GTA Listings Feb 19 2019

Top Home Listings in the GTA - Feb. 19th 2019

The best homes for sale right now throughout the GTA, as of February 19th 2019. You're not going to want to miss out on this opportunity. You can come and search these homes today and find what you're looking for in the neighbourhood you like.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
94 Cappella Dr, VaughanN436054994 Cappella Dr, Vaughan
677 Chaleur Pl, NewmarketN4361637677 Chaleur Pl, Newmarket
49 Carling Rd, VaughanN436049249 Carling Rd, Vaughan
60 Woburn Ave, TorontoC436195260 Woburn Ave, Toronto
20 Kennedy Ave, TorontoW436194420 Kennedy Ave, Toronto
60 Stockdale Cres, Richmond HillN436186660 Stockdale Cres, Richmond Hill
26 Kylemore Cres, TorontoW436111026 Kylemore Cres, Toronto
22379 Warden Ave, East GwillimburyN436192722379 Warden Ave, East Gwillimbury
5876 Summerside Dr, MississaugaW43610985876 Summerside Dr, Mississauga
40 Terracotta Cres, Richmond HillN436192140 Terracotta Cres, Richmond Hill
668 Winona Dr, TorontoC4361266668 Winona Dr, Toronto
362 Stonebridge Dr, MarkhamN4360823362 Stonebridge Dr, Markham
3910 Tufgar Cres, BurlingtonW43614853910 Tufgar Cres, Burlington
12148 Hurontario St, BramptonW436185412148 Hurontario St, Brampton
96 Wedgewood Dr, TorontoW436174296 Wedgewood Dr, Toronto
50 Silverview Dr, TorontoC436063450 Silverview Dr, Toronto
2368 Cheverie St, OakvilleW43613412368 Cheverie St, Oakville
227 Second St, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4361912227 Second St, Whitchurch Stouffville
2160 Cartier Cres, BurlingtonW43603482160 Cartier Cres, Burlington
143 145 N East Ave, HamiltonX4360252143 145 N East Ave, Hamilton
371 Mount Pleasant Rd, TorontoC4361885371 Mount Pleasant Rd, Toronto
2 Teddington Ave, MarkhamN43617092 Teddington Ave, Markham
4481 Spruce Ave, BurlingtonW43606644481 Spruce Ave, Burlington
585 Mcgregor Farm Tr, NewmarketN4360505585 Mcgregor Farm Tr, Newmarket
116 Rivermill Cres, VaughanN4360851116 Rivermill Cres, Vaughan
2638 Bromsgrove Rd, MississaugaW43608592638 Bromsgrove Rd, Mississauga
86 Crandall Dr, MarkhamN436072686 Crandall Dr, Markham
16625 Leslie St, NewmarketN436025816625 Leslie St, Newmarket
5 West Coast Tr, KingN43608135 West Coast Tr, King
14 Venue Rd, BramptonW436173814 Venue Rd, Brampton
3187 Thorncrest Dr, MississaugaW43608793187 Thorncrest Dr, Mississauga
41 Valley Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN436195541 Valley Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
82 Gilley Rd, TorontoW436063582 Gilley Rd, Toronto
220 William Graham Dr, AuroraN4361818220 William Graham Dr, Aurora
32 Card Lumber Cres, VaughanN436073532 Card Lumber Cres, Vaughan
69 Vitlor Dr, Richmond HillN436087169 Vitlor Dr, Richmond Hill
57 Marsh Rd, TorontoE436052657 Marsh Rd, Toronto
9 Kirkland Crt, Richmond HillN43620259 Kirkland Crt, Richmond Hill
17 Raintree Cres, Richmond HillN436093617 Raintree Cres, Richmond Hill
22 Hammond Dr, AuroraN436093722 Hammond Dr, Aurora
146 Colonel Wayling Blvd, East GwillimburyN4361494146 Colonel Wayling Blvd, East Gwillimbury
92 Kenilworth Ave, TorontoE436181792 Kenilworth Ave, Toronto
58 Thursfield Cres, TorontoC436188158 Thursfield Cres, Toronto
17 Mcconachie Cres, CaledonW436098317 Mcconachie Cres, Caledon
40 Islington Woods Crt, VaughanN436180540 Islington Woods Crt, Vaughan
24 Kentley St, MarkhamN436160624 Kentley St, Markham
504 Crawford St, TorontoC4361851504 Crawford St, Toronto
49 Geranium Cres, BramptonW436062449 Geranium Cres, Brampton
20 Warvet Cres, TorontoE436038020 Warvet Cres, Toronto
108 Warner Dr, OakvilleW4361876108 Warner Dr, Oakville
33 Kilkarrin Rd, BramptonW436192333 Kilkarrin Rd, Brampton
75 Little Britain Cres, BramptonW436119875 Little Britain Cres, Brampton
53 Zaduk Pl, GuelphX436166553 Zaduk Pl, Guelph
8 Malborough Rd, MarkhamN43610288 Malborough Rd, Markham
2503 Paula Crt, MississaugaW43609472503 Paula Crt, Mississauga
225 Rankin Cres, TorontoW4361827225 Rankin Cres, Toronto
79 Powell Rd, TorontoW436068379 Powell Rd, Toronto
46 Spencer Ave, MarkhamN436078746 Spencer Ave, Markham
6941 Historic Tr, MississaugaW43614346941 Historic Tr, Mississauga
384 Robert Parkinson Dr, BramptonW4360711384 Robert Parkinson Dr, Brampton
89 Pioneer Lane, VaughanN436176289 Pioneer Lane, Vaughan
8259 Martin Grove Rd, VaughanN43605078259 Martin Grove Rd, Vaughan
35 Vaudeville Dr, TorontoW436037635 Vaudeville Dr, Toronto
6368 Alderwood Tr, MississaugaW43611466368 Alderwood Tr, Mississauga
122 Bell Estate Rd, TorontoE4361477122 Bell Estate Rd, Toronto
588 Holgate Circ, NewmarketN4361596588 Holgate Circ, Newmarket
5 Petworth Rd, BramptonW43618135 Petworth Rd, Brampton
5289 Highway 47 Rd, UxbridgeN43614705289 Highway 47 Rd, Uxbridge
10 John Weddell Ave, East GwillimburyN436096210 John Weddell Ave, East Gwillimbury
80 North Dr, TorontoW436123380 North Dr, Toronto
111 St Leonards Ave, TorontoC4360574111 St Leonards Ave, Toronto
109 W Kennedy St, AuroraN4360869109 W Kennedy St, Aurora
41 Spicewood Cres, VaughanN436134341 Spicewood Cres, Vaughan
73 Rolling Green Crt, VaughanN436177573 Rolling Green Crt, Vaughan
34 Allview Cres, TorontoC436165634 Allview Cres, Toronto
89 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN436027489 Meadowview Ave, Markham
308 Empress Ave, TorontoC4360360308 Empress Ave, Toronto
47 The Queensway South Rd, GeorginaN436029747 The Queensway South Rd, Georgina
143 Leacrest Rd, TorontoC4361986143 Leacrest Rd, Toronto
739 Sir Richards Rd, MississaugaW4361653739 Sir Richards Rd, Mississauga
458 Jeanette Dr, OakvilleW4361859458 Jeanette Dr, Oakville
1755 57 Bayview Ave, TorontoC43603491755 57 Bayview Ave, Toronto
259 Woodgate Pines Dr, VaughanN4361702259 Woodgate Pines Dr, Vaughan
48 Altamont Rd, TorontoC436101948 Altamont Rd, Toronto
106 Patricia Dr, KingN4361982106 Patricia Dr, King
57 Ridelle Ave, TorontoC436129857 Ridelle Ave, Toronto
52 Argyle St, TorontoC436115252 Argyle St, Toronto
379 Horsham Ave, TorontoC4361698379 Horsham Ave, Toronto
71 Barrydale Cres, TorontoC436029571 Barrydale Cres, Toronto
5 Candac Valley Dr, AuroraN43617445 Candac Valley Dr, Aurora
98 Springbrook Dr, Richmond HillN436197798 Springbrook Dr, Richmond Hill
1330 Cedarbrae Dr, OakvilleW43611361330 Cedarbrae Dr, Oakville
414 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC4361604414 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
117 Grey Alder Ave, Richmond HillN4360866117 Grey Alder Ave, Richmond Hill
40 Glen Agar Dr, TorontoW436071540 Glen Agar Dr, Toronto
1139 Carla Crt, OakvilleW43617851139 Carla Crt, Oakville
59 Henricks Cres, Richmond HillN436106159 Henricks Cres, Richmond Hill
5 Yewfield Cres, TorontoC43619085 Yewfield Cres, Toronto
100 Wellspring Ave, Richmond HillN4361633100 Wellspring Ave, Richmond Hill
10 Elliott Ave, TorontoW436187110 Elliott Ave, Toronto
104 Mojave Cres, Richmond HillN4361267104 Mojave Cres, Richmond Hill
123 Westminster Ave, TorontoW4361737123 Westminster Ave, Toronto
25 Parkland Rd, TorontoE436113225 Parkland Rd, Toronto
66 Johnson St, MarkhamN436198166 Johnson St, Markham
10617 Trafalgar Rd, Halton HillsW436084910617 Trafalgar Rd, Halton Hills
107 Perry Cres, TorontoW4362026107 Perry Cres, Toronto
11 Laredo Crt, TorontoC436185011 Laredo Crt, Toronto
253 S Church St, Richmond HillN4361690253 S Church St, Richmond Hill
135 Hammersmith Ave, TorontoE4360514135 Hammersmith Ave, Toronto
1 Hambly Ave, TorontoE43606451 Hambly Ave, Toronto
1 Terry Crt, Halton HillsW43605121 Terry Crt, Halton Hills
15 Artisan Pl, TorontoC436153515 Artisan Pl, Toronto
329 Worthington Ave Lot 32, Richmond HillN4360325329 Worthington Ave Lot 32, Richmond Hill
246 Patricia Dr, KingN4360789246 Patricia Dr, King
60 Church St, East GwillimburyN436189760 Church St, East Gwillimbury
93 Three Valleys Dr, TorontoC436174793 Three Valleys Dr, Toronto
31 Eyer Dr, MarkhamN436160131 Eyer Dr, Markham
7 Macnaughton Rd, TorontoC43619457 Macnaughton Rd, Toronto
282 Aldercrest Rd, TorontoW4360460282 Aldercrest Rd, Toronto
225 Bayview Fairways Dr, MarkhamN4361460225 Bayview Fairways Dr, Markham
6 Aylesbury Dr, BramptonW43611626 Aylesbury Dr, Brampton
24 Melrose Ave, TorontoC436183024 Melrose Ave, Toronto
67 Willis Dr, AuroraN436187967 Willis Dr, Aurora
154 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4360728154 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
39 Munsie Dr, KingN436141639 Munsie Dr, King
3035 Woodland Park Dr, BurlingtonW43608873035 Woodland Park Dr, Burlington
24 Rossford Rd, TorontoE436197024 Rossford Rd, Toronto
16 Schooner Crt, MarkhamN436043416 Schooner Crt, Markham
64 Cooks Bay Dr, GeorginaN436146264 Cooks Bay Dr, Georgina
40 Crestwood Ave, VaughanN436197540 Crestwood Ave, Vaughan
66 Murrie St, TorontoW436121466 Murrie St, Toronto
1987 Lady Di Crt, MississaugaW43617271987 Lady Di Crt, Mississauga
87 Hesperus Rd, VaughanN436171387 Hesperus Rd, Vaughan
87 Betony Dr, Richmond HillN436027187 Betony Dr, Richmond Hill
2579 Felhaber Cres, OakvilleW43616992579 Felhaber Cres, Oakville
230 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN4360452230 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan

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