GTA Listings July 31 2018

GTA Listings - July 31 2018

Listings for across the GTA as of July 31 2018
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
3 Sirocco Dr, TorontoC42040793 Sirocco Dr, Toronto
139 Dunington Dr, TorontoE4205190139 Dunington Dr, Toronto
17 Lynngrove Cres, Richmond HillN420489317 Lynngrove Cres, Richmond Hill
54 Beasley Dr, Richmond HillN420434154 Beasley Dr, Richmond Hill
36 Duart Park Rd, TorontoE420606536 Duart Park Rd, Toronto
1447 Willowdown Rd, OakvilleW42056281447 Willowdown Rd, Oakville
3 Holdroyd Crt, Halton HillsW42060573 Holdroyd Crt, Halton Hills
3465 Burgess Cres, MississaugaW42051623465 Burgess Cres, Mississauga
117 Laskin Dr, VaughanN4205334117 Laskin Dr, Vaughan
142 High St, MississaugaW4205023142 High St, Mississauga
25 Mcnicoll Ave, TorontoC420355725 Mcnicoll Ave, Toronto
3 Fallowfield Rd, BramptonW42035833 Fallowfield Rd, Brampton
12B N Pine Ave, MississaugaW420399412B N Pine Ave, Mississauga
41 Forest Edge Cres, East GwillimburyN420355941 Forest Edge Cres, East Gwillimbury
20 Crimson Forest Dr, VaughanN420541720 Crimson Forest Dr, Vaughan
437 N Maplehurst Ave, OakvilleW4205439437 N Maplehurst Ave, Oakville
535 Glenashton Dr, OakvilleW4205914535 Glenashton Dr, Oakville
1050 Greenwood Ave, TorontoE42052601050 Greenwood Ave, Toronto
50 Glen Long Ave, TorontoW420363350 Glen Long Ave, Toronto
252B E Finch Ave, TorontoC4205229252B E Finch Ave, Toronto
274 Hinton Terr, MiltonW4204454274 Hinton Terr, Milton
114 Elizabeth Grve, KingN4205871114 Elizabeth Grve, King
55 Degraaf Cres, AuroraN420503155 Degraaf Cres, Aurora
2668 Midland Ave, TorontoE42044832668 Midland Ave, Toronto
6 Holly Dr, Richmond HillN42058376 Holly Dr, Richmond Hill
1434 Cawthra Rd, MississaugaW42034931434 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga
1438 Cawthra Rd, MississaugaW42034941438 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga
128 Barker Ave, TorontoE4204240128 Barker Ave, Toronto
7 Military Crt, Richmond HillN42048017 Military Crt, Richmond Hill
78 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN420364078 Meadowview Ave, Markham
10 Asner Ave, VaughanN420389110 Asner Ave, Vaughan
49 Crane St, AuroraN420467449 Crane St, Aurora
57 N West Ave, HamiltonX420474457 N West Ave, Hamilton
41 Ann Arbour Rd, TorontoW420419441 Ann Arbour Rd, Toronto
23 Waddington Cres, TorontoC420521923 Waddington Cres, Toronto
261 Bathurst Glen Dr, VaughanN4203806261 Bathurst Glen Dr, Vaughan
110 Eastwood Ave, TorontoE4204887110 Eastwood Ave, Toronto
39 Schell Ave, TorontoW420382539 Schell Ave, Toronto
33 Mill Run Gate, UxbridgeN420355833 Mill Run Gate, Uxbridge
2 Yardmaster Dr, BramptonW42041812 Yardmaster Dr, Brampton
28 Creston Rd, TorontoW420535728 Creston Rd, Toronto
31 Harold Lawrie Lane, MarkhamN420377731 Harold Lawrie Lane, Markham
308 Williamson Rd, MarkhamN4205094308 Williamson Rd, Markham
81 Bear Run Rd, BramptonW420409181 Bear Run Rd, Brampton
623 Fernbank Rd, NewmarketN4204916623 Fernbank Rd, Newmarket
1498 Bridge Rd, OakvilleW42034981498 Bridge Rd, Oakville
62 Filippazzo Rd, VaughanN420355362 Filippazzo Rd, Vaughan
120 Fred Young Dr, TorontoW4205699120 Fred Young Dr, Toronto
8 Yvonne Pl, AuroraN42058348 Yvonne Pl, Aurora
2098 Pharmacy Ave, TorontoE42036872098 Pharmacy Ave, Toronto
3200 Countess Cres, MississaugaW42049003200 Countess Cres, Mississauga
153 Paradelle Dr, Richmond HillN4204286153 Paradelle Dr, Richmond Hill
125 Wesley St, TorontoW4204317125 Wesley St, Toronto
50 Timberline Tr, AuroraN420553250 Timberline Tr, Aurora
2286 Folkway Dr, MississaugaW42050432286 Folkway Dr, Mississauga
16756 Bayview Ave, NewmarketN420545216756 Bayview Ave, Newmarket
1739 Danthorpe Dr, MississaugaW42043511739 Danthorpe Dr, Mississauga
42 Muriel Ave, TorontoE420428442 Muriel Ave, Toronto
52 Sharonview Cres, East GwillimburyN420491152 Sharonview Cres, East Gwillimbury
70 Westwind Cres, Whitchurch StouffvilleN420403970 Westwind Cres, Whitchurch Stouffville
7486 Old Homestead Rd, GeorginaN42049967486 Old Homestead Rd, Georgina
488 Armadale Ave, TorontoW4205391488 Armadale Ave, Toronto
56 Braeburn Dr, MarkhamN420440756 Braeburn Dr, Markham
93 Wintermute Blvd, TorontoE420366593 Wintermute Blvd, Toronto
165 Sixteen Mile Dr, OakvilleW4205441165 Sixteen Mile Dr, Oakville
12 Tristan Crt, BramptonW420513712 Tristan Crt, Brampton
479 Springbrook Ave, HamiltonX4204782479 Springbrook Ave, Hamilton
7905 Country Lane, WhitbyE42051657905 Country Lane, Whitby
15 Antorisa Ave, VaughanN420521615 Antorisa Ave, Vaughan
130 Palmer Ave, Richmond HillN4205707130 Palmer Ave, Richmond Hill
7 S Brimley Rd, TorontoE42048727 S Brimley Rd, Toronto
216 Avro Rd, VaughanN4205908216 Avro Rd, Vaughan
534 Charles Potter Lane, OakvilleW4205695534 Charles Potter Lane, Oakville
27 Wagon Wheel Cres, Richmond HillN420464727 Wagon Wheel Cres, Richmond Hill
185 W River Oaks Blvd, OakvilleW4205224185 W River Oaks Blvd, Oakville
951 Glen View Ave, BurlingtonW4205883951 Glen View Ave, Burlington
91 Cadorna Ave, TorontoE420607991 Cadorna Ave, Toronto
3008 Swansea Dr, OakvilleW42037243008 Swansea Dr, Oakville
37 Tierra Ave, VaughanN420351837 Tierra Ave, Vaughan
434 Grovehill Rd, OakvilleW4204826434 Grovehill Rd, Oakville
76 Baycrest Ave, TorontoC420454676 Baycrest Ave, Toronto
43 Elysian Fields Circ, BramptonW420401943 Elysian Fields Circ, Brampton
4319 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42058524319 Stouffville Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
955 W Bristol Rd, MississaugaW4203589955 W Bristol Rd, Mississauga
157 Paradelle Dr, Richmond HillN4204254157 Paradelle Dr, Richmond Hill
19 Cairnburg Dr, BramptonW420378919 Cairnburg Dr, Brampton
2356 Poplar Cres, MississaugaW42042212356 Poplar Cres, Mississauga
12 Carl Finlay Dr, BramptonW420023512 Carl Finlay Dr, Brampton
953 Stearn Pl, MiltonW4205561953 Stearn Pl, Milton
437 Donald Crt, NewmarketN4204020437 Donald Crt, Newmarket
62 Wheelwright Dr, Richmond HillN420465462 Wheelwright Dr, Richmond Hill
69 Monkton Circ, BramptonW420427269 Monkton Circ, Brampton
6575 Twiss Rd, BurlingtonW42046356575 Twiss Rd, Burlington
201 Dianne Ave, OakvilleW4205273201 Dianne Ave, Oakville
105 Post Rd, TorontoC4205036105 Post Rd, Toronto
22 Knollview Cres, TorontoC420560922 Knollview Cres, Toronto
1030 Cedar Grove Blvd, OakvilleW42039721030 Cedar Grove Blvd, Oakville
351 W Lakeshore Rd, OakvilleW4204289351 W Lakeshore Rd, Oakville
96 Proctor Ave, MarkhamN420447496 Proctor Ave, Markham
148 Hollyrood Heights Dr, MississaugaW4205570148 Hollyrood Heights Dr, Mississauga
7 Tobruk Cres, TorontoC42037507 Tobruk Cres, Toronto
53 Yorkleigh Ave, TorontoW420199053 Yorkleigh Ave, Toronto
1755 Bayview Ave, TorontoC42055471755 Bayview Ave, Toronto
1757 Bayview Ave, TorontoC42056031757 Bayview Ave, Toronto
23 Francesco Crt, MarkhamN420470823 Francesco Crt, Markham
1276 Dundas St, BurlingtonW42056491276 Dundas St, Burlington
1755 57 Bayview Ave, TorontoC42056261755 57 Bayview Ave, Toronto
49 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN420386049 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
112 Alfred Ave, TorontoC4204014112 Alfred Ave, Toronto
2081 Wakely St, OakvilleW42046522081 Wakely St, Oakville
22 Di Nardo Crt, KingN420448422 Di Nardo Crt, King
50 Strathearn Ave, Richmond HillN420430350 Strathearn Ave, Richmond Hill
29 Idleswift Dr, VaughanN420524729 Idleswift Dr, Vaughan
111 Hounslow Ave, TorontoC4204171111 Hounslow Ave, Toronto
13 Buggey Lane, AjaxE420535913 Buggey Lane, Ajax
55 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond HillN420398755 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond Hill
307 Jennings Cres, OakvilleW4206000307 Jennings Cres, Oakville
142 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4206080142 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
5 Lawrie Rd, VaughanN42058955 Lawrie Rd, Vaughan
3366 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42040043366 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
63 Beaufort Hills Rd, Richmond HillN420473063 Beaufort Hills Rd, Richmond Hill
183 Richmond Rd, OakvilleW4205921183 Richmond Rd, Oakville
31 Ranleigh Ave, TorontoC420554631 Ranleigh Ave, Toronto
523 Jeanette Dr, OakvilleW4203818523 Jeanette Dr, Oakville
73 Wild Orchid Cres, MarkhamN420416473 Wild Orchid Cres, Markham
148 King High Dr, VaughanN4205795148 King High Dr, Vaughan
15842 Heart Lake Rd, CaledonW414647215842 Heart Lake Rd, Caledon
66 Pringle Ave, MarkhamN420434766 Pringle Ave, Markham
2423 Boag Rd, East GwillimburyN42043752423 Boag Rd, East Gwillimbury
51 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond HillN420438151 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond Hill
6 Lynndale Rd, TorontoE42044436 Lynndale Rd, Toronto
1 Dalewood Dr, Richmond HillN42050151 Dalewood Dr, Richmond Hill
18 Ash Cres, TorontoW420475218 Ash Cres, Toronto
39 Grayfield Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN420504539 Grayfield Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
18442 Horseshoe Hill Rd, CaledonW420593418442 Horseshoe Hill Rd, Caledon
452 Woburn Ave, TorontoC4203942452 Woburn Ave, Toronto
95 Vines Pl, AuroraN420376595 Vines Pl, Aurora
8191 Churchville Rd, BramptonW42036028191 Churchville Rd, Brampton
274 Oxford St, Richmond HillN4205193274 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
802 Middletown Line, HamiltonX4203908802 Middletown Line, Hamilton
156 Caines Ave, TorontoC4204421156 Caines Ave, Toronto
62 Adamsville Rd, BramptonW420429562 Adamsville Rd, Brampton
4381 Lakeshore Rd, ClaringtonE42037434381 Lakeshore Rd, Clarington
162 Curtis Cres, KingN4205078162 Curtis Cres, King
1031 Masters Green, OakvilleW42052801031 Masters Green, Oakville
37 Santa Barbara Pl, VaughanN420484937 Santa Barbara Pl, Vaughan
144 Wedgewood Dr, TorontoC4203574144 Wedgewood Dr, Toronto
79 Wellspring Ave, Richmond HillN420391179 Wellspring Ave, Richmond Hill
4401 Bethesda Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42053084401 Bethesda Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
3700 Anderson St, WhitbyE42052183700 Anderson St, Whitby
167 Hoey Cres, OakvilleW4204791167 Hoey Cres, Oakville
32 Tobruk Cres, TorontoC420398032 Tobruk Cres, Toronto
15115 Dixie Rd, CaledonW420512115115 Dixie Rd, Caledon
1041 Stockwell Ave, MississaugaW42046221041 Stockwell Ave, Mississauga
1423 Cobbler Lane, OakvilleW42045311423 Cobbler Lane, Oakville
149 W Finch Ave, TorontoC4204024149 W Finch Ave, Toronto
Lot 5 Hesperus Dr, VaughanN4204592Lot 5 Hesperus Dr, Vaughan
Lot 55 Bannockburn Dr, VaughanN4206072Lot 55 Bannockburn Dr, Vaughan
635 Duclos Point Rd, GeorginaN4205141635 Duclos Point Rd, Georgina
60 Marbrook St, Richmond HillN420506360 Marbrook St, Richmond Hill
114 Waterview Common Crt, OakvilleW4203859114 Waterview Common Crt, Oakville
124 Wellspring Ave, Richmond HillN4204162124 Wellspring Ave, Richmond Hill
54 Goldpark Crt, VaughanN420354954 Goldpark Crt, Vaughan
48 Chesney Cres, VaughanN420543148 Chesney Cres, Vaughan
1797 Old School Rd, CaledonW42054831797 Old School Rd, Caledon
28 Tenbury Dr, MarkhamN420547728 Tenbury Dr, Markham
483 Avon Cres, OakvilleW4205860483 Avon Cres, Oakville
42 Madoc Pl, VaughanN420390242 Madoc Pl, Vaughan
2123 Bingley Cres, OakvilleW42039302123 Bingley Cres, Oakville
20 Foxmeadow Lane, MarkhamN420435020 Foxmeadow Lane, Markham
1 Nova Scotia Rd, BramptonW42052121 Nova Scotia Rd, Brampton
38 Theobalds Circ, Richmond HillN420397438 Theobalds Circ, Richmond Hill
86 Merrick St, TorontoW420439286 Merrick St, Toronto
5106 Bayfield Cres, BurlingtonW42059125106 Bayfield Cres, Burlington
4006 Highway 7 Rd, MarkhamN42059974006 Highway 7 Rd, Markham
14 Tadcaster Pl, TorontoC420453414 Tadcaster Pl, Toronto
163 Lady Fenyrose Ave, VaughanN4205453163 Lady Fenyrose Ave, Vaughan
110 Timna Cres, VaughanN4204150110 Timna Cres, Vaughan
249 Walmer Rd, TorontoC4203826249 Walmer Rd, Toronto
8 Sala Dr, Richmond HillN42044958 Sala Dr, Richmond Hill
22379 Warden Ave, East GwillimburyN420507422379 Warden Ave, East Gwillimbury
2431 Thorn Lodge Dr, MississaugaW42041512431 Thorn Lodge Dr, Mississauga
3235 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42045503235 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
14 Oak Ridge Dr, Halton HillsW420511014 Oak Ridge Dr, Halton Hills
23 Kehoe Crt, KingN420383123 Kehoe Crt, King
1010 Northern Prospect Cres, NewmarketN42060411010 Northern Prospect Cres, Newmarket
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