GTA Listings July 3 2018

Listings for July 3 2018

Below are the listings for the GTA as of July 3 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
90 Settlement CrescentN417769890 Settlement Crescent
291 293 Keele StreetW4167489291 293 Keele Street
8 Lamont AvenueE41777088 Lamont Avenue
46 Devondale AvenueC417811546 Devondale Avenue
255 Grace StreetC4177286255 Grace Street
69 Estrella CrescentN417702969 Estrella Crescent
130 Mountbatten RoadN4178056130 Mountbatten Road
6 Markhaven RoadN41767646 Markhaven Road
33 Tonner CrescentN417814633 Tonner Crescent
61 Craigleith CrescentN417838761 Craigleith Crescent
1125 Fieldstone CircleW41771151125 Fieldstone Circle
12 Larry StreetW417829912 Larry Street
28 Lugano CrescentN417675228 Lugano Crescent
3 Ellingwood CourtN41773533 Ellingwood Court
192 Valleymede DriveN4177457192 Valleymede Drive
920 Ernest Cousins CircleN4178101920 Ernest Cousins Circle
4216 Hickory DriveW41772984216 Hickory Drive
5338 San Remo CourtW41770765338 San Remo Court
37 Summerlea StreetN417727337 Summerlea Street
142 Beaconsfield DriveN4177511142 Beaconsfield Drive
2245 Canonridge CircleW41772052245 Canonridge Circle
1487 Hollywell AvenueW41769931487 Hollywell Avenue
7 Pine Island WayW41770567 Pine Island Way
4 Norgrove CrescentW41779634 Norgrove Crescent
3394 Terraceilogy TerraceW41767963394 Terraceilogy Terrace
548 Fralicks Beach RoadE4176973548 Fralicks Beach Road
56 Leno Mills AvenueN417675156 Leno Mills Avenue
8 Yvonne PlaceN41767818 Yvonne Place
17 Chancery RoadN417808717 Chancery Road
31 Redmond DriveN417675731 Redmond Drive
154 Cartmel DriveN4177822154 Cartmel Drive
61 Demott AvenueN417700961 Demott Avenue
5604 Shillington DriveW41777965604 Shillington Drive
14185 Highway 27 RoadN417781314185 Highway 27 Road
4 Arthur Hall DriveN41774284 Arthur Hall Drive
81 Bridgepointe CourtN417742981 Bridgepointe Court
1096 Harden TerraceN41780681096 Harden Terrace
4 Villanova RoadW41771394 Villanova Road
7 Mussle White RoadW41777837 Mussle White Road
5 S Crescentcent Hill DriveW41777885 S Crescentcent Hill Drive
85 Eastpine DriveN417756685 Eastpine Drive
103 Filippazzo RoadN4177776103 Filippazzo Road
7 Topham CrescentN41768617 Topham Crescent
17 Ash Street GuelphX417695317 Ash Street Guelph
3126 Baron DriveW41776403126 Baron Drive
18 Hepburn StreetN417771718 Hepburn Street
20 Perth Avenue 26C417764120 Perth Avenue 26
173 Mill Pond CourtN4177416173 Mill Pond Court
98 Carnaby WayN417770598 Carnaby Way
89 Nova Scotia RoadW417700689 Nova Scotia Road
98 Twin Hills CrescentN417731398 Twin Hills Crescent
50 Arborglen DriveW417749650 Arborglen Drive
S13700 Shier RoadN4178275S13700 Shier Road
1190 Bob Gapp DriveN41782871190 Bob Gapp Drive
1185 Creekside DriveW41776191185 Creekside Drive
12 Carl Finlay DriveW417734812 Carl Finlay Drive
2234 Blue Oak CircleW41769072234 Blue Oak Circle
14 S Amos CourtN417827214 S Amos Court
27 Cherry Bush RoadN417796527 Cherry Bush Road
3176 Streetocksbridge AvenueW41767843176 Streetocksbridge Avenue
40 Golden Hawk DriveX417793340 Golden Hawk Drive
48 Noranda CrescentW417717348 Noranda Crescent
127 Livante CourtN4177819127 Livante Court
44 Cozens DriveN417705044 Cozens Drive
3164 Ernest Appelbe BoulevardW41741673164 Ernest Appelbe Boulevard
45 Terraceojan CrescentN417772145 Terraceojan Crescent
11880 Derry RoadW417782911880 Derry Road
8 Grove Park CrescentC41772178 Grove Park Crescent
46 Hiltz AvenueE417726046 Hiltz Avenue
2079 Hancock RoadE41773022079 Hancock Road
57 Brentwood RoadW417773357 Brentwood Road
52 56 Norton AvenueC417792052 56 Norton Avenue
2060 Dickson RoadW41776052060 Dickson Road
362 N Princess AvenueC4178353362 N Princess Avenue
109 Collard DriveN4177062109 Collard Drive
1540 Elite RoadW41777261540 Elite Road
22 Lowesmoor AvenueC417807522 Lowesmoor Avenue
15 Oakcrest AvenueN417747315 Oakcrest Avenue
1 Personna BoulevardN41772561 Personna Boulevard
6 Glen Edyth DriveC41541096 Glen Edyth Drive
Lot 2 Old Forest LaneN4177881Lot 2 Old Forest Lane
68 Marmion AvenueC417841568 Marmion Avenue
4 Sunflower CourtN41782384 Sunflower Court
239 Third LineW4177351239 Third Line
1077 Shaw StreetW41774671077 Shaw Street
139 Petermar DriveN4178061139 Petermar Drive
105 Mcallister RoadC4178429105 Mcallister Road
53 Palmerston AvenueC417684153 Palmerston Avenue
52 Norton AvenueC417792552 Norton Avenue
56 Norton AvenueC417792856 Norton Avenue
52 Herne HillW417824852 Herne Hill
223 Terraceelawn AvenueW4177718223 Terraceelawn Avenue
35 Southvale DriveC417698635 Southvale Drive
65 Ava CrescentN417714965 Ava Crescent
2 Cynthia CrescentN41780722 Cynthia Crescent
7 Westlea AvenueN41776297 Westlea Avenue
167 Lyndhurst AvenueC4176920167 Lyndhurst Avenue
1667 Valentine GardensW41773831667 Valentine Gardens
119 Blair RoadX4177082119 Blair Road
30 Annsleywood CourtN417678830 Annsleywood Court
1358 Tansley DriveW41771611358 Tansley Drive
43 Cobden StreetC417709243 Cobden Street
118 Shuter StreetC4177673118 Shuter Street
12 Carluke CrescentC417735212 Carluke Crescent
27 Cadden CourtN417686827 Cadden Court
239 Lakeland CrescentN4178348239 Lakeland Crescent
10 Waring CourtC417780610 Waring Court
6 The WyndW41779326 The Wynd
279 Military WayW4177401279 Military Way
Lot 11 Malaspina CloseW4177901Lot 11 Malaspina Close
1600 Holburne RoadW41770271600 Holburne Road
141 Gemini CrescentN4177593141 Gemini Crescent
313 Via Romano BoulevardN4178060313 Via Romano Boulevard
296 Pine Cove RoadW4177405296 Pine Cove Road
9 Paradise Valley TerraceN41768209 Paradise Valley Terrace
39 Godfreys LaneW417689639 Godfreys Lane
3169 Meadow Marsh Crescent Lot144W41771813169 Meadow Marsh Crescent Lot144
2 Hagerman RoadW41774222 Hagerman Road
1214 Dufferin StreetW41771941214 Dufferin Street
416 Vellore AvenueN4177158416 Vellore Avenue
26 Larkin AvenueN417692726 Larkin Avenue
44 Kerrigan CrescentN417825244 Kerrigan Crescent
11 Mezzo StreetW417703211 Mezzo Street
22 Daniel Bram DriveN417808122 Daniel Bram Drive
28 Bembridge DriveN417836328 Bembridge Drive
10 Chinzan WayW417710010 Chinzan Way
23 Malaspina CloseW417792623 Malaspina Close
90 Royview CrescentN417806590 Royview Crescent
226 Frank Endean RoadN4178405226 Frank Endean Road
283 Aldred DriveE4177838283 Aldred Drive
44 Regent StreetN417755944 Regent Street
7 Walker RoadC41769107 Walker Road
263 Hidden TerraceC4178390263 Hidden Terrace
93 Shaftsbury AvenueN417840093 Shaftsbury Avenue
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