GTA Listings June 15 2018

The Listings for June 15 2018

All of the chosen listings for June 15 2018 for across the GTA. These are the top GTA listings that have come on the market and are available at this point.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
8 Ashcreek DriveW41629118 Ashcreek Drive
131 Roseborough CrescentN4162879131 Roseborough Crescent
563 Bridgeview RoadW4162894563 Bridgeview Road
104 Houseman CrescentN4162925104 Houseman Crescent
1008 Franconia DriveW41628411008 Franconia Drive
1459 Willowdown RoadW41628351459 Willowdown Road
71 North Forster Park DriveW415432171 North Forster Park Drive
230 Donlea DriveC4162854230 Donlea Drive
127 Northcliffe BoulevardC4162837127 Northcliffe Boulevard
5268 Middlebury DriveW41626595268 Middlebury Drive
158 Tomlinson CircleN4162606158 Tomlinson Circle
6640 Concession 2N41625966640 Concession 2
3 Routledge DriveN41625663 Routledge Drive
114 Bayberry StreetN4162595114 Bayberry Street
56 Phoebe StreetC416249956 Phoebe Street
53 Viewmount AvenueC416250053 Viewmount Avenue
109 Twenty Second StreetW4162436109 Twenty Second Street
4293 Hartfield GroveW41624604293 Hartfield Grove
5134 Nishga CourtW41624505134 Nishga Court
66 Annette StreetW416231866 Annette Street
4203 Claypine RiseW41623614203 Claypine Rise
619 Beresford AvenueW4162369619 Beresford Avenue
2771 Tallberg CourtW41623592771 Tallberg Court
44 Berkwood HllwW416229144 Berkwood Hllw
124 Leighland AvenueW4162315124 Leighland Avenue
407 Grindstone TerraceW4162244407 Grindstone Terrace
1060 Glenashton DriveW41622241060 Glenashton Drive
2592 Hammond RoadW41622282592 Hammond Road
546 Cullen AvenueW4162200546 Cullen Avenue
60 Mill StreetW416216360 Mill Street
481 Tipperton CrescentW4162185481 Tipperton Crescent
2 Lloyd Sanderson DriveW41621902 Lloyd Sanderson Drive
6389 Seaver RoadW41621266389 Seaver Road
14 Streetrathburn BoulevardW416200214 Streetrathburn Boulevard
430 Appledore CrescentW4161927430 Appledore Crescent
72 Prairie Creek CrescentW416182872 Prairie Creek Crescent
16704 Leslie Hill RoadW416187016704 Leslie Hill Road
149 River Oaks BoulevardW4161856149 River Oaks Boulevard
8 Merlin DriveW41617338 Merlin Drive
23 Carnation AvenueW416173223 Carnation Avenue
12 Terraceistan CourtW416170512 Terraceistan Court
48 Morra AvenueW416157548 Morra Avenue
63 Algoma DriveN416244663 Algoma Drive
21152 Mccowan RoadN416246621152 Mccowan Road
142 Sweet Water CrescentN4162299142 Sweet Water Crescent
156 Jules AvenueN4162218156 Jules Avenue
28 Reditt CourtN416211528 Reditt Court
125 Clover Leaf StreetN4162138125 Clover Leaf Street
4 Boxwood CrescentN41622324 Boxwood Crescent
139 Princeton GateN4161802139 Princeton Gate
2 Hepburn StreetN41620342 Hepburn Street
120 Lyndhurst DriveN4161972120 Lyndhurst Drive
11 Penny CrescentN416202011 Penny Crescent
10 Hillcroft DriveN416203010 Hillcroft Drive
3 Lanewood DriveN41616483 Lanewood Drive
42 Acqua DriveN416163442 Acqua Drive
554 Carlton RoadN4161776554 Carlton Road
49 Timberline TerraceN415436049 Timberline Terrace
46 Agincourt DriveE416240346 Agincourt Drive
663 Danforth RoadE4162247663 Danforth Road
1470 Aldergrove DriveE41621881470 Aldergrove Drive
1606 Irvine Scott CourtE41622191606 Irvine Scott Court
86 W Concession StreetE416195486 W Concession Street
1230 Highway 7A RoadE41620981230 Highway 7A Road
105 Wheeler AvenueE4161671105 Wheeler Avenue
2688 Midland AvenueE41616272688 Midland Avenue
17 Kathrose DriveC416239717 Kathrose Drive
243 Cocksfield AvenueC4162223243 Cocksfield Avenue
35 Carmichael AvenueC416177835 Carmichael Avenue
88 Ardagh StreetW416083988 Ardagh Street
678 Spring Gardens DriveW4161525678 Spring Gardens Drive
404 Glen Park AvenueW4161545404 Glen Park Avenue
245 Conley StreetN4161483245 Conley Street
994 Northern Prospect CrescentN4161500994 Northern Prospect Crescent
17 Marengo DriveN416152317 Marengo Drive
55 Browning AvenueE416150255 Browning Avenue
10 Victoria Park AvenueE416149410 Victoria Park Avenue
297 Silver Springs BoulevardE4161507297 Silver Springs Boulevard
103 Morbank DriveE4161469103 Morbank Drive
72 Glengordon CrescentN416147872 Glengordon Crescent
384 Arrowsmith DriveW4161420384 Arrowsmith Drive
3210 Sawmill StreetW41614453210 Sawmill Street
19 Monument TerraceW416144119 Monument Terrace
2 Maffey CrescentN41614422 Maffey Crescent
325 Conover AvenueN4161416325 Conover Avenue
84 Bestview CrescentN416139384 Bestview Crescent
2350 Hancock RoadE41614322350 Hancock Road
336 Waterloo AvenueC4161437336 Waterloo Avenue
16 Humber TerraceW416126116 Humber Terrace
2053 Nipigon DriveW41612182053 Nipigon Drive
3093 William Rose WayW41612313093 William Rose Way
199 Lula RoadW4161317199 Lula Road
331 S Queen StreetW4161255331 S Queen Street
54 Beasley DriveN416127354 Beasley Drive
71 Guthrie AvenueW416109271 Guthrie Avenue
54 Old Mill DriveW416078354 Old Mill Drive
1356 Wilson AvenueW41609301356 Wilson Avenue
22 S Brentwood RoadW416093122 S Brentwood Road
105 Gorman AvenueN4161191105 Gorman Avenue
31 Harold Lawrie LaneN416119731 Harold Lawrie Lane
24 Littleriver CourtN416078124 Littleriver Court
151 Terraceiton AvenueN4161025151 Terraceiton Avenue
6449 Concession 6N41610396449 Concession 6
665 Clifford Perry PlaceN4161130665 Clifford Perry Place
3 Everett StreetN41611733 Everett Street
15 Rossini DriveN416106115 Rossini Drive
1 Castle Harbour DriveE41607301 Castle Harbour Drive
16 Atherton CrescentW416069016 Atherton Crescent
37 West Village DriveW416061137 West Village Drive
11 Canis StreetW416058511 Canis Street
185 Culp TerraceW4160641185 Culp Terrace
20 Emerald CrescentW416063520 Emerald Crescent
10 Settlers Field RoadW416057710 Settlers Field Road
7 Halford AvenueW41606287 Halford Avenue
45 Valleybrook CrescentW416037145 Valleybrook Crescent
243 Butterfly LaneW4160400243 Butterfly Lane
12 Filton RoadW416038212 Filton Road
3276 Larry CrescentW41603423276 Larry Crescent
9213 W Regional Road 25 RoadW41602509213 W Regional Road 25 Road
105 Dunrobin CrescentN4160713105 Dunrobin Crescent
47 Robins Nest DriveN416061047 Robins Nest Drive
19 Kirkland CourtN416056019 Kirkland Court
57 Norman DriveN416048857 Norman Drive
791 Davis DriveN4160420791 Davis Drive
152 Carlyle CrescentN4160410152 Carlyle Crescent
1275 Shortreed TerraceN41603251275 Shortreed Terrace
11 Silver Oaks BoulevardN416038511 Silver Oaks Boulevard
184 Bayview Fairways DriveN4160235184 Bayview Fairways Drive
267 Pitfield RoadE4160655267 Pitfield Road
21 Lynn RoadE416023421 Lynn Road
27 Slingsby LaneC416034827 Slingsby Lane
7 Cottonwood DriveC41604087 Cottonwood Drive
217 Mutual StreetC4160328217 Mutual Street
616B Caledonia RoadW4160133616B Caledonia Road
195 Learmont AvenueW4160105195 Learmont Avenue
715 N Hickory StreetE4160173715 N Hickory Street
237 Glenwood CrescentE4160163237 Glenwood Crescent
103 Wells Hill AvenueC4160159103 Wells Hill Avenue
34 Crayford DriveE416008034 Crayford Drive
141 Cranbrook CrescentN4160076141 Cranbrook Crescent
215 Thomson Creek BoulevardN4160063215 Thomson Creek Boulevard
85 Hillwood StreetN416006585 Hillwood Street
27 Woodhaven CrescentE416004027 Woodhaven Crescent
349 Raymerville DriveN4160014349 Raymerville Drive
81 Streetoney Creek DriveN416004681 Streetoney Creek Drive
2101 Highway 7 RoadN41599032101 Highway 7 Road
1800 W Lakeridge RoadN41598701800 W Lakeridge Road
200 Borealis AvenueN4159952200 Borealis Avenue
22 Creekwood DriveE415995622 Creekwood Drive
242 Altamira RoadN4159828242 Altamira Road
110 Eastwood AvenueE4159891110 Eastwood Avenue
100 Whitehorn CrescentC4159941100 Whitehorn Crescent
129 Morden RoadW4159644129 Morden Road
704 Santa Maria BoulevardW4159625704 Santa Maria Boulevard
1583 Streetancombe CrescentW41595921583 Streetancombe Crescent
67 Raymond AvenueW415957467 Raymond Avenue
480 Morning Dove DriveW4159538480 Morning Dove Drive
17 Lloyd Sanderson DriveW415968817 Lloyd Sanderson Drive
5889 2nd Concession RoadN41598015889 2nd Concession Road
476 Doyle CourtN4159706476 Doyle Court
8755 Old Shiloh RoadN41596228755 Old Shiloh Road
33 Devonshire AvenueN415966233 Devonshire Avenue
125 Mcclellan WayN4154361125 Mcclellan Way
15 Werrydale DriveE415956415 Werrydale Drive
190 Ontario StreetC4159722190 Ontario Street
23 Johnston AvenueC415943723 Johnston Avenue
114 Palmerston AvenueC4159504114 Palmerston Avenue
52 Saddle Ridge DriveC415952252 Saddle Ridge Drive
39 Goodview RoadC415967639 Goodview Road
31 Armadale AvenueW415901531 Armadale Avenue
3800 Concession Road 2N41589733800 Concession Road 2
216 Wales CrescentW4158952216 Wales Crescent
26 Cumberland DriveW415894826 Cumberland Drive
2942 Duncairn DriveW41592042942 Duncairn Drive
2292 Eighth LineW41590032292 Eighth Line
174 Scarboro CrescentE4158970174 Scarboro Crescent
19 Hearthside AvenueN415927519 Hearthside Avenue
33 Ross Vennare CrescentN415889833 Ross Vennare Crescent
10 Manorhampton DriveW415905710 Manorhampton Drive
78 Beachville CircleW415919078 Beachville Circle
16 Royal Rouge TerraceE415881616 Royal Rouge Terrace
39 Thorncrest DriveN415906939 Thorncrest Drive
115 Laurel AvenueW4159262115 Laurel Avenue
49 Streetallibrass LaneN415915449 Streetallibrass Lane
85 Verdi RoadN415886485 Verdi Road
302 Woodmount AvenueE4158996302 Woodmount Avenue
29 Kelvinway DriveE415923329 Kelvinway Drive
62 Rockport CrescentN415926762 Rockport Crescent
15 Valleyway CrescentN415892915 Valleyway Crescent
3526 Pollock RoadN41592633526 Pollock Road
360 E Remembrance RoadW4159051360 E Remembrance Road
61 Elysian Fields CircleW415897861 Elysian Fields Circle
14687 Creditview RoadW415907414687 Creditview Road
6 Holloway RoadW41588526 Holloway Road
7215 Windrush CourtW41541167215 Windrush Court
60 Cannon RoadW415890960 Cannon Road
7A Bowman StreetC41588577A Bowman Street
15 Sundew LaneN415888615 Sundew Lane
31 Odonnell AvenueW415893331 Odonnell Avenue
21 Nipissing DriveW415907621 Nipissing Drive
57 Merrygale CrescentW415872757 Merrygale Crescent
20 Humber TerraceW415879220 Humber Terrace
23 Richland CrescentW415874123 Richland Crescent
205 Kemano RoadN4158723205 Kemano Road
62 Bestview CrescentN415880362 Bestview Crescent
630 Huntingwood DriveE4158729630 Huntingwood Drive
170 N Mcclellan WayN4162927170 N Mcclellan Way
2424 Valley Forest WayW41629352424 Valley Forest Way
49 Timna CrescentN416290549 Timna Crescent
239 Grace StreetC4162915239 Grace Street
25 Dunlace DriveC416288725 Dunlace Drive
174 Rumsey RoadC4162917174 Rumsey Road
1112 Monastery DriveW41628341112 Monastery Drive
729 Byngmount AvenueW4162845729 Byngmount Avenue
27 Edgehill RoadW416277627 Edgehill Road
550 Vanessa CrescentW4162843550 Vanessa Crescent
60 Petticoat RoadN416277960 Petticoat Road
152 Port Royal AvenueN4162869152 Port Royal Avenue
104 Fallingbrook RoadE4162847104 Fallingbrook Road
148 Grace StreetC4162784148 Grace Street
123 Furnival RoadE4162788123 Furnival Road
7 Gorman Park RoadC41628287 Gorman Park Road
2145 Banbury CrescentW41626032145 Banbury Crescent
2310 Mississauga RoadW41625302310 Mississauga Road
5695 Kirby RoadN41625205695 Kirby Road
49 William Bartlett DriveN416260849 William Bartlett Drive
36 Cardish StreetN416261836 Cardish Street
30 Pamela CourtN416260030 Pamela Court
4170 Edgerton RoadE41626854170 Edgerton Road
75 Clinton StreetC416257775 Clinton Street
27 Whittaker CrescentC416273327 Whittaker Crescent
34 Green Valley RoadC416258034 Green Valley Road
4080 Hall RoadX41621304080 Hall Road
6940 W Second LineW41623886940 W Second Line
31 Westhead RoadW416230931 Westhead Road
1958 Lapad CourtW41622511958 Lapad Court
1190 Mona RoadW41622201190 Mona Road
99 Byron StreetW416217999 Byron Street
17 Chisholm StreetW416213317 Chisholm Street
2461 Taylorwood DriveW41620252461 Taylorwood Drive
25 Edgehill RoadW416188825 Edgehill Road
2047 Redan DriveW41618822047 Redan Drive
8733 Heritage RoadW41617398733 Heritage Road
3366 Credit Heights DriveW41616653366 Credit Heights Drive
2227 North Ridge TerraceW41616662227 North Ridge Terrace
3189 Meadow Marsh CrescentW41615953189 Meadow Marsh Crescent
43 Barraclough BoulevardW416161143 Barraclough Boulevard
41 Furrow StreetN416235241 Furrow Street
89 Wardlaw PlaceN416238389 Wardlaw Place
21 William Andrew AvenueN416235321 William Andrew Avenue
22 Foot Hills RoadN416210722 Foot Hills Road
12 Colesbrook RoadN416224312 Colesbrook Road
26 Carnegie CrescentN416180626 Carnegie Crescent
93 Oak AvenueN416205693 Oak Avenue
80 Callaway CourtN416185780 Callaway Court
381 W Elgin Mills RoadN4161622381 W Elgin Mills Road
49 Preservation PlaceE416209449 Preservation Place
50 Mill StreetE416214450 Mill Street
119 Clearspring RoadE4161721119 Clearspring Road
180 Parkhurst AvenueC4162386180 Parkhurst Avenue
24 Bathford CrescentC416206824 Bathford Crescent
15 Roselm RoadE405436015 Roselm Road
7 Vernham CourtC41616097 Vernham Court
86 Abitibi AvenueC416238986 Abitibi Avenue
44 Cobblestone DriveC416227144 Cobblestone Drive
205 Norton AvenueC4162261205 Norton Avenue
4 Winterton DriveW41615584 Winterton Drive
31 Edenbridge DriveW416149731 Edenbridge Drive
969 Johnathan DriveW4161527969 Johnathan Drive
778 Dack BoulevardW4161519778 Dack Boulevard
25 Glen Robert DriveE416151725 Glen Robert Drive
34 Robinter DriveC416154934 Robinter Drive
273 Southview RoadW4161454273 Southview Road
2350 Salcome DriveW41613952350 Salcome Drive
24 Somerset CrescentN416144724 Somerset Crescent
2 Cheshire PlaceN41613622 Cheshire Place
10006 Yonge StreetN416139610006 Yonge Street
18 Lexington DriveN416137518 Lexington Drive
25 Whitewood RoadC416143625 Whitewood Road
202 Isabella AvenueW4161237202 Isabella Avenue
3239 W Preserve DriveW41613373239 W Preserve Drive
168 Cambridge CourtN4161243168 Cambridge Court
72 Westwood LaneN416121072 Westwood Lane
4 Overbank CrescentC41613514 Overbank Crescent
187 Inglewood DriveC4161234187 Inglewood Drive
241 Lytton BoulevardC4161259241 Lytton Boulevard
3 Streetoneglen DriveW41609943 Streetoneglen Drive
70 Westglen CrescentW416110970 Westglen Crescent
14521 Bramalea RoadW416114214521 Bramalea Road
18269 Duffys LaneW416097618269 Duffys Lane
11 Durban RoadW416108311 Durban Road
9 Mossom PlaceW41609529 Mossom Place
8491 Twiss RoadW41607498491 Twiss Road
24 High Park GardensW416089124 High Park Gardens
20 Macdonald CourtN416115520 Macdonald Court
105 Arten AvenueN4161112105 Arten Avenue
339 Tower Hill RoadN4161036339 Tower Hill Road
73 Catalina CrescentN416090173 Catalina Crescent
197 Siderno CrescentN4160838197 Siderno Crescent
7 Moraine Hill DriveN41607477 Moraine Hill Drive
66 Gradwell DriveE416079066 Gradwell Drive
11 Streetrathcona AvenueE416073111 Streetrathcona Avenue
32 Tiago AvenueE416096532 Tiago Avenue
277 Streetephenson Point RoadE4160821277 Streetephenson Point Road
153 Welland AvenueC4161146153 Welland Avenue
331 Connaught AvenueC4161070331 Connaught Avenue
176 Upper Canada DriveC4161172176 Upper Canada Drive
232 Carmichael AvenueC4161188232 Carmichael Avenue
47 Pinewood AvenueC416073247 Pinewood Avenue
1755 57 Bayview AvenueC41609871755 57 Bayview Avenue
1412 14 Bayview AvenueC41608851412 14 Bayview Avenue
19 Eastview CrescentC416077119 Eastview Crescent
325 E Concession 5 RoadX4160378325 E Concession 5 Road
263 Sandwell DriveW4160672263 Sandwell Drive
53 Decarie CircleW416062753 Decarie Circle
1303 Saginaw CrescentW41603791303 Saginaw Crescent
11 Geoffrey StreetW416040511 Geoffrey Street
215 Geoffrey StreetW4160292215 Geoffrey Street
3107 Seabright DriveW41603443107 Seabright Drive
21 Hare CourtN416058221 Hare Court
2 Aukland LaneN41607012 Aukland Lane
119 Hawman AvenueN4160497119 Hawman Avenue
37 Wiltshire DriveN416047737 Wiltshire Drive
51 Mike Boshevski CourtN416065951 Mike Boshevski Court
79 Chaiwood CourtN416067479 Chaiwood Court
66 Garland CrescentN416046766 Garland Crescent
22 Streetockdale CrescentN416030122 Streetockdale Crescent
83 Hunterwood ChseN416041783 Hunterwood Chse
60 Vines PlaceN416045560 Vines Place
114 Regent StreetN4160267114 Regent Street
12 Chimenti CourtN416028812 Chimenti Court
47 Hedgewood DriveN416022847 Hedgewood Drive
292 Brookside RoadN4160265292 Brookside Road
102 Curtis CrescentN4160208102 Curtis Crescent
142 Tiago AvenueE4160368142 Tiago Avenue
89 Kingswood RoadE416041189 Kingswood Road
287 Roxton RoadC4160724287 Roxton Road
115 Street Clements AvenueC4160339115 Street Clements Avenue
128 Leacrest RoadC4160624128 Leacrest Road
98 Olive AvenueC416058098 Olive Avenue
95 Risebrough AvenueC416039095 Risebrough Avenue
7 Powell AvenueC41605587 Powell Avenue
9 Major StreetC41605719 Major Street
17 Wedgeport PlaceC416070317 Wedgeport Place
209 Raglan AvenueC4160392209 Raglan Avenue
257 Old Orchard GroveC4160255257 Old Orchard Grove
214 Pomona AvenueW4160169214 Pomona Avenue
231 Pine Hill Road BradfordN4160106231 Pine Hill Road Bradford
25 Sapphire DriveN416011025 Sapphire Drive
176 Princess AvenueC4160097176 Princess Avenue
9 Sandpiper CourtC41601299 Sandpiper Court
122 Newport SquareN4160091122 Newport Square
113 Burton GroveN4160062113 Burton Grove
94 Hubner AvenueN416006194 Hubner Avenue
55 Skyline TerraceN416001355 Skyline Terrace
37 Edenbrook CrescentN416003837 Edenbrook Crescent
1 White Oak CrescentN41600011 White Oak Crescent
197 Carrier CrescentN4160051197 Carrier Crescent
11 Whitman StreetC415999111 Whitman Street
198 Brooke AvenueC4160064198 Brooke Avenue
48 Nipigon AvenueC416000048 Nipigon Avenue
52 Burrows AvenueW415994752 Burrows Avenue
177 Banner LaneN4159926177 Banner Lane
13490 7th ConcessionN415992813490 7th Concession
221 Bedford Park AvenueC4159839221 Bedford Park Avenue
259 Brunswick AvenueC4159894259 Brunswick Avenue
11 Saint Hildas AvenueC415998511 Saint Hildas Avenue
84 Chudleigh AvenueC415982584 Chudleigh Avenue
213 Greenfield AvenueC4159963213 Greenfield Avenue
394 Markham StreetC4159967394 Markham Street
516 Brant RoadX4154497516 Brant Road
2108 Obeck CrescentW41595612108 Obeck Crescent
66 Burnhamthorpe RoadW415947366 Burnhamthorpe Road
3236 Topeka DriveW41594153236 Topeka Drive
34 N William Bartlett DriveN415977034 N William Bartlett Drive
11 Gatcombe CircleN415981411 Gatcombe Circle
35 Bush Ridges AvenueN415940835 Bush Ridges Avenue
6 Bridleford CourtN41596596 Bridleford Court
29 Payson AvenueN415974629 Payson Avenue
86 Chayna CrescentN415937886 Chayna Crescent
10 Horner CourtN415962010 Horner Court
2 Aitken CircleN41596242 Aitken Circle
27 Ballyview CourtN415947527 Ballyview Court
6 Rock Elm CourtN41597886 Rock Elm Court
104 Wolf Creek CrescentN4159377104 Wolf Creek Crescent
46 Normark DriveN415937546 Normark Drive
36 Ferrier AvenueE415960636 Ferrier Avenue
160 Holborne AvenueE4159361160 Holborne Avenue
347 W Lawrence AvenueC4159703347 W Lawrence Avenue
186 Mutual StreetC4159766186 Mutual Street
103 Sandringham DriveC4159701103 Sandringham Drive
3 Brian Cliff DriveC41596753 Brian Cliff Drive
16 Eastview CrescentC415954916 Eastview Crescent
3 Thurloe AvenueC41594393 Thurloe Avenue
70 Bannockburn AvenueC415965670 Bannockburn Avenue
27 Lailey CrescentC415968027 Lailey Crescent
215 Glengarry AvenueC4159583215 Glengarry Avenue
59 Munro BoulevardC415883259 Munro Boulevard
4 Woodmere CourtW41591694 Woodmere Court
287 Hidden TerraceC4112966287 Hidden Terrace
80 Carmichael AvenueC415881980 Carmichael Avenue
112 Beechwood AvenueC4159162112 Beechwood Avenue
66 Manila AvenueN415921066 Manila Avenue
30 John Button BoulevardN415895730 John Button Boulevard
726 Kingsmere AvenueN4159337726 Kingsmere Avenue
869 Runnymede RoadW4159114869 Runnymede Road
100 Winchester LaneN4158921100 Winchester Lane
57 Garden AvenueN415916157 Garden Avenue
58 Bond CrescentN415882658 Bond Crescent
36 Lavender Valley RoadN415900736 Lavender Valley Road
2201 Wuthering Heights WayW41589122201 Wuthering Heights Way
940 Bexhill RoadW4158809940 Bexhill Road
23 Marilyn AvenueE415899123 Marilyn Avenue
609 Mcroberts AvenueW4158871609 Mcroberts Avenue
646 Grand Terraceunk AvenueN4159249646 Grand Terraceunk Avenue
48 Streetollery Pond CrescentN415913548 Streetollery Pond Crescent
55 Joseph Glover AvenueN415891155 Joseph Glover Avenue
96 Old Surrey LaneN415894096 Old Surrey Lane
1532 Narva RoadW41589591532 Narva Road
93 George Anderson DriveW415921893 George Anderson Drive
174 Van Dusen BoulevardW4159296174 Van Dusen Boulevard
14 Brockington CrescentC415906514 Brockington Crescent
295 Old Bathurst StreetN4159343295 Old Bathurst Street
11 Caswell DriveC415907211 Caswell Drive
29 Castlegate BoulevardW415920529 Castlegate Boulevard
81 Ballantrae RoadN415883881 Ballantrae Road
5 Binscarth RoadC41587995 Binscarth Road
301R Davenport RoadC4158773301R Davenport Road
53 Aldershot CrescentC415873253 Aldershot Crescent
15 Berkinshaw CrescentC415874915 Berkinshaw Crescent

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