GTA Listings July 17 2018

GTA Listings for July 17 2018

Beautiful listings July 17 2018 for throughout the GTA.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
810 Miltonbrook CrescentW4191059810 Miltonbrook Crescent
20 Buena Vista AvenueE419251020 Buena Vista Avenue
4444 Idlewilde CrescentW41919004444 Idlewilde Crescent
43 Golden Gate CircleN419235643 Golden Gate Circle
7685 Leskard RoadE41919807685 Leskard Road
1345 Mapleridge CrescentW41921391345 Mapleridge Crescent
31 S Lakeridge RoadE419134731 S Lakeridge Road
71 Adastra CrescentN419177871 Adastra Crescent
16 Headwaters LaneW419201916 Headwaters Lane
19 Farningham CrescentW419133019 Farningham Crescent
92 Saint Nicholas CrescentN419250692 Saint Nicholas Crescent
156 Old Surrey LaneN4192607156 Old Surrey Lane
38 Chiswell CrescentC419274238 Chiswell Crescent
16 James Scott RoadN419098516 James Scott Road
37 Santa Barbara PlaceN419068937 Santa Barbara Place
105 Jefferson Forest DriveN4192601105 Jefferson Forest Drive
35 Avenuentura CrescentN419124135 Avenuentura Crescent
133 Alamo Heights DriveN4192141133 Alamo Heights Drive
7317 Saint Barbara BoulevardW41904257317 Saint Barbara Boulevard
2 Vidal RoadW41906702 Vidal Road
113 Woodycrest AvenueE4192176113 Woodycrest Avenue
61 Kiwi CrescentN419275961 Kiwi Crescent
248 Conklin CrescentN4190821248 Conklin Crescent
30 Giordano WayN419106930 Giordano Way
4236 Kane CrescentW41922114236 Kane Crescent
122 Greenforest GroveN4193172122 Greenforest Grove
1561 Terraceotwood AvenueW41905641561 Terraceotwood Avenue
46 Asner AvenueN419260946 Asner Avenue
62 Sparrow AvenueW419189662 Sparrow Avenue
3809 Promontory CrescentW41906013809 Promontory Crescent
128 Allison Ann WayN4192061128 Allison Ann Way
383 Melrose AvenueC4192129383 Melrose Avenue
2 Boticelli WayN41904572 Boticelli Way
32 N Ross Vennare CrescentN419179232 N Ross Vennare Crescent
10 Veerland DriveW419331010 Veerland Drive
480 Cornell Centre BoulevardN4191961480 Cornell Centre Boulevard
56 Burlwood RoadW419195356 Burlwood Road
9 Hertonia StreetW41932529 Hertonia Street
27 Adaskin AvenueN419206627 Adaskin Avenue
71 Mcclenny DriveN419086271 Mcclenny Drive
950 Goring CircleN4190787950 Goring Circle
64 Terraceudeau DriveN419267464 Terraceudeau Drive
2563 Chisholm AvenueW41910622563 Chisholm Avenue
41 Mersey StreetN419159241 Mersey Street
39 Catano CourtN419127439 Catano Court
6 Valley Point CrescentN41920466 Valley Point Crescent
Lot 13A Elderbridge RoadW4191807Lot 13A Elderbridge Road
3166 Southwind RoadW41919573166 Southwind Road
216 Avro RoadN4191484216 Avro Road
68 Aviemore DriveW419054368 Aviemore Drive
267 Helen AvenueN4191353267 Helen Avenue
1558 Bunsden AvenueW41929861558 Bunsden Avenue
111 Golden TerraceN4192670111 Golden Terrace
897 Lovingston CrescentW4191083897 Lovingston Crescent
549 Clifford Perry PlaceN4190700549 Clifford Perry Place
23 Carnation AvenueW419047023 Carnation Avenue
215 Summit DriveE4190812215 Summit Drive
34 Crayford DriveE419279834 Crayford Drive
44 Berkwood HllwW419321244 Berkwood Hllw
43 Grand Oak DriveN419152943 Grand Oak Drive
332 Manning AvenueC4190558332 Manning Avenue
21 Dundee CrescentN419092321 Dundee Crescent
2503 Paula CourtW41918152503 Paula Court
15 Cape George TerraceN419123615 Cape George Terrace
505 Clifford Perry PlaceN4191396505 Clifford Perry Place
362 Huntsmill BoulevardE4190976362 Huntsmill Boulevard
1129 Grainger TerraceN41904371129 Grainger Terrace
67 Grandview AvenueN419140367 Grandview Avenue
34 Estate Garden DriveN419322034 Estate Garden Drive
100 Owl Ridge DriveN4192057100 Owl Ridge Drive
19214 Kennedy RoadN419263019214 Kennedy Road
113 Katherine CrescentN4192833113 Katherine Crescent
3116 Streetreamwood PassW41926803116 Streetreamwood Pass
23 Placeentywood DriveW419231423 Placeentywood Drive
4629 Harbottle RoadW41912044629 Harbottle Road
1428 Brentano BoulevardW41931681428 Brentano Boulevard
775 Exceller CircleN4192373775 Exceller Circle
20646 Yonge StreetN419035720646 Yonge Street
298 Aylesworth AvenueE4192842298 Aylesworth Avenue
1378 Winterberry DriveW41907061378 Winterberry Drive
134 Pinegrove AvenueE4192435134 Pinegrove Avenue
4 Cairnburg DriveW41922124 Cairnburg Drive
81 Dunn AvenueW419263981 Dunn Avenue
77 Streetaynor CrescentN419248577 Streetaynor Crescent
85 Kincardine StreetN419207885 Kincardine Street
40 Mclarty GateN419260440 Mclarty Gate
229 Douglas RoadN4192745229 Douglas Road
18 Eakins DriveN419341118 Eakins Drive
15 Anson AvenueE419301715 Anson Avenue
110 Beaconsfield DriveN4190356110 Beaconsfield Drive
5 Misty CourtN41912235 Misty Court
89 Grice CircleN419258089 Grice Circle
6 Southdale DriveN41905286 Southdale Drive
110 Scrivener DriveN4188061110 Scrivener Drive
598 Fiddlers Green RoadX4192644598 Fiddlers Green Road
473 Kleinburg Summit Way TerraceN4190916473 Kleinburg Summit Way Terrace
115 Michelle DriveN4192347115 Michelle Drive
78 Hollowgrove BoulevardW419292078 Hollowgrove Boulevard
74 Cree AvenueE419315074 Cree Avenue
2132 Burbank DriveW41909522132 Burbank Drive
81 Verdi RoadN419228381 Verdi Road
462 Balkan RoadN4190839462 Balkan Road
138 Toporowski AvenueN4192391138 Toporowski Avenue
152 Carlyle CrescentN4191134152 Carlyle Crescent
19 Chiming RoadW419126319 Chiming Road
2 Lackman CourtW41916372 Lackman Court
67 Windyton AvenueN419074667 Windyton Avenue
17 Greenlaw AvenueW419269517 Greenlaw Avenue
48 Eagle Peak DriveN419269648 Eagle Peak Drive
110 Crescentane StreetN4192370110 Crescentane Street
172 Hollandview TerraceN4192244172 Hollandview Terrace
37 Lanterna CrescentN419131637 Lanterna Crescent
3 Marisa CourtN41932083 Marisa Court
2407 Valley Heights CrescentW41906622407 Valley Heights Crescent
17 Lindcrest ManrN419261817 Lindcrest Manr
23 Filippazzo RoadN419204023 Filippazzo Road
642 Chancellor DriveN4190735642 Chancellor Drive
734 Willard AvenueW4191401734 Willard Avenue
33 Ballyhaise CrescentW419307733 Ballyhaise Crescent
4 John Weddell AvenueN41933924 John Weddell Avenue
87 E Lake DriveN419202087 E Lake Drive
89 Benson AvenueN419164889 Benson Avenue
79 Ohara StreetW419301979 Ohara Street
79 Israel Zilber DriveN419031279 Israel Zilber Drive
51 Aldersgate DriveW419166251 Aldersgate Drive
277 Sloss CourtN4192362277 Sloss Court
23 Woodhouse StreetX419297923 Woodhouse Street
6 Prairie Creek CrescentW41909696 Prairie Creek Crescent
376 Sandford RoadN4192169376 Sandford Road
61 Kaitting TerraceW419164261 Kaitting Terrace
480 Lynett CrescentN4190898480 Lynett Crescent
40 Maybeck DriveW419194040 Maybeck Drive
111 Arianna CrescentN4190521111 Arianna Crescent
9 Terraceeerun AvenueE41919999 Terraceeerun Avenue
118 Ashdale AvenueE4192420118 Ashdale Avenue
8 Mecca StreetW41903868 Mecca Street
308 Vesta DriveC4192714308 Vesta Drive
19 Fairview AvenueN419157419 Fairview Avenue
777 Spadina RoadC4193275777 Spadina Road
275 E Glen Manor DriveE4193002275 E Glen Manor Drive
29 Cynthia CrescentW419136529 Cynthia Crescent
3702 Mississauga RoadW41914573702 Mississauga Road
340 Pinehurst DriveW4192884340 Pinehurst Drive
21 Brimwood CrescentN419183921 Brimwood Crescent
72 Yorkview DriveC419340672 Yorkview Drive
72 Pemberton RoadN419325572 Pemberton Road
3058 Street Clair AvenueW41931493058 Street Clair Avenue
20 Hogan CourtN419126620 Hogan Court
10 Tollerton AvenueC419101810 Tollerton Avenue
10A Long Hill DriveN419278110A Long Hill Drive
425 Driveewry AvenueC4190871425 Driveewry Avenue
91 Teddington Park AvenueC419303991 Teddington Park Avenue
120 Aintree TerraceW4192600120 Aintree Terrace
11628 Second LineW419341611628 Second Line
323 Melrose AvenueC4192555323 Melrose Avenue
167 Lisgar StreetC4192382167 Lisgar Street
272 Princess AvenueC4191418272 Princess Avenue
12037 Centreville Creek RoadW419336112037 Centreville Creek Road
300 Jennings CrescentW4190491300 Jennings Crescent
2006 Portway AvenueW41924752006 Portway Avenue
6 Elderberry CourtC41904286 Elderberry Court
240 Watson AvenueW4191072240 Watson Avenue
1540 Mississauga RoadW41933001540 Mississauga Road
16 James Morning CourtN419085516 James Morning Court
119 Streetafford RoadC4190422119 Streetafford Road
298 W Mineola RoadW4191311298 W Mineola Road
77 Deloraine AvenueC419333377 Deloraine Avenue
35 Urbandale AvenueC419194535 Urbandale Avenue
252 Brooke AvenueC4191421252 Brooke Avenue
2 William Linton TerraceN41903472 William Linton Terrace
2224 Pineneedle RowW41914462224 Pineneedle Row
3 Chipping RoadC41911833 Chipping Road
1338 Streetanbury RoadW41933161338 Streetanbury Road
201 Kenilworth AvenueE4192240201 Kenilworth Avenue
15278 Mccowan RoadN419045515278 Mccowan Road
158 Claxton DriveW4191813158 Claxton Drive
4201 Wilcox RoadW41915104201 Wilcox Road
64 W Weldrick RoadN419038964 W Weldrick Road
310 N Main StreetN4193204310 N Main Street
367 Burton RoadW4193271367 Burton Road
228 Tilford RoadW4191856228 Tilford Road
90 Streetephanie BoulevardN419270490 Streetephanie Boulevard
3 Crowling CourtN41931763 Crowling Court
448 Broadway AvenueC4193189448 Broadway Avenue
1249 Baldwin DriveW41919091249 Baldwin Drive
21 Norcap AvenueE419118121 Norcap Avenue
22 Ria CourtN419217822 Ria Court
259 Calvert RoadN4190652259 Calvert Road
2 Annsleywood CourtN41928762 Annsleywood Court
105 Bannatyne DriveC4191493105 Bannatyne Drive
121 May AvenueN4192131121 May Avenue
105 Placeum Terraceee CircleN4192936105 Placeum Terraceee Circle
78 North Park BoulevardW419335778 North Park Boulevard
24 Mcarthur HeightsW419214524 Mcarthur Heights
2252 N Salem RoadE41921652252 N Salem Road
124 Whittington PlaceW4190878124 Whittington Place
1700 Sir Montys DriveW41930551700 Sir Montys Drive
44 Market StreetW419241444 Market Street
25 Jackson AvenueW419213225 Jackson Avenue
81 Ballantrae RoadN419074781 Ballantrae Road
49 Findlay BoulevardC419042949 Findlay Boulevard
33 Streetandish AvenueC419302733 Streetandish Avenue
265 Evelyn AvenueW4190684265 Evelyn Avenue
446 Hounslow AvenueC4192989446 Hounslow Avenue
12 Robbie AvenueC419226412 Robbie Avenue
2371 Devon RoadW41925172371 Devon Road
71 Brooklawn AvenueE419272271 Brooklawn Avenue
24 Maxome AvenueC419336024 Maxome Avenue
2046 Beaverbrook WayW41909422046 Beaverbrook Way
95 Roxborough RoadN419173795 Roxborough Road
755 Canyon StreetW4192638755 Canyon Street
105 Tonner CrescentN4191534105 Tonner Crescent
1560 Regional Road 6 RoadE41911291560 Regional Road 6 Road
88 Briarwood RoadN419249088 Briarwood Road
11 Yewfield CrescentC419183511 Yewfield Crescent
15 Postview CourtN419305715 Postview Court
195 Virginia AvenueE4193107195 Virginia Avenue
1463 Ferncrest RoadW41926451463 Ferncrest Road
231 Pine Hill Road BradfordN4193093231 Pine Hill Road Bradford
42 Hanbury CrescentW419132342 Hanbury Crescent
15075 Humber Streetation RoadW419317915075 Humber Streetation Road
2165 Adair CrescentW41905252165 Adair Crescent
2297 Carpenters CircleW41914852297 Carpenters Circle
606 W Elgin Mills RoadN4192118606 W Elgin Mills Road
3480 Sawmill Valley DriveW41904933480 Sawmill Valley Drive
111 Royal Palm DriveN4191264111 Royal Palm Drive
43 Thorny Brae DriveN419121443 Thorny Brae Drive
200 Conklin CrescentN4193038200 Conklin Crescent
12 Savoy CrescentN419130012 Savoy Crescent
5411 Quartermain CrescentW41905705411 Quartermain Crescent
170 Alpine CrescentN4191897170 Alpine Crescent
69 Autumn WayN419110769 Autumn Way
94 Cappella DriveN419283294 Cappella Drive
37 Wiltshire DriveN419298537 Wiltshire Drive
35 Castlemore AvenueN419237235 Castlemore Avenue
2364 Parkglen AvenueW41910282364 Parkglen Avenue
145 Masterman CrescentW4192874145 Masterman Crescent
97 Duplex AvenueC419290797 Duplex Avenue
15415 Clayhill RoadW419186715415 Clayhill Road
11 Sydel CourtE419242911 Sydel Court
196 Conklin CrescentN4192032196 Conklin Crescent
2147 E Rodick RoadN41914982147 E Rodick Road
27 Mancini CrescentN419181827 Mancini Crescent
6 Rock Elm CourtN41927586 Rock Elm Court
24 Oceans Pond CourtW419274624 Oceans Pond Court
452A Valermo DriveW4192994452A Valermo Drive
25 Placeateau CrescentC419302325 Placeateau Crescent
14 Astrantia WayW419295014 Astrantia Way
209 Allan StreetW4190432209 Allan Street
1124 Bridge RoadW41914971124 Bridge Road
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