GTA Listings Oct 23 2018

Listings for the GTA as of Oct 23rd 2018.

Listings Oct 23 2018 - the top GTA listings for you to peruse.
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
47 Robinson Rd, KingN428368447 Robinson Rd, King
857 Sixth St, MississaugaW4282848857 Sixth St, Mississauga
134 Bridgepointe Crt, AuroraN4283891134 Bridgepointe Crt, Aurora
128 Margueretta St, TorontoC4281528128 Margueretta St, Toronto
8 Jacob Fisher Ave, VaughanN42818638 Jacob Fisher Ave, Vaughan
6 Kentbridge Way, VaughanN42813476 Kentbridge Way, Vaughan
694 Hammersly Blvd, MarkhamN4282339694 Hammersly Blvd, Markham
497 Underwood Cres, OakvilleW4283596497 Underwood Cres, Oakville
51 River Valley Cres, MarkhamN428298351 River Valley Cres, Markham
121 Southvale Dr, TorontoC4281547121 Southvale Dr, Toronto
159 Green Bush Cres, VaughanN4281289159 Green Bush Cres, Vaughan
3 Titus St, MarkhamN42833963 Titus St, Markham
34 Hammersmith Ave, TorontoE428305334 Hammersmith Ave, Toronto
27 Hollylane Dr, MarkhamN428382227 Hollylane Dr, Markham
29 Bentwood Cres, VaughanN428169029 Bentwood Cres, Vaughan
19 Roy Harper Ave, AuroraN428291519 Roy Harper Ave, Aurora
76 Covewood St, TorontoC428403076 Covewood St, Toronto
33 Graylee Ave, TorontoE428316833 Graylee Ave, Toronto
69 Autumn Way, AuroraN428152369 Autumn Way, Aurora
28B Twenty First St, TorontoW428230828B Twenty First St, Toronto
1010 Northern Prospect Cres, NewmarketN42813021010 Northern Prospect Cres, Newmarket
3297 Mintwood Circ, OakvilleW42828123297 Mintwood Circ, Oakville
11667 The Gore Rd, BramptonW428380611667 The Gore Rd, Brampton
985 Crozier Crt, MississaugaW4281885985 Crozier Crt, Mississauga
12148 Hurontario St, BramptonW428189912148 Hurontario St, Brampton
3776 Janice Dr, MississaugaW42813653776 Janice Dr, Mississauga
79 Markland St, HamiltonX428142079 Markland St, Hamilton
14 Valleycrest Dr, KingN428331114 Valleycrest Dr, King
35 Martin Byrne Dr, BramptonW428339735 Martin Byrne Dr, Brampton
3 Balloon Cres, BramptonW42820213 Balloon Cres, Brampton
6 Bluff Tr, KingN42819106 Bluff Tr, King
470 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4282835470 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
38 Ross Vennare Cres, VaughanN428156838 Ross Vennare Cres, Vaughan
2638 Bromsgrove Rd, MississaugaW42825202638 Bromsgrove Rd, Mississauga
6 Bowerbank Dr, TorontoC42823196 Bowerbank Dr, Toronto
32 Savona Pl, VaughanN428332332 Savona Pl, Vaughan
179 Clark Ave, MarkhamN4282691179 Clark Ave, Markham
2074 Rebecca St, OakvilleW42835322074 Rebecca St, Oakville
26 Thicketwood Blvd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN428197226 Thicketwood Blvd, Whitchurch Stouffville
17 Reid Manor, TorontoW428328617 Reid Manor, Toronto
1238 Playter Pl, OakvilleW42815181238 Playter Pl, Oakville
406 Apple Blossom Dr, VaughanN4281490406 Apple Blossom Dr, Vaughan
43 Queensway Dr, Richmond HillN428175243 Queensway Dr, Richmond Hill
1929 Hindhead Rd, MississaugaW42837881929 Hindhead Rd, Mississauga
187 Arlington Ave, TorontoC4281388187 Arlington Ave, Toronto
3107 Seabright Dr, MississaugaW42825153107 Seabright Dr, Mississauga
264 Riverlands Ave, MarkhamN4281566264 Riverlands Ave, Markham
1352 Cawthra Rd, MississaugaW42829131352 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga
50 Parkdale Rd, TorontoW428328050 Parkdale Rd, Toronto
14 Ayhart St, MarkhamN428352714 Ayhart St, Markham
1 Crestland Ave, TorontoE42839541 Crestland Ave, Toronto
2414 Ventura Dr, OakvilleW42830772414 Ventura Dr, Oakville
542 Somerville Dr, NewmarketN4281893542 Somerville Dr, Newmarket
1186 Tyandaga Park Dr, BurlingtonW42812561186 Tyandaga Park Dr, Burlington
2478 Woburn Cres, OakvilleW42831922478 Woburn Cres, Oakville
297 E Finch Ave, TorontoC4283394297 E Finch Ave, Toronto
19 Sunrise Ridge Tr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN428364419 Sunrise Ridge Tr, Whitchurch Stouffville
171 Logan Ave, TorontoE4282905171 Logan Ave, Toronto
18 Bleinham Crt, MarkhamN428249418 Bleinham Crt, Markham
34 Linstock Dr, BramptonW428206534 Linstock Dr, Brampton
4280 Trailmaster Dr, MississaugaW42820684280 Trailmaster Dr, Mississauga
6 Parnham Cres, East GwillimburyN42822026 Parnham Cres, East Gwillimbury
118 Carrville Woods Circ, VaughanN4282060118 Carrville Woods Circ, Vaughan
Lot 2 Avatar Cres, BramptonW4283723Lot 2 Avatar Cres, Brampton
57 Dromore Cres, TorontoC428244757 Dromore Cres, Toronto
178 Macdonell Ave, TorontoW4282917178 Macdonell Ave, Toronto
178 Macdonell Ave, TorontoW4282901178 Macdonell Ave, Toronto
14 Fairbairn Gate, East GwillimburyN428177414 Fairbairn Gate, East Gwillimbury
60 Valle Ave, VaughanN428256660 Valle Ave, Vaughan
63 Langhorst Cres, Richmond HillN428379063 Langhorst Cres, Richmond Hill
14 Lydia Crt, TorontoE428283414 Lydia Crt, Toronto
93 Beckett Ave, East GwillimburyN428334493 Beckett Ave, East Gwillimbury
5646 Bell Harbour Dr, MississaugaW42813315646 Bell Harbour Dr, Mississauga
328 Moore Park Ave, TorontoC4281389328 Moore Park Ave, Toronto
901 Evens Pond Crt, KitchenerX4282243901 Evens Pond Crt, Kitchener
39 Los Alamos Dr, Richmond HillN428334939 Los Alamos Dr, Richmond Hill
100 Redmond Dr, VaughanN4283938100 Redmond Dr, Vaughan
1263 St James Ave, MississaugaW42825141263 St James Ave, Mississauga
998 Wilbur Pipher Circ, NewmarketN4282024998 Wilbur Pipher Circ, Newmarket
7 Homerton Ave, Richmond HillN42816687 Homerton Ave, Richmond Hill
37 Charleswood Dr, TorontoC428174837 Charleswood Dr, Toronto
42 Muriel Ave, TorontoE428217442 Muriel Ave, Toronto
23 Regal Rd, TorontoC428183323 Regal Rd, Toronto
158 Mactier Dr, VaughanN4282780158 Mactier Dr, Vaughan
122 David Dunlap Circ, TorontoC4282194122 David Dunlap Circ, Toronto
3079 Workman Dr, MississaugaW42821093079 Workman Dr, Mississauga
29 Hatton Garden Rd, VaughanN428144929 Hatton Garden Rd, Vaughan
41 Montana Cres, WhitbyE428337441 Montana Cres, Whitby
164 Worthington Ave, Richmond HillN4282195164 Worthington Ave, Richmond Hill
341 Nairn Circ, MiltonW4282342341 Nairn Circ, Milton
20 Greenlaw Ave, TorontoW428349220 Greenlaw Ave, Toronto
86 Geoffrey St, TorontoW428296986 Geoffrey St, Toronto
590 Ossington Ave, TorontoC4281339590 Ossington Ave, Toronto
32 Birchview Dr, CaledonW428174032 Birchview Dr, Caledon
36 Kippen Crt, BramptonW428398636 Kippen Crt, Brampton
969 S Clarkson Rd, MississaugaW4283136969 S Clarkson Rd, Mississauga
10 Pavlova Cres, Richmond HillN428140010 Pavlova Cres, Richmond Hill
1325 Rebecca St, OakvilleW42823511325 Rebecca St, Oakville
422 Davos Rd, VaughanN4282637422 Davos Rd, Vaughan
60 Kingsville Lane, Richmond HillN428348260 Kingsville Lane, Richmond Hill
867 Coxwell Ave, TorontoE4281649867 Coxwell Ave, Toronto
8 Mckayfield Rd, TorontoE42812768 Mckayfield Rd, Toronto
348 Charlton Ave, VaughanN4283607348 Charlton Ave, Vaughan
384 Peter Rupert Ave, VaughanN4282307384 Peter Rupert Ave, Vaughan
104 Waterside Cres, VaughanN4282452104 Waterside Cres, Vaughan
2311 Stillmeadow Rd, OakvilleW42834732311 Stillmeadow Rd, Oakville
576 Meadowvale Rd, TorontoE4282767576 Meadowvale Rd, Toronto
50 Rockport Cres, Richmond HillN428254150 Rockport Cres, Richmond Hill
83 Marita Pl, VaughanN428166183 Marita Pl, Vaughan
156 Allegro Dr, BramptonW4282050156 Allegro Dr, Brampton
18 Cindebarke Terr, Halton HillsW428276618 Cindebarke Terr, Halton Hills
1526 Devine Pt, MiltonW42818421526 Devine Pt, Milton
32 Portside Cres, BramptonW428150732 Portside Cres, Brampton
89 Kincardine St, VaughanN428324489 Kincardine St, Vaughan
24 Penwick Cres, Richmond HillN428189724 Penwick Cres, Richmond Hill
130 Palmer Ave, Richmond HillN4282127130 Palmer Ave, Richmond Hill
955 W Bristol Rd, MississaugaW4283748955 W Bristol Rd, Mississauga
26 Woodfield Rd, TorontoE428390326 Woodfield Rd, Toronto
Lot 21 Oxford St, Richmond HillN4283267Lot 21 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
2268 Glenfield Rd, OakvilleW42831882268 Glenfield Rd, Oakville
4 Belgium Cres, BramptonW42824574 Belgium Cres, Brampton
265 Caves Crt, MiltonW4281261265 Caves Crt, Milton
63 Cashmere Cres, MarkhamN428280463 Cashmere Cres, Markham
3561 Bertrand Rd, MississaugaW42824903561 Bertrand Rd, Mississauga
133 Risebrough Crct, MarkhamN4283242133 Risebrough Crct, Markham
186 Colborne Ave, Richmond HillN4282686186 Colborne Ave, Richmond Hill
12 Cannon Rd, TorontoW428363812 Cannon Rd, Toronto
283 W Plains Rd, BurlingtonW4283508283 W Plains Rd, Burlington
35 Wascana Ave, TorontoC428150835 Wascana Ave, Toronto
2686 Bayview Ave, TorontoC42830132686 Bayview Ave, Toronto
3300 W Lakeshore Rd, OakvilleW42825233300 W Lakeshore Rd, Oakville
115 Joicey Blvd, TorontoC4283246115 Joicey Blvd, Toronto
18 Udine Crt, Richmond HillN428223618 Udine Crt, Richmond Hill
51 Rear Indian Grve, TorontoW428402751 Rear Indian Grve, Toronto
2510 17th Sdrd, KingN42821802510 17th Sdrd, King
2623 S Bridle Rd, OshawaE42834292623 S Bridle Rd, Oshawa
214 Dunforest Ave, TorontoC4281266214 Dunforest Ave, Toronto
36 Felbrigg Ave, TorontoC428345436 Felbrigg Ave, Toronto
301 Harris Ave, Richmond HillN4281550301 Harris Ave, Richmond Hill
43 Kersey Cres, Richmond HillN428283043 Kersey Cres, Richmond Hill
391 Sandhurst Dr, OakvilleW4283523391 Sandhurst Dr, Oakville
7 Pomander Rd, MarkhamN42819287 Pomander Rd, Markham
123 Patricia Ave, TorontoC4282223123 Patricia Ave, Toronto
114 Angus Glen Blvd, MarkhamN4281806114 Angus Glen Blvd, Markham
1054 Lillian St, TorontoC42819461054 Lillian St, Toronto
156 Golfdale Rd, TorontoC4282428156 Golfdale Rd, Toronto
1 Wood Ave, TorontoC42537361 Wood Ave, Toronto
112 Alfred Ave, TorontoC4281559112 Alfred Ave, Toronto
6 Scuffler Dr, VaughanN42822566 Scuffler Dr, Vaughan
1374 Stanbury Rd, OakvilleW42819961374 Stanbury Rd, Oakville
150 Old Humber Cres, VaughanN4283611150 Old Humber Cres, Vaughan
9 Cedar Ridge Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42824279 Cedar Ridge Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
195 Westminster Ave, TorontoW4283453195 Westminster Ave, Toronto
140 Pinewood Tr, MississaugaW4281554140 Pinewood Tr, Mississauga
293 Deloraine Ave, TorontoC4282900293 Deloraine Ave, Toronto
87 Northdale Rd, TorontoC428238787 Northdale Rd, Toronto
119 Park Ridge Dr, VaughanN4282527119 Park Ridge Dr, Vaughan
15 S Shand Ave, TorontoW428396615 S Shand Ave, Toronto
288 Sandwell Dr, OakvilleW4281708288 Sandwell Dr, Oakville
230 Duncan Rd, Richmond HillN4282227230 Duncan Rd, Richmond Hill
50 Indian Grve, TorontoW428147450 Indian Grve, Toronto
3366 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42834653366 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
32 Daffodil Ave, MarkhamN428336032 Daffodil Ave, Markham
16481 Highway 48 Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN428396316481 Highway 48 Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
438 Maple Ave, OakvilleW4282215438 Maple Ave, Oakville
167 Brookfield Cres, OakvilleW4282213167 Brookfield Cres, Oakville
489 Cranbrooke Ave, TorontoC4283289489 Cranbrooke Ave, Toronto
166 Roe Ave, TorontoC4283789166 Roe Ave, Toronto
77 Randolph Rd, TorontoC428268877 Randolph Rd, Toronto
246 Main St, MarkhamN4283186246 Main St, Markham
116 Sorauren Ave, TorontoW4283904116 Sorauren Ave, Toronto
5 Port Royal Ave, VaughanN42826675 Port Royal Ave, Vaughan
36 Stonegate St, Whitchurch StouffvilleN428317436 Stonegate St, Whitchurch Stouffville
15278 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN428325515278 Mccowan Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
103 Esgore Dr, TorontoC4282998103 Esgore Dr, Toronto
512 Brookdale Ave, TorontoC4281298512 Brookdale Ave, Toronto
292 Hunterwood Chse, VaughanN4282338292 Hunterwood Chse, Vaughan
91 Angus Glen Blvd, MarkhamN428341691 Angus Glen Blvd, Markham
484 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4282232484 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
37 Denver Cres, TorontoC428289237 Denver Cres, Toronto
9 Benlamond Ave, TorontoE42829609 Benlamond Ave, Toronto
266 Weighton Dr, OakvilleW4283953266 Weighton Dr, Oakville
97 Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN428388497 Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
485 Morrison Rd, OakvilleW4283409485 Morrison Rd, Oakville
15 Inverleigh Dr, TorontoW428244515 Inverleigh Dr, Toronto
66 Headwater Cres, Richmond HillN428398466 Headwater Cres, Richmond Hill
181 Pearson Ave, TorontoW4283974181 Pearson Ave, Toronto
969 Johnathan Dr, MississaugaW4283124969 Johnathan Dr, Mississauga
34 Idleswift Dr, VaughanN428206234 Idleswift Dr, Vaughan
37 Tayok Dr, VaughanN428305737 Tayok Dr, Vaughan
41 Yates Ave, VaughanN428402141 Yates Ave, Vaughan
130 Faywood Blvd, TorontoC4283359130 Faywood Blvd, Toronto
286 Watson Ave, OakvilleW4281600286 Watson Ave, Oakville
27 Carnegie Cres, MarkhamN428236827 Carnegie Cres, Markham
222 Olive Ave, TorontoC4282366222 Olive Ave, Toronto
8 Dieppe Rd, TorontoE42815058 Dieppe Rd, Toronto
136 Birch Ave, Richmond HillN4282407136 Birch Ave, Richmond Hill
42 Fairfield Rd, TorontoC428245642 Fairfield Rd, Toronto
287 Pleasant Ave, TorontoC4281605287 Pleasant Ave, Toronto
2081 Fowler Crt, MississaugaW42830082081 Fowler Crt, Mississauga
83 Alcina Ave, TorontoC428317583 Alcina Ave, Toronto
35 Parmalea Cres, TorontoW428383135 Parmalea Cres, Toronto
908 Ataire Rd, NewmarketN4282524908 Ataire Rd, Newmarket
2343 Thruxton Dr, OakvilleW42824312343 Thruxton Dr, Oakville
73 Wallenberg Dr, VaughanN428323673 Wallenberg Dr, Vaughan
221 Luca Ave, VaughanN4282736221 Luca Ave, Vaughan
70 Malaspina Clse, BramptonW428359270 Malaspina Clse, Brampton
4416 Credit Pointe Dr, MississaugaW42828964416 Credit Pointe Dr, Mississauga
264 Havelock St, TorontoC4281487264 Havelock St, Toronto
638 Indian Rd, TorontoW4283408638 Indian Rd, Toronto
9 Ingleborough Crt, MarkhamN42828819 Ingleborough Crt, Markham
7 Tizzard Ave, TorontoW42821077 Tizzard Ave, Toronto
3154 Hines Dr, OakvilleW42821573154 Hines Dr, Oakville
442 Mill St, Richmond HillN4281772442 Mill St, Richmond Hill
115 Blackmore Ave, Richmond HillN4283037115 Blackmore Ave, Richmond Hill
87 Woodgate Pines Dr, VaughanN428146387 Woodgate Pines Dr, Vaughan
274 Oxford St, Richmond HillN4282096274 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
588 Millwood Rd, TorontoC4283032588 Millwood Rd, Toronto
15 Danbury Crt, MarkhamN428311215 Danbury Crt, Markham
111 Headwind Blvd, VaughanN4281260111 Headwind Blvd, Vaughan
48 Cosford St, AuroraN428281948 Cosford St, Aurora
6 Fisico Crt, Richmond HillN42828526 Fisico Crt, Richmond Hill
37 Newton Dr, TorontoC428333537 Newton Dr, Toronto
599 Cam Fella Blvd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4283092599 Cam Fella Blvd, Whitchurch Stouffville
503 Thornhill Woods Dr, VaughanN4282644503 Thornhill Woods Dr, Vaughan
15075 Humber Station Rd, CaledonW428191715075 Humber Station Rd, Caledon
102 Goldenview Crt, VaughanN4281916102 Goldenview Crt, Vaughan
1039 Fair Birch Dr, MississaugaW42821531039 Fair Birch Dr, Mississauga
431A Rimilton Ave, TorontoW4283319431A Rimilton Ave, Toronto
2 Fairview Ave, Richmond HillN42837162 Fairview Ave, Richmond Hill
1 Airley Cres, TorontoE42831871 Airley Cres, Toronto
26 Wolf Trail Cres, Richmond HillN428302426 Wolf Trail Cres, Richmond Hill
60 Stockdale Cres, Richmond HillN428297060 Stockdale Cres, Richmond Hill
69 Allview Cres, TorontoC428153669 Allview Cres, Toronto
3035 Woodland Park Dr, BurlingtonW42821283035 Woodland Park Dr, Burlington
305 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond HillN4281359305 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond Hill
168 Newton Dr, TorontoC4281829168 Newton Dr, Toronto
178 Scrivener Dr, AuroraN4283700178 Scrivener Dr, Aurora
62 Oatlands Cres, Richmond HillN428359862 Oatlands Cres, Richmond Hill
19037 The Gore Rd, CaledonW428277119037 The Gore Rd, Caledon
1 Madras Ave, Richmond HillN42839411 Madras Ave, Richmond Hill
110 Scrivener Dr, AuroraN4283130110 Scrivener Dr, Aurora
14 Atherton Cres, TorontoW428366914 Atherton Cres, Toronto
100 Serene Way, VaughanN4281632100 Serene Way, Vaughan
3 Briar Path Lane, MarkhamN42828603 Briar Path Lane, Markham
54 Highgrove Cres, Richmond HillN428237554 Highgrove Cres, Richmond Hill
14 Ladbrook Cres, BramptonW428153114 Ladbrook Cres, Brampton
1659 Sherwood Forrest Circ, MississaugaW42759611659 Sherwood Forrest Circ, Mississauga

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