GTA Listings January 18 2019

All of the Best Listings for the GTA - January 18 2019

The best of the best homes for sale in the GTA as of January 18th 2019. Search below for the property you're looking for, or search by city you want to live in.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
13300 Cartwright East 1 4 Line, ScugogE433932713300 Cartwright East 1 4 Line, Scugog
122 Homewood Ave, TorontoC4338775122 Homewood Ave, Toronto
40 Mccauley Dr, CaledonW433952940 Mccauley Dr, Caledon
68 Walmer Rd, Richmond HillN433980168 Walmer Rd, Richmond Hill
36 Skyline Tr, KingN433773636 Skyline Tr, King
8518 Heritage Rd, BramptonW43386368518 Heritage Rd, Brampton
17 Country Club Cres, UxbridgeN433740717 Country Club Cres, Uxbridge
59 Harmony Hill Cres, Richmond HillN433802459 Harmony Hill Cres, Richmond Hill
34 William Bartlett Dr, MarkhamN433820534 William Bartlett Dr, Markham
1072 Scott Ave, OakvilleW43399561072 Scott Ave, Oakville
134 Westmount Ave, TorontoC4338042134 Westmount Ave, Toronto
87 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN433800787 Meadowview Ave, Markham
11 Wascana Ave, TorontoC433925411 Wascana Ave, Toronto
290 Ash Tree Way, OakvilleW4339628290 Ash Tree Way, Oakville
40 Belmont St, TorontoC433959940 Belmont St, Toronto
8 Great Heron Crt, KingN43381338 Great Heron Crt, King
61 Eyer Dr, MarkhamN433859761 Eyer Dr, Markham
9 Fleetwell Crt, TorontoC43381299 Fleetwell Crt, Toronto
51 Wallenberg Dr, VaughanN433852751 Wallenberg Dr, Vaughan
14 Oceans Pond Crt, CaledonW433899014 Oceans Pond Crt, Caledon
95 Woodbine Ave, TorontoE433712095 Woodbine Ave, Toronto
62 Oatlands Cres, Richmond HillN433843262 Oatlands Cres, Richmond Hill
229 Tweedsdale Cres, OakvilleW4337959229 Tweedsdale Cres, Oakville
15 Averill Cres, TorontoC433861715 Averill Cres, Toronto
98 Rothwell St, AuroraN433750498 Rothwell St, Aurora
2463 Prince Michael Dr, OakvilleW43394912463 Prince Michael Dr, Oakville
460 Cummer Ave, TorontoC4338405460 Cummer Ave, Toronto
91 Beckett Ave, TorontoW433804391 Beckett Ave, Toronto
6 Taunus Crt, ClaringtonE43385096 Taunus Crt, Clarington
93 Cedarvale Ave, TorontoE433890893 Cedarvale Ave, Toronto
92 Churchill Ave, TorontoC433808092 Churchill Ave, Toronto
95 Cedarvale Ave, TorontoE433859195 Cedarvale Ave, Toronto
34 Gatehead Rd, TorontoC433926734 Gatehead Rd, Toronto
32 Pheasant Dr, Richmond HillN433741532 Pheasant Dr, Richmond Hill
42 Peter St, MarkhamN433860242 Peter St, Markham
63 Boone Cres, VaughanN433789063 Boone Cres, Vaughan
110 Joseph Hartman Cres, AuroraN4339234110 Joseph Hartman Cres, Aurora
182 Crane St, AuroraN4338370182 Crane St, Aurora
1224 Tyandaga Park, BurlingtonW43380061224 Tyandaga Park, Burlington
261 Bingham Ave, TorontoE4337366261 Bingham Ave, Toronto
143 Cassandra Blvd, TorontoC4338955143 Cassandra Blvd, Toronto
15271 Danby Rd, Halton HillsW433798115271 Danby Rd, Halton Hills
3277 Mintwood Circ, OakvilleW43381653277 Mintwood Circ, Oakville
479 Isabella Ave, MississaugaW4339921479 Isabella Ave, Mississauga
112 Robinson St, MarkhamN4337303112 Robinson St, Markham
872 Aviation Rd, MississaugaW4339061872 Aviation Rd, Mississauga
4321 Mia Crt, MississaugaW43377504321 Mia Crt, Mississauga
40 Cedar Springs Dr, Richmond HillN433881240 Cedar Springs Dr, Richmond Hill
103 Cocksfield Ave, TorontoC4338836103 Cocksfield Ave, Toronto
445 Armadale Ave, TorontoW4340015445 Armadale Ave, Toronto
231 Church St, OakvilleW4337801231 Church St, Oakville
Lot 3 Bucanan Dr, MarkhamN4339134Lot 3 Bucanan Dr, Markham
5062 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43394605062 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
40 Ellins Ave, TorontoW433832440 Ellins Ave, Toronto
319 Strathcona Dr, BurlingtonW4339300319 Strathcona Dr, Burlington
9 Winfield Ave, TorontoW43386129 Winfield Ave, Toronto
10 Pine Hills Crt, East GwillimburyN433949810 Pine Hills Crt, East Gwillimbury
5 Albert St, Halton HillsW43379695 Albert St, Halton Hills
2193 Lillykin St, OakvilleW43393922193 Lillykin St, Oakville
125A Donside Dr, TorontoE4337523125A Donside Dr, Toronto
7 Pine Island Way, BramptonW43386887 Pine Island Way, Brampton
233 W Highland Rd, HamiltonX4339345233 W Highland Rd, Hamilton
1 Largo Lane, TorontoE43371131 Largo Lane, Toronto
2318 Woodridge Way, OakvilleW43392882318 Woodridge Way, Oakville
46 Fulton Ave, TorontoE433795446 Fulton Ave, Toronto
208 Lake Prom, TorontoW4339406208 Lake Prom, Toronto
26 Pelosi Way, East GwillimburyN433712926 Pelosi Way, East Gwillimbury
38 Ross Vennare Cres, VaughanN434022838 Ross Vennare Cres, Vaughan
133 Reflection Rd, MarkhamN4339450133 Reflection Rd, Markham
2743 King St, CaledonW43378912743 King St, Caledon
5 Minstrel Dr, TorontoW43386895 Minstrel Dr, Toronto
364 Golden Orchard Rd, VaughanN4339143364 Golden Orchard Rd, Vaughan
167 N Lake Dr, GeorginaN4337275167 N Lake Dr, Georgina
24 Belgravia Ave, TorontoW433997924 Belgravia Ave, Toronto
449 Woodspring Ave, NewmarketN4337573449 Woodspring Ave, Newmarket
33 Lincoln Green Dr, MarkhamN433838733 Lincoln Green Dr, Markham
119 Glenbrook Dr, MarkhamN4337826119 Glenbrook Dr, Markham
31 Roth St, AuroraN433776731 Roth St, Aurora
2175 Lillykin St, OakvilleW43394752175 Lillykin St, Oakville
22 Church St, VaughanN434013722 Church St, Vaughan
108 Watson Ave, TorontoW4338570108 Watson Ave, Toronto
11 Gloxinia Cres, TorontoE433922911 Gloxinia Cres, Toronto
293 Stephenson Point Rd, ScugogE4339809293 Stephenson Point Rd, Scugog
2056 Hixon St, OakvilleW43383772056 Hixon St, Oakville
483 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4338090483 Windermere Ave, Toronto
19294 Kennedy Rd, East GwillimburyN433836519294 Kennedy Rd, East Gwillimbury
62 E Denison Rd, TorontoW433882362 E Denison Rd, Toronto
547A Parliament St, TorontoC4339217547A Parliament St, Toronto
2176 Malden Crt, MississaugaW43397082176 Malden Crt, Mississauga
2067 Waterbridge Dr, BurlingtonW43385372067 Waterbridge Dr, Burlington
182 Degraaf Cres, AuroraN4338407182 Degraaf Cres, Aurora
50 Westway Cres, VaughanN433900150 Westway Cres, Vaughan
83 Roslin Ave, TorontoC433817583 Roslin Ave, Toronto
550 Limerick Rd, BurlingtonW4339437550 Limerick Rd, Burlington
165 Upper Canada Crt, Halton HillsW4338633165 Upper Canada Crt, Halton Hills
16 Knowland Dr, TorontoW433726416 Knowland Dr, Toronto
38 Charles St, Halton HillsW433954038 Charles St, Halton Hills
1567 Agnew Rd, MississaugaW43373101567 Agnew Rd, Mississauga
43 Belcourt Rd, TorontoC433757443 Belcourt Rd, Toronto
288 Bogert Ave, TorontoC4338853288 Bogert Ave, Toronto
86 Mistysugar Tr, VaughanN433937386 Mistysugar Tr, Vaughan
233 Overton Pl, OakvilleW4337481233 Overton Pl, Oakville
3543 Garrard Rd, WhitbyE43367433543 Garrard Rd, Whitby
52 Russett Ave, TorontoW433730252 Russett Ave, Toronto
1524 Day Terr, MiltonW43378631524 Day Terr, Milton
431 Breckonwood Rd, BurlingtonW4338453431 Breckonwood Rd, Burlington
92 Warwood Rd, TorontoW433768592 Warwood Rd, Toronto
5354 Middlebury Dr, MississaugaW43374625354 Middlebury Dr, Mississauga
212 Franklin Ave, TorontoW4337509212 Franklin Ave, Toronto
25 Willowbank Ave, Richmond HillN433863725 Willowbank Ave, Richmond Hill
51 Ellenville Cres Guelph, EramosaX433736451 Ellenville Cres Guelph, Eramosa
10 Bagshaw Cres, UxbridgeN433962510 Bagshaw Cres, Uxbridge
266 Riverlands Ave, MarkhamN4337342266 Riverlands Ave, Markham
145 Stonechurch Cres, MarkhamN4338144145 Stonechurch Cres, Markham
3617 Swirlingleaves Cres, MississaugaW43371523617 Swirlingleaves Cres, Mississauga
87 Sutherland Cres, HamiltonX433974287 Sutherland Cres, Hamilton
28 John Smith St, East GwillimburyN434010528 John Smith St, East Gwillimbury
2654 Innisfil Rd, MississaugaW43382612654 Innisfil Rd, Mississauga
10 Ezra Cres, BramptonW433884610 Ezra Cres, Brampton
4065 Melba Lane, BurlingtonW43390794065 Melba Lane, Burlington
1245 Atkins Dr, NewmarketN43371341245 Atkins Dr, Newmarket
23 Regal Rd, TorontoC433857323 Regal Rd, Toronto
86 Dalecroft Circ, MarkhamN433922186 Dalecroft Circ, Markham
66 Dawnridge Tr, BramptonW434010666 Dawnridge Tr, Brampton
116 Bernbridge Rd, MarkhamN4338753116 Bernbridge Rd, Markham
11 Islay Crt, TorontoW433924811 Islay Crt, Toronto
3166 Cole Rd, East GwillimburyN43374973166 Cole Rd, East Gwillimbury
93 Coady Ave, TorontoE433821693 Coady Ave, Toronto
85 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd, CaledonW433924485 Bonnieglen Farm Blvd, Caledon
59 Southvale Dr, VaughanN433977259 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
1530 Devine Pt, MiltonW43399681530 Devine Pt, Milton
6 Timpson Dr, AuroraN43394576 Timpson Dr, Aurora
583 Maystone Crt, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4336752583 Maystone Crt, Whitchurch Stouffville
947 Easterbrook Ave, BurlingtonW4338886947 Easterbrook Ave, Burlington
45 Gray Cres, Richmond HillN433994045 Gray Cres, Richmond Hill
2507 Yarmouth Cres, OakvilleW43388212507 Yarmouth Cres, Oakville
2101 10th Side Rd Bradford, West GwillimburyN43394552101 10th Side Rd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
22 Ptarmigan Cres, TorontoC434015222 Ptarmigan Cres, Toronto
3 E Ennisclare Dr, OakvilleW43375863 E Ennisclare Dr, Oakville
1450 19th Sdrd, KingN43376461450 19th Sdrd, King
90 Fairfield Dr, KingN433718990 Fairfield Dr, King
2401 Doulton Pl, MississaugaW43393482401 Doulton Pl, Mississauga
6 Fifeshire Rd, TorontoC43377986 Fifeshire Rd, Toronto
8 Hillhurst Blvd, TorontoC43390138 Hillhurst Blvd, Toronto
3 Plymbridge Rd, TorontoC43382813 Plymbridge Rd, Toronto
6A Sorrel Crt, TorontoC43401436A Sorrel Crt, Toronto
19 Walnut Glen Pl, MarkhamN433731119 Walnut Glen Pl, Markham
36 Beaufort Rd, TorontoE433763136 Beaufort Rd, Toronto
1258 Lorne Park Rd, MississaugaW43401161258 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga
23 Normandale Cres, TorontoC433764823 Normandale Cres, Toronto
8 Scandia Crt, MarkhamN43397358 Scandia Crt, Markham
3043 Eighth Line, OakvilleW43397823043 Eighth Line, Oakville
3 Dinan St, TorontoC43384393 Dinan St, Toronto
2881 Escarpment Sdrd, CaledonW43374282881 Escarpment Sdrd, Caledon
51 Pamela Crt, VaughanN433811051 Pamela Crt, Vaughan
7 Berkindale Dr, TorontoC43378377 Berkindale Dr, Toronto
54 Ridgepoint Rd, VaughanN433974454 Ridgepoint Rd, Vaughan
14180 Heritage Rd, CaledonW433765414180 Heritage Rd, Caledon
88 Fifeshire Rd, TorontoC433961388 Fifeshire Rd, Toronto
63 Elm Ave, Richmond HillN433913263 Elm Ave, Richmond Hill
59 Elm Ave, Richmond HillN433907259 Elm Ave, Richmond Hill
22 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE433956322 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
102 Manitou Dr, KingN4340213102 Manitou Dr, King
1101 Indian Rd, MississaugaW43387801101 Indian Rd, Mississauga
31 Marlborough Ave, TorontoC433821831 Marlborough Ave, Toronto
25 Webster Ave, TorontoC433791625 Webster Ave, Toronto
7 Pomander Rd, MarkhamN43386787 Pomander Rd, Markham
72 Oriole Rd, TorontoC433857972 Oriole Rd, Toronto
67 Dunblaine Ave, TorontoC433981267 Dunblaine Ave, Toronto
12 Stollery Pond Cres, MarkhamN433788812 Stollery Pond Cres, Markham
1755 57 Bayview Ave, TorontoC43395491755 57 Bayview Ave, Toronto
11 Hi Mount Dr, TorontoC433818811 Hi Mount Dr, Toronto
86 Carmichael Ave, TorontoC433903786 Carmichael Ave, Toronto
9 Dunvegan Dr, Richmond HillN43373719 Dunvegan Dr, Richmond Hill
3 Glenwood Terr, TorontoE43382033 Glenwood Terr, Toronto
328 Patricia Ave, TorontoC4338305328 Patricia Ave, Toronto
272 W Glengrove Ave, TorontoC4337961272 W Glengrove Ave, Toronto
41 Frybrook Cres, Richmond HillN433751941 Frybrook Cres, Richmond Hill
20 Avonhurst Rd, TorontoW433843020 Avonhurst Rd, Toronto
9 Calderon Cres, TorontoC43396229 Calderon Cres, Toronto
27 Clarkhill St, TorontoC433896227 Clarkhill St, Toronto
190 Florence Ave, TorontoC4338329190 Florence Ave, Toronto
31 Davina Circ, AuroraN433816831 Davina Circ, Aurora
129 Oaklands Park Crt, BurlingtonW4338623129 Oaklands Park Crt, Burlington
4472 S Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW43394034472 S Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
19 Farrell Ave, TorontoC434023219 Farrell Ave, Toronto
16932 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN433724716932 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
517 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4339193517 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
209 Richview Ave, TorontoC4339634209 Richview Ave, Toronto
65 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond HillN433960265 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond Hill
37 Sawmill Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN433809837 Sawmill Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
314 Burton Rd, OakvilleW4338139314 Burton Rd, Oakville
2163 Springbank Rd, MississaugaW43398462163 Springbank Rd, Mississauga
15 Hambly Ave, TorontoE433851915 Hambly Ave, Toronto
184 19th Ave, Richmond HillN4340207184 19th Ave, Richmond Hill
38 Winlock Park, TorontoC433837838 Winlock Park, Toronto
34 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN433713334 Lavender Valley Rd, King
123 Endless Circ, VaughanN4339127123 Endless Circ, Vaughan
59 Lurgan Dr, TorontoC433728159 Lurgan Dr, Toronto
2365 Hixon St, OakvilleW43380632365 Hixon St, Oakville
399 Connaught Ave, TorontoC4338580399 Connaught Ave, Toronto
93 Alexis Blvd, TorontoC433948093 Alexis Blvd, Toronto
166 Waverley Rd, TorontoE4337386166 Waverley Rd, Toronto
875 The Greenway, MississaugaW4339688875 The Greenway, Mississauga
216 Dovercourt Rd, TorontoC4337145216 Dovercourt Rd, Toronto
3530 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW43372463530 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
247 Gatestone Ave, OakvilleW4337239247 Gatestone Ave, Oakville
542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4339200542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
368 Jumna Ave, MississaugaW4340164368 Jumna Ave, Mississauga
14 Royal West Rd, MarkhamN433848514 Royal West Rd, Markham
24 Donna Crt, TorontoC433943624 Donna Crt, Toronto
1507 Constance Dr, OakvilleW43392731507 Constance Dr, Oakville
12 Thorncliffe Ave, TorontoE433740112 Thorncliffe Ave, Toronto
33 Rose Green Dr, VaughanN433881733 Rose Green Dr, Vaughan
454 Hounslow Ave, TorontoC4339903454 Hounslow Ave, Toronto
276 Walkers Line, BurlingtonW4338014276 Walkers Line, Burlington
77 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC433888077 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
3985 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43388283985 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
2 Northglen Ave, TorontoW43397092 Northglen Ave, Toronto
485 Morrison Rd, OakvilleW4338391485 Morrison Rd, Oakville
44 Southwell Dr, TorontoC433783544 Southwell Dr, Toronto
386 Willowdale Ave, TorontoC4337488386 Willowdale Ave, Toronto
56 Norton Ave, TorontoC433733256 Norton Ave, Toronto
58 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond HillN433999358 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond Hill
58 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond HillN434000658 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond Hill
3981 Concession Rd 6 Rd, ClaringtonE43382943981 Concession Rd 6 Rd, Clarington
5 Minorca Pl, TorontoC43389095 Minorca Pl, Toronto
132 Huron St, TorontoC4339777132 Huron St, Toronto
397 Smith Ave, BurlingtonW4338372397 Smith Ave, Burlington
56 Hillside Ave, VaughanN433749356 Hillside Ave, Vaughan
1295 Queen Victoria Ave, MississaugaW43387581295 Queen Victoria Ave, Mississauga
1219 Burrowhill Lane, MississaugaW43390741219 Burrowhill Lane, Mississauga
132 St Clements Ave, TorontoC4337410132 St Clements Ave, Toronto
11 Astrantia Way, BramptonW433820911 Astrantia Way, Brampton
36 Christina Cres, TorontoE433995336 Christina Cres, Toronto
20 Horse Rake Rd, VaughanN433728220 Horse Rake Rd, Vaughan
1345 Strathy Ave, MississaugaW43375471345 Strathy Ave, Mississauga
324 Churchill Ave, KingN4339306324 Churchill Ave, King
81 Balderson Dr, VaughanN433847681 Balderson Dr, Vaughan
8921 Mississauga Rd, BramptonW43398918921 Mississauga Rd, Brampton
Lot 5 Worthington Ave, Richmond HillN4340005Lot 5 Worthington Ave, Richmond Hill
1220 Willowbrook Dr, OakvilleW43397521220 Willowbrook Dr, Oakville
68 Belgrave Ave, TorontoC433927968 Belgrave Ave, Toronto
654 Byngmount Ave, MississaugaW4338601654 Byngmount Ave, Mississauga
22 Sweet Anna Crt, VaughanN433929522 Sweet Anna Crt, Vaughan
4170 Edgerton Rd, ScugogE43391474170 Edgerton Rd, Scugog
18 Maxwell Ave, TorontoC433732318 Maxwell Ave, Toronto
134 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond HillN4339773134 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond Hill
36 Sisley Cres, VaughanN433759036 Sisley Cres, Vaughan
14925 Jane St, KingN433726014925 Jane St, King
54 Benson Ave, TorontoC433856754 Benson Ave, Toronto
330 Bush St, CaledonW4339650330 Bush St, Caledon
36 Apple Grove Crt, VaughanN433722736 Apple Grove Crt, Vaughan
17 Windfields Rd, MarkhamN433993617 Windfields Rd, Markham
37 Johnston Ave, TorontoC433792437 Johnston Ave, Toronto
635 Duclos Point Rd, GeorginaN4337448635 Duclos Point Rd, Georgina
21 Sachet Dr, Richmond HillN433769621 Sachet Dr, Richmond Hill
690 Gladstone Ave, TorontoW4337290690 Gladstone Ave, Toronto
18 Edmund Seager Dr, VaughanN433880718 Edmund Seager Dr, Vaughan
362 W Lawrence Ave, TorontoC4339035362 W Lawrence Ave, Toronto
53 Fortune Cres, Richmond HillN434017153 Fortune Cres, Richmond Hill
7 Barletta Dr, VaughanN43374757 Barletta Dr, Vaughan
3715 St Laurent Crt, MississaugaW43389413715 St Laurent Crt, Mississauga
3919 Glamis Crt, MississaugaW43383093919 Glamis Crt, Mississauga
141 Bradgate Dr, MarkhamN4339881141 Bradgate Dr, Markham
208 Headwind Blvd, VaughanN4337457208 Headwind Blvd, Vaughan
30 Theobalds Circ, Richmond HillN433842130 Theobalds Circ, Richmond Hill
16 George Cres, CaledonW433879516 George Cres, Caledon
31 Eyer Dr, MarkhamN434009631 Eyer Dr, Markham
15 Oliver Emerson Ave, KingN433962115 Oliver Emerson Ave, King
499 Rushton Rd, TorontoC4338569499 Rushton Rd, Toronto
21 Walker Rd, TorontoC433761921 Walker Rd, Toronto
7 Knollview Cres, TorontoC43388187 Knollview Cres, Toronto
34 Mockingbird Dr, Richmond HillN433926834 Mockingbird Dr, Richmond Hill
88 Mcrae Dr, TorontoC433824488 Mcrae Dr, Toronto
101 Foxwood Rd, VaughanN4338801101 Foxwood Rd, Vaughan
92 Carville Woods Circ, VaughanN433944992 Carville Woods Circ, Vaughan
30 Hollylane Dr, MarkhamN433931730 Hollylane Dr, Markham
207 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, MississaugaW4337838207 Glenn Hawthorne Blvd, Mississauga

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