GTA Listings July 20 2018

Listings for throughout the GTA as of July 20 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
3252 Larry CrescentW41972163252 Larry Crescent
57 Hardwick CourtW419723157 Hardwick Court
36 Hayfield CrescentN419709036 Hayfield Crescent
30 Carter PlaceN419710830 Carter Place
263 Port Royal TerraceE4197137263 Port Royal Terrace
115 Fifty RoadX4196997115 Fifty Road
7309 Golden Meadow CourtW41970307309 Golden Meadow Court
6043 Old Church RoadW41969966043 Old Church Road
1548 Carolyn RoadW41968241548 Carolyn Road
1 Split Maple LaneW41968151 Split Maple Lane
4338 W Bloor StreetW41966064338 W Bloor Street
157 Alison CrescentW4196783157 Alison Crescent
44 Regent StreetN419694044 Regent Street
21 Shadbolt CourtN419697121 Shadbolt Court
56 Kennett DriveE419692956 Kennett Drive
128 Colston AvenueE4196963128 Colston Avenue
51 Cambridge AvenueE419686851 Cambridge Avenue
146 Latimer AvenueC4196863146 Latimer Avenue
5387 Sutter Creek Drive HamiltonX41961865387 Sutter Creek Drive Hamilton
4 Golfdale PlaceX41964934 Golfdale Place
57 Apple Valley WayW419674157 Apple Valley Way
1281 Landfair CrescentW41965831281 Landfair Crescent
1281 Landfair CrescentW41965861281 Landfair Crescent
24A Montana AvenueW419670724A Montana Avenue
1303 Britton CrescentW41963901303 Britton Crescent
2244 Pine Glen RoadW41963712244 Pine Glen Road
4155 Prince George AvenueW41964864155 Prince George Avenue
7 Sapphire CrescentW41964977 Sapphire Crescent
5 Covina RoadW41964175 Covina Road
59 Pike RoadW419636359 Pike Road
60 Haverstock CrescentW419633860 Haverstock Crescent
19 W Fairwood PlaceW419632819 W Fairwood Place
5530 Fleur De Lis CourtW41960815530 Fleur De Lis Court
49 Domingo StreetN419663249 Domingo Street
291 Isaac Murray AvenueN4196684291 Isaac Murray Avenue
209 River Ridge BoulevardN4196623209 River Ridge Boulevard
51 Cranberry LaneN419657251 Cranberry Lane
45 Forest Park CrescentN419652545 Forest Park Crescent
18 Forestbrook DriveN419641418 Forestbrook Drive
163 Rizal AvenueN4196377163 Rizal Avenue
110 Streetephenson CrescentN4196342110 Streetephenson Crescent
31 S Beaverton RoadN419646331 S Beaverton Road
17 Floresville CourtN419646717 Floresville Court
43 Fletcher DriveN419611943 Fletcher Drive
20 Gambit AvenueN419614020 Gambit Avenue
14 Bunker RoadN419617614 Bunker Road
144 Wolf Creek CrescentN4196188144 Wolf Creek Crescent
109 Leslie StreetE4196050109 Leslie Street
32 Donwoods CrescentE419644032 Donwoods Crescent
11 Eastside StreetE419610111 Eastside Street
81A Vanbrugh AvenueE419626481A Vanbrugh Avenue
25 Tefley RoadC419658525 Tefley Road
101 Reiner RoadC4196319101 Reiner Road
4 Observatory CrescentW41960334 Observatory Crescent
27 Ashgrove RoadN419601927 Ashgrove Road
4642 Harbottle RoadW41959224642 Harbottle Road
121 Losino Street Lot 103W4195931121 Losino Street Lot 103
11 Outlook Terrace DriveN419595911 Outlook Terrace Drive
4420 Guildwood WayW41958764420 Guildwood Way
8 Grove Park CrescentC41958828 Grove Park Crescent
49 Winterton DriveW419575749 Winterton Drive
48 Lavallee CrescentW419562048 Lavallee Crescent
16 Lampman CrescentW419574316 Lampman Crescent
2479 Elder LaneW41956672479 Elder Lane
341 Gaston PlaceN4195644341 Gaston Place
45 Grendon CrescentW419512045 Grendon Crescent
9 Goderich Lot 285 DriveW41953869 Goderich Lot 285 Drive
4 Muscovy DriveW41953984 Muscovy Drive
11 Bartley DriveW419537711 Bartley Drive
Lot 94 Day TerraceW4195210Lot 94 Day Terrace
10 Woodbrook DriveW419515110 Woodbrook Drive
67 Ken Sinclair CrescentN419540967 Ken Sinclair Crescent
110 Timna CrescentN4195197110 Timna Crescent
6 Arianna CrescentN41954836 Arianna Crescent
46 Golden TerraceN419520446 Golden Terrace
179 Lebovic Campus DriveN4195229179 Lebovic Campus Drive
16 Crockart LaneN419525716 Crockart Lane
11801 Cold Creek RoadN419546811801 Cold Creek Road
10 Arianna CrescentN419546110 Arianna Crescent
22 Coyote WayN419535722 Coyote Way
226 Thomas Cook AvenueN4195154226 Thomas Cook Avenue
126 Vantage LoopN4195367126 Vantage Loop
341 Chouinard WayN4195245341 Chouinard Way
81 Castlemore AvenueN419530081 Castlemore Avenue
6 Ellenhall SquareE41955066 Ellenhall Square
2688 Midland AvenueE41955522688 Midland Avenue
93 Glenmanor WayN410331693 Glenmanor Way
23 Aldred DriveE419531023 Aldred Drive
5500 Coronation RoadE41952035500 Coronation Road
65 Bessarion RoadC419536965 Bessarion Road
21 Goodview RoadC419516021 Goodview Road
49 Yonge BoulevardC419522849 Yonge Boulevard
73 Bogert AvenueC419554473 Bogert Avenue
83 Francis StreetN419506583 Francis Street
3830 Larisa GroveW41948373830 Larisa Grove
500 Hidden TerraceC4194880500 Hidden Terrace
2016 Highridge CourtW41947182016 Highridge Court
1 Terraceanquility CourtW41949931 Terraceanquility Court
3126 Baron DriveW41949733126 Baron Drive
39 Goodview RoadC419473739 Goodview Road
25 Delbeatrice CrescentE419507925 Delbeatrice Crescent
100 Copes LaneX4194850100 Copes Lane
174 Shepton WayE4194991174 Shepton Way
50 Hudson DriveN419472750 Hudson Drive
1094 Glencairn AvenueW41947541094 Glencairn Avenue
10 Settlers Field RoadW419481810 Settlers Field Road
1387 Terraceotwood AvenueW41947531387 Terraceotwood Avenue
2435 Prince Michael DriveW41947752435 Prince Michael Drive
83 Terraceyhill CrescentE419488583 Terraceyhill Crescent
Lot 116 Beckett AvenueN4194924Lot 116 Beckett Avenue
121 Carrington DriveN4194902121 Carrington Drive
13626 Sixth LineW419499813626 Sixth Line
30 Rogers Terrace BradfordN419490730 Rogers Terrace Bradford
3235 Rymal RoadW41946093235 Rymal Road
26 Rothwell StreetN419462826 Rothwell Street
282 S Paliser CrescentN4194658282 S Paliser Crescent
56 April CourtX419453356 April Court
3172 Ernest Appelbe BoulevardW41945103172 Ernest Appelbe Boulevard
55 Royal York RoadW419458055 Royal York Road
6 Condor WayN41945076 Condor Way
56 Castle Harbour LaneN419451556 Castle Harbour Lane
690 W Taunton RoadE4194505690 W Taunton Road
99A Memorial Park AvenueE419449399A Memorial Park Avenue
3 Grattan StreetW41944823 Grattan Street
59 Southvale DriveN419426359 Southvale Drive
45 Philips View CrescentN419432945 Philips View Crescent
52 Timber Valley AvenueN419440952 Timber Valley Avenue
67 Queensbridge DriveN419431667 Queensbridge Drive
34 Bonnie Brae CourtE419439634 Bonnie Brae Court
31 Tollerton AvenueC419448631 Tollerton Avenue
35 Lehar CrescentC419425735 Lehar Crescent
5370 Sutter Creek Drive HamiltonX41934305370 Sutter Creek Drive Hamilton
1565 Venetia DriveW41942111565 Venetia Drive
38 Meadowvale DriveW419399438 Meadowvale Drive
1249 Indian RoadW41941771249 Indian Road
3338 Lonefeather CrescentW41934993338 Lonefeather Crescent
38 Joymar DriveW419361338 Joymar Drive
3908 Lodi RoadW41940843908 Lodi Road
15 Safari CourtW419353515 Safari Court
114 Arborglen DriveW4193649114 Arborglen Drive
1458 Queensbury CrescentW41939681458 Queensbury Crescent
4 James StreetW41937264 James Street
5212 Charnwood CrescentW41936755212 Charnwood Crescent
2484 Logan AvenueW41940302484 Logan Avenue
76 Toledo RoadW419367176 Toledo Road
2466 Claymore CrescentW41936242466 Claymore Crescent
13999 Terraceafalgar RoadW419395613999 Terraceafalgar Road
59 George StreetN419415859 George Street
5 Estyn CourtN41941385 Estyn Court
1 Terraceyview DriveN41938511 Terraceyview Drive
118 Flourish StreetN4193922118 Flourish Street
48 Futura AvenueN419381848 Futura Avenue
70 Topham CrescentN419378670 Topham Crescent
130 Arista GateN4193514130 Arista Gate
5 Granville GateN41936635 Granville Gate
15 Sunridge StreetN419347315 Sunridge Street
45 Cassells Drive BradfordN419364445 Cassells Drive Bradford
10 Timbermill CrescentN419363210 Timbermill Crescent
6 Bluff TerraceN41235956 Bluff Terrace
382 Lumsden AvenueE4193821382 Lumsden Avenue
10941 Diamond Sideroad RoadE419363010941 Diamond Sideroad Road
17 Granite StreetC419405417 Granite Street
125 Fairholme AvenueC4193721125 Fairholme Avenue
224 Wilfred AvenueC4194978224 Wilfred Avenue
185 High Park AvenueW4194750185 High Park Avenue
100 Bidewell AvenueC4194909100 Bidewell Avenue
318 Lady Valentina AvenueN4194795318 Lady Valentina Avenue
Lot 10 New Forest Terrace TerraceW4194740Lot 10 New Forest Terrace Terrace
53 Larabee CrescentC419501753 Larabee Crescent
53 Aegis DriveN419487253 Aegis Drive
681 Montbeck CrescentW4194992681 Montbeck Crescent
83 Hunterwood ChseN419481783 Hunterwood Chse
86 Birch Hill LaneW419499686 Birch Hill Lane
489 Berkley CourtW4194799489 Berkley Court
78 N Fitzgerald AvenueN419478278 N Fitzgerald Avenue
16113 Highway 48N419478816113 Highway 48
109 East Humber DriveN4195050109 East Humber Drive
48 Ridge Hill DriveC419504948 Ridge Hill Drive
3 Shallmar GardensN41950033 Shallmar Gardens
238 Douglas RoadN4194653238 Douglas Road
280 Streetouffville RoadN4194604280 Streetouffville Road
33 Aegis DriveN419455233 Aegis Drive
50 Ascalon DriveN419456850 Ascalon Drive
80 Collard DriveN419433680 Collard Drive
32 Kerrigan CrescentN419176932 Kerrigan Crescent
40 Frizzell AvenueE419424640 Frizzell Avenue
8 Dunkirk RoadE41944148 Dunkirk Road
42 Citation DriveC419445442 Citation Drive
196 Cameron AvenueC4194441196 Cameron Avenue
214 Winona DriveC4194463214 Winona Drive
71 Guthrie AvenueW419381371 Guthrie Avenue
107 Perry CrescentW4193493107 Perry Crescent
Lot1005 Ridgepoint RoadN4194183Lot1005 Ridgepoint Road
683 Village ParkwayN4194122683 Village Parkway
18 Loyal Blue CrescentN419419218 Loyal Blue Crescent
20 Wayside AvenueN419410120 Wayside Avenue
319 Torrey Pines RoadN4193540319 Torrey Pines Road
12 Whitelaw CourtN419358812 Whitelaw Court
4582 14th AvenueN41937644582 14th Avenue
18 Carisbrooke CircleN419389218 Carisbrooke Circle
11 Honey Locust CourtN419383811 Honey Locust Court
7 Barn Swallow CourtN41936097 Barn Swallow Court
28 East DriveN419396128 East Drive
33 Country Heights DriveN419393533 Country Heights Drive
252 Autumn Hill BoulevardN4193719252 Autumn Hill Boulevard
4599 Langstaff RoadN41938624599 Langstaff Road
142 Macarthur DriveN4193645142 Macarthur Drive
20 Normark DriveN419359020 Normark Drive
89 Eastville AvenueE419403189 Eastville Avenue
918 S Centre StreetE4193967918 S Centre Street
263 Burbank DriveC4194155263 Burbank Drive
183 Yorkview DriveC4193893183 Yorkview Drive
21 Arrowstook RoadC419343821 Arrowstook Road
318 Betty Ann DriveC4193850318 Betty Ann Drive
6B Farrell AvenueC41936906B Farrell Avenue
7 Malabar PlaceC41937147 Malabar Place
1422 Cottonwood CourtW41972001422 Cottonwood Court
210 Robert StreetC4197248210 Robert Street
92 Warwood RoadW419707992 Warwood Road
516 Amarone CourtW4196917516 Amarone Court
2372 Gamble RoadW41967642372 Gamble Road
152 Port Royal AvenueN4196894152 Port Royal Avenue
20 Forest Park CrescentN419691620 Forest Park Crescent
24 Flerimac RoadE419704624 Flerimac Road
361 Cranbrooke AvenueC4197034361 Cranbrooke Avenue
279 Mckee AvenueC4196883279 Mckee Avenue
409 Deloraine AvenueC4196931409 Deloraine Avenue
22 Oakhurst DriveC419685922 Oakhurst Drive
43 Malaspina CloseW419655443 Malaspina Close
22 Terraceio AvenueW419664922 Terraceio Avenue
94 Street George StreetW419660594 Street George Street
2108 Obeck CrescentW41965242108 Obeck Crescent
491 Threshing Mill BoulevardW4196250491 Threshing Mill Boulevard
3268 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41962793268 Meadow Marsh Crescent
3312 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41963453312 Meadow Marsh Crescent
3304 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41963253304 Meadow Marsh Crescent
3299 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41963593299 Meadow Marsh Crescent
2070 Glenforest CrescentW41962852070 Glenforest Crescent
1487 Bayshire DriveW41961871487 Bayshire Drive
7 Blue Silo WayW41962077 Blue Silo Way
381 Temagami CrescentW4196113381 Temagami Crescent
142 Wolfdale AvenueW4196073142 Wolfdale Avenue
111 Oakhurst DriveN4196501111 Oakhurst Drive
73 Joseph StreetN419632273 Joseph Street
6 Annsleywood CourtN41965176 Annsleywood Court
34 George StreetN419624234 George Street
50 Bathurst Glen DriveN419647250 Bathurst Glen Drive
150 Riverside DriveN4196540150 Riverside Drive
203 Luca AvenueN4196288203 Luca Avenue
16 Championship Circle PlaceN419617916 Championship Circle Place
59 Chesney CrescentN419620959 Chesney Crescent
59 Royal Orchard BoulevardN419610659 Royal Orchard Boulevard
55 Kilkenny Terrace BradfordN419609655 Kilkenny Terrace Bradford
2 Nicort RoadN41962292 Nicort Road
23 Street Magnus DriveE419617423 Street Magnus Drive
29 Ashgrove PlaceC419624429 Ashgrove Place
203 Glen Cedar RoadC4196643203 Glen Cedar Road
198 Bogert AvenueC4196203198 Bogert Avenue
25 Artinger CourtC419620025 Artinger Court
270 Cummer AvenueC4196499270 Cummer Avenue
59 Palm DriveC419646559 Palm Drive
9 Calderon CrescentC41963109 Calderon Crescent
446 Melrose AvenueC4196494446 Melrose Avenue
20 Pendergast CourtW419599320 Pendergast Court
24 Tyre AvenueW419599724 Tyre Avenue
38 Anndale DriveC419599038 Anndale Drive
14 Oakcrest AvenueN419594714 Oakcrest Avenue
5923 Mayfield RoadW41958585923 Mayfield Road
14 Dairymaid RoadW419588514 Dairymaid Road
1416 Brentano BoulevardW41958981416 Brentano Boulevard
161 Fitzgerald AvenueN4195919161 Fitzgerald Avenue
57 Raeview DriveN419589757 Raeview Drive
335 Briar Hill AvenueC4195911335 Briar Hill Avenue
177 Newton DriveC4195962177 Newton Drive
393 Old Orchard GroveC4195963393 Old Orchard Grove
1552 Terraceotwood AvenueW41956581552 Terraceotwood Avenue
1035 Masters GreenW41957251035 Masters Green
23 Everglade DriveW419581823 Everglade Drive
143 Thornridge DriveN4195612143 Thornridge Drive
130 Fitzmaurice DriveN4195817130 Fitzmaurice Drive
5538 Bloomington RoadN41957975538 Bloomington Road
158 Streetrathearn AvenueN4195800158 Streetrathearn Avenue
16 Vomano StreetN419584516 Vomano Street
45 John StreetN419560145 John Street
98 Livante CourtN419559998 Livante Court
86 Placeymbridge RoadC419580286 Placeymbridge Road
137 Burbank DriveC4195741137 Burbank Drive
248 Sutherland DriveC4195580248 Sutherland Drive
30 Glenborough Park CrescentC419555830 Glenborough Park Crescent
75 Rykert CrescentC419558275 Rykert Crescent
93 Tamworth RoadC419555993 Tamworth Road
8 Lakeshore DriveX41951688 Lakeshore Drive
1004 Shaw StreetW41954761004 Shaw Street
53 Warwood RoadW419537353 Warwood Road
Lot 54 Malaspina CloseW4195081Lot 54 Malaspina Close
74 Kingmount CrescentN419531574 Kingmount Crescent
65 Lancer DriveN419531365 Lancer Drive
221 Helen AvenueN4195152221 Helen Avenue
221 Helen AvenueN4195530221 Helen Avenue
92 Cranberry LaneN419538492 Cranberry Lane
28 Tavistock CourtN419544128 Tavistock Court
8 Bathurst Glen DriveN41951578 Bathurst Glen Drive
18 Pearson AvenueN419550218 Pearson Avenue
1 Kenbridge WayN41955551 Kenbridge Way
25 Ria CourtN419538925 Ria Court
8 Noble Oaks CourtN41953768 Noble Oaks Court
18 Birch AvenueN419526518 Birch Avenue
378 East AvenueE4195382378 East Avenue
95 Wells Hill AvenueC419546295 Wells Hill Avenue
50 Lonsdale RoadC419520750 Lonsdale Road
94 Sherwood AvenueC419511794 Sherwood Avenue
55 Arjay CrescentC419526455 Arjay Crescent
80 Fairholme AvenueC419533480 Fairholme Avenue
48 Gillings StreetN419503848 Gillings Street
203 Shaftsbury AvenueN4195046203 Shaftsbury Avenue
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