GTA Listings July 9 2019

GTA Homes For Sale July 9th 2019

The home listings here for July 9th 2019 across the GTA. Come check them out while they're still here because they aren't going to last long.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
38 Thirty Third St, TorontoW450998438 Thirty Third St, Toronto
18 Island Lake Rd, OrangevilleW451238118 Island Lake Rd, Orangeville
1587 Onondaga Pl, MississaugaW45102761587 Onondaga Pl, Mississauga
7 Farningham Cres, TorontoW45105857 Farningham Cres, Toronto
201 Autumn Hill Blvd, VaughanN4509550201 Autumn Hill Blvd, Vaughan
44 Taverly Rd, TorontoC451173244 Taverly Rd, Toronto
14306 Bathurst St, KingN451197414306 Bathurst St, King
27 Bradbeer Cres, VaughanN451248027 Bradbeer Cres, Vaughan
64 Cooks Bay Dr, GeorginaN451210564 Cooks Bay Dr, Georgina
29 Willowgate Dr, MarkhamN451169229 Willowgate Dr, Markham
29 Cameron Dr, HamiltonX451244729 Cameron Dr, Hamilton
45 Squire Ellis Dr, BramptonW451257645 Squire Ellis Dr, Brampton
93 Hanna Rd, TorontoC451122893 Hanna Rd, Toronto
5338 Oscar Peterson Blvd, MississaugaW45121115338 Oscar Peterson Blvd, Mississauga
19 Scott Rd, CaledonW451016219 Scott Rd, Caledon
2113 The Chase, MississaugaW45121182113 The Chase, Mississauga
26 Kylemore Cres, TorontoW450953726 Kylemore Cres, Toronto
54 Captain Francis Dr, MarkhamN451086154 Captain Francis Dr, Markham
800 Highland Blade Rd, NewmarketN4510085800 Highland Blade Rd, Newmarket
101 Bowie Ave, TorontoW4510623101 Bowie Ave, Toronto
452 Doverwood Dr, OakvilleW4511874452 Doverwood Dr, Oakville
334 Brookside Rd, Richmond HillN4511513334 Brookside Rd, Richmond Hill
391 Keewatin Ave, TorontoC4510865391 Keewatin Ave, Toronto
10 Sunray Cres, TorontoW451242610 Sunray Cres, Toronto
37 William St, KingN451047037 William St, King
69 Carrington Dr, Richmond HillN450904169 Carrington Dr, Richmond Hill
2111 Willhaven Tr, OakvilleW45099832111 Willhaven Tr, Oakville
31 Possession Cres, BramptonW451007531 Possession Cres, Brampton
77 S Inniswood Dr, TorontoE451166477 S Inniswood Dr, Toronto
17879 Regional Rd 50 Rd, CaledonW451092717879 Regional Rd 50 Rd, Caledon
38 Warrender Ave, TorontoW451075838 Warrender Ave, Toronto
3695 Yonge St Bradford, West GwillimburyN45112313695 Yonge St Bradford, West Gwillimbury
66 Annette St, TorontoW451114466 Annette St, Toronto
173 Humewood Dr, TorontoC4510922173 Humewood Dr, Toronto
749 Marlee Ave, TorontoW4511705749 Marlee Ave, Toronto
250 Peak Point Blvd, VaughanN4511327250 Peak Point Blvd, Vaughan
2 Charing Dr, MississaugaW45116182 Charing Dr, Mississauga
661 Oxford St, TorontoW4511943661 Oxford St, Toronto
2873 Peacock Dr, MississaugaW45116242873 Peacock Dr, Mississauga
31 Tradewind Terr, AuroraN450981231 Tradewind Terr, Aurora
6244 Bloomington Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN45100086244 Bloomington Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
43 Hazelton Ave, MarkhamN451248843 Hazelton Ave, Markham
222 Corner Ridge Rd, AuroraN4509879222 Corner Ridge Rd, Aurora
16 Henna St, BramptonW451210916 Henna St, Brampton
96 Weatherill Rd, MarkhamN450973796 Weatherill Rd, Markham
250 N Deerglen Terr, AuroraN4510250250 N Deerglen Terr, Aurora
22 Howland Cres, BramptonW451183822 Howland Cres, Brampton
146 Nantucket Dr, Richmond HillN4511723146 Nantucket Dr, Richmond Hill
65 Paradise Valley Tr, KingN451176565 Paradise Valley Tr, King
403 North Park Blvd, OakvilleW4510994403 North Park Blvd, Oakville
195 Wheelihan Way, MiltonW4510760195 Wheelihan Way, Milton
326 Connaught Ave, TorontoC4511138326 Connaught Ave, Toronto
100 Peterborough Ave, TorontoW4509910100 Peterborough Ave, Toronto
22 Colonsay Rd, MarkhamN451191622 Colonsay Rd, Markham
76 Delancey Cres, MarkhamN451242276 Delancey Cres, Markham
96 Saint Nicholas Cres, VaughanN450941996 Saint Nicholas Cres, Vaughan
252 Robina Ave, TorontoC4512470252 Robina Ave, Toronto
11 Aztec Crt, Richmond HillN451236911 Aztec Crt, Richmond Hill
232 Torrey Pines Rd, VaughanN4510067232 Torrey Pines Rd, Vaughan
98B Falstaff Ave, TorontoW451036398B Falstaff Ave, Toronto
41 Gatcombe Circ, Richmond HillN451015741 Gatcombe Circ, Richmond Hill
140 Parkhurst Blvd, TorontoC4509876140 Parkhurst Blvd, Toronto
40 N Toulon Cres, VaughanN451119240 N Toulon Cres, Vaughan
319 Huntsmill Blvd, TorontoE4509746319 Huntsmill Blvd, Toronto
178 Krieghoff Ave, MarkhamN4510375178 Krieghoff Ave, Markham
26 Pelmo Cres, TorontoW451022126 Pelmo Cres, Toronto
62 Credo Dr, VaughanN451248462 Credo Dr, Vaughan
88 W Lake Driveway Dr, AjaxE450914088 W Lake Driveway Dr, Ajax
494 Durie St, TorontoW4511880494 Durie St, Toronto
78 Greenside Dr, KingN451214078 Greenside Dr, King
60 Earl Grey Rd, TorontoE451100760 Earl Grey Rd, Toronto
1608 Hallstone Rd, BramptonW45119051608 Hallstone Rd, Brampton
340 Concord Ave, TorontoW4509989340 Concord Ave, Toronto
63 Deib Cres, MarkhamN451221763 Deib Cres, Markham
127 Corner Ridge Rd, AuroraN4511334127 Corner Ridge Rd, Aurora
75B W Finch Ave, TorontoC451182275B W Finch Ave, Toronto
101 Bathurst Glen Dr, VaughanN4512514101 Bathurst Glen Dr, Vaughan
89 Match Point Cres, AuroraN451114889 Match Point Cres, Aurora
63 Anndale Dr, TorontoC450950463 Anndale Dr, Toronto
Lot 9 We26 Crt, TorontoE4510676Lot 9 We26 Crt, Toronto
185 Annette St, TorontoW4512031185 Annette St, Toronto
243 Elbern Markell Dr, BramptonW4511517243 Elbern Markell Dr, Brampton
3301 Tenth Sdrd Bradford, West GwillimburyN45115263301 Tenth Sdrd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
1578 Sir Montys Dr, MississaugaW45110231578 Sir Montys Dr, Mississauga
390 Willis Dr, OakvilleW4509022390 Willis Dr, Oakville
1014 Lemar Rd, NewmarketN45120001014 Lemar Rd, Newmarket
2468 Hensall St, MississaugaW45097662468 Hensall St, Mississauga
56 Castle Harbour Lane, MarkhamN451126956 Castle Harbour Lane, Markham
259 Ellerslie Ave, TorontoC4512543259 Ellerslie Ave, Toronto
2132 Denise Rd, MississaugaW45124932132 Denise Rd, Mississauga
1072 Old Oak Dr, OakvilleW45123061072 Old Oak Dr, Oakville
31 Mcnaulty Lane, GuelphX451234131 Mcnaulty Lane, Guelph
403 Tennyson Dr, OakvilleW4511840403 Tennyson Dr, Oakville
163 Indian Road Cres, TorontoW4510154163 Indian Road Cres, Toronto
184 Gamma St, TorontoW4510059184 Gamma St, Toronto
382 384 Moxley Rd, HamiltonX4511620382 384 Moxley Rd, Hamilton
10 Simonston Blvd, MarkhamN451124210 Simonston Blvd, Markham
631 Pape Ave, TorontoE4511789631 Pape Ave, Toronto
43 Stonecrest Dr, BramptonW451187543 Stonecrest Dr, Brampton
76 Caithness Ave, TorontoE451217476 Caithness Ave, Toronto
8 Furnival Rd, TorontoE45111578 Furnival Rd, Toronto
24 Mccandless Crt, CaledonW450990024 Mccandless Crt, Caledon
9 Cottonwood Hollow Crt, AuroraN45095539 Cottonwood Hollow Crt, Aurora
225 Grace St, TorontoC4511582225 Grace St, Toronto
1 Tewsley Pl, TorontoW45105631 Tewsley Pl, Toronto
21 Lisson Cres, BramptonW450954621 Lisson Cres, Brampton
394 Claircrest Ave, MississaugaW4511442394 Claircrest Ave, Mississauga
84 Fairleigh Cres, TorontoC451126184 Fairleigh Cres, Toronto
21 Heintzman St, TorontoW451071921 Heintzman St, Toronto
4330 Regional Road 9 Rd, ClaringtonE45100014330 Regional Road 9 Rd, Clarington
261 Pacific Ave, TorontoW4510295261 Pacific Ave, Toronto
213 Highglen Ave, MarkhamN4511301213 Highglen Ave, Markham
10 Fort Rouille St, TorontoW450930710 Fort Rouille St, Toronto
51 Ourland Ave, TorontoW451039251 Ourland Ave, Toronto
20 Dairymaid Rd, BramptonW451004720 Dairymaid Rd, Brampton
116 Royal West Dr, BramptonW4511849116 Royal West Dr, Brampton
86 Martini Dr, Richmond HillN450957186 Martini Dr, Richmond Hill
26 Toporowski Ave, Richmond HillN451177226 Toporowski Ave, Richmond Hill
25 Raymerville Dr, MarkhamN451138925 Raymerville Dr, Markham
83 Hook Ave, TorontoW451129883 Hook Ave, Toronto
14212 Eighth Line, Halton HillsW451118314212 Eighth Line, Halton Hills
70 Greenbank Dr, Richmond HillN450942270 Greenbank Dr, Richmond Hill
46 Endeavour Crt, WhitbyE451133946 Endeavour Crt, Whitby
4188 Fuller Cres, BurlingtonW45091854188 Fuller Cres, Burlington
258 Joseph Schoerg Cres, KitchenerX4510537258 Joseph Schoerg Cres, Kitchener
50 Cromarty Pl, VaughanN451155050 Cromarty Pl, Vaughan
54 Chambersburg Way, Whitchurch StouffvilleN450935254 Chambersburg Way, Whitchurch Stouffville
1470 Silky Rose Crt, MississaugaW45100371470 Silky Rose Crt, Mississauga
90 Cowanville Rd, ClaringtonE451127090 Cowanville Rd, Clarington
67 Durango Dr, BramptonW451063567 Durango Dr, Brampton
257 Markham St, TorontoC4512064257 Markham St, Toronto
147 Holborne Ave, TorontoE4510146147 Holborne Ave, Toronto
67 Melbourne Dr, Richmond HillN451248367 Melbourne Dr, Richmond Hill
1186 Tyandaga Park Dr, BurlingtonW45111561186 Tyandaga Park Dr, Burlington
2 Burtree Dr, BramptonW45098882 Burtree Dr, Brampton
25 Freeman Rd, MarkhamN451059425 Freeman Rd, Markham
15 Glenda Jane Dr, MiltonW451196915 Glenda Jane Dr, Milton
7 Bilby St, BramptonW45121617 Bilby St, Brampton
7 Beth Ave, Richmond HillN45112957 Beth Ave, Richmond Hill
2033 Bough Beeches Blvd, MississaugaW45102012033 Bough Beeches Blvd, Mississauga
33 Riverside Blvd, VaughanN451119433 Riverside Blvd, Vaughan
42 Riverside Blvd, VaughanN451061242 Riverside Blvd, Vaughan
120 Old Forest Hill Rd, TorontoC4512220120 Old Forest Hill Rd, Toronto
76 Donwoods Dr, TorontoC450985776 Donwoods Dr, Toronto
16460 11th Concession, KingN451057116460 11th Concession, King
175 Crescent Rd, TorontoC4512062175 Crescent Rd, Toronto
95 De Vere Gdns, TorontoC451126695 De Vere Gdns, Toronto
1353 Aldo Dr, MississaugaW45125071353 Aldo Dr, Mississauga
18 Donwoods Dr, TorontoC451147118 Donwoods Dr, Toronto
11 Cachet Pkwy, MarkhamN451031511 Cachet Pkwy, Markham
8 Bixby Crt, TorontoC45113558 Bixby Crt, Toronto
5305 N Garrard Rd, WhitbyE45117815305 N Garrard Rd, Whitby
77 Forest Grove Dr, TorontoC450967377 Forest Grove Dr, Toronto
44 East Humber Dr, KingN451007144 East Humber Dr, King
50 Old Yonge St, TorontoC450968750 Old Yonge St, Toronto
103 105 Chatsworth Dr, TorontoC4509814103 105 Chatsworth Dr, Toronto
3 Deer Run Crt, Richmond HillN45125623 Deer Run Crt, Richmond Hill
25 Pine Cres, TorontoE451197925 Pine Cres, Toronto
45B Chestnut Park, TorontoC451008445B Chestnut Park, Toronto
41 Munro Blvd, TorontoC450910141 Munro Blvd, Toronto
22 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE451067122 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
10 Citation Dr, TorontoC451141010 Citation Dr, Toronto
72 Cachet Pkwy, MarkhamN450940072 Cachet Pkwy, Markham
132 W Roxborough St, TorontoC4510168132 W Roxborough St, Toronto
140 Annsleywood Crt, VaughanN4509642140 Annsleywood Crt, Vaughan
323 Melrose Ave, TorontoC4511934323 Melrose Ave, Toronto
180 Sandwell Dr, OakvilleW4509626180 Sandwell Dr, Oakville
382 Walmer Rd, TorontoC4512150382 Walmer Rd, Toronto
87 Macpherson Ave, TorontoC451128587 Macpherson Ave, Toronto
128 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4509728128 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
9 Pinedale Rd, TorontoC45102849 Pinedale Rd, Toronto
1 Larwood Blvd, TorontoE45106421 Larwood Blvd, Toronto
2286 Shawanaga Tr, MississaugaW45112902286 Shawanaga Tr, Mississauga
877 Millwood Rd, TorontoC4509727877 Millwood Rd, Toronto
1449 Crescent Rd, MississaugaW45091031449 Crescent Rd, Mississauga
156 Princess Anne Cres, TorontoW4510324156 Princess Anne Cres, Toronto
25 Briar Hill Ave, TorontoC451106925 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto
49 Walmer Rd, Richmond HillN451114549 Walmer Rd, Richmond Hill
507 Cranbrooke Ave, TorontoC4511348507 Cranbrooke Ave, Toronto
330 Brooke Ave, TorontoC4510087330 Brooke Ave, Toronto
84 Marmion Ave, TorontoC451199184 Marmion Ave, Toronto
66 Brule Gdns, TorontoW451201366 Brule Gdns, Toronto
34 Summerfeldt Cres, MarkhamN451172234 Summerfeldt Cres, Markham
1755 57 Bayview Ave, TorontoC45112221755 57 Bayview Ave, Toronto
346 Elmwood Ave, TorontoC4511159346 Elmwood Ave, Toronto
1098 15th Sdrd, KingN45102361098 15th Sdrd, King
162 Shaughnessy Blvd, TorontoC4510418162 Shaughnessy Blvd, Toronto
8 White Oak Cres, Richmond HillN45100458 White Oak Cres, Richmond Hill
52 54 Scarboro Beach Blvd, TorontoE450980552 54 Scarboro Beach Blvd, Toronto
259 Upper Post Rd, VaughanN4512407259 Upper Post Rd, Vaughan
17 Fernwood Rd, TorontoC451044817 Fernwood Rd, Toronto
1308 Kane Rd, MississaugaW45120711308 Kane Rd, Mississauga
46 Thelma Ave, TorontoC450925946 Thelma Ave, Toronto
2207 Nena Cres, OakvilleW45119452207 Nena Cres, Oakville
2329 Delnice Dr, OakvilleW45091142329 Delnice Dr, Oakville
1733 Chesbro Crt, MississaugaW45116291733 Chesbro Crt, Mississauga
10 Pheasant Lane, TorontoW450998810 Pheasant Lane, Toronto
62 Country Club Dr, KingN451084362 Country Club Dr, King
2165 Corsair Rd, MississaugaW45105662165 Corsair Rd, Mississauga
710 Ossington Ave, TorontoC4511796710 Ossington Ave, Toronto
177 Carlton St, TorontoC4511561177 Carlton St, Toronto
2038 Montcrest Crt, MississaugaW45104072038 Montcrest Crt, Mississauga
5737 Kirby Rd, VaughanN45093085737 Kirby Rd, Vaughan
83 Markwood Lane, VaughanN451144183 Markwood Lane, Vaughan
20 Jerome St, TorontoW451243920 Jerome St, Toronto
2262 Shawanaga Tr, MississaugaW45122832262 Shawanaga Tr, Mississauga
43 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN450929343 Lavender Valley Rd, King
35 E Fairwood Pl, BurlingtonW451140035 E Fairwood Pl, Burlington
16 Love Crt, Richmond HillN451171116 Love Crt, Richmond Hill
18 Pride Crt, BramptonW451136618 Pride Crt, Brampton
1277 Contour Dr, MississaugaW45124851277 Contour Dr, Mississauga
8 George Henry Blvd, TorontoC45118868 George Henry Blvd, Toronto
23 Lee Ave, TorontoE451130923 Lee Ave, Toronto
8 Millgate Cres, TorontoC45125778 Millgate Cres, Toronto
187 W Finch Ave, TorontoC4510864187 W Finch Ave, Toronto
9 Addison Cres, TorontoC45096479 Addison Cres, Toronto
43 Summerhill Ave, TorontoC450968043 Summerhill Ave, Toronto
12 Banstock Dr, TorontoC451055812 Banstock Dr, Toronto
425 Drewry Ave, TorontoC4510629425 Drewry Ave, Toronto
56 Bayside Crt, VaughanN451067956 Bayside Crt, Vaughan
67 Presteign Ave, TorontoE451019967 Presteign Ave, Toronto
6 Douglas Rd, Richmond HillN45094126 Douglas Rd, Richmond Hill
10 Miner Circ, MarkhamN450967510 Miner Circ, Markham
41 Compton Cres, Richmond HillN451114141 Compton Cres, Richmond Hill
21 Ravenhill Cres, MarkhamN450925821 Ravenhill Cres, Markham
55 Addington Ave, TorontoC451029755 Addington Ave, Toronto
995 Dufferin St, TorontoC4509240995 Dufferin St, Toronto
22 Village Green Dr, VaughanN451234222 Village Green Dr, Vaughan
8367 Trafalgar Rd, Halton HillsW45091788367 Trafalgar Rd, Halton Hills
14 Flaremore Cres, TorontoC451129114 Flaremore Cres, Toronto
8 Terrington Crt, TorontoC45090538 Terrington Crt, Toronto
5 Hashbury Pl, MarkhamN45107265 Hashbury Pl, Markham
310 Woodgate Pines Dr, VaughanN4510794310 Woodgate Pines Dr, Vaughan
43 Kelways Circ, BramptonW450927143 Kelways Circ, Brampton
333 Thomas Phillips Dr, AuroraN4509253333 Thomas Phillips Dr, Aurora
158 East Humber Dr, KingN4511303158 East Humber Dr, King
1395 Hurontario St, MississaugaW45107091395 Hurontario St, Mississauga
26 Preakness Dr, TorontoC451129926 Preakness Dr, Toronto
15 Giardina Cres, Richmond HillN451174215 Giardina Cres, Richmond Hill
147 Oxford St, Richmond HillN4510519147 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
64 Miles Hill Cres, Richmond HillN450988564 Miles Hill Cres, Richmond Hill
7 Westlea Ave, Richmond HillN45108137 Westlea Ave, Richmond Hill
18 Omeara Crt, TorontoC451154318 Omeara Crt, Toronto
5 Deanvar Ave, TorontoE45090825 Deanvar Ave, Toronto
32 Larkin Ave, KingN451121732 Larkin Ave, King
16 Edgecombe Crt, MarkhamN451165816 Edgecombe Crt, Markham
5 Woodington Crt, WhitbyE45109935 Woodington Crt, Whitby
82 Sapphire Dr, Richmond HillN451021882 Sapphire Dr, Richmond Hill
4 Kingsbury Cres, TorontoE45111884 Kingsbury Cres, Toronto
3097 Millicent Ave, OakvilleW45102913097 Millicent Ave, Oakville
287 Humberside Ave, TorontoW4511663287 Humberside Ave, Toronto
61 Cassandra Blvd, TorontoC450939361 Cassandra Blvd, Toronto
2206 Cliff Rd, MississaugaW45110892206 Cliff Rd, Mississauga
67 Glen Agar Dr, TorontoW451252767 Glen Agar Dr, Toronto
314 Robert St, TorontoC4511253314 Robert St, Toronto
21 Glenavy Ave, TorontoC451140121 Glenavy Ave, Toronto
989 Lockwood Circ, NewmarketN4509996989 Lockwood Circ, Newmarket
251 Summeridge Dr, VaughanN4512142251 Summeridge Dr, Vaughan
149 W Finch Ave, TorontoC4512400149 W Finch Ave, Toronto
188 Roselawn Dr, VaughanN4512459188 Roselawn Dr, Vaughan
32 Thirty Second St, TorontoW451137332 Thirty Second St, Toronto
229 Hedge Rd, GeorginaN4511263229 Hedge Rd, Georgina
14 Martin Byrne Dr, BramptonW451061314 Martin Byrne Dr, Brampton
347 Castlefield Ave, TorontoC4510259347 Castlefield Ave, Toronto
82 Puccini Dr, Richmond HillN451025882 Puccini Dr, Richmond Hill
66 Canterbury Crt, Richmond HillN451023266 Canterbury Crt, Richmond Hill
80 Menotti Dr, Richmond HillN451033380 Menotti Dr, Richmond Hill
68 Forthbridge Cres, TorontoW451175068 Forthbridge Cres, Toronto
216 Tuck Dr, BurlingtonW4511861216 Tuck Dr, Burlington
8 Ames Cres, AuroraN45097928 Ames Cres, Aurora
39 Coltrane Dr, VaughanN450986939 Coltrane Dr, Vaughan
27 Glenhaven St, MarkhamN451094527 Glenhaven St, Markham
3247 Charles Biggar Dr, OakvilleW45094873247 Charles Biggar Dr, Oakville
1463 Forks Of The Credit Rd, CaledonW45099361463 Forks Of The Credit Rd, Caledon
410 Barclay Cres, OakvilleW4509811410 Barclay Cres, Oakville
131 Burton Grove Rd, KingN4511533131 Burton Grove Rd, King
276 Sandwell Dr, OakvilleW4512206276 Sandwell Dr, Oakville
54 Robinson Rd, KingN450997654 Robinson Rd, King
454 Whitmore Ave, TorontoW4511638454 Whitmore Ave, Toronto
82 Cawkers Cove Rd, ScugogE451042182 Cawkers Cove Rd, Scugog
2140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN45124412140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
2140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN45124442140 St Johns Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
64 Spanhouse Cres, MarkhamN451114664 Spanhouse Cres, Markham
1364 Goldthorpe Rd, MississaugaW45103401364 Goldthorpe Rd, Mississauga
14 Deerhurst Ave, TorontoW451207414 Deerhurst Ave, Toronto
273 Betty Ann Dr, TorontoC4511751273 Betty Ann Dr, Toronto
3 Classic Dr, BramptonW45117763 Classic Dr, Brampton

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