GTA Listings Jul 19 2019

GTA Homes For Sale - July 19 2019

The homes that are for sale right now throughout the GTA right here, in one convenient place. Take a look - we guarantee you'll find something you'll love. No matter what area, there is something here for you.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
25 Rennie Ave, MarkhamN452260125 Rennie Ave, Markham
532 Jane St, TorontoW4522519532 Jane St, Toronto
5692 River Grove Ave, MississaugaW45224805692 River Grove Ave, Mississauga
22 Woodriver St, Richmond HillN452249122 Woodriver St, Richmond Hill
57 Divon Lane, Richmond HillN452249057 Divon Lane, Richmond Hill
50 Cromarty Pl, VaughanN452253850 Cromarty Pl, Vaughan
64 Frank Kelly Dr, East GwillimburyN452250464 Frank Kelly Dr, East Gwillimbury
194 Concord Ave, TorontoC4522481194 Concord Ave, Toronto
65 Bear Run Rd, BramptonW452234165 Bear Run Rd, Brampton
3353 Liptay Ave 9, OakvilleW45223503353 Liptay Ave 9, Oakville
218 Arichat Rd, OakvilleW4522104218 Arichat Rd, Oakville
12 Old Oak Lane, OrangevilleW452224012 Old Oak Lane, Orangeville
62 Westhead Dr, TorontoW452225162 Westhead Dr, Toronto
2552 Andover Rd, OakvilleW45223272552 Andover Rd, Oakville
1838 Green Meadow Dr, BurlingtonW45222851838 Green Meadow Dr, Burlington
3027 Augusta Dr, MississaugaW45224213027 Augusta Dr, Mississauga
82 Aylesbury Dr, BramptonW452226582 Aylesbury Dr, Brampton
18 Reid Manor, TorontoW452221318 Reid Manor, Toronto
21 Hawtrey Rd, BramptonW452241721 Hawtrey Rd, Brampton
2951 Westoak Trails Blvd, OakvilleW45221782951 Westoak Trails Blvd, Oakville
59 Gwillimbury Dr Bradford, West GwillimburyN452243659 Gwillimbury Dr Bradford, West Gwillimbury
55 Goldpark Crt, VaughanN452231655 Goldpark Crt, Vaughan
27 Knotty Pine Tr, MarkhamN452230627 Knotty Pine Tr, Markham
65 Bluff Tr, KingN452236765 Bluff Tr, King
3 Pine Hills Crt, East GwillimburyN45221323 Pine Hills Crt, East Gwillimbury
424 Port Royal Tr, TorontoE4522205424 Port Royal Tr, Toronto
991 Carlaw Ave, TorontoE4522188991 Carlaw Ave, Toronto
4 Avanti Cres, HamiltonX45218534 Avanti Cres, Hamilton
949 Pondcliffe Crt, KitchenerX4522041949 Pondcliffe Crt, Kitchener
1011 Rebecca St, OakvilleW45215911011 Rebecca St, Oakville
2333 Presquile Dr, OakvilleW45218372333 Presquile Dr, Oakville
83 Sixteenth St, TorontoW452174383 Sixteenth St, Toronto
3072 Knob Hill, MississaugaW45216543072 Knob Hill, Mississauga
5345 San Remo Crt, MississaugaW45218775345 San Remo Crt, Mississauga
3208 W Dundas St, TorontoW45218793208 W Dundas St, Toronto
963 Preston Manor Dr, MississaugaW4521828963 Preston Manor Dr, Mississauga
22 Howland Cres, BramptonW452190722 Howland Cres, Brampton
3353 Liptay Ave 9, OakvilleW45217853353 Liptay Ave 9, Oakville
9 Antrim Crt, CaledonW45219089 Antrim Crt, Caledon
2436 Hilda Dr, OakvilleW45216752436 Hilda Dr, Oakville
26 Hartwood Pl, MarkhamN452187426 Hartwood Pl, Markham
1 Bruce Creek Dr, MarkhamN45216291 Bruce Creek Dr, Markham
22 Caymus St, Richmond HillN452179722 Caymus St, Richmond Hill
44 Mill Run Gate, UxbridgeN452162044 Mill Run Gate, Uxbridge
37 Timna Cres, VaughanN452180537 Timna Cres, Vaughan
87 Longhouse St, VaughanN452205387 Longhouse St, Vaughan
30 Norwich Dr, MarkhamN452208330 Norwich Dr, Markham
4 Township Ave, Richmond HillN45220004 Township Ave, Richmond Hill
7 Covington Dr, WhitbyE45219387 Covington Dr, Whitby
21 Marlee Ave, TorontoC452202721 Marlee Ave, Toronto
14 Mullet Rd, TorontoC452160214 Mullet Rd, Toronto
5 Preakness Dr, TorontoC45218225 Preakness Dr, Toronto
1 Anewen Dr, TorontoC45215281 Anewen Dr, Toronto
106 Kincardine St, VaughanN4521571106 Kincardine St, Vaughan
4 Falling River Dr, Richmond HillN45214064 Falling River Dr, Richmond Hill
2559 King Forrest Dr, MississaugaW45215292559 King Forrest Dr, Mississauga
6412 Cedar Springs Rd, BurlingtonW45214266412 Cedar Springs Rd, Burlington
29 Don Head Village Blvd, Richmond HillN452134329 Don Head Village Blvd, Richmond Hill
20 Donwoods Cres, WhitbyE452144920 Donwoods Cres, Whitby
1282 Myron Dr, MississaugaW45214991282 Myron Dr, Mississauga
3261 Mintwood Circ, OakvilleW45214683261 Mintwood Circ, Oakville
134 Mccabe Cres, VaughanN4521435134 Mccabe Cres, Vaughan
13699 Regional Rd 39 Rd, UxbridgeN452157513699 Regional Rd 39 Rd, Uxbridge
22 Bayswater Ave, Richmond HillN452152422 Bayswater Ave, Richmond Hill
24 Wild Cherry Lane, MarkhamN452123324 Wild Cherry Lane, Markham
5215 Brockworth Dr, MississaugaW45212515215 Brockworth Dr, Mississauga
15 Credo Dr, VaughanN452122915 Credo Dr, Vaughan
7502 Black Walnut Tr, MississaugaW45211947502 Black Walnut Tr, Mississauga
106 Speedwell St, BramptonW4521079106 Speedwell St, Brampton
54 Oxfordshire St, MarkhamN452117054 Oxfordshire St, Markham
39 Bryant Rd, MarkhamN452118539 Bryant Rd, Markham
7881 Dufferin St, VaughanN45211017881 Dufferin St, Vaughan
70 E Devondale Ave, TorontoC452114970 E Devondale Ave, Toronto
6936 Barrisdale Dr, MississaugaW45209616936 Barrisdale Dr, Mississauga
32 W Kirk Bradden Rd, TorontoW452102132 W Kirk Bradden Rd, Toronto
502 Grovehill Rd, OakvilleW4520770502 Grovehill Rd, Oakville
989 Focal Rd, MississaugaW4520934989 Focal Rd, Mississauga
2487 Oakhaven Dr, OakvilleW45209482487 Oakhaven Dr, Oakville
28 Jacksonville Dr, BramptonW452088728 Jacksonville Dr, Brampton
138 Mount Royal Circ, BramptonW4520903138 Mount Royal Circ, Brampton
380 Swinburne Rd, BurlingtonW4520749380 Swinburne Rd, Burlington
61 Bow River Cres, MississaugaW452095461 Bow River Cres, Mississauga
1387 Waverly Ave, OakvilleW45210311387 Waverly Ave, Oakville
2049 Tolman Rd, MississaugaW45208802049 Tolman Rd, Mississauga
69 Eaglewood Blvd, MississaugaW452079569 Eaglewood Blvd, Mississauga
5134 Nishga Crt, MississaugaW45208045134 Nishga Crt, Mississauga
4530 Centretown Way, MississaugaW45209214530 Centretown Way, Mississauga
1264 Kane Rd, MississaugaW45208131264 Kane Rd, Mississauga
185 Annette St, TorontoW4520686185 Annette St, Toronto
39 Ironshield Cres, MarkhamN452075839 Ironshield Cres, Markham
68 Senator Reesors Dr, MarkhamN452094268 Senator Reesors Dr, Markham
80 Oakborough Dr, MarkhamN452074280 Oakborough Dr, Markham
66 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN452065566 Meadowview Ave, Markham
105 Pitfield Rd, TorontoE4520807105 Pitfield Rd, Toronto
96 Curzon St, TorontoE452095196 Curzon St, Toronto
7900 Thickson Rd, WhitbyE45209007900 Thickson Rd, Whitby
19 Stuart Cres, TorontoC452065619 Stuart Cres, Toronto
52 Denison Ave, TorontoC452073752 Denison Ave, Toronto
89 Palmerston Ave, TorontoC452065389 Palmerston Ave, Toronto
121 Edgewater Dr, HamiltonX4520175121 Edgewater Dr, Hamilton
10 Sturton Rd, TorontoW452053010 Sturton Rd, Toronto
103 Ennerdale Rd, TorontoW4520523103 Ennerdale Rd, Toronto
16 Royal West Dr, BramptonW452049416 Royal West Dr, Brampton
3469 Placid Pl, MississaugaW45206123469 Placid Pl, Mississauga
1007 Syndenham Lane, MiltonW45205441007 Syndenham Lane, Milton
411 S Inglehart St, OakvilleW4520248411 S Inglehart St, Oakville
2609 N Misener Cres, MississaugaW45204202609 N Misener Cres, Mississauga
3220 Robert St, BurlingtonW45203153220 Robert St, Burlington
27 Ivano Mews, VaughanN452020827 Ivano Mews, Vaughan
78 Martini Dr, Richmond HillN452033678 Martini Dr, Richmond Hill
26 Aldergrove Dr, MarkhamN452062826 Aldergrove Dr, Markham
2 Pantano Dr, VaughanN45204292 Pantano Dr, Vaughan
27 Fergus Ave, Richmond HillN452043227 Fergus Ave, Richmond Hill
81 Frank Kelly Dr, East GwillimburyN452050881 Frank Kelly Dr, East Gwillimbury
59 Rhodes Ave, TorontoE452039159 Rhodes Ave, Toronto
45 Rothean Dr, WhitbyE452022745 Rothean Dr, Whitby
62 Columbine Ave, TorontoE452016362 Columbine Ave, Toronto
8 Caronridge Cres, TorontoE45203208 Caronridge Cres, Toronto
157 Ellerslie Ave, TorontoC4520588157 Ellerslie Ave, Toronto
108 Shaw St, TorontoC4520533108 Shaw St, Toronto
122 Baycrest Ave, TorontoC4520456122 Baycrest Ave, Toronto
43 Tefley Rd, TorontoC452019643 Tefley Rd, Toronto
335 W Elgin Mills Rd, Richmond HillN4517599335 W Elgin Mills Rd, Richmond Hill
68 Thornbrook Crt, VaughanN451951368 Thornbrook Crt, Vaughan
39 Pagebrook Dr, TorontoW452008739 Pagebrook Dr, Toronto
23051 Mccowan Rd, GeorginaN452000023051 Mccowan Rd, Georgina
71 Pathway Dr, BramptonW452002471 Pathway Dr, Brampton
1063 Avenue Rd, TorontoC45201321063 Avenue Rd, Toronto
9015 Mosport Rd, ClaringtonE45199309015 Mosport Rd, Clarington
10 Lost Holllow Rd, CaledonW451991410 Lost Holllow Rd, Caledon
15 Daleridge Cres, BramptonW452005015 Daleridge Cres, Brampton
38 Northwest Crt, Halton HillsW451997438 Northwest Crt, Halton Hills
67 Thirtieth St, TorontoW452010667 Thirtieth St, Toronto
15 Reesor Rd, TorontoE451983615 Reesor Rd, Toronto
28 Chisholm Ave, TorontoE451984228 Chisholm Ave, Toronto
131 Deerwood Cres, Richmond HillN4519809131 Deerwood Cres, Richmond Hill
8 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE45198078 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
122 Landsdown Cres, MarkhamN4519865122 Landsdown Cres, Markham
5542 St John Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN45198395542 St John Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
52 Spruce Ave, East GwillimburyN451979652 Spruce Ave, East Gwillimbury
8 Cirillo St, BramptonW45197248 Cirillo St, Brampton
24 Waterloo Crt, BramptonW451967624 Waterloo Crt, Brampton
494 Durie St, TorontoW4519729494 Durie St, Toronto
4 Intrigue Tr, BramptonW45197004 Intrigue Tr, Brampton
22 Rhapsody Cres, BramptonW451967322 Rhapsody Cres, Brampton
2740 Baseline Rd, GeorginaN45197512740 Baseline Rd, Georgina
311 Glenholme Ave, TorontoC4519704311 Glenholme Ave, Toronto
1687 Danthorpe Dr, MississaugaW45191661687 Danthorpe Dr, Mississauga
56 Playfair Terr, MiltonW451940256 Playfair Terr, Milton
191 Hallam St, TorontoW4519613191 Hallam St, Toronto
5153 Rayana Rdge, MississaugaW45193305153 Rayana Rdge, Mississauga
10 E Quintette Clse, BramptonW451936910 E Quintette Clse, Brampton
1598 Hollywell Ave, MississaugaW45193711598 Hollywell Ave, Mississauga
36 Wildmoor St, MarkhamN451952136 Wildmoor St, Markham
49 Buchanan Dr, MarkhamN451947349 Buchanan Dr, Markham
16 Rossini Rd, Richmond HillN451954016 Rossini Rd, Richmond Hill
93 Maurier Blvd, VaughanN451964393 Maurier Blvd, Vaughan
10 Goodwin Crt, East GwillimburyN451937810 Goodwin Crt, East Gwillimbury
2 Glentworth Rd, TorontoC45195782 Glentworth Rd, Toronto
529 Terrington Cres, KitchenerX4519228529 Terrington Cres, Kitchener
3350 Ryerson Rd, BurlingtonW45191723350 Ryerson Rd, Burlington
15 Grafton Ave, TorontoW451905915 Grafton Ave, Toronto
6914 Lisgar Dr, MississaugaW45192296914 Lisgar Dr, Mississauga
36 Cedarsprings Way, BramptonW451922036 Cedarsprings Way, Brampton
320 Wendron Cres, MississaugaW4518957320 Wendron Cres, Mississauga
169 Sixteen Mile Dr, OakvilleW4519235169 Sixteen Mile Dr, Oakville
1052 Enola Ave, MississaugaW45189981052 Enola Ave, Mississauga
1499 Lorne Wood Rd, MississaugaW45189211499 Lorne Wood Rd, Mississauga
19 Mulholland Ave, TorontoW451884019 Mulholland Ave, Toronto
61 Sheshi Dr, VaughanN451902961 Sheshi Dr, Vaughan
50 Timber Valley Ave, Richmond HillN451901650 Timber Valley Ave, Richmond Hill
34 Breckonwood Cres, MarkhamN451897534 Breckonwood Cres, Markham
143 Rushworth Cres, VaughanN4519116143 Rushworth Cres, Vaughan
2 Emmeline Cres, TorontoE45188622 Emmeline Cres, Toronto
3 Serene Crt, WhitbyE45188703 Serene Crt, Whitby
28 Overton Cres, TorontoC451918328 Overton Cres, Toronto
143 Niagara St, TorontoC4519212143 Niagara St, Toronto
3307 Lonefeather Cres, MississaugaW45187763307 Lonefeather Cres, Mississauga
274A Beta St, TorontoW4518617274A Beta St, Toronto
201 E Finch Ave, TorontoC4518631201 E Finch Ave, Toronto
144 Heward Ave, TorontoE4518534144 Heward Ave, Toronto
749 E Gerrard St, TorontoE4518640749 E Gerrard St, Toronto
11360 Fifth Line, Halton HillsW451869411360 Fifth Line, Halton Hills
128 Rising Hill Rdge, BramptonW4518752128 Rising Hill Rdge, Brampton
42 Jessie Cres, East GwillimburyN451875442 Jessie Cres, East Gwillimbury
2 Valleyway Dr, BramptonW45186072 Valleyway Dr, Brampton
6 Bloomfield Tr, Richmond HillN45186466 Bloomfield Tr, Richmond Hill
16 Lugano Cres, MarkhamN451852816 Lugano Cres, Markham
15 Mckee Crt, AuroraN451858115 Mckee Crt, Aurora
5 Highvalley Circ, BramptonW45226575 Highvalley Circ, Brampton
142 Hurst Ave, VaughanN4522613142 Hurst Ave, Vaughan
7 Wingate Cres, Richmond HillN45226447 Wingate Cres, Richmond Hill
1576 Carmen Dr, MississaugaW45225941576 Carmen Dr, Mississauga
40 Silverhill Dr, TorontoW452259640 Silverhill Dr, Toronto
86 A Greensides Ave, TorontoC452262486 A Greensides Ave, Toronto
168 Nelson St, OakvilleW4522546168 Nelson St, Oakville
17 Oakbank Rd, VaughanN452254517 Oakbank Rd, Vaughan
25 Eastdale Cres, Richmond HillN452249325 Eastdale Cres, Richmond Hill
9 Adonis Clse, BramptonW45221469 Adonis Clse, Brampton
289 Rebecca St, OakvilleW4522427289 Rebecca St, Oakville
3246 Donald Mackay St, OakvilleW45223903246 Donald Mackay St, Oakville
1220 Bellview St, BurlingtonW45222711220 Bellview St, Burlington
24 Dumfries Dr, MarkhamN452220324 Dumfries Dr, Markham
84 Willow Farm Lane, AuroraN452239784 Willow Farm Lane, Aurora
41 Pennock Cres, MarkhamN452211941 Pennock Cres, Markham
25 Country Ridge Dr, MarkhamN452243125 Country Ridge Dr, Markham
18480 Keele St, KingN452236418480 Keele St, King
61 Michael Fisher Ave, VaughanN452224961 Michael Fisher Ave, Vaughan
15975 E Jane St, KingN452215415975 E Jane St, King
1611 N Ritson Rd, OshawaE45222921611 N Ritson Rd, Oshawa
155 E Estelle Ave, TorontoC4522136155 E Estelle Ave, Toronto
35 37 Tournament Dr, TorontoC452236335 37 Tournament Dr, Toronto
1594 Calverton Crt, MississaugaW45220011594 Calverton Crt, Mississauga
12312 Kennedy Rd, CaledonW452192212312 Kennedy Rd, Caledon
74 Gort Ave, TorontoW452190274 Gort Ave, Toronto
5354 Ruperts Gate Dr, MississaugaW45216855354 Ruperts Gate Dr, Mississauga
4796 Countryside Dr, BramptonW45216594796 Countryside Dr, Brampton
111 Firglen Rdge, VaughanN4521739111 Firglen Rdge, Vaughan
5852 Sixteenth Sdrd, KingN45220955852 Sixteenth Sdrd, King
62 Randolph Dr, VaughanN452188062 Randolph Dr, Vaughan
107 Marc Santi Blvd, VaughanN4521905107 Marc Santi Blvd, Vaughan
16 Windridge Dr, MarkhamN452180716 Windridge Dr, Markham
208 Mortimer Ave, TorontoE4521909208 Mortimer Ave, Toronto
30 Chipping Rd, TorontoC452173330 Chipping Rd, Toronto
25 Burleigh Heights Dr, TorontoC452171725 Burleigh Heights Dr, Toronto
147 Sutherland Dr, TorontoC4522061147 Sutherland Dr, Toronto
79 Elmsthorpe Ave, TorontoC452194179 Elmsthorpe Ave, Toronto
16 Davean Dr, TorontoC452175416 Davean Dr, Toronto
108 Bayview Ridge Rdge, TorontoC4521901108 Bayview Ridge Rdge, Toronto
52 Charleston Rd, TorontoW452156752 Charleston Rd, Toronto
7 Stanford Rd, MarkhamN45215177 Stanford Rd, Markham
59 Tanjo Crt, VaughanN452152759 Tanjo Crt, Vaughan
15 Rolling Green Crt, VaughanN452145515 Rolling Green Crt, Vaughan
154 Eaglewood Blvd, MississaugaW4521457154 Eaglewood Blvd, Mississauga
12 Mary Agar Crt, KingN452152512 Mary Agar Crt, King
375 Warren Rd, KingN4521486375 Warren Rd, King
35 Madison Ave, Richmond HillN452154435 Madison Ave, Richmond Hill
300 Portview Rd, ScugogE4521568300 Portview Rd, Scugog
17 Kootenay Rdge, VaughanN452142117 Kootenay Rdge, Vaughan
3265 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, KingN45212853265 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, King
168 Beverley Glen Blvd, VaughanN4521279168 Beverley Glen Blvd, Vaughan
100 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN4521275100 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
191 Spadina Rd, Richmond HillN4521239191 Spadina Rd, Richmond Hill
22 Violetridge Crt, BramptonW452127022 Violetridge Crt, Brampton
224 Hollywood Ave, TorontoC4521197224 Hollywood Ave, Toronto
2488 Wanless Dr, BramptonW45211302488 Wanless Dr, Brampton
422 Macdonald Rd, OakvilleW4521123422 Macdonald Rd, Oakville
90 Via Romano Blvd, VaughanN452109790 Via Romano Blvd, Vaughan
126 Cambridge Cres, Richmond HillN4521131126 Cambridge Cres, Richmond Hill
1376 1 Side Rd, BurlingtonW45206641376 1 Side Rd, Burlington
1300 Queen Victoria Ave, MississaugaW45208441300 Queen Victoria Ave, Mississauga
34 Peter Schneider Dr, East GwillimburyN452078934 Peter Schneider Dr, East Gwillimbury
75 Langtry Pl, VaughanN452098675 Langtry Pl, Vaughan
38 Brownlee Ave, VaughanN452098038 Brownlee Ave, Vaughan
76 Shamrock Cres, VaughanN452066576 Shamrock Cres, Vaughan
24 Terrance Dr, MarkhamN452070824 Terrance Dr, Markham
8C Clairtrell Rd, TorontoC45198908C Clairtrell Rd, Toronto
14 Flaremore Cres, TorontoC452028714 Flaremore Cres, Toronto
399 Progreston Rd, HamiltonX4520152399 Progreston Rd, Hamilton
12378 Coleraine Dr, CaledonW452058112378 Coleraine Dr, Caledon
12394 Coleraine Dr, CaledonW452058312394 Coleraine Dr, Caledon
11 Birchview Blvd, TorontoW452026911 Birchview Blvd, Toronto
1293 Old Bridle Path, OakvilleW45203211293 Old Bridle Path, Oakville
10 Love Crt, BramptonW452024610 Love Crt, Brampton
5 Oakcrest Ave, MarkhamN45206505 Oakcrest Ave, Markham
15 Giordano Way, VaughanN452061715 Giordano Way, Vaughan
17 Donhill Cres, VaughanN452055817 Donhill Cres, Vaughan
51 Bowhill Dr, Richmond HillN452021451 Bowhill Dr, Richmond Hill
1 Trumpour Crt, MarkhamN45206081 Trumpour Crt, Markham
182 Headwind Blvd, VaughanN4520568182 Headwind Blvd, Vaughan
30 Marcus Crt, VaughanN452038730 Marcus Crt, Vaughan
43 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond HillN452053843 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond Hill
100 Laurentian Blvd, VaughanN4520200100 Laurentian Blvd, Vaughan
50 Denham Dr, Richmond HillN452043050 Denham Dr, Richmond Hill
52 Harriet St, TorontoE452030252 Harriet St, Toronto
101 Neville Park Blvd, TorontoE4520421101 Neville Park Blvd, Toronto
16 Gilgorm Rd, TorontoC452034916 Gilgorm Rd, Toronto
136 Homewood Ave, TorontoC4520444136 Homewood Ave, Toronto
452 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4520304452 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
2A Nina St, TorontoC45202302A Nina St, Toronto
238 Combe Ave, TorontoC4520362238 Combe Ave, Toronto
84 Bevdale Rd, TorontoC452029184 Bevdale Rd, Toronto
851 W Richmond St, TorontoC4520602851 W Richmond St, Toronto
195 Cameron Ave, TorontoC4520225195 Cameron Ave, Toronto
70 Dorwood Crt, VaughanN451990270 Dorwood Crt, Vaughan
17 Blue Silo Way, BramptonW452012217 Blue Silo Way, Brampton
1 Shorncliffe Ave, TorontoC45201301 Shorncliffe Ave, Toronto
138 Everden Rd, TorontoC4499846138 Everden Rd, Toronto
1165 Alexandra Ave, MississaugaW45199251165 Alexandra Ave, Mississauga
44 Sprucewood Dr, MarkhamN452008444 Sprucewood Dr, Markham
81 Balderson Dr, VaughanN451991581 Balderson Dr, Vaughan
5031 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW45200465031 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
22 Amelia St, TorontoC451995922 Amelia St, Toronto
16130 Bathurst St, KingN436354516130 Bathurst St, King
25 Grand Vellore Cres, VaughanN452005125 Grand Vellore Cres, Vaughan
2596 W Lake Shore Blvd, TorontoW45198842596 W Lake Shore Blvd, Toronto
63 Cornelius Pkwy, TorontoW451986263 Cornelius Pkwy, Toronto
18 Belvale Ave, TorontoW451980418 Belvale Ave, Toronto
167 Sheardown Dr, KingN4519866167 Sheardown Dr, King
6 Tortoise Crt, BramptonW45198296 Tortoise Crt, Brampton
61 The Fairways Frwy, MarkhamN451983061 The Fairways Frwy, Markham
7 Braithwaite Rd, MarkhamN45198827 Braithwaite Rd, Markham
3530 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW45197663530 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
5648 Lakeshore Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN45197195648 Lakeshore Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
28 Long Valley Rd, AuroraN451976228 Long Valley Rd, Aurora
60 Brookview Dr, TorontoC451973560 Brookview Dr, Toronto
36 Senlac Rd, TorontoC451967836 Senlac Rd, Toronto
57 Church St, HamiltonX451940457 Church St, Hamilton
19 Degrey Dr, BramptonW451939519 Degrey Dr, Brampton
33 Mountview Ave, TorontoW451929133 Mountview Ave, Toronto
216 Carlini Crt, OakvilleW4519626216 Carlini Crt, Oakville
902 Beechwood Ave, MississaugaW4519350902 Beechwood Ave, Mississauga
8768 Mississauga Rd, BramptonW45195088768 Mississauga Rd, Brampton
23B Lunness Rd, TorontoW451962823B Lunness Rd, Toronto
144 Temperance St, AuroraN4519400144 Temperance St, Aurora
59 Old Kennedy Rd, MarkhamN451948659 Old Kennedy Rd, Markham
10 Alta Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN451958110 Alta Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
146 Battaglini Ave, Richmond HillN4519548146 Battaglini Ave, Richmond Hill
34 Royal West Rd, MarkhamN451962534 Royal West Rd, Markham
24 Liebeck Cres, MarkhamN451963524 Liebeck Cres, Markham
27 Crescentwood Rd, TorontoE451931827 Crescentwood Rd, Toronto
245 Oak Park Ave, TorontoE4519633245 Oak Park Ave, Toronto
110 Donwoods Dr, TorontoC4519576110 Donwoods Dr, Toronto
13440 Guelph Line, MiltonW451923713440 Guelph Line, Milton
1325 Indian Grve, MississaugaW45189851325 Indian Grve, Mississauga
21 25 27 Main St, MississaugaW451908521 25 27 Main St, Mississauga
2420 Ventura Dr, OakvilleW45189992420 Ventura Dr, Oakville
13385 Innis Lake Rd, CaledonW451906913385 Innis Lake Rd, Caledon
2111 Wildfel Way, OakvilleW45188512111 Wildfel Way, Oakville
18 Farina Dr, BramptonW451887318 Farina Dr, Brampton
14 Woodheath Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN451900814 Woodheath Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
10 Grants Pl, MarkhamN451911410 Grants Pl, Markham
206 Corner Ridge Rd, AuroraN4519095206 Corner Ridge Rd, Aurora
99 King High Dr, VaughanN451922499 King High Dr, Vaughan
630 Woodland Acres Cres, VaughanN4518886630 Woodland Acres Cres, Vaughan
299 N Blantyre Ave, TorontoE4519052299 N Blantyre Ave, Toronto
145 Churchill Ave, TorontoC4519102145 Churchill Ave, Toronto
34 Owen Blvd, TorontoC451890234 Owen Blvd, Toronto
118 Givins St, TorontoC4518821118 Givins St, Toronto
76 Summerhill Gdns, TorontoC451789476 Summerhill Gdns, Toronto
23 Laurentia Cres, TorontoC451894923 Laurentia Cres, Toronto
37A Harrison Ave, AuroraN451870637A Harrison Ave, Aurora
2399 Rock Point Dr, OakvilleW45186372399 Rock Point Dr, Oakville
458 Jeanette Dr, OakvilleW4518593458 Jeanette Dr, Oakville
15 Wiley Ave, Richmond HillN451862715 Wiley Ave, Richmond Hill
29 Subrisco Ave, Richmond HillN451874629 Subrisco Ave, Richmond Hill
249 Bedford Rd, TorontoC4518688249 Bedford Rd, Toronto
31 Norden Cres, TorontoC451866331 Norden Cres, Toronto

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