GTA Listings Nov 9 2018

Your GTA Listings - November 9th 2018

Right here are all of the available listings for across the GTA as of November 9th 2018. Come and check them out while they're still available!
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
26 Lisburn Cres, TorontoC429692126 Lisburn Cres, Toronto
40 Forest Edge Cres, East GwillimburyN429789640 Forest Edge Cres, East Gwillimbury
106 Gloucester Grve, TorontoC4298478106 Gloucester Grve, Toronto
64 Gothic Ave, TorontoW429828664 Gothic Ave, Toronto
899 Tenth St, MississaugaW4297539899 Tenth St, Mississauga
28 David Gohn Circ, MarkhamN429804028 David Gohn Circ, Markham
435 Valermo Dr, TorontoW4297200435 Valermo Dr, Toronto
28 Leary Cres, Richmond HillN429792428 Leary Cres, Richmond Hill
8 Alhart St, Richmond HillN42972958 Alhart St, Richmond Hill
286 E St Clair Ave, TorontoC4296168286 E St Clair Ave, Toronto
12 Elles St, Richmond HillN429781612 Elles St, Richmond Hill
22 Lloyd George Ave, TorontoW429619322 Lloyd George Ave, Toronto
21 Bellehaven Cres, TorontoE429661221 Bellehaven Cres, Toronto
144 Gradwell Dr, TorontoE4297938144 Gradwell Dr, Toronto
203 Churchill Ave, TorontoC4298780203 Churchill Ave, Toronto
23 St Magnus Dr, TorontoE429712323 St Magnus Dr, Toronto
62 Patricia Ave, TorontoC429677362 Patricia Ave, Toronto
732 Indian Rd, TorontoW4297332732 Indian Rd, Toronto
264 Garden Ave, TorontoW4298754264 Garden Ave, Toronto
1389 Milton Ave, MississaugaW42959701389 Milton Ave, Mississauga
8 Holborne Ave, TorontoE42981048 Holborne Ave, Toronto
27 Cherry Post Cres, TorontoW429603327 Cherry Post Cres, Toronto
2213 Canonridge Circ, OakvilleW42976532213 Canonridge Circ, Oakville
124 Wellspring Ave, Richmond HillN4297438124 Wellspring Ave, Richmond Hill
105 Burns Blvd, KingN4298291105 Burns Blvd, King
226 Cannes Ave, VaughanN4298192226 Cannes Ave, Vaughan
3 Trenton Ave, TorontoE42972123 Trenton Ave, Toronto
1130 Old Oak Dr, OakvilleW42969441130 Old Oak Dr, Oakville
16454 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN429702416454 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
41 Harbourside Crt, OakvilleW429852341 Harbourside Crt, Oakville
10 Pine Hills Crt, East GwillimburyN429876610 Pine Hills Crt, East Gwillimbury
96 Glenvale Blvd, TorontoC429592196 Glenvale Blvd, Toronto
68 Wolseley St, TorontoC429693068 Wolseley St, Toronto
382 Beverley Glen Blvd, VaughanN4296850382 Beverley Glen Blvd, Vaughan
83 Heatherwood Cres, MarkhamN429717083 Heatherwood Cres, Markham
617 York Hill Blvd, VaughanN4297837617 York Hill Blvd, Vaughan
41 Williams Crt, KingN429717841 Williams Crt, King
20 Bowerbank Dr, TorontoC429659820 Bowerbank Dr, Toronto
22 Erica Ave, TorontoC429085322 Erica Ave, Toronto
360 John St Lot 96, MarkhamN4297995360 John St Lot 96, Markham
870 Royal York Rd, TorontoW4297277870 Royal York Rd, Toronto
59 Gordon Randle Dr, BramptonW429906659 Gordon Randle Dr, Brampton
138 Columbus Rd, OshawaE4296807138 Columbus Rd, Oshawa
79 Port Royal Ave, VaughanN429759479 Port Royal Ave, Vaughan
663 Oxford St Pt 2, TorontoW4299021663 Oxford St Pt 2, Toronto
70 Twenty Ninth St, TorontoW429833370 Twenty Ninth St, Toronto
1404 Stanbury Rd, OakvilleW42969601404 Stanbury Rd, Oakville
463 Donlands Ave, TorontoE4296403463 Donlands Ave, Toronto
88 Matson Dr, CaledonW429815088 Matson Dr, Caledon
9 N Pine Ave, MississaugaW42960059 N Pine Ave, Mississauga
264 Riverlands Ave, MarkhamN4297572264 Riverlands Ave, Markham
242 Park Ave, NewmarketN4296079242 Park Ave, Newmarket
231 Beta St, TorontoW4297775231 Beta St, Toronto
26 Minho Blvd, TorontoC429695026 Minho Blvd, Toronto
28 Black Creek Dr, MarkhamN429777928 Black Creek Dr, Markham
35 Wilkie Ave, KingN429598935 Wilkie Ave, King
Lot 25 Carl Finlay Dr, BramptonW4296546Lot 25 Carl Finlay Dr, Brampton
4463 Hawthorne Dr, BurlingtonW42975974463 Hawthorne Dr, Burlington
204 Glebemount Ave, TorontoE4298999204 Glebemount Ave, Toronto
45 Cassells Dr Bradford, West GwillimburyN429811845 Cassells Dr Bradford, West Gwillimbury
40 Wembley Dr, TorontoE429732340 Wembley Dr, Toronto
150 Morra Ave, CaledonW4296412150 Morra Ave, Caledon
13379 Kennedy Rd, CaledonW429914613379 Kennedy Rd, Caledon
40 Gordon Rowe Cres, Richmond HillN429705040 Gordon Rowe Cres, Richmond Hill
25 Goa Crt, TorontoW429601425 Goa Crt, Toronto
94 Wheatfield Rd, TorontoW429858294 Wheatfield Rd, Toronto
34 Meadowsweet Lane, Richmond HillN429657134 Meadowsweet Lane, Richmond Hill
5 Ascot Cres, MarkhamN42983925 Ascot Cres, Markham
187 Combe Ave, TorontoC4298021187 Combe Ave, Toronto
128 Maniza Rd, TorontoW4296013128 Maniza Rd, Toronto
121 Dell Park Ave, TorontoC4298284121 Dell Park Ave, Toronto
85 Drayton Ave, TorontoE429754985 Drayton Ave, Toronto
810 Miltonbrook Cres, MiltonW4298863810 Miltonbrook Cres, Milton
3321 Ellesmere Rd, TorontoE42985953321 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto
187 Sharon Creek Dr, East GwillimburyN4298746187 Sharon Creek Dr, East Gwillimbury
79 Markland St, HamiltonX429863979 Markland St, Hamilton
3020 Victory Cres, MississaugaW42979183020 Victory Cres, Mississauga
3538 Palgrave Rd, MississaugaW42964903538 Palgrave Rd, Mississauga
275 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond HillN4298146275 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond Hill
507 Valley Dr, OakvilleW4298111507 Valley Dr, Oakville
17 Alder Rd, TorontoE429613117 Alder Rd, Toronto
158 South Belair Dr, VaughanN4296548158 South Belair Dr, Vaughan
36 Miles Rd, TorontoW428803536 Miles Rd, Toronto
472 S Paliser Cres, Richmond HillN4296362472 S Paliser Cres, Richmond Hill
53 Shepton Way, TorontoE429694953 Shepton Way, Toronto
1 Split Maple Lane, Halton HillsW42976961 Split Maple Lane, Halton Hills
361 Waverley Rd, TorontoE4299089361 Waverley Rd, Toronto
233 Shaw St, TorontoC4296863233 Shaw St, Toronto
195 Bingham Ave, TorontoE4296685195 Bingham Ave, Toronto
70 Oak Park Ave, TorontoE429646770 Oak Park Ave, Toronto
51 Legendary Circ, BramptonW429601851 Legendary Circ, Brampton
54 Fairholme Ave, TorontoC427767054 Fairholme Ave, Toronto
161 Gledhill Ave, TorontoE4296287161 Gledhill Ave, Toronto
12 Mira Rd, MarkhamN429848612 Mira Rd, Markham
54 Barberry Cres, Richmond HillN429767754 Barberry Cres, Richmond Hill
3550 Sanderling Cres, MississaugaW42976873550 Sanderling Cres, Mississauga
7 Military Crt, Richmond HillN42978837 Military Crt, Richmond Hill
125 Alfred Paterson Dr, MarkhamN4298037125 Alfred Paterson Dr, Markham
1470 W Myrtle Rd, WhitbyE42969811470 W Myrtle Rd, Whitby
184 Withrow Ave, TorontoE4296948184 Withrow Ave, Toronto
56 Ontoro Blvd, AjaxE429670856 Ontoro Blvd, Ajax
45 Eastwood Ave, TorontoE429889345 Eastwood Ave, Toronto
238 Garden Ave, TorontoW4295946238 Garden Ave, Toronto
29 Alma Ave, TorontoC429746629 Alma Ave, Toronto
12 Pasadena Ave, BramptonW429769812 Pasadena Ave, Brampton
62 Mcclenny Dr, AuroraN429604362 Mcclenny Dr, Aurora
260 Weldon Ave, OakvilleW4298904260 Weldon Ave, Oakville
3 Earl Goodyear Rd, MarkhamN42958783 Earl Goodyear Rd, Markham
332 Alex Doner Dr, NewmarketN4299027332 Alex Doner Dr, Newmarket
39 Flook Lane, TorontoC429845439 Flook Lane, Toronto
45 Charlton Ave, VaughanN429716445 Charlton Ave, Vaughan
2343 Saugeen Rd, OakvilleW42981882343 Saugeen Rd, Oakville
1420 Radcliffe Blvd, MississaugaW42964471420 Radcliffe Blvd, Mississauga
4131 Loyalist Dr, MississaugaW42732314131 Loyalist Dr, Mississauga
52 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC429841352 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
572 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4297561572 Windermere Ave, Toronto
184 Bay Thorn Dr, MarkhamN4298005184 Bay Thorn Dr, Markham
103 Smallwood Circ, VaughanN4298825103 Smallwood Circ, Vaughan
23 Smallwood Circ, VaughanN429891123 Smallwood Circ, Vaughan
2295 Hill Ridge Crt, OakvilleW42969682295 Hill Ridge Crt, Oakville
9 Gardiner Dr, Halton HillsW42969159 Gardiner Dr, Halton Hills
525 Indian Summer Tr, MississaugaW4297804525 Indian Summer Tr, Mississauga
12 Lillington St, BramptonW429772712 Lillington St, Brampton
66 Kenpark Ave, BramptonW429716566 Kenpark Ave, Brampton
20047 Yonge St, East GwillimburyN429683820047 Yonge St, East Gwillimbury
51 Kenpark Ave, BramptonW429859451 Kenpark Ave, Brampton
23 Intrigue Tr, BramptonW429616923 Intrigue Tr, Brampton
233 La Rocca Ave, VaughanN4298752233 La Rocca Ave, Vaughan
18 Lake Forest Dr, Richmond HillN429862318 Lake Forest Dr, Richmond Hill
3386 Regal Rd, BurlingtonW42983513386 Regal Rd, Burlington
37 First Ave, TorontoE429844837 First Ave, Toronto
1074 Nellie Little Cres, NewmarketN42985151074 Nellie Little Cres, Newmarket
81 Pantano Dr, VaughanN429914981 Pantano Dr, Vaughan
Lot 86 68 Ash Hill Ave, CaledonW4297683Lot 86 68 Ash Hill Ave, Caledon
12630 Sixth Line, Halton HillsW429680412630 Sixth Line, Halton Hills
712 The Queensway St, TorontoW4297794712 The Queensway St, Toronto
164 Maurice Dr, OakvilleW4297722164 Maurice Dr, Oakville
166 Holladay Dr, AuroraN4297583166 Holladay Dr, Aurora
343 Vellore Ave, VaughanN4297217343 Vellore Ave, Vaughan
26 Bainsville Circ, BramptonW429827326 Bainsville Circ, Brampton
85 N Townline Rd, ClaringtonE429864885 N Townline Rd, Clarington
95 Benhurst Cres, BramptonW429627395 Benhurst Cres, Brampton
94 Forest Edge Cres, East GwillimburyN429790194 Forest Edge Cres, East Gwillimbury
74 Armstrong Cres, KingN429841074 Armstrong Cres, King
15 Tothill Rd, TorontoW429837615 Tothill Rd, Toronto
9 Brent Rd, East GwillimburyN42987289 Brent Rd, East Gwillimbury
3 Wendy Way, Richmond HillN42973783 Wendy Way, Richmond Hill
93 Celestine Dr, TorontoW429643393 Celestine Dr, Toronto
92 Bellefair Ave, TorontoE429764392 Bellefair Ave, Toronto
10 Norhill Crt, Richmond HillN429699010 Norhill Crt, Richmond Hill
6 Big Hill Cres, VaughanN42960036 Big Hill Cres, Vaughan
8 Duncan Rd, MarkhamN42967178 Duncan Rd, Markham
31 Renfield St, TorontoW429618231 Renfield St, Toronto
10254 Hunsden Sdrd, CaledonW429728610254 Hunsden Sdrd, Caledon
3407 Brett Rd, MississaugaW42968903407 Brett Rd, Mississauga
58 Meadowbrook Lane, MarkhamN429612658 Meadowbrook Lane, Markham
2101 10th Side Rd Bradford, West GwillimburyN42962552101 10th Side Rd Bradford, West Gwillimbury
144A Earlscourt Ave, TorontoW4298087144A Earlscourt Ave, Toronto
120 Fairview Rd, MississaugaW4298884120 Fairview Rd, Mississauga
100 Garden Ave, Richmond HillN4298923100 Garden Ave, Richmond Hill
1373 Glenwood Dr, MississaugaW42984321373 Glenwood Dr, Mississauga
256 Donnelly Dr, MississaugaW4297999256 Donnelly Dr, Mississauga
702 Hans Pfaff Crt, NewmarketN4295958702 Hans Pfaff Crt, Newmarket
76 Burton Grove Rd, KingN429891076 Burton Grove Rd, King
24 Oriole Rd, TorontoC429831024 Oriole Rd, Toronto
179 Crawford St, TorontoC4298883179 Crawford St, Toronto
1525 Warren Dr, OakvilleW42977101525 Warren Dr, Oakville
319 Glenayr Rd, TorontoC4299029319 Glenayr Rd, Toronto
111 Balmoral Ave, TorontoC4296119111 Balmoral Ave, Toronto
1525 Glenburnie Rd, MississaugaW42990481525 Glenburnie Rd, Mississauga
86 Carmichael Ave, TorontoC429727386 Carmichael Ave, Toronto
351 Ridley Blvd, TorontoC4297718351 Ridley Blvd, Toronto
203 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4296603203 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
76 Boake Tr, Richmond HillN429776676 Boake Tr, Richmond Hill
31 Bearwood Dr, TorontoW429810031 Bearwood Dr, Toronto
323 Melrose Ave, TorontoC4297061323 Melrose Ave, Toronto
223 Elmhurst Ave, TorontoC4296503223 Elmhurst Ave, Toronto
97 Stuart Ave, TorontoC429818197 Stuart Ave, Toronto
31 Lyndale Dr, TorontoC429610631 Lyndale Dr, Toronto
112 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC4296068112 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
216 Carmichael Ave, TorontoC4297280216 Carmichael Ave, Toronto
1 Silvergrove Rd, TorontoC42988621 Silvergrove Rd, Toronto
33 James Stokes Crt, KingN429790033 James Stokes Crt, King
71 Edenvale Cres, TorontoW429779271 Edenvale Cres, Toronto
18 Munro Park Ave, TorontoE429756018 Munro Park Ave, Toronto
62 Cedar Brae Blvd, TorontoE429655462 Cedar Brae Blvd, Toronto
175 The Kingsway Ave, TorontoW4298650175 The Kingsway Ave, Toronto
45 John St, KingN429778045 John St, King
80 Ridge Hill Dr, TorontoC429825980 Ridge Hill Dr, Toronto
499 Palmerston Blvd, TorontoC4297660499 Palmerston Blvd, Toronto
15 Glenn Arthur Dr, TorontoW429896115 Glenn Arthur Dr, Toronto
537 Broadview Ave, TorontoE4296967537 Broadview Ave, Toronto
12 Dorchester Dr, TorontoC429585312 Dorchester Dr, Toronto
64 Hogan Crt, KingN429750764 Hogan Crt, King
517 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4298246517 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
10 Raeburn Ave, TorontoC429726510 Raeburn Ave, Toronto
43 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond HillN429750443 Roosevelt Dr, Richmond Hill
65 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond HillN429861465 Sunset Beach Rd, Richmond Hill
535 Old Orchard Grve, TorontoC4298343535 Old Orchard Grve, Toronto
17A Poplar Dr, Richmond HillN429630517A Poplar Dr, Richmond Hill
9 Greengate Rd, TorontoC42971589 Greengate Rd, Toronto
706 Hans Pfaff Crt, NewmarketN4295969706 Hans Pfaff Crt, Newmarket
209 Indian Valley Tr, MississaugaW4296789209 Indian Valley Tr, Mississauga
40 Ruden Cres, TorontoC429854740 Ruden Cres, Toronto
111 Laverock Ave, Richmond HillN4298359111 Laverock Ave, Richmond Hill
207 Reynolds St, OakvilleW4295987207 Reynolds St, Oakville
504 Douglas Ave, TorontoC4297053504 Douglas Ave, Toronto
6 Restwell Cres, TorontoC42976246 Restwell Cres, Toronto
705 Hans Pfaff Crt, NewmarketN4295951705 Hans Pfaff Crt, Newmarket
107 Lawrence Cres, TorontoC4297330107 Lawrence Cres, Toronto
75 William St, KingN429906875 William St, King
53 Indian Valley Tr, MississaugaW429896253 Indian Valley Tr, Mississauga
13 Victoria Park Ave, TorontoE429604613 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
118 Hedgerow Lane, VaughanN4296557118 Hedgerow Lane, Vaughan
191 Kingscross Dr, KingN4298968191 Kingscross Dr, King
Lot 59 Port Royal Ave, VaughanN4297772Lot 59 Port Royal Ave, Vaughan
49 Twyford Rd, TorontoW429762749 Twyford Rd, Toronto
9 Sunforest Crt, TorontoC42973619 Sunforest Crt, Toronto
1047 Springhill Dr, MississaugaW42961741047 Springhill Dr, Mississauga
76 Elgin St, MarkhamN429721676 Elgin St, Markham
28 Camwood Cres, TorontoC429838928 Camwood Cres, Toronto
14 Cynthia Cres, Richmond HillN429836514 Cynthia Cres, Richmond Hill
193 Banbury Rd, TorontoC4297646193 Banbury Rd, Toronto
2514 Shepard Ave, MississaugaW42963102514 Shepard Ave, Mississauga
26 Janus Crt, TorontoC429824526 Janus Crt, Toronto
542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4298253542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
52 Foley Cres, VaughanN429872552 Foley Cres, Vaughan
129 Everden Rd, TorontoC4296849129 Everden Rd, Toronto
32 Regal Rd, TorontoC429857432 Regal Rd, Toronto
40 Verwood Ave, TorontoC429865740 Verwood Ave, Toronto
56 Ontoro Blvd, AjaxE429681456 Ontoro Blvd, Ajax
33 Lund St, Richmond HillN429769533 Lund St, Richmond Hill
17 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN429596817 Lavender Valley Rd, King
540 Weir Ave, OakvilleW4298590540 Weir Ave, Oakville
73 Coons Rd, Richmond HillN429790773 Coons Rd, Richmond Hill
90 Via Romano Blvd, VaughanN429796090 Via Romano Blvd, Vaughan
Lot 49 Nave St, VaughanN4297691Lot 49 Nave St, Vaughan
31 Risa Blvd, TorontoW429585731 Risa Blvd, Toronto
8921 Mississauga Rd, BramptonW42987908921 Mississauga Rd, Brampton
Lot 57 Nave St, VaughanN4297693Lot 57 Nave St, Vaughan
89 Pinewood Tr, MississaugaW429765189 Pinewood Tr, Mississauga
10 Hopperton Dr, TorontoC429615910 Hopperton Dr, Toronto
184 Woburn Ave, TorontoC4297350184 Woburn Ave, Toronto
75 Cameron Ave, TorontoC429787375 Cameron Ave, Toronto
66 Donbay Dr, VaughanN429670366 Donbay Dr, Vaughan
12 Toscanini Rd, Richmond HillN429731112 Toscanini Rd, Richmond Hill
78 Rushworth Cres, VaughanN429631778 Rushworth Cres, Vaughan
10A Albert St, MarkhamN429845510A Albert St, Markham
2126 Bridge Rd, OakvilleW42970582126 Bridge Rd, Oakville
305 Shaw St, TorontoC4298425305 Shaw St, Toronto
17 Sir Modesto Crt, VaughanN429602517 Sir Modesto Crt, Vaughan
57 Petman Ave, TorontoC429586857 Petman Ave, Toronto
73 Newton Dr, TorontoC429751073 Newton Dr, Toronto
427 Donnybrook Rd, OakvilleW4299121427 Donnybrook Rd, Oakville
2437 Robmar Dr, OakvilleW42989332437 Robmar Dr, Oakville
65 Harshaw Ave, TorontoW429691965 Harshaw Ave, Toronto
36 Farnham Dr, Richmond HillN429780036 Farnham Dr, Richmond Hill
26 Wheeler Ave, TorontoE429669026 Wheeler Ave, Toronto
1261 Haig Blvd, MississaugaW42983951261 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
43 Broadleaf Rd, TorontoC429676243 Broadleaf Rd, Toronto
212 Carrier Cres, VaughanN4296857212 Carrier Cres, Vaughan
50 Keewaydin Dr, KingN429664050 Keewaydin Dr, King
22 Sweet Anna Crt, VaughanN429598422 Sweet Anna Crt, Vaughan
17 Brewsland Cres, MarkhamN429894417 Brewsland Cres, Markham
8 Cameron Cres, TorontoC42963308 Cameron Cres, Toronto
172 Stanton Ave, VaughanN4296001172 Stanton Ave, Vaughan
74 Kootenay Rdge, VaughanN429904674 Kootenay Rdge, Vaughan
6 Annsleywood Crt, VaughanN42961806 Annsleywood Crt, Vaughan
6 Cardigan Rd, TorontoW42981016 Cardigan Rd, Toronto
31 Eyer Dr, MarkhamN429801531 Eyer Dr, Markham
1 Ironbark Crt, VaughanN42973421 Ironbark Crt, Vaughan
47 Wycliffe Cres, TorontoC429594747 Wycliffe Cres, Toronto
20 Taurus Cres, East GwillimburyN429794020 Taurus Cres, East Gwillimbury
79 Chaiwood Crt, VaughanN429755579 Chaiwood Crt, Vaughan
1404B Bayview Ave, TorontoC42987141404B Bayview Ave, Toronto
83 Marmion Ave, TorontoC427656483 Marmion Ave, Toronto
1535 Glenburnie Rd, MississaugaW42980221535 Glenburnie Rd, Mississauga
4402 Baseline Rd, GeorginaN42990944402 Baseline Rd, Georgina
1511 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW42985321511 Duncan Rd, Oakville
23 Leary Cres, Richmond HillN429625123 Leary Cres, Richmond Hill
197 Wedgewood Dr, TorontoC4296022197 Wedgewood Dr, Toronto
48 Glenholme Ave, TorontoC429623448 Glenholme Ave, Toronto
354 Brookdale Ave, TorontoC4295861354 Brookdale Ave, Toronto
442 Glenkindie Ave, VaughanN4296322442 Glenkindie Ave, Vaughan
129 Heddington Ave, TorontoC4297486129 Heddington Ave, Toronto
257 Betty Ann Dr, TorontoC4296132257 Betty Ann Dr, Toronto
91 Shaw St, TorontoC429644391 Shaw St, Toronto
7 South Marine Dr, TorontoE42966817 South Marine Dr, Toronto
20 Neilson Ave, TorontoE429744320 Neilson Ave, Toronto
379 Shaw St, TorontoC4296969379 Shaw St, Toronto
134 Westmount Ave, TorontoW4296760134 Westmount Ave, Toronto
581 Lydia St, NewmarketN4295966581 Lydia St, Newmarket
102 Magwood Crt, TorontoW4295884102 Magwood Crt, Toronto
202 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4298469202 Windermere Ave, Toronto
117 W Lawford Rd, VaughanN4299065117 W Lawford Rd, Vaughan
41 Silker St, VaughanN429728741 Silker St, Vaughan
52 Fairchild Ave, TorontoC429808552 Fairchild Ave, Toronto
35 Nipigon Ave, TorontoC429831135 Nipigon Ave, Toronto
35 Winchester St, TorontoC429647435 Winchester St, Toronto
3312 Meadow Marsh Cres, OakvilleW42989553312 Meadow Marsh Cres, Oakville
39 Rolyat St, TorontoC429888639 Rolyat St, Toronto
431 Willard Ave, TorontoW4297522431 Willard Ave, Toronto
73 Catalina Cres, Richmond HillN429806573 Catalina Cres, Richmond Hill
50 Sunnydale Dr, TorontoW429747350 Sunnydale Dr, Toronto
454 Valley Dr, OakvilleW4296291454 Valley Dr, Oakville
28 Topper Crt, VaughanN429667128 Topper Crt, Vaughan
16 Albert Hill Crt, KingN429897916 Albert Hill Crt, King
205 Vanda Dr, VaughanN4296765205 Vanda Dr, Vaughan
10 Cassidy Lane, CaledonW429758910 Cassidy Lane, Caledon
10 Doverwood Crt, TorontoC429805710 Doverwood Crt, Toronto
7 Hazelglen Ave, TorontoC42962947 Hazelglen Ave, Toronto
3630 Logmoss Cres, MississaugaW42976733630 Logmoss Cres, Mississauga
1415 Military Tr, TorontoE42990311415 Military Tr, Toronto
43 Hurlingham Cres, TorontoC429677143 Hurlingham Cres, Toronto
41 Concorde Dr, BramptonW429759941 Concorde Dr, Brampton

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