GTA Listings Jan 25 2019

Listings for the GTA - Jan 25th 2019.

Top Listings for across the GTA. Right here we have put together all of the homes for sale. You'll find something here you won't want to pass on.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
113 Hatherley Rd, TorontoW4344480113 Hatherley Rd, Toronto
447 Mill St, Richmond HillN4344605447 Mill St, Richmond Hill
14805 Jane St, KingN434308214805 Jane St, King
9 Middlehead Tr, KingN43426109 Middlehead Tr, King
2042 Postmaster Dr, OakvilleW43448892042 Postmaster Dr, Oakville
5430 Oscar Peterson Blvd, MississaugaW43446905430 Oscar Peterson Blvd, Mississauga
114 Lisgar St, TorontoC4342888114 Lisgar St, Toronto
2490 Hertfordshire Way, OakvilleW43444672490 Hertfordshire Way, Oakville
190 Bayview Fairways Dr, MarkhamN4345066190 Bayview Fairways Dr, Markham
19 Mcphillips Ave, MarkhamN434346519 Mcphillips Ave, Markham
3 Blueberry Run Tr, KingN43439973 Blueberry Run Tr, King
105 Willow Heights Blvd, MarkhamN4344791105 Willow Heights Blvd, Markham
52 Addison St, Richmond HillN434446052 Addison St, Richmond Hill
588 Cummer Ave, TorontoC4344501588 Cummer Ave, Toronto
97A Granby St, TorontoC434298797A Granby St, Toronto
37 Limestone St, MarkhamN434393837 Limestone St, Markham
2035 Heartwood Crt, MississaugaW43439502035 Heartwood Crt, Mississauga
24 Briarfield Dr, TorontoC434451324 Briarfield Dr, Toronto
19 Nettles St, VaughanN434444119 Nettles St, Vaughan
20 Auburndale Dr, VaughanN434284920 Auburndale Dr, Vaughan
178 Carrington Dr, Richmond HillN4345108178 Carrington Dr, Richmond Hill
122 Linden Ave, TorontoE4343136122 Linden Ave, Toronto
34 Forty First St, TorontoW434269834 Forty First St, Toronto
41 North Forster Park Dr, OakvilleW434459541 North Forster Park Dr, Oakville
103 Sierra Crt, VaughanN4344782103 Sierra Crt, Vaughan
80 Morrison Creek Cres, OakvilleW434517480 Morrison Creek Cres, Oakville
1243 Wood Pl, OakvilleW43440211243 Wood Pl, Oakville
49 Walkerton Dr, MarkhamN434446249 Walkerton Dr, Markham
37 Shieldmark Cres, MarkhamN434332637 Shieldmark Cres, Markham
29 Lovilla Blvd, TorontoW434445629 Lovilla Blvd, Toronto
1130 Old Oak Dr, OakvilleW43444041130 Old Oak Dr, Oakville
92 Royal West Dr, BramptonW434331692 Royal West Dr, Brampton
329 Rudar Rd, MississaugaW4344157329 Rudar Rd, Mississauga
28 Ludford Dr, Richmond HillN434325128 Ludford Dr, Richmond Hill
70 Wayside Ave, Richmond HillN434315370 Wayside Ave, Richmond Hill
9 Nova Scotia Rd, BramptonW43450329 Nova Scotia Rd, Brampton
117 Laskin Dr, VaughanN4345018117 Laskin Dr, Vaughan
2384 Saugeen Rd, OakvilleW43440912384 Saugeen Rd, Oakville
151 William St, TorontoW4343241151 William St, Toronto
3725 Bishop Strachan Crt, MississaugaW43430973725 Bishop Strachan Crt, Mississauga
209A Scarborough Rd, TorontoE4343434209A Scarborough Rd, Toronto
41 Wolcott Ave, TorontoE434321541 Wolcott Ave, Toronto
4A Palomino Dr, Richmond HillN43448524A Palomino Dr, Richmond Hill
11 Bellini Ave, VaughanN434379111 Bellini Ave, Vaughan
17 Portree Cres, MarkhamN434353117 Portree Cres, Markham
244 Highglen Ave, MarkhamN4343422244 Highglen Ave, Markham
192 Glenmanor Way, VaughanN4342832192 Glenmanor Way, Vaughan
564 Bridgeview Rd, OakvilleW4342683564 Bridgeview Rd, Oakville
3 Clarkson Crt, CaledonW43432073 Clarkson Crt, Caledon
275 Cedarvale Ave, TorontoE4343430275 Cedarvale Ave, Toronto
2414 Ventura Dr, OakvilleW43448842414 Ventura Dr, Oakville
207 Aldergrove Dr, MarkhamN4344909207 Aldergrove Dr, Markham
3384 Springflower Way, OakvilleW43434323384 Springflower Way, Oakville
20 Brixham Terr, TorontoW434287120 Brixham Terr, Toronto
118 Carrville Woods Circ, VaughanN4344072118 Carrville Woods Circ, Vaughan
2527 Paula Crt, MississaugaW43445082527 Paula Crt, Mississauga
23 Desjardin Dr, MarkhamN434272223 Desjardin Dr, Markham
98 Normandy Blvd, TorontoE434476898 Normandy Blvd, Toronto
1255 Winter Cres, MiltonW43442331255 Winter Cres, Milton
106 Remembrance Rd, BramptonW4343433106 Remembrance Rd, Brampton
4 Caspian St, CaledonW43445904 Caspian St, Caledon
16 Goderich Dr, BramptonW434315216 Goderich Dr, Brampton
473 Becker Rd, Richmond HillN4343245473 Becker Rd, Richmond Hill
127 Rhodes Circ, NewmarketN4342854127 Rhodes Circ, Newmarket
3240 Topeka Dr, MississaugaW43451643240 Topeka Dr, Mississauga
1105 Harden Tr, NewmarketN43434771105 Harden Tr, Newmarket
4 Babington Crt, TorontoW43430404 Babington Crt, Toronto
6 Riverstone Dr, BramptonW43443406 Riverstone Dr, Brampton
5196 Warwickshire Way, MississaugaW43443825196 Warwickshire Way, Mississauga
4071 Mountjoy Rd, ScugogE43437364071 Mountjoy Rd, Scugog
2800 S Thickson Rd 2, WhitbyE43440772800 S Thickson Rd 2, Whitby
2015 Queensborough Gate, MississaugaW43439962015 Queensborough Gate, Mississauga
30 Elderbridge Rd, BramptonW434259630 Elderbridge Rd, Brampton
6 Edmonton St, BramptonW43428626 Edmonton St, Brampton
5248 Nova Cres, BurlingtonW43447435248 Nova Cres, Burlington
53 Cornelius Pkwy, TorontoW434299453 Cornelius Pkwy, Toronto
131 Sydel Cres, VaughanN4343500131 Sydel Cres, Vaughan
205 Torresdale Ave, TorontoC4343855205 Torresdale Ave, Toronto
11 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN434357211 Wolford Crt, Georgina
8 Kingsville Lane, Richmond HillN43430898 Kingsville Lane, Richmond Hill
117 Lampton Cres, MarkhamN4344418117 Lampton Cres, Markham
15 Dixon Rd, TorontoW434287315 Dixon Rd, Toronto
20047 Yonge St, East GwillimburyN434332320047 Yonge St, East Gwillimbury
3040 Workman Dr, MississaugaW43449803040 Workman Dr, Mississauga
68 South Woodrow Blvd, TorontoE434467368 South Woodrow Blvd, Toronto
15 Mersey St, VaughanN434426015 Mersey St, Vaughan
2173 Constance Dr, OakvilleW43429492173 Constance Dr, Oakville
363 Barondale Dr, MississaugaW4344381363 Barondale Dr, Mississauga
4 Royal Manor Cres, Richmond HillN43443304 Royal Manor Cres, Richmond Hill
1482 Hollywell Ave, MississaugaW43441751482 Hollywell Ave, Mississauga
163 Allan St, OakvilleW4343689163 Allan St, Oakville
6821 Golden Hills Way, MississaugaW43430436821 Golden Hills Way, Mississauga
147 Bingham Ave, TorontoE4342554147 Bingham Ave, Toronto
23 Elderbridge Rd, BramptonW434361323 Elderbridge Rd, Brampton
30 Foakes Dr, AjaxE434274030 Foakes Dr, Ajax
85 Benson Ave, Richmond HillN434398885 Benson Ave, Richmond Hill
6155 Camgreen Circ, MississaugaW43443056155 Camgreen Circ, Mississauga
503 Geranium Lane, BurlingtonW4342777503 Geranium Lane, Burlington
4107 Mcintosh Pl, BurlingtonW43451664107 Mcintosh Pl, Burlington
444 S Lake Dr, GeorginaN4343483444 S Lake Dr, Georgina
46 Newell Crt, TorontoW434303146 Newell Crt, Toronto
109 Fincham Ave, MarkhamN4344137109 Fincham Ave, Markham
31 Beaton Ave, VaughanN434452931 Beaton Ave, Vaughan
68 E Daisy Ave, TorontoW434385168 E Daisy Ave, Toronto
90 Dinnick Cres, TorontoC434402390 Dinnick Cres, Toronto
241 Dawlish Ave, TorontoC4345005241 Dawlish Ave, Toronto
2686 Bayview Ave, TorontoC43434602686 Bayview Ave, Toronto
203 Forest Ridge Rd, Richmond HillN4345020203 Forest Ridge Rd, Richmond Hill
46A Beechwood Ave, TorontoC434385646A Beechwood Ave, Toronto
298 Markham St, TorontoC4344048298 Markham St, Toronto
1373 Glenwood Dr, MississaugaW43433121373 Glenwood Dr, Mississauga
233 Indian Valley Tr, MississaugaW4344699233 Indian Valley Tr, Mississauga
33 Urquhart Crt, AuroraN434452133 Urquhart Crt, Aurora
23 Country Heights Dr, Richmond HillN434433823 Country Heights Dr, Richmond Hill
14 Scott Dr, Richmond HillN434428614 Scott Dr, Richmond Hill
44 Douglas Cres, TorontoC434381144 Douglas Cres, Toronto
14108 Yonge St, AuroraN434303614108 Yonge St, Aurora
14 Hycrest Ave, TorontoC434431714 Hycrest Ave, Toronto
9575 Keele St, VaughanN43436009575 Keele St, Vaughan
34 N May Ave, Richmond HillN434449934 N May Ave, Richmond Hill
1525 Warren Dr, OakvilleW43448231525 Warren Dr, Oakville
777 Spadina Rd, TorontoC4344610777 Spadina Rd, Toronto
150 Marsi Rd, Richmond HillN4342846150 Marsi Rd, Richmond Hill
32 Annis Rd, TorontoE434445132 Annis Rd, Toronto
271 E Glen Manor Dr, TorontoE4343213271 E Glen Manor Dr, Toronto
39 Ledbury St, TorontoC434509739 Ledbury St, Toronto
8 Bevdale Rd, TorontoC43428378 Bevdale Rd, Toronto
208 Bayview Heights Dr, TorontoC4342983208 Bayview Heights Dr, Toronto
140 Waterstone Crt, OakvilleW4345103140 Waterstone Crt, Oakville
42 Bannon Ave, TorontoW434350642 Bannon Ave, Toronto
34 W Oak Ave, Richmond HillN434502334 W Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
63 Fishleigh Dr, TorontoE434480863 Fishleigh Dr, Toronto
60 Forest Ridge Rd, Richmond HillN434270860 Forest Ridge Rd, Richmond Hill
50 Roberta Dr, TorontoC434484950 Roberta Dr, Toronto
230 Woodland Acres Cres, VaughanN4343351230 Woodland Acres Cres, Vaughan
104 Southvale Dr, TorontoC4343324104 Southvale Dr, Toronto
102 Leacrest Rd, TorontoC4343515102 Leacrest Rd, Toronto
29 Lorraine Gdns, TorontoW434338929 Lorraine Gdns, Toronto
77 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC434406877 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
80 Burrows Ave, TorontoW434453080 Burrows Ave, Toronto
56 E Lawrence Ave, TorontoC434446456 E Lawrence Ave, Toronto
2150 Side Rd 28 Sdrd, MiltonW43438432150 Side Rd 28 Sdrd, Milton
48 Nipigon Ave, TorontoC434370848 Nipigon Ave, Toronto
82 Charleston Rd, TorontoW434405682 Charleston Rd, Toronto
194 Martin St, KingN4343224194 Martin St, King
12 Morning Cres, AuroraN434495612 Morning Cres, Aurora
47 Laurel Ave, TorontoW434371447 Laurel Ave, Toronto
45 John St, KingN434463145 John St, King
273 Main St, MarkhamN4343028273 Main St, Markham
4289 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, KingN43433774289 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, King
96 Bond Cres, Richmond HillN434392396 Bond Cres, Richmond Hill
61 Ridge Point Cres, TorontoW434413161 Ridge Point Cres, Toronto
128 Bowood Ave, TorontoC4343053128 Bowood Ave, Toronto
61 Riderwood Dr, TorontoC434389861 Riderwood Dr, Toronto
14 16 Cedar Dr, CaledonW434343514 16 Cedar Dr, Caledon
193 Banbury Rd, TorontoC4343072193 Banbury Rd, Toronto
380 Ashbury Rd, OakvilleW4343180380 Ashbury Rd, Oakville
44 Reiner Rd, TorontoC434502944 Reiner Rd, Toronto
37 Davean Dr, TorontoC434266337 Davean Dr, Toronto
97 Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN434279397 Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
18 Leone Lane, BramptonW434468818 Leone Lane, Brampton
13 Rathnelly Ave, TorontoC434355313 Rathnelly Ave, Toronto
35 Stratheden Lane, VaughanN434335335 Stratheden Lane, Vaughan
73 Bowhill Dr, Richmond HillN434277673 Bowhill Dr, Richmond Hill
2 Colonel George Mclar Dr, MarkhamN43440502 Colonel George Mclar Dr, Markham
72 Abitibi Ave, TorontoC434288472 Abitibi Ave, Toronto
255 Searle Ave, TorontoC4344701255 Searle Ave, Toronto
52 N Wootten Way, MarkhamN434497852 N Wootten Way, Markham
61 Whisper Lane, VaughanN434450561 Whisper Lane, Vaughan
1 Port Royal Ave, VaughanN43431131 Port Royal Ave, Vaughan
76 Princess Ave, TorontoC434266776 Princess Ave, Toronto
18 Mahaffy Crt, KingN434429818 Mahaffy Crt, King
59 Addington Sq, MarkhamN434491859 Addington Sq, Markham
1534 Kenmuir Ave, MississaugaW43426391534 Kenmuir Ave, Mississauga
14438 Warden Ave, Whitchurch StouffvilleN434322314438 Warden Ave, Whitchurch Stouffville
1 Cedarhurst Park, GeorginaN43439461 Cedarhurst Park, Georgina
66 Pringle Ave, MarkhamN434277566 Pringle Ave, Markham
11 Garnet Ave, TorontoW434386211 Garnet Ave, Toronto
49 Thornheights Rd, MarkhamN434356449 Thornheights Rd, Markham
43 Broadleaf Rd, TorontoC434398443 Broadleaf Rd, Toronto
100 Blantyre Ave, TorontoE4343033100 Blantyre Ave, Toronto
151 Cowan Ave, TorontoW4343633151 Cowan Ave, Toronto
92 Yarmouth Rd, TorontoW434280192 Yarmouth Rd, Toronto
1258 Indian Rd, MississaugaW43438261258 Indian Rd, Mississauga
4273 Lakeshore Rd, ClaringtonE43435854273 Lakeshore Rd, Clarington
74 Mavety St, TorontoW434364274 Mavety St, Toronto
97 Timna Cres, VaughanN434394097 Timna Cres, Vaughan
17 Jasmine Rd, TorontoW434310217 Jasmine Rd, Toronto
136 Abner Miles Dr, VaughanN4344362136 Abner Miles Dr, Vaughan
77 Boulton Dr, TorontoC434517277 Boulton Dr, Toronto
9 Kintyre Ave, TorontoE43433569 Kintyre Ave, Toronto
81 Forest Grove Crt, AuroraN434265681 Forest Grove Crt, Aurora
Lot 10 Credit River Crt, CaledonW4342745Lot 10 Credit River Crt, Caledon
35 Nave St, VaughanN434310635 Nave St, Vaughan
1031 Masters Green, OakvilleW43447771031 Masters Green, Oakville
5253 Forest Ridge Dr, MississaugaW43452005253 Forest Ridge Dr, Mississauga
36 Nave St, VaughanN434311036 Nave St, Vaughan
2112 Bingley Cres, OakvilleW43442132112 Bingley Cres, Oakville
16 Cedar Dr, CaledonW434339116 Cedar Dr, Caledon
5 Marinucci Crt, Richmond HillN43440295 Marinucci Crt, Richmond Hill
1300 Amber Cres, OakvilleW43436191300 Amber Cres, Oakville
82 Rowland Crt, MarkhamN434341782 Rowland Crt, Markham
41 Dowling Circ, MarkhamN434461741 Dowling Circ, Markham
161 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN4344428161 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan
765 Bexhill Rd, MississaugaW4344984765 Bexhill Rd, Mississauga
12 Dumfries Dr, MarkhamN434352512 Dumfries Dr, Markham
53 Townwood Dr, Richmond HillN429820853 Townwood Dr, Richmond Hill
25 Duncannon Dr, TorontoC434342025 Duncannon Dr, Toronto
83 Bridlewood Dr, HamiltonX434508083 Bridlewood Dr, Hamilton
143 Euclid Ave, TorontoC4343834143 Euclid Ave, Toronto
1315 Bramblewood Lane, MississaugaW43438271315 Bramblewood Lane, Mississauga
Lot 9 Credit River Crt, CaledonW4342769Lot 9 Credit River Crt, Caledon
39 Olsen Dr, TorontoC434347239 Olsen Dr, Toronto
42 Crescentwood Rd, TorontoE434492442 Crescentwood Rd, Toronto
10 Hearthstone Cres, Richmond HillN434447610 Hearthstone Cres, Richmond Hill
21 Bruce Thomson Dr, MarkhamN434441121 Bruce Thomson Dr, Markham
2211 Stillmeadow Rd, MississaugaW43436852211 Stillmeadow Rd, Mississauga
290 Keele St, TorontoW4344022290 Keele St, Toronto
5219 Durie Rd, MississaugaW43432695219 Durie Rd, Mississauga
10B Albert St, MarkhamN434378310B Albert St, Markham
2113 Devonshire Cres, OakvilleW43443362113 Devonshire Cres, Oakville
21 Lionel Byam Dr, ClaringtonE434456721 Lionel Byam Dr, Clarington
1030 Veroli Crt, MississaugaW43446151030 Veroli Crt, Mississauga
37 Ridley Gdns, TorontoW434430037 Ridley Gdns, Toronto
110 Napa Hill Crt, VaughanN4342817110 Napa Hill Crt, Vaughan
10 Horner Crt, UxbridgeN434422610 Horner Crt, Uxbridge
10A Albert St, MarkhamN434377810A Albert St, Markham
25 Beechwood Dr, TorontoE434288725 Beechwood Dr, Toronto
857 6th St, MississaugaW4344275857 6th St, Mississauga
138 Bay Thorn Dr, MarkhamN4342851138 Bay Thorn Dr, Markham
23 Wolford Crt, GeorginaN434281223 Wolford Crt, Georgina
15 Emerald Heights Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN434487415 Emerald Heights Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
414 Highcliffe Dr, VaughanN4342844414 Highcliffe Dr, Vaughan
105 Roslin Ave, TorontoC4342694105 Roslin Ave, Toronto
16 Grantbrook St, TorontoC434280616 Grantbrook St, Toronto

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