GTA Listings May 14 2019

Top Homes For Sale In The GTA - May 14 2019

Right here you'll find what you're looking for: top homes that are for sale right now as of May 14th 2019 across the GTA. Come take a look now because these are going to go fast. If you see something you like, we can help make sure you get in a great offer from a great Realtor for free.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
110 Redstone Rd, Richmond HillN4448529110 Redstone Rd, Richmond Hill
1164 W Haig Blvd, MississaugaW44458951164 W Haig Blvd, Mississauga
245 Major St, TorontoC4448970245 Major St, Toronto
39 Rockview Gdns, VaughanN444614939 Rockview Gdns, Vaughan
60 Yorkview Dr, TorontoW444707760 Yorkview Dr, Toronto
3 Grovewood St, Richmond HillN44479943 Grovewood St, Richmond Hill
10 Forty Second St, MarkhamN444806010 Forty Second St, Markham
231 Pine Hill Rd Bradford, West GwillimburyN4447637231 Pine Hill Rd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
150 Woodfield Dr, GeorginaN4447769150 Woodfield Dr, Georgina
11 Lansdowne Ave, TorontoW444799311 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto
3681 Stratton Woods Crt, MississaugaW44464033681 Stratton Woods Crt, Mississauga
5723 11 Line New, TecumsethN44471105723 11 Line New, Tecumseth
326 Dalesford Rd, TorontoW4448524326 Dalesford Rd, Toronto
452A Valermo Dr, TorontoW4448155452A Valermo Dr, Toronto
384 S Lake Dr, GeorginaN4446183384 S Lake Dr, Georgina
124 Worth Blvd, VaughanN4447966124 Worth Blvd, Vaughan
24 Flerimac Rd, TorontoE444846924 Flerimac Rd, Toronto
2130 Hwy 7 Rd, BrockN44472112130 Hwy 7 Rd, Brock
19 Edinburgh Dr, TorontoC444781819 Edinburgh Dr, Toronto
10 Holland Park Ave, TorontoC444908110 Holland Park Ave, Toronto
47 River Bend Rd, MarkhamN444821647 River Bend Rd, Markham
696 Marksbury Rd, PickeringE4447941696 Marksbury Rd, Pickering
15B Tecumseth Ave, MississaugaW444787115B Tecumseth Ave, Mississauga
51 Latania Blvd, BramptonW444584751 Latania Blvd, Brampton
2895 Duncairn Dr, MississaugaW44461042895 Duncairn Dr, Mississauga
1 Hill Farm Rd, KingN44480511 Hill Farm Rd, King
294 Cadigan Rd Smith Ennismore, LakefieldX4446625294 Cadigan Rd Smith Ennismore, Lakefield
65 Highgrove Cres, Richmond HillN444659565 Highgrove Cres, Richmond Hill
253 Albany Ave, TorontoC4448544253 Albany Ave, Toronto
3022 Ebony St, AjaxE44468393022 Ebony St, Ajax
47 Joseph St, MarkhamN444875047 Joseph St, Markham
49 Golden Oak Ave, Richmond HillN444899249 Golden Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
9 Rustywood Dr, TorontoC44477439 Rustywood Dr, Toronto
138 Bay Thorn Dr, MarkhamN4448964138 Bay Thorn Dr, Markham
3106 Millicent Ave, OakvilleW44460073106 Millicent Ave, Oakville
33 Arlstan Dr, TorontoC444777733 Arlstan Dr, Toronto
247 Rose Green Dr, VaughanN4448987247 Rose Green Dr, Vaughan
5 Chagall Dr, VaughanN44457875 Chagall Dr, Vaughan
3129 Millicent Ave, OakvilleW44475653129 Millicent Ave, Oakville
935 Riverside Dr, AjaxE4448952935 Riverside Dr, Ajax
26 Foxtail Crt, Halton HillsW444768226 Foxtail Crt, Halton Hills
91 Hackwood Cres, AuroraN444632191 Hackwood Cres, Aurora
191 Beaveridge Ave, OakvilleW4447138191 Beaveridge Ave, Oakville
5494 25th Sideroad Sdrd, EssaN44488105494 25th Sideroad Sdrd, Essa
16 Pieta Pl, VaughanN444831316 Pieta Pl, Vaughan
31 Hatherley Rd, TorontoW444771531 Hatherley Rd, Toronto
111 Glen Albert Dr, TorontoE4447815111 Glen Albert Dr, Toronto
85 Grand Oak Dr, Richmond HillN444834885 Grand Oak Dr, Richmond Hill
11 Hammond Dr, AuroraN444834611 Hammond Dr, Aurora
8 Proud Crt, AuroraN44466048 Proud Crt, Aurora
2450 Nichols Dr, OakvilleW44465812450 Nichols Dr, Oakville
45 Mccauley Dr, CaledonW444588845 Mccauley Dr, Caledon
109 W Craven Rd, TorontoE4448671109 W Craven Rd, Toronto
24 Rossini Dr, Richmond HillN444818124 Rossini Dr, Richmond Hill
460 La Rocca Ave, VaughanN4447826460 La Rocca Ave, Vaughan
1142 Brooks Dr, MississaugaW44482441142 Brooks Dr, Mississauga
391 Mavrinac Blvd, AuroraN4446728391 Mavrinac Blvd, Aurora
40 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond HillN444439240 Canyon Hill Ave, Richmond Hill
66 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN444604366 Meadowview Ave, Markham
17 Sabrina Crt, Richmond HillN444820917 Sabrina Crt, Richmond Hill
3437 Placid Pl, MississaugaW44457773437 Placid Pl, Mississauga
54 Dale Ave, TorontoE444746454 Dale Ave, Toronto
266 Dougall Ave, CaledonW4445774266 Dougall Ave, Caledon
13475 Fourth Line, Halton HillsW444818413475 Fourth Line, Halton Hills
44 Possession Cres, BramptonW444777644 Possession Cres, Brampton
315 St Clarens Ave, TorontoC4445943315 St Clarens Ave, Toronto
288 St Germain Ave, TorontoC4445921288 St Germain Ave, Toronto
90 Lincoln Green Dr, MarkhamN444606590 Lincoln Green Dr, Markham
69 Arundel Ave, TorontoE444596269 Arundel Ave, Toronto
2068 Devonshire Cres, OakvilleW44478682068 Devonshire Cres, Oakville
5778 Churchill Meadows Blvd, MississaugaW44480345778 Churchill Meadows Blvd, Mississauga
46 Isabella St, MarkhamN444697246 Isabella St, Markham
5739 Sixth Line, ErinX44483685739 Sixth Line, Erin
208 Acton Ave, TorontoC4448058208 Acton Ave, Toronto
921 W Adelaide St D, TorontoC4449051921 W Adelaide St D, Toronto
21 Saint Anne Way, VaughanN444708421 Saint Anne Way, Vaughan
32 Braeburn Dr, MarkhamN444783732 Braeburn Dr, Markham
2210 Castlefield Cres, OakvilleW44458402210 Castlefield Cres, Oakville
96 Glencrest Blvd, TorontoE444766796 Glencrest Blvd, Toronto
1 Fouracre Way, AuroraN44476091 Fouracre Way, Aurora
29 Battenberg Ave, TorontoE444804129 Battenberg Ave, Toronto
530 Holgate Circ, NewmarketN4448945530 Holgate Circ, Newmarket
85 Morrison Cres, MarkhamN444764785 Morrison Cres, Markham
2202 Rosemount Cres, OakvilleW44458692202 Rosemount Cres, Oakville
4709 Carpenter Crt, PickeringE44481074709 Carpenter Crt, Pickering
22 Packham Circ, BramptonW444892222 Packham Circ, Brampton
2024 Sideroad 18 New, TecumsethN44466662024 Sideroad 18 New, Tecumseth
129 Pleasant Ave, TorontoC4448044129 Pleasant Ave, Toronto
136 English Oak Dr, Richmond HillN4448486136 English Oak Dr, Richmond Hill
140 Gowan Ave, TorontoE4445753140 Gowan Ave, Toronto
76 Bernbridge Rd, MarkhamN444594976 Bernbridge Rd, Markham
41 Valley Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN444680641 Valley Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
7700 N Thickson Rd, WhitbyE44477937700 N Thickson Rd, Whitby
16 Royal Links Circ, BramptonW444623016 Royal Links Circ, Brampton
84 Maple Valley Rd, VaughanN444806884 Maple Valley Rd, Vaughan
2 Carnegie Crt, TorontoC44483822 Carnegie Crt, Toronto
26 Cosmo Crt, BramptonW444847426 Cosmo Crt, Brampton
11 Ourland Ave, TorontoW444785311 Ourland Ave, Toronto
132 Everden Rd, TorontoC4446586132 Everden Rd, Toronto
48 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond HillN444868248 Estate Garden Dr, Richmond Hill
16 Concorde Dr, BramptonW444780416 Concorde Dr, Brampton
80 Trayborn Dr, Richmond HillN444659380 Trayborn Dr, Richmond Hill
280 Frank Endean Rd, Richmond HillN4447341280 Frank Endean Rd, Richmond Hill
39 Rondeen Rd, VaughanN444800439 Rondeen Rd, Vaughan
1008 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW44472171008 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
943 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW4445950943 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
627 Davenport Rd, TorontoC4447856627 Davenport Rd, Toronto
490 Mcroberts Ave, TorontoW4446880490 Mcroberts Ave, Toronto
2269 Lakeside Dr, SarniaX44477582269 Lakeside Dr, Sarnia
1572 Myron Dr, MississaugaW44485281572 Myron Dr, Mississauga
6 Logstone Cres, TorontoE44470656 Logstone Cres, Toronto
71 Decast Cres, MarkhamN444593771 Decast Cres, Markham
1518 Cottontree Dr, BurlingtonW44464501518 Cottontree Dr, Burlington
4629 Harbottle Rd, BurlingtonW44484064629 Harbottle Rd, Burlington
3 Edilou Dr, TorontoW44461803 Edilou Dr, Toronto
11 Carysfort Rd, TorontoW444853211 Carysfort Rd, Toronto
73 Fairwood Cres, TorontoE444833373 Fairwood Cres, Toronto
73 Fairwood Cres, TorontoE444835073 Fairwood Cres, Toronto
931 First St, MississaugaW4446136931 First St, Mississauga
19 Horsley Crt, AuroraN444771619 Horsley Crt, Aurora
533 Brownridge Dr, VaughanN4448279533 Brownridge Dr, Vaughan
152 Judith Ave, VaughanN4446609152 Judith Ave, Vaughan
29 Pyneside St, MarkhamN444749329 Pyneside St, Markham
84 Liebeck Cres, MarkhamN444735284 Liebeck Cres, Markham
58 Hydrangea Hollow Hllw, East GwillimburyN444673858 Hydrangea Hollow Hllw, East Gwillimbury
3253 Liptay Ave, OakvilleW44478453253 Liptay Ave, Oakville
16 Hawthorne Rd, MonoX444661116 Hawthorne Rd, Mono
2126 Mayer Rd, SpringwaterS44458242126 Mayer Rd, Springwater
51 Springmount Ave, TorontoC444739051 Springmount Ave, Toronto
4 Avanti Cres, HamiltonX44486934 Avanti Cres, Hamilton
73 Braehead Dr, Richmond HillN444823373 Braehead Dr, Richmond Hill
5514 Hixon Ave, BurlingtonW44472915514 Hixon Ave, Burlington
114 Esther Cres, VaughanN4445860114 Esther Cres, Vaughan
21 Island Grve, BramptonW444742321 Island Grve, Brampton
156 Allegro Dr, BramptonW4447131156 Allegro Dr, Brampton
12 Whitewash Way, BramptonW444839512 Whitewash Way, Brampton
935 Cousens Terr, MiltonW4446301935 Cousens Terr, Milton
3 Wismer Pl, MarkhamN44489613 Wismer Pl, Markham
2917 Beachview St, AjaxE44474152917 Beachview St, Ajax
6881 Old Homestead Rd, GeorginaN44459526881 Old Homestead Rd, Georgina
29 Cartier Cres, Richmond HillN444869129 Cartier Cres, Richmond Hill
11 Terrydale Dr, TorontoC444654911 Terrydale Dr, Toronto
55 Clark Ave, MarkhamN444828155 Clark Ave, Markham
6790 Lisgar Dr, MississaugaW44480636790 Lisgar Dr, Mississauga
364 Osler St, TorontoW4448567364 Osler St, Toronto
2 Kiwi Cres, Richmond HillN44458202 Kiwi Cres, Richmond Hill
140 Bentoak Cres, VaughanN4447885140 Bentoak Cres, Vaughan
30 Foakes Dr, AjaxE444859830 Foakes Dr, Ajax
15 Dixon Rd, TorontoW444676615 Dixon Rd, Toronto
185 Gauguin Ave, VaughanN4448167185 Gauguin Ave, Vaughan
81A Vanbrugh Ave, TorontoE444587681A Vanbrugh Ave, Toronto
15 Mecca St, BramptonW444778115 Mecca St, Brampton
21 Burning Springs Pl, WhitbyE444899521 Burning Springs Pl, Whitby
42 Navigators Tr Kawartha, LakesX444862242 Navigators Tr Kawartha, Lakes
8 Russell Hill Dr, TorontoC44487138 Russell Hill Dr, Toronto
1 Proctor Cres, TorontoC44466871 Proctor Cres, Toronto
1 Garnier Crt, TorontoC44459221 Garnier Crt, Toronto
196 Fenn Ave, TorontoC4447948196 Fenn Ave, Toronto
115 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4448241115 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
30 Udine Crt, Richmond HillN444697930 Udine Crt, Richmond Hill
14 Orlon Cres, Richmond HillN444746314 Orlon Cres, Richmond Hill
36 Restwell Cres, TorontoC444588736 Restwell Cres, Toronto
210 Byng Ave, TorontoC4449093210 Byng Ave, Toronto
25 Rosebud Crt, VaughanN444794325 Rosebud Crt, Vaughan
423 Bedford Park Ave, TorontoC4446735423 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto
10 Elmira Crt, TorontoC444908010 Elmira Crt, Toronto
31 Rykert Cres, TorontoC444600031 Rykert Cres, Toronto
47 Skyline Tr, KingN444859447 Skyline Tr, King
77 Shorewood Pl, OakvilleW444689277 Shorewood Pl, Oakville
33 Glenvale Blvd, TorontoC444849133 Glenvale Blvd, Toronto
101 Heathcote Ave, TorontoC4448156101 Heathcote Ave, Toronto
399 Seaton Dr, OakvilleW4447282399 Seaton Dr, Oakville
Lot 7 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4449007Lot 7 Polaris Way, Mississauga
1 Dexshire Dr, AjaxE44478671 Dexshire Dr, Ajax
33 Moray Ave, Richmond HillN444666133 Moray Ave, Richmond Hill
70 Wedgewood Ave, TorontoC444604570 Wedgewood Ave, Toronto
140 Waterstone Crt, OakvilleW4448852140 Waterstone Crt, Oakville
54 Bevdale Rd, TorontoC444649154 Bevdale Rd, Toronto
35 Autumn Circ, Halton HillsW444604635 Autumn Circ, Halton Hills
23 Beaucourt Rd, TorontoW444626023 Beaucourt Rd, Toronto
587 E Hillsdale Ave, TorontoC4448774587 E Hillsdale Ave, Toronto
78 Tamworth Rd, TorontoC444833178 Tamworth Rd, Toronto
98 Dawlish Ave, TorontoC444852098 Dawlish Ave, Toronto
15 Cowley Ave, TorontoW444603715 Cowley Ave, Toronto
432 Drummond Rd, OakvilleW4446017432 Drummond Rd, Oakville
14 Bishop Crt, Halton HillsW444612214 Bishop Crt, Halton Hills
213 Spring Garden Ave, TorontoC4447009213 Spring Garden Ave, Toronto
393 Elm Rd, TorontoC4448012393 Elm Rd, Toronto
Lot 3 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4449027Lot 3 Polaris Way, Mississauga
182 Bedford Rd, TorontoC4448118182 Bedford Rd, Toronto
254 W Glengrove Ave, TorontoC4448820254 W Glengrove Ave, Toronto
62 Leicester Rd, Richmond HillN444727262 Leicester Rd, Richmond Hill
41 Tremont Cres, TorontoC444601941 Tremont Cres, Toronto
15 Loyalist Rd, TorontoW444712315 Loyalist Rd, Toronto
72 Grey Alder Ave, Richmond HillN444738872 Grey Alder Ave, Richmond Hill
5875 19th Ave, MarkhamN44480165875 19th Ave, Markham
68 Burrows Ave, TorontoW443441768 Burrows Ave, Toronto
1 Rose Park Cres, TorontoC44486691 Rose Park Cres, Toronto
31 Thompson Ave, TorontoW444799731 Thompson Ave, Toronto
223 Elmhurst Ave, TorontoC4449073223 Elmhurst Ave, Toronto
10 Minnewawa Rd, MississaugaW444814510 Minnewawa Rd, Mississauga
102 Leacrest Rd, TorontoC4446597102 Leacrest Rd, Toronto
Lot 1 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4449042Lot 1 Polaris Way, Mississauga
24 Donna Crt, TorontoC444708624 Donna Crt, Toronto
72 Elm Ave, Richmond HillN444705772 Elm Ave, Richmond Hill
33 Sherwood Glen, East GwillimburyN444799933 Sherwood Glen, East Gwillimbury
850 Danforth Pl, BurlingtonW4446278850 Danforth Pl, Burlington
1083 Scott Ave, OakvilleW44483491083 Scott Ave, Oakville
131 Park Home Ave, TorontoC4446423131 Park Home Ave, Toronto
125 Rainbows End, VaughanN4446802125 Rainbows End, Vaughan
2157 Conservation Rd, MiltonW44463952157 Conservation Rd, Milton
805 W Winchester Rd, WhitbyE4449008805 W Winchester Rd, Whitby
70 Garnier Crt, TorontoC444908970 Garnier Crt, Toronto
Lot 8 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4449004Lot 8 Polaris Way, Mississauga
9 Sunforest Crt, TorontoC44480599 Sunforest Crt, Toronto
584 Wildwood Dr, OakvilleW4447921584 Wildwood Dr, Oakville
30 Uplands Ave, VaughanN444676130 Uplands Ave, Vaughan
1420 Lorne Park Rd, MississaugaW44470241420 Lorne Park Rd, Mississauga
50 Ria Crt, KingN444725550 Ria Crt, King
Lot 9 Polaris Way, MississaugaW4449002Lot 9 Polaris Way, Mississauga
8314 Sixth Line, Halton HillsW44485178314 Sixth Line, Halton Hills
31 S Shaver Ave, TorontoW444653431 S Shaver Ave, Toronto
33 Berl Ave, TorontoW444901733 Berl Ave, Toronto
13695 Jane St, KingN444763613695 Jane St, King
48 Courtsfield Cres, TorontoW444585148 Courtsfield Cres, Toronto
1055 Glencairn Ave, TorontoW44460911055 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
24 Crossley Crt, KingN444661024 Crossley Crt, King
75 Sutcliffe Cres, MarkhamN444747375 Sutcliffe Cres, Markham
227 Banbury Rd, TorontoC4446348227 Banbury Rd, Toronto
438 Old Orchard Grve, TorontoC4448553438 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto
50 Kings Cross Ave, Richmond HillN444679550 Kings Cross Ave, Richmond Hill
55 Addington Ave, TorontoC444772555 Addington Ave, Toronto
27 Dalton Rd, TorontoC444784327 Dalton Rd, Toronto
1237 Kestell Blvd, OakvilleW44468211237 Kestell Blvd, Oakville
220 Cranbrooke Ave, TorontoC4446249220 Cranbrooke Ave, Toronto
32 Foursome Cres, TorontoC444797032 Foursome Cres, Toronto
4 Ravinder Crt, BramptonW44464184 Ravinder Crt, Brampton
4056 Bridlepath Tr, MississaugaW44491074056 Bridlepath Tr, Mississauga
373 Beechgrove Dr, TorontoE4446893373 Beechgrove Dr, Toronto
231 Kingswood Rd, TorontoE4448064231 Kingswood Rd, Toronto
141 Codsell Ave, TorontoC4448504141 Codsell Ave, Toronto
39 Coltrane Dr, VaughanN444905439 Coltrane Dr, Vaughan
2 Rolling Meadows Rd, UxbridgeN44460382 Rolling Meadows Rd, Uxbridge
79 Margueretta St, TorontoC444595479 Margueretta St, Toronto
734 Woodhaven Pl, HamiltonX4445894734 Woodhaven Pl, Hamilton
15 Alhambra Ave, TorontoW444585415 Alhambra Ave, Toronto
2 Redthorn Crt, TorontoW44460272 Redthorn Crt, Toronto
16 Royaleigh Ave, TorontoW444904316 Royaleigh Ave, Toronto
345 Westridge Dr, VaughanN4447638345 Westridge Dr, Vaughan
69 Rykert Cres, TorontoC444865669 Rykert Cres, Toronto
436 Ellen Davidson Dr, OakvilleW4446939436 Ellen Davidson Dr, Oakville
153 Brookdale Ave, TorontoC4448132153 Brookdale Ave, Toronto
1500 South Sheridan Way, MississaugaW44487371500 South Sheridan Way, Mississauga
61 Williams Crt, KingN444873861 Williams Crt, King
23 Winlock Park, TorontoC444849623 Winlock Park, Toronto
19 Blue Silo Way, BramptonW444747219 Blue Silo Way, Brampton
2447 Bon Echo Dr, OakvilleW44486642447 Bon Echo Dr, Oakville
5 Spruce Tree Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN44465575 Spruce Tree Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
17 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN444708017 Lavender Valley Rd, King
8198 Finnerty Sdrd, CaledonW44476538198 Finnerty Sdrd, Caledon
66 Abitibi Ave, TorontoC444744666 Abitibi Ave, Toronto
3 Hartfield Rd, TorontoW44484403 Hartfield Rd, Toronto
117 Wild Orchid Cres, MarkhamN4449071117 Wild Orchid Cres, Markham
3 Highland Hill, TorontoW44477873 Highland Hill, Toronto
55 Glen Abbey Tr, VaughanN444641955 Glen Abbey Tr, Vaughan
53 Johnston Ave, TorontoC444790753 Johnston Ave, Toronto
1796 N Fairport Rd, PickeringE44473401796 N Fairport Rd, Pickering
Lot 175 Starr Cres, CambridgeX4448686Lot 175 Starr Cres, Cambridge
20015 Shaws Creek Rd, CaledonW444686820015 Shaws Creek Rd, Caledon
132 Arten Ave, Richmond HillN4446869132 Arten Ave, Richmond Hill
117 Coons Rd, Richmond HillN4448593117 Coons Rd, Richmond Hill
100 Holcolm Rd, TorontoC4447801100 Holcolm Rd, Toronto
434 Sackville St, TorontoC4445908434 Sackville St, Toronto
45 Arran Cres, TorontoC444768645 Arran Cres, Toronto
11 Marquis Ave, TorontoW444664411 Marquis Ave, Toronto
507 Bohemia Cres, OakvilleW4448426507 Bohemia Cres, Oakville
3683 Ferretti Crt, InnisfilN44472373683 Ferretti Crt, Innisfil
390 Botsford St, NewmarketN4447832390 Botsford St, Newmarket
56 Alberta Ave, TorontoC444822356 Alberta Ave, Toronto
3 Brookhaven Cres East, GarafraxaX44480213 Brookhaven Cres East, Garafraxa
35 Barrie Hill Lane, SpringwaterS444843235 Barrie Hill Lane, Springwater
568 Dynes Rd, BurlingtonW4446272568 Dynes Rd, Burlington
115 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4447942115 Holmes Ave, Toronto
86 Tyler St, AuroraN444897486 Tyler St, Aurora
4 Limelight St, Richmond HillN44474484 Limelight St, Richmond Hill
521 Cliffview Rd, PickeringE4448638521 Cliffview Rd, Pickering
108 Torrey Pines Rd, VaughanN4448795108 Torrey Pines Rd, Vaughan
256 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC4446842256 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
50 Bathurst Glen Dr, VaughanN444629750 Bathurst Glen Dr, Vaughan
154 Galley Ave, TorontoW4446542154 Galley Ave, Toronto
170 Newton Dr, TorontoC4448509170 Newton Dr, Toronto
46 Gordon Randle Dr, BramptonW444899446 Gordon Randle Dr, Brampton
63 Oldham Rd, TorontoW444801363 Oldham Rd, Toronto
56 Morganfield Crt, Richmond HillN444808656 Morganfield Crt, Richmond Hill
23051 Mccowan Rd, GeorginaN444652623051 Mccowan Rd, Georgina
11 Harrowsmith Pl, Richmond HillN444631611 Harrowsmith Pl, Richmond Hill
10 Richard Lovat Crt, VaughanN444876510 Richard Lovat Crt, Vaughan
133135 Markland St, HamiltonX4446637133135 Markland St, Hamilton
102 Alamosa Dr, TorontoC4448951102 Alamosa Dr, Toronto
74 Dunkirk Rd, TorontoE444598974 Dunkirk Rd, Toronto
68 Forthbridge Cres, TorontoW444657068 Forthbridge Cres, Toronto
589 Balliol St, TorontoC4448649589 Balliol St, Toronto
246 Patricia Dr, KingN4447207246 Patricia Dr, King
6 Northumberland Terr, MarkhamN44458146 Northumberland Terr, Markham
92 Heddington Ave, TorontoC444753692 Heddington Ave, Toronto
27 Harding Blvd, Richmond HillN444617127 Harding Blvd, Richmond Hill
73 Catalina Cres, Richmond HillN444762873 Catalina Cres, Richmond Hill
41 Nairn Ave, TorontoW444905041 Nairn Ave, Toronto
253 Mcrae Dr, TorontoC4446286253 Mcrae Dr, Toronto
6013 Fourth Line, ErinX44477716013 Fourth Line, Erin
201 Autumn Hill Blvd, VaughanN4448431201 Autumn Hill Blvd, Vaughan
66 Manila Ave, MarkhamN444771266 Manila Ave, Markham
33 Gaby Crt, Richmond HillN444657133 Gaby Crt, Richmond Hill
74 Spanhouse Cres, MarkhamN444720074 Spanhouse Cres, Markham
21 Hare Crt, MarkhamN444721621 Hare Crt, Markham
6 E Garryoaks Dr, BramptonW44465876 E Garryoaks Dr, Brampton
128 Mitchell Pl, NewmarketN4446344128 Mitchell Pl, Newmarket
3934 Richview Rd, InnisfilN44485603934 Richview Rd, Innisfil
12 Shippigan Cres, TorontoC444754612 Shippigan Cres, Toronto
1225 Crestdale Rd, MississaugaW44466591225 Crestdale Rd, Mississauga
54 Berkinshaw Cres, TorontoC444609554 Berkinshaw Cres, Toronto
308 Merton St, TorontoC4448148308 Merton St, Toronto
103 Valleycreek Dr, BramptonW4446466103 Valleycreek Dr, Brampton
18 Brant Ave, MississaugaW444598718 Brant Ave, Mississauga
1684 Howat Cres, MississaugaW44464241684 Howat Cres, Mississauga
15 Melville Ave, TorontoW444718915 Melville Ave, Toronto
353 Golden Orchard Rd, VaughanN4447228353 Golden Orchard Rd, Vaughan
73 Hazelmere Dr, Richmond HillN444797973 Hazelmere Dr, Richmond Hill
197 Carrier Cres, VaughanN4447078197 Carrier Cres, Vaughan
36A Cayuga Ave, MississaugaW444686636A Cayuga Ave, Mississauga
33 Greentree Rd, MarkhamN444708333 Greentree Rd, Markham
82 Walnut Grove Cres, Richmond HillN444821282 Walnut Grove Cres, Richmond Hill
8 Ridgestone Dr, Richmond HillN44470538 Ridgestone Dr, Richmond Hill
10 Wynn Rd, TorontoC444911410 Wynn Rd, Toronto
217 Willis Dr, AuroraN4445893217 Willis Dr, Aurora
154 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4446098154 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
2278 Rochester Circ, OakvilleW44489752278 Rochester Circ, Oakville

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