GTA Listings Sept 18 2018

GTA Listings for Sept 18th 2018

This is the ultimate list for all of the GTA listings that have come online in the past week. If you're in the market, you're not going to want to miss these!
Street and TownMLS CodeLink
84 Armour Cres, HamiltonX424356184 Armour Cres, Hamilton
939 Willowdale Ave, TorontoC4243224939 Willowdale Ave, Toronto
5304 Fallingbrook Dr, MississaugaW42434265304 Fallingbrook Dr, Mississauga
3394 Trilogy Tr, MississaugaW42435583394 Trilogy Tr, Mississauga
3061 W Lake Shore Rd, OakvilleW42434703061 W Lake Shore Rd, Oakville
72 Princess Margaret Blvd, TorontoW424342272 Princess Margaret Blvd, Toronto
3 Steven Ave, TorontoW42433983 Steven Ave, Toronto
197 E River Oaks Blvd, OakvilleW4243462197 E River Oaks Blvd, Oakville
40 Ellins Ave, TorontoW424337440 Ellins Ave, Toronto
1 Split Maple Lane, Halton HillsW42433321 Split Maple Lane, Halton Hills
53 Trowell Ave, TorontoW424317653 Trowell Ave, Toronto
51 Trowell Ave, TorontoW424317351 Trowell Ave, Toronto
139 S Elizabeth St, BramptonW4243196139 S Elizabeth St, Brampton
375 Sunnyside Ave, TorontoW4243186375 Sunnyside Ave, Toronto
507 Nairn Ave, TorontoW4243210507 Nairn Ave, Toronto
8 Bisset Ave, TorontoW42432198 Bisset Ave, Toronto
188 Romfield Crct, MarkhamN4243526188 Romfield Crct, Markham
88 N Wootten Way, MarkhamN424360688 N Wootten Way, Markham
79 Huntingfield St, VaughanN424357279 Huntingfield St, Vaughan
23 Roth St, AuroraN424351623 Roth St, Aurora
86 Cavalry Tr, MarkhamN424356486 Cavalry Tr, Markham
56 Senator Reesors Dr, MarkhamN424337256 Senator Reesors Dr, Markham
13 Lady Fern Dr, MarkhamN424319713 Lady Fern Dr, Markham
117 Maroon Dr, Richmond HillN4243313117 Maroon Dr, Richmond Hill
31 Honeys Beach Rd, ScugogE424357631 Honeys Beach Rd, Scugog
1472 W Dundas St, TorontoC42435671472 W Dundas St, Toronto
2492 Palmerston Rd, OakvilleW42435112492 Palmerston Rd, Oakville
24 Lia Cres, TorontoC424538724 Lia Cres, Toronto
96 Yorkview Dr, TorontoC424547596 Yorkview Dr, Toronto
5 Grange Dr, Richmond HillN42450975 Grange Dr, Richmond Hill
1051 Old Derry Rd, MississaugaW42451931051 Old Derry Rd, Mississauga
3143 Watercliffe Crt, OakvilleW42453453143 Watercliffe Crt, Oakville
42 Walton Dr, CaledonW424524842 Walton Dr, Caledon
34 Glendonwynne Rd, TorontoW424509834 Glendonwynne Rd, Toronto
88 Eagle Rd, TorontoW424507788 Eagle Rd, Toronto
700 Serafini Cres, MiltonW4245062700 Serafini Cres, Milton
989 Mccutcheon Cres, MiltonW4245103989 Mccutcheon Cres, Milton
25 Inder Heights Dr, BramptonW424508125 Inder Heights Dr, Brampton
446 Durie St, TorontoW4243856446 Durie St, Toronto
25 Bluff Tr, KingN424549525 Bluff Tr, King
269 Narinia Cres, NewmarketN4245368269 Narinia Cres, Newmarket
4348 Elm Cres, BurlingtonW42452824348 Elm Cres, Burlington
519 Lauder Ave, TorontoC4243563519 Lauder Ave, Toronto
12 Foxglove Crt, MarkhamN424511712 Foxglove Crt, Markham
229 Colborne Ave, Richmond HillN4245255229 Colborne Ave, Richmond Hill
11 Miriam Garden Way, VaughanN424517911 Miriam Garden Way, Vaughan
47 Trudeau Dr, VaughanN424515547 Trudeau Dr, Vaughan
61 Hall St, Richmond HillN424523261 Hall St, Richmond Hill
50 Scrivener Dr, AuroraN424530550 Scrivener Dr, Aurora
99 Pearl Lake Rd, MarkhamN424525799 Pearl Lake Rd, Markham
39 Sir Pellias Terr, MarkhamN424531439 Sir Pellias Terr, Markham
147 Silver Maple Rd, Richmond HillN4245360147 Silver Maple Rd, Richmond Hill
8 Duncan Rd, MarkhamN42452868 Duncan Rd, Markham
107 Virginia Ave, TorontoE4245464107 Virginia Ave, Toronto
1008 Ceremonial Dr, MississaugaW42452111008 Ceremonial Dr, Mississauga
220 Stewart St, WhitbyE4245105220 Stewart St, Whitby
3776 Janice Dr, MississaugaW42435903776 Janice Dr, Mississauga
40 Cedar Springs Dr, Richmond HillN424499340 Cedar Springs Dr, Richmond Hill
30 Dewlane Dr, TorontoC424513730 Dewlane Dr, Toronto
3256 Larry Cres, OakvilleW42450103256 Larry Cres, Oakville
30 Wendover Rd, TorontoW424482830 Wendover Rd, Toronto
5300 Cedar Springs Rd, BurlingtonW42448665300 Cedar Springs Rd, Burlington
102 Gray Park Dr, CaledonW4244746102 Gray Park Dr, Caledon
1394 Willowdown Rd, OakvilleW42447431394 Willowdown Rd, Oakville
28 Lavallee Cres, BramptonW424476528 Lavallee Cres, Brampton
7 Arborglen Dr, Halton HillsW42445887 Arborglen Dr, Halton Hills
4 Winterton Dr, TorontoW42446584 Winterton Dr, Toronto
1303 Hilton Lane, OakvilleW42444761303 Hilton Lane, Oakville
804 Esprit Cres, MississaugaW4244553804 Esprit Cres, Mississauga
125A Donside Dr, TorontoE4244694125A Donside Dr, Toronto
27 Stonedene Blvd, TorontoC424550627 Stonedene Blvd, Toronto
46 Mirando St, Richmond HillN424482546 Mirando St, Richmond Hill
22 Grant Crt, East GwillimburyN424483522 Grant Crt, East Gwillimbury
34 Breckonwood Cres, MarkhamN424496434 Breckonwood Cres, Markham
52 Norman Dr, KingN424494352 Norman Dr, King
47 Penwick Cres, Richmond HillN424500047 Penwick Cres, Richmond Hill
48 Chesney Cres, VaughanN424465648 Chesney Cres, Vaughan
112 Barberry Cres, Richmond HillN4244552112 Barberry Cres, Richmond Hill
133 Risebrough Crct, MarkhamN4244543133 Risebrough Crct, Markham
390 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond HillN4244471390 Kerrybrook Dr, Richmond Hill
954 E Dundas St, TorontoE4244843954 E Dundas St, Toronto
122 Fulton Ave, TorontoE4244720122 Fulton Ave, Toronto
97 Gough Ave, TorontoE424487597 Gough Ave, Toronto
44 Wanda Rd, TorontoW424448744 Wanda Rd, Toronto
2081 Solar Pl, OshawaE42445822081 Solar Pl, Oshawa
4107 Mcintosh Pl, BurlingtonW42443724107 Mcintosh Pl, Burlington
18 Stanton Ave, VaughanN424436818 Stanton Ave, Vaughan
115 Goulding Ave, TorontoC4244669115 Goulding Ave, Toronto
23 Roberta Dr, TorontoC424475323 Roberta Dr, Toronto
27 Locomotive Cres, BramptonW424446327 Locomotive Cres, Brampton
69 Harvie Ave, TorontoW424444369 Harvie Ave, Toronto
7 Cranston Dr, CaledonW42444337 Cranston Dr, Caledon
7 White Bluff Lane, MarkhamN42444547 White Bluff Lane, Markham
3 Nichols Blvd, MarkhamN42444143 Nichols Blvd, Markham
7098 Concession 6, UxbridgeN42444447098 Concession 6, Uxbridge
76 Ferncroft Dr, TorontoE424443976 Ferncroft Dr, Toronto
237 Glenwood Cres, OshawaE4244440237 Glenwood Cres, Oshawa
40 Oconnor Cres, BramptonW424439240 Oconnor Cres, Brampton
449 Glengrove Ave, TorontoC4244933449 Glengrove Ave, Toronto
14 Addison Cres, TorontoC424490914 Addison Cres, Toronto
2232 Overfield Rd, OakvilleW42443552232 Overfield Rd, Oakville
17 Reid Manor, TorontoW424426317 Reid Manor, Toronto
122 Newport Sq, VaughanN4244346122 Newport Sq, Vaughan
31 Weslock Cres, AuroraN424435131 Weslock Cres, Aurora
169 Essex Ave, Richmond HillN4244319169 Essex Ave, Richmond Hill
439 Annette St, TorontoW4244194439 Annette St, Toronto
1458 Queensbury Cres, OakvilleW42442031458 Queensbury Cres, Oakville
69 Barr Cres, BramptonW424412769 Barr Cres, Brampton
26 Heath St, Richmond HillN424404226 Heath St, Richmond Hill
232 Conti Cres, VaughanN4244154232 Conti Cres, Vaughan
1082 Shagbark Cres, MississaugaW42438581082 Shagbark Cres, Mississauga
1786 Truscott Dr, MississaugaW42440041786 Truscott Dr, Mississauga
33 Mistysugar Tr, VaughanN424536133 Mistysugar Tr, Vaughan
212 Cornelius Pkwy, TorontoW4243658212 Cornelius Pkwy, Toronto
5207 Micmac Cres, MississaugaW42465065207 Micmac Cres, Mississauga
11 Brookbank Crt, MarkhamN424694211 Brookbank Crt, Markham
406 Apple Blossom Dr, VaughanN4243753406 Apple Blossom Dr, Vaughan
31 Beaton Ave, VaughanN424391331 Beaton Ave, Vaughan
166 Holladay Dr, AuroraN4243864166 Holladay Dr, Aurora
107 Bel Canto Cres, Richmond HillN4243699107 Bel Canto Cres, Richmond Hill
54 Leisure Lane, Richmond HillN424370054 Leisure Lane, Richmond Hill
19861 Centre St, East GwillimburyN424390819861 Centre St, East Gwillimbury
84 Woodbine Ave, TorontoE424361284 Woodbine Ave, Toronto
62 Bathgate Dr, TorontoE424362762 Bathgate Dr, Toronto
33 Corning Rd, TorontoC424388933 Corning Rd, Toronto
7 Walker Rd, TorontoC42438117 Walker Rd, Toronto
18 Eakins Dr, AuroraN424731018 Eakins Dr, Aurora
236 Grace St, TorontoC4247313236 Grace St, Toronto
83 Felbrigg Ave, TorontoC424400683 Felbrigg Ave, Toronto
68 Manor Glen Cres, East GwillimburyN424727768 Manor Glen Cres, East Gwillimbury
19 Anjac Cres, MarkhamN424726919 Anjac Cres, Markham
1278 Ingledene Dr, OakvilleW42471851278 Ingledene Dr, Oakville
663 Oxford St Pt 2, TorontoW4247175663 Oxford St Pt 2, Toronto
18966 Mccowan Rd, East GwillimburyN424717718966 Mccowan Rd, East Gwillimbury
232 Inverness Way Bradford, West GwillimburyN4247171232 Inverness Way Bradford, West Gwillimbury
28 Lesgay Cres, TorontoC424717928 Lesgay Cres, Toronto
2270 Yolanda Dr, OakvilleW42470162270 Yolanda Dr, Oakville
1263 St James Ave, MississaugaW42471321263 St James Ave, Mississauga
15 Boyd Ave, TorontoW424695215 Boyd Ave, Toronto
2423 Boag Rd, East GwillimburyN42470002423 Boag Rd, East Gwillimbury
Lot A Andy Cres, VaughanN4243831Lot A Andy Cres, Vaughan
85 Scarboro Beach Blvd, TorontoE424678385 Scarboro Beach Blvd, Toronto
106 Armour Blvd, TorontoC4246790106 Armour Blvd, Toronto
643 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4246653643 Windermere Ave, Toronto
271 Ontario St, TorontoC4247052271 Ontario St, Toronto
26 Merrittonia St, BramptonW424690426 Merrittonia St, Brampton
26 Merrittonia St, BramptonW424692426 Merrittonia St, Brampton
9826 Twenty Rd, HamiltonX42466759826 Twenty Rd, Hamilton
34 Oldham Rd, TorontoW424669434 Oldham Rd, Toronto
3913 Thomas Alton Blvd, BurlingtonW42468843913 Thomas Alton Blvd, Burlington
375 N Westmoreland Ave, TorontoW4246752375 N Westmoreland Ave, Toronto
3056 Hibiscus Gdns, OakvilleW42465513056 Hibiscus Gdns, Oakville
2176 Wedgewood Rd, MississaugaW42467062176 Wedgewood Rd, Mississauga
89 Chisholm St, OakvilleW424671889 Chisholm St, Oakville
1383 Greenridge Circ, OakvilleW42467511383 Greenridge Circ, Oakville
8 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE42469538 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
26 Albright Cres, Richmond HillN424706526 Albright Cres, Richmond Hill
22 Venue Rd, BramptonW424674322 Venue Rd, Brampton
1052 Beechnut Rd, OakvilleW42467141052 Beechnut Rd, Oakville
2213 Canonridge Circ, OakvilleW42465742213 Canonridge Circ, Oakville
3316 Chief Mbulu Way, MississaugaW42466623316 Chief Mbulu Way, Mississauga
109 Lake Shore Dr, TorontoW4246760109 Lake Shore Dr, Toronto
54 W Turnbridge Rd, AuroraN424689954 W Turnbridge Rd, Aurora
56 Pinecrest St, MarkhamN424686356 Pinecrest St, Markham
3 Lanewood Dr, AuroraN42467963 Lanewood Dr, Aurora
41 Baleberry Cres, East GwillimburyN424655441 Baleberry Cres, East Gwillimbury
9 Cummings Crt, MarkhamN42467299 Cummings Crt, Markham
95 Lebovic Campus Dr, VaughanN424654495 Lebovic Campus Dr, Vaughan
422 Drewry Ave, TorontoC4247085422 Drewry Ave, Toronto
109 Longwater Chse, MarkhamN4246656109 Longwater Chse, Markham
179 Pearson Ave, TorontoW4243795179 Pearson Ave, Toronto
35 Bauer Cres, MarkhamN424381635 Bauer Cres, Markham
20 Settler Crt, BramptonW424602020 Settler Crt, Brampton
152 Leadership Dr, BramptonW4246466152 Leadership Dr, Brampton
202 Waneta Dr, OakvilleW4246444202 Waneta Dr, Oakville
445 Ballinafad Rd, CaledonW4246255445 Ballinafad Rd, Caledon
170 Yarmouth Rd, TorontoW4246282170 Yarmouth Rd, Toronto
4241 Tomken Rd, MississaugaW42462394241 Tomken Rd, Mississauga
1409 Holly Crt, OakvilleW42463311409 Holly Crt, Oakville
14423 Winston Churchill Blvd, CaledonW424609914423 Winston Churchill Blvd, Caledon
2 Canerouth Dr, TorontoW42461492 Canerouth Dr, Toronto
56 Possession Cres, BramptonW424606356 Possession Cres, Brampton
1424 Bridgestone Lane, MississaugaW42460251424 Bridgestone Lane, Mississauga
40 Ardwell Cres, VaughanN424616540 Ardwell Cres, Vaughan
29 Adamede Cres, TorontoC424660429 Adamede Cres, Toronto
145 Alexander Lawrie Ave, MarkhamN4246342145 Alexander Lawrie Ave, Markham
2 Gemini Cres, Richmond HillN42464512 Gemini Cres, Richmond Hill
1800 W Lakeridge Rd, UxbridgeN42464031800 W Lakeridge Rd, Uxbridge
76 Loire Valley Ave, VaughanN424632776 Loire Valley Ave, Vaughan
916 Ernest Cousins Circ, NewmarketN4246304916 Ernest Cousins Circ, Newmarket
144 Timpson Dr, AuroraN4246253144 Timpson Dr, Aurora
23 Hester Crt, MarkhamN424610723 Hester Crt, Markham
133 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond HillN4246132133 Alamo Heights Dr, Richmond Hill
62 Gillings St, MarkhamN424605962 Gillings St, Markham
589 Clifford Perry Pl, NewmarketN4246048589 Clifford Perry Pl, Newmarket
22 Thorny Brae Dr, MarkhamN424603522 Thorny Brae Dr, Markham
56 Stotts Cres, MarkhamN424621556 Stotts Cres, Markham
233 Wildwood Tr, MississaugaW4245964233 Wildwood Tr, Mississauga
54 Normandy Cres, Richmond HillN424611954 Normandy Cres, Richmond Hill
1072 Scott Ave, OakvilleW42458561072 Scott Ave, Oakville
8 Sala Dr, Richmond HillN42458038 Sala Dr, Richmond Hill
18 Laskin Dr, VaughanN424621418 Laskin Dr, Vaughan
97 Longwater Chse, MarkhamN424598297 Longwater Chse, Markham
100 Owl Ridge Dr, Richmond HillN4246033100 Owl Ridge Dr, Richmond Hill
375 Sammon Ave, TorontoE4246398375 Sammon Ave, Toronto
51 Saybrook Ave, TorontoW424593151 Saybrook Ave, Toronto
38 Theobalds Circ, Richmond HillN424590738 Theobalds Circ, Richmond Hill
14 Blyth St, Richmond HillN424592114 Blyth St, Richmond Hill
79 Israel Zilber Dr, VaughanN424593079 Israel Zilber Dr, Vaughan
180 Southvale Dr, VaughanN4245906180 Southvale Dr, Vaughan
253 Pleasant Blvd, GeorginaN4245887253 Pleasant Blvd, Georgina
30 Jennifer Cres, East GwillimburyN424588030 Jennifer Cres, East Gwillimbury
18 Beaconsfield Dr, VaughanN424620018 Beaconsfield Dr, Vaughan
16 Sandham Cres, MarkhamN424606716 Sandham Cres, Markham
8 Aylesbury Gate, MarkhamN42458348 Aylesbury Gate, Markham
56 Read St, AuroraN424579456 Read St, Aurora
1196 Dogwood Cres, OakvilleW42457421196 Dogwood Cres, Oakville
414 S Inglehart St, OakvilleW4245681414 S Inglehart St, Oakville
14 Burma Dr, TorontoW424552414 Burma Dr, Toronto
2259 Capulet Crt, MississaugaW42455942259 Capulet Crt, Mississauga
117 Hillview Rd, AuroraN4245581117 Hillview Rd, Aurora
29 Blazing Star St, East GwillimburyN424560929 Blazing Star St, East Gwillimbury
41 Bawden Dr, Richmond HillN424572041 Bawden Dr, Richmond Hill
80 Way St, WhitbyE424569180 Way St, Whitby
56 Whitehorn Cres, TorontoC424563656 Whitehorn Cres, Toronto
109 Lake Shore Dr, TorontoW4245467109 Lake Shore Dr, Toronto
22 Matane Crt, TorontoW424523322 Matane Crt, Toronto
60 Vines Pl, AuroraN424859560 Vines Pl, Aurora
49 Bertram Earnshaw Dr, MarkhamN424760449 Bertram Earnshaw Dr, Markham
88 Brule Tr, KingN424866288 Brule Tr, King
111 Royal Palm Dr, VaughanN4248015111 Royal Palm Dr, Vaughan
86 Park Home Ave, TorontoC424764386 Park Home Ave, Toronto
202 E Lawrence Ave, TorontoC4247585202 E Lawrence Ave, Toronto
57 Nipigon Ave, TorontoC424957357 Nipigon Ave, Toronto
3186 Hines Dr, OakvilleW42497343186 Hines Dr, Oakville
2022 Page St, TorontoC42502032022 Page St, Toronto
130 Chatfield Dr, VaughanN4248490130 Chatfield Dr, Vaughan
11 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, BramptonW425024811 Lloyd Sanderson Dr, Brampton
38 Pattemore Gate, AuroraN424907438 Pattemore Gate, Aurora
927 Ingersoll Crt, MississaugaW4249017927 Ingersoll Crt, Mississauga
36 Goodman Cres, VaughanN424933836 Goodman Cres, Vaughan
52 Lexfield Ave, TorontoW424964652 Lexfield Ave, Toronto
64 Casa Grande St, Richmond HillN424852364 Casa Grande St, Richmond Hill
4A Palomino Dr, Richmond HillN42479714A Palomino Dr, Richmond Hill
848 Norwick Rd, NewmarketN4247599848 Norwick Rd, Newmarket
3269 Credit Heights Dr, MississaugaW42473593269 Credit Heights Dr, Mississauga
1144 Far North Circ, NewmarketN42491951144 Far North Circ, Newmarket
19 Mendocino Dr, VaughanN425044919 Mendocino Dr, Vaughan
106 Noble Prince Pl, VaughanN4248098106 Noble Prince Pl, Vaughan
99 Rothwell St, AuroraN424863699 Rothwell St, Aurora
55 Smithy St, MarkhamN424891055 Smithy St, Markham
455 Rimilton Ave, TorontoW4247967455 Rimilton Ave, Toronto
179 Hallmark Ave, TorontoW4248000179 Hallmark Ave, Toronto
4228 Kane Cres, BurlingtonW42484554228 Kane Cres, Burlington
6 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC42497716 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
46 Summerfeldt Cres, MarkhamN424737846 Summerfeldt Cres, Markham
148 Hendon Ave, TorontoC4249576148 Hendon Ave, Toronto
1153 Gable Dr, OakvilleW42479211153 Gable Dr, Oakville
12654 Mill Rd, KingN424786912654 Mill Rd, King
6 Keefer Crt, VaughanN42490866 Keefer Crt, Vaughan
5103 Oakridge Tr, OshawaE42504355103 Oakridge Tr, Oshawa
23 Heatherton Way, VaughanN424967923 Heatherton Way, Vaughan
241 Westlake Ave, TorontoE4248059241 Westlake Ave, Toronto
46 Devondale Ave, TorontoC425050146 Devondale Ave, Toronto
214 E Steeles Ave, MarkhamN4247913214 E Steeles Ave, Markham
3 Evergreen Cres, MarkhamN42484633 Evergreen Cres, Markham
41 Dimarino Dr, VaughanN425038141 Dimarino Dr, Vaughan
11 Frontier Dr, Richmond HillN424917311 Frontier Dr, Richmond Hill
93 Shaftsbury Ave, Richmond HillN425048593 Shaftsbury Ave, Richmond Hill
1559 Bayshire Dr, OakvilleW42475181559 Bayshire Dr, Oakville
100 Holyrod Dr, ClaringtonE4249510100 Holyrod Dr, Clarington
955 Eighth St, MississaugaW4247764955 Eighth St, Mississauga
182 Hendon Ave, TorontoC4247523182 Hendon Ave, Toronto
5 Mcbain Ave, TorontoC42494525 Mcbain Ave, Toronto
953 Drysdale Cres, MiltonW4248794953 Drysdale Cres, Milton
333 Kingswood Rd, TorontoE4249464333 Kingswood Rd, Toronto
14 Strathburn Blvd, TorontoW424926214 Strathburn Blvd, Toronto
924 Middletown Rd, HamiltonX4250338924 Middletown Rd, Hamilton
3164 Bonaventure Dr, MississaugaW42481823164 Bonaventure Dr, Mississauga
42 Bridewell Cres, Richmond HillN424932542 Bridewell Cres, Richmond Hill
28 Howarth Ave, TorontoE425050028 Howarth Ave, Toronto
86 Pine Crest Rd, TorontoW424926486 Pine Crest Rd, Toronto
3 Honey Dr, TorontoE42473433 Honey Dr, Toronto
18 Milos Rd, Richmond HillN424773218 Milos Rd, Richmond Hill
15 Mersey St, VaughanN424869515 Mersey St, Vaughan
448 Cusick Circ, MiltonW4250004448 Cusick Circ, Milton
34 Bonnieview Crt, BramptonW424879534 Bonnieview Crt, Brampton
996 Nellie Little Cres, NewmarketN4247348996 Nellie Little Cres, Newmarket
33 Crescendo Ave, Richmond HillN424831333 Crescendo Ave, Richmond Hill
53 Bella Vista Crt, VaughanN425009753 Bella Vista Crt, Vaughan
293 Stephenson Point Rd, ScugogE4247805293 Stephenson Point Rd, Scugog
2299 Hilltop Lane, OakvilleW42479782299 Hilltop Lane, Oakville
11 Ashcreek Dr, BramptonW424808311 Ashcreek Dr, Brampton
229 Cherryhurst Rd, OakvilleW4250243229 Cherryhurst Rd, Oakville
53 Fairside Ave, TorontoE424948453 Fairside Ave, Toronto
18 River Forest St, MarkhamN424734218 River Forest St, Markham
108 Katherine Cres, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4249462108 Katherine Cres, Whitchurch Stouffville
66 Annette St, TorontoW425047866 Annette St, Toronto
49 Degrey Dr, BramptonW425000149 Degrey Dr, Brampton
6 Kentley St, MarkhamN42496296 Kentley St, Markham
624 Coldstream Ave, TorontoC4248281624 Coldstream Ave, Toronto
1367 W King St, TorontoW42498301367 W King St, Toronto
19 Braeside Rd, TorontoC424970919 Braeside Rd, Toronto
20 Elderbridge Rd, BramptonW424867020 Elderbridge Rd, Brampton
8 Dolan Dr, CaledonW42492108 Dolan Dr, Caledon
586 Sharalin Crt, BurlingtonW4248468586 Sharalin Crt, Burlington
72 Mistysugar Tr, VaughanN424975872 Mistysugar Tr, Vaughan
159 Cedarvale Ave, TorontoE4248230159 Cedarvale Ave, Toronto
50 Braeburn Dr, MarkhamN424936150 Braeburn Dr, Markham
11 Hawker Rd, VaughanN424997411 Hawker Rd, Vaughan
4432 Sedgefield Rd, MississaugaW42492144432 Sedgefield Rd, Mississauga
72 Meadowview Ave, MarkhamN424897372 Meadowview Ave, Markham
22 Beaton Ave, VaughanN424780122 Beaton Ave, Vaughan
4206 Renoak Crt, MississaugaW42501154206 Renoak Crt, Mississauga
39 Greenspire Ave, MarkhamN424912039 Greenspire Ave, Markham
1378 Haig Blvd, MississaugaW42485901378 Haig Blvd, Mississauga
14 Trefoil Crt, TorontoE425037314 Trefoil Crt, Toronto
4839 Derrydown Dr, MississaugaW42482184839 Derrydown Dr, Mississauga
39 Milne Lane, East GwillimburyN424898439 Milne Lane, East Gwillimbury
18 Sunburst Cres, MarkhamN425020618 Sunburst Cres, Markham
28A Maybourne Ave, TorontoE424760928A Maybourne Ave, Toronto
13392 Kennedy Rd, CaledonW424925013392 Kennedy Rd, Caledon
349 Potts Terr, MiltonW4247540349 Potts Terr, Milton
122 Elizabeth St, AjaxE4250232122 Elizabeth St, Ajax
38 Trish Dr, Richmond HillN424888438 Trish Dr, Richmond Hill
4746 Antelope Cres, MississaugaW42498814746 Antelope Cres, Mississauga
464 Mayzel Rd, BurlingtonW4250316464 Mayzel Rd, Burlington
5165 Littlebend Dr, MississaugaW42477565165 Littlebend Dr, Mississauga
338 Baker Hill Blvd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4247790338 Baker Hill Blvd, Whitchurch Stouffville
100 Redmond Dr, VaughanN4248136100 Redmond Dr, Vaughan
119 Redgrave Dr, TorontoW4248393119 Redgrave Dr, Toronto
35 Gollop Cres, Halton HillsW424962235 Gollop Cres, Halton Hills
32 Hertford Ave, TorontoW424766932 Hertford Ave, Toronto
3274 Pringle Pl, MississaugaW42482573274 Pringle Pl, Mississauga
5952 Aquarius Crt, MississaugaW42474135952 Aquarius Crt, Mississauga
41 Ann Arbour Rd, TorontoW424874641 Ann Arbour Rd, Toronto
56 Almore Ave, TorontoC424923056 Almore Ave, Toronto
617 Oconnor Dr, TorontoE4248793617 Oconnor Dr, Toronto
23 Intrigue Tr, BramptonW424991823 Intrigue Tr, Brampton
44 Lyon Ave, GuelphX424751744 Lyon Ave, Guelph
12117 Innis Lake Rd, CaledonW424957712117 Innis Lake Rd, Caledon
54 Kiloran Ave, VaughanN424786554 Kiloran Ave, Vaughan
190 Kincardine St, VaughanN4250263190 Kincardine St, Vaughan
Lot 159 9 Ezra Cres, BramptonW4248497Lot 159 9 Ezra Cres, Brampton
85 N Townline Rd, ClaringtonE424930385 N Townline Rd, Clarington
252 Walkers Line, BurlingtonW4248146252 Walkers Line, Burlington
41 Roulette Cres, BramptonW424904941 Roulette Cres, Brampton
76 Ridge Gate Cres, East GwillimburyN424964076 Ridge Gate Cres, East Gwillimbury
38 Joymar Dr, MississaugaW424847838 Joymar Dr, Mississauga
6067 Hardesty Cres, MississaugaW42488436067 Hardesty Cres, Mississauga
36 Routliffe Lane, TorontoC424972936 Routliffe Lane, Toronto
678 Mcgregor Farm Tr, NewmarketN4249106678 Mcgregor Farm Tr, Newmarket
2084 Waters Edge Dr, OakvilleW42503722084 Waters Edge Dr, Oakville
Xx Belmore Crt, MiltonW4248885Xx Belmore Crt, Milton
86 E Church St, BramptonW425046586 E Church St, Brampton
551 Matisse Pl, MississaugaW4247388551 Matisse Pl, Mississauga
89 Ridgeway Crt, VaughanN424826489 Ridgeway Crt, Vaughan
48 Morra Ave, CaledonW424737048 Morra Ave, Caledon
2794 13th Line Bradford, West GwillimburyN42475722794 13th Line Bradford, West Gwillimbury
3981 Mahogany Row, MississaugaW42487853981 Mahogany Row, Mississauga
1901 Deers Wold, MississaugaW42495701901 Deers Wold, Mississauga
1325 Rebecca St, OakvilleW42500241325 Rebecca St, Oakville
241 Paradelle Dr, Richmond HillN4249376241 Paradelle Dr, Richmond Hill
2111 Summer Heights Tr, OakvilleW42475112111 Summer Heights Tr, Oakville
139 Gillard Ave, TorontoE4249924139 Gillard Ave, Toronto
54 Arianna Cres, VaughanN424841454 Arianna Cres, Vaughan
202 W Glebemount Ave, TorontoE4249069202 W Glebemount Ave, Toronto
619 Snider Terr, MiltonW4248978619 Snider Terr, Milton
3995 Pondview Way, MississaugaW42500233995 Pondview Way, Mississauga
18 Eakins Dr, AuroraN424731018 Eakins Dr, Aurora
167 Bentoak Cres, VaughanN4249387167 Bentoak Cres, Vaughan
21 Grendon Cres, BramptonW424862821 Grendon Cres, Brampton
210 Woodtrail Crt, MississaugaW4249438210 Woodtrail Crt, Mississauga
2218 Vista Dr, BurlingtonW42483862218 Vista Dr, Burlington
39 Ladder Cres, East GwillimburyN425047339 Ladder Cres, East Gwillimbury
283 W Plains Rd, BurlingtonW4250000283 W Plains Rd, Burlington
1 Ashstead Pl, TorontoC42485931 Ashstead Pl, Toronto
4186 Cole Cres, BurlingtonW42492584186 Cole Cres, Burlington
139 E Williamson Dr, AjaxE4247721139 E Williamson Dr, Ajax
56 Castle Harbour Lane, MarkhamN424782956 Castle Harbour Lane, Markham
2317 Wuthering Heights Way, OakvilleW42493982317 Wuthering Heights Way, Oakville
93 Freemont St, VaughanN424741593 Freemont St, Vaughan
63 Russett Ave, TorontoW424952463 Russett Ave, Toronto
291 Isaac Murray Ave, VaughanN4249374291 Isaac Murray Ave, Vaughan
55 Albright Cres, Richmond HillN424861255 Albright Cres, Richmond Hill
27 Reston Ridge St, MarkhamN424905127 Reston Ridge St, Markham
36 Romfield Dr, TorontoW424882436 Romfield Dr, Toronto
140 Greenwood Rd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4248905140 Greenwood Rd, Whitchurch Stouffville
115 Exbury Rd, TorontoW4249532115 Exbury Rd, Toronto
964 Huntingwood Dr, TorontoE4250208964 Huntingwood Dr, Toronto
277 Sloss Crt, NewmarketN4249636277 Sloss Crt, Newmarket
19 Marwood Pl Cres, VaughanN424883519 Marwood Pl Cres, Vaughan
25 Brookshire Blvd, TorontoE425035125 Brookshire Blvd, Toronto
3138 Goodyear Rd, BurlingtonW42481263138 Goodyear Rd, Burlington
43 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond HillN424420643 Shining Willow Crt, Richmond Hill
93 Dawn Hill Tr, MarkhamN424366693 Dawn Hill Tr, Markham
67 Willis Dr, AuroraN424418167 Willis Dr, Aurora
3 Lissom Cres, TorontoC42442363 Lissom Cres, Toronto
24 Donna Crt, TorontoC424408624 Donna Crt, Toronto
167 Lisgar St, TorontoC4244119167 Lisgar St, Toronto
298 W Mineola Rd, MississaugaW4243854298 W Mineola Rd, Mississauga
452 Doverwood Dr, OakvilleW4243844452 Doverwood Dr, Oakville
8 Quintette Clse, BramptonW42437338 Quintette Clse, Brampton
548 Wolsey Cres, OakvilleW4243717548 Wolsey Cres, Oakville
4 Dalla Riva Crt, BramptonW42438244 Dalla Riva Crt, Brampton
2133 Adair Cres, OakvilleW42436172133 Adair Cres, Oakville
114 Sewell Dr, OakvilleW4232920114 Sewell Dr, Oakville
120 S Marc Santi Blvd, VaughanN4244001120 S Marc Santi Blvd, Vaughan
172 Stanton Ave, VaughanN4243613172 Stanton Ave, Vaughan
938 The Queensway Ave, TorontoW4243489938 The Queensway Ave, Toronto
37 Forest Grove Crt, AuroraN424561337 Forest Grove Crt, Aurora
12 Nursewood Rd, TorontoE424395412 Nursewood Rd, Toronto
145 Hammersmith Ave, TorontoE4243975145 Hammersmith Ave, Toronto
9 Dustan Cres, TorontoE42437989 Dustan Cres, Toronto
107 Moore Ave, TorontoC4243657107 Moore Ave, Toronto
223 Bedford Park Ave, TorontoC4243697223 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto
328 Patricia Ave, TorontoC4243770328 Patricia Ave, Toronto
198 Bogert Ave, TorontoC4243886198 Bogert Ave, Toronto
97 Bocastle Ave, TorontoC424386297 Bocastle Ave, Toronto
7 Cassidy Pl, TorontoC42439057 Cassidy Pl, Toronto
36 38 Benson Ave, MississaugaW424355136 38 Benson Ave, Mississauga
80 Burrows Ave, TorontoW424359780 Burrows Ave, Toronto
1012 Shaw St, TorontoW42435171012 Shaw St, Toronto
16 Ashwood Cres, TorontoW424351216 Ashwood Cres, Toronto
6042 Guelph Line, BurlingtonW42435546042 Guelph Line, Burlington
102 Wilfred Murison Ave, MarkhamN4243838102 Wilfred Murison Ave, Markham
172 Creek Path Ave, OakvilleW4243373172 Creek Path Ave, Oakville
14 Parkheights Tr, KingN424556514 Parkheights Tr, King
7423 Baker School Rd, ClaringtonE42435437423 Baker School Rd, Clarington
8191 Churchville Rd, BramptonW42432608191 Churchville Rd, Brampton
6735 Baby Gran Crt, MississaugaW42432426735 Baby Gran Crt, Mississauga
97 Spruce Ave, Richmond HillN424344397 Spruce Ave, Richmond Hill
41 Furrow St, MarkhamN424343641 Furrow St, Markham
34 Lavender Valley Rd, KingN424345834 Lavender Valley Rd, King
563 Wycliffe Ave, VaughanN4243547563 Wycliffe Ave, Vaughan
3563 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42434513563 Vandorf Sdrd, Whitchurch Stouffville
17 Sir Modesto Crt, VaughanN424319217 Sir Modesto Crt, Vaughan
83 Bond Cres, Richmond HillN424335083 Bond Cres, Richmond Hill
12 Whitelaw Crt, MarkhamN424334012 Whitelaw Crt, Markham
176 Hedge Rd, GeorginaN4188940176 Hedge Rd, Georgina
40 Bexhill Ave, TorontoE424354040 Bexhill Ave, Toronto
4 Ireland Crt, TorontoW42432034 Ireland Crt, Toronto
53 Eaglewood Blvd, MississaugaW424319353 Eaglewood Blvd, Mississauga
83 St Hubert Ave, TorontoE424331883 St Hubert Ave, Toronto
261 Bingham Ave, TorontoE4243174261 Bingham Ave, Toronto
1377 Military Tr, TorontoE42432551377 Military Tr, Toronto
5 Pine Hill Rd, TorontoC42435945 Pine Hill Rd, Toronto
44 Reiner Rd, TorontoC424353244 Reiner Rd, Toronto
60 Killdeer Cres, TorontoC424342060 Killdeer Cres, Toronto
160 Borden St, TorontoC4243356160 Borden St, Toronto
257 Betty Ann Dr, TorontoC4243357257 Betty Ann Dr, Toronto
272 W Glengrove Ave, TorontoC4243324272 W Glengrove Ave, Toronto
25 Harnish Cres, TorontoC424344725 Harnish Cres, Toronto
36 Anndale Dr, TorontoC424336536 Anndale Dr, Toronto
498 Hounslow Ave, TorontoC4243306498 Hounslow Ave, Toronto
112 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC4243392112 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
242 Chaplin Cres, TorontoC4243273242 Chaplin Cres, Toronto
549 Markham St, TorontoC4243162549 Markham St, Toronto
21 Elfreda Blvd, TorontoE424468621 Elfreda Blvd, Toronto
29 Elia Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN424416829 Elia Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
10 Moraine Pl, CaledonW424504710 Moraine Pl, Caledon
317 Briar Hill Ave, TorontoC4245644317 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto
317 Briar Hill Ave, TorontoC4245582317 Briar Hill Ave, Toronto
22 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC424557522 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
400 Hollywood Ave, TorontoC4245533400 Hollywood Ave, Toronto
150 Newton Dr, TorontoC4245548150 Newton Dr, Toronto
425 Drewry Ave, TorontoC4245574425 Drewry Ave, Toronto
1417 Birchview Dr, MississaugaW42455091417 Birchview Dr, Mississauga
1191 Indian Rd, MississaugaW42455011191 Indian Rd, Mississauga
1494 Gregwood Rd, MississaugaW42454061494 Gregwood Rd, Mississauga
26 Leopold St, TorontoW424519026 Leopold St, Toronto
22 Lockheed Blvd, TorontoW424525922 Lockheed Blvd, Toronto
32 Cliveden Ave, TorontoW424513232 Cliveden Ave, Toronto
2126 Grange Dr, MississaugaW42446772126 Grange Dr, Mississauga
38 Caswell Dr, TorontoC424523738 Caswell Dr, Toronto
2881 Escarpment Sdrd, CaledonW42450662881 Escarpment Sdrd, Caledon
1 Sawgrass Ave, Richmond HillN42454661 Sawgrass Ave, Richmond Hill
11 Westbrooke Blvd, KingN424543111 Westbrooke Blvd, King
36 Skyline Tr, KingN424525336 Skyline Tr, King
105 Burns Blvd, KingN4245144105 Burns Blvd, King
25 Breda Crt, Richmond HillN424516225 Breda Crt, Richmond Hill
86 Woodgreen Dr, VaughanN424531786 Woodgreen Dr, Vaughan
30 Normark Dr, MarkhamN424516030 Normark Dr, Markham
170 Mcclellan Way, AuroraN4245212170 Mcclellan Way, Aurora
91 Holden Dr, KingN424507691 Holden Dr, King
16 Montcrest Blvd, TorontoE424522616 Montcrest Blvd, Toronto
294 Linsmore Cres, TorontoE4245291294 Linsmore Cres, Toronto
83 Fenwood Hts, TorontoE424539683 Fenwood Hts, Toronto
113 Balsam Ave, TorontoE4245350113 Balsam Ave, Toronto
89 Glendora Ave, TorontoC424514189 Glendora Ave, Toronto
17 Kenneth Wood Cres, TorontoC424554517 Kenneth Wood Cres, Toronto
87 N Strawbridge Farm Dr, AuroraN424563787 N Strawbridge Farm Dr, Aurora
1 Brewsland Cres, MarkhamN42448991 Brewsland Cres, Markham
16 Eastview Cres, TorontoC424523016 Eastview Cres, Toronto
61 Cobblestone Dr, TorontoC424503961 Cobblestone Dr, Toronto
11 Garnet Ave, TorontoC424507411 Garnet Ave, Toronto
72 Eastglen Cres, TorontoW424488572 Eastglen Cres, Toronto
3 Tranquility Crt, CaledonW42449563 Tranquility Crt, Caledon
1552 Trotwood Ave, MississaugaW42447151552 Trotwood Ave, Mississauga
1653 Chesbro Crt, MississaugaW42446431653 Chesbro Crt, Mississauga
1334 Avon Cres, OakvilleW42447691334 Avon Cres, Oakville
1112 Monastery Dr, OakvilleW42446351112 Monastery Dr, Oakville
315 La Rose Ave, TorontoW4244528315 La Rose Ave, Toronto
7 Tizzard Ave, TorontoW42444957 Tizzard Ave, Toronto
82 Cumberland Dr, MississaugaW424448682 Cumberland Dr, Mississauga
15 Darlingbrook Cres, TorontoW424452715 Darlingbrook Cres, Toronto
101 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN4244996101 Grandview Ave, Markham
3 Titus St, MarkhamN42449363 Titus St, Markham
12 Wayside Ave, Richmond HillN424479212 Wayside Ave, Richmond Hill
21 Blyth Dale Rd, TorontoC424514921 Blyth Dale Rd, Toronto
29 Autumn Wind Crt, VaughanN424476829 Autumn Wind Crt, Vaughan
78 Crestwood Rd, VaughanN424467678 Crestwood Rd, Vaughan
12 Stoneybrook Crt, MarkhamN424473112 Stoneybrook Crt, Markham
2 Aukland Lane, KingN42445952 Aukland Lane, King
1153 Druery Crt, NewmarketN42445581153 Druery Crt, Newmarket
52 Shamrock Cres, VaughanN424455752 Shamrock Cres, Vaughan
2485 16th Sdrd, KingN42445322485 16th Sdrd, King
28 Leary Cres, Richmond HillN424454228 Leary Cres, Richmond Hill
29 Altus Park Dr, VaughanN424451329 Altus Park Dr, Vaughan
46 Valhalla Blvd, TorontoE424490546 Valhalla Blvd, Toronto
1383 Military Tr, TorontoE42448841383 Military Tr, Toronto
13 Victoria Park Ave, TorontoE424460513 Victoria Park Ave, Toronto
14 Richard Butler Dr, WhitbyE424457114 Richard Butler Dr, Whitby
176 Glencairn Ave, TorontoC4245170176 Glencairn Ave, Toronto
643 Carlaw Ave, TorontoE4243471643 Carlaw Ave, Toronto
6 Marmion Ave, TorontoC42448006 Marmion Ave, Toronto
311 River Side Dr, OakvilleW4246980311 River Side Dr, Oakville
Lot30 Wellman Dr, Richmond HillN4244388Lot30 Wellman Dr, Richmond Hill
337 Fairlawn Ave, TorontoC4244530337 Fairlawn Ave, Toronto
21 Dunbar Rd, TorontoC424464221 Dunbar Rd, Toronto
29 Blyth Hill Rd, TorontoC424481829 Blyth Hill Rd, Toronto
129 Munro Blvd, TorontoC4244533129 Munro Blvd, Toronto
19241 Horseshoe Hill Rd, CaledonW424442019241 Horseshoe Hill Rd, Caledon
4 Creekview Ave, Richmond HillN42444174 Creekview Ave, Richmond Hill
3 St Aubyns Cres, TorontoC42444373 St Aubyns Cres, Toronto
83 Caines Ave, TorontoC424442383 Caines Ave, Toronto
136 Armour Blvd, TorontoC4244409136 Armour Blvd, Toronto
288 Sandwell Dr, OakvilleW4244404288 Sandwell Dr, Oakville
301 Woodmount Ave, TorontoE4244393301 Woodmount Ave, Toronto
75 Tomlinson Circ, MarkhamN424437975 Tomlinson Circ, Markham
1 Quetico Dr, Richmond HillN42443691 Quetico Dr, Richmond Hill
31 Saul Crt, VaughanN424422931 Saul Crt, Vaughan
31 Oxford St, Richmond HillN424690131 Oxford St, Richmond Hill
32 Chant Cres, MarkhamN424436432 Chant Cres, Markham
5743 Sixth Line Guelph, EramosaX42443145743 Sixth Line Guelph, Eramosa
7115 Mcniven Rd, MiltonW42443477115 Mcniven Rd, Milton
162 Elmwood Ave, Richmond HillN4244332162 Elmwood Ave, Richmond Hill
553 Indian Rd, TorontoW4244307553 Indian Rd, Toronto
164 Cambridge Ave, TorontoE4244325164 Cambridge Ave, Toronto
117 Imperial St, TorontoC4244272117 Imperial St, Toronto
25 Glen Robert Dr, TorontoE424429325 Glen Robert Dr, Toronto
100 Abbeywood Tr, TorontoC4244267100 Abbeywood Tr, Toronto
4 Thorn Lane, TorontoC42443594 Thorn Lane, Toronto
1337 Whiteoaks Ave, MississaugaW42442131337 Whiteoaks Ave, Mississauga
3236 Topeka Dr, MississaugaW42441323236 Topeka Dr, Mississauga
1327 Beaufort Dr, BurlingtonW42440851327 Beaufort Dr, Burlington
600 St Clarens Ave, TorontoW4244074600 St Clarens Ave, Toronto
10 Rooney Rd, MarkhamN424440010 Rooney Rd, Markham
73 Greenvalley Circ, Whitchurch StouffvilleN424729473 Greenvalley Circ, Whitchurch Stouffville
17 Lisa Cres, Richmond HillN424680417 Lisa Cres, Richmond Hill
1556 Crestview Ave, MississaugaW42470121556 Crestview Ave, Mississauga
56 Ramblewood Dr, TorontoE424727156 Ramblewood Dr, Toronto
62 Bannatyne Dr, TorontoC424728662 Bannatyne Dr, Toronto
15961 The Gore Rd, CaledonW424717015961 The Gore Rd, Caledon
19470 Centre St, East GwillimburyN424724319470 Centre St, East Gwillimbury
313 Wheelihan Way, MiltonW4247207313 Wheelihan Way, Milton
74 Kingmount Cres, Richmond HillN424718874 Kingmount Cres, Richmond Hill
79 Modesto Gdns, VaughanN424720479 Modesto Gdns, Vaughan
166 Waverley Rd, TorontoE4247203166 Waverley Rd, Toronto
130 Citation Dr, TorontoC4247165130 Citation Dr, Toronto
1 Gossamer Ave, TorontoC42472061 Gossamer Ave, Toronto
11 Fairlin Dr, TorontoW424714411 Fairlin Dr, Toronto
10 Appleby Crt, TorontoW424712910 Appleby Crt, Toronto
349 N Prince Edward Dr, TorontoW4247008349 N Prince Edward Dr, Toronto
60 Southvale Dr, TorontoC424731960 Southvale Dr, Toronto
20315 N Missisauga Rd, CaledonW424728920315 N Missisauga Rd, Caledon
99 Beech Ave, TorontoE424708399 Beech Ave, Toronto
30 Bobwhite Cres, TorontoC424709630 Bobwhite Cres, Toronto
488 E King St, TorontoC4247134488 E King St, Toronto
3189 Trailside Dr, OakvilleW42467993189 Trailside Dr, Oakville
3 Mccauley Dr, CaledonW42467793 Mccauley Dr, Caledon
112 Watson Ave, OakvilleW4246823112 Watson Ave, Oakville
114 Waterview Common Crt, OakvilleW4246528114 Waterview Common Crt, Oakville
15 Woodside Ave, TorontoW424667315 Woodside Ave, Toronto
140 Waterstone Crt, OakvilleW4246747140 Waterstone Crt, Oakville
3080 Grenville Dr, MississaugaW42467233080 Grenville Dr, Mississauga
28 S Front St 1, MississaugaW424656628 S Front St 1, Mississauga
2011 W Dundas St, TorontoW42467552011 W Dundas St, Toronto
89 Silverhill Dr, TorontoW424651989 Silverhill Dr, Toronto
108 Harborn Rd, MississaugaW4246541108 Harborn Rd, Mississauga
405 E Centre St, Richmond HillN4246885405 E Centre St, Richmond Hill
244 Horsham Ave, TorontoC4244704244 Horsham Ave, Toronto
527 Glengarry Ave, TorontoC4244649527 Glengarry Ave, Toronto
176 Greenfield Ave, TorontoC4246531176 Greenfield Ave, Toronto
683 Village Pkwy, MarkhamN4246565683 Village Pkwy, Markham
2 William Linton Tr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42465842 William Linton Tr, Whitchurch Stouffville
65 Ava Cres, Richmond HillN424651165 Ava Cres, Richmond Hill
45 Calderbridge Cres, MarkhamN424648845 Calderbridge Cres, Markham
154 S Hamilton St, TorontoE4246674154 S Hamilton St, Toronto
22 Glenwood Cres, TorontoE424657822 Glenwood Cres, Toronto
532 St Clements Ave, TorontoC4246693532 St Clements Ave, Toronto
149 W Finch Ave, TorontoC4246545149 W Finch Ave, Toronto
3 Sylvan Ave, TorontoC42467753 Sylvan Ave, Toronto
1 Silvergrove Rd, TorontoC42468261 Silvergrove Rd, Toronto
325 Hollywood Ave, TorontoC4246621325 Hollywood Ave, Toronto
353 Winona Dr, TorontoC4246735353 Winona Dr, Toronto
47 Ternhill Cres, TorontoC424655847 Ternhill Cres, Toronto
52 Nevada Cres, VaughanN424624452 Nevada Cres, Vaughan
47 Beechwood Ave, TorontoC424664747 Beechwood Ave, Toronto
417 Carlton St, TorontoC4246806417 Carlton St, Toronto
6 Beaucourt Rd, TorontoW42463006 Beaucourt Rd, Toronto
1086 Westhaven Dr, BurlingtonW42463151086 Westhaven Dr, Burlington
2073 Kawartha Cres, MississaugaW42461892073 Kawartha Cres, Mississauga
5 Bannon Ave, TorontoW42461515 Bannon Ave, Toronto
271 Windermere Ave, TorontoW4246222271 Windermere Ave, Toronto
1463 Ferncrest Rd, OakvilleW42461431463 Ferncrest Rd, Oakville
619 Beresford Ave, TorontoW4246195619 Beresford Ave, Toronto
34 Barbara Pl, CaledonW424612634 Barbara Pl, Caledon
2375 Cliff Rd, MississaugaW42460832375 Cliff Rd, Mississauga
22 Marylebone Cres, Richmond HillN424643822 Marylebone Cres, Richmond Hill
56 May Ave, Richmond HillN424637956 May Ave, Richmond Hill
51 Fitzmaurice Dr, VaughanN424633351 Fitzmaurice Dr, Vaughan
272 Hunterwood Chse, VaughanN4246293272 Hunterwood Chse, Vaughan
36 Scotch Valley Dr, KingN424680236 Scotch Valley Dr, King
70 W Langstaff Rd, Richmond HillN424689370 W Langstaff Rd, Richmond Hill
21 Falkland Pl, Richmond HillN424589621 Falkland Pl, Richmond Hill
25 Gordon Rowe Cres, Richmond HillN424606825 Gordon Rowe Cres, Richmond Hill
3 Wilmac Crt, Whitchurch StouffvilleN42461673 Wilmac Crt, Whitchurch Stouffville
217 Centre St, VaughanN4246087217 Centre St, Vaughan
177 Willis Dr, AuroraN4246295177 Willis Dr, Aurora
111 Oakhurst Dr, VaughanN4246162111 Oakhurst Dr, Vaughan
48 Morning Star Dr, VaughanN424622048 Morning Star Dr, Vaughan
88 Langtry Pl, VaughanN424596288 Langtry Pl, Vaughan
22 Sofia Olivia Cres, VaughanN424597322 Sofia Olivia Cres, Vaughan
18 Glen Castle St, TorontoC424640518 Glen Castle St, Toronto
8 Burncrest Dr, TorontoC42463118 Burncrest Dr, Toronto
44 Tobruk Cres, TorontoC424609744 Tobruk Cres, Toronto
222 Olive Ave, TorontoC4246133222 Olive Ave, Toronto
728 Huron St, TorontoC4246172728 Huron St, Toronto
60 Grand Vellore Cres, VaughanN424592460 Grand Vellore Cres, Vaughan
1476 Duncan Rd, OakvilleW42458281476 Duncan Rd, Oakville
275 Wales Cres, OakvilleW4245862275 Wales Cres, Oakville
236 Vanda Dr, VaughanN4246141236 Vanda Dr, Vaughan
34 Princess Margaret Blvd, TorontoW424578734 Princess Margaret Blvd, Toronto
3239 W Preserve Dr, OakvilleW42457643239 W Preserve Dr, Oakville
14068 Duffys Lane, CaledonW424576214068 Duffys Lane, Caledon
2 Sweet Emily Crt, VaughanN42458422 Sweet Emily Crt, Vaughan
52 Kings College Rd, MarkhamN424578952 Kings College Rd, Markham
1434 E Queen St, TorontoE42457811434 E Queen St, Toronto
27 Morewood Cres, TorontoC424579827 Morewood Cres, Toronto
17 Green Valley Rd, TorontoC424579517 Green Valley Rd, Toronto
12 Davean Dr, TorontoC424584312 Davean Dr, Toronto
729 Macbeth Hts, MississaugaW4245740729 Macbeth Hts, Mississauga
1667 Valentine Gdns, MississaugaW42456801667 Valentine Gdns, Mississauga
58 Westdale Dr, TorontoW424564658 Westdale Dr, Toronto
149 Smoothwater Terr, MarkhamN4245573149 Smoothwater Terr, Markham
37 Jolana Crt, VaughanN424626937 Jolana Crt, Vaughan
216 Autumn Hill Blvd, VaughanN4245672216 Autumn Hill Blvd, Vaughan
22 Limcombe Dr, MarkhamN424789422 Limcombe Dr, Markham
11 Helen Ave, VaughanN424890911 Helen Ave, Vaughan
25 Ellis Park Rd, TorontoW424953925 Ellis Park Rd, Toronto
536 538 Huron St, TorontoC4249981536 538 Huron St, Toronto
15 Fairmeadow Ave, TorontoC424898715 Fairmeadow Ave, Toronto
232 Rose Park Dr, TorontoC4249522232 Rose Park Dr, Toronto
20 Yongeview Ave, Richmond HillN425000620 Yongeview Ave, Richmond Hill
101 Munro Blvd, TorontoC4249475101 Munro Blvd, Toronto
15 York Valley Cres, TorontoC424855615 York Valley Cres, Toronto
5503 Blind Line, BurlingtonW42475145503 Blind Line, Burlington
136 Avondale Crt, BurlingtonW4249021136 Avondale Crt, Burlington
292 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4248738292 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
78 Sandbanks Dr, Richmond HillN424941678 Sandbanks Dr, Richmond Hill
1574 Lochlin Tr, MississaugaW42482851574 Lochlin Tr, Mississauga
1440 Stavebank Rd, MississaugaW42489891440 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga
59 Lytton Blvd, TorontoC424998759 Lytton Blvd, Toronto
160 Parkview Ave, TorontoC4249386160 Parkview Ave, Toronto
72 Yorkview Dr, TorontoC424744772 Yorkview Dr, Toronto
3 Trimingham Crt, Richmond HillN42477893 Trimingham Crt, Richmond Hill
12A Long Hill Dr, Richmond HillN424852212A Long Hill Dr, Richmond Hill
123 Arnold Cres, Richmond HillN4248618123 Arnold Cres, Richmond Hill
2040 Eckland Crt, MississaugaW42498002040 Eckland Crt, Mississauga
178 Strathallan Blvd, TorontoC4249397178 Strathallan Blvd, Toronto
71 Alamosa Dr, TorontoC424967771 Alamosa Dr, Toronto
41 Elmers Lane, KingN424951941 Elmers Lane, King
10 Harrison Rd, TorontoC425016610 Harrison Rd, Toronto
96 Old Surrey Lane, Richmond HillN424921896 Old Surrey Lane, Richmond Hill
75 Arbour Dr, OakvilleW424776375 Arbour Dr, Oakville
216 Carmichael Ave, TorontoC4250031216 Carmichael Ave, Toronto
296 Upper Post Rd, VaughanN4247899296 Upper Post Rd, Vaughan
152 Heintzman Cres, VaughanN4248788152 Heintzman Cres, Vaughan
68 Wrenwood Crt, MarkhamN424860968 Wrenwood Crt, Markham
223 Burndale Ave, TorontoC4249468223 Burndale Ave, Toronto
37 Warden Lane, Whitchurch StouffvilleN424912937 Warden Lane, Whitchurch Stouffville
50 Indian Grve, TorontoW424940450 Indian Grve, Toronto
1859 Oneil Crt, MississaugaW42474591859 Oneil Crt, Mississauga
1 Chaplin Crt, Richmond HillN42501721 Chaplin Crt, Richmond Hill
5 Edwalter Ave, TorontoW42501045 Edwalter Ave, Toronto
41 Kingscross Dr, KingN424757041 Kingscross Dr, King
239 Third Line, OakvilleW4249887239 Third Line, Oakville
185 Douglas Ave, TorontoC4249865185 Douglas Ave, Toronto
418 Bedford Park Ave, TorontoC4249448418 Bedford Park Ave, Toronto
8 Natural Terr, BramptonW42477508 Natural Terr, Brampton
275 St Leonards Ave, TorontoC4249268275 St Leonards Ave, Toronto
233 Ridley Blvd, TorontoC4250106233 Ridley Blvd, Toronto
48 Nipigon Ave, TorontoC424923848 Nipigon Ave, Toronto
9 Sir Henry Crt, KingN42473539 Sir Henry Crt, King
27 Statler Ave, TorontoW424793327 Statler Ave, Toronto
55 Burnside Dr, TorontoC425003555 Burnside Dr, Toronto
342 Gloucester Ave, OakvilleW4249177342 Gloucester Ave, Oakville
35 Diamondwood Dr, CaledonW425025235 Diamondwood Dr, Caledon
149 Kingsdale Ave, TorontoC4247787149 Kingsdale Ave, Toronto
145 Holmes Ave, TorontoC4250303145 Holmes Ave, Toronto
8 Heintzman Cres, VaughanN42479898 Heintzman Cres, Vaughan
312 Spring Garden Ave, TorontoC4248399312 Spring Garden Ave, Toronto
1317 Mississauga Rd, MississaugaW42483061317 Mississauga Rd, Mississauga
2045 Embleton Rd, BramptonW42495182045 Embleton Rd, Brampton
73 Greenvalley Circ, Whitchurch StouffvilleN424729473 Greenvalley Circ, Whitchurch Stouffville
9 Appleby Rd, TorontoW42482679 Appleby Rd, Toronto
9563 Warden Ave, MarkhamN42492399563 Warden Ave, Markham
107 Grandview Ave, MarkhamN4249431107 Grandview Ave, Markham
2 Glencove Dr, MarkhamN42487832 Glencove Dr, Markham
108 Grand Vellore Cres, VaughanN4247586108 Grand Vellore Cres, Vaughan
29 Payson Ave, VaughanN424934429 Payson Ave, Vaughan
27A Kingsbury Cres, TorontoE424735227A Kingsbury Cres, Toronto
122 Baldwin St, TorontoC4250529122 Baldwin St, Toronto
26 Saunders Rd, TorontoE424904026 Saunders Rd, Toronto
11 Olsen Dr, TorontoC424889811 Olsen Dr, Toronto
197 Mateo Lot 8 Pl, MississaugaW4248745197 Mateo Lot 8 Pl, Mississauga
542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch StouffvilleN4248727542 Aintree Dr, Whitchurch Stouffville
201 Kenilworth Ave, TorontoE4249940201 Kenilworth Ave, Toronto
3 Dalla Riva Crt, BramptonW42475033 Dalla Riva Crt, Brampton
265 Churchill Ave, KingN4250070265 Churchill Ave, King
118 Beech Ave, TorontoE4247734118 Beech Ave, Toronto
426 E Centre St, Richmond HillN4248997426 E Centre St, Richmond Hill
37 Don Valley Dr, TorontoE424903937 Don Valley Dr, Toronto
60 Southvale Dr, TorontoC424731960 Southvale Dr, Toronto
37 Edenbrook Cres, Richmond HillN424918837 Edenbrook Cres, Richmond Hill
2832 Glancaster Rd, HamiltonX42503532832 Glancaster Rd, Hamilton
176 Princess Ave, TorontoC4249193176 Princess Ave, Toronto
59 Boyd Crt, MarkhamN424842859 Boyd Crt, Markham
193 Mateo Place Lot 7 Pl, MississaugaW4248760193 Mateo Place Lot 7 Pl, Mississauga
163 Johnston Ave, TorontoC4247683163 Johnston Ave, Toronto
44 Aspen Leaf Crt, AuroraN424905044 Aspen Leaf Crt, Aurora
428 Sandmere Pl, OakvilleW4249443428 Sandmere Pl, Oakville
9 Northwood Dr, TorontoC42505229 Northwood Dr, Toronto
18 Banstock Dr, TorontoC424991518 Banstock Dr, Toronto
66 Hambly Ave, TorontoE424929566 Hambly Ave, Toronto
286 Watson Ave, OakvilleW4247648286 Watson Ave, Oakville
4441 E Lawrence Ave, TorontoE42502314441 E Lawrence Ave, Toronto
675 W St Johns Sdrd, AuroraN4247661675 W St Johns Sdrd, Aurora
66 Pemberton Ave, TorontoC424865266 Pemberton Ave, Toronto
43 Nosson Pl, VaughanN424829443 Nosson Pl, Vaughan
106 Shaftesbury Ave, TorontoC4250201106 Shaftesbury Ave, Toronto
66 Pringle Ave, MarkhamN424841566 Pringle Ave, Markham
181 Treelawn Blvd, VaughanN4249166181 Treelawn Blvd, Vaughan
127 Pathlane Rd, Richmond HillN4249593127 Pathlane Rd, Richmond Hill
390 Brookdale Ave, TorontoC4249632390 Brookdale Ave, Toronto
37 Whitfield Crt, AuroraN424899237 Whitfield Crt, Aurora
236 Delta St, TorontoW4248602236 Delta St, Toronto
219 Old Forest Hill Rd, TorontoC4248674219 Old Forest Hill Rd, Toronto
2371 Cliff Rd, MississaugaW42476322371 Cliff Rd, Mississauga
10A Toscanini Rd, Richmond HillN424765810A Toscanini Rd, Richmond Hill
660 Trafford Cres, OakvilleW4247733660 Trafford Cres, Oakville
2 Aitken Circ, MarkhamN42505052 Aitken Circ, Markham
7 Moraine Hill Dr, VaughanN42496277 Moraine Hill Dr, Vaughan
12 Hodgkinson Cres, AuroraN424942812 Hodgkinson Cres, Aurora
2 Cheshire Pl, Richmond HillN42497782 Cheshire Pl, Richmond Hill
36 Farnham Dr, Richmond HillN425037036 Farnham Dr, Richmond Hill
39 Hillside Ave, VaughanN424889739 Hillside Ave, Vaughan
1495 Merrow Rd, MississaugaW42480511495 Merrow Rd, Mississauga
1609 Hollywell Ave, MississaugaW42493881609 Hollywell Ave, Mississauga
5094 Frybrook Crt, MississaugaW42484375094 Frybrook Crt, Mississauga
2074 Avenue Rd, TorontoC42496952074 Avenue Rd, Toronto
259 Pomona Ave, BurlingtonW4250096259 Pomona Ave, Burlington
2200 Camilla Rd, MississaugaW42474802200 Camilla Rd, Mississauga
46 Asner Ave, VaughanN424801446 Asner Ave, Vaughan
35 Bush Ridges Ave, Richmond HillN425048235 Bush Ridges Ave, Richmond Hill
282 St Clements Ave, TorontoC4249406282 St Clements Ave, Toronto
355 Wagg Rd, UxbridgeN4249596355 Wagg Rd, Uxbridge
33 Traymore Cres, TorontoW424984233 Traymore Cres, Toronto
5 Norden Cres, TorontoC42480015 Norden Cres, Toronto
211 Grenadier Rd, TorontoW4250153211 Grenadier Rd, Toronto
95 Lakeview Dr, HamiltonX424848095 Lakeview Dr, Hamilton
23 Billingham Rd, TorontoW425051323 Billingham Rd, Toronto
8 Noble Oaks Crt, KingN42503678 Noble Oaks Crt, King
108 Avenue Rd, NewmarketN4248383108 Avenue Rd, Newmarket
136 Golden Tulip Cres, MarkhamN4250064136 Golden Tulip Cres, Markham
340 Brookdale Ave, TorontoC4247392340 Brookdale Ave, Toronto
13207 Centreville Creek Dr, CaledonW424984513207 Centreville Creek Dr, Caledon
125 S Queen St, MississaugaW4250136125 S Queen St, Mississauga
15 Joymar Dr, MississaugaW424752115 Joymar Dr, Mississauga
1408 Pebblestone Rd, ClaringtonE42496081408 Pebblestone Rd, Clarington
1 Madras Ave, Richmond HillN42484981 Madras Ave, Richmond Hill
5342 Drenkelly Crt, MississaugaW42494075342 Drenkelly Crt, Mississauga
22 Forest Grove Crt, AuroraN424765222 Forest Grove Crt, Aurora
112 Knightshade Dr, VaughanN4249662112 Knightshade Dr, Vaughan
115 Blackmore Ave, Richmond HillN4248749115 Blackmore Ave, Richmond Hill
220 S Church St, Richmond HillN4250267220 S Church St, Richmond Hill
102 Baber Cres, AuroraN4248322102 Baber Cres, Aurora
2109 Boston Mills Rd, CaledonW42496712109 Boston Mills Rd, Caledon
33 Gaby Crt, Richmond HillN424959833 Gaby Crt, Richmond Hill
1547 Bayshire Dr, OakvilleW42482511547 Bayshire Dr, Oakville
3 Captain Francis Dr, MarkhamN42484623 Captain Francis Dr, Markham
135 Robert Berry Cres, KingN4250041135 Robert Berry Cres, King
41 Scarborough Rd, TorontoE424957841 Scarborough Rd, Toronto
13 Country Club Cres, UxbridgeN424738913 Country Club Cres, Uxbridge
305 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond HillN4247598305 E Weldrick Rd, Richmond Hill
46 Sherwood Ave, TorontoC424933146 Sherwood Ave, Toronto
1153 Stavebank Rd, MississaugaW42495111153 Stavebank Rd, Mississauga
71 Keewaydin Rd, KingN425043871 Keewaydin Rd, King
15 Timna Cres, VaughanN424843115 Timna Cres, Vaughan
326 Drewry Ave, TorontoC4248605326 Drewry Ave, Toronto
76 Covewood St, TorontoC424938376 Covewood St, Toronto
45 Valhalla Blvd, TorontoE425044145 Valhalla Blvd, Toronto
109 Foxwood Rd, VaughanN4250489109 Foxwood Rd, Vaughan
8 Ames Cres, AuroraN42474648 Ames Cres, Aurora
15075 Humber Station Rd, CaledonW424825915075 Humber Station Rd, Caledon
20 Bridlewood Blvd, Halton HillsW424801320 Bridlewood Blvd, Halton Hills
39 Carnforth Blvd, MarkhamN425030939 Carnforth Blvd, Markham
42 Ezra Cres, BramptonW425040942 Ezra Cres, Brampton
79 Storybook Cres, MarkhamN424945479 Storybook Cres, Markham
171 South Kingsway Ave, TorontoW4247870171 South Kingsway Ave, Toronto
94 Cedarcrest Blvd, TorontoE424970794 Cedarcrest Blvd, Toronto
487 Worth Blvd, VaughanN4247806487 Worth Blvd, Vaughan
2310 Briargrove Circ, OakvilleW42474292310 Briargrove Circ, Oakville
148 Conklin Cres, AuroraN4249805148 Conklin Cres, Aurora
8 Aspen King Crt, KingN42473358 Aspen King Crt, King
8 Hollingshead Dr, AuroraN42482658 Hollingshead Dr, Aurora
49 Goldpark Crt, VaughanN424841649 Goldpark Crt, Vaughan
42 Farmhouse Cres, Richmond HillN425051542 Farmhouse Cres, Richmond Hill
21 Bellehaven Cres, TorontoE424930021 Bellehaven Cres, Toronto
62 Southgate Cres, Richmond HillN425001062 Southgate Cres, Richmond Hill
2357 Hertfordshire Way, OakvilleW42495792357 Hertfordshire Way, Oakville
1128 The Grange Sdrd, CaledonW42492711128 The Grange Sdrd, Caledon
138 Tawny Cres, OakvilleW4248640138 Tawny Cres, Oakville
24 Rock Elm Crt, VaughanN424740724 Rock Elm Crt, Vaughan
38 Almond Ave, MarkhamN424921538 Almond Ave, Markham
33 Irwin Pl Bradford, West GwillimburyN424800333 Irwin Pl Bradford, West Gwillimbury
3182 Hines Dr, OakvilleW42496443182 Hines Dr, Oakville
3316 Erin Centre Blvd, MississaugaW42500713316 Erin Centre Blvd, Mississauga
37 Edward Jeffreys Ave, MarkhamN424846437 Edward Jeffreys Ave, Markham
1502 Rebecca St, OakvilleW42485871502 Rebecca St, Oakville

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