Amazing Listings Around the GTA – May 7th 2018

Top Listings for May 7th

Here are the best listings for around the GTA for May 7th.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
63 Kingsview BoulevardW411856363 Kingsview Boulevard
3 Chardonnay StreetX41189043 Chardonnay Street
99 Streetannardville DriveE411814799 Streetannardville Drive
67 Manor Forest RoadN411574467 Manor Forest Road
86 Pearl Lake RoadN411842786 Pearl Lake Road
2427 Ravensthorpe CrescentW41185022427 Ravensthorpe Crescent
1553 Goldmar DriveW41174371553 Goldmar Drive
41 Ben Sinclair AvenueN411825841 Ben Sinclair Avenue
3080 17th SideroadN41186013080 17th Sideroad
10 Duncombe BoulevardE411801010 Duncombe Boulevard
21 Arkwright DriveW411842121 Arkwright Drive
8 Kingfisher CourtW41184568 Kingfisher Court
497 London RoadN4118844497 London Road
28 Madison AvenueN411849928 Madison Avenue
Lot 64 Etheridge AvenueW4117376Lot 64 Etheridge Avenue
208 Coons RoadN4117091208 Coons Road
24 East Lynn AvenueE411751424 East Lynn Avenue
12 Larande CourtW411747412 Larande Court
17 Ingram RoadN411868017 Ingram Road
57 Formosa DriveN411826957 Formosa Drive
9 Darren Place GuelphX41170769 Darren Place Guelph
12 Buchanan CrescentN411767112 Buchanan Crescent
535 Londry CourtN4117142535 Londry Court
62 Rainier SquareE411726662 Rainier Square
2693 Bur Oak AvenueN41186342693 Bur Oak Avenue
164 Cooke CrescentW4118836164 Cooke Crescent
9 Wellstar PlaceW41175569 Wellstar Place
3334 Gumwood RoadW41182163334 Gumwood Road
5512 Farmcote DriveW41173385512 Farmcote Drive
9 Prairie Creek CrescentW41176319 Prairie Creek Crescent
28 William Grant RoadN411775328 William Grant Road
2923 Westoak Terraceails BoulevardW41172802923 Westoak Terraceails Boulevard
10 Firwood DriveN411723710 Firwood Drive
8777 Dufferin Street 3N41181218777 Dufferin Street 3
1231 Bowell CrescentW41180681231 Bowell Crescent
21 Manzanita CrescentW411743821 Manzanita Crescent
1251 Mcphedran PtW41189141251 Mcphedran Pt
90 Memon PlaceN411740890 Memon Place
400 Seaton DriveW4118155400 Seaton Drive
466 Fralicks Beach RoadE4118014466 Fralicks Beach Road
140 Cookview DriveW4118016140 Cookview Drive
85 E Wellington StreetW411836885 E Wellington Street
156 Roxbury StreetN4118192156 Roxbury Street
96 Greenbelt CrescentN411731696 Greenbelt Crescent
813 Maquire TerraceW4117195813 Maquire Terrace
236 Farmstead RoadN4118670236 Farmstead Road
907 Danforth PlaceW4117220907 Danforth Place
28 Spruce Pine CrescentN411759428 Spruce Pine Crescent
3505 Nadine CrescentW41175883505 Nadine Crescent
70 Riverdale DriveW411875070 Riverdale Drive
1008 Coldstream DriveE41189461008 Coldstream Drive
615 Parkside DriveW4117186615 Parkside Drive
126 Wimberly AvenueX4118139126 Wimberly Avenue
22 Cobblehill CrescentW411857022 Cobblehill Crescent
3512 Wagondust RoadW41173773512 Wagondust Road
21 James Ratcliff AvenueN411753421 James Ratcliff Avenue
399 London RoadN4117949399 London Road
5488 Haddon Hall RoadW41183945488 Haddon Hall Road
1 Mistycreek CrescentW41171171 Mistycreek Crescent
473 Samford PlaceW4118133473 Samford Place
192 Pelee AvenueN4117512192 Pelee Avenue
7 Mccullough CrescentW41187377 Mccullough Crescent
36 Newhouse BoulevardW411869136 Newhouse Boulevard
37 Eastwood AvenueE411792737 Eastwood Avenue
298 Williamson RoadN4117288298 Williamson Road
105 Southvale DriveN4118697105 Southvale Drive
416 Lolita GardensW4118101416 Lolita Gardens
54 Milne LaneN411782154 Milne Lane
138 Northolt CrescentN4117592138 Northolt Crescent
5 Mossbrook CrescentE41184195 Mossbrook Crescent
27 E White Beach CrescentN411831727 E White Beach Crescent
535 Swann DriveW4118095535 Swann Drive
48 Main StreetN411727748 Main Street
507 Rathburn RoadW4117814507 Rathburn Road
38 Aranka CourtN411752038 Aranka Court
88 Bellagio CrescentN411893588 Bellagio Crescent
21 Jack Rabbit CrescentW411846321 Jack Rabbit Crescent
88 Nipissing CrescentW411876788 Nipissing Crescent
3127 Mintwood Circle StreetW41184003127 Mintwood Circle Street
22 Madison Heights BoulevardN411828822 Madison Heights Boulevard
26 Tilbury GateN411819826 Tilbury Gate
14676 Ninth LineN411729914676 Ninth Line
663 Santee GateW4117726663 Santee Gate
28 Easton CourtE411747528 Easton Court
339 Cedric TerraceW4118423339 Cedric Terrace
423 Westmount AvenueC4117245423 Westmount Avenue
7 Kemano RoadN41182497 Kemano Road
71 Devins DriveN411893871 Devins Drive
4612 Thomas Alton BoulevardW41185044612 Thomas Alton Boulevard
46 Cultra SquareE411885146 Cultra Square
121 Memon PlaceN4117190121 Memon Place
29 Kilsyth DriveE411827029 Kilsyth Drive
13 Elia LaneW411890513 Elia Lane
2257 Sutherland Avenue BradfordN41173342257 Sutherland Avenue Bradford
47 Unwind CrescentW411762547 Unwind Crescent
63 Sandale RoadN411768263 Sandale Road
45 Bellefontaine StreetE411806145 Bellefontaine Street
6 Ruffle LaneN41188706 Ruffle Lane
441 Streetringer CircleW4118252441 Streetringer Circle
9 Tumbleweed TerraceW41184039 Tumbleweed Terrace
47 Washburn RoadW411750447 Washburn Road
246 Glen Oak DriveW4118212246 Glen Oak Drive
117 Worthington AvenueW4118393117 Worthington Avenue
1834 Balsam AvenueW41189371834 Balsam Avenue
16 Marilyn CrescentW411861116 Marilyn Crescent
21 Perdita RoadW411822021 Perdita Road
18 Cloud DriveW411761618 Cloud Drive
10 Sharon BoulevardN411711210 Sharon Boulevard
4150 Rockwood RoadW41178564150 Rockwood Road
106 Moffatt AvenueW4118471106 Moffatt Avenue
31 Forestbrook CrescentE411892831 Forestbrook Crescent
137 Radial DriveN4117516137 Radial Drive
2621 Benedet DriveW41188422621 Benedet Drive
3477 Covent CrescentW41187523477 Covent Crescent
4192 Wheelwright CrescentW41183704192 Wheelwright Crescent
240 Anzac RoadN4117312240 Anzac Road
44 Oakvillage Phase2W411810044 Oakvillage Phase2
10 Goldie AvenueW411752910 Goldie Avenue
765 Dillman AvenueN4118798765 Dillman Avenue
86 Peelton Heights RoadW411770186 Peelton Heights Road
10 Summerside StreetN411837510 Summerside Street
143 Kingsview BoulevardW4118762143 Kingsview Boulevard
54 Richland CrescentW411873954 Richland Crescent
554 Wingrove CrescentW4118895554 Wingrove Crescent
83 Decourcy Ireland CircleE411754983 Decourcy Ireland Circle
1059 Bur Oak AvenueN41184041059 Bur Oak Avenue
70 Romance DriveN411723970 Romance Drive
27 Feathertop LaneW411834527 Feathertop Lane
3354 Chartrand CrescentW41179413354 Chartrand Crescent
5464 Tenth LineW41184115464 Tenth Line
6291 Snowflake LaneW41182716291 Snowflake Lane
3 Woodsmere CourtW41185653 Woodsmere Court
136 Genesee DriveW4117977136 Genesee Drive
18 Lahore CrescentN411864618 Lahore Crescent
57 Wyndcliff CrescentC411828757 Wyndcliff Crescent
11 Newmarket AvenueE411778411 Newmarket Avenue
96 Fieldside DriveE411816796 Fieldside Drive
28 Skranda HillW411707128 Skranda Hill
12329 Concession 1N411725312329 Concession 1
23 Spruceside AvenueX411835123 Spruceside Avenue
21 Buick BoulevardW411885221 Buick Boulevard
7428 Terraceagar BoulevardW41177247428 Terraceagar Boulevard
14 Hillock PlaceE411751114 Hillock Place
1514 Asgard DriveW41187301514 Asgard Drive
27 Goyo GateN411848527 Goyo Gate
465 Third LineW4118962465 Third Line
36 Roy Grove WayN411764936 Roy Grove Way
45 Moynahan CrescentE411786345 Moynahan Crescent
254 Harbord StreetC4117115254 Harbord Street
9 Creekside DriveX41188489 Creekside Drive
140 Binder Twine TerraceW4118626140 Binder Twine Terrace
56 Kelso CrescentN411714456 Kelso Crescent
16 Thornlodge DriveX411738616 Thornlodge Drive
780 Ashprior AvenueW4118815780 Ashprior Avenue
25 John Moore RoadN411834825 John Moore Road
83 Park Place DriveN410079883 Park Place Drive
197 Meadowhawk Terrace BradfordN4118364197 Meadowhawk Terrace Bradford
13 Skelton CrescentE411761513 Skelton Crescent
14 E Swancreek CourtW411760314 E Swancreek Court
3443 Ashcroft CrescentW41176573443 Ashcroft Crescent
6022 Prairie CircleW41174716022 Prairie Circle
3096 Preserve DriveW41184333096 Preserve Drive
11 Genthorn AvenueW411876911 Genthorn Avenue
1483 Warbler RoadW41177281483 Warbler Road
146 Roy Grove WayN4118689146 Roy Grove Way
26 Flute StreetN411780126 Flute Street
64 Denton CircleN411738964 Denton Circle
117 Highland CrescentC4118422117 Highland Crescent
215 Dunvegan RoadC4117515215 Dunvegan Road
15 Awesome Again LaneN411709515 Awesome Again Lane
41 Morewood CrescentC411885841 Morewood Crescent
6731 Mcniven RoadW41173616731 Mcniven Road
13304 Bramalea RoadW411771513304 Bramalea Road
51 Greenvalley CircleN411864251 Greenvalley Circle
12 Wycliffe CrescentC411727912 Wycliffe Crescent
5210 14th Side RoadW41176305210 14th Side Road
137 W Kennedy StreetN4117387137 W Kennedy Street
146 Ridley BoulevardC4117470146 Ridley Boulevard
179 Wedgewood DriveW4117170179 Wedgewood Drive
49 Garden AvenueN411864349 Garden Avenue
13701 Fourth LineW411863613701 Fourth Line
216 Carmichael AvenueC4117748216 Carmichael Avenue
29 S Oakwood AvenueW411799429 S Oakwood Avenue
27 Gardiner CrescentN411892727 Gardiner Crescent
56 Autumn CircleW411784156 Autumn Circle
44 Rushworth CrescentN411858644 Rushworth Crescent
196 Belsize DriveC4118164196 Belsize Drive
241 N Main StreetN4118594241 N Main Street
83 Willcocks StreetC411895983 Willcocks Street
101 Eaglewood BoulevardW4117035101 Eaglewood Boulevard
24 Walmer RoadN411890824 Walmer Road
210 Dew StreetN4117454210 Dew Street
10 Grants PlaceN411708810 Grants Place
63 Spadina RoadN411882263 Spadina Road
601 Spadina RoadC4118963601 Spadina Road
245 Albion AvenueW4117551245 Albion Avenue
326 Torrey Pines RoadN4117916326 Torrey Pines Road
95 Glenvale BoulevardC411871795 Glenvale Boulevard
2461 Taylorwood DriveW41172642461 Taylorwood Drive
1506 Wateska BoulevardW40530641506 Wateska Boulevard
2349 Carrington PlaceW41173082349 Carrington Place
21 Florence AvenueC411573221 Florence Avenue
155 Hoey CrescentW4117589155 Hoey Crescent
255 Ivy Jay CrescentN4117150255 Ivy Jay Crescent
249 Maxome AvenueC4118082249 Maxome Avenue
31 Eyer DriveN411894531 Eyer Drive
98 Holcolm RoadC411713698 Holcolm Road
997 Lockwood CircleN4117459997 Lockwood Circle
51 Lloydminster CrescentC411849851 Lloydminster Crescent
13 Buckstown TerraceW411819513 Buckstown Terrace
1277 Avon CrescentW41182531277 Avon Crescent
22 Marylebone CrescentN411739822 Marylebone Crescent
404 Pine Cove RoadW4028107404 Pine Cove Road
37 Denver CrescentC411829137 Denver Crescent
118 Lady Karen CrescentN4117451118 Lady Karen Crescent
22 Wilson House DriveE411731922 Wilson House Drive
3 George Henry BoulevardC41174533 George Henry Boulevard
554 Carlton RoadN4118558554 Carlton Road
2357 Hertfordshire WayW41182602357 Hertfordshire Way
20 Chaiwood CourtN411815120 Chaiwood Court
238 N Main StreetN4118556238 N Main Street
5 Dietzman CourtN41180025 Dietzman Court
41 Valentine DriveC411851141 Valentine Drive
27 Clarry StreetN411805727 Clarry Street
82 Via TeodoroN411744682 Via Teodoro
242 North Lake RoadN4118047242 North Lake Road
86 Simpson AvenueE411860386 Simpson Avenue
187 Digby RoadW4088392187 Digby Road
4303 Bridlepath TerraceW41174434303 Bridlepath Terrace
25 Bluff TerraceN411769525 Bluff Terrace
71 Coons RoadN411791771 Coons Road
8892 Creditview RoadW41171568892 Creditview Road
11 Cheswick CourtN411814111 Cheswick Court
305 Churchill AvenueC4118546305 Churchill Avenue
220 Burndale AvenueC4117274220 Burndale Avenue
714 The Bridle WalkN4117461714 The Bridle Walk
51 Seiffer CrescentN411817751 Seiffer Crescent
9 Twin Circle CourtC41174849 Twin Circle Court
79 Canterbury CourtN411750379 Canterbury Court
100 Poplar Heights DriveW4117574100 Poplar Heights Drive
10 Martin Byrne DriveW411790110 Martin Byrne Drive
11 Gange AvenueC411725111 Gange Avenue
16 Blackforest DriveN411777716 Blackforest Drive
62 Fullerton CrescentN411785362 Fullerton Crescent
5 Union StreetN41186595 Union Street
161 Heathwood Heights DriveN4118152161 Heathwood Heights Drive
116 Betty Ann DriveC4118006116 Betty Ann Drive
402 Bonny Meadow RoadW4118241402 Bonny Meadow Road
9 Lloyd Sanderson DriveW41176389 Lloyd Sanderson Drive
11 Bevdale RoadC411853911 Bevdale Road
62 Mosedale CrescentC411868662 Mosedale Crescent
39 Catano CourtN411750239 Catano Court
33 Headwater CrescentN411703433 Headwater Crescent
200 Penn DriveW4118007200 Penn Drive
222 Rusholme RoadC4117089222 Rusholme Road
55 Mendel CrescentN411714655 Mendel Crescent
2329 Otami TerraceW41176472329 Otami Terrace
38 Frassino DriveN411834638 Frassino Drive
54 Blackmore AvenueN411830854 Blackmore Avenue
48 Futura AvenueN411857648 Futura Avenue
16 Lugano CrescentN411871516 Lugano Crescent
1249 Indian RoadW41177701249 Indian Road
2215 Grand Ravine DriveW41185802215 Grand Ravine Drive
49 George Henry BoulevardC411817049 George Henry Boulevard
48 Castle Harbour LaneN411860848 Castle Harbour Lane
2 Benton DriveN41173742 Benton Drive
9 Junetown CircleW41182619 Junetown Circle
25 Terraceemblay AvenueN411867225 Terraceemblay Avenue
300 Brownridge DriveN4117719300 Brownridge Drive
50 Barberry CrescentN411810250 Barberry Crescent
3394 Swallowdale CourtW41174983394 Swallowdale Court
83 Francis StreetN407743683 Francis Street
64 Terraceudeau DriveN411890364 Terraceudeau Drive
125 Palmerston AvenueC4117056125 Palmerston Avenue
130 Mcroberts AvenueW4118465130 Mcroberts Avenue
77 Forecastle RoadN411770077 Forecastle Road
1410 Prince John CircleW41186441410 Prince John Circle
14 Maple View LaneN411836914 Maple View Lane
104 Oak Park AvenueE4117054104 Oak Park Avenue
2503 Paula CourtW41179182503 Paula Court
25 Abilene CourtN411766225 Abilene Court
348 Rosslyn DriveW4116156348 Rosslyn Drive
4187 Tall Pine CourtW41181804187 Tall Pine Court
10325 Second LineW411790810325 Second Line
538 Yorkminster CrescentW4117114538 Yorkminster Crescent
26 Shortland CrescentW411790426 Shortland Crescent
84 Vineyard CourtN411703984 Vineyard Court
13600 Creditview RoadW411771313600 Creditview Road
31 Wagon Wheel CrescentN411741331 Wagon Wheel Crescent
89 Kincardine StreetN411718989 Kincardine Street
2756 Peacock DriveW41174122756 Peacock Drive
37 Marco CrescentN411829437 Marco Crescent
331 Sunset RoadgeN4118171331 Sunset Roadge
186 Scrivener DriveN4118344186 Scrivener Drive
185 Culp TerraceW4118378185 Culp Terrace
64 E Sutherland CrescentX411778364 E Sutherland Crescent
62 Westchester CrescentN411894162 Westchester Crescent
3456 Riverspray CrescentW41177793456 Riverspray Crescent
496 Wheat Boom DriveW4117349496 Wheat Boom Drive
404 Grindstone TerraceW4118420404 Grindstone Terrace
3531 Loyalist DriveW41179213531 Loyalist Drive
19 Lormar DriveW411849619 Lormar Drive
32 Castle Harbour DriveE411725832 Castle Harbour Drive
4 Gearings LaneE41171634 Gearings Lane
186 Brighton AvenueC4117103186 Brighton Avenue
12 Manila AvenueN411780912 Manila Avenue
195 Honiton StreetC4118430195 Honiton Street
19 Cairnburg DriveW411732719 Cairnburg Drive
1257 Cloverbrae CrescentW41184691257 Cloverbrae Crescent
91 Placeeasant View DriveC411727891 Placeeasant View Drive
21201 Main StreetW411850021201 Main Street
7 Ashland CrescentN41171217 Ashland Crescent
7 Fry CourtN41181497 Fry Court
2309 Beejay CourtW41171762309 Beejay Court
11 Corona StreetW411836511 Corona Street
215A Seaton StreetC4117564215A Seaton Street
22 Monteith CrescentN411711022 Monteith Crescent
707 Emily GroveN4117351707 Emily Grove
98 Mill RoadW411771898 Mill Road
3 Buttery CourtE41175813 Buttery Court
4268 Fourth LineW41174864268 Fourth Line
9 Skyview CrescentC41182519 Skyview Crescent
19 Baldwin AvenueN411792419 Baldwin Avenue
617 Pinegrove RoadW4118466617 Pinegrove Road
274 Goderich DriveW4117681274 Goderich Drive
3176 Streetocksbridge AvenueW41162943176 Streetocksbridge Avenue
1015 Fourth LineW41170931015 Fourth Line
3347 Cline StreetW41175773347 Cline Street
187 Larkin AvenueN4118381187 Larkin Avenue
110 Glen Long AvenueW4117585110 Glen Long Avenue
1302 Hazelton BoulevardW41178321302 Hazelton Boulevard
1238 W Lansdowne AvenueW41181181238 W Lansdowne Avenue
51 Tormore DriveN411838651 Tormore Drive
8 Foxwood GroveE41178048 Foxwood Grove
3910 Mayla DriveW41181163910 Mayla Drive
3170 Napa CommonW41172073170 Napa Common
22 Buckhorn AvenueN411869822 Buckhorn Avenue
40 Grand Terraceunk AvenueN411807940 Grand Terraceunk Avenue
693 Yarfield CrescentN4114838693 Yarfield Crescent
7 Sliprock CrescentW41173787 Sliprock Crescent
5571 River Grove AvenueW41188105571 River Grove Avenue
1 Driveummondville DriveW41184391 Driveummondville Drive
71 Highcroft RoadE411893371 Highcroft Road
203 John Davis GateN4117059203 John Davis Gate
332 Morden RoadW4118284332 Morden Road
44 Cirrus CrescentW411877144 Cirrus Crescent
3 Buttonwood RoadW41170633 Buttonwood Road
295 Camelot DriveW4118207295 Camelot Drive
177 Allegro DriveW4117769177 Allegro Drive
Lot 27 Military CrescentW4118475Lot 27 Military Crescent
77 Paisley Green AvenueW411866677 Paisley Green Avenue
93 Brandy CrescentN411778693 Brandy Crescent
11 Briarscross BoulevardE411824611 Briarscross Boulevard
61 Warbler AvenueN411858261 Warbler Avenue
18 Fieldstone LaneN411706818 Fieldstone Lane
120 Laramie CrescentN4118703120 Laramie Crescent
383 Belvenia RoadW4117065383 Belvenia Road
1167 Agram DriveW40483961167 Agram Drive
204 Cathcart CrescentW4118231204 Cathcart Crescent
130 Senator Reesors DriveN4117849130 Senator Reesors Drive
20 Black Bear TerraceW411750720 Black Bear Terrace
36 Southbrook CrescentN411803836 Southbrook Crescent
1622 Mistburn CourtW41171201622 Mistburn Court
26 Midhurst DriveW411895026 Midhurst Drive
90 Upper Rouge TerraceE411766990 Upper Rouge Terrace
47 Geneva AvenueC411737247 Geneva Avenue
5578 Shorecrest CrescentW41173845578 Shorecrest Crescent
23 Bruce Creek DriveN411726323 Bruce Creek Drive
421 Lees LaneW4117998421 Lees Lane
11 Durhamview CrescentN411835911 Durhamview Crescent
8 Vassor WayW41183008 Vassor Way
2123 Rochester CircleW40561392123 Rochester Circle
74 Streetewart Crescent BradfordN411707874 Streetewart Crescent Bradford
14 Clifford Fairbarn DriveN411888714 Clifford Fairbarn Drive
6 William Luck AvenueN41171886 William Luck Avenue
2355 Pine Glen RoadW41188502355 Pine Glen Road
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