GTA Listings March 8th 2019

The Best Homes for Sale as of March 8th 2019.

You can find what you're looking for right here in our compilation of all of the house listings across the GTA. This list is updated as of March 8th 2019. Come search and find a home in the neighbourhood in the GTA you want.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
147 Oxford St, Richmond HillN4376682147 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
17879 Regional Rd 50 Rd, CaledonW437587417879 Regional Rd 50 Rd, Caledon
148 Mulock Ave, TorontoW4372825148 Mulock Ave, Toronto
1438 Redwing Crt, OakvilleW43758961438 Redwing Crt, Oakville
8733 Heritage Rd, BramptonW43741068733 Heritage Rd, Brampton
301 Glebemount Ave, TorontoE4375997301 Glebemount Ave, Toronto
102 Golden Tr, VaughanN4374559102 Golden Tr, Vaughan
17 Lilly Valley Cres, KingN437316617 Lilly Valley Cres, King
17 Cypress Point Crt, MarkhamN437577717 Cypress Point Crt, Markham
208 Acton Ave, TorontoC4375785208 Acton Ave, Toronto
38 Shadow Falls Dr, Richmond HillN437501438 Shadow Falls Dr, Richmond Hill
575 Davos Rd, VaughanN4374518575 Davos Rd, Vaughan
1 Highgrove Cres, Richmond HillN43750481 Highgrove Cres, Richmond Hill
2116 Munns Ave, OakvilleW43728982116 Munns Ave, Oakville
9823 Corkery Rd Hamilton, TownshipX43766899823 Corkery Rd Hamilton, Township
161 E Lake Dr, GeorginaN4374201161 E Lake Dr, Georgina
52 Hall St, Richmond HillN437564152 Hall St, Richmond Hill
44 Cobblestone Dr, TorontoC437563244 Cobblestone Dr, Toronto
185 Degraaf Cres, AuroraN4376346185 Degraaf Cres, Aurora
210 Milkweed Way, OakvilleW4376455210 Milkweed Way, Oakville
69 Raintree Cres, Richmond HillN437684669 Raintree Cres, Richmond Hill
136 Boultbee Ave, TorontoE4375698136 Boultbee Ave, Toronto
144 Regent St, Richmond HillN4374126144 Regent St, Richmond Hill
3695 Yonge St Bradford, West GwillimburyN43749883695 Yonge St Bradford, West Gwillimbury
31 Daphnia Dr, VaughanN437647131 Daphnia Dr, Vaughan
16360 The Gore Rd, CaledonW437287316360 The Gore Rd, Caledon
35 Kennard Ave, TorontoC437409235 Kennard Ave, Toronto
54 Highgrove Cres, Richmond HillN437529454 Highgrove Cres, Richmond Hill
122 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, BramptonW4375430122 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, Brampton
33 Minto St, TorontoE437697733 Minto St, Toronto
10115 Britannia Rd, MiltonW437552710115 Britannia Rd, Milton
1182 Fairmeadow Tr, OakvilleW43773551182 Fairmeadow Tr, Oakville
91 Taunton Rd, TorontoC437521791 Taunton Rd, Toronto
13 Smallwood Rd, BramptonW437578213 Smallwood Rd, Brampton
6911A Hickling Cres, MississaugaW43734706911A Hickling Cres, Mississauga
138 Goulding Ave, TorontoC4374451138 Goulding Ave, Toronto
133 Wheat Boom Dr, OakvilleW4375157133 Wheat Boom Dr, Oakville
19 Via Campanile, VaughanN437380119 Via Campanile, Vaughan
1067 Albertson Cres, MississaugaW43762531067 Albertson Cres, Mississauga
55 Aileen Rd, MarkhamN437654455 Aileen Rd, Markham
6 Wolfson Cres, Richmond HillN43751136 Wolfson Cres, Richmond Hill
84 Cavehill Cres, TorontoE437403484 Cavehill Cres, Toronto
22 Kenneth Wood Cres, TorontoC437439722 Kenneth Wood Cres, Toronto
28 Avenue Rd, Richmond HillN437390228 Avenue Rd, Richmond Hill
78 Elm Grove Ave, Richmond HillN437301278 Elm Grove Ave, Richmond Hill
5 Rossini Dr, Richmond HillN43767915 Rossini Dr, Richmond Hill
9 Fleetwell Crt, TorontoC43748319 Fleetwell Crt, Toronto
118 Royal West Dr, BramptonW4375714118 Royal West Dr, Brampton
1174 Welwyn Dr, MississaugaW43765611174 Welwyn Dr, Mississauga
61 Pellegrino Rd, BramptonW437574761 Pellegrino Rd, Brampton
58 Fresnel Rd, BramptonW437573758 Fresnel Rd, Brampton
3256 Liptay Ave, OakvilleW43762483256 Liptay Ave, Oakville
286 Bucanan Dr Lot 8, MarkhamN4374276286 Bucanan Dr Lot 8, Markham
17 Jackson St, VaughanN437587917 Jackson St, Vaughan
15 Hollybrook Cres, TorontoC437726215 Hollybrook Cres, Toronto
82 Charnwood Pl, MarkhamN437481382 Charnwood Pl, Markham
10 Marsnow Dr, MarkhamN437486910 Marsnow Dr, Markham
7321 Wellington Rd 30 Guelph, EramosaX43758607321 Wellington Rd 30 Guelph, Eramosa
5430 Oscar Peterson Blvd, MississaugaW43765635430 Oscar Peterson Blvd, Mississauga
48 Gordon Randle Dr, BramptonW437415648 Gordon Randle Dr, Brampton
3891 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN43766213891 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
7 Woodgrove Tr, MarkhamN43773747 Woodgrove Tr, Markham
548 Wolsey Cres, OakvilleW4374913548 Wolsey Cres, Oakville
220 Moorland Cres, HamiltonX4375475220 Moorland Cres, Hamilton
48 Breckonwood Cres, MarkhamN437663948 Breckonwood Cres, Markham
233 Butternut Ridge Tr, AuroraN4373252233 Butternut Ridge Tr, Aurora
53 Adaskin Ave, VaughanN437610753 Adaskin Ave, Vaughan
34 Charing Cres, AuroraN437720234 Charing Cres, Aurora
28 Coakwell Dr, MarkhamN437413228 Coakwell Dr, Markham
71 Busch Ave, MarkhamN437737371 Busch Ave, Markham
22 Patriot Crt, MarkhamN437464522 Patriot Crt, Markham
17 Caproni Dr, VaughanN437287917 Caproni Dr, Vaughan
39 Starkweather St, AuroraN437625639 Starkweather St, Aurora
386 N Lauderdale Dr, VaughanN4376463386 N Lauderdale Dr, Vaughan
321 Peregrine Way, MiltonW4376332321 Peregrine Way, Milton
6383 Ormindale Way, MississaugaW43746186383 Ormindale Way, Mississauga
2245 Canonridge Circ, OakvilleW43754452245 Canonridge Circ, Oakville
12 Thornbay Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN437627912 Thornbay Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
1413 W Bloor St, TorontoC43760501413 W Bloor St, Toronto
22 Templar St, BramptonW437716522 Templar St, Brampton
72 Red Deer Ave, TorontoE437451272 Red Deer Ave, Toronto
143 Milos Rd, Richmond HillN4375396143 Milos Rd, Richmond Hill
2110 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW43727962110 Duncan Rd, Oakville
4338 W Bloor St, TorontoW43749324338 W Bloor St, Toronto
129 Majestic Dr, MarkhamN4373822129 Majestic Dr, Markham
98 Winona Dr, TorontoC437552498 Winona Dr, Toronto
9 Heathfield St, WhitbyE43732789 Heathfield St, Whitby
2119 Dunedin Rd, OakvilleW43748942119 Dunedin Rd, Oakville
194 Coons Rd, Richmond HillN4374259194 Coons Rd, Richmond Hill
12 Galsworthy Dr, MarkhamN437699212 Galsworthy Dr, Markham
233 W Highland Rd, HamiltonX4375060233 W Highland Rd, Hamilton
27 Coakwell Dr, MarkhamN437342827 Coakwell Dr, Markham
91 David Willson Tr, East GwillimburyN437646191 David Willson Tr, East Gwillimbury
2174 Rebecca St, OakvilleW43757192174 Rebecca St, Oakville
9 Topham Cres, Richmond HillN43744549 Topham Cres, Richmond Hill
724 Dillman Ave, NewmarketN4376319724 Dillman Ave, Newmarket
Lot 65 Hawtrey Rd, BramptonW4375293Lot 65 Hawtrey Rd, Brampton
66 Highgate Dr, MarkhamN437680866 Highgate Dr, Markham
1602 Islington Ave, TorontoW43752711602 Islington Ave, Toronto
173 Tavistock Rd, TorontoW4373122173 Tavistock Rd, Toronto
920 Ernest Cousins Circ, NewmarketN4376108920 Ernest Cousins Circ, Newmarket
25 Ridge Rd, UxbridgeN437545525 Ridge Rd, Uxbridge
40 Wyndham St, TorontoC437589840 Wyndham St, Toronto
780 Golden Farmer Way, MississaugaW4377204780 Golden Farmer Way, Mississauga
3269 Paul Henderson Dr, MississaugaW43773643269 Paul Henderson Dr, Mississauga
1642 Gallant Dr, MississaugaW43751471642 Gallant Dr, Mississauga
35 Autumn Olive Way, BramptonW436934735 Autumn Olive Way, Brampton
37 Newington Cres, BramptonW437288737 Newington Cres, Brampton
33 Tufton Cres, TorontoC437536833 Tufton Cres, Toronto
33 Merlin Dr, BramptonW437724333 Merlin Dr, Brampton
533 Kingston Rd, TorontoE4376218533 Kingston Rd, Toronto
720 Hurondale Dr, MississaugaW4376740720 Hurondale Dr, Mississauga
3 Deer Pass Rd, East GwillimburyN43751843 Deer Pass Rd, East Gwillimbury
151 Norseman St, TorontoW4376075151 Norseman St, Toronto
18 Prunella Cres, East GwillimburyN437414218 Prunella Cres, East Gwillimbury
42 Beatty Cres, AuroraN437436442 Beatty Cres, Aurora
454 Canterbury Cres, OakvilleW4373477454 Canterbury Cres, Oakville
328 John Cramp Path, OakvilleW4376387328 John Cramp Path, Oakville
82 Government Rd, TorontoW437285482 Government Rd, Toronto
23 Wagon Wheel Cres, Richmond HillN437502823 Wagon Wheel Cres, Richmond Hill
202 Mcallister Rd, TorontoC4375246202 Mcallister Rd, Toronto
745 Kingsmere Ave, NewmarketN4374888745 Kingsmere Ave, Newmarket
133 Ramblewood Lane, VaughanN4377369133 Ramblewood Lane, Vaughan
64 Innisbrook Cres, MarkhamN437428864 Innisbrook Cres, Markham
503 Wilson Heights Blvd, TorontoC4374051503 Wilson Heights Blvd, Toronto
81 Conistan Rd, MarkhamN437699581 Conistan Rd, Markham
26 Shirley Dr, Richmond HillN437391526 Shirley Dr, Richmond Hill
3164 Larry Cres, OakvilleW43773803164 Larry Cres, Oakville
72 Catalina Cres, Richmond HillN437622372 Catalina Cres, Richmond Hill
7 Laurentide Cres, BramptonW43761907 Laurentide Cres, Brampton
24 Timbertrail Cres, AuroraN437684224 Timbertrail Cres, Aurora
117 Memorial Park Ave, TorontoE4375234117 Memorial Park Ave, Toronto
105 Warden Ave, TorontoE4376956105 Warden Ave, Toronto
25 Kingsville Lane, Richmond HillN437573125 Kingsville Lane, Richmond Hill
22 Biltmore Crt, MarkhamN437721122 Biltmore Crt, Markham
11 Vince Ave, TorontoE437579711 Vince Ave, Toronto
4629 Harbottle Rd, BurlingtonW43770394629 Harbottle Rd, Burlington
107 Patton St, KingN4377030107 Patton St, King
10 Marshall Blvd, TorontoW437427710 Marshall Blvd, Toronto
70 Home Rd, TorontoW437650470 Home Rd, Toronto
21 Pennine Dr, WhitbyE437716321 Pennine Dr, Whitby
75 Gannett Dr, Richmond HillN437607775 Gannett Dr, Richmond Hill
6530 Tripoli Terr, MississaugaW43760266530 Tripoli Terr, Mississauga
1407 Lansdowne Ave, TorontoW43738811407 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto
155 Stark Cres, VaughanN4375083155 Stark Cres, Vaughan
2580 Edenhurst Dr, MississaugaW43755192580 Edenhurst Dr, Mississauga
217 Humberland Dr, Richmond HillN4375907217 Humberland Dr, Richmond Hill
15 Summerside St, MarkhamN437375315 Summerside St, Markham
1192 Stuffles Cres, NewmarketN43748791192 Stuffles Cres, Newmarket
38 Mansard Dr, Richmond HillN437690538 Mansard Dr, Richmond Hill
81 Mayvern Cres, Richmond HillN437547781 Mayvern Cres, Richmond Hill
254 Mcroberts Ave, TorontoW4375296254 Mcroberts Ave, Toronto
23 Cirillo St, BramptonW437567123 Cirillo St, Brampton
85 Lovers Lane, HamiltonX437639585 Lovers Lane, Hamilton
1575 Earl Cres, MiltonW43762881575 Earl Cres, Milton
119 Harding Blvd, TorontoE4374554119 Harding Blvd, Toronto
15135 Danby Rd, Halton HillsW437489615135 Danby Rd, Halton Hills
208 Devonsleigh Blvd, Richmond HillN4375195208 Devonsleigh Blvd, Richmond Hill
53 Helston Cres, WhitbyE437395653 Helston Cres, Whitby
8 Duncan Rd, MarkhamN43749678 Duncan Rd, Markham
7 Caronridge Cres, TorontoE43729367 Caronridge Cres, Toronto
707 Milverton Blvd, TorontoE4375109707 Milverton Blvd, Toronto
966 S Southfork Dr, MississaugaW4376894966 S Southfork Dr, Mississauga
40 Eastlea Cres, TorontoE437592740 Eastlea Cres, Toronto
5 Bayfield Crt, CaledonW43747425 Bayfield Crt, Caledon
65 Cobriza Cres, BramptonW437682865 Cobriza Cres, Brampton
5184 E Brookwood Crt, MississaugaW43766045184 E Brookwood Crt, Mississauga
63 Joseph St, UxbridgeN437622763 Joseph St, Uxbridge
270 Claremont St, TorontoC4376286270 Claremont St, Toronto
245 Conley St, VaughanN4376117245 Conley St, Vaughan
5 Isaac Devins Blvd, TorontoW43739345 Isaac Devins Blvd, Toronto
17 Southview Dr, VaughanN437693717 Southview Dr, Vaughan
20 Lobo Mews, TorontoW437495920 Lobo Mews, Toronto
4138 Sugarbush Rd, MississaugaW43768204138 Sugarbush Rd, Mississauga
10 Newton Gate, MarkhamN437737810 Newton Gate, Markham
23 Cecil Nichols Ave, MarkhamN437481523 Cecil Nichols Ave, Markham
22 Alanadale Ave, MarkhamN437445322 Alanadale Ave, Markham
47 Lacey Dr, WhitbyE437599047 Lacey Dr, Whitby
100 Remembrance Rd, BramptonW4377128100 Remembrance Rd, Brampton
197 Kirk Dr, MarkhamN4372908197 Kirk Dr, Markham
1987 Davebrook Rd, MississaugaW43752551987 Davebrook Rd, Mississauga
26 Interlacken Dr, BramptonW437737026 Interlacken Dr, Brampton
52 Rangemore Rd, BramptonW437576252 Rangemore Rd, Brampton
108 Balfour Ave, TorontoE4373936108 Balfour Ave, Toronto
95 Riverview Dr, TorontoC437569795 Riverview Dr, Toronto
321 Glenayr Rd, TorontoC4373315321 Glenayr Rd, Toronto
12 Saintfield Ave, TorontoC437591212 Saintfield Ave, Toronto
208 Donnelly Dr, MississaugaW4376797208 Donnelly Dr, Mississauga
443 Dearbourne Ave, KingN4375059443 Dearbourne Ave, King
11 Honeywell Pl, TorontoC437327311 Honeywell Pl, Toronto
2060 Dickson Rd, MississaugaW43767732060 Dickson Rd, Mississauga
251 Chaplin Cres, TorontoC4374529251 Chaplin Cres, Toronto
194 Burbank Dr, TorontoC4374521194 Burbank Dr, Toronto
122 Yorkminster Rd, TorontoC4374410122 Yorkminster Rd, Toronto
7 Sulgrave Cres, TorontoC43740737 Sulgrave Cres, Toronto
6 Toba Dr, TorontoC43765826 Toba Dr, Toronto
305 Colonel Wayling Blvd, East GwillimburyN4376920305 Colonel Wayling Blvd, East Gwillimbury
14 Cachet Pkwy, MarkhamN437374614 Cachet Pkwy, Markham
34 Princess Margaret Blvd, TorontoW437685934 Princess Margaret Blvd, Toronto
259 Dunview Ave, TorontoC4377005259 Dunview Ave, Toronto
382 Empress Ave, TorontoC4376863382 Empress Ave, Toronto
126 Babcombe Dr, MarkhamN4376776126 Babcombe Dr, Markham
377 Empress Ave, TorontoC4375926377 Empress Ave, Toronto
219 Bayview Fairways Dr, MarkhamN4376047219 Bayview Fairways Dr, Markham
152 Heintzman Cres, VaughanN4375555152 Heintzman Cres, Vaughan
4369 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW43763714369 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
3191 Highpoint Sdrd, CaledonW43743043191 Highpoint Sdrd, Caledon
15 Ryan Cres, MarkhamN437694615 Ryan Cres, Markham
207 Pemberton Ave, TorontoC4377294207 Pemberton Ave, Toronto
19 Irvington Cres, TorontoC437674519 Irvington Cres, Toronto
1026 Mississauga Heights Dr, MississaugaW43770361026 Mississauga Heights Dr, Mississauga
209 Glenforest Dr, VaughanN4375557209 Glenforest Dr, Vaughan
51 Shields Ave, TorontoC437674851 Shields Ave, Toronto
809 811 Duplex Ave, TorontoC4376345809 811 Duplex Ave, Toronto
1374 Stanbury Rd, OakvilleW43767801374 Stanbury Rd, Oakville
35 W Yongehurst Rd, Richmond HillN437396435 W Yongehurst Rd, Richmond Hill
2207 Nena Cres, OakvilleW43746232207 Nena Cres, Oakville
16 Leamington Ave, TorontoW437517116 Leamington Ave, Toronto
147 Lady Nadia Dr, VaughanN4374887147 Lady Nadia Dr, Vaughan
26 Diamondwood Dr, CaledonW437623326 Diamondwood Dr, Caledon
1426 N Clarkson Rd, MississaugaW43745021426 N Clarkson Rd, Mississauga
4628 Hewicks Lane, MississaugaW43762634628 Hewicks Lane, Mississauga
93 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC437483393 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
1199 Royal York Rd, TorontoW43738941199 Royal York Rd, Toronto
68 Wrenwood Crt, MarkhamN437689968 Wrenwood Crt, Markham
178 Faust Ridge Rdge, VaughanN4375601178 Faust Ridge Rdge, Vaughan
119 Upper Canada Dr, TorontoC4376521119 Upper Canada Dr, Toronto
53 Palmerston Ave, TorontoC437732453 Palmerston Ave, Toronto
21 Doctor Reynar Rd, CaledonW437329721 Doctor Reynar Rd, Caledon
30 Corwin Cres, TorontoC437674630 Corwin Cres, Toronto
115 Anndale Dr, TorontoC4373182115 Anndale Dr, Toronto
1334 Avon Cres, OakvilleW43762081334 Avon Cres, Oakville
6 Restwell Cres, TorontoC43767986 Restwell Cres, Toronto
16 Windridge Dr, MarkhamN437387316 Windridge Dr, Markham
7 Aspy Crt, VaughanN43761217 Aspy Crt, Vaughan
3 Cudia Cres, TorontoE43767373 Cudia Cres, Toronto
103 Clarinda Dr, TorontoC4376243103 Clarinda Dr, Toronto
37 Don Valley Dr, TorontoE437470537 Don Valley Dr, Toronto
267 Timber Creek Blvd, VaughanN4374438267 Timber Creek Blvd, Vaughan
221 Chaplin Cres, TorontoC4374781221 Chaplin Cres, Toronto
24 Cranston Dr, CaledonW437570724 Cranston Dr, Caledon
2 Wainwright Ave, Richmond HillN43768162 Wainwright Ave, Richmond Hill
150 Old Humber Cres, VaughanN4375187150 Old Humber Cres, Vaughan
162 Oliver Pl, OakvilleW4375664162 Oliver Pl, Oakville
1526 Kenmuir Ave, MississaugaW43771841526 Kenmuir Ave, Mississauga
5360 Creditview Rd, MississaugaW43764535360 Creditview Rd, Mississauga
3 Fifth St, TorontoW43760233 Fifth St, Toronto
4370 Wellsborough Pl, MississaugaW43738704370 Wellsborough Pl, Mississauga
25 Ballard Dr, KingN437475125 Ballard Dr, King
282 Ridge Rd, AuroraN4376733282 Ridge Rd, Aurora
2251 W Fifth Line, MississaugaW43763502251 W Fifth Line, Mississauga
1289 Warwick Ave, OakvilleW43761961289 Warwick Ave, Oakville
18 Banstock Dr, TorontoC437643318 Banstock Dr, Toronto
35 Eastglen Cres, TorontoW437507935 Eastglen Cres, Toronto
1289 Heritage Way, OakvilleW43773621289 Heritage Way, Oakville
396 Cortleigh Blvd, TorontoC4375301396 Cortleigh Blvd, Toronto
4395 Castlemore Rd, BramptonW43764524395 Castlemore Rd, Brampton
31 Ranleigh Ave, TorontoC437409331 Ranleigh Ave, Toronto
31 Aspen Leaf Crt, AuroraN437586431 Aspen Leaf Crt, Aurora
54 Felcher Blvd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN437632754 Felcher Blvd, Whitchurch Stouffville
154 Shadow Falls Dr, Richmond HillN4376257154 Shadow Falls Dr, Richmond Hill
99 Abner Miles Dr, VaughanN437728099 Abner Miles Dr, Vaughan
253 S Church St, Richmond HillN4377094253 S Church St, Richmond Hill
322 Summeridge Dr, VaughanN4375666322 Summeridge Dr, Vaughan
480 Atlas Ave, TorontoC4374046480 Atlas Ave, Toronto
2108 Obeck Cres, MississaugaW43739452108 Obeck Cres, Mississauga
917 Palmerston Ave, TorontoC4375355917 Palmerston Ave, Toronto
2265 Lakeshore Rd 2, BurlingtonW43738392265 Lakeshore Rd 2, Burlington
3A Stuart Ave, TorontoC43761223A Stuart Ave, Toronto
14 Arrowstook Rd, TorontoC437434814 Arrowstook Rd, Toronto
358 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC4374160358 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
80 N Church St, Whitchurch StouffvilleN425986080 N Church St, Whitchurch Stouffville
18 Mahaffy Crt, KingN437550418 Mahaffy Crt, King
5 Woodington Crt, WhitbyE43747805 Woodington Crt, Whitby
15 Cobden St, TorontoC437651815 Cobden St, Toronto
11 Yates Ave, VaughanN437627511 Yates Ave, Vaughan
134 Beverley Glen Blvd, VaughanN4375326134 Beverley Glen Blvd, Vaughan
5 Earl Grey Crt, Richmond HillN43747465 Earl Grey Crt, Richmond Hill
189 Glenview Ave, TorontoC4376415189 Glenview Ave, Toronto
50 Keewaydin Dr, KingN437400150 Keewaydin Dr, King
1503 Durham St, OakvilleW43763691503 Durham St, Oakville
209 Bayview Heights Dr, TorontoC4375820209 Bayview Heights Dr, Toronto
19 Knox Ave, TorontoW437428619 Knox Ave, Toronto
129 Holst Ave, MarkhamN4375947129 Holst Ave, Markham
208 Mortimer Ave, TorontoE4374054208 Mortimer Ave, Toronto
141 Briarwood Rd, MarkhamN4375795141 Briarwood Rd, Markham
1 Hambly Ave, TorontoE43733731 Hambly Ave, Toronto
50 Dudley Ave, TorontoC437489550 Dudley Ave, Toronto
35 Whalen Crt, Richmond HillN437612835 Whalen Crt, Richmond Hill
16550 Mount Hope Rd, CaledonW437499616550 Mount Hope Rd, Caledon
685 Nashville Rd, VaughanN4377134685 Nashville Rd, Vaughan
4 Palomino Dr, HamiltonX43763844 Palomino Dr, Hamilton
35 Giordano Way, VaughanN437612035 Giordano Way, Vaughan
123 Regatta Ave, Richmond HillN4374369123 Regatta Ave, Richmond Hill
63 Government Rd, TorontoW437491463 Government Rd, Toronto
11 Kings Lynn Rd, TorontoW437494511 Kings Lynn Rd, Toronto
14650 Concession 6, UxbridgeN437290414650 Concession 6, Uxbridge
5 Alpaca Dr, Richmond HillN43772155 Alpaca Dr, Richmond Hill
50 Foxwood Rd, VaughanN437383450 Foxwood Rd, Vaughan
57 Raeview Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN437511457 Raeview Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
2302 Stratus Dr, OakvilleW43764242302 Stratus Dr, Oakville
52 Philips Lake Crt, Richmond HillN437734452 Philips Lake Crt, Richmond Hill
28 Little Hannah Lane, VaughanN437341528 Little Hannah Lane, Vaughan
12 Scrivener Dr, AuroraN437531312 Scrivener Dr, Aurora
70 Balderson Dr, VaughanN437732770 Balderson Dr, Vaughan
34 Gesher Cres, VaughanN437391334 Gesher Cres, Vaughan
37 Shell Crt, Richmond HillN437416537 Shell Crt, Richmond Hill
138 Farmstead Rd, Richmond HillN4377320138 Farmstead Rd, Richmond Hill
6261 Regional Rd 57 Rd, ClaringtonE43757326261 Regional Rd 57 Rd, Clarington
127 Northcote Ave, TorontoC4373096127 Northcote Ave, Toronto
1 Thornhill Ravines Cres, VaughanN43766031 Thornhill Ravines Cres, Vaughan
32 Canning Crt, MarkhamN437659832 Canning Crt, Markham
8 Horner Crt, UxbridgeN43730228 Horner Crt, Uxbridge
185 Sherwood Pl, NewmarketN4376176185 Sherwood Pl, Newmarket
18 Pearson Ave, Richmond HillN437623718 Pearson Ave, Richmond Hill
30 Donna Crt, TorontoC437670530 Donna Crt, Toronto
1458 Queensbury Cres, OakvilleW43740471458 Queensbury Cres, Oakville
4 Creekview Ave, Richmond HillN43741714 Creekview Ave, Richmond Hill
41 Lund St, Richmond HillN437551341 Lund St, Richmond Hill
5294 E Lawrence Ave, TorontoE43741155294 E Lawrence Ave, Toronto
11 Eaton Ave, TorontoE437405011 Eaton Ave, Toronto
18 Kilpatrick Dr, TorontoE437675818 Kilpatrick Dr, Toronto
40 Mcnairn Ave, TorontoC437525640 Mcnairn Ave, Toronto
613 Via Romano Blvd, VaughanN4375443613 Via Romano Blvd, Vaughan
859 1 2 Bathurst St, TorontoC4373402859 1 2 Bathurst St, Toronto
521 Browns Line, TorontoW4376500521 Browns Line, Toronto
85 Threshing Mill Blvd, OakvilleW437450685 Threshing Mill Blvd, Oakville

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