GTA Listings Feb 26 2019

Top Home Listings as of Feb 26th 2019

Here are the compiled listings for all of the homes across the GTA that are for sale as of Feb. 26th. Easily search and find a home in the neighbourhood you're looking for. Take a look today.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
3 Butterfield Dr, TorontoC43656453 Butterfield Dr, Toronto
73 Mohandas Dr, MarkhamN436673473 Mohandas Dr, Markham
45 Mccauley Dr, CaledonW436722445 Mccauley Dr, Caledon
38 Coledale Rd, MarkhamN436590538 Coledale Rd, Markham
211 Torresdale Ave, TorontoC4366599211 Torresdale Ave, Toronto
160 Beckett Ave, MarkhamN4366557160 Beckett Ave, Markham
77 Burnet St, OakvilleW436626277 Burnet St, Oakville
103 Beaconsfield Ave, TorontoC4366938103 Beaconsfield Ave, Toronto
45 Linacre Dr, Richmond HillN436690445 Linacre Dr, Richmond Hill
1751 Beechknoll Ave, MississaugaW43653631751 Beechknoll Ave, Mississauga
130 Lake Cres, TorontoW4366786130 Lake Cres, Toronto
72 Cedarcrest Blvd, TorontoE436610472 Cedarcrest Blvd, Toronto
62 Parkheights Tr, KingN436525662 Parkheights Tr, King
14 Yarmouth Gdns, TorontoC436579714 Yarmouth Gdns, Toronto
479 Isabella Ave, MississaugaW4366897479 Isabella Ave, Mississauga
128 Dunrobin Cres, VaughanN4367161128 Dunrobin Cres, Vaughan
59 Harmony Hill Cres, Richmond HillN436747959 Harmony Hill Cres, Richmond Hill
38 Bowman St, Halton HillsW436529538 Bowman St, Halton Hills
51 Mccauley Dr, CaledonW436695251 Mccauley Dr, Caledon
91 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC436703591 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
6 Prince Michael Crt, CaledonW43663976 Prince Michael Crt, Caledon
6417 Holt Rd, ClaringtonE43660726417 Holt Rd, Clarington
94 Holst Ave, MarkhamN436656894 Holst Ave, Markham
57 Sultana Ave, TorontoC436598257 Sultana Ave, Toronto
70 Redpath Ave, TorontoC436706570 Redpath Ave, Toronto
219 Belvenia Rd, BurlingtonW4367045219 Belvenia Rd, Burlington
588 Cummer Ave, TorontoC4366012588 Cummer Ave, Toronto
124 Heatherton Way, VaughanN4366058124 Heatherton Way, Vaughan
14106 First Line, MiltonW436628114106 First Line, Milton
25 Gordon Rowe Cres, Richmond HillN436535725 Gordon Rowe Cres, Richmond Hill
645 Coldstream Ave, TorontoC4365715645 Coldstream Ave, Toronto
53F Dentonia Park Ave, TorontoE436613253F Dentonia Park Ave, Toronto
12413 Heritage Rd, CaledonW436600812413 Heritage Rd, Caledon
134 Pearson Ave, TorontoW4366630134 Pearson Ave, Toronto
313 Markham St, TorontoC4367041313 Markham St, Toronto
485 Fred Mclaren Blvd, MarkhamN4365871485 Fred Mclaren Blvd, Markham
1410 Winterbourne Dr, OakvilleW43674721410 Winterbourne Dr, Oakville
1 Squire Ellis Dr, BramptonW43662561 Squire Ellis Dr, Brampton
41 Joshua Crt, VaughanN436696041 Joshua Crt, Vaughan
32 Lauraview Cres, MarkhamN436569432 Lauraview Cres, Markham
15271 Danby Rd, Halton HillsW436644615271 Danby Rd, Halton Hills
114 Saskatoon Dr, TorontoW4365592114 Saskatoon Dr, Toronto
1206 Atkins Dr, NewmarketN43654421206 Atkins Dr, Newmarket
82 Gilley Rd, TorontoW436745182 Gilley Rd, Toronto
80 Trayborn Dr, Richmond HillN436726280 Trayborn Dr, Richmond Hill
Lot 39 East Beach Rd, ClaringtonE4365889Lot 39 East Beach Rd, Clarington
247 Bilbrough St, AuroraN4366005247 Bilbrough St, Aurora
243 Cocksfield Ave, TorontoC4366593243 Cocksfield Ave, Toronto
202 Betty Ann Dr, TorontoC4365303202 Betty Ann Dr, Toronto
2610 Hammond Rd, MississaugaW43656802610 Hammond Rd, Mississauga
46 Alpaca Dr, Richmond HillN436585546 Alpaca Dr, Richmond Hill
1851 Fellen Pl, MississaugaW43669781851 Fellen Pl, Mississauga
39 Devonshire Ave, MarkhamN436700139 Devonshire Ave, Markham
150 Elbern Markell Dr, BramptonW4365607150 Elbern Markell Dr, Brampton
10125 Old Church Rd, CaledonW436666210125 Old Church Rd, Caledon
26 Townley Ave, MarkhamN436550426 Townley Ave, Markham
35 Fifteenth St, TorontoW436672235 Fifteenth St, Toronto
150 Mill St, Richmond HillN4367180150 Mill St, Richmond Hill
31 Harold Lawrie Lane, MarkhamN436657131 Harold Lawrie Lane, Markham
36 Silverview Dr, TorontoC436594336 Silverview Dr, Toronto
194 Romfield Circ, MarkhamN4367016194 Romfield Circ, Markham
475 Raymerville Dr, MarkhamN4365614475 Raymerville Dr, Markham
26 Golf View Dr, BramptonW436580026 Golf View Dr, Brampton
10099 Concession 5, UxbridgeN436704910099 Concession 5, Uxbridge
6055 Healey Rd, CaledonW43661476055 Healey Rd, Caledon
42 Mount Forest Dr, BramptonW436572742 Mount Forest Dr, Brampton
3123 Dover Cres, MississaugaW43658193123 Dover Cres, Mississauga
20 Raymore Dr, TorontoW436597420 Raymore Dr, Toronto
4 Avanti Cres, HamiltonX43665414 Avanti Cres, Hamilton
1470 W Myrtle Rd, WhitbyE43663691470 W Myrtle Rd, Whitby
Th045 Bawden Dr, Richmond HillN4366014Th045 Bawden Dr, Richmond Hill
390 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond HillN4367514390 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond Hill
16 Lakeshore Rd, GeorginaN436647016 Lakeshore Rd, Georgina
30 Hunt St, ClaringtonE436578830 Hunt St, Clarington
5012 Guildwood Way, MississaugaW43662745012 Guildwood Way, Mississauga
1 Iris Rd, VaughanN43652291 Iris Rd, Vaughan
924 Middletown Rd, HamiltonX4367398924 Middletown Rd, Hamilton
1987 Davebrook Rd, MississaugaW43660831987 Davebrook Rd, Mississauga
1464 Petrie Way, MississaugaW43658851464 Petrie Way, Mississauga
29 Island Grve, BramptonW436667729 Island Grve, Brampton
59 Carlton Rd, MarkhamN436602059 Carlton Rd, Markham
15 Calvin Ave, TorontoC436714815 Calvin Ave, Toronto
3118 Splendour Pl, MississaugaW43658943118 Splendour Pl, Mississauga
59 Rossi Dr, VaughanN436593259 Rossi Dr, Vaughan
26 Islington Woods Crt, VaughanN436558926 Islington Woods Crt, Vaughan
422 N Fernleigh Circ, Richmond HillN4367382422 N Fernleigh Circ, Richmond Hill
362 Huntsmill Blvd, TorontoE4365331362 Huntsmill Blvd, Toronto
178 Leitchcroft Cres, MarkhamN4366486178 Leitchcroft Cres, Markham
5 Shiner Dr, Richmond HillN43671715 Shiner Dr, Richmond Hill
4622 Kearse St, BurlingtonW43666664622 Kearse St, Burlington
55 Timpson Dr, AuroraN436579655 Timpson Dr, Aurora
2623 Liruma Rd, MississaugaW43653392623 Liruma Rd, Mississauga
1197 Atkins Dr, NewmarketN43662641197 Atkins Dr, Newmarket
67 Marathon Cres, TorontoC436719667 Marathon Cres, Toronto
21 B Brenda Cres, TorontoE436556321 B Brenda Cres, Toronto
19 Distin Ave, TorontoW436588319 Distin Ave, Toronto
2159 Windsor Way, MississaugaW43666132159 Windsor Way, Mississauga
21 Brookwater Cres, CaledonW436632621 Brookwater Cres, Caledon
104 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond HillN4367200104 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond Hill
74 Armstrong Cres, KingN436684474 Armstrong Cres, King
3166 Cole Rd, East GwillimburyN43654603166 Cole Rd, East Gwillimbury
41 Neilson Dr, TorontoW436523141 Neilson Dr, Toronto
68 Antibes Dr, BramptonW436632868 Antibes Dr, Brampton
524A Mcroberts Ave, TorontoW4367309524A Mcroberts Ave, Toronto
3040 Workman Dr, MississaugaW43659293040 Workman Dr, Mississauga
641 Holt Dr, BurlingtonW4365216641 Holt Dr, Burlington
14 Chiswick Cres, AuroraN436671614 Chiswick Cres, Aurora
1000 Sulphur Springs Rd, HamiltonX43658051000 Sulphur Springs Rd, Hamilton
32 Hawarden Cres, TorontoC436673732 Hawarden Cres, Toronto
11 Tangmere Rd, TorontoC436600011 Tangmere Rd, Toronto
47 Timberlane Dr, TorontoC436732947 Timberlane Dr, Toronto
5150 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW43667495150 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
100 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN4365997100 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
15 York Valley Cres, TorontoC436623715 York Valley Cres, Toronto
27 Golfdale Rd, TorontoC436724227 Golfdale Rd, Toronto
391 Greer Rd, TorontoC4366708391 Greer Rd, Toronto
215 Forestwood Dr, OakvilleW4366979215 Forestwood Dr, Oakville
630 Woodland Acres Cres, VaughanN4365415630 Woodland Acres Cres, Vaughan
66 E Walmer Rd, Richmond HillN436753666 E Walmer Rd, Richmond Hill
46 Creedmore Crt, VaughanN436546746 Creedmore Crt, Vaughan
27 Ballyview Crt, Whitchurch StouffvilleN436667227 Ballyview Crt, Whitchurch Stouffville
1 Richard Serra Crt, KingN43672261 Richard Serra Crt, King
111 Hillview Rd, AuroraN4367546111 Hillview Rd, Aurora
20 Personna Blvd, MarkhamN436704820 Personna Blvd, Markham
61 Oriole Rd, TorontoC436694861 Oriole Rd, Toronto
37 Palmer Circ, CaledonW436701337 Palmer Circ, Caledon
46A Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN436708146A Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
25 Bamboo Grve, TorontoC436660225 Bamboo Grve, Toronto
815 Bexhill Rd, MississaugaW4366064815 Bexhill Rd, Mississauga
150 Mill St, Richmond HillN4367127150 Mill St, Richmond Hill
66 Britnell Crt, KingN436535666 Britnell Crt, King
143 Wells St, AuroraN4367556143 Wells St, Aurora
50 Indian Grve, TorontoW436676750 Indian Grve, Toronto
1350 Indian Grve, MississaugaW43666081350 Indian Grve, Mississauga
70 Templewood Cres, VaughanN436688670 Templewood Cres, Vaughan
1530 Pinetree Cres, MississaugaW43661901530 Pinetree Cres, Mississauga
79 Hill Cres, TorontoE436699379 Hill Cres, Toronto
731 Old Bathurst St, NewmarketN4366698731 Old Bathurst St, Newmarket
10025 Britannia Rd, MiltonW436647710025 Britannia Rd, Milton
335 St Germain Ave, TorontoC4366921335 St Germain Ave, Toronto
69 Bond Cres, Richmond HillN436591269 Bond Cres, Richmond Hill
438B Woburn Ave, TorontoC4367122438B Woburn Ave, Toronto
267 West Point Ave, TorontoE4366779267 West Point Ave, Toronto
202 High Park Ave, TorontoW4367142202 High Park Ave, Toronto
179 Alfred Ave, TorontoC4365590179 Alfred Ave, Toronto
2329 Delnice Dr, OakvilleW43655722329 Delnice Dr, Oakville
107 Lawrence Cres, TorontoC4367539107 Lawrence Cres, Toronto
1134 Kingdale Rd, NewmarketN43655651134 Kingdale Rd, Newmarket
19 Aubrietia Crt, Richmond HillN436574119 Aubrietia Crt, Richmond Hill
19 Laws St, TorontoW436620519 Laws St, Toronto
78 Victoria Park Ave, TorontoE436593378 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
40 Ellis Park Rd, TorontoW436740240 Ellis Park Rd, Toronto
106 Naughton Dr, Richmond HillN4365759106 Naughton Dr, Richmond Hill
97 Laurentide Dr, TorontoC436679397 Laurentide Dr, Toronto
116 Macpherson Ave, TorontoC4367568116 Macpherson Ave, Toronto
121 Strath Ave, TorontoW4366745121 Strath Ave, Toronto
29 Lynngrove Ave, TorontoW436747829 Lynngrove Ave, Toronto
141 Dell Park Ave, TorontoC4365323141 Dell Park Ave, Toronto
1206 Mineola Gdns, MississaugaW43662841206 Mineola Gdns, Mississauga
Lot 8 Maxon Line, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4367105Lot 8 Maxon Line, Whitchurch Stouffville
40 Ruden Cres, TorontoC436541140 Ruden Cres, Toronto
132 Huron St, TorontoC4366992132 Huron St, Toronto
67 Cameron Ave, TorontoC436721567 Cameron Ave, Toronto
16 Greenhill Ave, Richmond HillN436575216 Greenhill Ave, Richmond Hill
34 Whittaker Cres, TorontoC436578934 Whittaker Cres, Toronto
26 Aspy Crt, VaughanN436700026 Aspy Crt, Vaughan
61 Presley Ave, TorontoE436689961 Presley Ave, Toronto
31 Anderson Ave, TorontoC436705631 Anderson Ave, Toronto
2 Old Stone Crt, GuelphX43662542 Old Stone Crt, Guelph
36 Cachet Crt, BramptonW436551636 Cachet Crt, Brampton
1345 Strathy Ave, MississaugaW43654131345 Strathy Ave, Mississauga
2 Aukland Lane, KingN43666912 Aukland Lane, King
11 Astrantia Way, BramptonW436564911 Astrantia Way, Brampton
19 Tyndall Ave, TorontoW436644319 Tyndall Ave, Toronto
19 Saratoga Rd, MarkhamN436575819 Saratoga Rd, Markham
31 Airdrie Rd, TorontoC436659231 Airdrie Rd, Toronto
2140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43657092140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
17 Rossmore Rd, TorontoC436688417 Rossmore Rd, Toronto
30 Gleave Crt, AuroraN436663730 Gleave Crt, Aurora
1408 Broadmoor Ave, MississaugaW43660781408 Broadmoor Ave, Mississauga
4 Palomino Dr, HamiltonX43658784 Palomino Dr, Hamilton
1571 Hollywell Ave, MississaugaW43666711571 Hollywell Ave, Mississauga
61 Belgrave Ave, TorontoC436728661 Belgrave Ave, Toronto
46 Appaloosa Tr, HamiltonX436741646 Appaloosa Tr, Hamilton
1277 Avon Cres, OakvilleW43666861277 Avon Cres, Oakville
39 Kindy St, MarkhamN436643439 Kindy St, Markham
2346 Bennington Gate, OakvilleW43652662346 Bennington Gate, Oakville
14 Seabrook Pl, BramptonW436598614 Seabrook Pl, Brampton
85 Forest Grove Crt, AuroraN436757385 Forest Grove Crt, Aurora
137 Marsi Rd, Richmond HillN4366600137 Marsi Rd, Richmond Hill
107 Marc Santi Blvd, VaughanN4366766107 Marc Santi Blvd, Vaughan
87 Dovercourt Rd, TorontoC436665187 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
30 Normark Dr, MarkhamN436723230 Normark Dr, Markham
2208 Constance Dr, OakvilleW43670262208 Constance Dr, Oakville
201 Autumn Hill Blvd, VaughanN4366789201 Autumn Hill Blvd, Vaughan
20 22 Page St, TorontoC436544320 22 Page St, Toronto
1609 Hollywell Ave, MississaugaW43657131609 Hollywell Ave, Mississauga
178 Beech Ave, TorontoE4366996178 Beech Ave, Toronto
155 Dorset Rd, TorontoE4366729155 Dorset Rd, Toronto
12 Dumfries Dr, MarkhamN436524912 Dumfries Dr, Markham
15 Selwood Avenue Ave, TorontoE436608515 Selwood Avenue Ave, Toronto
1173 Mona Rd, MississaugaW43652811173 Mona Rd, Mississauga
24 Sunnyside Dr, Richmond HillN436586824 Sunnyside Dr, Richmond Hill
69 Lynwood Cres, KingN436556469 Lynwood Cres, King
729 Macbeth Hts, MississaugaW4365678729 Macbeth Hts, Mississauga
152 Degraaf Cres, AuroraN4367553152 Degraaf Cres, Aurora
55 Laredo Dr, Richmond HillN436591755 Laredo Dr, Richmond Hill
94 Cedarcrest Blvd, TorontoE436604894 Cedarcrest Blvd, Toronto
292 Valermo Dr, TorontoW4365930292 Valermo Dr, Toronto
93 Bridgepointe Crt, AuroraN436527693 Bridgepointe Crt, Aurora
118 Rumsey Rd, VaughanN4366579118 Rumsey Rd, Vaughan
30 Routledge Dr, Richmond HillN436669430 Routledge Dr, Richmond Hill
19 Upper Ridge Cres, BramptonW436674219 Upper Ridge Cres, Brampton
47 Edenbridge Dr, VaughanN436684947 Edenbridge Dr, Vaughan
99 Holladay Dr, AuroraN436648899 Holladay Dr, Aurora
796 Terlin Blvd, MississaugaW4365939796 Terlin Blvd, Mississauga

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