GTA Listings June 26 2018

GTA Listings for June 26 2018

Listings for across the GTA as of June 26 2018. Chosen based on value and location.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
5 Wanita RoadW41723335 Wanita Road
18865 Kennedy RoadN417070518865 Kennedy Road
16 Pagnello CourtN417179716 Pagnello Court
717 N Hickory StreetE4173079717 N Hickory Street
5584 Doctor Peddle CrescentW41707495584 Doctor Peddle Crescent
12 Beasley DriveN417093612 Beasley Drive
33 Granard BoulevardE417162433 Granard Boulevard
5715 King StreetW41730725715 King Street
2164 Bloomfield DriveW41704702164 Bloomfield Drive
2346 Lloydtown Aurora RoadN41707192346 Lloydtown Aurora Road
9 Marsh HarbourN41725889 Marsh Harbour
52 Norman DriveN417099752 Norman Drive
65 Dimarino DriveN417327365 Dimarino Drive
158 Streetave CrescentN4170579158 Streetave Crescent
5 Grandview BoulevardN41733095 Grandview Boulevard
60 Shadow Falls DriveN417069660 Shadow Falls Drive
115 Briggs AvenueN4170634115 Briggs Avenue
1369 Clearview DriveW41711571369 Clearview Drive
580 North Lake RoadN4173127580 North Lake Road
38 Dunbarton CourtN417170738 Dunbarton Court
5 Arctic Grail RoadN41722785 Arctic Grail Road
433 Durie StreetW4172884433 Durie Street
65 Bluff TerraceN417086765 Bluff Terrace
254 Lennox AvenueN4172453254 Lennox Avenue
130 Arista GateN4170635130 Arista Gate
96 Weatherill RoadN417156296 Weatherill Road
43 Lakeview AvenueN417301443 Lakeview Avenue
19 Ballacaine DriveW417169419 Ballacaine Drive
41 Ann Arbour RoadW417168941 Ann Arbour Road
8413 Creditview RoadW41712338413 Creditview Road
1989 Vivian RoadN41729511989 Vivian Road
8 Vince AvenueE41721828 Vince Avenue
10 Brookshire CircleN417258610 Brookshire Circle
59 Deerhorn CrescentN417122159 Deerhorn Crescent
182 Humberside AvenueW4171777182 Humberside Avenue
25 Maverick CrescentN417093725 Maverick Crescent
219 Wolf Creek CrescentN4170390219 Wolf Creek Crescent
19 Farningham CrescentW417216319 Farningham Crescent
590 Cummer AvenueC4173056590 Cummer Avenue
250 Homewood AvenueC4170584250 Homewood Avenue
33 Sir Pellias TerraceN417095233 Sir Pellias Terrace
30 Parfield DriveC417040630 Parfield Drive
18 Primont DriveN417306318 Primont Drive
199 Kirk DriveN4170918199 Kirk Drive
55 Lorupe CourtX417255155 Lorupe Court
408 Driveaper StreetW4172246408 Driveaper Street
47 Kindy StreetN417226647 Kindy Street
75 Owl Ridge DriveN417088475 Owl Ridge Drive
2098 Pharmacy AvenueE41704852098 Pharmacy Avenue
18 Crawford DriveE417299318 Crawford Drive
Lot 5 Goderich DriveW4171703Lot 5 Goderich Drive
16 Yvonne PlaceN417223316 Yvonne Place
30 Tilson RoadC417258530 Tilson Road
267 Ten Oaks BoulevardN4171864267 Ten Oaks Boulevard
62 Filippazzo RoadN417243962 Filippazzo Road
23 Placeentywood DriveW417044023 Placeentywood Drive
172 Headwind BoulevardN4170843172 Headwind Boulevard
13 Currie AvenueE417041213 Currie Avenue
170 Major StreetC4171355170 Major Street
21 Falling River DriveN417259221 Falling River Drive
39 Grover Hill AvenueN417093139 Grover Hill Avenue
31 Comeau StreetN417179031 Comeau Street
130 Corner Ridge RoadN4172888130 Corner Ridge Road
24 Nadine CrescentN417156324 Nadine Crescent
15 Shiner DriveN417110815 Shiner Drive
165 Gauguin AvenueN4171986165 Gauguin Avenue
8 Jill CourtN41712828 Jill Court
16 Pavillion StreetN417218416 Pavillion Street
3126 Baron DriveW41719843126 Baron Drive
7491 Cochrane StreetE41732877491 Cochrane Street
99 Pearmain CourtN417040899 Pearmain Court
242 North Lake RoadN4171751242 North Lake Road
17 Pine Ridge LaneW417161817 Pine Ridge Lane
1006 Ernest Cousins CircleN41710701006 Ernest Cousins Circle
17 Remington DriveN417297217 Remington Drive
301 Bennet DriveN4172238301 Bennet Drive
1121 Vanrose StreetW41719911121 Vanrose Street
120 Fred Young DriveW4172754120 Fred Young Drive
641 Greenwood Drive 10W4171082641 Greenwood Drive 10
76 Mountfield CrescentN417308976 Mountfield Crescent
24 Covina RoadW417161024 Covina Road
1291 Springwood CrescentW41703461291 Springwood Crescent
364 Claremont CrescentW4171436364 Claremont Crescent
1476 Terraceotwood AvenueW41730301476 Terraceotwood Avenue
252 Walkers LineW4170810252 Walkers Line
11316 Fifth LineW417163511316 Fifth Line
114 Morland CrescentN4172655114 Morland Crescent
298 Arlington AvenueC4171760298 Arlington Avenue
1739 Bough Beeches BoulevardW41708531739 Bough Beeches Boulevard
6 Lizzie CourtW41711016 Lizzie Court
355 Pine Cove RoadW4170883355 Pine Cove Road
15 Milne CourtX417266815 Milne Court
41 Kettle CourtN417069941 Kettle Court
14 Lynnvalley CrescentW417151114 Lynnvalley Crescent
6 Anneke RoadE41711156 Anneke Road
3469 Placeacid PlaceW41717123469 Placeacid Place
11 North Hills TerraceC417235811 North Hills Terrace
180 Arichat RoadW4171872180 Arichat Road
35 Kingsville LaneN417280635 Kingsville Lane
18 Mayan AvenueN417152018 Mayan Avenue
3035 Pettigrew CrescentW41707843035 Pettigrew Crescent
62 Gannett DriveN417313462 Gannett Drive
2521 Avongate DriveW41710862521 Avongate Drive
204 Mcmorran CrescentN4171191204 Mcmorran Crescent
57 Lady Loretta LaneN417198557 Lady Loretta Lane
4143 Hickory DriveW41725014143 Hickory Drive
239 Combe AvenueC4170678239 Combe Avenue
112 Sixteenth StreetW4171483112 Sixteenth Street
76 Craig CrescentW417247976 Craig Crescent
60 Southdale DriveN417175460 Southdale Drive
333 Rimilton AvenueW4170788333 Rimilton Avenue
19 Vaudeville DriveW414054719 Vaudeville Drive
24 Baldwin StreetE417235724 Baldwin Street
4452 Sedgefield RoadW41709034452 Sedgefield Road
27 Forsyth CrescentW417318027 Forsyth Crescent
61 Glenvilla RoadN417097661 Glenvilla Road
28 Pamela CourtE417057228 Pamela Court
21 Prunella CrescentN417142421 Prunella Crescent
108 Leadership DriveW4171961108 Leadership Drive
1155 Cayente PlaceW41717531155 Cayente Place
6060 Hillsdale DriveN41719666060 Hillsdale Drive
366 Killian RoadN4170938366 Killian Road
214 Emerson AvenueW4173061214 Emerson Avenue
4806 Dayfoot DriveW41709964806 Dayfoot Drive
28 Sylwood CrescentN417160828 Sylwood Crescent
198 Mill StreetN4170352198 Mill Street
14B Duern StreetW417236714B Duern Street
24 Rougecrest DriveN416581924 Rougecrest Drive
330 Cheryl Mews BoulevardN4170880330 Cheryl Mews Boulevard
2212 Felina CourtW41705332212 Felina Court
129 Combe AvenueC4171346129 Combe Avenue
Lot 55 Morningside DriveW4173221Lot 55 Morningside Drive
96 John Carroll DriveW417271496 John Carroll Drive
129 Soudan AvenueC4172571129 Soudan Avenue
2441 Bayview AvenueC41703402441 Bayview Avenue
10 Thornbank RoadN417120910 Thornbank Road
80 Forest Grove DriveC417053580 Forest Grove Drive
65 Glenview Heights LaneN417055365 Glenview Heights Lane
1755 Bayview AvenueC41727691755 Bayview Avenue
489 E Burnhamthorpe RoadW4173229489 E Burnhamthorpe Road
51 Sciberras RoadN417245551 Sciberras Road
1 Wood AvenueC41707101 Wood Avenue
112 Alfred AvenueC4171064112 Alfred Avenue
27 Lailey CrescentC417273027 Lailey Crescent
23 Park CrescentN417289923 Park Crescent
84 Augusta AvenueC417145884 Augusta Avenue
12994 Weston RoadN417066112994 Weston Road
115 Mcgillivray AvenueC4172683115 Mcgillivray Avenue
219 Parkview AvenueC4171854219 Parkview Avenue
317 Briar Hill AvenueC4172373317 Briar Hill Avenue
1170 Tecumseh Park DriveW41719111170 Tecumseh Park Drive
8 Terraceington CourtC41726988 Terraceington Court
403 Belsize DriveC4172723403 Belsize Drive
616 Briar Hill AvenueC4171741616 Briar Hill Avenue
463 North Lake RoadN4172011463 North Lake Road
398 Bent CrescentN4172115398 Bent Crescent
76 Elgin StreetN417256176 Elgin Street
30 Corwin CrescentC417317830 Corwin Crescent
10 Sam Davis CrescentN417199010 Sam Davis Crescent
118 Beech AvenueE4173068118 Beech Avenue
30 Richard Serra CourtN417134730 Richard Serra Court
1083 Scott AvenueW41718631083 Scott Avenue
14094 Yonge StreetN417243014094 Yonge Street
18 Annis RoadE417286718 Annis Road
61 Langdon DriveN417080461 Langdon Drive
83 Streetormont AvenueC417062483 Streetormont Avenue
100 Winchester LaneN4170805100 Winchester Lane
38 Westwind CircleC417165338 Westwind Circle
1139 Summerlea StreetW41732431139 Summerlea Street
50 Craigmont DriveC417227350 Craigmont Drive
22 S Sweet Anna CourtN417235222 S Sweet Anna Court
11 Humbercrest BoulevardW417166711 Humbercrest Boulevard
21 Collingwood StreetE417203321 Collingwood Street
Lot 19 Limerick StreetN4170417Lot 19 Limerick Street
3242 Shoreline DriveW41714233242 Shoreline Drive
382 Brooke AvenueC4172842382 Brooke Avenue
31 Risa BoulevardW417049931 Risa Boulevard
33 Balsam AvenueE417127733 Balsam Avenue
20 Greenhill AvenueN417147620 Greenhill Avenue
5 Dewbourne AvenueN41717585 Dewbourne Avenue
12 Lord Duncan CourtE417062112 Lord Duncan Court
20 Ballard DriveN417319120 Ballard Drive
200 Morrison RoadW4173279200 Morrison Road
23 Millgate CrescentC417128723 Millgate Crescent
12 Davean DriveC415428912 Davean Drive
396 Cortleigh BoulevardC4172134396 Cortleigh Boulevard
127 Douglas RoadN4171958127 Douglas Road
3 Old Park LaneN41722553 Old Park Lane
149 Battaglini AvenueN4171180149 Battaglini Avenue
6 Olean CourtC41720926 Olean Court
2373 Robmar DriveW41714012373 Robmar Drive
131 Mountjoy AvenueE4172165131 Mountjoy Avenue
58 Wycliffe GateN417321458 Wycliffe Gate
2366 E Gerrard StreetE41707722366 E Gerrard Street
88 Yardley AvenueE417249688 Yardley Avenue
2 Sangria CourtN41720862 Sangria Court
1 Gowan LaneN41728871 Gowan Lane
92 Harlandale AvenueC417100092 Harlandale Avenue
37 Santa Barbara PlaceN417060237 Santa Barbara Place
52 The FairwaysN417038552 The Fairways
5657 Lakeshore RoadN41703885657 Lakeshore Road
13 Mechanic AvenueC417206913 Mechanic Avenue
140 Degrey RoadW4171628140 Degrey Road
5 Sunny Rose CourtE41719635 Sunny Rose Court
39A Rockwell RoadN417319339A Rockwell Road
4663 W Dundas StreetW41710244663 W Dundas Street
350 Lake PromenadeW4170603350 Lake Promenade
3 Terraceanquility CourtW41709133 Terraceanquility Court
7 Cortese TerraceN41704437 Cortese Terrace
420 Farrell RoadN4171867420 Farrell Road
40 Page AvenueC417135240 Page Avenue
317 Briar Hill AvenueC4172332317 Briar Hill Avenue
71 Cooperage CrescentN417084171 Cooperage Crescent
27 E Larkfield CrescentN417187327 E Larkfield Crescent
129 Rose Branch DriveN4170464129 Rose Branch Drive
13 Mezzo StreetW417291813 Mezzo Street
14 W Burnhamthorpe RoadW417325114 W Burnhamthorpe Road
13 Country Club CrescentN417086813 Country Club Crescent
2638 W Lower Base LineW41705372638 W Lower Base Line
36 Thatcher AvenueE417120436 Thatcher Avenue
7 Streetanford RoadN41708487 Streetanford Road
9 Lurgan DriveC41732829 Lurgan Drive
619 Beresford AvenueW4172348619 Beresford Avenue
409 E Lake DriveN4172638409 E Lake Drive
9 11 Donald AvenueW41710019 11 Donald Avenue
53 Aegis DriveN417233753 Aegis Drive
112 Laurel AvenueW4172254112 Laurel Avenue
1003 W Lakeshore RoadW41724291003 W Lakeshore Road
55 Andrews Drive BradfordN417237955 Andrews Drive Bradford
1354 Kestell BoulevardW41722891354 Kestell Boulevard
27 Baynards LaneN417181727 Baynards Lane
3235 Demara RoadE41707263235 Demara Road
175 Beechtree CrescentW4170917175 Beechtree Crescent
1 Limmiman CourtE41709071 Limmiman Court
134 Brunswick AvenueC4172740134 Brunswick Avenue
608 Conacher DriveC4172101608 Conacher Drive
94 Thompson DriveN417043194 Thompson Drive
146 Digby RoadW4172286146 Digby Road
1689 Covington TerraceW41720081689 Covington Terrace
44 Jacob Gingrich DriveX417255644 Jacob Gingrich Drive
46 Armon AvenueN417038446 Armon Avenue
39 Grange DriveN417083039 Grange Drive
8 Heather RoadC41729558 Heather Road
44 Cobblestone DriveC417308544 Cobblestone Drive
51 Cranberry LaneN417107251 Cranberry Lane
84 Armour CrescentX417120284 Armour Crescent
30 Warren Mcbride CrescentN417150330 Warren Mcbride Crescent
30 Tardree PlaceE417227630 Tardree Place
160 Holmes AvenueC4172339160 Holmes Avenue
59 Futura AvenueN417210559 Futura Avenue
158 Rushworth CrescentN4173276158 Rushworth Crescent
21837 Mccowan RoadN417292121837 Mccowan Road
76 Cezanne TerraceN417206176 Cezanne Terrace
2259 Capulet CourtW41730552259 Capulet Court
49 Findlay BoulevardC417271849 Findlay Boulevard
8 Putney RoadW41728618 Putney Road

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