GTA Listings May 29 2018

Your Best GTA Listings for May 29 2018

You've asked for it, GTA - we have the top listings right here for across the GTA.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
27 Streetewart Street OakvilleW414115027 Streetewart Street Oakville
Lot 145 306 Etheridge Avenue MiltonW4142776Lot 145 306 Etheridge Avenue Milton
68 Cobblestone Court BramptonW414029068 Cobblestone Court Brampton
3281 W Havenwood Drive MississaugaW41393013281 W Havenwood Drive Mississauga
164 Harlandale Avenue TorontoC4140380164 Harlandale Avenue Toronto
3925 Lakeridge Road WhitbyE41400083925 Lakeridge Road Whitby
4 Daybreak Lane CaledonW41424564 Daybreak Lane Caledon
22 Fenelon Drive TorontoC414036722 Fenelon Drive Toronto
21 Finnegan Place WhitbyE414237221 Finnegan Place Whitby
12 Cameron Watson Crescent TorontoE414112612 Cameron Watson Crescent Toronto
32 Summitgreen Crescent BramptonW414000132 Summitgreen Crescent Brampton
42 Miracle Terrace BramptonW414149142 Miracle Terrace Brampton
6247 Camgreen Circle MississaugaW41393766247 Camgreen Circle Mississauga
1 Sisson LaneE41423661 Sisson Lane
20 Watercliff Place HamiltonX414129220 Watercliff Place Hamilton
1007 Driveeam Crescentt Road MississaugaW41405221007 Driveeam Crescentt Road Mississauga
178 Canada Drive VaughanN4142787178 Canada Drive Vaughan
41 Boyne Highlands Court VaughanN413962541 Boyne Highlands Court Vaughan
375 Kwapis Boulevard NewmarketN4142696375 Kwapis Boulevard Newmarket
9 Weston Crescent AjaxE41409579 Weston Crescent Ajax
294 Harrowsmith Drive MississaugaW4143087294 Harrowsmith Drive Mississauga
57 Portelli Crescent AjaxE414028157 Portelli Crescent Ajax
65 Bertmount Avenue TorontoE414221565 Bertmount Avenue Toronto
34 Florentine Crescent RichN414095034 Florentine Crescent Rich
114 Red River Crescent NewmarketN4141257114 Red River Crescent Newmarket
19 Lisa Crescent VaughanN414184319 Lisa Crescent Vaughan
45 Scarboro Avenue TorontoE414224845 Scarboro Avenue Toronto
876 Carlaw Avenue TorontoE4142340876 Carlaw Avenue Toronto
2150 Alconbury Crescent BurlingtonW41398902150 Alconbury Crescent Burlington
34 Sweet Water Crescent RichN414235034 Sweet Water Crescent Rich
134 Willard Street OakvilleW4139531134 Willard Street Oakville
386 Dowson Loop NewmarketN4142866386 Dowson Loop Newmarket
122 Westhampton Drive VaughanN4140166122 Westhampton Drive Vaughan
46 Badger Drive TorontoW414234546 Badger Drive Toronto
34 Bignell Crescent AjaxE414140234 Bignell Crescent Ajax
24 Shrewsbury Street HamiltonX413968124 Shrewsbury Street Hamilton
41 Acton Avenue TorontoC414057141 Acton Avenue Toronto
268 Thomas Phillips Drive AuroraN4141773268 Thomas Phillips Drive Aurora
97 Maroon Drive RichN414086597 Maroon Drive Rich
578 Rustic Road TorontoW4140059578 Rustic Road Toronto
81 Robert Berry Crescent KingN408102081 Robert Berry Crescent King
31 Deerwood Crescent RichN413963631 Deerwood Crescent Rich
201 Jones Avenue TorontoE4140750201 Jones Avenue Toronto
30 Gray Crescent RichN414047630 Gray Crescent Rich
25 Willowbank Avenue RichN414058925 Willowbank Avenue Rich
93 Bridgepointe Court AuroraN414191793 Bridgepointe Court Aurora
20 Terraceothen Circle MarkhamN413944220 Terraceothen Circle Markham
27 Terrace Drive HamiltonX414256527 Terrace Drive Hamilton
275 Birkdale Road TorontoE4140884275 Birkdale Road Toronto
2 Poulias Avenue RichN41418292 Poulias Avenue Rich
2669 Midland Avenue TorontoE41404192669 Midland Avenue Toronto
9 Darren Place Guelph EramosaX41411459 Darren Place Guelph Eramosa
74 Cemetery Road UxbridgeN414038174 Cemetery Road Uxbridge
57 Legend Lane BramptonW413994857 Legend Lane Brampton
8 Lavery Terrace TorontoE41398008 Lavery Terrace Toronto
55 Gayla Street VaughanN414196755 Gayla Street Vaughan
108 Balfour Avenue TorontoE4139429108 Balfour Avenue Toronto
33 Wilfred Murison Avenue MarkhamN414075833 Wilfred Murison Avenue Markham
1238 W Lansdowne Avenue TorontoW41403931238 W Lansdowne Avenue Toronto
233 Caproni Drive VaughanN4141503233 Caproni Drive Vaughan
60 Laramie Crescent VaughanN414103560 Laramie Crescent Vaughan
4460 Eighteenth Sideroad KingN41409314460 Eighteenth Sideroad King
614 Society Crescent NewmarketN4141117614 Society Crescent Newmarket
34 Temple West Crescent AjaxE414216434 Temple West Crescent Ajax
327 W West Lawn CrescentN4141481327 W West Lawn Crescent
1370 Conliffe Court MississaugaW41398481370 Conliffe Court Mississauga
12 Bankview Circle TorontoW414235612 Bankview Circle Toronto
23228 Miles Road GeorginaN413998123228 Miles Road Georgina
30 Queen Victoria Street TorontoE414269230 Queen Victoria Street Toronto
54 Sliprock Crescent BramptonW414112454 Sliprock Crescent Brampton
63 Grampian Avenue VaughanN414182563 Grampian Avenue Vaughan
1585 Adamson Street MississaugaW41411431585 Adamson Street Mississauga
2075 E Buckhorn Avenue OakvilleW41411902075 E Buckhorn Avenue Oakville
42 Illingworth Lane AjaxE414017842 Illingworth Lane Ajax
45 Spring Hill Drive KingN414014345 Spring Hill Drive King
140 Southdown Avenue VaughanN4139943140 Southdown Avenue Vaughan
18 Divinity Circle BramptonW414017418 Divinity Circle Brampton
141 Whitwell Drive BramptonW4139866141 Whitwell Drive Brampton
21 Teal Crescentt Circle BramptonW413989621 Teal Crescentt Circle Brampton
10 Forrester Drive BramptonW414168910 Forrester Drive Brampton
53 Nisbet Drive AuroraN414121453 Nisbet Drive Aurora
50 Cathedral Bluffs Drive TorontoE414176850 Cathedral Bluffs Drive Toronto
933 Greenhill Avenue OshawaE4140308933 Greenhill Avenue Oshawa
571 Phoebe Crescent BurlingtonW4141865571 Phoebe Crescent Burlington
21 North Ridge Crescent HaltW414054621 North Ridge Crescent Halt
2439 Woking Crescent MississaugaW41423952439 Woking Crescent Mississauga
1109 Kane Road MississaugaW41424111109 Kane Road Mississauga
5 Moreau Terrace TorontoE41429435 Moreau Terrace Toronto
108 Sunridge Street RichN4139623108 Sunridge Street Rich
974 Briar Hill Avenue TorontoW4140771974 Briar Hill Avenue Toronto
2043 Ghent Avenue BurlingtonW41403192043 Ghent Avenue Burlington
46 S Oberdan Way VaughanN413960546 S Oberdan Way Vaughan
67 Manor Forest Road EastN414137167 Manor Forest Road East
95 Tango Crescent NewmarketN414262695 Tango Crescent Newmarket
71 Brinloor Boulevard TorontoE414002171 Brinloor Boulevard Toronto
8 John Smith Street EastN41395238 John Smith Street East
6 Simcoe Street CaledonW41420336 Simcoe Street Caledon
36 Lonborough Avenue TorontoW413998536 Lonborough Avenue Toronto
5232 Floral Hill Crescent MississaugaW41430975232 Floral Hill Crescent Mississauga
560 Mcbean Avenue NewmarketN4141087560 Mcbean Avenue Newmarket
84 Moray Avenue RichN414094084 Moray Avenue Rich
17 Rouge Street BramptonW414016817 Rouge Street Brampton
102 Redwater Drive TorontoW4142156102 Redwater Drive Toronto
57 Sonmore Drive TorontoE414118057 Sonmore Drive Toronto
497 London Road NewmarketN4139298497 London Road Newmarket
2285 Foxhole Circle OakvilleW41401232285 Foxhole Circle Oakville
126 Capera Drive VaughanN4140736126 Capera Drive Vaughan
162 Murray Drive AuroraN4139344162 Murray Drive Aurora
368 Old Orchard Grove TorontoC4142375368 Old Orchard Grove Toronto
11 Bramblebrook Avenue TorontoE414201411 Bramblebrook Avenue Toronto
6024 Farmstead Lane MississaugaW41405816024 Farmstead Lane Mississauga
103 Hope Street TorontoW4142404103 Hope Street Toronto
40 Revelstoke Crescent RichN414269540 Revelstoke Crescent Rich
260 Kincardine Street VaughanN4142125260 Kincardine Street Vaughan
4 Bianca Drive MarkhamN41393904 Bianca Drive Markham
5 Charterhouse Road TorontoE41418615 Charterhouse Road Toronto
35 Edgehill Avenue WhitN414255335 Edgehill Avenue Whit
4057 Jefton Crescent MississaugaW41405784057 Jefton Crescent Mississauga
65 Rowatson Road TorontoE414193365 Rowatson Road Toronto
33 Redfinch Crescent VaughanN414209833 Redfinch Crescent Vaughan
23 Feenstra Street KitchenerX414176223 Feenstra Street Kitchener
101 Jay Street TorontoW4140431101 Jay Street Toronto
3042 Street Malo Circle MississaugaW41414403042 Street Malo Circle Mississauga
272 Country Glen Road MarkhamN4140782272 Country Glen Road Markham
1269 N Duignan Crescent MiltonW41415151269 N Duignan Crescent Milton
4848 Holborn Road EastN41395204848 Holborn Road East
1266 Mcphedran Pt MiltonW41422941266 Mcphedran Pt Milton
42 Galea Drive AjaxE414020642 Galea Drive Ajax
82 Elder Crescent WhitbyE414014982 Elder Crescent Whitby
43 Ken Bishop Way NewmarketN414108043 Ken Bishop Way Newmarket
3129 Ballydown Crescent MississaugaW41403693129 Ballydown Crescent Mississauga
46 Clover Street MarkhamN414199846 Clover Street Markham
473 Silver Maple Road OakvilleW4141090473 Silver Maple Road Oakville
192 Pelee Avenue VaughanN4142269192 Pelee Avenue Vaughan
67 Enford Crescent BramptonW413976067 Enford Crescent Brampton
99 Old Field Crescent NewmarketN414131399 Old Field Crescent Newmarket
79 Twin Willow Crescent BramptonW414020379 Twin Willow Crescent Brampton
46 Pinecrest Street MarkhamN414083846 Pinecrest Street Markham
8301 Kipling Avenue VaughanN41429718301 Kipling Avenue Vaughan
35 Avalanche Crescent BramptonW414104435 Avalanche Crescent Brampton
3204 Dovetail Mews MississaugaW41404223204 Dovetail Mews Mississauga
964 Donnelly Street MiltonW4142858964 Donnelly Street Milton
4382 Goldenrod Crescent MississaugaW41399424382 Goldenrod Crescent Mississauga
76 Livingston Road TorontoE414001276 Livingston Road Toronto
1334 Baseline Road HamiltonX41402421334 Baseline Road Hamilton
4749 Simpson Drive BurlingtonW41419814749 Simpson Drive Burlington
1023 Serdica Court MississaugaW41395501023 Serdica Court Mississauga
3 Vista View Court CaledonW41407603 Vista View Court Caledon
10 Pageant Avenue VaughanN413946710 Pageant Avenue Vaughan
150 Exbury Road TorontoW4140063150 Exbury Road Toronto
418 Greenlees Circle MiltonW4139642418 Greenlees Circle Milton
145 Parkview Road GeorginaN4140172145 Parkview Road Georgina
71 Jones AvenueE414214571 Jones Avenue
21 Manzanita Crescent BramptonW414187921 Manzanita Crescent Brampton
1715 Audubon Boulevard MississaugaW41420791715 Audubon Boulevard Mississauga
90 Third Street TorontoW413936690 Third Street Toronto
125 Salem Avenue TorontoW4142997125 Salem Avenue Toronto
100 Elgin Street HamiltonX4141001100 Elgin Street Hamilton
224 S Lech Walesa Drive MississaugaW4139774224 S Lech Walesa Drive Mississauga
102 Bellagio Crct VaughanN4141155102 Bellagio Crct Vaughan
16B Cascaden Street TorontoE414089416B Cascaden Street Toronto
21 Alice Crescent TorontoE414212721 Alice Crescent Toronto
31 Woodrow Avenue TorontoE414111931 Woodrow Avenue Toronto
362 South Street WhitN4140765362 South Street Whit
4 Highfield Crescent GeorginaN41420054 Highfield Crescent Georgina
285 Monarch Park Avenue TorontoE4139797285 Monarch Park Avenue Toronto
35 Delphinium Way BramptonW413933935 Delphinium Way Brampton
3519 Cherrington Crescent MississaugaW41411623519 Cherrington Crescent Mississauga
104 Don Minaker Drive BramptonW4142797104 Don Minaker Drive Brampton
78 Kenilworth Gate MarkhamN414311178 Kenilworth Gate Markham
53 Goodfellow Crescent CaledonW413927953 Goodfellow Crescent Caledon
1320 Ridgebank Drive OakvilleW41402171320 Ridgebank Drive Oakville
51 Taunton Road TorontoC414307451 Taunton Road Toronto
72 Grackle Terrace TorontoE414245272 Grackle Terrace Toronto
52 Bambridge Street AjaxE414190752 Bambridge Street Ajax
39 Knowles Drive TorontoE414155739 Knowles Drive Toronto
1 Dashwood Crescent TorontoW41413921 Dashwood Crescent Toronto
63 Ottawa Street ScugogE414272163 Ottawa Street Scugog
690 S Lake Drive GeorginaN4142782690 S Lake Drive Georgina
287 Roy Harper Avenue AuroraN4139743287 Roy Harper Avenue Aurora
2315 Pyramid Crescent MississaugaW41401822315 Pyramid Crescent Mississauga
112 Sandy Haven Drive TorontoE4141078112 Sandy Haven Drive Toronto
883 Thistle Down Circle MississaugaW4139602883 Thistle Down Circle Mississauga
4624 Kearse Street BurlingtonW41408074624 Kearse Street Burlington
47 Hiberton Crescent BramptonW414162447 Hiberton Crescent Brampton
33 Fancamp Drive VaughanN414018333 Fancamp Drive Vaughan
25 Pringle Avenue MarkhamN414072225 Pringle Avenue Markham
2416 Folkway Drive MississaugaW41406342416 Folkway Drive Mississauga
192 Matthew Drive VaughanN4141185192 Matthew Drive Vaughan
14224 Warden Avenue WhitN414163714224 Warden Avenue Whit
4289 Forest Fire Lane MississaugaW41407344289 Forest Fire Lane Mississauga
35 Watford Street WhitbyE413954035 Watford Street Whitby
32 Barbini Drive VaughanN413948632 Barbini Drive Vaughan
422 Conley Street VaughanN4140109422 Conley Street Vaughan
7 Havenwood Place WhitbyE41402567 Havenwood Place Whitby
1435 Aldergrove Court OshawaE41424751435 Aldergrove Court Oshawa
3970 W Bloor Street TorontoW41394143970 W Bloor Street Toronto
363 Pickering Crescent NewmarketN4140506363 Pickering Crescent Newmarket
8 Tatra Crescent BramptonW41409848 Tatra Crescent Brampton
101 Boticelli Way VaughanN4140184101 Boticelli Way Vaughan
232 Bartley Bull Parkway BramptonW4140608232 Bartley Bull Parkway Brampton
18 Sweetman Drive HamiltonX414279418 Sweetman Drive Hamilton
603 Roselaire Terrace MississaugaW4142616603 Roselaire Terrace Mississauga
8 Claudview Street KingN41394898 Claudview Street King
55 Borealis Avenue AuroraN414144955 Borealis Avenue Aurora
111 Rose Branch Drive RichN4139809111 Rose Branch Drive Rich
2272 Whistling Springs Crescent OakvilleW41415072272 Whistling Springs Crescent Oakville
1890 Douglas Langtree Drive OshawaE41404071890 Douglas Langtree Drive Oshawa
14 Yang Street RichN414000014 Yang Street Rich
41 Chetholme Place HaltW414253841 Chetholme Place Halt
94 Guelph Street HaltW414268594 Guelph Street Halt
272 Sunray Road OakvilleW4142710272 Sunray Road Oakville
218 Rustic Road TorontoW4141055218 Rustic Road Toronto
122 Robert Parkinson Drive BramptonW4139801122 Robert Parkinson Drive Brampton
Lot 215 Bronson Terrace MiltonW4142186Lot 215 Bronson Terrace Milton
904 Hollowtree Crescent MississaugaW4139253904 Hollowtree Crescent Mississauga
42 Streetephen Drive TorontoW414176742 Streetephen Drive Toronto
19 Bellotti Crescent AjaxE414203219 Bellotti Crescent Ajax
191 Surgeoner Crescent NewmarketN4142995191 Surgeoner Crescent Newmarket
44 Bridesburg Drive TorontoW413933344 Bridesburg Drive Toronto
498 Kwapis Boulevard NewmarketN4142961498 Kwapis Boulevard Newmarket
28 Jerome Park Drive HamiltonX413972528 Jerome Park Drive Hamilton
562 Foxcroft Boulevard NewmarketN4142417562 Foxcroft Boulevard Newmarket
24 Rintella Court TorontoE414159624 Rintella Court Toronto
396 Jaybell Grove TorontoE4139816396 Jaybell Grove Toronto
192 Fowley Drive OakvilleW4140035192 Fowley Drive Oakville
58 Williamson Family Hllw NewmarketN413934158 Williamson Family Hllw Newmarket
233 Maurice Drive OakvilleW4139510233 Maurice Drive Oakville
45 Harley Avenue HaltW414292645 Harley Avenue Halt
210 Old Yonge Street AuroraN4142391210 Old Yonge Street Aurora
3216 Robert Brown Boulevard OakvilleW41413283216 Robert Brown Boulevard Oakville
260 Royalton Common 41 OakvilleW4142664260 Royalton Common 41 Oakville
4307 Tenth Sideroad Bradford WestN41399174307 Tenth Sideroad Bradford West
6 Amulet Crescent RichN41406036 Amulet Crescent Rich
4387 Longmoor Drive BurlingtonW41396544387 Longmoor Drive Burlington
86 Silverbirch Place WhitbyE414209786 Silverbirch Place Whitby
68 Johnson Crescent HaltW414087968 Johnson Crescent Halt
189 Fowley Drive OakvilleW4142601189 Fowley Drive Oakville
1902 Walreg Drive OshawaE41426861902 Walreg Drive Oshawa
727 Mississauga Valley Boulevard MississaugaW4140028727 Mississauga Valley Boulevard Mississauga
67 Cobblehill Crescent BramptonW414294967 Cobblehill Crescent Brampton
5531 Wilderness Terrace MississaugaW41413835531 Wilderness Terrace Mississauga
235 N Waverly Street OshawaE4142500235 N Waverly Street Oshawa
263 Thistle Down Boulevard TorontoW4140839263 Thistle Down Boulevard Toronto
969 Finley Avenue AjaxE4141743969 Finley Avenue Ajax
12787 Winston Churchill Boulevard CaledonW414287412787 Winston Churchill Boulevard Caledon
3127 Neyagawa Boulevard OakvilleW41408713127 Neyagawa Boulevard Oakville
195 Purcell Crescent VaughanN4142323195 Purcell Crescent Vaughan
7 Balsam Street MarkhamN41404917 Balsam Street Markham
2485 New Providence Street OshawaE41429942485 New Providence Street Oshawa
892 Francine Crescent MississaugaW4140677892 Francine Crescent Mississauga
341 Kipling Avenue TorontoW4140263341 Kipling Avenue Toronto
309 Kristin Grove MississaugaW4142856309 Kristin Grove Mississauga
82 Romanelli Crescent Bradford WestN414050082 Romanelli Crescent Bradford West
7 Newington Crescent TorontoW41421527 Newington Crescent Toronto
15 Willesden Road TorontoC413941115 Willesden Road Toronto
1125 Bur Oak Avenue MarkhamN41427621125 Bur Oak Avenue Markham
66 Kiteley Crescent EastN414094766 Kiteley Crescent East
321 Mickey Court MiltonW4139494321 Mickey Court Milton
18 Weldon Woods Court WhitN414019018 Weldon Woods Court Whit
753 Eramosa Road Guelph EramosaX4142266753 Eramosa Road Guelph Eramosa
2 Andriana Crescent MarkhamN41407132 Andriana Crescent Markham
836 Grace Street NewmarketN4139814836 Grace Street Newmarket
22 Ruscoe Crescent TorontoW414303622 Ruscoe Crescent Toronto
13301 Bathurst Street RichN414079313301 Bathurst Street Rich
954 Wilson Avenue TorontoW4142769954 Wilson Avenue Toronto
952 Wilson Avenue TorontoW4142296952 Wilson Avenue Toronto
379 Coxe Boulevard MiltonW4139990379 Coxe Boulevard Milton
13 Charlie Jordan Road TorontoW414256613 Charlie Jordan Road Toronto
117 Worthington Avenue BramptonW4141429117 Worthington Avenue Brampton
6 Evernby Boulevard TorontoW41417856 Evernby Boulevard Toronto
3824 County 88 Road BradfordN41394193824 County 88 Road Bradford
1637 Sumach Road CaledonW41394341637 Sumach Road Caledon
66 Lauraglen Crescent BramptonW414097766 Lauraglen Crescent Brampton
4250 Forest Fire Lane MississaugaW41396744250 Forest Fire Lane Mississauga
258 Nisbet Boulevard HamiltonX4142496258 Nisbet Boulevard Hamilton
80 Walton Drive AuroraN413927380 Walton Drive Aurora
16 Burlington Street TorontoW414229016 Burlington Street Toronto
3 Windsor Drive WhitN41411653 Windsor Drive Whit
57 Futura Drive TorontoW414132757 Futura Drive Toronto
27 Walkview Crescent RichN414059727 Walkview Crescent Rich
6118 Clover Ridge Crescent MississaugaW41392916118 Clover Ridge Crescent Mississauga
39 Dixington Crescent TorontoW414126439 Dixington Crescent Toronto
434 Terraceudeau Drive MiltonW4140577434 Terraceudeau Drive Milton
80 Barrymore Road TorontoE413966780 Barrymore Road Toronto
18 Fireside Drive BramptonW413990018 Fireside Drive Brampton
20 Magdalena Court TorontoW413946620 Magdalena Court Toronto
20 John Streetoner Drive TorontoE413964720 John Streetoner Drive Toronto
151 Murray Farm Lane VaughanN4141336151 Murray Farm Lane Vaughan
3433 Rockwood Drive BurlingtonW41406363433 Rockwood Drive Burlington
89 Bridlewood Boulevard WhitbyE414284289 Bridlewood Boulevard Whitby
73 Metcalfe Drive Bradford WestN414298273 Metcalfe Drive Bradford West
8 Brambank Crescent BramptonW41427298 Brambank Crescent Brampton
Lot 349 Lamark Street BradfordN4139711Lot 349 Lamark Street Bradford
222 Ray Snow Boulevard NewmarketN4085894222 Ray Snow Boulevard Newmarket
12 Snider Drive MarkhamN414179212 Snider Drive Markham
36 Newark Way BramptonW414045736 Newark Way Brampton
2 Falmouth Avenue TorontoE41406212 Falmouth Avenue Toronto
11 Kelton Road BramptonW414094611 Kelton Road Brampton
6 Jensen Court VaughanN41414266 Jensen Court Vaughan
45 Long Branch Terrace BramptonW414112745 Long Branch Terrace Brampton
86 Carrick Avenue GeorginaN414124386 Carrick Avenue Georgina
75 Terraceuro Crescent TorontoE414310775 Terraceuro Crescent Toronto
105 Hillside Avenue TorontoW4138234105 Hillside Avenue Toronto
564 Beach Boulevard HamiltonX4139335564 Beach Boulevard Hamilton
75 Twenty Fifth Street TorontoW414281975 Twenty Fifth Street Toronto
5956 Streetonebriar Crescent MississaugaW41400705956 Streetonebriar Crescent Mississauga
302 Ellen Davidson Drive OakvilleW4141693302 Ellen Davidson Drive Oakville
15 W Denison Road TorontoW414156315 W Denison Road Toronto
2 Wolverton Avenue TorontoE41417342 Wolverton Avenue Toronto
12220 Ninth Line WhitN414255912220 Ninth Line Whit
81 Intrepid Drive WhitbyE414307981 Intrepid Drive Whitby
44 Rhinestone Drive TorontoW414220544 Rhinestone Drive Toronto
725 Scott Boulevard MiltonW4142588725 Scott Boulevard Milton
16 Brand Court AjaxE414042016 Brand Court Ajax
27 Tim Jacobs Drive GeorginaN414266327 Tim Jacobs Drive Georgina
1274 Kipling Avenue TorontoW41416171274 Kipling Avenue Toronto
141 Centennial Road TorontoE4139266141 Centennial Road Toronto
17 Craydon Avenue TorontoW414107317 Craydon Avenue Toronto
2987 Gulfstream Way MississaugaW41427072987 Gulfstream Way Mississauga
2140 Bosack Court MississaugaW41397362140 Bosack Court Mississauga
187 Malvern Street TorontoE4141741187 Malvern Street Toronto
29 Carratuck Street EastN413973329 Carratuck Street East
41 Duncombe Lane RichN414308341 Duncombe Lane Rich
627 Burnett Avenue CambridgeX4142519627 Burnett Avenue Cambridge
22 Brightsview Drive RichN413990422 Brightsview Drive Rich
52 Juliana Court TorontoW414258452 Juliana Court Toronto
3 Shadow Drive GuelphX41398363 Shadow Drive Guelph
39 Davenfield Circle BramptonW413931639 Davenfield Circle Brampton
129 Vintage Gate BramptonW4141567129 Vintage Gate Brampton
5524 Romanwood Crescent BurlingtonW41428145524 Romanwood Crescent Burlington
25 Bergen Road TorontoE414024025 Bergen Road Toronto
47 Eric Clarke Drive WhitbyE414180147 Eric Clarke Drive Whitby
121 John Street WhitbyE4142537121 John Street Whitby
142 Webb Street Bradford WestN4139728142 Webb Street Bradford West
40 Echoridge Drive BramptonW414150040 Echoridge Drive Brampton
2559 Homelands Drive MississaugaW41405632559 Homelands Drive Mississauga
9 Gem Court HamiltonX41404549 Gem Court Hamilton
35 Bridley Drive TorontoE414100235 Bridley Drive Toronto
42 Miramar Drive MarkhamN414191442 Miramar Drive Markham
152 Etheridge Avenue MiltonW4139691152 Etheridge Avenue Milton
14 Davidson Road AuroraN414139114 Davidson Road Aurora
53 Garthdale Court TorontoC414001153 Garthdale Court Toronto
51 Neuchatel Avenue VaughanN414097151 Neuchatel Avenue Vaughan
27 Quiet Heights Lane GeorginaN414154927 Quiet Heights Lane Georgina
33 Kimborough Hllw BramptonW414105733 Kimborough Hllw Brampton
62 Queen Mary Drive BramptonW414127262 Queen Mary Drive Brampton
13 Gold Park Place BramptonW414102613 Gold Park Place Brampton
5 Forsythia Drive TorontoE41429875 Forsythia Drive Toronto
40 National Pine Drive VaughanN414183240 National Pine Drive Vaughan
1705 N Grandview Street OshawaE41415561705 N Grandview Street Oshawa
59 Mckinnon Avenue HaltW414121759 Mckinnon Avenue Halt
86 Sundridge Street BramptonW414181986 Sundridge Street Brampton
342 Van Kirk Drive BramptonW4142282342 Van Kirk Drive Brampton
70 Knighton Drive TorontoC413964370 Knighton Drive Toronto
34 Satok Terrace TorontoE414309334 Satok Terrace Toronto
1039 Lemar Road NewmarketN41403391039 Lemar Road Newmarket
106 White Heather Boulevard TorontoE4141963106 White Heather Boulevard Toronto
53 S Riverside Drive OshawaE414001453 S Riverside Drive Oshawa
68 Oakmeadow Boulevard TorontoE414141568 Oakmeadow Boulevard Toronto
24 London Pride Drive RichN413935924 London Pride Drive Rich
1586 Clitherow Street MiltonW41401931586 Clitherow Street Milton
706 Clifford Perry Place NewmarketN4141738706 Clifford Perry Place Newmarket
17 Antibes Drive BramptonW414298017 Antibes Drive Brampton
14 Millmere Drive TorontoE414205914 Millmere Drive Toronto
51 Loftsmoor Crescent BramptonW414240251 Loftsmoor Crescent Brampton
47 City Park Circle VaughanN414154347 City Park Circle Vaughan
415 Cook Road TorontoW4141787415 Cook Road Toronto
53 Knowles Drive TorontoE414250653 Knowles Drive Toronto
45 Cornell Park Avenue MarkhamN413932645 Cornell Park Avenue Markham
2430 Musket Court MississaugaW41417192430 Musket Court Mississauga
63 Mcdonald Avenue TorontoE414094363 Mcdonald Avenue Toronto
2380 Bur Oak Avenue MarkhamN41397572380 Bur Oak Avenue Markham
11 Karma Road MarkhamN414194511 Karma Road Markham
23 Hinton Road TorontoW414307723 Hinton Road Toronto
Lot 913 Unnamed Street B NewmarketN4140416Lot 913 Unnamed Street B Newmarket
405 Revus Avenue MississaugaW4140685405 Revus Avenue Mississauga
1583 Ramshaw Crescent MiltonW41422851583 Ramshaw Crescent Milton
1385 Maddock Drive OshawaE41401641385 Maddock Drive Oshawa
2432 Equestrian Crescent OshawaE41413292432 Equestrian Crescent Oshawa
32 Elrose Road BramptonW414299632 Elrose Road Brampton
49 Placeaxton Drive TorontoE414171149 Placeaxton Drive Toronto
26 Begonia Crescent BramptonW414152826 Begonia Crescent Brampton
26 Driveew Brown Boulevard OrangevilleW414292326 Driveew Brown Boulevard Orangeville
12 Remi CourtE413966212 Remi Court
184 Bluebell Crescent HamiltonX4139517184 Bluebell Crescent Hamilton
101 Granada Crescent TorontoE4139984101 Granada Crescent Toronto
28 Gulfbrook Circle BramptonW414156528 Gulfbrook Circle Brampton
28 Morgandale Road BramptonW413979028 Morgandale Road Brampton
L310 L Chretien Street MiltonW4142213L310 L Chretien Street Milton
1065 Shoal Point Road AjaxE41419661065 Shoal Point Road Ajax
5 Amaryllis Drive BramptonW41393685 Amaryllis Drive Brampton
1350 Prestonwood Crescent MississaugaW41395691350 Prestonwood Crescent Mississauga
753 Coulson Avenue MiltonW4139354753 Coulson Avenue Milton
3 Thornapple Street BramptonW41425633 Thornapple Street Brampton
7261 Lowville Heights MississaugaW41405697261 Lowville Heights Mississauga
181 Robert Parkinson Drive BramptonW4141256181 Robert Parkinson Drive Brampton
3653 Denburn Place MississaugaW41395273653 Denburn Place Mississauga
82 Enford Crescent BramptonW414247882 Enford Crescent Brampton
9511 Ninth Line MarkhamN41402079511 Ninth Line Markham
311 N Victoria Road GuelphX4142841311 N Victoria Road Guelph
3823 E Finch Avenue TorontoE41415893823 E Finch Avenue Toronto
253 Landsbridge Street CaledonW4141595253 Landsbridge Street Caledon
95 Elmbank Terrace KitchenerX413949795 Elmbank Terrace Kitchener
2 W Ennisclare Drive OakvilleW41421062 W Ennisclare Drive Oakville
2299 Sixteenth Sideroad KingN40640612299 Sixteenth Sideroad King
440 Lake Front TorontoE4141918440 Lake Front Toronto
501 Esplanade OakvilleW4140694501 Esplanade Oakville
334 Russell Hill Road TorontoC4140400334 Russell Hill Road Toronto
14455 Dufferin Street KingN405235814455 Dufferin Street King
15 Moodie Drive RichN414111015 Moodie Drive Rich
5555 16th Sideroad KingN41398025555 16th Sideroad King
27 Flaremore Crescent TorontoC414174627 Flaremore Crescent Toronto
36 Austin Terrace TorontoC414289936 Austin Terrace Toronto
96 Arjay Crescent TorontoC414222296 Arjay Crescent Toronto
97 Carmichael Crescent KingN383846297 Carmichael Crescent King
5 Terraceumpour Court MarkhamN41410285 Terraceumpour Court Markham
6 Hunthill Court TorontoW41400756 Hunthill Court Toronto
Lot 92 Torrey Pines Road VaughanN4139621Lot 92 Torrey Pines Road Vaughan
16 Westwood Lane RichN414113116 Westwood Lane Rich
47 Skyline Terrace KingN414023847 Skyline Terrace King
30 Bobwhite Crescent TorontoC414289530 Bobwhite Crescent Toronto
2530 Shepard Avenue MississaugaW41409532530 Shepard Avenue Mississauga
107 Arnold Avenue VaughanN4141006107 Arnold Avenue Vaughan
105 Balmoral Avenue TorontoC4140069105 Balmoral Avenue Toronto
23 Darcy Street TorontoC414293723 Darcy Street Toronto
180 Homewood Avenue TorontoC4141289180 Homewood Avenue Toronto
137 Churchill Avenue TorontoC4141381137 Churchill Avenue Toronto
9 Killarney Street RichN41417279 Killarney Street Rich
1219 Ravine Drive MississaugaW41409961219 Ravine Drive Mississauga
56 Barrydale Crescent TorontoC414009256 Barrydale Crescent Toronto
4 Richard Serra Court KingN41420904 Richard Serra Court King
23 Mcglashan Court TorontoC413926523 Mcglashan Court Toronto
1134 Avenue Road TorontoC41420581134 Avenue Road Toronto
41 Yongehurst Road RichN414260441 Yongehurst Road Rich
82 Jedburgh Road TorontoC414239882 Jedburgh Road Toronto
1422 Crescentcent Road MississaugaW41412291422 Crescentcent Road Mississauga
215 Douglas Avenue TorontoC4139289215 Douglas Avenue Toronto
291 Upper Highland Crescent TorontoC4140248291 Upper Highland Crescent Toronto
3350 Cider Mill Place MississaugaW41396843350 Cider Mill Place Mississauga
55 Cedar Ridge Road WhitN414293455 Cedar Ridge Road Whit
22 Brandy Court TorontoC414305622 Brandy Court Toronto
293 Joicey Boulevard TorontoC4141631293 Joicey Boulevard Toronto
4063 19th Avenue MarkhamN41414314063 19th Avenue Markham
2 William Linton Terrace WhitN41408702 William Linton Terrace Whit
66 Wingate Crescent RichN414290166 Wingate Crescent Rich
731 Old Bathurst Street NewmarketN3973245731 Old Bathurst Street Newmarket
58 Graydon Crescent RichN410274958 Graydon Crescent Rich
32 James Streetokes Court KingN414252632 James Streetokes Court King
145 Donhill Crescent VaughanN4139521145 Donhill Crescent Vaughan
3 Kingstree Court WhitN41397853 Kingstree Court Whit
80 Via Romano Boulevard VaughanN414103880 Via Romano Boulevard Vaughan
19 Aubrietia Court RichN413960719 Aubrietia Court Rich
265 Evelyn Avenue TorontoW4139713265 Evelyn Avenue Toronto
345 Hounslow Avenue TorontoC4141728345 Hounslow Avenue Toronto
50 Conlins Road TorontoE414075950 Conlins Road Toronto
399 Bouchier Street GeorginaN4139902399 Bouchier Street Georgina
6 Glenbrook Boulevard BramptonW41395436 Glenbrook Boulevard Brampton
2486 Mississauga Road MississaugaW41392512486 Mississauga Road Mississauga
57 Astley Avenue TorontoC414228657 Astley Avenue Toronto
1141 Bridge Road OakvilleW41414751141 Bridge Road Oakville
86 Country Club Drive KingN413997686 Country Club Drive King
3 Old Park Lane RichN41397943 Old Park Lane Rich
19235 Bathurst Street EastN414190019235 Bathurst Street East
12199 Guelph Line Line MiltonW414024312199 Guelph Line Line Milton
228 Mckee Avenue TorontoC4140709228 Mckee Avenue Toronto
5 Terraceington Court TorontoC41428355 Terraceington Court Toronto
2425 E Lakeshore Road OakvilleW41424982425 E Lakeshore Road Oakville
245 Glen Park Avenue TorontoW4140485245 Glen Park Avenue Toronto
33 Hamlet Common OakvilleW414082133 Hamlet Common Oakville
68 Edgecroft Road TorontoW414297068 Edgecroft Road Toronto
199 Carmichael Crescent KingN4141745199 Carmichael Crescent King
52 Marydon Crescent TorontoE413969252 Marydon Crescent Toronto
761 Clarence Street VaughanN4141216761 Clarence Street Vaughan
183 Princess Anne Crescent TorontoW4142984183 Princess Anne Crescent Toronto
73 Hemingway Crescent MarkhamN414263173 Hemingway Crescent Markham
2442 Taylorwood Drive OakvilleW41426712442 Taylorwood Drive Oakville
132 Smithwood Drive TorontoW4139837132 Smithwood Drive Toronto
15436 Mount Wolfe Road CaledonW414201115436 Mount Wolfe Road Caledon
28 Abitibi Avenue TorontoC414156928 Abitibi Avenue Toronto
17 Mckay Crescent MarkhamN413929417 Mckay Crescent Markham
1266 Ravine Drive MississaugaW41425851266 Ravine Drive Mississauga
18 Pride Court BramptonW414074218 Pride Court Brampton
8 Candac Valley Drive AuroraN41418978 Candac Valley Drive Aurora
38 Kentbridge Way VaughanN414020938 Kentbridge Way Vaughan
363 Calvert Road MarkhamN4141842363 Calvert Road Markham
572 Briar Hill Avenue TorontoC4141833572 Briar Hill Avenue Toronto
7 Malcolm Road TorontoC41424007 Malcolm Road Toronto
23 Beauvista Court VaughanN414254123 Beauvista Court Vaughan
9 Hermit Court TorontoC41398919 Hermit Court Toronto
163 Spadina Road RichN4141071163 Spadina Road Rich
34 Roosevelt Drive RichN414018634 Roosevelt Drive Rich
259 Pomona Avenue BurlingtonW4141558259 Pomona Avenue Burlington
265 Lakeland Crescent RichN4140774265 Lakeland Crescent Rich
17 Fitzmaurice Drive VaughanN414098917 Fitzmaurice Drive Vaughan
36 Ambleside Avenue TorontoW413947236 Ambleside Avenue Toronto
26 Overlook Ridge Drive CaledonW413993426 Overlook Ridge Drive Caledon
1039 Royal York Road TorontoW40464861039 Royal York Road Toronto
39 Collinson Boulevard TorontoC414008739 Collinson Boulevard Toronto
6353 Country Lane WhitbyE41399066353 Country Lane Whitby
1510 Spring Road MississaugaW41427911510 Spring Road Mississauga
51 Fitzmaurice Drive VaughanN414104951 Fitzmaurice Drive Vaughan
642 W Wellington Street TorontoC4142373642 W Wellington Street Toronto
71 Modesto Gardens VaughanN414278971 Modesto Gardens Vaughan
21 Aspen Leaf Court AuroraN414115721 Aspen Leaf Court Aurora
9 Denmark Crescent TorontoC41422589 Denmark Crescent Toronto
73 Greenland Road TorontoC414269873 Greenland Road Toronto
364 Greenfield Avenue TorontoC4142342364 Greenfield Avenue Toronto
101 Chesney Crescent VaughanN4141380101 Chesney Crescent Vaughan
42 Peter Street MarkhamN413981942 Peter Street Markham
45 Calderbridge Crescent MarkhamN414221045 Calderbridge Crescent Markham
23 Bice CourtE414031123 Bice Court
14068 Duffys Lane CaledonW414157114068 Duffys Lane Caledon
1534 Oakhill Drive OakvilleW41422501534 Oakhill Drive Oakville
7 Eden Park Road TorontoE41397127 Eden Park Road Toronto
1543 Polesden Drive MississaugaW41404831543 Polesden Drive Mississauga
20 Marchwood Drive TorontoC414099120 Marchwood Drive Toronto
1004 Shaw Street TorontoW41430061004 Shaw Street Toronto
77 Constance Street TorontoW414235377 Constance Street Toronto
1099 W Burnhamthorpe Road OakvilleW41407981099 W Burnhamthorpe Road Oakville
232 Crescenttwood Road VaughanN4139898232 Crescenttwood Road Vaughan
10 Kersey Crescent RichN414242510 Kersey Crescent Rich
1458 Queensbury Crescent OakvilleW41429741458 Queensbury Crescent Oakville
2365 Delnice Drive OakvilleW41428532365 Delnice Drive Oakville
47 Dennison Street KingN405430047 Dennison Street King
18518 Mccowan Road EastN414199318518 Mccowan Road East
114 Cassandra Boulevard TorontoC4139813114 Cassandra Boulevard Toronto
1 Southwell Drive TorontoC41405601 Southwell Drive Toronto
25 Bayside Court BurlingtonW414284025 Bayside Court Burlington
253 Bedford Park Avenue TorontoC4142026253 Bedford Park Avenue Toronto
404 Pine Cove Road BurlingtonW4142150404 Pine Cove Road Burlington
898 Seventh Street MississaugaW4140333898 Seventh Street Mississauga
68 Chesney Crescent VaughanN414128268 Chesney Crescent Vaughan
18 Cliffwood Road TorontoC413977818 Cliffwood Road Toronto
121 Divadale Drive TorontoC4141533121 Divadale Drive Toronto
969 Johnathan Drive MississaugaW4142441969 Johnathan Drive Mississauga
503 N Windermere Avenue TorontoW4139705503 N Windermere Avenue Toronto
3 Streetoneglen Drive TorontoW41423103 Streetoneglen Drive Toronto
12 Talwood Drive TorontoC414311212 Talwood Drive Toronto
46 Asner Avenue VaughanN413963546 Asner Avenue Vaughan
80 Emmeloord Crescent MarkhamN413990380 Emmeloord Crescent Markham
108 Hilton Avenue TorontoC4141924108 Hilton Avenue Toronto
9776 The Gore Road BramptonW41419869776 The Gore Road Brampton
2389 Meadowridge Drive OakvilleW41398262389 Meadowridge Drive Oakville
22 Wilson House Drive WhitbyE414018022 Wilson House Drive Whitby
94 Birch Hill Lane OakvilleW413980694 Birch Hill Lane Oakville
15 Pine Hills Court EastN414009515 Pine Hills Court East
8 Canadiana Drive MarkhamN41425098 Canadiana Drive Markham
22 Joshua Court VaughanN414052022 Joshua Court Vaughan
699 Bush Street CaledonW4139919699 Bush Street Caledon
22 Quetico Drive RichN414137222 Quetico Drive Rich
31 Whalen Court RichN414242031 Whalen Court Rich
1571 Yew Street MississaugaW41401081571 Yew Street Mississauga
5695 17th Sideroad KingN41422835695 17th Sideroad King
3149 Saddleworth Crescent OakvilleW41413303149 Saddleworth Crescent Oakville
1351 Devon Road OakvilleW41414591351 Devon Road Oakville
44 Olympus Drive RichN414213144 Olympus Drive Rich
227 233 Hatt Street HamiltonX4139573227 233 Hatt Street Hamilton
14 Richard Butler Drive WhitbyE413946314 Richard Butler Drive Whitby
49 Barraclough Boulevard HaltW414159949 Barraclough Boulevard Halt
26 Flanders Drive HamiltonX414248026 Flanders Drive Hamilton
29 31 Wesley Street TorontoW414229729 31 Wesley Street Toronto
21 Amberglen Court EastN413956721 Amberglen Court East
2164 Kawartha Crescent MississaugaW41425822164 Kawartha Crescent Mississauga
5858 Churchill Meadows Boulevard MississaugaW41400865858 Churchill Meadows Boulevard Mississauga
190 Henderson Avenue MarkhamN4139508190 Henderson Avenue Markham
3281 Cawthra Road MississaugaW41421723281 Cawthra Road Mississauga
122 Wood Rim Drive RichN4140825122 Wood Rim Drive Rich
30 Willowbank Boulevard TorontoC414240930 Willowbank Boulevard Toronto
153 Welland Avenue TorontoC4142076153 Welland Avenue Toronto
1093 Fair Birch Drive MississaugaW41416651093 Fair Birch Drive Mississauga
177 Siderno Crescent VaughanN4141306177 Siderno Crescent Vaughan
47A Bellefair Avenue TorontoE414078447A Bellefair Avenue Toronto
55 Smithy Street MarkhamN414133955 Smithy Street Markham
952954 Wilson Avenue TorontoW4142677952954 Wilson Avenue Toronto
51 Long Island Crescent MarkhamN414093051 Long Island Crescent Markham
46 Joseph Hartman Crescent AuroraN414146046 Joseph Hartman Crescent Aurora
25 Naughton Drive RichN414304125 Naughton Drive Rich
153 Medland Street TorontoW4142888153 Medland Street Toronto
1267 King Street TorontoW41393131267 King Street Toronto
63 Humber Valley Crescent KingN414026963 Humber Valley Crescent King
24 Flerimac Road TorontoE414126324 Flerimac Road Toronto
82 Queenston Crescent VaughanN414064882 Queenston Crescent Vaughan
47 Taurus Crescent EastN413974047 Taurus Crescent East
122 Flourish Street VaughanN4141661122 Flourish Street Vaughan
714 Windermere Avenue TorontoW4142803714 Windermere Avenue Toronto
144 Thompson Avenue TorontoW4142590144 Thompson Avenue Toronto
3050 Twenty Five 25 Sideroad MiltonW41428553050 Twenty Five 25 Sideroad Milton
285 Nautical Boulevard OakvilleW4141632285 Nautical Boulevard Oakville
82 Reeve Drive MarkhamN414038882 Reeve Drive Markham
7 Pathlane Road RichN41397307 Pathlane Road Rich
2001 Burbank Drive MississaugaW41403292001 Burbank Drive Mississauga
12001 Yonge Street RichN414095812001 Yonge Street Rich
12 Robson Place TorontoC414211212 Robson Place Toronto
118 Flourish Street VaughanN4140395118 Flourish Street Vaughan
29 Castlegate Boulevard BramptonW414206629 Castlegate Boulevard Brampton
22 Daniels Street TorontoW414306222 Daniels Street Toronto
60 Shadow Falls Drive RichN414080460 Shadow Falls Drive Rich
Lot 22 Bathurst Glen Drive VaughanN4139330Lot 22 Bathurst Glen Drive Vaughan
92 Saint Nicholas Crescent VaughanN413943892 Saint Nicholas Crescent Vaughan
29 W Bernice Crescent TorontoW414143029 W Bernice Crescent Toronto
25 Sandwood Drive VaughanN413940725 Sandwood Drive Vaughan
57 Highland Park Boulevard MarkhamN414306957 Highland Park Boulevard Markham
Lot 28 Gladioulus Street BramptonW4141407Lot 28 Gladioulus Street Brampton
84 Arborglen Drive HaltW413970984 Arborglen Drive Halt
221 Bedford Park Avenue TorontoC4141821221 Bedford Park Avenue Toronto
151 Ward Avenue EastN4140618151 Ward Avenue East
6 Yellowhammer Crescent BramptonW41404976 Yellowhammer Crescent Brampton
182 Crane Street AuroraN4141160182 Crane Street Aurora
300 Vellore Park Avenue VaughanN4140516300 Vellore Park Avenue Vaughan
8 Caledon Mountain Drive CaledonW41422618 Caledon Mountain Drive Caledon
50 W Emily Avenue TorontoW414255050 W Emily Avenue Toronto
3955 Aurora Road WhitN41428633955 Aurora Road Whit
47 Beaver Valley Road TorontoC414182347 Beaver Valley Road Toronto
1 Comeau Street MarkhamN41411021 Comeau Street Markham
42 Crescentcentwood Road TorontoE414170142 Crescentcentwood Road Toronto
35 Royal West Drive BramptonW414121835 Royal West Drive Brampton
16 Goldpark Court VaughanN413982116 Goldpark Court Vaughan
1608 Streetationmaster Lane OakvilleW41402801608 Streetationmaster Lane Oakville
6A Queensbury Avenue TorontoE41418346A Queensbury Avenue Toronto
1594 Calverton Court MississaugaW41395541594 Calverton Court Mississauga
32 Carolina Rose Crescent MarkhamN414182232 Carolina Rose Crescent Markham
32 Cantex Court RichN413950432 Cantex Court Rich
86 Spring Hill Drive KingN414214186 Spring Hill Drive King
1020 Willowdale Avenue TorontoC41426741020 Willowdale Avenue Toronto
34 Pattemore Gate AuroraN413987234 Pattemore Gate Aurora
106 Noble Prince Place VaughanN4141525106 Noble Prince Place Vaughan
30 Parfield Drive TorontoC414070030 Parfield Drive Toronto
52 Ridgecrest Drive TorontoE414015452 Ridgecrest Drive Toronto
308 310 E Cannon Street HamiltonX4139598308 310 E Cannon Street Hamilton
5 El Dorado Street RichN41412855 El Dorado Street Rich
441 Summerlyn Terrace Bradford WestN4141259441 Summerlyn Terrace Bradford West
1693 Copseholm Terrace MississaugaW41416081693 Copseholm Terrace Mississauga
491 Mantle Avenue WhitN4139328491 Mantle Avenue Whit
55 Mendel Crescent VaughanN414185055 Mendel Crescent Vaughan
64 Buckhorn Avenue RichN414085464 Buckhorn Avenue Rich
36 Haverstock Crescent BramptonW413954936 Haverstock Crescent Brampton
894 Norsan Court NewmarketN4142636894 Norsan Court Newmarket
27 Canterbury Court RichN414187727 Canterbury Court Rich
194 Twin Hills Crescent VaughanN4141541194 Twin Hills Crescent Vaughan
31 Johnson Farm Lane TorontoC414091531 Johnson Farm Lane Toronto
60 Valle Avenue VaughanN413926160 Valle Avenue Vaughan
586 Amherst Court MississaugaW4139993586 Amherst Court Mississauga
75 Delancey Crescent MarkhamN414155475 Delancey Crescent Markham
18 Primont Drive RichN414120018 Primont Drive Rich
2404 Salcome Drive OakvilleW41420692404 Salcome Drive Oakville
20 Raymore Drive TorontoW414223620 Raymore Drive Toronto
5 Degrey Drive BramptonW41399235 Degrey Drive Brampton
16 Yvonne Place AuroraN414176416 Yvonne Place Aurora
345 E Manor Road TorontoC4143078345 E Manor Road Toronto
49 Streetrawbridge Farm Drive AuroraN413966149 Streetrawbridge Farm Drive Aurora
210 Christie Street TorontoC4142544210 Christie Street Toronto
65 Canal Street GeorginaN414145565 Canal Street Georgina
105 Dunrobin Crescent VaughanN4139939105 Dunrobin Crescent Vaughan
62 Mosedale Crescent TorontoC414256862 Mosedale Crescent Toronto
9 Brandiff Court CaledonW41392529 Brandiff Court Caledon
142 Via Toscana Road VaughanN4143085142 Via Toscana Road Vaughan
171 Howell Road OakvilleW4140135171 Howell Road Oakville
16 Adelpha Drive TorontoW414263916 Adelpha Drive Toronto
125 Dunrobin Crescent VaughanN4139611125 Dunrobin Crescent Vaughan
181 Scarboro Crescent TorontoE4140298181 Scarboro Crescent Toronto
258 Mactier Drive VaughanN4140803258 Mactier Drive Vaughan
57 Maroon Drive RichN414028657 Maroon Drive Rich
39 Miriam Crescent RichN414208339 Miriam Crescent Rich
2156 Langtry Drive OakvilleW41415442156 Langtry Drive Oakville
15 Espby Court RichN414177115 Espby Court Rich
25 Colonnade Road TorontoC413932225 Colonnade Road Toronto
16 Sandham Crescent MarkhamN414228916 Sandham Crescent Markham
26 Grand Oak Drive RichN414303326 Grand Oak Drive Rich
129 Dell Park Avenue TorontoC4143071129 Dell Park Avenue Toronto
90 Lloyd Sanderson Drive BramptonW414188690 Lloyd Sanderson Drive Brampton
1738 Kildare Court MississaugaW41420561738 Kildare Court Mississauga
15 Owen Drive TorontoW414214915 Owen Drive Toronto
14185 Highway 27 Road KingN414022514185 Highway 27 Road King
22 Waggoners Wells Lane MarkhamN414166722 Waggoners Wells Lane Markham
3164 Ferguson Drive BurlingtonW41423993164 Ferguson Drive Burlington
19 Cooperage Street BramptonW414143819 Cooperage Street Brampton
1421 Streetanbury Drive OakvilleW41429271421 Streetanbury Drive Oakville
816 Falcon Boulevard BurlingtonW4139284816 Falcon Boulevard Burlington
1 Cloverhaven Road BramptonW41416141 Cloverhaven Road Brampton
647 Euclid Avenue TorontoC4141973647 Euclid Avenue Toronto
27 Shieldmark Crescent MarkhamN414001727 Shieldmark Crescent Markham
782 Sammon Avenue TorontoE4142113782 Sammon Avenue Toronto
6609 Concession 4 Road UxbridgeN41401136609 Concession 4 Road Uxbridge
37 Aylin Crescent VaughanN414080037 Aylin Crescent Vaughan
9 Carpenter Court MarkhamN41401489 Carpenter Court Markham
3022 Line 9 Bradford WestN41416693022 Line 9 Bradford West
75 Wildwood Road HaltW414003675 Wildwood Road Halt
168 Hillsdale Avenue TorontoC4141815168 Hillsdale Avenue Toronto
4297 Terraceailmaster Drive MississaugaW41426724297 Terraceailmaster Drive Mississauga
20 Mill Pond Drive HaltW414119120 Mill Pond Drive Halt
60 Petticoat Road VaughanN414124860 Petticoat Road Vaughan
7900 Thickson Road WhitbyE41401367900 Thickson Road Whitby
2183 N Lillykin Street OakvilleW41427632183 N Lillykin Street Oakville
553 Clifford Perry Place NewmarketN4140842553 Clifford Perry Place Newmarket
62 Seabreeze Crescent HamiltonX414112162 Seabreeze Crescent Hamilton
154 Glenforest Drive VaughanN4140289154 Glenforest Drive Vaughan
99 Tigertail Crescent Bradford WestN413969399 Tigertail Crescent Bradford West
103 Castleridge Drive RichN4141412103 Castleridge Drive Rich
262 Moore Park Avenue TorontoC4140265262 Moore Park Avenue Toronto
77 Rockcliffe Road HamiltonX413934677 Rockcliffe Road Hamilton
45 Taurus Crescent EastN414163845 Taurus Crescent East
394 Summerhill Avenue TorontoC4142990394 Summerhill Avenue Toronto
409 Ambleside Drive OakvilleW4139620409 Ambleside Drive Oakville
30 Muirhead Crescent RichN414134930 Muirhead Crescent Rich
11789 Third Line HaltW414021511789 Third Line Halt
4179 Renoak Court MississaugaW41421844179 Renoak Court Mississauga
229 Douglas Road RichN4141904229 Douglas Road Rich
245 Airdrie Drive VaughanN4141586245 Airdrie Drive Vaughan
165 Delray Drive MarkhamN4141744165 Delray Drive Markham
55 Kenton Drive TorontoC414198755 Kenton Drive Toronto
39 Leafield Drive TorontoE414274139 Leafield Drive Toronto
11 Pantano Drive VaughanN414268711 Pantano Drive Vaughan
357 Thomas Phillips Drive AuroraN4141122357 Thomas Phillips Drive Aurora
48 Hammerhead Road BramptonW414236248 Hammerhead Road Brampton
44 Goldene Way TorontoE413970644 Goldene Way Toronto
18 Janesville Road VaughanN413999918 Janesville Road Vaughan
49 Mcleod Drive AuroraN406645949 Mcleod Drive Aurora
47 Woodhouse Street HamiltonX414239247 Woodhouse Street Hamilton
6 Selleck Drive RichN41422606 Selleck Drive Rich
1451 Gibson Drive OakvilleW41423491451 Gibson Drive Oakville
2090 Queensborough Gate MississaugaW41410162090 Queensborough Gate Mississauga
1308 Outlook Terrace OakvilleW41403091308 Outlook Terrace Oakville
32 Gannett Drive RichN414107632 Gannett Drive Rich
361 Maple Leaf Drive TorontoW4141186361 Maple Leaf Drive Toronto
3063 George Savage Avenue OakvilleW41401563063 George Savage Avenue Oakville
1616 Terraceuscott Drive MississaugaW41404321616 Terraceuscott Drive Mississauga
29 Castlegrove Boulevard TorontoC414170429 Castlegrove Boulevard Toronto
56 Manila Avenue MarkhamN414058256 Manila Avenue Markham
36 Delayne Drive AuroraN413999636 Delayne Drive Aurora
12 Leland Avenue TorontoW413988612 Leland Avenue Toronto
76 Harold Lawrie Lane MarkhamN414113076 Harold Lawrie Lane Markham
7344 Zinnai Place MississaugaW41427657344 Zinnai Place Mississauga
4434 Hawthorne Drive BurlingtonW41401524434 Hawthorne Drive Burlington
705 Wist Road KingN4140322705 Wist Road King
637 Brooker Roadge NewmarketN4139591637 Brooker Roadge Newmarket
2652 W Fonthill Drive OakvilleW41394712652 W Fonthill Drive Oakville
1350 Bancroft Drive MississaugaW41398641350 Bancroft Drive Mississauga
80 Cranbrook Crescent VaughanN414029280 Cranbrook Crescent Vaughan
13626 Sixth Line HaltW414040513626 Sixth Line Halt
396 Grindstone Terrace OakvilleW4142838396 Grindstone Terrace Oakville
70 Thorny Brae Drive MarkhamN413959970 Thorny Brae Drive Markham
3401 Driveummond Road MississaugaW41417423401 Driveummond Road Mississauga
10 Monteith Crescent VaughanN414180610 Monteith Crescent Vaughan
2350 Hancock RoadE41397292350 Hancock Road
71 Timber Valley Avenue RichN414190371 Timber Valley Avenue Rich
4149 Pascal Court MississaugaW41429204149 Pascal Court Mississauga
8 Forestbrook Drive MarkhamN41412938 Forestbrook Drive Markham
12 Rossmore Drive MarkhamN414075712 Rossmore Drive Markham
15096 Torbram Road CaledonW413953515096 Torbram Road Caledon
1030 Kent Avenue OakvilleW41409271030 Kent Avenue Oakville
7 Grovetree Road TorontoW41399687 Grovetree Road Toronto
67 Chilmar Crescent VaughanN414306167 Chilmar Crescent Vaughan
6 Streetoney Creek Drive MarkhamN41397166 Streetoney Creek Drive Markham
31 Commons Drive TorontoE414195531 Commons Drive Toronto
17 Smith Drive UxbridgeN413943217 Smith Drive Uxbridge
79 Hunt Avenue RichN414065579 Hunt Avenue Rich
97 Waverley Road TorontoE414237997 Waverley Road Toronto
3048 Seneca Drive OakvilleW41393633048 Seneca Drive Oakville
481 Driveewry Avenue TorontoC4142806481 Driveewry Avenue Toronto
58 Foundry Crescent MarkhamN413963758 Foundry Crescent Markham
64 Caprara Crescent MarkhamN414035764 Caprara Crescent Markham
Lot 149 Etheridge Avenue MiltonW4142552Lot 149 Etheridge Avenue Milton
1298 Alexandra Avenue MississaugaW41399871298 Alexandra Avenue Mississauga
2423 Aztec Gate OakvilleW41423342423 Aztec Gate Oakville
38 Richard Avenue TorontoE414179138 Richard Avenue Toronto
68 Morrison Crescent MarkhamN413982568 Morrison Crescent Markham
289 Clearmeadow Boulevard NewmarketN4141668289 Clearmeadow Boulevard Newmarket
44 Streetonesthrow Crescent UxbridgeN414165544 Streetonesthrow Crescent Uxbridge
389 Lady Nadia Drive VaughanN4142080389 Lady Nadia Drive Vaughan
369 Old Colony Road RichN4143106369 Old Colony Road Rich
35 Walter Tunny Crescent EastN414154635 Walter Tunny Crescent East
736 Ceremonial Drive MississaugaW4142185736 Ceremonial Drive Mississauga
5099 Red Brush Drive MississaugaW41405085099 Red Brush Drive Mississauga
595 Scarlett Road TorontoW4142435595 Scarlett Road Toronto
15 Boyd Avenue TorontoW414220415 Boyd Avenue Toronto
2 Merton Street RichN41407952 Merton Street Rich
1296 Kilbride Street BurlingtonW41410321296 Kilbride Street Burlington
109 Nimbus Place VaughanN4141970109 Nimbus Place Vaughan
42 Aylin Crescent VaughanN414092342 Aylin Crescent Vaughan
56 Moderna Drive VaughanN414105056 Moderna Drive Vaughan
3457 Regal Road BurlingtonW41428373457 Regal Road Burlington
1445 Will Scarlett Drive OakvilleW41406991445 Will Scarlett Drive Oakville
185 Golden Gate Circle VaughanN4141718185 Golden Gate Circle Vaughan
200 E Williamson Drive AjaxE4140932200 E Williamson Drive Ajax
10 Aylesbury Drive BramptonW414198410 Aylesbury Drive Brampton
36 Bluestone Street VaughanN414111336 Bluestone Street Vaughan
47 Streetrader Avenue TorontoC414241447 Streetrader Avenue Toronto
4 Imperial Lakes Drive BramptonW41407664 Imperial Lakes Drive Brampton
167 Lionhead Golf Club Road BramptonW4141367167 Lionhead Golf Club Road Brampton
208 Silver Maple Road RichN4141766208 Silver Maple Road Rich
61 Lillooet Crescent RichN413951561 Lillooet Crescent Rich
197 John Street TorontoW4142094197 John Street Toronto
4 Epping Court MarkhamN41400644 Epping Court Markham
145 Alexander Lawrie Avenue MarkhamN4140521145 Alexander Lawrie Avenue Markham
231 Poole Drive OakvilleW4140663231 Poole Drive Oakville
13196 5th Side Road RoadW413988513196 5th Side Road Road
274 Kincardine Terrace MiltonW4139570274 Kincardine Terrace Milton
7 Desert Garden Drive BramptonW41401777 Desert Garden Drive Brampton
224 Buick Boulevard BramptonW4142861224 Buick Boulevard Brampton
16 Saddler Avenue BramptonW413982916 Saddler Avenue Brampton
85 Lawrence Avenue RichN414059085 Lawrence Avenue Rich
6 Streeteen Drive MississaugaW41415456 Streeteen Drive Mississauga
42 Weston Crescent AjaxE414012542 Weston Crescent Ajax
1 Quantum Street MarkhamN41409111 Quantum Street Markham
324 Lyndeview Drive WhitbyE4140616324 Lyndeview Drive Whitby
1314 Sweetbirch Court MississaugaW41402831314 Sweetbirch Court Mississauga
25570 Weirs Sideroad GeorginaN414022025570 Weirs Sideroad Georgina
9 Teal Crescent BramptonW41408569 Teal Crescent Brampton
4258 Ryan Lane BurlingtonW41420724258 Ryan Lane Burlington
947 Coleman Court BurlingtonW4142921947 Coleman Court Burlington
3261 Streetocksbridge Avenue OakvilleW41419973261 Streetocksbridge Avenue Oakville
263 Broadway Avenue TorontoC4139772263 Broadway Avenue Toronto
224 Westfield Terrace OakvilleW4139679224 Westfield Terrace Oakville
158 Bowie Avenue TorontoW4142120158 Bowie Avenue Toronto
408 Mathews Court NewmarketN4140144408 Mathews Court Newmarket
86 Fieldside Drive TorontoE414065986 Fieldside Drive Toronto
132 Amy Wood Road VaughanN4140424132 Amy Wood Road Vaughan
113 Lio Avenue VaughanN4140772113 Lio Avenue Vaughan
106 Rainsford Road TorontoE4142499106 Rainsford Road Toronto
3187 Thorncrest Drive MississaugaW41409673187 Thorncrest Drive Mississauga
43 Hot Spring Road BramptonW413985143 Hot Spring Road Brampton
22 Hobart Drive TorontoC413966622 Hobart Drive Toronto
16 Emperor Drive BramptonW414106716 Emperor Drive Brampton
83 Busch Avenue MarkhamN414148083 Busch Avenue Markham
9 Busch Avenue MarkhamN41400429 Busch Avenue Markham
602 Remembrance Road BramptonW4142055602 Remembrance Road Brampton
1 Hermitage Boulevard MarkhamN41415191 Hermitage Boulevard Markham
10 Fitzroy Avenue MarkhamN413949510 Fitzroy Avenue Markham
761 Snowberry Court WaterlooX4140539761 Snowberry Court Waterloo
7 Bettey Road BramptonW41423277 Bettey Road Brampton
4169 Terraceellis Crescent MississaugaW41422524169 Terraceellis Crescent Mississauga
12 Maisonneuve Boulevard BramptonW414206112 Maisonneuve Boulevard Brampton
24 Degas Drive VaughanN414173624 Degas Drive Vaughan
438 Pefferlaw Road GeorginaN4142262438 Pefferlaw Road Georgina
21 Thorndyke Crescent WhitbyE414126621 Thorndyke Crescent Whitby
2174 Belfast Crescent MississaugaW41393342174 Belfast Crescent Mississauga
7 Ripple Street BramptonW41419837 Ripple Street Brampton
138 Whitchurch Mews MississaugaW4142959138 Whitchurch Mews Mississauga
156 Beaveridge Avenue OakvilleW4140789156 Beaveridge Avenue Oakville
71 Silver Arrow Crescent VaughanN413960671 Silver Arrow Crescent Vaughan
4159 Woodington Drive MississaugaW41404884159 Woodington Drive Mississauga
169 Bilbrough Street AuroraN4142027169 Bilbrough Street Aurora
55 Vivian Creek Road EastN414005355 Vivian Creek Road East
104 Antique Drive RichN4139671104 Antique Drive Rich
17 Deer Ridge Terrace CaledonW414116417 Deer Ridge Terrace Caledon
16 Viscount Way EastN414118116 Viscount Way East
6 Orangeblossom Terrace BramptonW41393916 Orangeblossom Terrace Brampton
23 Navarre Street RichN414021923 Navarre Street Rich
3 London Placeane Drive MarkhamN41414843 London Placeane Drive Markham
3 Horsedreamer Lane WhitN41415353 Horsedreamer Lane Whit
28 Gina Drive VaughanN414266728 Gina Drive Vaughan
3189 Nixon Gate BurlingtonW41394123189 Nixon Gate Burlington

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