GTA Listings Nov 27 2018

Listings for the GTA - November 27th 2018.

All of the listings you could ever want to see, all right here in one place. Updated for November 27, 2018.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
3230 Pringle Pl, MississaugaW43103143230 Pringle Pl, Mississauga
725 Millwood Rd, TorontoC4311461725 Millwood Rd, Toronto
605 Via Romano Blvd, VaughanN4309982605 Via Romano Blvd, Vaughan
134 Marsi Rd, Richmond HillN4310311134 Marsi Rd, Richmond Hill
1 Via Avellino, VaughanN43103601 Via Avellino, Vaughan
13 Mechanic Ave, TorontoC430987013 Mechanic Ave, Toronto
48 Angus Glen Blvd, MarkhamN431148548 Angus Glen Blvd, Markham
11 Arthur Harper Lane, MarkhamN430967111 Arthur Harper Lane, Markham
180 Berkeley St, TorontoC4310989180 Berkeley St, Toronto
124 East St, OakvilleW4310227124 East St, Oakville
99 Dorset Rd, TorontoE431044099 Dorset Rd, Toronto
1 Cedar Dr, CaledonW43115501 Cedar Dr, Caledon
2175 Prince John Blvd, MississaugaW43101022175 Prince John Blvd, Mississauga
372 Balkan Rd, Richmond HillN4311063372 Balkan Rd, Richmond Hill
194 Concord Ave, TorontoC4309742194 Concord Ave, Toronto
77 Prairie Dunes Pl, VaughanN431125777 Prairie Dunes Pl, Vaughan
19 Heathcliffe Dr, VaughanN431042319 Heathcliffe Dr, Vaughan
13121 Keele St, KingN431125113121 Keele St, King
2731 Hammond Rd, MississaugaW43105022731 Hammond Rd, Mississauga
51 Cranberry Lane, AuroraN431017151 Cranberry Lane, Aurora
5 Avatar Cres, BramptonW43104285 Avatar Cres, Brampton
3776 Janice Dr, MississaugaW43097673776 Janice Dr, Mississauga
75 Fairfield Rd, TorontoC431158975 Fairfield Rd, Toronto
5133 Perennial Dr, MississaugaW43108595133 Perennial Dr, Mississauga
34 Breda Crt, Richmond HillN431148034 Breda Crt, Richmond Hill
79 Winston Castle Dr, MarkhamN431051279 Winston Castle Dr, Markham
118 Fern Valley Cres, Richmond HillN4309728118 Fern Valley Cres, Richmond Hill
2 Haywood Dr, MarkhamN43103102 Haywood Dr, Markham
10 Roberson Dr, AjaxE430971410 Roberson Dr, Ajax
129 N Creek Path Ave, OakvilleW4310597129 N Creek Path Ave, Oakville
142 Spring Blvd, ScugogE4310144142 Spring Blvd, Scugog
14 N Mussle White Rd, BramptonW431046314 N Mussle White Rd, Brampton
50 Braeburn Dr, MarkhamN431030250 Braeburn Dr, Markham
26 Oconnor Cres, BramptonW431160926 Oconnor Cres, Brampton
58 Manor Hampton St, East GwillimburyN431154058 Manor Hampton St, East Gwillimbury
17 Garden Ave, TorontoW431160317 Garden Ave, Toronto
374 Commonwealth Circ, MississaugaW4311183374 Commonwealth Circ, Mississauga
330 Waterside Cres, VaughanN4310281330 Waterside Cres, Vaughan
191 Rhodes Ave, TorontoE4311614191 Rhodes Ave, Toronto
512 Martin Grove Rd, TorontoW4309938512 Martin Grove Rd, Toronto
21 A Brenda Cres, TorontoE431032921 A Brenda Cres, Toronto
43 Conklin Cres, AuroraN430961543 Conklin Cres, Aurora
23 Richland Cres, BramptonW431054023 Richland Cres, Brampton
200 Borealis Ave, AuroraN4310155200 Borealis Ave, Aurora
33 Delta Cres, East GwillimburyN431159633 Delta Cres, East Gwillimbury
29 Darlet Ave, AjaxE431002929 Darlet Ave, Ajax
152 Carlyle Cres, AuroraN4310280152 Carlyle Cres, Aurora
275 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond HillN4310893275 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond Hill
26 Forsyth Cres, BramptonW431010526 Forsyth Cres, Brampton
34 Wicklow Dr, TorontoE431062434 Wicklow Dr, Toronto
23 Regal Rd, TorontoC431120223 Regal Rd, Toronto
818A Montsell Ave, GeorginaN4310377818A Montsell Ave, Georgina
114 Auburn Ave, TorontoW4310216114 Auburn Ave, Toronto
5 Hilts Dr, Richmond HillN43099845 Hilts Dr, Richmond Hill
65 Buckhorn Ave, Richmond HillN430986965 Buckhorn Ave, Richmond Hill
28 Tay Blvd Bradford, West GwillimburyN431098528 Tay Blvd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
352 Woodsworth Rd, TorontoC4310487352 Woodsworth Rd, Toronto
72 Fairway Dr, AuroraN431124772 Fairway Dr, Aurora
15 Newstead Rd, TorontoW431076015 Newstead Rd, Toronto
42 Pine Bough Manr, Richmond HillN431099042 Pine Bough Manr, Richmond Hill
103 Learmont Ave, CaledonW4309604103 Learmont Ave, Caledon
36 Lynnvalley Cres, BramptonW431091836 Lynnvalley Cres, Brampton
22 Country Estates Dr, MarkhamN431028822 Country Estates Dr, Markham
5150 Lakeshore Rd, BurlingtonW43099345150 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington
48 Fonthill Blvd, MarkhamN431066648 Fonthill Blvd, Markham
11 Royal Troon Cres, MarkhamN431109611 Royal Troon Cres, Markham
72 Chelford Rd, TorontoC430999772 Chelford Rd, Toronto
81 Honey Locust Crt, VaughanN431039581 Honey Locust Crt, Vaughan
3400 Mississauga Rd, MississaugaW43103323400 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga
23 Roycrest Ave, TorontoC431063523 Roycrest Ave, Toronto
79 Modesto Gdns, VaughanN430995879 Modesto Gdns, Vaughan
40 May Ave, Richmond HillN431006040 May Ave, Richmond Hill
288 Sandwell Dr, OakvilleW4311572288 Sandwell Dr, Oakville
209 Burbank Dr, TorontoC4309745209 Burbank Dr, Toronto
239 Third Line, OakvilleW4310510239 Third Line, Oakville
120 Stibbard Ave, TorontoC4311144120 Stibbard Ave, Toronto
179 Alfred Ave, TorontoC4310204179 Alfred Ave, Toronto
87 Hanna Rd, TorontoC431037187 Hanna Rd, Toronto
198 Scarboro Cres, TorontoE4310676198 Scarboro Cres, Toronto
29 Cedar Ridge Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN431129929 Cedar Ridge Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
73 Elm Ave, Richmond HillN431004573 Elm Ave, Richmond Hill
1329 Sheldon Ave, OakvilleW43107741329 Sheldon Ave, Oakville
591 North Lake Rd, Richmond HillN4310333591 North Lake Rd, Richmond Hill
4289 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, KingN43067694289 Lloydtown Aurora Rd, King
52 Hall St, Richmond HillN431002552 Hall St, Richmond Hill
9715 Keele St, VaughanN43108629715 Keele St, Vaughan
454 Hounslow Ave, TorontoC4310036454 Hounslow Ave, Toronto
367 Calvert Rd, MarkhamN4310399367 Calvert Rd, Markham
235 Oakwood Cres, OakvilleW4309634235 Oakwood Cres, Oakville
179 Cornelius Pkwy, TorontoW4309679179 Cornelius Pkwy, Toronto
51 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond HillN431146651 Maple Grove Ave, Richmond Hill
93 Oak Ave, Richmond HillN430965093 Oak Ave, Richmond Hill
540 Main St, Halton HillsW4311026540 Main St, Halton Hills
187 W Finch Ave, TorontoC4310238187 W Finch Ave, Toronto
36 Hallam St, TorontoW431010636 Hallam St, Toronto
138 Glen Park Ave, TorontoC4311152138 Glen Park Ave, Toronto
20 Spain Cres, BramptonW431148120 Spain Cres, Brampton
5622 Appleby Line, BurlingtonW43096425622 Appleby Line, Burlington
2367 Cliff Rd, MississaugaW43103342367 Cliff Rd, Mississauga
128 East St, OakvilleW4310230128 East St, Oakville
1412 The Links Dr, OakvilleW43113701412 The Links Dr, Oakville
57 Senator Reesors Dr, MarkhamN431009257 Senator Reesors Dr, Markham
568 Dynes Rd, BurlingtonW4310607568 Dynes Rd, Burlington
28 Wyndance Way, UxbridgeN431039228 Wyndance Way, Uxbridge
2286 Sovereign St, OakvilleW43102242286 Sovereign St, Oakville
21 Giardina Cres, Richmond HillN431007621 Giardina Cres, Richmond Hill
2 Callahan Rd, MarkhamN43106342 Callahan Rd, Markham
61 Nave St, VaughanN430989561 Nave St, Vaughan
14A Roosevelt Dr, Richmond HillN431020314A Roosevelt Dr, Richmond Hill
1 Silkstone Gate, Richmond HillN43115781 Silkstone Gate, Richmond Hill
301 Dudley Ave, TorontoC4309880301 Dudley Ave, Toronto
12 Toscanini Rd, Richmond HillN431019812 Toscanini Rd, Richmond Hill
1 Gowan Lane, AuroraN43116121 Gowan Lane, Aurora
95 Foley Cres, VaughanN431041795 Foley Cres, Vaughan
349 Byng Ave, TorontoC4310103349 Byng Ave, Toronto
81 Flanders Dr, HamiltonX431138481 Flanders Dr, Hamilton
54 Benson Ave, TorontoC431107854 Benson Ave, Toronto
166 Allanhurst Dr, TorontoW4311571166 Allanhurst Dr, Toronto
1655 Angela Cres, MississaugaW43103081655 Angela Cres, Mississauga
3275 Donald Mackay St, OakvilleW43100523275 Donald Mackay St, Oakville
194 Elmwood Ave, TorontoC4309998194 Elmwood Ave, Toronto
55 Fenwood Hts, TorontoE431000255 Fenwood Hts, Toronto
24 Browning Ave, TorontoE431048124 Browning Ave, Toronto
73 Neilson Ave, TorontoE431044373 Neilson Ave, Toronto
98 Rothwell St, AuroraN431066398 Rothwell St, Aurora
182 Headwind Blvd, VaughanN4310363182 Headwind Blvd, Vaughan
578 E Hillsdale Ave, TorontoC4311196578 E Hillsdale Ave, Toronto
66 Gradwell Dr, TorontoE431114666 Gradwell Dr, Toronto
499 Rushton Rd, TorontoC4311174499 Rushton Rd, Toronto
35 Anewen Dr, TorontoC431104535 Anewen Dr, Toronto
138 Fred Varley Dr, MarkhamN4311514138 Fred Varley Dr, Markham

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