GTA Listings Dec 21 2018

GTA Listings - Dec 21 2018.

Street and TownMLS CodeLink
43 Cardish St, VaughanN432445643 Cardish St, Vaughan
233 Silver Birch Ave, TorontoE4324158233 Silver Birch Ave, Toronto
115 Doris Ave, TorontoC4324103115 Doris Ave, Toronto
8372 Islington Ave, VaughanN43252138372 Islington Ave, Vaughan
15680 Centreville Creek Rd, CaledonW432424115680 Centreville Creek Rd, Caledon
211 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN4324503211 Grandview Ave, Markham
67 Addington Sq, MarkhamN432510467 Addington Sq, Markham
35 Broadview Ave B, MississaugaW432449335 Broadview Ave B, Mississauga
28B Twenty First St, TorontoW432457428B Twenty First St, Toronto
232 Conti Cres, VaughanN4324999232 Conti Cres, Vaughan
134 Emery Hill Blvd, MarkhamN4325024134 Emery Hill Blvd, Markham
20 Freeman St, TorontoE432428220 Freeman St, Toronto
4 Quincy Cres, TorontoC43245294 Quincy Cres, Toronto
34 Crimson Crt, Richmond HillN432530634 Crimson Crt, Richmond Hill
1102 Avenue Rd, TorontoC43251951102 Avenue Rd, Toronto
5 N Harley Dr, VaughanN43242875 N Harley Dr, Vaughan
7685 Leskard Rd, ClaringtonE43248237685 Leskard Rd, Clarington
29 Carl Finlay Dr, BramptonW432419229 Carl Finlay Dr, Brampton
360 John St Lot 90, MarkhamN4324242360 John St Lot 90, Markham
106 Sharpe St, TorontoE4324773106 Sharpe St, Toronto
3278 Weatherford Rd, MississaugaW43250143278 Weatherford Rd, Mississauga
10 Monarchdale Ave, TorontoW432427610 Monarchdale Ave, Toronto
5 Heatherbank Tr, TorontoE43251695 Heatherbank Tr, Toronto
102 Nairn Ave, TorontoW4324101102 Nairn Ave, Toronto
23 Glenburn Ave, TorontoE432411423 Glenburn Ave, Toronto
1722 Rowntree Crt, MississaugaW43250061722 Rowntree Crt, Mississauga
125 Chapel Park Sq, TorontoE4324936125 Chapel Park Sq, Toronto
60 Observatory Cres, BramptonW432479360 Observatory Cres, Brampton
156 Allegro Dr, BramptonW4324542156 Allegro Dr, Brampton
1 Sheffer Terr, TorontoW43242751 Sheffer Terr, Toronto
299 Southview Rd, OakvilleW4325339299 Southview Rd, Oakville
2991 Wellesley Dr, MississaugaW43239762991 Wellesley Dr, Mississauga
2174 Nightingale Way, OakvilleW43247952174 Nightingale Way, Oakville
18A Westmount Park Rd, TorontoW432443318A Westmount Park Rd, Toronto
84 Citation Dr, TorontoC432477184 Citation Dr, Toronto
18 Viamede Cres, TorontoC432396918 Viamede Cres, Toronto
91 Lyndhurst Ave, TorontoC432480891 Lyndhurst Ave, Toronto
81 Wimbleton Rd, TorontoW431135181 Wimbleton Rd, Toronto
1 Trumpour Crt, MarkhamN43242911 Trumpour Crt, Markham
55 Pomander Rd, MarkhamN432432755 Pomander Rd, Markham
195 Wedgewood Dr, TorontoC4323577195 Wedgewood Dr, Toronto
34 W Oak Ave, Richmond HillN432497434 W Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
29 Glenbourne Park Dr, MarkhamN432488929 Glenbourne Park Dr, Markham
152 Carmichael Cres, KingN4325304152 Carmichael Cres, King
92 N Upper Canada Dr, TorontoC432489992 N Upper Canada Dr, Toronto
69 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond HillN432399169 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond Hill
9 Calderon Cres, TorontoC43246499 Calderon Cres, Toronto
180 Mateo Pl, MississaugaW4324176180 Mateo Pl, Mississauga
37 Hurst Ave, VaughanN432411137 Hurst Ave, Vaughan
24 Carling Rd, VaughanN432432624 Carling Rd, Vaughan
51 Horse Rake Rd, VaughanN432405451 Horse Rake Rd, Vaughan
189 Mateo Pl, MississaugaW4324125189 Mateo Pl, Mississauga
2308 North Ridge Tr, OakvilleW43244292308 North Ridge Tr, Oakville
2431 Taylorwood Dr, OakvilleW43240002431 Taylorwood Dr, Oakville
18 Love Crt, Richmond HillN432489318 Love Crt, Richmond Hill
1 Kenbridge Way, VaughanN43241411 Kenbridge Way, Vaughan
14061 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN432507414061 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
57 Petman Ave, TorontoC432457357 Petman Ave, Toronto
78 North Park Blvd, OakvilleW432478378 North Park Blvd, Oakville
12 Darwin Crt, Richmond HillN432518812 Darwin Crt, Richmond Hill
123 Regatta Ave, Richmond HillN4324810123 Regatta Ave, Richmond Hill
104 E Finch Ave, TorontoC4325234104 E Finch Ave, Toronto
3156 Stocksbridge Ave, OakvilleW43247813156 Stocksbridge Ave, Oakville
23 Wellman Dr Lot 21, Richmond HillN432452423 Wellman Dr Lot 21, Richmond Hill
566 Sherbourne St, TorontoC4325003566 Sherbourne St, Toronto
122 Stormont Tr, VaughanN4325230122 Stormont Tr, Vaughan
16 Twenty Fifth St, TorontoW432480616 Twenty Fifth St, Toronto
49 Heathview Ave, TorontoC432437649 Heathview Ave, Toronto
Top December listings for across the GTA as of Dec. 21st. Come check them out while they're still here!

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