GTA Listings June 19 2018

Listings Across the GTA as of June 19 2018

Here are our listings chosen for across the GTA as of June 19 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
4166 Marlbank RoadX41633614166 Marlbank Road
4 Walnut Grove CrescentN41635734 Walnut Grove Crescent
117 Novan CrescentN4164905117 Novan Crescent
768 Highland Blade RoadN4163812768 Highland Blade Road
93 Margaret AvenueC416428193 Margaret Avenue
28A Twenty First StreetW416578528A Twenty First Street
14524 Centreville Creek RoadW416495314524 Centreville Creek Road
49 Bertram Earnshaw DriveN416423249 Bertram Earnshaw Drive
486 Marc Santi BoulevardN4166071486 Marc Santi Boulevard
28 Silver Birch AvenueE416600328 Silver Birch Avenue
41 Ann Arbour RoadW416562041 Ann Arbour Road
383 E Elm Terraceee RoadX4166031383 E Elm Terraceee Road
7 Natural TerraceW41640207 Natural Terrace
124 Heddington AvenueC4163220124 Heddington Avenue
3430 Spruce AvenueW41639263430 Spruce Avenue
3089 Theatre RoadX41630003089 Theatre Road
24 Muret CrescentN416312424 Muret Crescent
5077 Bromley RoadW41637175077 Bromley Road
39 Samson TerraceN416343239 Samson Terrace
63 Bridlewood BoulevardE416320563 Bridlewood Boulevard
210 Gar Lehman AvenueN4163381210 Gar Lehman Avenue
43 Tefley RoadC416559643 Tefley Road
42 Butterfly HeightsN416592142 Butterfly Heights
14 Emerald Heights DriveN416518214 Emerald Heights Drive
210 Ashworth RoadN4165161210 Ashworth Road
29 Keily CrescentW416319129 Keily Crescent
17 Floresville CourtN416458217 Floresville Court
4143 Millcroft Park DriveW41651784143 Millcroft Park Drive
468 Ramonet DriveW4163993468 Ramonet Drive
740 West Shore BoulevardE4163592740 West Shore Boulevard
10651 Old Simcoe RoadE416430310651 Old Simcoe Road
87 Ash CrescentW416547787 Ash Crescent
44 Squareuire Ellis DriveW416339944 Squareuire Ellis Drive
221 Bedford Park AvenueC4166050221 Bedford Park Avenue
141 Ramona BoulevardN4165975141 Ramona Boulevard
546 Concord AvenueW4165440546 Concord Avenue
164 Harlandale AvenueC4164497164 Harlandale Avenue
121 Three Valleys DriveC4163104121 Three Valleys Drive
9 Restnook LaneN41654759 Restnook Lane
54 Inglewood AvenueN416295054 Inglewood Avenue
42 Lynnvalley CrescentW416566242 Lynnvalley Crescent
411 Patricia AvenueC4165567411 Patricia Avenue
110 Weatherill RoadN4164292110 Weatherill Road
283 Richardson StreetE4162955283 Richardson Street
890 Seventh StreetW4163463890 Seventh Street
364 Creek Path AvenueW4165215364 Creek Path Avenue
2 Boticelli WayN41644662 Boticelli Way
271 Melrose AvenueC4163969271 Melrose Avenue
11 Garden Park AvenueE416382411 Garden Park Avenue
2724 Galleon CrescentW41643302724 Galleon Crescent
72 Indian RoadW416386972 Indian Road
60 Haverstock CrescentW415406760 Haverstock Crescent
130 Mcroberts AvenueW4163837130 Mcroberts Avenue
54 Meadowview AvenueN416576754 Meadowview Avenue
62 Airdrie DriveN416346862 Airdrie Drive
65 Avdell AvenueN416523065 Avdell Avenue
525 Delaware AvenueC4165887525 Delaware Avenue
126 Homewood AvenueC4163356126 Homewood Avenue
10 Asner AvenueN416600910 Asner Avenue
20 Sala DriveN416550020 Sala Drive
109 Longwater ChseN4163843109 Longwater Chse
83 Ampezzo AvenueN416424883 Ampezzo Avenue
14 Houston CrescentC416445514 Houston Crescent
31 Streetave CrescentN416592631 Streetave Crescent
15 Mersey StreetN416413815 Mersey Street
297 Hounslow AvenueC4165764297 Hounslow Avenue
133 Latania BoulevardW4164247133 Latania Boulevard
96 Torrance RoadE416595196 Torrance Road
1 Split Maple LaneW41649961 Split Maple Lane
455 Turnberry CrescentW4163195455 Turnberry Crescent
1611 Valley Ridge CrescentE41652841611 Valley Ridge Crescent
125 Dunrobin CrescentN4165102125 Dunrobin Crescent
2173 Constance DriveW41646152173 Constance Drive
464 Mayzel RoadW4163999464 Mayzel Road
31 Valewood DriveW416549631 Valewood Drive
36 E Avenuenida AvenueZ416502436 E Avenuenida Avenue
19 Cooperage StreetW416358919 Cooperage Street
705494 County Road 21 RoadX4165644705494 County Road 21 Road
18 Milos RoadN416428918 Milos Road
247 Jolliffe Avenue GuelphX4163681247 Jolliffe Avenue Guelph
12 Beaton AvenueN416316812 Beaton Avenue
5563 Queensville SideroadN41635325563 Queensville Sideroad
54 Waterbridge LaneN416469354 Waterbridge Lane
211 Butterfly LaneW4163702211 Butterfly Lane
91 Ames CrescentN416334691 Ames Crescent
714 Hammersly BoulevardN4164726714 Hammersly Boulevard
40 Woodcrest RoadS416578140 Woodcrest Road
482 Atlas AvenueC4163449482 Atlas Avenue
739 Milverton BoulevardE4164865739 Milverton Boulevard
15 Artisan PlaceC416509815 Artisan Place
91 Hanna RoadC416509391 Hanna Road
30 Goldberry SquareE416421230 Goldberry Square
93 Morgan AvenueN416546893 Morgan Avenue
2756 Peacock DriveW41630052756 Peacock Drive
170 Wigwoss DriveN4165472170 Wigwoss Drive
134 Carmen CrescentN4166061134 Carmen Crescent
4186 Side Road 20 SideroadX41638804186 Side Road 20 Sideroad
77 Robert Berry CrescentN416328477 Robert Berry Crescent
586 William Forster RoadN4165336586 William Forster Road
2445 Mohawk TerraceW41653252445 Mohawk Terrace
49 Robinson AvenueE416561249 Robinson Avenue
9 W Patricia PlaceN41645109 W Patricia Place
146 Crane StreetN4163810146 Crane Street
2 Poulias AvenueN41630312 Poulias Avenue
1137 Quick StreetN41641581137 Quick Street
103 Symons StreetW4163938103 Symons Street
47 Lacey DriveE416372347 Lacey Drive
89 Kincardine StreetN416495089 Kincardine Street
212 Broadway AvenueC4165796212 Broadway Avenue
3 Montreal StreetW41642943 Montreal Street
21 Lisson CrescentW416512021 Lisson Crescent
248542 5th SideroadX4165729248542 5th Sideroad
4106 Claypine RiseW41632624106 Claypine Rise
118 Cornell AvenueE4165303118 Cornell Avenue
57 Berwick CrescentN416567257 Berwick Crescent
255 Sunset RoadgeN4163995255 Sunset Roadge
176 De Grassi StreetE4162997176 De Grassi Street
237 Bonnieglen Farm BoulevardW4163069237 Bonnieglen Farm Boulevard
670 Gypsy Fly CrescentW4165448670 Gypsy Fly Crescent
18 Mayan AvenueN416412618 Mayan Avenue
42 Muriel AvenueE416522442 Muriel Avenue
86 Briarfield AvenueN416560986 Briarfield Avenue
3740 Bishop Streetrachan CourtW41642153740 Bishop Streetrachan Court
128 Canyon Hill AvenueN4165245128 Canyon Hill Avenue
266 Cornell Park AvenueN4164084266 Cornell Park Avenue
6 Clubhouse CourtW41638896 Clubhouse Court
143 Sunset Beach RoadN4163464143 Sunset Beach Road
352 Peregrine WayW4163216352 Peregrine Way
1181 Saginaw CrescentW41652951181 Saginaw Crescent
21 Grendon CrescentW416405621 Grendon Crescent
877 Spinning Wheel CrescentW4166006877 Spinning Wheel Crescent
745 Kingsmere AvenueN4166035745 Kingsmere Avenue
90 Landsdown CrescentN416411790 Landsdown Crescent
4 Observatory CrescentW41645434 Observatory Crescent
121 Joseph Hartman CrescentN4164758121 Joseph Hartman Crescent
31 Redondo DriveN416597931 Redondo Drive
2233 Tallman AvenueW41635502233 Tallman Avenue
92B Torrens AvenueE416353492B Torrens Avenue
759 Agnew CrescentW4165566759 Agnew Crescent
33 Andes RoadE416514533 Andes Road
308 Kennedy RoadE4163227308 Kennedy Road
1325 Rebecca StreetW41653751325 Rebecca Street
318 N Warminster DriveW4164017318 N Warminster Drive
269 E Eglinton AvenueC4165386269 E Eglinton Avenue
42 Shiner DriveN416331542 Shiner Drive
2306 Hilltop LaneW41630442306 Hilltop Lane
2633 Line 11 Line BradfordN41643262633 Line 11 Line Bradford
932 Grand Ridge AvenueE4166048932 Grand Ridge Avenue
834458 4th LineX4163040834458 4th Line
63 Langhorst CrescentN416599563 Langhorst Crescent
1211 Glenashton StreetW41654351211 Glenashton Street
480 Lynett CrescentN4165153480 Lynett Crescent
64 Streetotts CrescentN416474764 Streetotts Crescent
17 Nash DriveW416342517 Nash Drive
97 Maroon DriveN416595897 Maroon Drive
15 Harvest Moon DriveW416476715 Harvest Moon Drive
42 Brookwater CrescentW416439942 Brookwater Crescent
1 Parkshore PlaceX41645641 Parkshore Place
16 Kezia CrescentW416418716 Kezia Crescent
147 Silver Maple RoadN4163256147 Silver Maple Road
1433 Thistledown RoadW41631661433 Thistledown Road
467 Grindstone TerraceW4164635467 Grindstone Terrace
33 Snapdragon SquareW416317433 Snapdragon Square
140 Vellore AvenueN4164681140 Vellore Avenue
7 Willowgate DriveN41654787 Willowgate Drive
16 Listcreek RoadW416447916 Listcreek Road
22 Ferris RoadE416571522 Ferris Road
343 Binns AvenueN4154020343 Binns Avenue
88 Terraceail BoulevardS416450188 Terraceail Boulevard
1141 W Lakeshore RoadW41635811141 W Lakeshore Road
6 Featherstone AvenueN41642366 Featherstone Avenue
50 Dewbourne PlaceE416565050 Dewbourne Place
91 Barli CrescentN416484091 Barli Crescent
148 W Ward CourtW4163267148 W Ward Court
38 Hawks Bay Lane NorthX416562338 Hawks Bay Lane North
1 Greengage StreetN41657071 Greengage Street
33 E Donald Buttress BoulevardN416603033 E Donald Buttress Boulevard
7 Niceview DriveW41630277 Niceview Drive
9888 Dufferin StreetN41636779888 Dufferin Street
55 Arjay CrescentC416311855 Arjay Crescent
103 Old Forest Hill RoadC4165101103 Old Forest Hill Road
2 Shady Oaks CrescentC41643412 Shady Oaks Crescent
440 Lake FrontE4164092440 Lake Front
5150 Lakeshore RoadW41658385150 Lakeshore Road
16630 7th Concession SideroadN416504916630 7th Concession Sideroad
43 Kersey CrescentN416412243 Kersey Crescent
172 Bridge Street BradfordN4164190172 Bridge Street Bradford
73 Aldershot CrescentC416580173 Aldershot Crescent
12 Montano CourtN416347812 Montano Court
18 Viamede CrescentC416495218 Viamede Crescent
1 Terraceumpour CourtN41642391 Terraceumpour Court
7 Helen AvenueN41627837 Helen Avenue
1440 Streetavebank RoadW41640771440 Streetavebank Road
1339 10th Sideroad NewN41629931339 10th Sideroad New
130 Collard DriveN4165839130 Collard Drive
296 Broadview AvenueE4164688296 Broadview Avenue
7717 Ninth LineN41589547717 Ninth Line
159 Parkview AvenueC4163430159 Parkview Avenue
23 Napier StreetN416345323 Napier Street
230 Woodland Acres CrescentN4165905230 Woodland Acres Crescent
1417 Birchview DriveW41632181417 Birchview Drive
1165 Garden RoadW41652511165 Garden Road
8 Harlock BoulevardC41648208 Harlock Boulevard
65 Wanita RoadW416453365 Wanita Road
14 Kingsworth RoadN416342714 Kingsworth Road
9 Cachet ParkwayN41638589 Cachet Parkway
272 W Glengrove AvenueC4163202272 W Glengrove Avenue
8 Vandermeer DriveN41642028 Vandermeer Drive
59 Lurgan DriveC416337359 Lurgan Drive
215 Douglas AvenueC4165088215 Douglas Avenue
3234 Shoreline DriveW41637983234 Shoreline Drive
29 Cedar Ridge RoadN416484229 Cedar Ridge Road
81 Lawrie RoadN416583181 Lawrie Road
108 LivnoW4165252108 Livno
77 Winchester LaneN416503277 Winchester Lane
1317 Mississauga RoadW41658951317 Mississauga Road
196 Belsize DriveC4164133196 Belsize Drive
26 Scotch Valley DriveN416422126 Scotch Valley Drive
14 Giardina CrescentN416372114 Giardina Crescent
115 Banstock DriveC4162947115 Banstock Drive
16 S Maple AvenueW416390716 S Maple Avenue
232 Millwood RoadC4164429232 Millwood Road
44 Wilson Park RoadW416570544 Wilson Park Road
35 Blue Ridge RoadC416495835 Blue Ridge Road
12 Deer RunN416496212 Deer Run
41 Barraclough BoulevardW416546541 Barraclough Boulevard
Lot 2 Mcgillivray Lane KawarthaX4163542Lot 2 Mcgillivray Lane Kawartha
Lot 3 Mcgillivray Lane KawarthaX4163873Lot 3 Mcgillivray Lane Kawartha
422 Willard AvenueW4163908422 Willard Avenue
374 Pinetree WayW4163588374 Pinetree Way
6 Prince Charles DriveC41648166 Prince Charles Drive
Lot 6 Mcgillivray Lane KawarthaX4163935Lot 6 Mcgillivray Lane Kawartha
17 Ealing DriveC416414017 Ealing Drive
Lot 5 Mcgillivray Lane KawarthaX4163904Lot 5 Mcgillivray Lane Kawartha
5 Abbotsford RoadC41645455 Abbotsford Road
34 Fenton WayW416558034 Fenton Way
4334 Wellsborough PlaceW41643354334 Wellsborough Place
19 Hemford CrescentC416528619 Hemford Crescent
38 Harrison AvenueW416581638 Harrison Avenue
10 Skyridge CourtN416526810 Skyridge Court
227 Rouge Hills DriveE4164134227 Rouge Hills Drive
39 Rippleton RoadC416513539 Rippleton Road
59 Sandringham DriveC416425159 Sandringham Drive
128 Mactaggart DriveN4164323128 Mactaggart Drive
352B W Lawrence AvenueC4164919352B W Lawrence Avenue
361 Cranbrooke AvenueC4164237361 Cranbrooke Avenue
37 Cameron DriveX416327737 Cameron Drive
29 Fallingbrook DriveE416379329 Fallingbrook Drive
83 Heathview AvenueC416516583 Heathview Avenue
330 Driveewry AvenueC4164674330 Driveewry Avenue
526 Melrose AvenueC4165876526 Melrose Avenue
1541 Carmen DriveW41635351541 Carmen Drive
2200 Camilla RoadW41647752200 Camilla Road
326 Driveewry AvenueC4164675326 Driveewry Avenue
7 Mayfair PlaceX41659677 Mayfair Place
4738 N Cherry StreetN41629844738 N Cherry Street
5400 Sideline 32E41659455400 Sideline 32
12 Streetoneybrook CourtN416528512 Streetoneybrook Court
26 Castleridge DriveN416477626 Castleridge Drive
37 Allview CrescentC416527437 Allview Crescent
426 Terraceafalgar RoadW4163300426 Terraceafalgar Road
89 Queen Filomena AvenueN416538889 Queen Filomena Avenue
2410 Breton CloseW41635482410 Breton Close
110 Argyle StreetC4166060110 Argyle Street
5 Longwood DriveC41638305 Longwood Drive
9741 Keele StreetN41659579741 Keele Street
2178 Shaftesbury CourtW41657742178 Shaftesbury Court
530 Bob O Link RoadW4154186530 Bob O Link Road
24 Fairview BoulevardE416477124 Fairview Boulevard
4 Streetoneybrook CourtN41649844 Streetoneybrook Court
25 Chisholm StreetW416369625 Chisholm Street
702 E Glencairn AvenueC4164845702 E Glencairn Avenue
10 Chillwood CourtN416300110 Chillwood Court
48 Gesher CrescentN416446948 Gesher Crescent
8 De Savery CrescentC41659068 De Savery Crescent
36 Ivan RoadE416516836 Ivan Road
1458 Military TerraceE41644521458 Military Terrace
510 Anthony DriveW4165313510 Anthony Drive
275 Glebemount AvenueE4165174275 Glebemount Avenue
7 Knollview CrescentC41630327 Knollview Crescent
22 Park AvenueW416331622 Park Avenue
1 Ritter CrescentN41631071 Ritter Crescent
22 Marylebone CrescentN416355722 Marylebone Crescent
8 Hollingshead DriveN41654308 Hollingshead Drive
94 Adirondack DriveN416596894 Adirondack Drive
4 Golf Valley LaneW41639854 Golf Valley Lane
220 Inverness Way BradfordN4165539220 Inverness Way Bradford
691 Merlot CourtW4164992691 Merlot Court
269 B Haddington AvenueC4163060269 B Haddington Avenue
20 Chaiwood CourtN416546620 Chaiwood Court
20 Chaiwood CourtN416486320 Chaiwood Court
21170 Mueller LaneE416561321170 Mueller Lane
5806 Winston Churchill RoadX41648805806 Winston Churchill Road
5806 Winston Churchill BoulevardX41647315806 Winston Churchill Boulevard
34 Forest Edge CrescentN416496434 Forest Edge Crescent
145 Masterman CrescentW4165099145 Masterman Crescent
38 Theobalds CircleN416305638 Theobalds Circle
135 Lawford RoadN4163615135 Lawford Road
24800 Thorah Park BoulevardN416416524800 Thorah Park Boulevard
1560 County Road 50 AdjalaN41653351560 County Road 50 Adjala
138 Fred Varley DriveN4165327138 Fred Varley Drive
200 E Manor RoadC4165592200 E Manor Road
66 Goldpark CourtN416297866 Goldpark Court
7685 Leskard RoadE41659257685 Leskard Road
48 Firelane 6 Lane Niagara onX416526648 Firelane 6 Lane Niagara on
29 Wild Cherry LaneN416521329 Wild Cherry Lane
876 Crescentta Rider PlaceN4163631876 Crescentta Rider Place
378 East AvenueE4165001378 East Avenue
245 W 20 HighwayX4163119245 W 20 Highway
10 Waring CourtC416532810 Waring Court
10 Hollylane DriveN416519910 Hollylane Drive
14 Parkheights TerraceN416306614 Parkheights Terrace
120 Placeum Terraceee CircleN4163735120 Placeum Terraceee Circle
16 Robert Berry CrescentN416319016 Robert Berry Crescent
78 Foxwood RoadN416345578 Foxwood Road
58 Magdalan CrescentN416405258 Magdalan Crescent
210 Bedford RoadC4165704210 Bedford Road
16 Bighorn TerraceN416458116 Bighorn Terrace
49 James Joyce DriveN416396349 James Joyce Drive
9A Megan AvenueE41646049A Megan Avenue
1603 Brookbridge DriveW41660131603 Brookbridge Drive
210 Glenwood CrescentE4165348210 Glenwood Crescent
25 Tepee CourtC416447125 Tepee Court
1 Nettles StreetN41650751 Nettles Street
25 Meadowsweet LaneN416577225 Meadowsweet Lane
318 Buick BoulevardW4163161318 Buick Boulevard
190 Henderson AvenueN4165429190 Henderson Avenue
2221 Falling Green DriveW41539442221 Falling Green Drive
50 Marbrook StreetN416377550 Marbrook Street
27 Oriah CourtN415414627 Oriah Court
2185 Highriver CourtW41641052185 Highriver Court

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