GTA Listings July 13 2018

GTA Listings for July 13 2018

Listings for the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) as of July 13 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
170 Margueretta StreetC4190287170 Margueretta Street
35 Duggan StreetN419023435 Duggan Street
8 Dopp CrescentW41902338 Dopp Crescent
47 Leary CrescentN419027247 Leary Crescent
21 Cavalry TerraceN419026621 Cavalry Terrace
117 Laskin DriveN4190247117 Laskin Drive
3431 Artesian DriveW41901833431 Artesian Drive
3034 Preserve DriveW41902003034 Preserve Drive
110 Streetaglin CourtN4190163110 Streetaglin Court
475 Hinchey CrescentW4190045475 Hinchey Crescent
475 Hinchey CrescentW4190033475 Hinchey Crescent
79 Milton StreetW419007979 Milton Street
3438 Clayton RoadW41900863438 Clayton Road
25 Glenbrook AvenueW418995125 Glenbrook Avenue
5222 Willowside CourtW41899325222 Willowside Court
10 Asner AvenueN419000010 Asner Avenue
6 Camden DriveN41899406 Camden Drive
1050 Greenwood AvenueE41900711050 Greenwood Avenue
301 Mortimer AvenueE4189929301 Mortimer Avenue
476 Shaw StreetC4189995476 Shaw Street
53 Grist Mill DriveW418976753 Grist Mill Drive
170 Culp TerraceW4189684170 Culp Terrace
21 Lois AvenueW418943421 Lois Avenue
475 Hinchey CrescentW4189688475 Hinchey Crescent
945 Nora DriveW4189458945 Nora Drive
1781 Audubon BoulevardW41897631781 Audubon Boulevard
Lot 115 Day TerraceW4189621Lot 115 Day Terrace
67 Hamptonbrook DriveW418974867 Hamptonbrook Drive
20 Raymore DriveW418953620 Raymore Drive
5350 Applegarth DriveW41894025350 Applegarth Drive
384 Robert Parkinson DriveW4189547384 Robert Parkinson Drive
107 Gardenbrooke TerraceW4189713107 Gardenbrooke Terrace
2033 Rosemount CrescentW41898702033 Rosemount Crescent
76 Cezanne TerraceN418986976 Cezanne Terrace
1029 Ivsbridge BoulevardN41898591029 Ivsbridge Boulevard
27 Inverhuron StreetN418969727 Inverhuron Street
32 River StreetN418955732 River Street
2 Cranbrook CrescentN41896522 Cranbrook Crescent
91 Bonny Meadows DriveN418949591 Bonny Meadows Drive
31 John Streetocks WayN418958931 John Streetocks Way
3 Lanewood DriveN41895963 Lanewood Drive
11 Pulpwood CrescentN418940411 Pulpwood Crescent
48 Brockdale StreetN418940348 Brockdale Street
25 Sunnyside Hill RoadN418944425 Sunnyside Hill Road
125 Dunrobin CrescentN4189454125 Dunrobin Crescent
20600 Highway 7 12E418979120600 Highway 7 12
7905 Country LaneE41894967905 Country Lane
8976 Creditview RoadW41891858976 Creditview Road
15 Scotchmere CrescentW418929715 Scotchmere Crescent
2120 Pinevalley CrescentW41893112120 Pinevalley Crescent
35 Louvain DriveW418928635 Louvain Drive
640 Vaughan Mills RoadN4189380640 Vaughan Mills Road
26 Huron Lane BradfordN418925726 Huron Lane Bradford
211 Hollingham RoadN4189166211 Hollingham Road
24 Diploma AvenueN418915524 Diploma Avenue
10 Ayton CrescentN418911010 Ayton Crescent
6 Shane CourtN41890826 Shane Court
16 Royal Rouge TerraceE418935616 Royal Rouge Terrace
16 Acara CourtE418932316 Acara Court
14 Bissland DriveE418890414 Bissland Drive
257 Greenwood AvenueE4188952257 Greenwood Avenue
2173 Constance DriveW41888782173 Constance Drive
55 Avenuenida StreetN418881755 Avenuenida Street
81 Northcrest RoadW418864681 Northcrest Road
12 Streetowe CourtW418868912 Streetowe Court
97 Romano CrescentN418855297 Romano Crescent
119 Lebovic Campus DriveN4188658119 Lebovic Campus Drive
69 Phillip AvenueE418862669 Phillip Avenue
18 Red Deer AvenueE418862318 Red Deer Avenue
19 Appaloosa TerraceX418846119 Appaloosa Terrace
28 Burris StreetX418808728 Burris Street
46 Maldives CrescentW418847946 Maldives Crescent
70 Mincing TerraceW418850170 Mincing Terrace
1170 Bridge RoadW41882841170 Bridge Road
26 Lessard AvenueW418807426 Lessard Avenue
13986 Dixie RoadW418816013986 Dixie Road
106 Street George StreetW4188308106 Street George Street
167 Verobeach BoulevardW4188226167 Verobeach Boulevard
4676 Erwin RoadW41882954676 Erwin Road
Lot 14 Avatar CrescentW4188060Lot 14 Avatar Crescent
33 Langford Boulevard BradfordN418846633 Langford Boulevard Bradford
4752 Cherry StreetN41883754752 Cherry Street
386 N Lauderdale DriveN4188053386 N Lauderdale Drive
49 Golden Oak AvenueN418830949 Golden Oak Avenue
19 Streetoyell DriveN418817719 Streetoyell Drive
29 Carnoustie CrescentN418810429 Carnoustie Crescent
26 Pandora CourtN418816826 Pandora Court
6 Placeowman LaneN41883026 Placeowman Lane
83 Wheeler AvenueE418810683 Wheeler Avenue
2497 Bandsman CrescentE41880172497 Bandsman Crescent
6 Ennismore PlaceC41885226 Ennismore Place
701 Finch AvenueC4188059701 Finch Avenue
2251 Carol RoadW41878622251 Carol Road
2352 Folkway DriveW41877862352 Folkway Drive
1587 W Eglinton AvenueW41876421587 W Eglinton Avenue
2023 Jacamar CourtW41877252023 Jacamar Court
2113 Grosvenor StreetW41876842113 Grosvenor Street
1050 Manchester CrescentW41876651050 Manchester Crescent
45 Valleybrook CrescentW418770745 Valleybrook Crescent
28 Duke Of York StreetN418794128 Duke Of York Street
4981 Vivian RoadN41879454981 Vivian Road
158 Tomlinson CircleN4187872158 Tomlinson Circle
119 Windham TerraceN4187681119 Windham Terrace
91 Morland CrescentN418785191 Morland Crescent
15 Valleyway CrescentN418780815 Valleyway Crescent
62 Terraceemblant CrescentN418771462 Terraceemblant Crescent
137 Midland AvenueE4187891137 Midland Avenue
65 Norway AvenueE418772165 Norway Avenue
52 Harewood AvenueE418761552 Harewood Avenue
52 Reiner RoadC418781452 Reiner Road
17 Farmview CrescentC418771617 Farmview Crescent
97 Clinton StreetC418768597 Clinton Street
368 E Wellesley StreetC4187625368 E Wellesley Street
532 Balliol StreetC4187783532 Balliol Street
1443 Saginaw CrescentW41875851443 Saginaw Crescent
183 E Clark AvenueN4187582183 E Clark Avenue
105 Gorman AvenueN4187540105 Gorman Avenue
52 Reginald Lamb CrescentN418756152 Reginald Lamb Crescent
52 Cabin Terraceail CrescentN418757552 Cabin Terraceail Crescent
40 Leameadow RoadN418748040 Leameadow Road
73 Quetico DriveN418744573 Quetico Drive
3237 Havenwood DriveW41872273237 Havenwood Drive
471 Winston RoadW4187195471 Winston Road
46 Lund StreetN418737246 Lund Street
266 Osmond CrescentN4187432266 Osmond Crescent
20 Warvet CrescentE418736920 Warvet Crescent
143 Brian DriveC4187202143 Brian Drive
250 Homewood AvenueC4187225250 Homewood Avenue
2423 Aztec GateW41867372423 Aztec Gate
15 Caledon Mountain DriveW418673315 Caledon Mountain Drive
182 Humberside AvenueW4186901182 Humberside Avenue
118 Carrville Woods CircleN4186820118 Carrville Woods Circle
75 Brickstone CircleN418670075 Brickstone Circle
1120 Veterans WayN41869321120 Veterans Way
28 Champagne CourtN418699628 Champagne Court
21 Fawnridge TerraceE418702421 Fawnridge Terrace
425 Guildwood ParkwayE4186858425 Guildwood Parkway
81 Northey DriveC418695781 Northey Drive
1472 W Dundas StreetC41868801472 W Dundas Street
9 Dermott PlaceC41868309 Dermott Place
30 Helendale AvenueC418668030 Helendale Avenue
237 Bonnieglen Farm BoulevardW4186447237 Bonnieglen Farm Boulevard
1 Featherwood DriveN41863921 Featherwood Drive
118 Flourish StreetN4186541118 Flourish Street
60 Valle AvenueN418659860 Valle Avenue
33 Sir Constantine DriveN418636533 Sir Constantine Drive
167 Lyndhurst DriveN4186512167 Lyndhurst Drive
46 Arianna CrescentN418652446 Arianna Crescent
2 Percy Wright RoadN41866502 Percy Wright Road
72 Fieldcroft CourtN418667072 Fieldcroft Court
242 North Lake RoadN4186522242 North Lake Road
33 Berkeley CourtN418633233 Berkeley Court
124 Riverdale AvenueE4186452124 Riverdale Avenue
2290 Clements RoadE41866312290 Clements Road
2140 Avalon CourtE41866652140 Avalon Court
3672 Old Scugog RoadE41866513672 Old Scugog Road
99B Memorial Park AvenueE418664899B Memorial Park Avenue
322 Burnett AvenueC4186440322 Burnett Avenue
486 E King StreetC4186391486 E King Street
52 Philips Lake CourtN419028252 Philips Lake Court
180 Caribou RoadC4190257180 Caribou Road
135 Lawford RoadN4190264135 Lawford Road
60 La Rose AvenueW419018760 La Rose Avenue
2379 Camilla RoadW41899202379 Camilla Road
46 Horse Rake RoadN419008746 Horse Rake Road
27 Coledale RoadN419000327 Coledale Road
10 Fanning Mills CircleN419006410 Fanning Mills Circle
128 Angus Glen BoulevardN4189973128 Angus Glen Boulevard
6 Bridleford CourtN41899526 Bridleford Court
21 Eastbourne AvenueC419008421 Eastbourne Avenue
94 Street Germain AvenueC418995494 Street Germain Avenue
4370 Random Acres RoadW41898504370 Random Acres Road
8 Natural TerraceW41896538 Natural Terrace
1532 Merrow RoadW41898741532 Merrow Road
45 Elbern Markell DriveW418947645 Elbern Markell Drive
2431 Taylorwood DriveW41894802431 Taylorwood Drive
26 Main StreetW418984126 Main Street
2 Henricks CrescentN41897782 Henricks Crescent
6 Montressor CourtN41897476 Montressor Court
19 Seabreeze AvenueN418974519 Seabreeze Avenue
10 Beauvista CourtN418986810 Beauvista Court
253 S Church StreetN4189600253 S Church Street
58 Hambly AvenueN418958658 Hambly Avenue
88 Wolf Creek CrescentN418947188 Wolf Creek Crescent
61 S Coltrane DriveN418939661 S Coltrane Drive
37 Hurst AvenueN418948737 Hurst Avenue
1 Dexshire DriveE41897261 Dexshire Drive
73 Neilson AvenueE418976673 Neilson Avenue
111 Hounslow AvenueC4189750111 Hounslow Avenue
187 Inglewood DriveC4189532187 Inglewood Drive
15 Gustav CrescentC418948315 Gustav Crescent
186 Mutual StreetC4189821186 Mutual Street
102 Leacrest RoadC4189729102 Leacrest Road
403 Belsize DriveC4189727403 Belsize Drive
133 Castle CrescentW4189242133 Castle Crescent
179 Confederation StreetW4189116179 Confederation Street
57 Lake Shore DriveW418911957 Lake Shore Drive
403 Seaton DriveW4189084403 Seaton Drive
33 Sister Oreilly RoadW418897733 Sister Oreilly Road
19 Fern AvenueN418932619 Fern Avenue
89 Queen Filomena AvenueN418922889 Queen Filomena Avenue
2 Cheshire PlaceN41892562 Cheshire Place
14805 Jane StreetN418929814805 Jane Street
2 Aukland LaneN41891412 Aukland Lane
30 Uplands AvenueN418923630 Uplands Avenue
78 Edgar AvenueN418930178 Edgar Avenue
56 Hillside AvenueN418937856 Hillside Avenue
14 Cynthia CrescentN418904914 Cynthia Crescent
29 Cedar Ridge RoadN418901729 Cedar Ridge Road
18 Harewood AvenueE418916318 Harewood Avenue
397 E Hillsdale AvenueC4189309397 E Hillsdale Avenue
83 Caines AvenueC418898283 Caines Avenue
10 Chipping RoadC418901010 Chipping Road
166 Bedford Park AvenueC4189151166 Bedford Park Avenue
175 The Kingsway AvenueW4188914175 The Kingsway Avenue
272 Wright AvenueW4188893272 Wright Avenue
33 Royal County Down CrescentN418895933 Royal County Down Crescent
325 Seaton StreetC4188830325 Seaton Street
70 Sandys DriveN418878770 Sandys Drive
4490 Appleby LineW41887534490 Appleby Line
1 Aylesbury RoadW41886331 Aylesbury Road
138 Talbot DriveW4188569138 Talbot Drive
3319 Erin Centre BoulevardW41885993319 Erin Centre Boulevard
48 Cachet ParkwayN418869048 Cachet Parkway
7 Maurier BoulevardN41885877 Maurier Boulevard
220 Lakeland CrescentN4188550220 Lakeland Crescent
9 Rouge River CircleN41886439 Rouge River Circle
101 King High DriveN4188717101 King High Drive
2925 Bathurst StreetC41887552925 Bathurst Street
45 Yorkview DriveC418863245 Yorkview Drive
4 Streeteeplehill CourtX41881054 Streeteeplehill Court
3030 Franze DriveW41881143030 Franze Drive
1 Chaplin CourtN41883811 Chaplin Court
5 Orchard StreetN41884305 Orchard Street
10 Loggers TerraceN418845110 Loggers Terrace
70 Woodmans ChartN418837070 Woodmans Chart
43 Byer DriveN418841143 Byer Drive
72 Langstaff RoadN418807972 Langstaff Road
99 King High DriveN418807299 King High Drive
7 Alex Black StreetN41882857 Alex Black Street
86 Windham TerraceN418825386 Windham Terrace
238 Combe AvenueC4188361238 Combe Avenue
519 Street Clements AvenueC4188293519 Street Clements Avenue
440 Glengrove AvenueC4188261440 Glengrove Avenue
496 Old Orchard GroveC4188166496 Old Orchard Grove
963 Parkland AvenueW4187979963 Parkland Avenue
2195 Dundas StreetW41879172195 Dundas Street
4 Dalla Riva CourtW41878884 Dalla Riva Court
114 Sewell DriveW4187790114 Sewell Drive
81 Lynwood CrescentN418790981 Lynwood Crescent
101 Emmeloord CrescentN4187703101 Emmeloord Crescent
13699 Regional Road 39 RoadN418773113699 Regional Road 39 Road
29 Hollywood CrescentN418786629 Hollywood Crescent
3541 Streetouffville RoadN41877223541 Streetouffville Road
191 Dew StreetN4187689191 Dew Street
68 Foshan AvenueN418764168 Foshan Avenue
67 Banner LaneN418766467 Banner Lane
17 Marjorie DriveN418762117 Marjorie Drive
66 Gradwell DriveE418801066 Gradwell Drive
169 Belsize DriveC4187713169 Belsize Drive
24 Bayberry CrescentC418790124 Bayberry Crescent
134 Ledbury StreetC4187658134 Ledbury Street
255 Searle AvenueC4187834255 Searle Avenue
164 Parkhurst BoulevardC4187779164 Parkhurst Boulevard
3244 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41875593244 Meadow Marsh Crescent
1 Silkstone GateN41875701 Silkstone Gate
52 Cavehill CrescentE418754452 Cavehill Crescent
114 Almore AvenueC4146551114 Almore Avenue
204 Spring Garden AvenueC4187443204 Spring Garden Avenue
10 Big Rock DriveN418752510 Big Rock Drive
180 Krieghoff AvenueN4187504180 Krieghoff Avenue
26 Flanders DriveX418739926 Flanders Drive
4 S Crescentcent Hill DriveW41872224 S Crescentcent Hill Drive
3198 Credit Heights DriveW41872303198 Credit Heights Drive
2349 Carrington PlaceW41872472349 Carrington Place
24 Valiant RoadW418727824 Valiant Road
105 Kings Summit RoadN4187375105 Kings Summit Road
660 Woodland Acres CrescentN4187412660 Woodland Acres Crescent
207 Pemberton AvenueC4187317207 Pemberton Avenue
45 Broadleaf RoadC418730545 Broadleaf Road
60 Fairmeadow AvenueC418742960 Fairmeadow Avenue
401 E 7th Conc RoadX4186970401 E 7th Conc Road
417 Claremont CrescentW4187158417 Claremont Crescent
1599 Calverton CourtW41871531599 Calverton Court
172 Creek Path AvenueW4187100172 Creek Path Avenue
91 Beckett AvenueW418704491 Beckett Avenue
37 Geoffrey StreetW418705837 Geoffrey Street
172 N Brentwood RoadW4186779172 N Brentwood Road
3436 Liptay AvenueW41867353436 Liptay Avenue
2116 S Munns AvenueW41867742116 S Munns Avenue
7 A Connor DriveN41868697 A Connor Drive
9 Eyer DriveN41869239 Eyer Drive
111 Newton DriveC4187160111 Newton Drive
9 Banbury RoadC41870309 Banbury Road
859 1 2 Bathurst StreetC4186900859 1 2 Bathurst Street
216 W Glengrove AvenueC4187074216 W Glengrove Avenue
290 Fairlawn AvenueC4187033290 Fairlawn Avenue
877 Millwood RoadC4186817877 Millwood Road
195 Wedgewood DriveC4172161195 Wedgewood Drive
22 Erica AvenueC415561222 Erica Avenue
915 North Service RoadW4186597915 North Service Road
425 Rebecca StreetW4186430425 Rebecca Street
97 Spruce AvenueN418642897 Spruce Avenue
75 Kingswood DriveN418664775 Kingswood Drive
4 Crowling CourtN41865774 Crowling Court
50 Radcliffe RoadN418633450 Radcliffe Road
384 Fairlawn AvenueC4186530384 Fairlawn Avenue
50 Addison CrescentC418657950 Addison Crescent
45 Leacock CrescentC418649145 Leacock Crescent
49 Hawarden CrescentC418636149 Hawarden Crescent
496 Fairlawn AvenueC4186369496 Fairlawn Avenue
168 Briar Hill AvenueC4186345168 Briar Hill Avenue

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