GTA Listings Dec 11 2018

Top GTA Listings for Dec 11th 2018

We've scoured the listings for across the GTA to come up with these: your top listings as of today, December 11th, 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
3248 The Collegeway Way, MississaugaW43194613248 The Collegeway Way, Mississauga
202 Wineva Ave, TorontoE4318962202 Wineva Ave, Toronto
39 Simpson Ave, TorontoE431990739 Simpson Ave, Toronto
142 Stormont Tr, VaughanN4320161142 Stormont Tr, Vaughan
1507 Oxford Ave, OakvilleW43195811507 Oxford Ave, Oakville
53 Yorkdale Cres, TorontoW431991653 Yorkdale Cres, Toronto
23 Lena Dr, Richmond HillN432009523 Lena Dr, Richmond Hill
3095 Daniel Way, OakvilleW43188783095 Daniel Way, Oakville
1285 Old Bridle Path, OakvilleW43194131285 Old Bridle Path, Oakville
224 Rebecca St, OakvilleW4320124224 Rebecca St, Oakville
2182 Heathcliff Crt, OakvilleW43187542182 Heathcliff Crt, Oakville
263 Hidden Tr, TorontoC4320326263 Hidden Tr, Toronto
60 Greenan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN431890960 Greenan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
1136 Streambank Dr, MississaugaW43202561136 Streambank Dr, Mississauga
25 Allview Cres, TorontoC431886125 Allview Cres, Toronto
39 Neelands Cres, TorontoE431967339 Neelands Cres, Toronto
16 Pagnello Crt, MarkhamN431932016 Pagnello Crt, Markham
202 North Park Blvd, OakvilleW4318640202 North Park Blvd, Oakville
3950 E Highway 7, MarkhamN43191073950 E Highway 7, Markham
39 Starkweather St, AuroraN431854939 Starkweather St, Aurora
28 Resolution Cres, TorontoC431972228 Resolution Cres, Toronto
36 Church St, VaughanN431929636 Church St, Vaughan
11 Pickett Cres, Richmond HillN431973911 Pickett Cres, Richmond Hill
71 Busch Ave, MarkhamN431865971 Busch Ave, Markham
2361 Kwinter Rd, OakvilleW43203032361 Kwinter Rd, Oakville
39 Florence St Th31, TorontoC432002839 Florence St Th31, Toronto
91 Applefield Dr, TorontoE432028991 Applefield Dr, Toronto
142 Via Toscana, VaughanN4320194142 Via Toscana, Vaughan
462 Nautical Blvd, OakvilleW4318974462 Nautical Blvd, Oakville
3020 Victory Cres, MississaugaW43190873020 Victory Cres, Mississauga
36 Miles Rd, TorontoW431892836 Miles Rd, Toronto
966 Southfork Dr, MississaugaW4319985966 Southfork Dr, Mississauga
86 Mackenzie Cres, TorontoC432029086 Mackenzie Cres, Toronto
1989 Vivian Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43201971989 Vivian Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
492 Pleasant Ridge Ave, VaughanN4319197492 Pleasant Ridge Ave, Vaughan
88 South Belair Dr, VaughanN431891188 South Belair Dr, Vaughan
395 Strathmore Blvd, TorontoE4318887395 Strathmore Blvd, Toronto
Lot 167 Belmore Court Ave, MiltonW4318777Lot 167 Belmore Court Ave, Milton
25 Tiger Lily St, Richmond HillN431971825 Tiger Lily St, Richmond Hill
8 Jasmine Ave, TorontoW43198078 Jasmine Ave, Toronto
2311 Stillmeadow Rd, OakvilleW43185292311 Stillmeadow Rd, Oakville
1230 Highway 7A Rd, ScugogE43186151230 Highway 7A Rd, Scugog
67 Home Rd, TorontoW431912867 Home Rd, Toronto
39 Fairservice Dr, BramptonW431624439 Fairservice Dr, Brampton
93 Kings Park Blvd, TorontoE431963493 Kings Park Blvd, Toronto
1 Featherwood Dr, VaughanN43185511 Featherwood Dr, Vaughan
33 Harold Lawrie Lane, MarkhamN431997433 Harold Lawrie Lane, Markham
252 Belmore Crt, MiltonW4320310252 Belmore Crt, Milton
142 Planter Cres, VaughanN4318583142 Planter Cres, Vaughan
1085 E Deta Dr, MississaugaW43188021085 E Deta Dr, Mississauga
54 Yarmouth St, BramptonW431864154 Yarmouth St, Brampton
17 Bri Way, KingN431864417 Bri Way, King
1310 Kilmaurs Ave, OshawaE43188841310 Kilmaurs Ave, Oshawa
1423 Aldergrove Crt, OshawaE43202711423 Aldergrove Crt, Oshawa
115 Brooklawn Ave, TorontoE4319146115 Brooklawn Ave, Toronto
41 Owen Blvd, TorontoC431881341 Owen Blvd, Toronto
21 Vernham Crt, TorontoC431988521 Vernham Crt, Toronto
14 Heathbridge Park, TorontoC431904314 Heathbridge Park, Toronto
136 Sutherland Dr, TorontoC4320048136 Sutherland Dr, Toronto
777 Spadina Rd, TorontoC4278578777 Spadina Rd, Toronto
9575 Keele St, VaughanN43186369575 Keele St, Vaughan
8 Liebeck Cres, MarkhamN43196098 Liebeck Cres, Markham
77 Charles St, VaughanN426145377 Charles St, Vaughan
1165 Garden Rd, MississaugaW43190741165 Garden Rd, Mississauga
164 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4318825164 Holmes Ave, Toronto
179 Alfred Ave, TorontoC4318587179 Alfred Ave, Toronto
13280 7th Concession Sdrd, KingN432017313280 7th Concession Sdrd, King
7 Ria Crt, KingN43108187 Ria Crt, King
175 The Kingsway Ave, TorontoW4319047175 The Kingsway Ave, Toronto
8 Balding Crt, TorontoC43197978 Balding Crt, Toronto
20 Natural Terr, BramptonW431936720 Natural Terr, Brampton
3729 Lakeshore Rd, ClaringtonE43201833729 Lakeshore Rd, Clarington
30 Barrydale Cres, TorontoC431890430 Barrydale Cres, Toronto
72 Equestrian Dr, AuroraN431932672 Equestrian Dr, Aurora
380 Ashbury Rd, OakvilleW4319455380 Ashbury Rd, Oakville
1526 Kenmuir Ave, MississaugaW42869231526 Kenmuir Ave, Mississauga
40 Ruden Cres, TorontoC431985740 Ruden Cres, Toronto
29 Thirty Eighth St, TorontoW431907329 Thirty Eighth St, Toronto
20 Annsleywood Crt, VaughanN432016320 Annsleywood Crt, Vaughan
1139 Summerlea St, OakvilleW43191561139 Summerlea St, Oakville
83 Stormont Ave, TorontoC431886583 Stormont Ave, Toronto
11 Nosson Pl, VaughanN426061411 Nosson Pl, Vaughan
10 Ridgepoint Rd, VaughanN431893110 Ridgepoint Rd, Vaughan
222 Olive Ave, TorontoC4318965222 Olive Ave, Toronto
10B Albert St, MarkhamN431870010B Albert St, Markham
10A Albert St, MarkhamN431865110A Albert St, Markham
87 Elm Grove Ave, Richmond HillN431870387 Elm Grove Ave, Richmond Hill
37 Tayok Dr, VaughanN431908937 Tayok Dr, Vaughan
485 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4319781485 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
21 Giardina Cres, Richmond HillN431872621 Giardina Cres, Richmond Hill
666 Beresford Ave, TorontoW4318543666 Beresford Ave, Toronto
103 Marc Santi Blvd, VaughanN4319664103 Marc Santi Blvd, Vaughan
7 Westlea Ave, Richmond HillN41776297 Westlea Ave, Richmond Hill
12 Robbie Ave, TorontoC431973012 Robbie Ave, Toronto
13131 Keele St, KingN432014913131 Keele St, King
3050 Purdy Dr, MiltonW43201913050 Purdy Dr, Milton
72 Oak Ave, Richmond HillN431926572 Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
23 Arrowstook Rd, TorontoC431994123 Arrowstook Rd, Toronto
48 Gesher Cres, VaughanN431892048 Gesher Cres, Vaughan
45 Valhalla Blvd, TorontoE431908845 Valhalla Blvd, Toronto
77 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond HillN432000577 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond Hill
39 Munsie Dr, KingN431951239 Munsie Dr, King
6520 Shiloh Rd, ClaringtonE43197146520 Shiloh Rd, Clarington
136 Willowbrook Rd, MarkhamN4320253136 Willowbrook Rd, Markham
17879 Regional Rd 50 Rd, CaledonW432024517879 Regional Rd 50 Rd, Caledon
1520 Edencrest Dr, MississaugaW43186191520 Edencrest Dr, Mississauga
1571 19th Ave, Richmond HillN43201861571 19th Ave, Richmond Hill
4024 E Highway 7 Rd, MarkhamN43199924024 E Highway 7 Rd, Markham

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