GTA Listings Feb 5 2019

Superb Homes for Sale Throughout the GTA

This is your go-to spot for all of the finest homes that are for sale right now, as of Feb. 5th 2019.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
16 Schooner Crt, MarkhamN435028816 Schooner Crt, Markham
226 Betty Ann Dr, TorontoC4351006226 Betty Ann Dr, Toronto
29 Gambit Ave, VaughanN435045129 Gambit Ave, Vaughan
1 Naylon St, VaughanN43499501 Naylon St, Vaughan
42 Hayfield Cres, Richmond HillN435131242 Hayfield Cres, Richmond Hill
920 Stonehaven Ave, NewmarketN4351001920 Stonehaven Ave, Newmarket
93 Highland Park Blvd, MarkhamN435172893 Highland Park Blvd, Markham
65 Bannockburn Ave, TorontoC435208165 Bannockburn Ave, Toronto
26 Albert Spencer Ave, CaledonW435065526 Albert Spencer Ave, Caledon
292 Chatfeild Dr, VaughanN4350936292 Chatfeild Dr, Vaughan
41 Verona Crt, Richmond HillN435191441 Verona Crt, Richmond Hill
784 E Rymal Rd, HamiltonX4350215784 E Rymal Rd, Hamilton
11 Arthur Harper Lane, MarkhamN435115111 Arthur Harper Lane, Markham
234 W Finch Ave, TorontoC4350557234 W Finch Ave, Toronto
50 Edgewood Cres, MarkhamN420901050 Edgewood Cres, Markham
89 Hubner Ave, MarkhamN435193889 Hubner Ave, Markham
95 Woodbine Ave, TorontoE435028195 Woodbine Ave, Toronto
319 Penn Ave, NewmarketN4349741319 Penn Ave, Newmarket
74 Twelfth St, TorontoW435169574 Twelfth St, Toronto
438 Millwood Rd, TorontoC4352274438 Millwood Rd, Toronto
62 Patricia Ave, TorontoC434979062 Patricia Ave, Toronto
121 Prospect St, NewmarketN4351526121 Prospect St, Newmarket
66 Murrie St, TorontoW435225266 Murrie St, Toronto
103 Manley Ave, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4351738103 Manley Ave, Whitchurch Stouffville
19550 Mountainview Rd, CaledonW435175619550 Mountainview Rd, Caledon
229 Colborne Ave, Richmond HillN4350229229 Colborne Ave, Richmond Hill
287 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond HillN4350137287 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond Hill
423 Ramsey Pl, MiltonW4352119423 Ramsey Pl, Milton
2558 Nichols Dr, OakvilleW43505992558 Nichols Dr, Oakville
3040 Owls Foot Dr, MississaugaW43506773040 Owls Foot Dr, Mississauga
3908 Lodi Rd, BurlingtonW43511763908 Lodi Rd, Burlington
239 Park Home Ave, TorontoC4351765239 Park Home Ave, Toronto
6 Bluff Tr, KingN43519476 Bluff Tr, King
34 Lancer Dr, VaughanN434982434 Lancer Dr, Vaughan
3 Shamrock Ave, TorontoW43513243 Shamrock Ave, Toronto
22 Kimbermount Dr, TorontoE435111122 Kimbermount Dr, Toronto
2265 Adirondak Tr, OakvilleW43519072265 Adirondak Tr, Oakville
222 Harlandale Ave, TorontoC4351955222 Harlandale Ave, Toronto
242 Park Ave, NewmarketN4349751242 Park Ave, Newmarket
2 Benton Dr, MarkhamN43507602 Benton Dr, Markham
423 Summerchase Dr, OakvilleW4350434423 Summerchase Dr, Oakville
71 Roseland Dr, TorontoW434993671 Roseland Dr, Toronto
58 Everett Cres, TorontoE435045958 Everett Cres, Toronto
10025 Britannia Rd, MiltonW435060810025 Britannia Rd, Milton
3126 Gladish Grve, MississaugaW43500283126 Gladish Grve, Mississauga
175 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond HillN4350488175 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond Hill
14 Murrie St, TorontoW435206214 Murrie St, Toronto
1505 Lower Base Line, MiltonW43517371505 Lower Base Line, Milton
241 Westlake Ave, TorontoE4350914241 Westlake Ave, Toronto
277 Woodbine Ave, TorontoE4352046277 Woodbine Ave, Toronto
2 Dunvegan Dr, Richmond HillN43515722 Dunvegan Dr, Richmond Hill
31 Lonny Crt, VaughanN435148131 Lonny Crt, Vaughan
25B Mystic Ave, TorontoE435081625B Mystic Ave, Toronto
14 Fairbairn Gate, East GwillimburyN435024214 Fairbairn Gate, East Gwillimbury
34 Campden Pl, MarkhamN435077734 Campden Pl, Markham
2495 Scotch Pine Dr, OakvilleW43506472495 Scotch Pine Dr, Oakville
52 Harding Blvd, TorontoE435158152 Harding Blvd, Toronto
3118 Splendour Pl, MississaugaW43511833118 Splendour Pl, Mississauga
84 Eagle Peak Dr, Richmond HillN435130884 Eagle Peak Dr, Richmond Hill
74 Albert Roffey Cres, MarkhamN435131674 Albert Roffey Cres, Markham
Lot 42A Portman St, CaledonW4352054Lot 42A Portman St, Caledon
1144 Far North Circ, NewmarketN43523121144 Far North Circ, Newmarket
159 Morningside Dr, Halton HillsW4351417159 Morningside Dr, Halton Hills
82 Government Rd, TorontoW435200982 Government Rd, Toronto
84 Halterwood Circ, MarkhamN434990284 Halterwood Circ, Markham
8 Simmons Cres, AuroraN43514898 Simmons Cres, Aurora
114 Hawker Rd, VaughanN4352118114 Hawker Rd, Vaughan
39 Sir Stevens Dr, VaughanN434993239 Sir Stevens Dr, Vaughan
1029 Ivsbridge Blvd, NewmarketN43500371029 Ivsbridge Blvd, Newmarket
29 Dixon Ave, TorontoE435221929 Dixon Ave, Toronto
39 Hanson Cres, WhitbyE435164339 Hanson Cres, Whitby
11 Alhambra Ave, TorontoW435143111 Alhambra Ave, Toronto
10043 Britannia Rd, MiltonW435062410043 Britannia Rd, Milton
85 Harlow Cres, TorontoW435068585 Harlow Cres, Toronto
158 Gayla St, VaughanN4350077158 Gayla St, Vaughan
15 Brower Ave, Richmond HillN435021815 Brower Ave, Richmond Hill
1 Cider Cres, Richmond HillN43503911 Cider Cres, Richmond Hill
7 Strathmore Blvd, TorontoE43522407 Strathmore Blvd, Toronto
326 Homewood Ave, TorontoC4350123326 Homewood Ave, Toronto
89 Rouge Bank Dr, MarkhamN435018189 Rouge Bank Dr, Markham
17 Pine Ridge Lane, BramptonW434986917 Pine Ridge Lane, Brampton
1378 Haig Blvd, MississaugaW43514251378 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
35 Walwyn Ave, TorontoW435012735 Walwyn Ave, Toronto
52 Sharonview Cres, East GwillimburyN435093452 Sharonview Cres, East Gwillimbury
13843 Heart Lake Rd, CaledonW435131413843 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon
76 E Steeles Ave, MarkhamN435014176 E Steeles Ave, Markham
30 Woodhaven Cres, Richmond HillN435164530 Woodhaven Cres, Richmond Hill
16 John Weddell Ave, East GwillimburyN435109016 John Weddell Ave, East Gwillimbury
4186 Hazineh Crt, MississaugaW43516164186 Hazineh Crt, Mississauga
81 S Victoria Ave, HamiltonX435163781 S Victoria Ave, Hamilton
807 Brand Rd, UxbridgeN4350334807 Brand Rd, Uxbridge
3446 Skipton Lane, OakvilleW43518053446 Skipton Lane, Oakville
37 West Ave, TorontoE435210537 West Ave, Toronto
11 Rocking Horse St, MarkhamN435010611 Rocking Horse St, Markham
83 Marita Pl, VaughanN434993883 Marita Pl, Vaughan
599 Ray Lawson Blvd, BramptonW4350340599 Ray Lawson Blvd, Brampton
151 Newman Ave, Richmond HillN4351758151 Newman Ave, Richmond Hill
116 Chayna Cres, VaughanN4351682116 Chayna Cres, Vaughan
7 Vernham Crt, TorontoC43502647 Vernham Crt, Toronto
5 Pine Hill Rd, TorontoC43520445 Pine Hill Rd, Toronto
34 Owen Blvd, TorontoC435177834 Owen Blvd, Toronto
244 Russell Hill Rd, TorontoC4351705244 Russell Hill Rd, Toronto
101 Richview Ave, TorontoC4351488101 Richview Ave, Toronto
2975 Escarpment Sdrd, CaledonW43517552975 Escarpment Sdrd, Caledon
265 Arnold Ave, VaughanN4351469265 Arnold Ave, Vaughan
2086 S Autumn Breeze Dr, MississaugaW43509042086 S Autumn Breeze Dr, Mississauga
1267 Cumnock Cres, OakvilleW43518331267 Cumnock Cres, Oakville
22 E Knollview Cres, TorontoC435105122 E Knollview Cres, Toronto
11 Royal Troon Cres, MarkhamN435005111 Royal Troon Cres, Markham
48 Fonthill Blvd, MarkhamN434991248 Fonthill Blvd, Markham
58 Birch Ave, Richmond HillN435080858 Birch Ave, Richmond Hill
28 Parkway Ave, MarkhamN435191928 Parkway Ave, Markham
81 Honey Locust Crt, VaughanN435116481 Honey Locust Crt, Vaughan
19 Wolf Run Crt, Whitchurch StouffvilleN434998019 Wolf Run Crt, Whitchurch Stouffville
208 Centre St, VaughanN4349834208 Centre St, Vaughan
123 Albertus Ave, TorontoC4351790123 Albertus Ave, Toronto
19 Finesse Crt, Richmond HillN435097919 Finesse Crt, Richmond Hill
23 Aldershot Cres, TorontoC435111923 Aldershot Cres, Toronto
281 Ellerslie Ave, TorontoC4349771281 Ellerslie Ave, Toronto
2458A Bayview Ave, TorontoC43506582458A Bayview Ave, Toronto
12 Farrell Ave, TorontoC435027712 Farrell Ave, Toronto
31 Cheval Dr, TorontoC435183131 Cheval Dr, Toronto
478 Winston Rd, OakvilleW4351477478 Winston Rd, Oakville
2458B Bayview Ave, TorontoC43506682458B Bayview Ave, Toronto
9 Thomas Reid Rd, MarkhamN43509359 Thomas Reid Rd, Markham
40 Oatlands Cres, Richmond HillN435203440 Oatlands Cres, Richmond Hill
46 Virtue Cres, VaughanN435001346 Virtue Cres, Vaughan
18 Elkpath Ave, TorontoC435179918 Elkpath Ave, Toronto
1392 W King St, TorontoW43497681392 W King St, Toronto
11 Appledale Rd, TorontoW435134311 Appledale Rd, Toronto
11 Fairlin Dr, TorontoW435056711 Fairlin Dr, Toronto
92 Langtry Pl, VaughanN435232792 Langtry Pl, Vaughan
53 Falling Leaf Crt, AuroraN434981553 Falling Leaf Crt, Aurora
38 King High Dr, VaughanN434998538 King High Dr, Vaughan
136 Cassandra Blvd, TorontoC4351268136 Cassandra Blvd, Toronto
38 Citation Dr, TorontoC435193038 Citation Dr, Toronto
19 Hill Top Tr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN435158619 Hill Top Tr, Whitchurch Stouffville
37 Hurst Ave, VaughanN435229737 Hurst Ave, Vaughan
499 Melrose Ave, TorontoC4352147499 Melrose Ave, Toronto
70 Clarinda Dr, TorontoC435029670 Clarinda Dr, Toronto
4056 Bridlepath Tr, MississaugaW43520964056 Bridlepath Tr, Mississauga
176 Theodore Pl, VaughanN4351460176 Theodore Pl, Vaughan
252 Brooke Ave, TorontoC4350942252 Brooke Ave, Toronto
310 N Main St, MarkhamN4351556310 N Main St, Markham
72 Equestrian Dr, AuroraN435045772 Equestrian Dr, Aurora
186 Grandvista Cres, VaughanN4350648186 Grandvista Cres, Vaughan
307 Laird Dr, TorontoC4352310307 Laird Dr, Toronto
55 Skyline Tr, KingN435112955 Skyline Tr, King
32 Foursome Cres, TorontoC435146132 Foursome Cres, Toronto
403 Valley Dr, OakvilleW4350811403 Valley Dr, Oakville
1986 Calgary Crt, MississaugaW43521551986 Calgary Crt, Mississauga
170 Wilder Dr, OakvilleW4351019170 Wilder Dr, Oakville
168 Bethel Sdrd, GeorginaN4350471168 Bethel Sdrd, Georgina
32 East Humber Dr, KingN435213532 East Humber Dr, King
137 Leighland Ave, OakvilleW4350431137 Leighland Ave, Oakville
2477 Robin Dr, MississaugaW43512092477 Robin Dr, Mississauga
52 Loring Cres, MarkhamN435077452 Loring Cres, Markham
5292 Walkers Line, BurlingtonW43501475292 Walkers Line, Burlington
258 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4351726258 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
265 Ontario St, TorontoC4351761265 Ontario St, Toronto
2422 Rebecca St, OakvilleW43501562422 Rebecca St, Oakville
62 Cedarpoint Crt, VaughanN434991862 Cedarpoint Crt, Vaughan
38 Aegis Dr, VaughanN435178338 Aegis Dr, Vaughan
215 Hill Farm Rd, KingN4350485215 Hill Farm Rd, King
49 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond HillN435045249 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond Hill
10A Toscanini Rd, Richmond HillN435096810A Toscanini Rd, Richmond Hill
5 Leona Dr, TorontoC43517035 Leona Dr, Toronto
998 Northern Prospect Cres, NewmarketN4351873998 Northern Prospect Cres, Newmarket
57 Babak Blvd, VaughanN435163357 Babak Blvd, Vaughan
1307 Greenoaks Dr, MississaugaW43519331307 Greenoaks Dr, Mississauga
8 High Forest Crt, CaledonW43501538 High Forest Crt, Caledon
1476 Durham St, OakvilleW43501131476 Durham St, Oakville
216 Autumn Hill Blvd, VaughanN4350941216 Autumn Hill Blvd, Vaughan
1355 Applewood Rd, MississaugaW43501821355 Applewood Rd, Mississauga
33 E Clark Ave, MarkhamN434975933 E Clark Ave, Markham
3 Wilmac Crt, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43514383 Wilmac Crt, Whitchurch Stouffville
367 Howland Ave, TorontoC4351991367 Howland Ave, Toronto
4940 Concession 7 Rd, UxbridgeN43519344940 Concession 7 Rd, Uxbridge
94 Burton Grve, KingN435172294 Burton Grve, King
4402 Baseline Rd, GeorginaN43521144402 Baseline Rd, Georgina
8191 Churchville Rd, BramptonW43497478191 Churchville Rd, Brampton
19 Kensington Ave, TorontoC435168619 Kensington Ave, Toronto
72 Tatton Crt, KingN435072672 Tatton Crt, King
1511 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW43503621511 Duncan Rd, Oakville
259 Pomona Ave, BurlingtonW4352323259 Pomona Ave, Burlington
70 Athabaska Ave, TorontoC435055670 Athabaska Ave, Toronto
2323 Millward Ave, OakvilleW43504862323 Millward Ave, Oakville
485 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4351896485 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
68 Chesney Cres, VaughanN435101268 Chesney Cres, Vaughan
17758 Mccowan Rd, East GwillimburyN435039617758 Mccowan Rd, East Gwillimbury
9 West St, OakvilleW43504299 West St, Oakville
1463 Forks Of The Credit Rd, CaledonW43521991463 Forks Of The Credit Rd, Caledon
324 S Carrier Cres, VaughanN4350437324 S Carrier Cres, Vaughan
61 Wembley Dr, TorontoE435180461 Wembley Dr, Toronto
401 W Lakeshore Rd, OakvilleW4350805401 W Lakeshore Rd, Oakville
73 Coral Acres Dr, VaughanN435228773 Coral Acres Dr, Vaughan
99 Alpine Cres, Richmond HillN434980199 Alpine Cres, Richmond Hill
10 First St, TorontoW435143410 First St, Toronto
3040 Old Scugog Crt, ClaringtonE43506143040 Old Scugog Crt, Clarington
20 Forest Park Cres, MarkhamN434980820 Forest Park Cres, Markham
37 Stave Cres, Richmond HillN435146237 Stave Cres, Richmond Hill
91 Brooklawn Ave, TorontoE435214391 Brooklawn Ave, Toronto
1 Gowan Lane, AuroraN43513661 Gowan Lane, Aurora
10 Fielding Crt, AjaxE435004910 Fielding Crt, Ajax
7 Barletta Dr, VaughanN43522907 Barletta Dr, Vaughan
16 Sim Hill Cres, KingN435028516 Sim Hill Cres, King
271 Brighton Ave, TorontoC4352341271 Brighton Ave, Toronto
1419 Bayshire Dr, OakvilleW43499001419 Bayshire Dr, Oakville
50 Radcliffe Rd, MarkhamN434988250 Radcliffe Rd, Markham
131 Alberta Ave, TorontoC4350953131 Alberta Ave, Toronto
2455 Castlebrook Rd, OakvilleW43512152455 Castlebrook Rd, Oakville
3248 The Collegeway Way, MississaugaW43510023248 The Collegeway Way, Mississauga
39 Simpson Ave, TorontoE434991339 Simpson Ave, Toronto
2 Leo Austin Rd, BramptonW43506812 Leo Austin Rd, Brampton

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