GTA Listings June 12 2018

Listings Across the GTA for June 12 2018

Here are the listings for across the GTA for June 12 2018. Get 'em while they're hot!
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
2 Riverstone DriveW41569612 Riverstone Drive
24 Newington CrescentW415617524 Newington Crescent
2035 Hixon StreetW41566582035 Hixon Street
2140 Avalon CourtE41564802140 Avalon Court
736 Switzer CrescentW4156533736 Switzer Crescent
1075 Gorham StreetN41556431075 Gorham Street
1478 Greenbriar DriveW41556031478 Greenbriar Drive
118 Barnwood DriveN4155977118 Barnwood Drive
559 Fossil Hill RoadN4156153559 Fossil Hill Road
2231 Embleton RoadW41568742231 Embleton Road
707 Emily GroveN4157235707 Emily Grove
816 Ellesmere RoadE4155929816 Ellesmere Road
154 Smithwood DriveW4157852154 Smithwood Drive
8800 Winsten Churchill BoulevardW41584078800 Winsten Churchill Boulevard
57 Merrygale CrescentW415872757 Merrygale Crescent
11 North Hills TerraceC415732511 North Hills Terrace
6 Carrington AvenueW41583446 Carrington Avenue
16 Streetockbridge AvenueN415572316 Streetockbridge Avenue
46 Springfield DriveN415666246 Springfield Drive
1609 Applewood RoadW41577321609 Applewood Road
490 Mcroberts AvenueW4155747490 Mcroberts Avenue
12 Mccrackin CourtN415830912 Mccrackin Court
277 Mendelson HeightsW4156644277 Mendelson Heights
205 Kemano RoadN4158723205 Kemano Road
40 Morse StreetE415865740 Morse Street
712 The QueenswayW4157344712 The Queensway
1 Collingsbrook BoulevardE41567111 Collingsbrook Boulevard
75 Iangrove TerraceE415804275 Iangrove Terrace
210 Romfield CircleN4154394210 Romfield Circle
19 Cairnburg DriveW415558619 Cairnburg Drive
2428 Headon RoadW41561482428 Headon Road
2467 Chaplin RoadW41562562467 Chaplin Road
72 Harris CrescentN415863272 Harris Crescent
1145 Lamplight WayW41564021145 Lamplight Way
3415 Africa CrescentW41554853415 Africa Crescent
2120 Eighth LineW41573232120 Eighth Line
49 Bellefontaine StreetE415697749 Bellefontaine Street
10 Streetrathroy CrescentN415640310 Streetrathroy Crescent
993 Lancaster BoulevardW4157753993 Lancaster Boulevard
112 Fisherville RoadC4157740112 Fisherville Road
8A Devonridge CrescentE41559048A Devonridge Crescent
30 Garthdale CourtC415827030 Garthdale Court
99 Saskatoon DriveW415627999 Saskatoon Drive
1 Jondan CrescentN41544691 Jondan Crescent
45 Windsor RoadW415602645 Windsor Road
6477 Old Homestead RoadN41570506477 Old Homestead Road
208 John Frederick DriveX4158186208 John Frederick Drive
96 Armour CrescentX415764196 Armour Crescent
909 Streetoutt CrescentW4155624909 Streetoutt Crescent
649 Winterton WayW4155706649 Winterton Way
1433 Larchview TerraceW41563271433 Larchview Terrace
163 Chiltern Hill RoadC4157836163 Chiltern Hill Road
63 Harcourt AvenueE415765163 Harcourt Avenue
238 Inverness Way BradfordN4157927238 Inverness Way Bradford
224 Woodmount AvenueE4158084224 Woodmount Avenue
23 Maurier BoulevardN415650223 Maurier Boulevard
1317 Ogden AvenueW41573961317 Ogden Avenue
94 Heritage Hollow Esta StreetN415701494 Heritage Hollow Esta Street
1 Sister Oreilly RoadW41575311 Sister Oreilly Road
20 Humber TerraceW415879220 Humber Terrace
204 Willowbrook RoadN4158108204 Willowbrook Road
41 Dimarino DriveN415840841 Dimarino Drive
129 Selwyn RoadN4157742129 Selwyn Road
62 Westchester CrescentN415561362 Westchester Crescent
23 Whistling Hills DriveE415620723 Whistling Hills Drive
252 Park Home AvenueC4156204252 Park Home Avenue
25 Eveningside RoadN415843725 Eveningside Road
13 Cottingham StreetN415406413 Cottingham Street
192 Valleymede DriveN4156729192 Valleymede Drive
45 Philips View CrescentN415644345 Philips View Crescent
1168 Jezero CrescentW41582621168 Jezero Crescent
2170 Heathcliff CourtW41557362170 Heathcliff Court
14 Blyth StreetN415754414 Blyth Street
15 Blackdown CrescentW415742815 Blackdown Crescent
201 Vanda DriveN4157930201 Vanda Drive
102 Glenforest RoadC4158316102 Glenforest Road
8 Herringbone CrescentW41567068 Herringbone Crescent
21 Bosco DriveN415732221 Bosco Drive
6 Forestgreen DriveN41562486 Forestgreen Drive
54 Fenwick AvenueE415574554 Fenwick Avenue
127 Commercial StreetW4158630127 Commercial Street
60 Dame Gruev DriveN415650960 Dame Gruev Drive
5382 Bellows AvenueW41573925382 Bellows Avenue
159 Cassandra BoulevardC4157249159 Cassandra Boulevard
54 Eaton AvenueE415824054 Eaton Avenue
93 Gorman AvenueN415669393 Gorman Avenue
5 El Dorado StreetN41582835 El Dorado Street
90 Pepperberry RoadN415629290 Pepperberry Road
18 Wood Glen RoadE415713118 Wood Glen Road
100 Whitehorn CrescentC4157061100 Whitehorn Crescent
1576 Jarvie CrescentW41572751576 Jarvie Crescent
3121 Clipperton DriveW41559983121 Clipperton Drive
88 Fergus AvenueN415718688 Fergus Avenue
33 Groveland CrescentC415767433 Groveland Crescent
8 Yvonne PlaceN41574168 Yvonne Place
26 Pandora CourtN415773526 Pandora Court
70 Cedar Springs DriveN415629570 Cedar Springs Drive
959 Fourth StreetW4156891959 Fourth Street
83 Francis StreetN415707383 Francis Street
15 Navarre StreetN415839515 Navarre Street
2507 Paula CourtW41571352507 Paula Court
26 Highland HillW415801126 Highland Hill
59 Pellegrino RoadW415668759 Pellegrino Road
134 Pinegrove AvenueE4157457134 Pinegrove Avenue
1341 Streetrathy AvenueW41571271341 Streetrathy Avenue
122 Fairview AvenueW4157295122 Fairview Avenue
2 Islington DriveW41565932 Islington Drive
19214 Kennedy RoadN415401419214 Kennedy Road
2381 Denise RoadW41559272381 Denise Road
4 Oakford DriveN41579764 Oakford Drive
29 Yeomans RoadC415589829 Yeomans Road
68 Lucerne DriveN415692268 Lucerne Drive
2 Yardmaster DriveW41565592 Yardmaster Drive
15 Scotchmere CrescentW415791715 Scotchmere Crescent
258 Mactier DriveN4155499258 Mactier Drive
2 Lackman CourtW41558162 Lackman Court
2016 Grand BoulevardW41559932016 Grand Boulevard
24 Attraction DriveW415795524 Attraction Drive
7 Selby Crescent BradfordN41585837 Selby Crescent Bradford
5 Ardmay CrescentX41570915 Ardmay Crescent
69 Lynd AvenueW415796669 Lynd Avenue
237 Langley AvenueE4156368237 Langley Avenue
267 Ten Oaks BoulevardN4156889267 Ten Oaks Boulevard
2187 Lakeshore RoadW41556272187 Lakeshore Road
630 Huntingwood DriveE4158729630 Huntingwood Drive
505 Sutherland DriveC4154079505 Sutherland Drive
325 Valeria BoulevardN4157861325 Valeria Boulevard
172 First AvenueE4158640172 First Avenue
36 Driveysdale CrescentC415670536 Driveysdale Crescent
23 Sir Isaac GateN415567423 Sir Isaac Gate
118 Carrville Woods CircleN4158381118 Carrville Woods Circle
56 Dallas RoadC415697556 Dallas Road
179 Sharon Creek DriveN4157208179 Sharon Creek Drive
307 Scott BoulevardW4157395307 Scott Boulevard
23 Richland CrescentW415874123 Richland Crescent
2961 Ravenshoe RoadN41563032961 Ravenshoe Road
38 Charles StreetW415753738 Charles Street
55 Clark AvenueN415817255 Clark Avenue
62 Bestview CrescentN415880362 Bestview Crescent
57 Oak Lea CircleN415665157 Oak Lea Circle
35 Lake AvenueN415452735 Lake Avenue
34 Roman RoadN415775034 Roman Road
5151 Sixth LineW41565685151 Sixth Line
49 Abilene CourtN415733049 Abilene Court
389 Tareyton RoadN4155500389 Tareyton Road
178 Mcclellan WayN4156999178 Mcclellan Way
77 Copes LaneX415708177 Copes Lane
27 Streetemmle DriveN415759127 Streetemmle Drive
291 Downy Emerald Drive BradfordN4157351291 Downy Emerald Drive Bradford
18 A Westmount Park RoadW415846718 A Westmount Park Road
55 Arjay CrescentC415779955 Arjay Crescent
23 Barberry PlaceC415575823 Barberry Place
5 Colby LaneN41566735 Colby Lane
27 Elm Ridge Acres RoadN415825327 Elm Ridge Acres Road
103 Old Forest Hill RoadC4157805103 Old Forest Hill Road
12 Sandy Point LaneN415569612 Sandy Point Lane
17762 Mississauga RoadW415807317762 Mississauga Road
7 Mason BoulevardC41570697 Mason Boulevard
130 May AvenueN4156672130 May Avenue
71 Crescentcent RoadC415590871 Crescentcent Road
56 May AvenueN415663956 May Avenue
7 Carluke CrescentC41564997 Carluke Crescent
86 Arnold AvenueN415667086 Arnold Avenue
43 Pemberton RoadN415832243 Pemberton Road
515 E 8th Conc RoadX4154539515 E 8th Conc Road
2B Carluke CrescentC41577342B Carluke Crescent
56 Main StreetN415861956 Main Street
157 Kingsdale AvenueC4157450157 Kingsdale Avenue
20 Hogan CourtN415603420 Hogan Court
296 Upper Post RoadN4157678296 Upper Post Road
28 Yongehurst RoadN415868628 Yongehurst Road
15 Berkinshaw CrescentC415874915 Berkinshaw Crescent
64 Crescentcent RoadC415549564 Crescentcent Road
306 W Lakeshore RoadW4156441306 W Lakeshore Road
53 Aldershot CrescentC415873253 Aldershot Crescent
59 Oriole GardensC415840959 Oriole Gardens
301R Davenport RoadC4158773301R Davenport Road
68 Marmion AvenueC415847168 Marmion Avenue
358 Willowdale AvenueC4158061358 Willowdale Avenue
7 Gorman Park RoadC41570077 Gorman Park Road
115 Selgrove CrescentW4155938115 Selgrove Crescent
10 Houghton BoulevardN415870010 Houghton Boulevard
242 Ridge RoadN4157228242 Ridge Road
15 Talwood DriveC415416515 Talwood Drive
17015 8th Concession RoadN415869217015 8th Concession Road
71 Edenvale CrescentW415792471 Edenvale Crescent
57 Macpherson AvenueC415562357 Macpherson Avenue
24 Roe AvenueC415574924 Roe Avenue
41 Great Oak DriveW415646141 Great Oak Drive
278 Dunview AvenueC4157986278 Dunview Avenue
151 Streetrathearn AvenueN4158402151 Streetrathearn Avenue
4057 Bethesda RoadN41579164057 Bethesda Road
150 Burnet StreetW4158551150 Burnet Street
274 Oriole ParkwayC4158399274 Oriole Parkway
188 Farrell RoadN4158492188 Farrell Road
265 Churchill AvenueN4157576265 Churchill Avenue
110 Forest Lane DriveN4156676110 Forest Lane Drive
2200 Parker DriveW41580352200 Parker Drive
60 Southvale DriveC415745160 Southvale Drive
4 Dalla Riva CourtW41561814 Dalla Riva Court
28 Jeremy DriveN415754228 Jeremy Drive
79 Haddington AvenueC415657779 Haddington Avenue
96 Cowley AvenueW415736796 Cowley Avenue
5 Binscarth RoadC41587995 Binscarth Road
31 Rosegarden Crescent L4E 2P4N415566431 Rosegarden Crescent L4E 2P4
546 Weir AvenueW4155971546 Weir Avenue
357 Douglas AvenueC4154401357 Douglas Avenue
12266 Kennedy RoadW415550112266 Kennedy Road
243 Ridge RoadN4155709243 Ridge Road
9 Ontario StreetN41580579 Ontario Street
200 Streetrathearn AvenueN4158120200 Streetrathearn Avenue
18 Squareuire Ellis DriveW415770118 Squareuire Ellis Drive
59 Boyd CourtN415795259 Boyd Court
14 Woodlot CourtN415663314 Woodlot Court
10 Yeomans RoadC415576910 Yeomans Road
168 Humbervale BoulevardW4155523168 Humbervale Boulevard
68 Dovercourt RoadC415731168 Dovercourt Road
17 Cedar DriveW415676617 Cedar Drive
75 Mutual StreetC415845875 Mutual Street
3 Tarlton RoadC41575273 Tarlton Road
218 Wright AvenueW4157347218 Wright Avenue
2126 Grange DriveW41562742126 Grange Drive
572 Briar Hill AvenueC4156749572 Briar Hill Avenue
5487 Third Line GuelphX41583135487 Third Line Guelph
2371 Cliff RoadW41578002371 Cliff Road
129 Edith DriveC4157850129 Edith Drive
80 Burndenford CrescentN415832580 Burndenford Crescent
660 Terraceafford CrescentW4155798660 Terraceafford Crescent
7 Malcolm RoadC41573557 Malcolm Road
2375 Cliff RoadW41579912375 Cliff Road
12 Bearwood DriveW415667812 Bearwood Drive
27 Coledale RoadN415866927 Coledale Road
85 Ravenscrest DriveW415566685 Ravenscrest Drive
39 Street Magnus DriveE415747339 Street Magnus Drive
65 Riverside BoulevardN415870465 Riverside Boulevard
5 Belton RoadC41576885 Belton Road
346 Brooke AvenueC4156515346 Brooke Avenue
24 Allison CourtW415567524 Allison Court
2 Sir Henry CourtN41556302 Sir Henry Court
6 Rouge River CircleN41578436 Rouge River Circle
59 Chesney CrescentN415749059 Chesney Crescent
998 Northern Prospect CrescentN4158314998 Northern Prospect Crescent
23 Heron TerraceN415653523 Heron Terrace
207 Albany AvenueC4157923207 Albany Avenue
2 Virtue CrescentN41582082 Virtue Crescent
4 Cross Hill RoadE41561374 Cross Hill Road
17 Country Club CrescentN415553217 Country Club Crescent
4025 Summit CourtW41568414025 Summit Court
67 Hurst AvenueN415871267 Hurst Avenue
46 Lippincott StreetC415750646 Lippincott Street
1083 Haydonbridge CourtW41582211083 Haydonbridge Court
125 Estelle AvenueC4156160125 Estelle Avenue
20410 Bathurst StreetN415572420410 Bathurst Street
9 Waxwing PlaceC41576729 Waxwing Place
19241 Horseshoe Hill RoadW415863119241 Horseshoe Hill Road
111 Headwind BoulevardN4156399111 Headwind Boulevard
39 Spanhouse CrescentN415652839 Spanhouse Crescent
975 Willowdale AvenueC4156680975 Willowdale Avenue
8 Hughson DriveN41573408 Hughson Drive
1395 Lorne Park RoadW41572251395 Lorne Park Road
91 Holden DriveN415548691 Holden Drive
77 Constance StreetW415737477 Constance Street
92 Waniska AvenueW415654792 Waniska Avenue
9 11 Donald AvenueW41562189 11 Donald Avenue
236 Marc Santi BoulevardN4158217236 Marc Santi Boulevard
56 Presley AvenueE415866256 Presley Avenue
88 Castleridge DriveN415777088 Castleridge Drive
217 Centre StreetN4158360217 Centre Street
100 Oak AvenueN4156101100 Oak Avenue
2274 Rochester CircleW41574042274 Rochester Circle
83 Street Hubert AvenueE415623683 Street Hubert Avenue
146 Castlefield AvenueC4154054146 Castlefield Avenue
67 Willis DriveN415772167 Willis Drive
1437 Haig BoulevardW41568731437 Haig Boulevard
83 Glenheron CrescentN415848983 Glenheron Crescent
66 Puccini DriveN415671566 Puccini Drive
197 Carmichael AvenueC4155805197 Carmichael Avenue
5106 Bayfield CrescentW41562825106 Bayfield Crescent
3105 Millicent AvenueW41574473105 Millicent Avenue
89 Eastville AvenueE415776589 Eastville Avenue
157 Headwind BoulevardN4157823157 Headwind Boulevard
29 Ashgrove PlaceC415864429 Ashgrove Place
35 Sisley CrescentN415595435 Sisley Crescent
73 Robert Osprey DriveN415866373 Robert Osprey Drive
934 Creebridge CrescentN4156908934 Creebridge Crescent
26 Coulson CourtN415687726 Coulson Court
101 Tangreen CircleN4155669101 Tangreen Circle
31 Westhead RoadW415563931 Westhead Road
613 Via Romano BoulevardN4157963613 Via Romano Boulevard
44 Longevity RoadW415744544 Longevity Road
2 Delancey CrescentN41573162 Delancey Crescent
81 Heatherwood CrescentN415853281 Heatherwood Crescent
34 Wayside AvenueN415717134 Wayside Avenue
27 Camberwell RoadC415815327 Camberwell Road
352 Brookside RoadN4156563352 Brookside Road
54 Humberwood GateN415650054 Humberwood Gate
76 Via Borghese StreetN415557676 Via Borghese Street
188 Simon DriveW4156396188 Simon Drive
13 Porcelain TerraceE415701513 Porcelain Terrace
1424 Bridgestone LaneW41573261424 Bridgestone Lane
44 Felicia CourtN415756244 Felicia Court
42 Walton DriveW415762442 Walton Drive
79 Parkview Hill CrescentE415820079 Parkview Hill Crescent
10 Southridge TerraceW415595010 Southridge Terrace
5858 Churchill Meadows BoulevardW41557115858 Churchill Meadows Boulevard
26 Hill Top TerraceN415566726 Hill Top Terrace
35 Burncrest DriveC415798035 Burncrest Drive

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