GTA Listings Dec 4 2018

GTA Listings - Dec 4 2018.

Listings for all of the GTA as of December 4th 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
15 Madison Ave, Richmond HillN431549915 Madison Ave, Richmond Hill
214 Park Lawn Rd, TorontoW4316114214 Park Lawn Rd, Toronto
48 Garland Cres, Richmond HillN431496448 Garland Cres, Richmond Hill
36 Touraine Dr, MarkhamN431616036 Touraine Dr, Markham
3 Grayfield Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43140873 Grayfield Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
38 Hesperus Rd, VaughanN431521238 Hesperus Rd, Vaughan
91 Gordon Randle Dr, BramptonW431535991 Gordon Randle Dr, Brampton
5 Corduroy Rd, MarkhamN43150025 Corduroy Rd, Markham
9 Sirocco Dr, TorontoC43144779 Sirocco Dr, Toronto
341 Castlemore Ave, MarkhamN4314733341 Castlemore Ave, Markham
15 Blackforest Dr, Richmond HillN431427715 Blackforest Dr, Richmond Hill
1505 Day Terr, MiltonW43159001505 Day Terr, Milton
250 Lippincott St, TorontoC4315481250 Lippincott St, Toronto
37 South Kingslea Dr, TorontoW431541337 South Kingslea Dr, Toronto
208 Lake Promenade, TorontoW4315491208 Lake Promenade, Toronto
52 Colvin Cres, VaughanN431588152 Colvin Cres, Vaughan
180 Southview Dr, VaughanN4314769180 Southview Dr, Vaughan
308 Carrier Cres, VaughanN4314548308 Carrier Cres, Vaughan
28 Via Avellino Rd, VaughanN431593628 Via Avellino Rd, Vaughan
396 Oak St, NewmarketN4315376396 Oak St, Newmarket
848 Norwick Rd, NewmarketN4314794848 Norwick Rd, Newmarket
41 Joshua Crt, VaughanN431608641 Joshua Crt, Vaughan
175 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond HillN4313937175 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond Hill
39 Devonshire Ave, MarkhamN431609939 Devonshire Ave, Markham
192 Stark Cres, VaughanN4314825192 Stark Cres, Vaughan
41 Adaskin Ave, VaughanN431602541 Adaskin Ave, Vaughan
49 Geranium Cres, BramptonW431567749 Geranium Cres, Brampton
48 Hubner Ave, MarkhamN431520748 Hubner Ave, Markham
3151 Southwind Rd, MississaugaW43140953151 Southwind Rd, Mississauga
170 Roseborough Cres, VaughanN4314459170 Roseborough Cres, Vaughan
127 S Main St, BramptonW4314583127 S Main St, Brampton
358 Maple Grove Ave, MississaugaW4314743358 Maple Grove Ave, Mississauga
220 Stewart St, WhitbyE4314233220 Stewart St, Whitby
11395 Lakeridge Rd, UxbridgeN431533711395 Lakeridge Rd, Uxbridge
11174 Sixth Line, Halton HillsW431401811174 Sixth Line, Halton Hills
354 Harold Dent Tr, OakvilleW4314485354 Harold Dent Tr, Oakville
5469 Glen Erin Dr, MississaugaW43145205469 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga
40 Oconnor Cres, BramptonW431515940 Oconnor Cres, Brampton
103 Kennett Dr, WhitbyE4313850103 Kennett Dr, Whitby
28 Houseman Cres, Richmond HillN431443428 Houseman Cres, Richmond Hill
1151 Sulphur Springs Rd, HamiltonX43143971151 Sulphur Springs Rd, Hamilton
40 Settlers Ridge St, MarkhamN431483440 Settlers Ridge St, Markham
37 Deerhurst Rd, HamiltonX431608537 Deerhurst Rd, Hamilton
10651 Old Simcoe Rd, ScugogE431425610651 Old Simcoe Rd, Scugog
5015 Guildwood Way, MississaugaW43151715015 Guildwood Way, Mississauga
408 Draper St, Halton HillsW4315640408 Draper St, Halton Hills
51Lot Laskin Dr, VaughanN431405951Lot Laskin Dr, Vaughan
30 W Glen Nevis Dr, Richmond HillN431386530 W Glen Nevis Dr, Richmond Hill
52 Laskin Dr, VaughanN431403052 Laskin Dr, Vaughan
242 Altamira Rd, Richmond HillN4314688242 Altamira Rd, Richmond Hill
10 Monarchdale Ave, TorontoW431606010 Monarchdale Ave, Toronto
238 Roselawn Ave, TorontoC4314288238 Roselawn Ave, Toronto
119 Orchard Hill Blvd, MarkhamN4314596119 Orchard Hill Blvd, Markham
62 Southvale Dr, VaughanN431470062 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
66 Meadowlark Dr, Halton HillsW431513066 Meadowlark Dr, Halton Hills
8 Fulham St, TorontoE43147998 Fulham St, Toronto
384 Robert Parkinson Dr, BramptonW4315181384 Robert Parkinson Dr, Brampton
406 Drewry Ave, TorontoC4315357406 Drewry Ave, Toronto
62 Rameau Dr, TorontoC431470262 Rameau Dr, Toronto
23 Sheldon Dr, AjaxE431435223 Sheldon Dr, Ajax
48 Morra Ave, CaledonW431530148 Morra Ave, Caledon
5 Lescon Rd, TorontoC43147385 Lescon Rd, Toronto
12 Coates Cres, Richmond HillN431465312 Coates Cres, Richmond Hill
56 Pinecrest St, MarkhamN431536856 Pinecrest St, Markham
6 Lotus Crt, TorontoC43156826 Lotus Crt, Toronto
190 Beechwood Cres, NewmarketN4315041190 Beechwood Cres, Newmarket
55 Andrews Dr Bradford, West GwillimburyN431427655 Andrews Dr Bradford, West Gwillimbury
31 Delmonico Rd, BramptonW431461231 Delmonico Rd, Brampton
12 Woodview Rd, VaughanN431524412 Woodview Rd, Vaughan
59 Southvale Dr, VaughanN431592459 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
282 Gells Rd, Richmond HillN4314105282 Gells Rd, Richmond Hill
33 Andes Rd, TorontoE431485733 Andes Rd, Toronto
88 Sweet Water Cres, Richmond HillN431530088 Sweet Water Cres, Richmond Hill
1279 Warwick Ave, OakvilleW43150351279 Warwick Ave, Oakville
2067 Courtland Dr, BurlingtonW43146002067 Courtland Dr, Burlington
8 Calico Crt, Halton HillsW43144318 Calico Crt, Halton Hills
146 W Newhouse Blvd, CaledonW4314048146 W Newhouse Blvd, Caledon
4 Woodmere Crt, TorontoW43141224 Woodmere Crt, Toronto
55 Arjay Cres, TorontoC431473955 Arjay Cres, Toronto
8 Avenue Rd, Richmond HillN43142188 Avenue Rd, Richmond Hill
27 Wycliffe Cres, TorontoC431467527 Wycliffe Cres, Toronto
10 Citation Dr, TorontoC431418310 Citation Dr, Toronto
9 Highland Crt, AuroraN43148609 Highland Crt, Aurora
1423 Centre St, VaughanN43140011423 Centre St, Vaughan
1417 Centre St, VaughanN43139861417 Centre St, Vaughan
1435 Centre St, VaughanN43140061435 Centre St, Vaughan
73 Ridgewood Dr, Richmond HillN431580973 Ridgewood Dr, Richmond Hill
180 Empress Ave, TorontoC4314677180 Empress Ave, Toronto
159 Norton Ave, TorontoC4314678159 Norton Ave, Toronto
86 Arnold Ave, VaughanN431389686 Arnold Ave, Vaughan
167 Pinewood Tr, MississaugaW4315917167 Pinewood Tr, Mississauga
136 Kilbarry Rd, TorontoC4315431136 Kilbarry Rd, Toronto
18 Mcarthur St, TorontoW431424018 Mcarthur St, Toronto
32 Hillholm Blvd, Richmond HillN431440332 Hillholm Blvd, Richmond Hill
227 Boake Tr, Richmond HillN4315693227 Boake Tr, Richmond Hill
78 Northwood Dr, TorontoC428321178 Northwood Dr, Toronto
27 Ava Cres, Richmond HillN431491927 Ava Cres, Richmond Hill
84A Oak Ave, Richmond HillN431393884A Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
12 Denewood Cres, TorontoC431410912 Denewood Cres, Toronto
267 Parkview Ave, TorontoC4315840267 Parkview Ave, Toronto
40 Parkview Hill Cres, TorontoE431488340 Parkview Hill Cres, Toronto
214 Dunforest Ave, TorontoC4314254214 Dunforest Ave, Toronto
148 Castlefield Ave, TorontoC4315235148 Castlefield Ave, Toronto
1344 Woodeden Dr, MississaugaW43152751344 Woodeden Dr, Mississauga
335 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4315410335 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
325 Hollywood Ave, TorontoC4314478325 Hollywood Ave, Toronto
301 Harris Ave, Richmond HillN4314714301 Harris Ave, Richmond Hill
34 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC431546634 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
125 Veronica Dr, MississaugaW4314285125 Veronica Dr, Mississauga
35 Kingswood Rd, OakvilleW431397435 Kingswood Rd, Oakville
330 Pleasant Ave, TorontoC4314898330 Pleasant Ave, Toronto
Lot 10 Limerick St, Richmond HillN4315657Lot 10 Limerick St, Richmond Hill
4 Dalla Riva Crt, BramptonW43157114 Dalla Riva Crt, Brampton
57 Palmer Ave, Richmond HillN431495657 Palmer Ave, Richmond Hill
1463 Constance Dr, OakvilleW43142841463 Constance Dr, Oakville
29 Ruden Cres, TorontoC431611829 Ruden Cres, Toronto
427 Cummer Ave, TorontoC4316041427 Cummer Ave, Toronto
2068 Mississauga Rd, MississaugaW43023782068 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga
2 Glencove Dr, MarkhamN43152032 Glencove Dr, Markham
93 E Kennedy St, AuroraN431548593 E Kennedy St, Aurora
49 Twyford Rd, TorontoW431543249 Twyford Rd, Toronto
7 Frances Cres, TorontoE43161287 Frances Cres, Toronto
Lot 19 Limerick St, Richmond HillN4315755Lot 19 Limerick St, Richmond Hill
54 Felcher Blvd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN431397654 Felcher Blvd, Whitchurch Stouffville
2 Aitken Circ, MarkhamN43142752 Aitken Circ, Markham
1206 Mineola Gdns, MississaugaW43140901206 Mineola Gdns, Mississauga
50 Oak Ave, Richmond HillN431444950 Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
Lot 16 Limerick St, Richmond HillN4315472Lot 16 Limerick St, Richmond Hill
402 Blythewood Rd, BurlingtonW4314324402 Blythewood Rd, Burlington
78 Summerhill Ave, TorontoC431606878 Summerhill Ave, Toronto
1415 Mississauga Rd, MississaugaW43149431415 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga
9 Northwood Dr, TorontoC43142499 Northwood Dr, Toronto
31 Thornhill Ravines Cres, VaughanN431478131 Thornhill Ravines Cres, Vaughan
51 Hillcrest Ave, TorontoC431612451 Hillcrest Ave, Toronto
526 Melrose Ave, TorontoC4315504526 Melrose Ave, Toronto
94 Hubner Ave, MarkhamN431467994 Hubner Ave, Markham
176 Princess Ave, TorontoC4315814176 Princess Ave, Toronto
63 Frederick Stamm Cres, MarkhamN431476063 Frederick Stamm Cres, Markham
28 Sim Hill Cres, KingN431408128 Sim Hill Cres, King
13982 Kennedy Rd, CaledonW431609713982 Kennedy Rd, Caledon
1041 Stockwell Ave, MississaugaW43147951041 Stockwell Ave, Mississauga
80 Balderson Dr, VaughanN431581680 Balderson Dr, Vaughan
65 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond HillN431455165 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill
24 Amesbury Dr, TorontoW431612024 Amesbury Dr, Toronto
16 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond HillN431532816 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond Hill
56 Elbern Markell Dr, BramptonW431547156 Elbern Markell Dr, Brampton
146 Abner Miles Dr, VaughanN4314078146 Abner Miles Dr, Vaughan
60 Elmwood Ave, TorontoC431600960 Elmwood Ave, Toronto
380 Valermo Dr, TorontoW4314500380 Valermo Dr, Toronto
37 Stave Cres, Richmond HillN431519437 Stave Cres, Richmond Hill
282 Aldercrest Rd, TorontoW4314618282 Aldercrest Rd, Toronto
88 Glengordon Cres, MarkhamN431453288 Glengordon Cres, Markham
2918 Bayview Ave, TorontoC43141072918 Bayview Ave, Toronto
212 Edenbridge Dr, TorontoW4315088212 Edenbridge Dr, Toronto
205 Weldon Ave, OakvilleW4315694205 Weldon Ave, Oakville
7 Knollview Cres, TorontoC43140997 Knollview Cres, Toronto
232 First Ave, TorontoE4315260232 First Ave, Toronto
2455 Castlebrook Rd, OakvilleW43146462455 Castlebrook Rd, Oakville
Lot 38 Snively St, Richmond HillN4315785Lot 38 Snively St, Richmond Hill
22 Birch Ave B, TorontoC431585122 Birch Ave B, Toronto
519 Melrose Ave, TorontoC4314912519 Melrose Ave, Toronto
25 Castleglen Blvd, MarkhamN431552225 Castleglen Blvd, Markham
6 Cardigan Rd, TorontoW43139606 Cardigan Rd, Toronto
92 Alameda Ave, TorontoC431610992 Alameda Ave, Toronto
9 Middlehead Tr, KingN43152519 Middlehead Tr, King
3389 Mistwell Cres, OakvilleW43145653389 Mistwell Cres, Oakville
17 Boticelli Way, VaughanN431387817 Boticelli Way, Vaughan
40 Holbrook Crt, MarkhamN431563340 Holbrook Crt, Markham
19 Millbrook Gate, MarkhamN431582019 Millbrook Gate, Markham
45 Leary Cres, Richmond HillN431572845 Leary Cres, Richmond Hill

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