledonW45362861869 Boston Mills Rd, Caledon
35 Lester Ave, TorontoW453611835 Lester Ave, Toronto
53 Duborg Dr, MarkhamN453772253 Duborg Dr, Markham
12830 Heart Lake Rd, CaledonW453773712830 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon
6 Snowcrest Ave, TorontoC45366926 Snowcrest Ave, Toronto
113 Timna Cres, VaughanN4536797113 Timna Cres, Vaughan
8 Butterfield Dr, TorontoC45377608 Butterfield Dr, Toronto
1304 Military Tr, TorontoE45376561304 Military Tr, Toronto
1484 Tanner Crt, OakvilleW45371691484 Tanner Crt, Oakville
11 Robinter Dr, TorontoC453713011 Robinter Dr, Toronto
1869 Sara St, MississaugaW45369831869 Sara St, Mississauga
5457 Oscar Peterson Blvd, MississaugaW45366295457 Oscar Peterson Blvd, Mississauga
1080 Edgeleigh Ave, MississaugaW45376231080 Edgeleigh Ave, Mississauga
50 Interlacken Dr, BramptonW453691550 Interlacken Dr, Brampton
175 Old Surrey Lane, Richmond HillN4536249175 Old Surrey Lane, Richmond Hill
38 Willow Farm Lane, AuroraN453657338 Willow Farm Lane, Aurora
22 Mockingbird Dr, Richmond HillN453720322 Mockingbird Dr, Richmond Hill
29 Subrisco Ave, Richmond HillN453686229 Subrisco Ave, Richmond Hill
2001 Rosemount Cres, OakvilleW45367462001 Rosemount Cres, Oakville
64 Queensbridge Dr, VaughanN453704364 Queensbridge Dr, Vaughan
16 Mallory Ave, MarkhamN453661316 Mallory Ave, Markham
242 Fletcher Dr, VaughanN4536979242 Fletcher Dr, Vaughan
150 Coppard Ave, MarkhamN4537739150 Coppard Ave, Markham
8 Poplar Dr, Richmond HillN45377168 Poplar Dr, Richmond Hill
67 Menotti Dr, Richmond HillN453696567 Menotti Dr, Richmond Hill
27 Glenhaven St, MarkhamN453663427 Glenhaven St, Markham
31 Edinburgh Dr, Richmond HillN453730231 Edinburgh Dr, Richmond Hill
29 Valleyridge Cres, BramptonW453704229 Valleyridge Cres, Brampton
82 Goswell Rd, TorontoW453659182 Goswell Rd, Toronto
25 Conistan Rd, MarkhamN453681725 Conistan Rd, Markham
22 Morland Cres, AuroraN453755022 Morland Cres, Aurora
2787 Embleton Rd, BramptonW45374472787 Embleton Rd, Brampton
3 Avatar Cres, BramptonW45365533 Avatar Cres, Brampton
104 Headwater Cres, Richmond HillN4537705104 Headwater Cres, Richmond Hill
62 Columbine Ave, TorontoE453759362 Columbine Ave, Toronto
272 Mingay Ave, MarkhamN4536669272 Mingay Ave, Markham
263 Hidden Tr, TorontoC4536314263 Hidden Tr, Toronto
3307 Folkway Dr, BurlingtonW45364193307 Folkway Dr, Burlington
29 Tefley Rd, TorontoC453617529 Tefley Rd, Toronto
1243 Greenwood Cres, OakvilleW45363171243 Greenwood Cres, Oakville
99 Dorset Rd, TorontoE453741799 Dorset Rd, Toronto
5 N Falkland Rd, BramptonW45369885 N Falkland Rd, Brampton
12 Dolan Lane, Richmond HillN453731112 Dolan Lane, Richmond Hill
6511 Healey Rd, CaledonW45374076511 Healey Rd, Caledon
11 Sydnor Rd, TorontoC453619111 Sydnor Rd, Toronto
39 Barker Ave, TorontoW453656939 Barker Ave, Toronto
99 Conklin Cres, AuroraN453748199 Conklin Cres, Aurora
84 Brooklawn Ave, TorontoE453613084 Brooklawn Ave, Toronto
26419 Woodbine Ave, GeorginaN453773626419 Woodbine Ave, Georgina
47 Irvington Cres, TorontoC453769847 Irvington Cres, Toronto
315 Golden Orchard Rd, VaughanN4537293315 Golden Orchard Rd, Vaughan
3220 N Harmony Rd, OshawaE45371433220 N Harmony Rd, Oshawa
339 Assiniboine Rd, TorontoW4537661339 Assiniboine Rd, Toronto
12609 Kennedy Rd, CaledonW453743312609 Kennedy Rd, Caledon
1290 E Dundas St, TorontoE45373221290 E Dundas St, Toronto
57 Marsh Rd, TorontoE453616557 Marsh Rd, Toronto
22 Howland Cres, BramptonW453737322 Howland Cres, Brampton
786 Gladstone Ave, TorontoW4536722786 Gladstone Ave, Toronto
1452 W Westbury Ave, BurlingtonW45370981452 W Westbury Ave, Burlington
14 Edgecroft Rd, TorontoW453655414 Edgecroft Rd, Toronto
15 Brackenwood Ave, Richmond HillN453760215 Brackenwood Ave, Richmond Hill
79 Bethany Leigh Dr, TorontoE453586679 Bethany Leigh Dr, Toronto
1074 Dupont St, TorontoW45372131074 Dupont St, Toronto
2102 Teeside Crt, MississaugaW45370872102 Teeside Crt, Mississauga
3861 Brinwood Gate, MississaugaW45367573861 Brinwood Gate, Mississauga
12 Promenade Dr, WhitbyE453745712 Promenade Dr, Whitby
92 Anchusa Dr, Richmond HillN453750792 Anchusa Dr, Richmond Hill
8 West Deane Park Dr, TorontoW45372558 West Deane Park Dr, Toronto
24 Brule Lakeway Rd, GeorginaN453662124 Brule Lakeway Rd, Georgina
80 Neville Cres, BramptonW453739480 Neville Cres, Brampton
2491 Parkglen Ave, OakvilleW45363342491 Parkglen Ave, Oakville

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